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ON THE COVER: Eddy Simmons prepares to take

the gospel to the Samburu

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Starting From Scratch by Amy

After working for three years in the city of Svishtov

with Tim and Lydia, Jonathan and Amy, along

with their daughters Anna and Jonna, recently

moved to Pleven. About an hour away from

Svishtov, Pleven has many neighborhoods with

little to no access to the gospel. While the longterm

goal is to plant a church in Pleven, the couple

is currently focused on building relationships,

learning about their new community, and gaining

the trust of neighbors and friends.

Moving to Pleven without knowing many

people and without knowing much about the

city means we have had a lot of intentional

learning to do. Not only are we leaving behind

a ministry, community, and church family we

loved in Svishtov, but we also are starting from

scratch in our knowledge of the spiritual history

Anna & Jonna getting to know Pleven

of our new city, the perceptions of Protestantism

we face, and in our understanding of the

physical and spiritual needs of the people

around us. All of our energy these past few

months has been focused on learning and

getting to know people, instead of hurrying to

start formal meetings or ministries.

In addition to trying to learn all we can about

Pleven, we have also been building relationships

with as many people as we can in different parts

of the city. Pleven, a bigger city than Svishtov,

has a population of about 100,000. However, it

is made up of many neighborhoods and areas

which often function as their own communities

or towns within the larger city. Many of these

neighborhoods, population segments, and

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Starting From Scratch

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surrounding villages have had little to no access

to the gospel.

Waiting on God’s timing is challenging, but we

know the wait is worth the time it will take to

develop relationships of trust with people and

gain opportunities to share our faith in this new

city. After taking our time learning the culture

unique to Pleven for the past seven months,

we have just recently been given a few exciting

weekly opportunities to be involved in making

disciples, including two Bible studies and two

informal English clubs.

One of the Bible studies is with a family, and

the other is with Christian teenagers from

surrounding villages who want to learn more

about how to share their faith. One of the

English clubs is with adults, and includes a

discussion about the Bible, while the other

English club is with children who are the same

ages as our kids. We hope that the English

clubs we host in our home will be a model for

believers who are a part of our church in the

future of how to use their abilities to reach

non-believers. One foundational truth we

want to build into our church from the very

beginning is everyone can find ways to use their

abilities—like our ability to teach English— to

share the gospel with others. We love having

opportunities to serve and love others, and we

hope these will lead to more opportunities to

share about our faith.

Read more about Jonathan and Amy’s

interactions with locals.

The family enjoying a Bulgarian snow day

How can supporters in American churches

pray for your family and ministry?

• For many opportunities to help people

become rooted in God’s Word

• For God to open doors for us to work

among neighborhoods, villages, and

groups of people here in Pleven who have

had little or no access to the gospel

• For God to use the English clubs and

Bible studies to lead people to Him

• That we would be bold in our faith, our

love, and our witness

The family visits Pleven’s landmark, St. George the

Conqueror Chapel Mausoleum

Photo Shoot


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Email Kristi

See the Johnsons’ prayer card

Read about the Johnson family’s

adventures in Spain.

Which do you prefer?

Coffee or tea?

Mac or PC?

Cats or dogs?

Croissant or baguette? BOTH, please!

Spring or fall?

Museum or zoo?

Beach or mountains?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Kristi Johnson, Spain

• Kristi Johnson, missionary to

Spain for 18+ years

• Town of Alpedrete, near Madrid

• Wife to Tim, mom to Alejandro

(16) and Ana (13)

• What does Kristi miss from the

US? Click to find out!

Soda, pop or coke?

María and Estefanía, two ladies in the

church in Alpedrete. Learn more about

Kristi’s ministry.

Read more about paella and Kristi’s other

favorite Spanish foods.

Village children in Senegal.

Read more on page 7.


Missionaries around

the globe

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Vanya Trifonov met Prolet (center, with her twins),

a Bulgarian mother, through Operation Christmas

Child. Now, Prolet is reading the Bible and asking


Read more about Prolet’s story and other updates

from Bulgaria.

Spain IM missionaries and THP workers hosted a dinner on Saturday, January 7, for some of the key leaders in

our area churches. Click to see more from this event.

Praise God for the eight people who

were recently baptized in Tiassalé, Côte

d’Ivoire. View more baptism photos here.

Eddy and Amanda Simmons have arrived in Kenya

and have been preparing for the move to Barsalinga,

where they minister to the Samburu people.

Read more about their preparations.

Through My Lens

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A Place is Just a Place, by Jacob Tuchyner

Deciding to apply for ETEAM a second time was hardly a question. The

best memories I have were formed while I was in Panama last year. This

year, I will be going to Brazil—waiting for June to arrive feels like an


Preparing for this year is both easier and harder than last year. In a way,

it is easier because now I know how life-changing ETEAM is. All of the

money I make to go towards ETEAM seems to come easier because I am

so determined to go again. Working towards ETEAM doesn’t feel like a

challenge, but a privilege. Though ETEAM is expensive, I believe it is the

most rewarding use of my money.

In another way, preparing for my second year of ETEAM is also hard. It’s

difficult to anticipate a completely new place, but one thing my team

taught me last year is that people have more value than places. Before

ETEAM last year, I was mostly excited to go to a new country and see a

new part of the world. But while on my trip, I found out that the place

wasn’t at all what I thought it would be.

Instead, it was the people that made the whole trip. My team and the

Panamanian people taught me how important human connection is. God

connected us with infinitely unique people, not places. So, as I prepare

for Brazil, I am looking forward to the people who will impact my life and

whose lives I hope to impact.

Jacob and the 2016 Panama ETEAM

Panama ETEAM with local church

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Neil and Jeff in Dakar, Senegal

Free Will Baptists are making an impact globally,

even beyond the reach of our own career

missionaries, THP projects, and short-term

student trips. Recently, Director of Member

Care Neil Gilliland and IM Board Member Jeff

Nichols traveled to Dakar, Senegal, to minister to

students at Dakar Academy, a boarding school for

missionary kids.

Neil and Jeff were the speakers for the academy’s

annual Spiritual Emphasis Week, a campus

revival that includes both chapel services and

outreach events in surrounding bush villages.

While Jeff spoke to elementary students, Neil

spoke in services for middle and high school

students. “When I was in the room with those 80

elementary kids from many different countries,


Read more

about Jeff’s


working with



I realized that kids are kids wherever you are in

the world,” Jeff shared. “Their matchless curiosity

combined with a tender heart is so open, and

they want to know more and more about God.”

For Neil, Dakar Academy is familiar. After

International Christian Academy in Bouaké, Côte

d’Ivoire, was evacuated in 2002, many of the

students and staff transferred to Dakar Academy.

Some of those are among Neil’s friends from his

time at International Christian Academy. “It was

refreshing for me to see several boys from our

dorm in Côte d’Ivoire who are now serving as

missionaries,” said Neil. The speakers’ purpose at

the Spiritual Emphasis Week is to encourage and

challenge students, and Jeff and Neil not only

spoke into Dakar Academy students’ lives, but

they also served alongside the students and staff

in outreach.

Around 100 high school students, with some staff,

faculty, and other American volunteers traveled

three hours from the campus to work on building

Children’s drama presentation during village outreach

projects, provide medical services, and perform

evangelistic drama in Diocoule, Senegal, and

other nearby villages. Outreach is an important

part of the Spiritual Emphasis Week, as “these

outreaches help students be actively involved in

reaching Senegal,” explained Neil.

Outreach in Senegal is no easy task, with

temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in the

shade. Yet these outreaches included digging and

pouring foundations for two churches, painting

the interior and exterior of a church, building

benches and pulpits, and pumping water for

outreach events. Other students formed medical

teams, drama teams, and even food prep teams.

As prayer teams worked alongside medical teams,

the teams “saw the power of God work through

healings,” Neil said. Over 175 people gave their

lives to Christ as a result of Dakar Academy’s

work. “To be just a small part of seeing over 100

people come to Christ during that short outreach

was something I will not soon forget,” Jeff said. “To

see the front lines of missionary evangelism and

service was a truly unique experience.”

Watch more from Jeff & Neil’s outreach with

Dakar Academy.

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Korean Night at Koinonia, Hokkaido


For two weeks in January, the Koinonia Free

Will Baptist Church in Ebetsu, Hokkaido, served

as host to a SOON (Korean Campus Crusade

for Christ) evangelism group. Of the group

of 30 short-term missionaries, seven college

students and two staff members from Gwangju,

South Korea, stayed at the Koinonia church.

Pastor Hirabuki and his wife, along with Dale

and Sandra Bishop, supported the short-term

missionaries by hosting a Korean Night, driving

the teams to the airport and other locations,

and participating in meals and other activities at

the church.

The South Korean students eagerly jumped

into Koinonia FWB’s regular activities, like the

Wednesday Cafe children’s ministry and Sandra

Bishop’s English/Bible class, as the Koinonia

church members assisted the SOON students.

The students, along with a young couple

from Koinonia, spent time at one of the local

universities interacting with students during

lunch. Some of the university students came to

share meals at the church a couple of nights, as

well as attended the Korean Night at the church.

In addition to reaching out to students at the

local university, the SOON students canvassed

the neighborhood around the church and the

nearest train station, passing out brochures

and invitations to the different activities at the

Koinonia church. Church members also invited

friends and neighbors to these events and

helped host by participating in the set-up and

interacting with visitors.

The two biggest events were cooking classes

and Korean Night. The visiting students held

two three-hour cooking classes at the church.

About 10 visitors attended the first cooking

class, and 20 came to the second! Cooking

teachers taught how to make kimchi, among

other Korean dishes.

Korean Night was the second big event at the

church, with about 60 in attendance. The Korean

Night included a full Korean meal, piano music,

Kungfu exhibition, traditional Korean Fan Dance

with the ladies wearing hanbok (traditional

Korean dress) and a presentation of the gospel.

P. O. Box 5002 • Antioch, TN 37011

www.fwbgo.com • 877-767-7736

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