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Coombeshead Academy Newsletter - Issue 54

Issue 54 of the weekly Coombeshead Academy newsletter.

Coombeshead Academy Newsletter - Issue

CHRISTOW Coombeshead Newsletter website: Issue 54: 10 th March 2017 GETTING IT RIGHT As the evenings visibly lighten and the days lengthen we are reminded of the forthcoming examination season, starting with PPE examinations for Year 11 students from Tuesday 21 st March. The weeks and months leading up to examinations can be challenging for students (and parents and teachers alike). Now more than ever, our young people seem to be feeling the pressure. Revision periods can be challenging as they often require students to monitor their own behaviour when working independently at home. So how can students revise better? Which techniques really work, and which don’t? What can students do to improve their memory, mood and concentration? Start the day right! Eat breakfast; skipping this meal significantly reduces concentration and the ability to recall information; a simple bowl of cereal boosts concentration and memory. Study in a quiet environment Students who study in a quiet environment recall more than those who revise while listening to music. Put your phone away Mobile phones are distracting; out of sight out of mind. Overcome ‘fomo’, the fear of missing out! Start early and plan your revision sessions Any performance requires preparation. To commit information and understanding to memory takes time. Spreading out revision sessions e.g. one-hour sessions over 10 days is more effective than spending the same amount of time in one go i.e. 10 hours in one day. This effect, known as “spacing”, allows time in between revision sessions to forget and re-learn the material. Test yourself Leading researchers in the field of memory cite this as a very effective way to improve your ability to remember information. Practice papers provide a good starting point, as well as quizzing at the end of each revision session. Teach someone After students have tested themselves, teaching the same material to someone else means that their knowledge must be learnt and organised in a clear and structured manner; in research terms this is known as the Protégé Effect. PTO Inspiring Excellence Inspiring Excellence Inspiring Excellence FOLLOW US: DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Mon 20 th March - Careers & HE Fair 6-8pm Weds 22 nd March - Spring Concert 3r d - 18 th April - Easter Holidays Coombeshead Academy, Coombeshead Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1PT Tel: 01626 201800 Email:

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