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Camp Reflection

Tongan Representative

Since I arrived in Jindabyne Valley, I’ve been attracted by the natural beauty of

this campsite and believe, ‘this is the best place’ on earth for recalibrating. As the

representative from Tonga Mission (Sister Mission), I greatly appreciate the friendly and

caring hospitality that was outpoured upon me, what a blessing! Indeed, as I reflect on

this marvelous big camp let me highlight the following aspects:

Spirital Nourishment: Nothing else but the WORD OF GOD (BIBLE) was the Bread

of Life for spiritual nourishment. I was amazed how each division had organized their

programs purposely driven to enrich spirituality through their speakers. Of course,

tastes may vary acquired by generational preferences yet these spiritual cooks had

mutually changing recipes flavored with heavenly ingredients. I personally was touched

by these speakers’ divinely inspirational messages as I moved around each tent. How

committed they were to be used by God, convincing His remnants to recalibrate as

disciples for more harvesting.

Unity: Diversity known as it should be in a multicultural society, yet the Holy Spirit

united us to disregard our differences, using our gifts and talents to accomplish this

one off big camp event. I was emotionally touched by the Conference President Pr.

Michael Faber and his fellow collegiates; the Pastors with their collaboration in setting

up the camp ground and the ongoing leading, facilitating and monitoring the big

camp operation. Ever said in the Bible deciphered, that our “Lord Jesus came to serve

but not to be served” the spirit of servitude. In fact, it fosters how each member ought

to serve each other as one of our Christian identities and it was well manifested all

along perfectly. Good leadership contributed to the success of this event.

Fellowship: South New South Wales Conference Big Camp had approximately

less than one thousand attendees which is a low number in comparison to other big

Conference Camps. However, with this figure, fellowship amongst members was

extremely intimate, and one easily got to know each other even strangers. What a great

experience it was for me to meet for the first time my Tongan tribes, Pr. Toni & Anne

Moala and King & Ana with their kids.

Social Program: As it was announced ‘Billy Kart Derby was on for the first time’ and as

always, a free BBQ was served on the Village Fair day - where I was one of the catererssupplied

by Sanitarium and the AAV. I deeply enjoyed my time with Roger Nagle doing

the BBQ. Being a by- standing observer at the same time, I hoped to join in various

games running on site but due to fever attacking my health I was not able to do so.

However, it was fantastic and funny to see all generations having a good time together


Vegetarianism: What an experience? First time ever to be switched to this heavenly

diet in fact in a long period of time (two weeks), I was really enjoying vegetarian

food and it was so delicious. I appreciated Stan’s and his team’s hospitality and their

commitment to the Lord.

There is so much more I could reflect on

whilst spending time together as one

family but space will not allow me and I

want to conclude expressing my deep

appreciation for the golden opportunity

that was given to me by Tonga Mission

to be your partner in God’s mission. May

we earnestly refocus and recalibrate on

perusing God’s calling in His service.


- Pr. Heilala Fe’aomoeata

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Big Camp 2017

Blossom Cafe


With lots of laughter, great people

and good food the ADRA Blossom

Café at Big Camp was a wonderful

success for Mission fundraising. While

the laughter some nights may have

been a little loud; the $9,705.15 raised

after costs, will make a real difference

in the lives of others. That certainly is

worth celebrating and we know that it

will bring smiles for a long time to come.

God blessed the café in many ways this

year. There were so many answers to

Under the Sea

Beginners Division

Under the capable hands of Mariah

Nagle a recent Mamarapha college

graduate, Beginners ejoyed a week

exploring God’s creation under the sea.

She was cheerfully supported by Kim


Conquering Everest

ADRA Cafe Team

prayer including a ‘display fridge’.

The Staff at the Adventist Alpine

Village were superb and made a real

contribution to the café’s success.

Mariah Nagle (R) with Kim Piez (L)

This year’s co-ordinator Marcia from

Wagga said “Blossom is an opportunity

for people to be involved in missionary

service while enjoying a drink or a light

meal together.”

The Café at the Big Tent is a service in two

parts: First, it caters for the campers, with

so much going on at big camp, a pleasant

stop in between programs or just a place

to relax in a nice setting.

The other service is to help fundraise to

make a difference in world projects. This

year they are the ADRA Blossom Program

in Vanuatu and ADRA Albania.

The friendly volunteer staff were a

blessing to the Café. It was great to have

people come in and work together and

we were gifted with the friendships that

were made. To have such warm and caring

people who have a heart for others is a

blessing not only for the café but also for

our Conference.

One volunteer worker said: “I’m sure that

we had the best customers in Jindabyne,

they always seemed to be happy.” The

youngest of the volunteers said: “Even in

the busyness of times working, it was still

good to catch up with friends.”

We just want to say a huge Thankyou to the

volunteers and customers and supporters

for making a difference.

- ADRA Blossom team

Kindergarten Division

Kyle Robertson in action Steve Piez with the kids Story time

It was another fabulous Big Camp this year, the Kindy

Division certainly had a blast. The theme for our division was

“Everest~Conquering challenges with God’s mighty power.” Our

guest speaker from Narromine, Mr. Kyle Robertson, shared an

animated and dramatized series of exciting Bible stories for the

kids every morning.

The kids learnt to trust God always that He is powerful enough to

help us get through any situations. There were

also great singing sessions, object lessons and exciting

crafts afterwards.

In the afternoon, the kids got to enjoy various activities, such

as wet jumping castle, giant water slides and an excursion

to the local trout farm. Thank you to all the volunteer staff

for helping and thank you to all the campers for making this

camp another great success.”

- Pr. Jimmy Watanabe

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Big Camp 2017

Cave Quest

Primary Division

Trip to Yarrangobilly Caves Craft activity Story time

Big Camp Primary kids went on a Cave Quest this year as

they learnt about following Jesus the light of the world.

There was excellent worship with Captain Karen (Karen

Collum), Jossee McCrostie and Cathy Galindo sharing songs

as many Primary kids choose to lead out and to follow Jesus!

Activities included a trip to the Yarrangobilly Caves then a

swim in the thermal pools and various fun stuff

on site at camp during the week. “What an amazing

atmosphere! Your team of volunteers is amazing and really

makes this camp special” noted Captain Karen!

A big thank you to all who helped and blessed the Primary

group. Keep the quest to follow Jesus Primary kids, He loves

you and so do we!

- Pr. Andrew McCrostie & Pr. Ben Galindo

Surfin’ through the Scriptures

Junior Division

Glory, honor and praise to God for the accomplishment achieved in the

Junior’s Tent this year. It was an awesome experience for juniors and

staff alike.

For the kids, the activities were fun and unforgettable, the games; gokarts;

rock climbing; laser force; bob sledding; swimming and much, much

more. The worship experience was vibrant and amazing, the singing; Pr.

Mike Collum’s inspiring teaching and the captivating skits were some of the

activities that enabled Juniors to praise God and to experience His power.

In fact, the worship experience was further enhanced by serving, whereby

Juniors made cool, refreshing lemonade and shared with people in other

divisions. Furthermore, they also served by helping Stan and Russell build

a bike track around the property. However, the pinnacle of the worship

experience took place on Friday evening where over 70% of those who

attended accepted Jesus into their hearts and were willing to follow Him

through baptism.

Scaling the rock wall

The success we experienced this year came from staff and volunteer’s commitment to lead Juniors closer to Jesus Christ. Combine

that with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, success was guaranteed. In fact, the success was quite satisfying seeing that numbers

exceeded expectations and volunteers were given other camp responsibilities. So, praise God for His faithfulness and big shoutout

to the staff and volunteers for their incredible contributions.

Special thanks to Phil & Janine Rath and to Nathan & Jessica Ward for their self sacrifice over the past 5 years. Your efforts were

greatly appreciated and will be greatly missed. Thank you parents for entrusting your children to the Juniors Tent Team, they are

looking forward to do it all over again in 2018. Until then, God bless!

- Pr. Tony Moala


Teen Division

Water Sports Backdrop Prayer time

This year the teen tent was the meeting place for nearly

80 teenagers, the largest group that our current leaders

have ever seen. From breakfast smoothies at 7:30am to lights

out after the evening meeting our teens enjoyed fellowship,

worship, inspiration and fun.

Breakfast smoothies proved a great way to start the day (our

teens consumed over 20 kg of bananas, 15 kg of frozen fruit

and over 35 L of milk). Breakfast smoothies were followed by

challenging devotionals by Karlie Fraser and BJ Hayes.

Our mid-morning program began with Bible study times

led by Owen Ellis and Pako Mokgwane (Youth speaker from

GC). Bible studies were followed by “Life Matters” sessions

lead by BJ Hayes and Karlie Fraser. During these times our

teens were challenged to be involved in church, to pursue

relationships according to God’s plans and to be wise with

social media.

Afternoons were filled opportunities to mix together in fun

ways including go-karting, laser force, rock climbing, water

sports at the lake and water games at camp which included

the covering each other in colourful powder just for the fun

of it.

In the evenings our teens led out in the worship times before

being challenged by David Leo to live an UNCOMMON life.

David’s key text for the week was Romans 12:1,2; “I beseech

you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you

present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to

God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be confo-

rmed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing

of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and

acceptable and perfect will of God.” Our teens really

appreciated David’s ministry.

As the week progressed the bond between our teens grew

as did their desire to encourage each other spiritually. This

was exemplified on Wednesday evening. Our meeting

concluded with a time of prayer. After this many teens chose

to remain in the tent singing, sharing and praying together,

instead of going to the scheduled game of laser force. The

Holy Spirit was clearly making an impact on our teens.

When we came to the close of the week 9 teens made a first

time commitment to Jesus and 18 requested baptism. There

were many more recommitments and requests for Bible

studies. That Sabbath afternoon one of our teens, Karlee

Curtis-Sullivan, was baptised at the lake with most of the teen

tent there to support and celebrate with Karlee.

We praise God for the work He did in the teen tent during

camp. We thank Him for bringing together a wonderful

group of teens and an amazing team to lead them. Our team

included Owen Ellis, BJ Hayes, our volunteers Jameson “J”

Pulelisi and Karlie Fraser, and a number of very willing and

talented older teens.

- Pr.Owen Ellis

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Big Camp 2017

Authentic Faith

Youth Division

Pr. Pako preaching SNSW Youth Group Photo Seven Seas Banquet

SNSW Big Camp 2017 was a great time for the YOUTH to interact and get to know each other. Most days started with breakfast,

provided by the newly married Leeton and Tamara Mason.

At 9:30am, a thought provoking “PLUNGE Session” was led by Pastor Rajko Celic. Then the youth went to their activities in the

afternoon, of which water was inevitably involved.

At the night meetings, the youth were challenged by Pr. Pako Mokgwane to be ‘Authentic’ about their faith, to recognize who

they are in Jesus and then live that authentic life leading friends towards Jesus. The majority of the youth, when asked to make

this commitment, stood up to this challenge. Please continue to empower the Youth in this conference, trusting them to lead and

take positions of responsibility.

- Pr. Phil Yates

From the President


Big Tent

Kendra Haloviak-Valentine

preaching Gods Word

It was another wonderful, spiritual week at Big Camp this

year. God’s word was magnified by the guest speaker

Kendra Haloviak-Valentine. Insights into the book of Mark

were brought to life.

Each night, we heard inspiring testimonies of churches

reaching out to their communities through friendship and

needs based programs. A new member from Albury church

baptised not long ago, was befriended and brought to church

in his time of need. He had bible

studies, joined a small care group that meets each week

and they are now looking after their new member. Another

lady has become a church member through the Depression

Recovery program and is now helping to run the programs.

It was inspiring to hear and see our church members at work

and discipling others.

Adrian Dorman from Cedarvale health and life style retreat,

told the captivating life story of a man who was sent home,

Village Fair

Big Tent during the week

by his doctor to die, but by applying some simple lifestyle

changes, revitalised his health and is now doing exceptionally


During Camp our main computer, with all the programming

on it, was lost for nearly two days. Those attending the big

tent where asked to pray for it to be found. Praise God, a local

man found the computer while riding his bike some four of

five kilometres from the camp ground. It was just on the side

of the road near a big round about. He opened the computer

and rang the phone number in it and was glad to return it.

The lessons from Big Camp 2017 are: Study the word, there

are many insights to be found. Live a healthy lifestyle to glorify

God in your body. There are people in every community that

need our friendship and our ‘Great Hope’. Jesus is coming

soon, so keep your prayer life alive, God hears and is longing

to answer.

See you at camp next year.

- Pr. Ben Kosmeier

Music Team

Village Fair 2017 The dunking chair Sumo Wrestling

fabulously fun day was had by people of all ages at the Big Camp Village Fair! From the dunking chair to face painting, hay

A rides to jam and slice competitions, ADRA Cafe refreshments to live music by Steve Piez, and a host of activities, there was

something for everyone! A big thank you to Sanitarium, SNSW Conference and Adventist Alpine Village for the delicious lunch

you generously donated for us, and the Junior Tent team who graciously served it.

If you would like to see Pr. Mike in the dunking chair, please log into Facebook and search for “J-Shock - Has Jesus Shocked You?”

Scroll down the J-Shock page and find the post dated 9 January 2017 “Only at SNSW Big Camp”.

- Debbie Watanabe

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From the Chief Finance Big Camp Officer 2017

Moruya Bathurst Canberra National Bega

SNSW Billy Kart Derby


Team Moruya just making the corner

Following the BBQ lunch at the Village Fair

it was time for the inaugural race in SNSW

Billy Kart Derby. Churches from around the

conference have formed teams, designed and

built their Billy Carts from recycled materials and

are ready to launch them at break neck speed

(not really) down the track lined with crowds of

cheering on lookers.

It is not necessarily the fastest Billy Cart as points

are given for Design, Team Dress, Team Chant

or Song, Risk factor (taking on the jump and the

berm) and of course speed.

There are four age categories so that most

age groups can participate.

It appeared that the whole camp came to

watch and support the teams and afterwards

many from all age groups said it was the best

fun they had had in a long time.

Well done to all the teams, church groups and

attendees for making the Fair Day a grand

success. Start planning now for next year!

- Gavin Howie

Team Bega in full flight


Adventist Alpine Village

Wagga Wagga

Canberra National

Big Camp 2017/SNSW Youth

Big Camp Baptisms

Left to Right: Pr. James Toogood, Karlee Curtis-Sullivan, Rajko

Celic, Pr. Colin Richardson, Nioy Richardson

& Kelden Richardson

On January 14, the second Sabbath of Big Camp, a special

baptism took place in Lake Jindabyne. Karlee Curtis-

Sullivan from Canberra who studied with Pr. James Toogood

and Rajko Celic, chose to be baptized by both pastors


Noiy Richardson, of Griffith, and now Melbourne, daughter-inlaw

of Pr. Colin Richardson, had studied over a 3-year period,


For the second year running youth from around Australia

gathered for Converge, the festival of worship and fellowship

held at Stuart’s Point convention centre. Around 20 young

people from South NSW Conference were in attendance.

Key presenter Jeremy Anderson challenged the young

people to continually grow in their relationship with Jesus

and to go into the world and share the hope that we have. In

total around 350 youth were present at Converge and they

made the most of the opportunity to go to the beach, hang

out in the evening café, and make new friends. Converge will

be running again next year so if you didn’t get there this year,

make sure you don’t miss out!

Pr. Colin Richardson baptising Nioy

chose Jesus as her Saviour. She was baptized by Pr. Colin, who

was assisted by his son (Noiy’s husband) Kelden, through whose

influence she began to seek the Lord. Both young ladies gave

special testimony on the Lord’s leading in their lives, and after

the baptism, several persons indicated a desire to be baptized

in the near future.

- Pr. Colin Richardson

Pr. James Toogood and Rajko Celic

baptising Karlee

- Hayden Petersen

Photo: Charmaine Patel

Photo: Charmaine Patel

Page 10 | 11 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Photo: Charmaine Patel

To Be and Grow Flourishing Followers of Jesus

Sharing the Love of God in the Philippines

Pat Willet

To share the love of God with anyone is an uplifting and

spiritual experience. I live in the township of Young in South

West NSW and attend Young Seventh-day Adventist church.

Two of our friends in the church – Brian and Phoebe Hearne

invited us on a holiday to the Philippines in September 2016.

Phoebe was born in the Philippines and most of her family still

reside there and are all Adventist. My husband Nigel and I

jumped at the chance and accepted the invitation mainly to

experience the different culture of an Asian country and also

to meet Phoebe’s family and worship with Adventist Filipinos.

We had the knowledge that most of the churches are finding

it very hard to maintain the upkeep so our church members

at Young decided to help one of the churches at Cagayan-

De-Oro-BON BON – whose members have been trying

to raise enough funds to build a new church for the last 11

years. Young Church donated $1000, plus members gave

personal donations, which resulted in donations of $2000,

which equated to 74,000 pesos (Filipino). The first Sabbath

we worshipped in Bon Bon Church, there had been a massive

monsoon storm the night before and when we arrived at the

church it had flooded (never before had this happened).

We were given a very warm welcome then directed through

the back entrance “walking the plank” from the Rostrum

down to our seats in water! The flood did not deter the

faithful members from attending Sabbath School and Church.

What an experience. They took their shoes off and paddled

into the church. They came; they sang praises to God and

worshipped with great joy. I had the privilege of taking the

service in this dear little church- no doors, no windows and

needing extensive maintenance. They are surely in need of a

new church. So when we presented the $2000AUD (74,000

Pesos) to the church Elder the whole church accepted the gift

with gratitude and praise. They look forward to the day when

their new church will be built.

Letterboxing in the Neighbourhood

Wallage Lake

We had the privilege of staying with Pastor Reuben Baldago,

his wife Amor and family who are our friend Phoebe’s

relatives. We toured the South Philippines Union Conference

and the Hope Channel and met the staff. We also visited the

Conference Office which is also close by. Another highlight

of our trip was to visit Mountain View Adventist College

where around 1500 students from all over Asia are trained –

a very beautiful place set on 2000 acres of arable land and

plantations. To get there we had a 5 hour drive with beautiful

scenery – rice fields, sugar cane plantations, coconuts,

bananas, pineapples (the best pineapples we have ever

tasted) and every other tropical fruit that we have never heard

of but we tasted the lot and they were delicious!

We stayed in a little Adventist village at Mountain View and

again I was privileged to be asked to take the service before

200 members with Pastor Reuben as my interpreter. Again

we met beautiful Christians and joyful singing. As funds

become available a new church is currently being built over

the existing church which will probably accommodate up

to 500 people when completed. Pastor Reuben looks after

14 churches in the mountains and his aim is to baptise 200

people each year. In September he had reached 136 and

was praying that his 3 campaigns before the end of 2016

would bring in more thirsty souls for Christ. A lot of Pastor

Reuben’s churches in the mountains are only accessible by

motor bike and in the areas where he holds his evangelistic

campaigns people walk miles to hear the gospel message.

Pastor Reuben is also in charge of the little Adventist school in

the area. We were also thankful that we were able to sponsor

one of the young men who is completing his Pastoral studies

at Mountain View College.

The 3 weeks we spent in the Philippines were indeed a

cultural and spiritual experience. God is surely working

in that beautiful country. The people may not have earthly

possessions but they surely have the Spirit of God.

Wallaga Lake SNSW young

men take to the roads and

footpaths, letter boxing their

local areas. Doing their part in

getting the word out in their


Thanks guys. Please pray

that these many hundreds of

cards get responses.

Multiplying Disciples

Part 4: Multiplication is it really possible?

Written By Pr Glenn Townend

South Pacific Division President

(Graphics and design by Introvic team VIC. Used by permission)

This is the final part in our series

on personal application of the

Mark 4:3-32 model of discipleship.

This edition we are looking at

multiplying the crop.

No one wanted to go on the Nominating

Committee and few were willing to

serve in leadership. The new pastor

was completely frustrated. The

Nominating Committee had met at

least five times and for up to three

hours at a time over a period of three

months, trying to fill the needed

positions - even with a membership of

250. It seemed that many people who

finally accepted roles did it because no

one else was willing, taking on the role

with little enthusiasm or purpose.

The year did not go well for the church

or its pastor – it functioned with little

spiritual life and everyone noticed the

lack of enthusiasm.

Before the next Nominating Committee

period, the pastor suggested to the

church board that, rather than just fill

positions, the Nominating Committee

would engage with the members to

discover their passions (Psalm 20:4,

37:4) and gifts (1 Corinthians 12) and

see where God may be asking them to


Sermons on spiritual gifts preceded

the Nominating Committee and the

Committee paid attention to each

person, going through the church roll

and Sabbath school roll and suggesting

roles to each person based in part, on

the results of a spiritual gifts survey.

While not a perfect process, within

two years the church had renewed

life. Not all roles were filled because

no one had been found with the

particular passion or giftedness, but

the church managed – in fact, it began

to grow. Most people were involved in

ministries and departments they liked

or wanted to try.

A people approach, rather than a

position approach to Nominating

Committee had made the difference.

Page 12 | 13 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

To Be and Grow Flourishing Followers of Jesus

If we are to be serious about

multiplying disciples who make new

disciples, the church needs to become

more people-focused at every level.

The Nominating Committee can

review how people are going in their

roles and intentionally focus people

on a path of development – much like

Human Resource departments are

supposed to do in businesses. Newly

baptised people could be prayed

over, asking God to reveal to them

their heart’s passion and spiritual gifts.

The church could suggest pathways

for development and training, so that

the new disciples can, in turn, become


After all, God has all the human

resources He needs in the Church (1

Corinthians 1:4-7) and it is “God who

arranged the members in the body,

each one of them, as He chose (1

Corinthians 12:18 ESV).”

My grandfather believed in me. Even

though I was a typical teenager at

times and did my own thing (not

telling what I got up to either!), he

would often sit me down and listen,

asking how I was going and for my

thoughts on various issues in the

church or the world. He listened as if

my opinion mattered to him.

He let me drive his car (even after

I crashed it twice in one day – no

significant damage either time), and

paint and repair his house instead of

using a tradesman. He took me to

hear him preach and teach and came

to listen to me preach. He was always

extremely encouraging and would tell

lots of stories of past experiences that

made you think and grow. He even

arranged at one time for me to teach

his classes at Avondale College when

he was away taking workshops.

“Follow me”Literally meant following

Christ around and observing how He lived -

this is what it means to be a disciple...

This was more than belief in me. It

was real mentoring, developing me

as a disciple of Jesus. As a teenager

and young adult, I was blessed to have

a number of people like Grandpa who

mentored me. I value each one of

them – they significantly shaped me

as a disciple of Jesus.

Jesus valued everyone and wanted

each to find fulfilment in following

Him. That is why H e healed them,

taught them, fed them and asked

them to repent and follow. Jesus

knew, however, He would only be in

ministry for three and a half years,

after which He would leave His

earthly work to mankind. He had

to be strategic and chose the right

leaders to continue what He started.

He spent all night praying before He

chose the apostles (Luke 6:12-16) -

trades people, zealots who despised

the Romans, tax collectors who

worked with the Romans, Pharisee

types, fisherman, angry young men,

opinionated loud-mouths, courageous

and emotionally unstable.

Jesus can use anybody, if the person

is willing (Mark 3:15-19). This

privileged group were ‘to be with Him’

and accompany Him in His ministry

(Mark 3:13,14). Jesus called the

disciples to follow and learn from

Him. They would watch, eat and

sleep Jesus, be overwhelmed by the

needs of the people for healing and

direction, feel the antagonism from

the religious leaders, the mix with

the ‘least of these’ (Matthew 25:40),

experience the dinners, the healings

and teaching.

“Follow me” literally meant following

Him around and observing how He

lived – this is what it means to be a

disciple. Once these disciples knew

the Jesus way, Jesus sent them to

do the same things He was doing

(Matthew 10, Luke 10:1-12). When

they came back from their own

ministry He debriefed them (Luke

10:17-24). As they grew in their

understanding, they knew Jesus

was the Messiah (Matthew 16:13-

20, Mark 8:27-30). Then Jesus was

able to tell them about His death and

resurrection (Matthew 16:21, 17:1-2,

Mark 8:31, 9:1-3).

He led them step-by-step in their

understanding and development and

gave them opportunity to participate

and grow in disciple-making ministry.

When He left the earth, Jesus knew

that with the power of the Holy Spirit

(Acts 1:8) His disciples were ready

to make a multiplying movement

of disciple making disciples (John


Every seed-bearing plant has the

opportunity to reproduce itself

thousands of times within a few

generations. An orange can be

an orange grove, a tomato has the

potential to be a whole greenhouse

of tomatoes, a coconut can be a copra

plantation… There is multiplying

potential in every disciple of Jesus.

We can be disciple-making disciples

who make more and better disciplemaking


…Until Jesus returns.

To Be and Grow Flourishing Followers of Jesus / Pastoral SNSW Moves Youth

Project 64

South Canberra

South Canberra Church is teaming up with Canberra Christian

School to REACH the school community. Sabbath school is

changing at South Canberra Church!

We are very excited to introduce Project 64 – Equipping kids to

know, grow and show God’s love.

Visit our Website to get Resources, the Latest Lessons, see

Pictures and Meet our Team.

Conference News

Pastoral Moves

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We would like to inform you about a number of changes within the pastoral team that have taken place within the last couple of



By the end of last year Pastor Colin Richardson informed us of his plans to retire early 2017. At present, Colin is taking long service

leave followed by his retirement. We want to thank Colin and his wife Merian for their faithfulness throughout the 31 years of

service for the Seventh day Adventist Church and wish them God’s richest blessings for their future.

Call to Western Australia

Pastor Brendan Hayes known as BJ has accepted a call to WA and commenced work in the Bunbury district right after our Big

Camp in January. BJ and Tina had been ministering to our Canberra National Church since BJ’s internship in 2012 and have been

faithfully serving the congregation for the five years of BJ’s employment in our Conference. We wish BJ, Tina and their two sons

joy and happiness in WA and may God pour out His blessings on their ministry.

Calls to SNSW Conference

Orange/Bathurst district

When Pastor Colin informed us about his retirement plans we

looked around for a suitable candidate to replace him. Well, God

was good and gave us two people to work within the district.

At our last Board of Directors meeting the committee voted to

employ Raymon Paletua and Florian Fulga to serve in the Orange/

Bathurst district. Both gentlemen will be starting as Interns in our


Raymon will commence work in March looking after Bathurst

and Mandurama while Florian, starting in August, will minister to

Orange and Parkes. We welcome Raymond and Florian and their

families to our team and trust that they will enjoy their ministry and

that God will richly bless them.

Raymon Paletua has lived and assisted as a lay preacher in Parkes

for the past 2 years. He has a passion for children’s ministry and

youth, as much of his faith was shaped during these informative

Raymon Paletua with wife Aime and two children

Giaan and Evander

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To Be and Grow Flourishing Followers of Jesus / Conference News

years. his life experiences and what God has done in his life, has led him into prison

ministry visitations and supporting the families of inmates. He has worked as a

volunteer youth worker at the Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) in Broadmeadow,

ministering to youth on the streets of Newcastle. Raymon graduated from Avondale

College with an Associated Degree in Theological Studies in 2013. He and his wife,

Amie, have 2 amazing children, Giaan and Evander. They are excited about the next

chapter in their lives and Quote: “are humbled to have the opportunity to serve God

in the SNSW Conference.”

Florian Fulga grew up in communist Romania in a Greek Orthodox home. At the age

of 18 he attended an evangelistic campaign in his hometown, where he was converted

by the message of a God of grace and later baptised into the Adventist Church. Soon

after his baptism he felt God’s call to pastoral ministry, and went on to complete a

Bachelor of Theology degree at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Institute in

Bucharest, Romania, and a Master of Arts in Religion from Andrews University.

Florian has travelled, lived and worked across Europe, predominantly in Spain. He

has also participated in evangelistic campaigns and outreach work in Venezuela

and Canada. Florian speaks a number of languages other than English, including

Romanian, Spanish and French. In his spare time, Florian enjoys catching up on

European news and the soccer scores.

Florian Fulga with wife Rachel &

daughter Elena

Florian moved to Australia in March 2016, when he and his wife, Rachel, were married. Rachel has a daughter, Elena, who is 10

years old and loves school, Pathfinders, books and horses. Florian and his family currently live in Brisbane while Rachel completes

her Bachelor of Nursing degree. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys relaxing with a hot drink and a good book. Florian and his family

are excited about serving God in the Orange and Parkes communities.

Canberra National

Due to Pastor Brendan Hayes accepting a call to WA we were

looking for a new Pastor for Canberra National Church and were

blessed to be able to call Pastor Justin Lawman.

Justin was born in Armidale NSW. He has been married to Wendy

for 23 years, and they have two children — Monica (22) and Caleb


After graduating from Caloundra High School in 1987, Justin

worked for a civil engineering company and by age 19 had

become their youngest construction foreman. It was in this work

environment that Justin found he had to make a stand for his

faith, which ultimately led to his conversion. Justin left this job and

began studying theology at Avondale College in 1993. During

college, Justin served as an elder at Toronto Church.

Pr. Justin Lawman with wife Wendy

Called to work in the North New South Wales Conference in January 1997, Justin worked as associate pastor in Coffs Harbour and

Dorrigo churches for 12 months. The family was then called to pastor Grafton and Maclean churches, where Justin was ordained

in the year 2000.

The next four years were spent working in the Port Macquarie Church, as well as caring for Telegraph Point and Camden Haven

churches for one year each. During this time, Justin also served on the conference’s Executive Committee and the Education


Justin accepted a call to the Southern California Conference in December 2004, where he pastored the Community Adventist

Fellowship for three years. There he ran large evangelistic programs overseas and hosted a weekly radio program on Los Angeles

radio station KKLA.

For the next four years, Justin worked as Evangelism Department coordinator for the NNSW Conference; running and coordinating

evangelistic programs, training events, church planting and Natural Church Development. Since 2011 Justin was asked to be

President of the North NSW Conference and has now accepted the call to work in the South New South Wales Conference. We

are delighted to have Justin and Wendy on our team.

Conference News / Around the Churches

ADRA Services Support Person

In our September 2016 edition of Imprint, we informed you that we were engaging

with ADRA Australia to find support for ADRA Services in our Conference. We are very

happy to inform you that Pastor David Hamilton who is the Director of ADRA Services

for the South Australian Conference has commenced work in our Conference as the

support person for ADRA Services on a shared arrangement with the SA Conference.

David comes with a huge experience in ADRA and we know that he will be a tremendous

blessing to our Conference.


In November 2016, the AUC ATSIM Committee recommended that Julie Nagle expand her current volunteer work from a sole

focus on Wallaga Lake Company to support Dubbo Aboriginal Company and ATSIM generally across the conference.

Following the recommendation from ATSIM Australia our Conference Board of Directors voted last December to appoint Julie

Nagle as the South NSW Conference Lay Coordinator for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries (ATSIM)

- Pr. Mike Faber

President/Ministerial Association Secretary

Give them the Keys & books


Last November, the Albury Youth, together with help from

church members, spent two days in the center of town

handing out Hero of Hacksaw Ridge books to passers by.

The stall, located in the middle of the CBD, was popular, with

members of the public eager to stop by for a chat. We had great

conversations regarding the convictions of Desmond Doss and

willing members of the community quickly snapped up free

copies of the biography.

Pr. David Hamilton

There were opportunities for prayer, to promote other church

programs and to let folk know that there is a young and vibrant

Seventh-day Adventist presence in the community. Throughout

the 2 days over 160 books were placed into hands.

The local cinema also granted permission for books to be made

available at the front counter for patrons to freely take. 175

books were distributed by cinema staff, before stock ran out.

Books were also distributed at the local Christian book store, RSL

Club and ADRA Op-shop.

In conjunction with the movie release, Youth and church

members letterboxed 1,000 homes with “Faith of Doss” cards.

Handing out free copies of the story to Desmond Doss

The GC initiative “Give them the Keys”, invited youth from

around the globe to submit applications for evangelism

projects. Albury Youth were allocated $2200 to use for

evangelism in the Albury area. The books may have run out,

but the project continues, as we pray for the hundreds of

people who have this remarkable testimony in their hands.

- Damian Cox



On Sabbath 26th November 2016,

Albury church celebrated the

baptism of 2 wonderful people Lauren

Gadowski and Ashley Raymond in the

waters of Ebden Reserve at the scenic

Hume Weir.

A beautiful occasion with both sides of the border coming

together to celebrate such a special event as Albury and

Wodonga church shared the joy of the baptism followed by a

picnic dinner by the waters.

- Damian Cox

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Lauren Gadowski (Middle Left) and Ashley Raymond

(Middle Right)

Applications Close May 5



Jessica Tonkin was baptised on the 24th of December 2016 in

the afternoon at the Griffith Church.

For many years Jessica wanted already to be baptised and

was very much looking forward to this day. She is the first to be

baptised in the 6th generation of Seventh-day Adventist in the

Tonkin family. Jessica’s grandparents Bill and Elaine Belson had

come to witness the baptism. Family and friends who were not

able to attend watched the event live streamed on face book.

The 24th of December 2016 will be a day that will long be

remembered by Jessica’s family. And yes, the men in Jessica’s

life (father and grandfather) cried.

Musical Evangelism


Pr. JIm Tonkin (Left), Jessica Tonkin (Middle) &

Adam Tonkin (Right)

- Pr Jim Tonkin

Men of Hope performing at Lithgow

One hundred people came to Lithgow for a West-Mountains-Parish regional for Oberon, Lithgow and Mudgee churches. It

featured the Men of Hope choir from Sydney.

Lithgow Sabbath School (Flourish) is at 11:30 and four large groups and children were soon exploring the Bible story about Job.

Ten hungry young Adventist men in-route to one of our farms arrived for Sabbath-school and were very appreciative of heavyladen

potluck tables with their delicious home cooked treats.

Some people came to church for a first time. Two husbands of Adventist ladies attended church, Sabbath school, lunch and

the afternoon concert. One young lady wandered in from a group-care home, a former but now regularly attending Adventist

provided music backing, and a professional opera/musicals vocalist Ruth Lockley sang four items for us. She along with her

husband Arthur now attend Lithgow church.

Attendance was boosted by ensuring folks from all three churches and the non-Adventist community were invited to perform in

an afternoon variety concert. Men of Hope requested to perform an afternoon concert, but we invited them to consider the needs

of community evangelism first. They graciously reduced their items to five, and the nineteen other items at the sacred variety

concert attracted supporters and friends.

Men of Hope are booked for another local regional on 21 October in 2017. We may book the Lithgow Theatre by faith for the

afternoon. Men of Hope administrator, Lee Dunstan (Signs Magazine editor) is keen to help us turn what is usually an inward

focused regional to an evangelistic community opportunity.

- Pr James Toogood

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Around the Churches

Plant Based Cooking Demonstrations


For four weeks over last November/December, Moruya

Church sponsored Vegetarian Cooking Demonstrations in

the Moruya Uniting Church hall.

Ably led by trained Chef Margy Barons and supported by

Naturopath Katie Urbanik, twenty-seven people enjoyed the

presentations each evening and especially the taste tests that

accompanied each dish.

Exclamations such as ‘delicious’,’ scrumptious’, ‘any seconds?’

etc. indicated that the programs were a great success and that

most attendees will return for another four evenings. The next

demonstrations will be in the Batemans Bay Salvation Army

hall and then alternate each quarter between the two towns.

With the recent arrival of Margy Barons and her husband

into the district, the presentation of how to include healthy

alternatives into traditional diets plus engaging in ‘friendship

evangelism’, has strengthened the profile of the Moruya

Church in the local district.

Vegetarian cooking demonstrations led by Margy Barons at the

Moruya Uniting Hall

Mudgee ADRA cares for

Busfire Evacuees


On Sunday 12 February, 2017 NSW State Emergency Services (SES)

asked Mudgee ADRA to accommodate evacuees from out-of-control


Fires were raging across the state as temperatures soared beyond 40

degrees to record levels, with accompanying winds. The ADRA area

coordinator had contacted all Western Region teams to ensure their ADRA

kits were ready and available the day before.

Advance preparation meant that Mudgee team were present at the

evacuation center within an hour of call up. David and Brenda Leven, with

Ian and Ros Hunter formed the first team, and rostered backups should

they operate through the night.

Ian Hunter and Brenda Leven on the phones to

accommodate evacuees

SES and Mudgee ADRA were prepared. Six evacuee families required

emergency accommodation after escaping the Dunedoo and Casilla fires.

Area coordinator Pr. Ken Bird thanked Mudgee ADRA. They were trained,

prepared and ready to operate autonomously. SES staff thanked the ADRA

team for the smoothly integrated operation, and particularly mentioned Pr.

Bird by name.

We can be thankful the out-of-control fires were in remote areas. Mudgee

ADRA operation demonstrated the confidence SES has that should the

occasion require, the Western Districts ADRA teams are ready to capably

assist when called on.

- Pr. James Toogood

Fires destory twenty three homes in the

Mudgee area

Community Concert


About 70 people crammed into Mudgee church

on 12 November last year to enjoy a Sabbath

afternoon of praise.

The SurrenDA group from Oberon sang. Pr. Ken Bird

set up the sound. Annali Bird and Mark Menzies on

keys and electric guitar, Allan Stapley on Saxophone,

with special items by local Mudgee children and then

community folks did items also.

Mudgee invaded their community rather than

just inviting other SDA churches. The strategy was

successful. Pr. James Toogood and the Crossroads

Disabilities Ministries Band kicked off with a sing-along.

Two children of former or non-attending SDA young

families were invited to sing - and their families came to

see Mudgee Adventist fill up with joy.

The concert was initiated by retired Presbyterian

Mudgee organist, Andrea Sauerbier, who asked

“Can we repeat Lithgow’s SDA concert at Mudgee

on November 12?” Pr. Toogood can barely recall the

conversation, but she told everyone he said ‘Yes’ and

when Mudgee elder Ian Hunter rang saying ‘what’s this

about a concert’ it became full steam ahead.

Ian and Ros Hunter, with Pr. Toogood, support

Crossroads Disability Ministries once a month. They

asked Crossroads to form an ad-hoc band. Crossroads,

Pr. Toogood and Ros Hunter belted out kid’s songs and

two items Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art.

Fourteen voices sang fifteen different notes as carers

and friends applauded. Some non-Christian friends

came to a church for first time. Pr. Toogood concluded

with a 5-minute evangelistic sermon about how and

why to follow Jesus.

The result is Crossrods leaders told blind mother Gwen

she should come to the Adventist Church, and now

Gwen and her guide dog occasionally attend. It was an

effective, low-cost, great fun community outreach by

Mudgee church.

Around the Churches

Carols at the Oberon Club


On Sunday evening 11 December 2016, the clinking of

poker machines was drowned by the singing of Carols at

the Oberon Christmas Carols program organised by the local

Adventist church.

The program featured local Adventist group SurrenDA and

Annali Bird from Lithgow. Oberon boy Kurt Booth, local school

choirs, and folks from other churches sang or acted in the

Christmas pageant.

By including and focusing on local people, the program drew

a large and loyal crowd.

Pr. Toogood was delighted to arrive in Oberon and discover

his new church already practices what he used to do. He said

“featuring the community in Adventist productions sends two

powerful messages, first we aren’t the best or the only talent,

and second, that we need you”. It is a little like the approach of

Jesus asking the woman at the well for a cup of cold water, in

musical terms.

Oberon Adventist group SurrenDA lead the

Christmas Carols

The first planning meeting for a 2017 Easter Pageant led by

Oberon Adventist church was held Valentine’s day evening on

14 February.

- James Toogood


Southern Illawarra

Two Oberon Youth and an elder from the

Pentecoastal church as wise men

On 31st December 2016, a glorious summer day, over fifty people

gathered at a park on the bank of the beautiful Minnamurra River at

Kiama Downs. We had come for the baptism of two ladies of the Southern

Illawarra Church.

Teenager Danielle Fleming, on a previous stay at Jet Camp had been the

first to respond when the invitation to prepare for baptism had been given.

Danielle has been a regular attender at church for some years, and has been

looking forward to this big day, to committing herself to following Jesus


Pr. Tony Moala with Sunny and Sui (back row) and

Daniella, Danielle & Irene (front row)

Sun Young Tak, whom we call Sunny, being convicted by the bible to keep

Sabbath, left her Sunday keeping church to look for a Sabbath keeping one,

and arrived one day at our morning service. Sunny is a very keen bible student

and she and Pastor Tony Moala have had some much extended bible studies

with many questions and answers.

Sunny’s family came all the way from Korea to spend Christmas with her and witness her baptism. Our guitarists and singers led

us all in singing praises to our Saviour as we sat in the shade of the tall trees. Pastor Tony then spoke of the meaning and need for

baptism before he and the two candidates went down into the river at a little sandy beach.

Following Danielle and Sunny’s baptism, Pastor Tony, still standing in the water felt a burden that somebody else wished to be

baptised, and invited whoever wished to take advantage of the situation and come down to him. Three people responded: Irene

Stewart, Daniella Lee and Siu Churches, a friend of Sunny’s. All were baptised with great rejoicing by us all.

Cards and flowers were given out and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch and an extended time of friendship and fellowship. What a

wonderful and fruitful day it had been!

- Helen Blake

Spring Camp


There really is nothing better then getting outdoors with a

bunch of like-minded people to worship God and have

an absolute blast in the nature He created.

Organized by Tumbarumba youth, on the 7th to the 9th of

October 2016, 30 young people gathered together from all

over the state, some of us coming from as far as the Blue

Mountains right down to the Victorian and South Australian

Border, to get into the wide open spaces of Jounama Creek

and discover the rugged mountain areas of Talbingo.

Each morning and evening we met around the campfire

with a couple of guitars to sing praise to our Saviour and to

have worship, led by youth volunteers with the theme of ‘

The Greatness of God’. Pr. Jeremy Taituave took our worship

on the Sabbath.

Community Christmas Celebration

Wodonga English

Group photo at scenic lookout

This fifth Community Christmas Celebration was held at Wodonga

Church on Saturday, 10th December 2016. From the outset

Melbourne based group “Symphony of Praise” has so faithfully

blessed our congregation with songs and carols.

This year 126 people attended the event, which included 50 folk from

the local community. Church Pastor, Andrew McCrostie reminded us

that in the year 2000 Sydney Harbour Bridge Fireworks displayed the

word “Eternity”.

Apparently a downcast and sick Sydney man by the name of Arthur

Stace did not know God until he wandered into a church and heard

this word in a sermon.

During the day we ventured out and saw the amazing sights

of Landers Creek Falls and the Yarrangobilly Caves and

Thermal Pool. Some were even brave… or crazy enough

to dip themselves in the Jounama Creek and go kayaking

through the rapids. One thing was for sure, the smiles and

laughs were endless, many memories made, friendships

strengthened, and we were all spiritually revived and


Here are a few words from two people that attended the


“I wasn’t going to go to Spring Camp, but in hindsight I’m

glad I did. Spent a weekend with a great group of young

people who are seeking Jesus and strive to be more like

Him. It was great to hear personal testimonies all around

and it was as real as it got. I look forward to the next time

I join SNSW youth in worship and fellowship”. ( Daniel

Jagiello, Blue Mountains, New South Wales )

“Spring Camp was a huge blessing. It had everything. Great

people. Beautiful campsite. Bush walks to amazing views.

Campfire worship times. I’d highly recommend it”.

( Joshua Rykers, Bairnsdale, Victoria )

There are further camps planned for March and June 2017.

Watch this space!!

Huston Ford

He decided to write “Eternity” on the pavements of Sydney, and did

so in chalk 500,000 times over 35 years, thus becoming known as

“Mr. Eternity.” The pastor’s challenge for us was: “Take the hand of

God and to let Him lead you into eternity this Christmas.”

Symphony of Praise leading out in singing

- Sue James

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Around the Churches

Plan now to come on the trip of a lifetime through Spain and Portugal

in May and June, 2017.

The land of bullfights and flamenco dancing has always

been a favourite for travellers. Great places to stay —

and see the lands where Hannibal passed through,

and where Moors stayed for centuries and

left their mark on its architecture.



Lands Tour

Celebrate the 500th

anniversary of Luthers

95 theses launching the

Protestant Reformation

See the great places of Madrid, Oporto, Lisbon and

Barcelona, but also see places like Cadiz, where

Columbus left on two of his voyages to America,

A delightful place like Ronda — as well as Segovia,

Sintra, Gibraltar, Granada and, of course, Barcelona

where everyone wants to go.

Then at the end join us for a seven-day cruise

through the western Mediterranean.

Plan now to make this trip of a lifetime!

Contact Harold Harker on (02) 4385 8282 or

email for more!

Visit the significant locations in the

development of the Reformation in

this 5 ½-week tour through Italy,

France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech

Republic, England and Scotland.

Follow the fascinating

God-inspired story

Tour departs Australia and

New Zealand mid May 2017

For further enquiries

contact tour leader

Pr Russel Stanley

0405 181 047

Sponsored by the Australian Union Conference

Trip of a Lifetime.indd 1

4/08/2016 10:44 am


June 9-12, 2017


Come and enjoy a weekend at the Adventist

Alpine Village. Activities include; Table Tennis,

Pool, Air hockey, Tennis, Disc Golf, Relaxing by

the fire and snow!

Theme: Forgiveness

Costs: $235 - Full accommodation and Meals

- Linen & Towel Hire $12 or bring your own

- Does not include Ski/Board Hire or Lift Tickets

For full Information and Registrations visit:

Applications Close March 31

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