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FEATURES Stacking &

FEATURES Stacking & Elevator System Cutting System The cutting unit is one of the most important units. Unlike other manufacturers’ machines, our cutting system is very quiet and cuts very precisely. The cutting unit can cut materials of up to 100% polyester without any damage. The blade and anvil have 2 degrees angle for better cutting and longer blade life. The blade and anvil have been heated treated and hardened for longer life. The cutting unit can be operated individually for general maintenance. During this process any other units stop to prevent of product waste. The cutting range is from 100mm to 250mm. The product length can be changed even while the machine is operating. Electrical Panel & Servo Drives The machine operates on 380 VAC, 50/60 Hz. The machine comes with a full drawing of electrical connections. All wires are marked for easy fault finding. Along with motion control, Trajexia Motion Controller been used for fast communication between units. For the customer’s request, an industrial modem can be installed for remote operation if any assistance is required. Motors and drives brand is chosen according to the customer’s preference. Those can be “Omron”, “Siemens”, “Allen Bradley” or Sigmatek All the wires are color coded according to international standards. Stacking unit is consisting of 4 servo motors: two for punching and two for the elevator. Automatic settings of the stacking unit allow to adjust automatically to the different product length, that saves time during the product change. The poaching pallets are catching the clips of products always at the same points. This makes for perfect stacking for better packing. Stacking unit can be operated individually for maintenance. Metal Detector Metal detector is a sensor that detects the joint (spliced) on the reels. During the reels change a piece of aluminium tape is used. The sensor detects part of aluminium and automatically rejects the clips only, aſter the next clip is adding on to the stack. Wetting & Folding system The wetting system can be installed before or aſter folding. If the requirements are not specified by the customer, wetting will be aſter folding. There are nozzles for each layer for precise wetting. The nozzles can be adjusted manually or directly from the touchscreen. All the pipes are AISI 316 for hygienic reasons. Belts are antibacterial and comply with FDA standards . Wetting is performed by 2 pumps. One of the pumps is used for filling the internal tank and the other one is for delivering liquid to the nozzles. The drip tray is used for the cleaning of the system.

Operator Panel & Front Side of the Machine The front side of the machine is covered for safety reasons. Cutting, stacking and elevator systems are located in the covered area. The lotion unit is located on back side of the machine with the capacity of 500 lt. The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. For hygienic reasons, all wet surfaces are made from AISI 316 stainless steel. Doors are installed with the interlock system Transporting Belts All the belts that are used to carry the clip under the folding units are fully tested and covered with an antibacterial coating and fully meet FDA standards. Operator Panel (Touch Screen) The operator's panel is user-friendly and due to it’s design, it can be used by an inexperienced operator. The machine has automatic adjustments according to product length and number of stacks. The start and stop buttons are located separately from the touch screen to prevent any damage on the screen. Easy navigation between the pages. Diagnosis page to follow up all machine operations and faults. Folding Units The machine comes with two Standard folding units, Z and interfold. If requested, other folding types can be supplied. All the folding units are adjustable. Reel Installation Unit & Rear Side of the Machine The standard machine consists of 6 rolls. The roll installation is built on 6-12-18 and 24 roll units. To increase machine capacity roll units can be added on. We are able to build machines that can handle up to 40 or 80 roll capacity, depending on customer’s request. The machine comes with a manual splice facility that can be used without stopping the machine. When the installed roll near to finish, the pneumatic pistons will liſt the rolls up and the operator will place on a new roll. Aſter the manual splice, the pneumatic pistons will be reset by pushing the button for each roll. Each roll has an individual sensor for snapped or finished rolls. In the case of error, it will notify the operator as a malfunction. Front and back sides of the machine are also covered by AISI 304 panels for safety reasons. Servo motors, reducers, and gears are installed inside the covered area. Slide away panels for easy loading of reels. Step by step wet wipe production, from the roll of non-wovens to the ready product