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New neighbors just moved in down the

block. As we have done in the past, my

wife and I walked over to welcome them

to the neighborhood and invite them to our

Labor Day block party.

Before inviting them, I had not considered the possibility of their being a

gay couple, but they were, and they graciously accepted the invitation, bringing

their dish-to-pass as we all did. They were pleasant, enjoyable men to have

among us. Moreover, they had begun to make the home improvements that the

previous owners had neglected for years. They were thoughtful and considerate,

and I found myself liking them.

This is not the first time we have had gay neighbors. In the three decades

we have lived here, there have been two other gay couples on the block. There

may be more in the future.

As a hospital chaplain in the 1980s, I visited gay men who were suffering

from AIDS. Because treatment then was virtually unknown, they all died. In

ministering to them, I discovered that calling into question their disordered

sexual lifestyle was perceived as little more than condemnation if they were not

also open to seeing Christ as their Savior. Our new neighbors were not visibly

ill, as so many of my patients had been; yet, would their response be similar if

I broached the subject of their lifestyle?

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