Tours to the Golden Land of Pagodas


Myanmar is a Buddhist heritage country with a lot more than expected for a Myanmar Luxury Trip. To get your Myanmar tour packages click on :

Tours to the Golden Land of Pagodas

Discover Myanmar from Highlights to Beach Relaxation 12 days

Discover the Charm of Myanmar 12 days

Highlights of Myanmar 9 days

Luxuries and Mysteries of Myanmar 10 days

Treasure of Myanmar 7 days

One of the largest and most diverse countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar extends from

the sparkling islands of the Andaman Sea in the southern right up to the eastern beaches

of the mountains of 'Himalaya.

Till now, Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and unexplored destinations in the

world. It is a land of beauty and charm, but recently it has appeared in the modern world.

Myanmar tour packages includes cruising on the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River in style,

drifting over the ancient Bagan city in hot air balloon, or traveling in the back of a

Elephant. Myanmar luxury trips are usually amazing and can make your holidays the best.

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