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Wednesday 1st March 2017

Role for artistes in policy formation

By Everton Barnes

Culture and National

Festivals Minister, E.P.

Chet Greene, has challenged

stakeholders in the entertainment

industry to come on

board with the government

in designing and developing

a cultural policy for Antigua

and Barbuda.

The minister made the

point while addressing a validation

workshop involving

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Letters to the editor to

representatives from the cultural

industries that was summoned

to review a situation

analysis compiled by two

consultants who are developing

a broader policy document

highlighting the country’s

competitive advantage

in the services sector.

Greene said his wish is

for the information compiled

from the workshop will go

towards the formulation of

a comprehensive cultural

policy for the country. “I encourage

all of you not just to

participate in this workshop,

but more importantly, it is

the take-away that makes the

difference. We have a rich

cultural history, enormous

opportunities, but we need

to synergies the efforts,” he


He also said there’s need

for legislation to ensure that

artistes are artistes are protected

under the law for their

intellectual properties.

Minister Greene emphasized

the need for a ‘culture

of excellence’ to permeate

all aspects of the country’s

cultural offerings. “If we are

going to be globally competitive

to the extent that there

is demand for the cultural

products locally, regionally

and internationally; we have

to strengthen our cultural industries

with an eye and an

emphasis on quality,” he declared.

He explained that currently,

the government is the

main driver of culture and

the cultural industries in Antigua

and Barbuda noting

that there’s need for greater

private sector involvement in

the sector.

He disclosed that he is

constantly being asked to approach

Cabinet to support artistes

and cultural groups, but

he is firmly of the view that

the cultural industries can, in

time, be net contributors to

the economy.

He added that the country

has a rich cultural tradition

that must be preserved especially

in light of migration

and people coming to the

country under the CIP initiative.

“We have to ensure that

pour culture is so strong that

these people won’t have any

choice but to assimilate,” he


The workshop is being

held at the Hospitality

Training Institute at Dutchman’s

Bay. The scope of the

work falls under the bilateral

agreement between the European

Union and CARIFO-

RUM, the Economic Partnership

Agreement. It is looking

at Antigua and Barbuda’s

competitive advantage in five

service areas; entertainment

services, tourism and wellness.

Yachting, education

and ICT’s. The consultants

are Natasha Ward from Barbados

and Trinidad and Tobago-based

Lebrechita Nana

Hesse-Bayne, who are being

assisted by Barbara Williams

and Juray Roberts of the Office

of the National Authorising

Officer (ONAO).

The ONAO/EPA Implementation

Unit headed by

Ambassador Dr. Clarence

Henry is coordinating the

workshop which continues


Wednesday 1st March 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Callaloo Cay breaks ground

Antiguan and Barbudan

Tourism Industry receives

another major boost as Government

breaks ground for a

luxury five star property

With an ambitious plan

to further improve the tourism

sector this year; officials

are viewing the proposed

five-star Callaloo Cay Development

project as a major

contributor to the national


Speaking at a

ground-breaking ceremony

for the project on Tuesday

morning, Tourism Minister

the Hon. Asot Michael told

those gathered to witness

the event that Callaloo Cay

will aid in bolstering the

government’s quest towards

becoming an economic powerhouse.

“This administration has

set the goal of increasing

the room capacity of Antigua

and Barbuda to over

5,000 within the next 18-24

months. Callaloo Cay is certainly

helping us meet this


“Their focus on driving

high-end year-round tourism

to our country and boosting

hotel room stock is one

that fits right into our goals

as an Administration, so we

could not have asked for better

partners in tourism than

Sheik Tariq Faisal Al Qassemi

of Dubai and OBMI,

RBC, HVS and Rider Levett

Bucknall,” Minister Michael


The investors are said to

have set themselves apart in

Tourism Minister, the Hon.,

Asot Michael.

the hotel industry in Dubai

through the opulence and

high quality that have become

synonymous with their

properties and the products

they offer. This, according

to the tourism minister can

only be good news for Antigua

and Barbuda on several

fronts, one being the high

end market.

“Ladies and gentlemen,

if that is the yardstick, for

Callaloo Cay then we are

looking at a resort of unsurpassed

luxury and quality

and one that will cater to

that lucrative luxury sector

of our market that ensures

a high return on tourism investments.

“This means more tax

revenue, for our country

and higher paying jobs with

better opportunities for the

hundreds of citizens and residents

that will be employed

at Callaloo Cay,” the minister


Extensive consultations

have been held between

the government, residents

of Old Road and representatives

of the investors on

developmental plans for the

area, along with the need

to protect the environment

at every step. Minister Asot

Michael has given the assurance

that the Morris Bay

property will be constructed

under strict regulations that

all parties involved will have

to adhere to.

“Sustainability and protection

of our land and environment

is also of utmost importance

to the Government,

and so we are delighted to

know that the construction

will be done through sound

preservation principles,

green building design and

engagement with the local

community. We have been





Don’t Dream it.

Drive it




1 (268) 462-1062

transparent with the local

community, hosting public

forums to keep those in the

Morris Bay Beach community,

Old Road and beyond

informed of all aspects of

the project. These positive

interactions have provided

an opportunity for open dialogue

and feedback,” the

Hon. Minister declared.

The Callaloo Cay Resort

Development will include a

luxury five-star hotel with

95-100 rooms and 40 villas

with a world-class spa,

a trend-setting beach club

and several waterside-dining

concepts among other amenities.



4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Three charged with break-in and larceny

Three men who were arrested

by the police on the

weekend in connection with

the larceny of several cases

of alcoholic beverages are

now charged.

Jose´ Puello Mercedes of

Villa Area, Winston Diaz of

St. Georges Street and Wandy

Jose´ Campos of Upper Fort

Road were jointly charged on

Monday with Break-In and


The accused broke into

Xtra-Space Storeroom at

Friars Hill Road on Saturday,

and stole 41 cases of

Presidente Beer, 15 cases of

Corona Beer and 3 bottles of

Johnny Walker Black Label

By Everton Barnes

Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin

has commended the Eastern Caribbean

Supreme Court (ECSC) for the

critical role it plays in the development

of the sub-region.

Speaking at a lecture Monday night

that formed part of the activities marking

the ECSC’s 50th anniversary, Benjamin

said the justices of the court have shown

a commitment to the OECS territories

and to the development of law in the area.

He noted that the court serves six

independent countries and three overseas

territories traveling from country to

country with an airline service faced with

challenges. Yet, he added, despite being

stuck at airports for hours quite often, the

justices persevere without a murmur.

“You the justices of the Appeal Court

work so hard; hearing so many cases

sometimes way into the night. This commitment

the court has shown; a love for

the law by dispensing justice to these nine

countries and in the process contributing

Jose Puello Mercedes Wandy Jose Campos Winston Diaz


The items are valued at

over $5,000. Members of

the Rapid Response Unit responded

to a report of Burglary

on Saturday, and met a

Blue Hyundai Motor Truck

C6301, being driven by Diaz

leaving the scene.

The vehicle was intercepted

and the men were arrested

and taken into custody.

The vehicle with the items

was seized and taken to the

police station.

AG says ECSC central to development

to their development,” he remarked.

He drew attention to the fact that the

ECSC shares an important milestone

with Antigua and Barbuda for it was on

February 27 fifty years ago that the country

attained independence in associated

with Britain. He also congratulated the

ECSC for its fifty years of dedicated and

exemplary service to the people of the


Benjamin also used the occasion to renew

his call for support for the Caribbean

Court of Justice (CCJ). He said people

should put politics aside and support the

move to delink from the London-based

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

(JCPC) and adopt the CCJ as the final

court of appeal.

He noted that other former British

colonies – Australia, Canada, India, New

Zealand and the African countries – all

delinked from the JCPC after independence.

“What’s wrong with us in the Caribbean?

Are we not proud to be Caribbean

people,” he queried.

Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin

He stated that the government’s desire

to accede to the CCJ is not politically

motivated but instead it is about nationalism,

pride, and doing what is right for

the society.

Wednesday 1st March 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Callaloo Cay embraces “Green”

Concepts, outlines Tourism Minister

By Joanna Paris

Callaloo Cay will be

located in the southwestern

quadrant of the island,

which has been designated

as the country’s “Green


According to Tourism

Minister, the Hon. Asot Michael,

the Green Corridor

project is a marketing and

branding campaign geared

toward the businesses in the

southern area of Antigua.

Speaking at the groundbreaking

ceremony for

the hotel development on

Tuesday, Minister Michael

noted that the project “will

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same day, but at a different time.

Beginning this Wednesday, March

1, 2017, Social Security Board’s Junior

Science Quiz will be aired on ABS television

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Another new feature is the entry

of the Irene B. Williams School to the

competition. The other 9 schools who

will be vying for the 2017 Championship

are: St. Mary’s Secondary, St.

Anthony’s Secondary, Christ the King

High, Ottos Comprehensive, Clare

Hall Secondary, Princess Margaret, St.

Joseph’s Academy, Antigua Grammar

School and the All Saint’s Secondary


These schools will all endeavour to

prevent the Antigua Girls’ High School

from retaining the Championship trophy.

encourage our ever-growing

sustainability minded

residents and travellers to

visit this area for the Green

hotels, local food and craft


He said that the new resort

with its accompanying

National Park will compliment

this initiative along

with another 17 different

properties and businesses

who are part of the Green

Corridor initiative.

“Ladies and Gentlemen

sustainability and protection

of our land and environment

is also of utmost importance

to the Government, and so

we are delighted to know

that the construction will be

done through sound preservation

principles, green

building design and engagement

with the local community”,

he emphasized.

He added that the government

and the investors

have been transparent with

the local community by

hosting public forums to

keep those in the Morris

Bay Beach community, Old

Road and beyond informed

of all aspects of the project.

“We are confident that

opening this new modern

and luxurious property, offering

the best in services,

and introducing it to our

portfolio will lead to increased

airlift, from all our

main visitor source markets.

“The design and construction

will highlight

what separates Antigua and

Barbuda from the competition:

providing lush tropical

gardens and immersing

guests in a luxurious beach

and pool environment.

“Of course, as a true

escapist property the construction

adheres to the

cardinal rule: No buildings

taller than a coconut tree!”,

he said confidently.

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6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Training for Public Health Dental

Assistants gets underway

Dentistry in the Public Health

Sector is about to get a major boost

as courses for Public Health Dental

Assistants have started at the Government

Training Division on Church


The classes, which will run for

twelve weeks, are being facilitated

by well known Dental Physician, Dr.

Gregson Williams, who operates Williams

and Associates Dental Ltd on

Dickerson Bay Street.

Dr. Williams, who is also the Senior

Dental Consultant for the Ministry

of Health and the Environment,

said that the ultimate goal of the sessions

is to improve the overall output

of Public Health Dental Services.

“We actually wanted to improve

the Public Health System in dentistry

for many years because we found

that we lacked trained dental assistants

and this is extremely important

because as dentistry has progressed,

the assistants play a central role in

delivering patient care,” Dr. Williams


He also noted that the new classes

are a step in the right direction and

are a complete change from what

used to be the old way of training and

schooling Dental Assistants.

“We were short staffed and it was

difficult to find personnel. What used

to happen before in the system is that

people used to be trained on the job

and this is not adequate for today’s

purposes because we have to be very

careful when it comes to infection

control and contamination and the

many little things that we handle,” he


Williams, who has been in the

dental profession for well over two

decades, described the three-month

long courses as the tip of the iceberg.

“Dental Assistants also have training

in many other backgrounds, so

what we have done is to organize a

program through the training department

where we set about to train dencont’d

on pg 7

Wednesday 1st March 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Tourism industry gets major boost as

gov’t breaks ground on 5-star property

By Joanna Paris

On Tuesday, government

officials, members

of the diplomatic corps

and other specially invited

guests journeyed to Old

Road where they witnessed

the landmark ground breaking

ceremony for the Callaloo

Cay development.

The project will be executed

by Al Caribi Antigua,

which is a joint venture

between billionaire Sheik

Tariq Faisal Al Qassemi of

Dubai in the United Arab

Emirates (UAE) and the

government of Antigua and


As part of the highly-anticipated

development, 95-

100 rooms and 40 villas

will be constructed.

They will play a crucial

role in attracting individuals

to the twin island destination.

The development will

also feature a community

park, which will have

a number of activities for

adults and children alike.

Speaking during the

ceremony, the Senior Vice

President of Business Development,

Dawood Shah,

said “that it was a great day

for the developers, since

the ground breaking signalled

the first step in the

multiphase development”.

He expressed thanks

to all the key agencies involved

to include the Environment

Division and

the Development Control

Authority (DCA) for their

cooperation as the company

sort to meet all the prerequisites

necessary for the

construction phase.

He added that the development

will be one that

will be mutually beneficial

for both the investors and

the government as by extension

the people of Antigua

and Barbuda.

He said that the hotel

management agreement is

currently being worked out

and promised that an official

announcement of the

manager will be made in a

matter of weeks.

Tourism Minister, the

Honourable Asot Michael

is equally excited that the

project is finally about to


“Callaloo Cay will lead

to increasing the room

availability, and broadening

our twin-island nation’s

portfolio of distinguished


“Increasing the room

availability – in a sustainable

manner and representing

a quality that matches

the standard of Antigua and

Barbuda - is of utmost distinction

and importance”,

he said.

He expressed his profound

gratitude to the developers

for their zeal in

cont’d from pg 6

tal assistants and this is just the tip of the


“The real truth is that a dental assistant

training program is really one year

certificate and two years diploma and

we are trying to do this course in twelve

weeks,” Williams noted.

Dr. Williams said that following graduation,

some dental assistants will be

asked to fill the current vacancies that exist

in the Government sector, while others

will find employment among private


“There are some vacancies in the Government

Department and of course the

trainees will have to do an exam and then

apply officially for these spots; those that

are selected to be employed will be employed

in the health system while the others

will probably end up in private practices”,

Dr. Williams explained.

Currently, there are ten students who

are attending the classes which are being

held on Wednesdays from 1:30 pm to

4:30 pm.

The initiative is a joint venture between

the Ministry of Health and the Environment,

the Training Division and the

Ministry of Labour.

assisting the government in

achieving the status of becoming

an economic powerhouse.

“We would not be here

today without the vision

and investment of Sheik

Tariq Faisal Al Qassemi,

as well as the expertise and

knowledge of our partners,

and developers.

“I would like to thank

and congratulate Sheik

Traiq and his representative

Mr. Dawood Shah for

the confidence that they

have shown in Antigua

and Barbuda and the ABLP

Government led by the Hon

Gaston Browne and for this

significant investment in

our tourism product and the

future of our country”, he


Minister of Foreign

Affairs, the Honourable

Charles “Max” Fernandez

congratulated the developers

on the milestone and indicated

that the partnership

which exists between the

UAE and the government

continues to bear fruit.

Also addressing the

gathering, was Prime Minister

the Honourable Gaston

Browne, who noted that

from the onset the developers

of the Callaloo Cay

project have been easy to

work with and always adhered

to the rules in the


Construction is expected

to begin shortly.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Tourism Minister delivers speech at

Official Cricketers Welcome Cocktail

Mr. Dave Cameron:

President of The West Indies

Cricket Board and


Mr. Alastair Cook: Captain

of the England Cricket

Team & players

Mr. Jason Holder: Captain

of the West Indies

Cricket Team and players

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

A warm and wonderful

good evening to you, and

welcome to our beautiful

twin-island nation, Antigua

and Barbuda.

I am delighted to be here

this evening to welcome

both the West Indies Cricket

team and the England

Cricket Team to Antigua

and Barbuda. It is an absolute

pleasure and honour

to have both of these prestigious

teams here, playing

against each other in one of

the most beautiful cricketing

nations on earth.

This English touring

team is the first visit of the

team to Antigua and Barbuda

since 2014 – to play two


A special welcome is

also extended to the Captain

and members of our

own West Indies Cricket

team who are on home turf

and can be assured of the

support of the thousands of

fans who are looking forward

to a thrilling weekend

of cricket.

For the English team it

is, of course, part of your

build-up to the Champions

Trophy later this year

Minister of Tourism, the Hon., Asot Michael.

in England and Wales for

which we wish you the best

of luck.

I cannot truly express

how excited we are to have

you here. Not only because

we have had a long, and

storied relationship with

the Brits – we love you, and

Antigua and Barbuda has

long been a popular destination

for your country –

We are a nation of cricket

enthusiasts and so we welcome

the “Barmy Army”

that normally accompanies

you and look forward to a

weekend of cricket lovely


Cricket has become part

of our culture and is one of

the major passions in life

for most that live here. If

we were not a religious nation,

it would surely be our

cont’d on pg 9

Wednesday 1st March 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

cont’d from pg 8

religion. As British poet

Edmund Blunden who said,

‘Cricket to us was more

than play, it was worship in

the summer sun.’

From friendlies on the

beach or a village field or

local tournaments, there

are countless opportunities

to come across an excellent


Being blessed with sunny

skies and perfect weather

throughout the year, we

can happily play cricket

365 days out of the year.

And truth be told we can

happily do so on each of

our 365 white and pink sandy


We are lucky that we are

home to some of the greatest

cricketing legends ever

to play the game – from Sir

Viv Richards, a National

Hero and one of the world’s

cricketing greats for whom

of course we have named

our national stadium.

We are also the home of

Sir Andy Roberts the first

Antiguan and Barbudan to

play for the West Indies

team, as well as legendary

pace bowler Sir Curtley

Ambrose and Sir Richie

Richardson another West

Indian batsman of class and


So you can see – Antigua

and Barbuda is inextricably

intertwined with

Cricket. As the games is indeed

part of our DNA and

our way of life.

So that is why we are all

excited. It isn’t just us either.

There has been plenty

of activity around the island,

and a buzz building

in the cricket community.

It is my understanding that

this week all of our hotel

rooms are filled with several

thousand cricket fans

from the UK and the rest

of the region for this Friday

and Sunday’s One Day Internationals.

This is excellent

news for our country’s


We are all looking forward

to two days of fun and

excitement, and though,

we look forward to a challenging

encounter with you

over the next few days, I

must confess that we look

forward to winning as well!

I wish you only the best

in your training over the

coming days at Sir Vivian

Richards stadium –– and

we hope that you enjoy

the stadium and are able to

appreciate our wonderful


We are proud to partner

with the West Indies Cricket

Board to organize these

two exciting days of ODI’s

– both for the West Indies

team, as well as fans of the


Hosting this premiere

event is a real honor for our

nation. Expect the stadium

to be filled with thousands

upon thousands of fans.

Win or lose, we are all set to

be watching teams with the

best players in the world,

competing at extraordinary


Once again, please accept

our warmest welcome

on behalf of the Government

and people of Antigua

and Barbuda.

We hope that you truly

enjoy your stay, and that

you take time out to enjoy

our beaches, our natural

attractions, our music, and

food but most importantly

that you experience the

warmth and hospitality of

the Antiguan and Barbudan


We hope you are inspired

to return for a personal

holiday so you can

spend some more time with

us and truly experience everything

that our wonderful

twin-island nation has to


I wish both teams the

best of luck and look forward

to seeing you play on

Friday and Sunday.

I will finish with a quote

from Amit Ray, ‘Champions

never sleep, the eternal

spirit keeps them awake.

Everyone has the fire, but

the champions know when

to ignite the spark.’

So go be the champions

you are on Friday and Sunday.

Do enjoy the rest of

your evening!

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Tuesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Some lawn equipment

6. Part of JFK: Abbr.

10. Hype

14. Just right

15. Bite

16. Beatles girl with a “little

white book”

17. Brought on

18. Over, overseas

19. On the double

20. Start of a quip

23. Hair color

25. Comic Philips

26. “Savvy?”

27. Quip, part 2

32. Gym apparatus

33. Wallach of “Lord Jim”

34. Term opening

37. One, for one

40. Set

43. Driver’s device

44. Driver’s need

46. Reef material

47. Quip, part 3

52. Bks.-to-be

53. Hullabaloo

54. “What else?”

55. End of the quip

61. Nobelist Pavlov

62. Rock trailer?

63. Some settlement seekers

66. Patch up

67. Break in the action

68. Foil maker

69. LBJ or JFK

70. Practices tact, perhaps

71. Gold rush territory


1. Up to, in ads

2. “To a...” poem

3. Postponed athletic eligibility

to work on improving


4. It may be bleeped

5. Gin flavoring

6. Bad reputation, and then


7. Disgusting

8. “That __ longer an option”

9. Touchiness

10. Sunday service segment

11. Reminder to Santa

12. 2002 Olympics site

13. Rubberneck

21. Ever so slight

22. Sheltered side

23. In the least

24. Excelled

28. Boston-to-Nantucket dir.

29. Tapped item

30. 2001 sports biopic

31. Know-it-all

35. Corporate raider Carl

36. Struck out

38. Yellowish-white

39. Dodger Stadium shout

41. Chem. contaminant

42. ‘60s singer Christie

45. Shake up

48. Makes right

49. Yank’s currency: Abbr.

50. Detroit duds

51. Poppycock

55. Like a wet noodle

56. Wrapped up

57. Windmill part

58. Sewing case

59. ‘’By Jove!’’

60. Humdinger

64. Kanga’s joey

65. Japanese honorific

Wednesday 1st March 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy and windy.

High - 80ºF

Low - 73ºF

Wind: East North East 22 mph

Sunrise 6.26 am; Sunset 6.13 pm

Tuesday’s Crossword Solution


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You’ll be at your absolute best

in a safe environment where

you’re not worried about being

scored or judged. You can

have that peace even if you

are being judged, by the way.

The trick is in not worrying

about it.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

By definition, work is harder

than doing nothing at all. At

least it should be. Then why

doesn’t it feel as if that is

true? You’ll find idleness to be

an irritant and gladly take on

more than your share to stay


TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

One of the more difficult character

challenges of the day

will be in the practice of nonjudgment.

To take things at

face value is difficult for one

with the in-depth knowledge

that you have, but you won’t

be sorry.

GEMINI (May 21-June

21). Get going on a project.

It doesn’t matter where you

start; it just matters that you

do. Wrong choices lead to

right ones; bad plans lead to

better ones.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

You’re the unofficial coach

of your group. You won’t let

anyone perform at a subpar

level without taking it upon

yourself to investigate the

problem, fix it and motivate


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). This

is a time to keep as much of

the project under your control

and jurisdiction as you can. If

you delegate too much, you’ll

just have to do it over yourself.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

You don’t like to put people

out, but if they want to make

a sacrifice on your behalf, let

them. You are important to

your people. They want you

to know this. Let them show


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Who should be fulfilling your

expectation? Whose expectation

should you be filling? If

the answers to those questions

are “nobody” and “nobody’s,”

then you’ll have an excellent

day indeed.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Things will not stay the way

they are. They never have, and

they never will. With this in

mind, you’ll continue to look

for the present opportunities,

which are as unusual as they

are rare.


Dec. 21). In most things, the

lows and highs will expand at

the same time. In a related story,

you’ll be reminded that the

way to intelligent things is often

found through silly things.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You’re edgy; the pressure

is on. Embrace it. Some

top performance coaches suggest

that relaxation techniques

only diminish your ability to

connect. It’s more compelling

to stay in the moment and use

the energy.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Over-planning leads to

a boring outcome. But how

do you know when you’ve

planned too much? If your

plans are prohibiting you from

taking advantage of the popup

opportunities of the moment,

abandon them.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st March 2017


Have you seen the Giant African Snail in your home or community?

If so, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Put on protective gloves

2. Collect snails and place them in a secure covered container

with some salt.

3. Call the Plant Protection Unit at 462-6776 or 462-6777 for

advice on disposal

All registered members of the Antigua Barbuda Amateur

Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation please take note

that Election for the post of Vice President will be held on

4th March, 2017 at the ABI Financial Building, 2nd Floor,

Redcliffe Street, St John's, Antigua at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen

Association are notified of the monthly general meeting, to

be held on Saturday 4 March at 3 pm, at the Association`s

Headquarters, " Leah House" on Prime Minister`s Drive.

Please be on time or notify the Chairman on 720-0058, Secretary

on 723-3452 or PRO on 721-1970 of your apologies.

The Annual General Meeting and Elections for the Antigua

& Barbuda Cycling Federation will be held on March 1,

2017 at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. The meeting will

start promptly at 7:00pm. Please be on time.

There will be a Public Forum on Home and Neighborhood

Crime Prevention for the residents in the St John’s Rural East

Constituency. It will be held on Tuesday March 14th 2017

at the Clare Hall Secondary School, Beginning at 6:00pm

Come and hear guest speakers deliver, on how to prevent

crime, and how to form Neighborhood Watch Groups to protect

everyone! For more information please contact the concerned

citizens organizing committee at 734 1654

The Social Security Board wishes to advise all self employed

persons that their declared earnings shall not be less

than the minimum wage, and are reminded that their Social

Security contributions rate remains at 10%.

Advertise with

Caribbean Times!

Contact us at Tel: 562-8688

Email: accounts@

Stop look down

on me cause

meh poor

By Jacqueline Wetherill

You look down on me because I am poor.

You mock me for the clothing I wore;

Just because I am poor and cant fit in,

You make up names and

call me garbage bin.

Stop look down on me cause meh poor.

I tried so hard to be like you,

Wondering what next I should do.

I changed my talk, I changed my looks,

Yet you still treat me

like I am some crook.

Stop look down on me cause meh poor.

I am going to accept myself for who I am.

Yes, I might be poor, but here is my plan.

You see, with this brain

that God gave to me,

Perseverance to success will be the key.

Stop look down on me cause meh poor.

One day I will move from rags to riches;

There will be more than enough

to share God’s blessings.

Excuse me, no more trying

to fit in to be like you,

For I will be living in posh places too.

Stop look down on me cause meh poor.

Wednesday 1st March 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Mandy Premier League bowls off

By Carlena Knight

The fourth annual Mandy

Premier League bowled

off last Sunday at the

Dredgers playing field with

the 2016 Antigua Barbuda

Softball Cricket Association

Youth Got Talent winner,

Aliyah Hamilton cutting

the ribbon to officially

open the tournament.

Eleven teams will vie

for the title with defending

champions, Brysons Future

Stars looking to claim a

second straight trophy.

All games will be

played at the Dredgers

playing with two games being

played Monday- Thursday

and on Sundays.

This year’s event will

take on a different approach

as all teams are

required to have a female

Antigua State College

remain undefeated

By Carlena Knight

Antigua State College continue their dominance in the

Senior Boys Division of the Cool and Smooth Inter-School

Basketball League.

College defeated Jennings Secondary, 44-40 on Monday

afternoon at the JSC Sports Complex to keep their perfect

record and remain at the top only having to face the only

other undefeated team, Ottos Comprehensive.

Anthony Greer was the leading scorer for the victors with

15 points while Ezekiel Francois assisted with 13.

Danny Perez of JSS had a game high 24 points with assistance

from Vladimir Castro who had 11 points in a losing


St. Joseph’s Academy Junior Boys also were victorious

that day, defeating Clare Hall Secondary, 31-28.

Tehran Zachariah led his team to victory with 18 points

for Clare Hall, Jaheem James had 8 points and Jonathan Joseph


player on their team who is

also expected to bowl and

be in the battling line up

from 1-5.

Caribbean Alliance Insurance,

Massy Insurance

and Cool and Smooth are

the platinum sponsors of

the event while other sponsors

include Vernon Hall

Construction, Straffies Funeral

Home, Ace Heavy

Trucking, George Pigott,

Community First Cooperative

Credit Union, Caribbean

Union Bank, APUA

Inet, Yousef Michael, the

Governor General of Antigua

and Barbuda, His excellency

Sir Rodney Williams,

Curtain Bluff hotel,

Galley Bay resort and Pineapple

Beach resort.

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st March 2017


Antigua’s #1 Motor Vehicle Dealership






» 100% Financing

» Free Insurance

» Free Licensing

» Free Registration and Plates


Visit our showroom conveniently

located on Old Parham Road.


Tel: (268) 481-2524, 2526, 2531

• Terms & Conditions Apply • Offer ends 10th March 2017


Wednesday 1st March 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

By Carlena Knight

In one of the biggest upsets

to date in Division 3, One

Stone Original edged out Jr.

Pitbulls, 69-68 on Monday

night at the JSC Sports Complex.

Led by Nigel Fergus with

23 points and 6 rebounds

and assisted by Brian Edwards

with 15 points and 12

rebounds, One Stone pulled

off a huge win over the young

and vibrant Pitbulls.

Pitbulls’ Ahmani Browne

had 29 points and 16 rebounds

while teammates Eric

Joseph and Jevonte Valerie

contributed with 16 points, 16

rebounds and 4 assists and 11

points and 15 rebounds.

Jamie Robinson also of Jr.

Pitbulls grabbed 11 rebounds

in a losing effort.

In the other match up

at JSC, Old Road Daggers

trumped LJ Northside Stingerz

3, 65-46.

Kevin Cornwall had 27

points and Ezekiel Francois

14 points and 11 rebounds for

the victors.

Dillon John of Stingerz

had 17 points and 6 rebounds.

He was assisted by Robert

Spencer who had 10 points,

One Stone edges out Jr. Pitbulls

10 rebounds, 4 assists and 5

steals and Doyle Carter with

9 points and 8 rebounds. Yannick

Samuel chipped in with 9

points and 7 rebounds.

In other games that night,

Police Vertex defeated F and

G Trading Cuties Ovals Ojays

3, 65-53.

Alfred Telemaque had 19

points and was assisted by

Clint Spencer with 19 points

and 7 rebounds.

Dale Gore chipped in with

11 points and 8 rebounds

while Eugine Remo contributed

10 points.

Delornje Jules of Ovals 3

had 20 points and 8 rebounds.

Bokeem Murrell assisted

with 10 points while Teyon

Lake chipped in with 7 assists

and 7 steals in a losing effort.

Antigua Home and Office

Depot Rebels were also victorious

as they defeated Cuties

Ottos Officials, 59-46.

Tindal Telemaque had 17

points with assistance from

Gabriel Perez with 17 points

and 9 rebounds.

Officials’ Gija George

had 14 points and 9 rebounds

while teammate, Kareem Jacobs

had 9 points and 6 rebounds.

Members of the Sandals Grenades FC (Photo by Sandals SnapShots).

Sandals Grenades in CFU Club Cup

Members of the Sandals Grenades

FC left Antigua Monday for Jamaica

where the side will be competing in the

2017 Caribbean Football Union (CFU)

Club Championship Cup.

The 2015-16 Premier Division

runners-up qualified for group C of

the CFU Cup where they will come

up against the Dominican Republic’s

Barcelona Atletico, Cayaman Island’s

Elite and Montego Bay United out of


The team is pictured here at a farewell

lunch at Sandals Grande Antigua

on Sunday where they met members

of the management team who wished

them the best in the upcoming tournament.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Cornwall shines but President’s XI go down


Kitts – All-rounder Rahkeem

Cornwall did his

West Indies chances little

harm with another stellar

half-century but the WICB

President’s XI went down

by two wickets to England

in a 50-overs tour match on


The big-hitting Cornwall

struck an attacking 59

from 61 deliveries while

captain Jahmar Hamilton

enhanced his credentials

with a top score of 73 as

the hosts, opting to bat first,

were dismissed for 233 off

48 overs.

Left-handed Kyle Mayers

weighed in with a better

than run-a-ball 33 while

opener Kyle Hope chipped

in with 24.

Ben Stokes (3-35) and

Liam Plunkett (3-44) led

the England attack with

three wickets apiece while

fellow Chris Woakes (2-37)

finished with a brace.

In reply, England were

lifted by opener Jonny

Bairstow who top-scored

with 86 while Woakes

stroked an unbeaten, runa-ball

47 and Joe Root, 46.

Off-spinner Andre Mc-

Carthy (2-4), fast bowler

Ronsford Beaton (2-46)

and leg-spinner Damion

Jacobs (2-54) all finished

with two wickets each.

Cornwall’s half-century

– his fourth in List A – was


Approximately 1 acre, residential plot with a two storey

unfinished concrete structure thereon. Basement – one

bedroom, one bathroom, self-contained unit. Top floor -

three bedroom, two bathroom, laundry and pump room

etc. Serious inquiries only. Contact: 560-2580 or 720-


required in emergency circumstances

after the President’s

XI slumped to 55 for

five in the 16th over.

The 24-year-old Cornwall

then combined with

Hamilton in a counter-attacking

123-run, sixth

wicket stand which revived

the innings and repelled the

English bowlers.

While Cornwall struck

six fours and three sixes,

Hamilton notched five

fours and two sixes in a 90-

ball innings.

Cornwall departed in

the 37th over but Mayers

joined Hamilton to put on

a further 42 for the seventh

wicket, striking three fours

and a six off 32 balls.

England then made a

stuttering start to their run

chase when they lost Sam

Billings cheaply for two

with the score on 11 in the

third over.

But Bairstow and Root

came together to prop up

the innings in a 117-run

second wicket stand, and

put England back on course

for victory.

Bairstow faced 97 balls

and struck nine fours while

Root counted four boundaries

in a 67-ball innings.

Root’s dismissal, caught

at the wicket by Hamilton

off Jacobs in the 26th over,

sparked a slide that saw six

wickets tumble for 49 runs.

Struggling on 177 for

seven in the 40th over,

Woakes came to his side’s

rescue, belting four fours

All-rounder Rahkeem Cornwall

and a six in helping to put

on 35 for the eighth wicket

with Adil Rashid who made

10, as he saw England


The victory was the second

in three days for the

tourists after they beat the

UWI Vice-Chancellor’s

XI by 117 runs in another

50-overs game last Saturday.

They will now turn their

attention to the three-match

One-Day International series

against West Indies

starting at the Vivian Richards

Cricket Stadium in

Antigua on Friday. (CMC)

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