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Tri Nations ride 2017:

South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique Friday 30 th JUNE – Sunday 2 nd July 2017.

Bikes, Quads, Buggys and side by sides all welcome! 500 odd Kilometres of riding through 3 countries.

Ends on the beach in Mozambique. Marked the whole way – so you ride at your own pace.

What is Tri Nations? It is a fantastic social family ride in the dirt – through 3 countries – all the way to the


Do I need a passport? Yes. You need a valid passport. We arrange special permits to ride the bikes through

the borders.

Who can come? Anyone really – as long as you have an off road bike, smaller dual purpose, quad or sideby-side.

We do suggest nothing less than a 200cc though AND we suggest that you have a bit of experience before

trying this one! Dual Purpose riders – lots of thick sand…

Do we need a backup? Yup – you have to have a backup driver – say 1 bakkie and trailer per five riders.

Backup vehicles do not travel along the same route as the bikes. You need to refuel from your backup driver

at two points and they will tow you for a short section.

Is it technical? Not super technical but quite tricky. Lots of sand and rivers and rocky mountains…

The route has got better and better each year. Dual purpose bikes have to know what they are doing...

Do we load and tow on any of the sections? Yes – There is a 50km section where you have to tow.

Do We Need to take our own food? Bring snacky things and pocket money, but dinners, lunches and

breakfasts are all included in the entry fee.

Accommodation en route? We sort your accommodation on Friday the 30th June night 1. Night 2 we

book you in at the fantastic Tiger lodge. You book in Ponta.

Meals from Friday night through to a lekker braai and prizegiving on Sunday Evening at Coco Rico are all


Book your own accommodation in Ponta and stay a bit longer. Coco Rico (034) 413-1418.

Central bookings (012) 348-2690 stay on for a day or two – fantastic place!!

What about petrol? There are petrol stations every 100 kays – so bring along fuel money – roughly R500

per bike depending on how thirsty your bike is – and how high the petrol price goes… If you cannot do 100

kays on a tank, strap a spare 2 litre to the carrier. You have to refuel from your backup at two points along

the trail.

What if we have an accident? We have qualified paramedics who ride with us. Helicopters and

ambulances are on standby along the whole route.

Small kids: From 01 October 2014, the requirement for an unabridged birth certificate for children

travelling with parents will come into effect for the safety of children, including their protection from child

trafficking, abduction and kidnapping. The Department urges citizens and foreign nationals to heed the call

to apply for unabridged birth certificates for children. An unabridged birth certificate of the child reflecting

the particulars of the parents is required in terms of the Immigration Regulation 6 (12)(a) for children

travelling with parents.

Tri Nations is a fantastic bushveld adventure!! Bookings open soon, please

contact the organizers: foleyg@mweb.co.za (011) 979-5035. (011) 979-0053

083-314-2203. 082-8706134. 072-177-0621

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