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Not What

They Used to Be


Correcting Lateral

Run Out


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Eastern Automotive

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95 Years


David, Doug, and Ron Vaughan

Only one person works on his car.

And only one oil works in his engine.

More ASE-certified top mechanics use Valvoline in their own cars.*

Mechanics can use any oil they want. They choose the one with a proven

reputation for quality, protection and a history of innovation. Valvoline.


© 2009, Ashland Canada Corp.

*Source: Thomas Penway Research Poll of ASE Mechanics in the United States




10 Exide Batteries

More Than Batteries!

12 AIA Canada

Attention ASPs & Jobbers!

14 Eastern Automotive



95 Years Strong!

20 McFarlane Automotive

From Tech to Jobber

22 Create a World Class Job


And Hire for Keeps

23 Redline Detection

Redline Does It Again!

24 SEMA in Colour

Beautiful and Unusual




January 11-24

North American

International Auto Show

Cobo Centre, Detroit, Ml

❚ www.naias.com

January 16-25

Montreal International

Auto Show

Palais des Congrès, Montréal, QC

❚ www.salon-auto.com

14 24 26

26 AAPEX in Las Vegas

A Lot to See and Learn!

28 Suspension

Be Sure to Verify First

29 In Extreme Temperatures

Do You Manage Crises,

or Your Shop?

30 Spotlight on MOOG

Chassis Parts:

Solutions that Mean


31 New Technologies


Transmissions—Not What

They Used to Be

32 East Penn Battery Canada

Duracell Automotive

Batteries Now in Canada

January 19-21

MACS Convention 2010

Rio Hotel and Convention

Center, Las Vegas, NV

✆ 1-888-746-6955

❚ www.macsw.org


34 Lindertech 2009

Luis Ruiz, Part 2

35 Brake Rotors

Correcting Lateral

Run Out

December 2009

36 EQUIP AUTO 2009


Grands Prix Awards for

Automotive Innovation

38 Garage Business

The Caregiver


4 Editorial

9 New Products

Know Your Parts

37 Advertisers

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Our new international calling card.

Our new international calling card.

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Know Your Parts

In the United States, the Automotive

Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s

(AASA) “Know Your Parts” campaign

is an initiative of the association

and the AASA Marketing Executives

Council (MEC).

This was started in the fi rm belief that it’s

not important where a product is made

but rather who stands behind it. Many

name brand suppliers have taken up this initiative

and wear buttons proclaiming they stand

behind the “Know Your Parts” campaign. Most

of these same suppliers operate in Canada and

also stand behind their parts.

This was all initiated because of the concern

about low-cost, off shore, generic auto parts

coming into the aftermarket throughout the

entire supply chain. In other words, the whole of

the aftermarket could suffer if the public loses

confi dence in the industry’s parts and services.


As a shop owner, you have a responsibility to

your customers when parts are installed on their

vehicles; not just “parts”—quality parts! Vehicles

of today are made to last 20-25 years. You

should install quality parts on their vehicle as a

return on their investment to make the vehicle

lasts longer, and make sure the client knows

that this investment is certainly worthwhile.

Low cost, low quality parts may not meet safe

operating standards and post a possible danger

4 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

to your client and you, the shop owner, who

will handle the installation. You don’t want to

install brake pads that slow down the vehicle;

you want to install brake pads that stop the

vehicle when and where it is needed.

This will add up for you; when you put quality

parts on vehicles, you’ll be getting a decent

return on your investment. In turn, that investment

can be reinvested in proper training,

new technology, new equipment, etc. If

you install low quality parts on vehicles,

you know the profi t is less, therefore your

ROI is less—the warranty likely won’t hold up,

you can’t rely on it or the parts.

Purchasing parts from the correct source is

also important—buy quality parts from recognized

jobbers and distributors. They will

stand behind their products. When you install

low quality/inexpensive parts on vehicles, you

stand apart from the automobile dealers who

claim they install quality parts.

You could lose

At the end of the day, if you keep installing low

quality/inexpensive parts, you stand to lose.

How many times can you go back to the supplier

with a warranty claim that’s not worth the

paper it’s written on?

Change your business outlook—install quality

parts on your customers’ cars that you know

will keep them safe, and purchase those parts

from the most reliable source. It’s one way to

make your business more successful.

Here’s another tip: Check out our website

www.autosphere.ca—it contains all the latest

news, events, products, and information on

today’s automotive issues.

And we have renamed CASP; please have

a good look at the aptly named CarCare


Rémy L. Rousseau


Publisher & Editor Rémy L. Rousseau

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Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.





TEL (905) 670-9791

FAX (905) 670-0581





140 McLEVIN AVE., # 6 & 7


TEL (416) 292-8202

FAX (416) 292-8177







Heath Breedlove

Joins Beck/Arnley

Beck/Arnley announced

that Heath Breedlove has

joined the company as

its new vice president of

retail and program group

sales. In this position,

Breedlove calls on and facilitates

sales growth with

program groups and retailer customers

businesses. Prior to joining Beck/Arnley,

Breedlove served as regional director of

store sales for General Parts Inc., where

he managed sales activities for more than

20 CARQUEST Auto Parts stores.

NaviGates—Online Parts

Database Unveiled

Gates Corp. has unveiled a new online

parts application database—NaviGates.

This database enables users to easily

search Gates’ complete line of OE quality

aftermarket parts by vehicle category, VIN,

or part description—all via an Internet


The next-generation NaviGates provides

application information for virtually any

vehicle catalogued by Gates. This includes

passenger cars, light trucks, medium/

heavy-duty trucks, buses, refrigeration

units, farm tractors, lawn and garden

equipment, snowmobiles, ATVs and more.

NaviGates also gives users access to the

Gates industry-leading VIN Decoder, product

photos, routing diagrams, tech tips,

training videos, and promotional materials.

Download the NaviGates application by

visiting www.gatesnavigates.com.

6 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

Succession Award to Marie-Josée Rousseau

In the Lux 2009 contest, Marie-Josée Rousseau was presented

with the Succession Award, Published Work for a photo

of a tire recovery centre (using a Nikon D-200 camera). Said

photo was part of a series on the environment and the automotive

industry, published in a special edition on the environment

in 2009 by Rousseau Automotive Communication.

The artistic approach of Marie-Josée, who recently received

a Diploma in Art History – Photographic Concentration, and

who for the last several years has been contributing to the

various activities of the aforementioned fi rm, is geared toward

Quebec’s industrial landscape.

The contest, where close to 2,000 entries were submitted

by 84 photographers and illustrators, was presided over by

Frédéric Metz and Lino. The magazine Grafi ka dedicated a

special edition to the contest organized by Éditions Infopresse,

in cooperation with L.L. Lozeau. La Capic and AIIQ also participated in the event.


Wells Launches Free Webbased

Diagnostic Guide for

ABS Trouble Codes

Wells Manufacturing launched the

automotive service industry’s first free

comprehensive, Web-based diagnostic

guide covering every popular ABS trouble

code on domestic, Asian, and European

vehicles manufactured since 1996.

Available 24/7 at www.wellsmfgcorp.

com, this new resource goes beyond

simple code descriptions to provide detailed,

application-specific diagnostic

recommendations. The Wells team will

continually update and expand trouble

code listings and related information to

help users more quickly identify and resolve

ABS-related issues.

Wells now also offers a dramatically

enhanced guide to OBD II powertrain

trouble codes. This free guide through

the Web site, provides comprehensive,

vehicle-specifi c diagnostic recommendations

by code as well as corresponding

cause(s) listed in probability sequence.

To use the new Wells ABS and powertrain

trouble code guides, simply follow

the “Technical” and “Trouble Codes”

links at www.wellsmfgcorp.com.

Federal-Mogul Helping

Maximize Chassis Service


Federal-Mogul Corp. is helping aftermarket

distributors, jobbers and service providers

maximize the growth of their chassis businesses

through the addition of hundreds of

new MOOG replacement steering and suspension


The company’s MOOG chassis brand engineering

and product teams have introduced

nearly 500 new components covering an extensive

array of popular late-model foreignnameplate

and domestic applications. In fact,

310 of the latest MOOG chassis product introductions

cover foreign-nameplate vehicles.

This year, F-M has introduced more than 130

new MOOG tie rod designs, over 120 additional

sway bar links and dozens of new ball

joints, coil springs, control arms, strut mounts,

bushings, and other precision-engineered components.

The company has added nearly 1,000

new part numbers to the MOOG product line

since 2008 and nearly 2,200 over the past

fi ve years.

For additional information regarding MOOG

steering and suspension products, visit the

technician-focused Web site, www.moogproblemsolver.com,

or contact your MOOG supplier.

Visit www.FMe-cat.com for a complete

product line part number look-up.



Winter Sottozero Serie II

Winter Sottozero

(210, 240, 270) (210, 240)

Winter 190


Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.




TEL. (905) 670-9791

FAX. (905) 670-0581

Winter 210 / 240








Carving / Edge

140 McLEVIN AVE., # 6 & 7


TEL. (416) 292-8202

FAX. (416) 292-8177


Ice & Snow


OTC Continues to Extend

Pegisys Offerings

OTC announced that the company continues

to extend its Pegisys diagnostic

platform with the release of its new ‘J’

Kits. Essentially, they bundle the latest

technician-requested software and hardware

enhancements, and is now included

with every Pegisys purchase.

Based on direct input from technicians,

new features include a 6-month initial

subscription for Domestic/Asian enhanced

software with Pegisys


information and

all of the neces- necessary


cables, additionaldiagnostic



and J2534 reprogramming

capability, a 90-day subscription

to Direct-Hit Technician, powered

by Identifi x, and a special trade in

offer. Also, each new Pegisys purchased

will receive a certificate for on-site tool

familiarization and setup service from a

certifi ed SPX trainer.

1-800-533-6127 / www.otctools.com,


KYB.com Wins Two Awards

KYB America was recently recognized

with two Automotive Communications

Awards during AAPEX in Las Vegas. These

awards are presented annually by the Car

Council Women’s Board and supported

by the Automotive Communication Council.

They recognize companies who best

provide automotive information through

various media outlets. This year, KYB

America’s new website, www.kyb.com, was

recognized with the Best Website Award in

the Business to Business Category and the

Best in Show Award, also in the Business

to Business Category.

8 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

Grote Introduces LightForm,

the World’s First Flexible

LED Lighting Film

Grote Industries introduced the first

commercially available versions of its new

LightForm fl exible LED lighting fi lm technology

during a press conference at the

2009 SEMA Show.

“At less than 1mm thick, LightForm

flexible LED lighting film enables users

to quickly and easily install LED lighting

in tight spaces previously inaccessible to

vehicle lighting and can even be sewn into

fabric,” said VP of Sales and Marketing,

John Grote. “Now customizers/restylers

can achieve fantastic interior and exterior

LED lighting effects.”

The new LightForm fl exible LED lighting

fi lm is ultra thin, ultra pliable, allowing

users to bend lighting around corners,

over contoured areas and into complicated

shapes. The LED strips come in power

strips and extension strips and each power

strip can illuminate up to two extension

strips. www.LightFormLED.com

Success With Foreign Nameplates

Tenneco Aftermarket Team

Receives Six Awards

Tenneco’s North American Aftermarket

organization received six Automotive

Communications Awards for excellence

in business-to-business and business-toconsumer

marketing and training during

AAPEX in Las Vegas. Awards received by

Tenneco included:

Business to Consumer

• Best Radio Commercial: Monroe Shocks

& Struts, “Just the Way It Is”

• Best Educational Article: Monroe

Shocks & Struts, “If Squirrels Could

Talk About Car Maintenance”

• Best Car Care Clinic: Tenneco Technology

Tour Monroe Ride & Drive events

• Best Educational Video: Monroe Shocks

& Struts, “Wedding”

Business to Business

• Best Print Ad to Technician/Repair

Audience Monroe Brakes campaign,

• Best Public Relations Effort: Monroe &

Walker brands HTML eMail campaign

John Wamboldt of Albion Automotive is a Uni-Select jobber member and has had a

great deal of success recently selling Uni-Select’s Beck/Arnley foreign nameplate line.

“Since Uni-Select got into this line, we’ve put in more inventory in order to give our

customers what they need and we’re up substantial numbers with the Beck/Arnley line!

I account this to having the product fi rst off, then being competitive and having very

little investment involved. With that, we’ve been able to take the line and run with it

and offer the service to our customers. A big plus here is that we have not hurt any of

our other product lines.

“Uni-Select has the inventory with this great line, a good pricing structure, they built

the program the right way and the Beck/Arnley representative is phenomenal to work

with—part of our success with the line.”

Quiet-Flow Muffl ers Now

Integrated Under Tenneco’s

Walker Brand

Tenneco has completed the integration of premium Quiet-Flow

stainless steel muffl ers into its Walker emissions control product


Available for a vast majority of top-selling domestic and foreignnameplate

applications, Walker Quiet-Flow SS muffl ers feature

409 stainless steel heads, shell, bushings, louvered tubes, and

partitions. Each muffl er is manufactured in the same facility as

premium original equipment units and is offered with a limited

lifetime warranty and a 90-day “Safe and Sound” guarantee at

no additional charge.

The Quiet-Flow SS product line is available and for more information

please contact your Walker emissions control supplier or visit


Urea Diesel Exhaust Solution

Blue Def is a new environmental product designed

to meet the greenhouse gas standards set by the EPA for the

end of 2010. It is a reagent diesel exhaust fl uid that, when combined

as required with the new selective catalytic reduction system (SCR),

converts gases into water and hydrogen. Safe for users and the environment,

Blue Def is a solution of 67.5% purifi ed water and 32.5%

urea. Its consumption ranges between 2% and 5% of the total volume

of diesel used. www.bluedef.com / www.societelaurentide.com


Specific Sourcing

OE Quality & Fit

Broad Vehicle

& Part Coverage



and Solutions




New Products

New Family of

Radiator Radiator Stop Leaks

Rislone has launched a full line of radiator stop leaks in Canada

including Powder Radiator Stop Leak; Liquid Radiator Stop

Leak; Pelletized Radiator Stop Leak and Liquid Aluminum Cooling

System Stop Leak.

The Powder, Liquid and Pelletized Radiator Stop Leaks use the

same active ingredients, formulated for different applications.

The powder comes in an easy-to-use tube that treats systems

up to 11 litres. The liquid is sold in 300 mL bottles that treat

6- and 8-cylinder vehicles or fi x hard-to-stop leaks in 4-cylinder

engines. The heavy-duty pelletized formula is designed to seal

larger leaks in vehicles with 6-, 8- and 10-cylinder gas or diesel


Liquid Aluminum Cooling System Stop Leak with Xtreme Cool

is one of the few stop leaks that meet the stringent ASTM D6107

specs for engine cooling system stop-leak additives. It’s effective

in cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, buses and RVs. One 479 g bottle

treats 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-cylinder engines. For larger systems, use

one bottle for every 15 litres of cooling capacity.

Every Rislone Radiator & Cooling System Stop Leak is compatible

with all types of antifreeze. The products are added directly

to the radiator, with no fl ushing required. Get in touch with your

Rislone representative.

Parts Made Right.

Life Made Easy.TM

For nearly 100 years, Beck/Arnley has been a

leading specialty supplier of premium quality,

genuine foreign nameplate parts with the look,

fit and performance of original equipment.

Beck/Arnley offers broad vehicle and part

coverage, product enhancements and solutions,

and superior customer service, making life

easier for professional import technicians.

Because of Beck/Arnley’s commitment to

excellence, the Beck/Arnley ® For nearly 100 years, Beck/Arnley has been a

leading specialty supplier of premium quality,

brand is favored

by import technicians everywhere, every time.

To learn more and find a distributor, visit www.beckarnley.com.

© 2009 Beck/Arnley Worldparts, Inc.

Exide Batteries

More Than Batteries!

Exide Technologies has been in operation since 1888.

The company is constantly developing new technologies to

best serve their broad base of customers.

Nelson Rombeiro is vice president

and general manager of Exide’s

Canadian division, and updates

us on the many good things going on at

Exide globally, and particularly in the past

five years.

“Our management team has been focused

on stabilizing our business, while working

closely with our customers to grow and

improve their business,” states Nelson.

“We’re putting a tremendous focus on the

future in terms of product development,

engineering resources and geographic

expansion of our footprint.”

Meeting the demand

Nelson continues, “Currently there is considerable

activity in expanding our AGM

product portfolio to meet the anticipated

demand for micro hybrids and advanced

vehicle applications. We’ve also developed

AGM solutions to service the heavy-duty

market with their growing APU systems,

requiring batteries that provide additional

cycling capabilities. In addition

to these nearer-term activities, Exide

is also evaluating alternative advanced

battery technologies. The company recently

announced the start up of a new

division; ReStore Energy Systems which

will focus on renewable energy opportunities

and the development of Lithium ion


“Bringing things a little closer to home

with our Canadian business today, we

are a market leader in Canada and enjoy

a very strong balanced portfolio of customers

across several segments. This

demonstrates our ability to customize

our programs to different channels and

customers—one of our big strengths!

10 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

However, we won’t sit back as we believe

strongly in continuous improvement and

have invested heavily in the Canadian

business. We have devoted resources to

the expansion of certain facilities, new

equipment and people development while

looking to further enhance our footprint

across the country. This multifaceted approach

allows us to continue to provide

high levels of service to our existing customers

while developing new customer

partnerships now and in the future.”

Exide offers a lot

Shirley Brown


Exide’s approach to business is not to just

sell a “black box” to a customer—their

comprehensive approach provides much

more. They offer innovative programs that

help provide a competitive advantage

for their jobber customers and increase

demand at the installer level. Nelson says,

“One of our strengths in the traditional

aftermarket is our ability to work directly

with our jobber customers to help increase

their sales to the installer. We’ve also developed

innovative loyalty programs to

improve penetration at the installer level.

Along with the batteries, we provide testers,

other equipment and promotions to

the important installer segment. We don’t

want to just sell the product and forget

about it, we want to help our customers

grow—this remains one of our

key objectives. We do this by

providing a tremendous amount

of detailing and jobber customers’


“The service that follows the purchase

of the battery remains

one of our key strengths. We

typically provide a weekly store

door delivery. With that delivery

comes a whole menu of services

including; delivery of batteries,

core collection, pick up of warranties,

review of merchandising

and POP material to help determine

if customers would benefit

from changes or improvements

in their marketing approach—all

important issues when dealing

with a product such as batteries.

In addition, we are good stewards

of the environment by managing

recovery and recycling of lead.”

Other markets

In addition to the automotive market,

Exide supplies several different applications

to the industrial market. In many

cases, Exide has the ability to be a one-stop

shop for jobbers and their customers.

Nelson has been with Exide Technologies

since 1992, mainly in the aftermarket,

holding sales and national account positions

within the company through 1999.

He then moved into the company’s OE sector

based out of Detroit where he was initially

responsible for the heavy-duty business

before becoming VP of OEM in 2001.

He returned to the Canadian division near

the end of 2005 to assume the role of

VP and general manager of Canadian

Operations of Exide Technologies.


Calling your next appointment

from anywhere.

Calling a tow truck, stuck in the

middle of nowhere.

EXIDE® Batteries.

Start Positive. Stay Positive.

Performance. That’s what you can expect in every Exide NASCAR® Extreme

battery we build. The kind of ultimate performance provided by our advanced

Silver Shield protection that stands up to heat corrosion and combines superior

anti-shock design with long-lasting starting power. In other words, it keeps on

going so you can too. Plus, the Exide NASCAR Extreme is backed by the industry’s

best warranty. Want more positive news? Go to exide.com.


Exide Technologies. Mississauga, ON L5N 0A6. Exide is a registered trademark of Exide Technologies.

NASCAR ® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.

AIA Canada

Attention ASPs & Jobbers!

Lots of things happen in Vegas… but not all of them stay in Vegas! Thank goodness, because

AIA Canada made a big announcement there and we’re printing it here.

AIA IA President Marc Brazeau

and current AIA Chair John

Watt held held a press conference

in Las Vegas in order

to present their newest study:

“Hidden Potential Unmasked,”

the Canadian Automotive

Aftermarket Demand Study.

And wow, what a lot of dynamite

information… especially for

Automotive Service Providers

and Jobbers!

A rosier future than you


Marc said, “This is the most

important document to date

that we have completed for

the Canadian Automotive

Aftermarket. Much speculation

has been made

about the future because

of the economic situation.

Well, the future looks a lot better than

you may think! Underperformed mainmaintenance is a hidden market, and if fully


important details

realized, this market could almost double John walked us through some of the

the size of our Canadian industry. We are details that are in the report the most

losing business because we need to take a outstanding of these was that “there is

fresh approach to each vehicle that comes $10.33 billion of additional work that

into the bay. Providing customer service the industry is missing out on right now!

means doing an inspection on all vehicles That is a big number and may seem unreal-

regardless of what symptoms they come istic at fi rst until you stop and think about

in with and appropriately advising the it. That number represents the whole fl eet

vehicle owner on what their vehicle needs. on the road. Let me break it down further,

This is not about upselling what is not by making this statement: Vehicles 4 to

required. It is about doing a better job of 12 years old are being “under serviced” by

recognizing and communicating just what an average of $239 every time they visit

is needed now and what can be deferred an Automotive Service Provider. More

with some idea of recommended intervals. intensive research into six specifi c prod-

Doing just what is asked is bad business uct categories (brakes, wipers, batteries,

and bad for the customer.”

oxygen sensors, shocks/struts, and cabin


important details

12 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

Shirley Brown


filters) showed those services

alone accounted for $116 of that


“For suppliers and distributors,

the potential is equally alluring.

Shops that do more maintenance

and repair work buy more parts.

The $2.5 billion dangling as low

hanging fruit for suppliers through

existing channels and customers,

is that worth targeting? The report

is clear. The work is out there to be

done. The question becomes whether

we in the aftermarket will seize the

opportunity. The odds of success are

certainly great. We have the customers,

we have the techs, we, as an industry,

can develop programs to help the service

and repair community fully utilize

both. Shops that are profi table pay their

technicians better, buy equipment, train,

and pay their bills on time.

Think about market potential

“This report should cause the industry to

step back and think through what market

potential really means, how it affects their

part of the supply chain and what strategies

they are putting into place to ensure

we begin to capture the vast amount

of underperformed maintenance in the

Canadian Aftermarket.”

It is absolutely achievable. If you are an

AIA member, go to the AIA website www.

aiacanada.com and download the report—you’ll

be amazed. Get started today

on getting your share of that $10.33 billion

of additional work waiting to be done!


Shirley Brown sgbrown@xplornet.com

Eastern Automotive Warehousing/Auto Machinery

95 Years Strong!

95 years is a long time to be in business—but 95 successful

years is even better. Auto Machinery and Eastern Automotive

Warehousing have a big notch in their family business belts

due to their longevity and business acumen.

14 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

The Vaughan family of Fredericton,

New Brunswick has a long history in

the automotive repair business. In

1914, W.E. Vaughan and partner started

Vaughan and Kitchen for the sale and

repair of automobiles. His brother John,

son Jack and other family members joined

him. In 1946, Jack expanded the parts

business and relocated under the name

Auto Machinery & General Supply Co. Ltd.

where sons Ronald and Carl eventually

joined the family business.

In 1965, Ron and two partners formed

Eastern Automotive Warehousing to handle

the wholesale warehousing and distribution

to jobber accounts. His son Doug came

on board in 1973 and currently Doug’s son

David has made his mark in the family business…

the fi fth generation of the Vaughan

family to do so.

Auto Machinery

Auto Machinery is one of the largest automotive

stores in the Maritimes, with over

40 employees. Longevity among several

employees marks this family run enterprise

as a good place to work and grow.

Dick Richardson joined the fi rm in 1916

and stayed until his death in 1973. Other

lifelong employees—George Tims, Stan

Barr, Judd Lutes, Laura Savage, Douglas

Spencer, Ken Harvey, Marven Briggs,

Murray Goodine, Elwood MacKay, Audrey

Goodine, and Everett Bridges—were loyal

and appreciated members of the Auto

Machinery family whose dedication and

expertise helped immensely in the early

years of growth. Claude Gilks joined in

1968 and was the driving force behind

joining Auto Value.

The Vaughan family and staff continues

to provide a valuable service to countless

service stations, parts stores, and retail


Enter the 5th generation

David Vaughan joined the company eight

years ago and had an interesting background

before getting involved in the

family business. He was a member of the

Canadian National Snowboard Team and

two-time junior snowboard champion before

a serious knee injury put him on the


David tells us how Auto Machinery/

Eastern Automotive has evolved over

the years: “From the beginning, the business

was a service centre, then went into

dealerships, and eventually into the parts

business with our first jobber store—

Auto Machinery. In the 70’s, the business

moved into the Industrial Centre where we

still are today. This 16,000 sq. ft. building

housed a jobber store at the front; the

back part became Eastern Automotive

Warehousing—the start of our warehousing

business. We had a few stores around

Atlantic Canada, but no banner program.

As jobbers, a few different buying groups

were looked at but none were a great fi t.

Ten years ago we joined the Alliance group

and became the Auto Value distribution

centre for Atlantic Canada. That’s really

where we’ve taken off!”

Customer relationships

“We at Eastern are ‘people people’ and

here in the east, business is strongly

based on relationships. We know a signifi -

cant number of our customers on a fi rst

name basis because we deal with most

of them daily. This customer relationship

is one of our biggest assets—my Dad is

one of the best PR guys in the city! The

fact that we’re a family business with fi ve

generations of ties to our area, that we

know what people want—because we ask

them—and that we value customer service

above all else, positions us very well

in today’s market. Also, we have a faster

reaction to economic trends in the Atlantic

Canadian marketplace because we’re well

positioned compared to those who aren’t

from the area. We know the market, know

our customers and can react to programs

and challenges more effi ciently than our

competitors. With Auto Value we’re given

all the tools on the marketing side making

us competitive with all the larger chains,”

David tells us.

We asked David how different business was

today as compared to 20 years ago. “Ten

years ago was a turning point for us, but

20 years ago Eastern was much different

because we weren’t quite sure of the company

direction. We had a warehouse with a

few smaller customers and a pretty decent

size jobber business. We were hovering

between the jobbing and warehousing

business. When we joined Auto Value, we

decided to go hard into the warehousing

business. We now have 14 Auto Value banner-fl

ying stores—none 10 years ago—and

18 Certifi ed Service Centres! We‘ve really

started to grow the program.”

Still learning

“I’ve been lucky to have two mentors—

my Grandfather Ron, and my Dad, Doug.

They’ve taught me so much. They come

in everyday, both have different styles

of management and it’s good to learn

from each. In addition, they’ve both been

very supportive of my desire to continue

my education. Currently I’m enrolled in

Leadership 2.0 at Northwood University

PHOTOS: STEPHEN MACGILLIVRAY, atwphoto@atwphoto.com

where I plan to continue on to get an

executive MBA.

“I now deal with Auto Value and sit on

some of their committees. They’ve defi nitely

given us the tools to become more

successful and gave us what is pretty

much a ‘turn-key’ parts store program we’d

struggled with before. They’ve also given

us a Certifi ed Service Centre program to

stay competitive today. I have the opportunity

to talk to the ‘experts’ in the industry

at meetings gaining valuable insight

and knowledge from them—a big asset.

“We try to implement as many Alliance

programs as we can, depending on the

area of the store or service centre which

can benefi t from and be best served by

the program information. We use just

about every program available somewhere

throughout our organization—they’ve certainly

helped us grow our business successfully.

All the programs are good ones;

you just have to fi nd the one that fi ts. They

provide enormous support.”

The future

The future is important to Auto Machinery/

Eastern Automotive Warehousing. “Auto

Machinery has been around for a long

time and does a very good job at servicing

customers. We must be prepared to continue

the great service into the future with

the goal to enhance our relationships even

more. With Eastern Automotive, we’re

looking to grow distribution—expanding

more with corporate and independent

locations into Nova Scotia plus targeting

more growth here in New Brunswick. Our

three stores in Newfoundland are doing

very well, indicating a growth market in

that province as well.

“We expanded our current location and

now our new, modern facility boasts

32,000 sq. ft. In our area, I believe there

will continue to be vast opportunities in

the aftermarket. Many people are choosing

not to trade in cars, opting to keep

and maintain them. The current economic

climate has shown people that with good

maintenance they can hold on to their

vehicle longer, eliminating a huge expenditure.

Maintenance and repair equals

longevity, resulting in more disposable

cash and that’s a good thing. And here the

aftermarket has a huge advantage. The

industry has taken the right steps for us to

go forward in the future by giving us the

tools we need to help our customers keep

their vehicles in good repair,” David says.

Getting involved


“I’ve been involved with AIA since I started

in the business and sit on the Atlantic

Division board. I’ve been involved with

YES, an amazing group of young people,

and was honored with the AIA young

executive of the year award in 2008.

Through YES I’ve made many great connections.

I encourage any young person to

enter the aftermarket industry and they’ll

surely find an occupation which is fun,

fulfi lling and full of great opportunities,”

David concludes.

Auto Machinery/Eastern Automotive

Warehousing is an enduring family run

business, which has grown with the times

and will continue to evolve with new technologies,

products and the ever-present

customer service. We certainly wish them

at least another 95 years of success.

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001010101010010101 11 00 11 10 0110 11 001 11 00 11 00 10 10 1 0110 1 1 0 1 11 0 1 0 00 100101010101 00

fuel delivery system products

Forming the Future

congratulations to

eastern automotive

Warehousing for

95 years of success

fuel modules

hanger assemblies

sending units

fuel tanks

fuel tank assemblies

filler necks

1 888 910 8888


Congradulation Eastern Auto.indd 1 10/27/09 9:36:45 AM


to Eastern Automotive


on 95 years

of success!

16 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |


for your 95 th anniversary!

Congratulations to Eastern

Automotive Warehousing on their

95 years of distinguished history.

Continued success � om your � iends

at Pico of Canada!

Andy Benner, Benner Sales Inc, 506-850-7446, abenner@nb.sympatico.ca

Congratulations on your

95 th Anniversary,

with many more to come!


on your

95 th


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Congratulations, Eastern

Automotive Warehousing,

on your 95 th Anniversary!

Our Tribute

For over 100 years, our company has been at the

forefront of the industry and of customers’ high

expectations, and we make it our ongoing mission.

With a proven track record spanning 95 years,

Eastern Automotive Warehousing is truly

one of our esteemed partners, and for this

we are sincerely grateful.

18 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

Congratulations for your 95 th Anniversary!

Congratulations to

Eastern Automotive Warehousing

on 95 years of service to the Aftermarket.

J.D.Coyle Sales Inc.

Congratulations to Eastern Automotive

Warehousing for 95 years of success!

From your friends at

Congratulations to

Eastern Automotive

Warehousing on their

95 th Anniversary!

Delphi Congratulates

Eastern Automotive

Warehousing on

95 Successful Years.

Upgrade, Repair, Replace & Perform...

Hella helps you do it all!

Lighting Electrics Electronics Thermal Management

Congratulations to Eastern Automotive Warehousing

for serving Canada 95 years!

Upgrade... your image with accessories, auxiliary lamps, and

upgrade kits from Hella.

Repair... your misfortunes with OE-quality collision parts for European

cars such as replacement lighting from Hella and Thermal

Management products from Behr Hella Service.

Replace... your inconveniences with Hella’s electrical and engine

management parts.

Perform... at your optimum standards with Hella and Behr

Hella Service. We’ll help you do it all!

Hella, Inc. - Canada



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Shirley Brown


McFarlane Automotive

From Tech to Jobber

Brian McFarlane went from being a mechanic to becoming a

jobber: “I became a Bowes franchisee in 1982—a store on

wheels—and did very well. I went to a jobber store in Tavistock

in 1985, then moved to a New Hamburg location. Now I’m a

Uni-Select member and have been since December 2008.”

McFarlane Automotive occupies

11,000 sq. ft. and employs seventeen

people, some of whom have

been there a number of years. “Doug

Hammer, also a licensed technician, has

been with me over 15 years and is assistant

manager,” says Brian. “Lia Fewkes,

our secretary, has been here 15 years

also. My son Kyle started 8 years ago and

works alongside me.

“We have a ‘shuttle run’ to Toronto daily

to pick up parts at our supplier, Uni-Select

and any directs, in order to distribute

20 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

to our customers who phone before

10:30 am. We have their parts to them by

1 pm which works out well.

People’s choice

“I really like my job mostly because of

our customers. They like dealing with us

because we’re there for them—we deliver

promptly, we give them great service, we

look after them, if a problem occurs, we fi x

it! In fact, we go the extra 10 miles for our

customers. Many of them have been with

me for 27 years—since I became a jobber.

We have a perfect record with the Better

Business Bureau and won second place in

the Waterloo region as the people’s choice

favourite auto parts store.”

Brian decided to join the Uni-Select group

and hasn’t been sorry. “I can pick the

lines I want to sell… they don’t dictate

that to me. I know what my customers

will purchase and it’s important to be able

to source those lines quickly and easily.

Uni-Select always has more than one line

in stock, so it’s easy to pick what I know

I can sell. I can also buy direct—if I have

good volume in a certain line, then I can

buy that line directly. This allows me to be

more competitive. We pick up orders coming

into the store by 10:30 am. Orders

coming in after that are shipped to us

by Uni-Select arriving overnight ready to

deliver by 8 am.”

Help from Uni-Select

Uni-Select has helped McFarlane

Automotive be more successful. “We have

three chances of obtaining parts. We can

uy direct and have more competitive

pricing. They have a huge inventory,

so what we want is usually

always there.

“I really like it that Uni-Select is

a Canadian company as well as

doing inter-warehouse transfers. If

Brampton doesn’t have it, Montreal

will and they immediately send the

product to Brampton. We’re also

able to get product via quick-order

directly from the manufacturer.”

Numerous garage programs

“Uni-Select have numerous ‘garage’ programs—Select

Auto Expert is a great

program that allows a loyalty rebate plus

a good labour rate for warranty claims,

and it’s done right away, not six months

later. Merchandising aids are a welcome

addition, as is the Air Miles program.

Many programs are for our customers and

certainly help them out.

“Uni-Select have set aside room in their

huge warehouse and set up a fully

equipped shop with equipment and tools.

I can take my customers down there for a

demo, let them go through that shop to

see all the latest equipment. It’s a really

neat idea and good sales have been made

through that venue.

“I really like dealing with Uni-Select.

They’re more fl exible—they listen. I can

say, ‘Here’s what I want to do’ and run

it by them. They give me a pretty quick

answer and then go ahead and work with

us... that’s support.”

Getting ahead

Uni-Select helps their jobbers and installers

get ahead in business and to become

more successful. “DAVE, another program,

allows our customers to order online, to

access our stock,” says Brian. “Soon our

customers will be able to see the Uni-

Select warehouse stock. We can also order

electronically from the warehouse. Being

a Uni member also allows us to work with

National Accounts now and that’s been a

great asset.”

Brian told us that many things have

changed for the better over his 27 years

in business. “Catalogues were always a

pain to keep up with and now most manufacturers

have websites and Internet that

you can go to to get the most current information.

This is something we use many

times daily. McFarlane Automotive has its

own web page and I put all manufacturers’

icons on it so our installer customers

can access what we do—tech bulletins,

updates, etc.”

Aftermarket is quality

“The aftermarket is getting more quality

conscious. There aren’t as many ‘lemons’

today! Aftermarket was thought of as

lesser quality, but in a lot of cases it’s better

than OE—we’re fi xing the premature

failure parts. At McFarlane’s we believe

in brand name products—it removes any

doubt about what’s in the box!”

McFarlane Automotive has a training

room in their facility that holds 50 people.

Those attending trainings can walk around

the shop, look at inventory, and obtain a

good idea of what

McFarlane’s has

to offer and what

they do. Brian likes

this set-up stating,

“Educated customers

lower warranty



Training is big

Trainers for

McFarlane’s customers

are from

the many manufacturers



with Uni-Select as well as special trainers

who teach courses like management. “As

well as our website, we also have marketing

classes for our shop owners to show

them how to be better businesspeople. We

tell them to push ‘maintenance’ to their

customers… stop the ‘highs and lows’ in

their business! We ask them to make appointments

for preventive maintenance

and book ahead, like doctors. The shop

owners/their technicians must keep training.

Technicians need to keep abreast of all

the new types of drive train management,

equipment updates, scanners, fl ashing information,

etc. to get ahead. Training and

correct equipment in independent repair

shops is vital today. The aftermarket will

continue to evolve so we must keep up.”

S N A P S H O T . . .

McFarlane Automotive

100 Bergey Court Unit B

ADDRESS New Hamburg, Ontario

N3A 2J5

PHONE 519-662-2063

FAX 519-662-6043

WEB www.mcfarlaneautomotive.com


SIZE 11,000 sq. ft.

Sells various types of

trailers and parts, plus

EXTRAS a full line of industrial,

safety and maintenance


McFarlane Automotive had an Open

House/Trade Show at their new location in

New Hamburg and Brian says that about

750 people turned up—more than they

expected! “We gave away a fl at screen TV

set, a Wii Station, BlueTooth and a deluxe

4-in1 safety coveralls. About 50 prizes

in all were won. McFarlane Automotive

is a little different in that we sell trailers

(utility, ATV, car, equipment haulers, dump

trailers, enclosed trailers, etc.) plus trailer

parts. We also sell a full line of industrial,

safety and maintenance products.”

Looks like McFarlane Automotive has

come a long way from a ‘store on wheels’

back in ’82!

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Create a World Class Job Description

And Hire for Keeps

“I have six cars a day left in my parking lot because I have only one technician in

my four bay shop. Because I can’t afford not to get these skills in my shop, I may

have to pay for a plane ticket, a referral fee of $900 to $2,500 and the cost of

service training to get the person I need.”

These words refl ect the reality of one

Nova Scotia employer looking to

fi nd the employees he needs to grow

his business.

23% of employers have told the Canadian

Automotive Repair and Service (CARS)

Council in a recent national labour market

survey, that it is somewhat diffi cult or impossible

for them to retain journeypersons

or apprentices. This challenge is made

more diffi cult by the fact that 66% of employers

in 2009 have no formal HR plan in

place to deal with recruitment, retention,

and training.

An effective staff retention plan starts with

recruiting the right people using a world

class job description. The best job descriptions

are much more than a compilation of

that job’s roles and responsibilities. They


1. A description of your company to give applicants

an idea of what your company does

and how it fits into the community.

2. The reasons why employees will want

to work for you, such as a pleasant work

environment and satisfied customers. Do you

offer flexible work hours, for instance? 51%

of employees surveyed by CARS, who said

they expected to leave their employer over the

next five years, said they would very likely

reconsider leaving an employer who offered

flexible hours.

22 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

3. Information about salary ranges and

benefits. Employees surveyed by CARS in

2009 name better salaries (80%) as the best

incentive for staying with a company. Another

21% said that an increase in employer funded

training would be a very effective incentive

to stay.

4. The skills you want. Onboard electronics

(81%) and hybrid electric vehicles are the two

top priorities for skills or knowledge upgrading

according to Canadian employers. For both

technologies, 69% of employees say they will

need “some” or “considerable” training.

5. Your expectations: Employers participating in

CARS research focus groups spoke out about

some expectations they have about employee

attitudes, “We hire for attitude; we train for

the rest.”

6. The education and training required: Will a

Red Seal designation acquired 10 or 20 years

ago suffice, or are there expectations for employees

to continuously acquire new knowledge

and skills to keep up with the latest tools and


7. What new employees can expect. National

survey statistics indicate that employers and

employees see the start of a new job differently.

66% of employers say they gave formal

orientation when they hired a new employee,

compared to 58% of employees who say they

were put straight to work without any formal

introduction to their workplace.

To build a job description that pinpoints

just the right skills sets you need, you

can start at www.carsability.ca with the

CARSability online self-assessments, built

by industry experts for 34 aftermarket

related occupations.

Funded in part by the Government of

Canada’s Sector Council Program.

By: CARS Council


For additional Recruitment and

Retention tools, check out these

CARS OnDemand training modules

at www.cars-council.ca:

Business Management


Creating a Motivating Environment

Disciplining & Terminating Employees


Handling Diffi cult Employees

Hiring Excellent Employees

Human Resources Management

Integrating & Motivating Employees

Managing Employees Strategically

Managing the Generations

New Employee Orientation

Recruiting & Selecting Employees

Retaining Excellent Employees


Time Management

Training – The Road to Success

Working in a Family Business

Writing a Business Plan

Redline Detection

Redline Does It Again!

Redline Detection has introduced the

“Lights Out” service light reset solutions

guide for Mercedes-Benz. It provides technicians

with step-by-step directions to quickly

and easily reset the maintenance alert on

nearly every Mercedes-Benz model today.

Detection created this tool based on an

overwhelming demand from garage owners/tech-


nicians for a guide to resetting the troublesome

computerized service lights on Mercedes-Benz vehicles after

service was completed,” said Zachary Parker, Redline

Detection president. “Lights Out makes

it possible for them to do this in less

than 60 seconds. The feedback we’ve

received has been tremendous.”

Maintenance light reset

“Luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz

typically don’t come equipped with

the information necessary to reset the

maintenance light,” said Steve Rorick,

owner, MB Elite Mercedes-Benz Service

& Repair and Master Technician. “These vehicles’ systems become

more complex and require multiple steps to reset the maintenance

alerts. The computerized warnings often block other

important information from the driver of the vehicle if they’re not


Much less expensive

“As opposed to the Lights Out guide, the factory SDS scan tool

costs more than $10,000,” added Rorick. “There’s no other tool

available as complete, cost effective and user-friendly as Redline’s

Lights Out guide to provide solutions to M-B maintenance alerts.

Now technicians can quickly reset the lights on all these luxury

vehicles, maintaining customer satisfaction and helping to grow

business by building a reputation for providing complete and

competent service.”

A boon for all repair shops

Shirley Brown


“This product will allow all garages to perform Mercedes-Benz

service,” noted Parker. “The tool can increase business without

forcing garage owners to spend unnecessary dollars on factory

scan tools. The Lights Out guide is easy to understand and available

to any technician seeking to provide their clients with the

best results. Redline Detection is also in the process of expanding

the guide to include additional vehicle makes and models.”

| www.autosphere.ca | December 2009 | CarCare Business | 23

Éric Descarries


SEMA in Colour


and Unusual


Las Vegas, NV. The SEMA

(Specialty Equipment Market

Association) Show aims at informing

visitors about all the

new products that have hit

or will be hitting the market

soon. But anybody in our industry

will also stop and study

some of the engines powering

the many rods, custom, and

performance cars and trucks

on display. Here’s a pictorial

of what we found fun to observe

at SEMA during the fi rst

week of November.

24 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |




5 6




8 9 10


12 13

1 Seen at the huge Ford booth, two new V8s for the F Super Duty trucks, a 6.2-litre gas engine and further, a 6.7-litre diesel engine. 2 Remember the Chrysler Cross Ram intakes

of the sixties? Here is the modern iteration of that technology! 3 Would you believe a supercharged V12 Detroit Diesel engine in a hot-rod Peterbilt truck? 4 The supercharged

4.6 litre Ford V8 looks just right in the engine bay of a customized 1960 Ford Starliner. 5 How about a Toyota TRD V8 in a Scion…? 6 Impressive! A big-block Chevy V8 with

blower in the chassis of a traditional hot-rod. 7 How about this one—a six-cylinder diesel engine in a funny car! 8 What’s this—a Cummins engine under the hood of a 1968

Cadillac? 9 Ingenious! 10 Memories: a Ford Flathead V8 with Ardun heads (Ardun is from Zora Arkus-Duntov, the spiritual father of the early Corvettes). 11 Only at SEMA: a

twin-engine hot rod under construction! 12 Not an engine but a well designed front suspension for an off-road truck. 13 A very simple swap: a modern Chevy V8 in a vintage

Toyota Land Cruiser. 14 Does anyone remember Ford’s Indy SOHC V8 of the sixties? 15 Ford had its new FR9 NASCAR racing engine at its SEMA booth. 16 The Speed Demon

Land Speed Record car uses a Suzuki engine for motivation. 17 The GM Metric frame is now available as a reproduction unit. 18 The last word: an electric… hot rod?

14 15 17 18

Worried about your future?

Let us show you how you can own your own automotive business!

Starting at $35,000, fi nancing available (oac).

Franchise opportunities at www.mistertransmission.com


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Éric Descarries


Shirley Brown


AAPEX in Las Vegas

A Lot to See

and Learn!

For many years, the AAPEX

(Automotive Aftermarket

Product Expo) has been held

at the same time as the SEMA

Show. While SEMA is bigger

and “flashier” and aimed at

hot-rodding and performance,

AAPEX is targeted more towards

ASPs and technicians.

Consequently, there are fewer

spectacular cars at AAPEX but

there are many more useful

products and parts for today’s

mechanics and technicians.

Since the economy is a little

slower in the United States,

it came as no surprise to see

fewer custom cars at AAPEX,

but the crowd was there, eager

to learn more.

26 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

5 6




1 2




3 4

1 Permatex had its funny car at its AAPEX booth. (É.D.) 2 The 3M booth was very popular at AAPEX. (É.D.) 3 There were

many new lifts shown at AAPEX. (É.D.) 4 Nothing attracts more visitors at a booth than a typical Monster Truck. (É.D.) 5 Is

there any better way to present an alignment stand than with a hot-rod? (É.D.) 6 Federal-Mogul’s Robert Egan, VP, North

American Global Aftermarket, and Brad Shaddick, director of Sales Canada. (S.B.) 7 Rick Benjamin (l.) and Chocolate Myers

were busy discussing on NASCAR at Sirius XM radio. (É.D.) 8 Malcolm Sissmore, VP Sales Delphi IAM North America, and Francisco (Frank) Ordoñez, president,

Delphi Product & Service Solutions, and VP, Delphi Corp. (S.B.) 9 The salespeople at Pro Form looked very happy because they so had many customers visit them

during AAPEX. (S.B.) 10 Jim Smith, Brad Smith, and David Fischmer at the Rotary Lift section of the Vehicle Service Group. (S.B.) 11 So many booths to see,

so much to learn! (É.D.) 12 Exide’s Nelson Rombeiro, VP & general manager Canadian operations, and Matthew Wilson, director, Retail Sales & Marketing. (S.B.)

13 Doug Rockefeller and Bill Dennie of Tenneco had many new products to show their customers. (S.B.) 14 Spectra Premium had walls of new products on

display… this is just one of them. (S.B.) 15 This could be AAPEX’s most interesting stands, the new products displays just outside the main room. (É.D.)

13 14 15

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Be Sure to Verify First

Pierre Bissonnette


Pierre Bissonnette was the technical instructor for

a major aftermarket manufacturer. He holds a teaching

certifi cate in andragogy – which is the art and science

of helping adults, whose general education has been

cut short, in their learning process.

2008 Buick Enclave Front Suspension

(PHOTO: www.autodeadline.com)

Determining what is wrong with the suspension is sometimes a tricky job. Many items need to

be checked out fi rst before you can start the repair. We’re going to go over a few of them here.

Tires play a big part in suspension

and now because it’s winter, we’ll

concentrate on winter tires. They

aren’t necessary by law in every province,

but they are a great asset in the cold

and snow. A lot of people are under the

misconception that winter tires are good

forever—this is simply not so. They wear

out just like your regular tires! A regular

4-season tire is made of “hard” rubber

because the asphalt is usually warmer so

it doesn’t wear as fast. With winter tires,

you’re driving on ice, snow and cold asphalt,

so they’re made of “softer” rubber

and if you drive with them on in the summer,

they wear down quite quickly. You

must measure the thickness of the snow

tire—it’s about 9/32-inch thick when new.

When you check the tire it could be worn

in the middle or just on the side, and this

tells you a lot about the suspension. Tire

wear will happen if the alignment is off.

And we mustn’t forget the TPMS… you

need to check to see if that light is “off”

before you start working on the vehicle.

Enter wheels…

People may also have two sets of wheels

for their tires—one for the regular tires

and one for the winters. You must be

careful, as not all wheels are compatible

with TPMS, especially the lower-priced

steel wheels for winter tires. If this is the

case, the TPMS light will be on when the

28 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

vehicle arrives in your repair shop. If you

go ahead with suspension repairs at this

point, you will disable the system!

Japanese and some domestic vehicles

have a wishbone suspension and there is

a specifi c way of checking the lower ball

joints on these particular models. You

need to refer to the manufacturers’ specifications

for this repair because if you

check like you do for a regular front-wheel

drive car, you will not detect the lower ball

joint wear.

Elliott suspension (Type A)

Suppose the vehicle has an Elliott suspension

(Type A) rear wheel drive… in

this case, you must take the weight off

the tires in order to check the lower ball

joint. In other words, lift the vehicle from

underneath the lower control arm close

to the ball joint. Some manufacturers will

ask you to check for radial play (l-r), some

will ask you to check the axial play (up

and down). This must be checked with a

dial indicator. You need to also make sure

that the wheel bearing is not loose. Again,

refer to your manufacturers’ specs.

Be sure the wheels are hanging down

when you check out the McPherson strut

and the radial play. Don’t forget the upper

strut bearing as it could be loose or it

could be seized and when it is seized it

can look like a defective rack and pinion,

but the only thing wrong is the upper



Remember, if the vehicle is greaseable

it should be done before you inspect the

front end. Be sure to check the inner and

outer tie rod ends while the vehicle weight

is on the tire. Then watch to see if it moves

while you turn the steering, and, for goodness

sake, do not check them with a pry

bar—this will cause play. If the vehicle

is equipped with an idler arm, use the

same procedure but check manufacturer’s


Check the steering shaft to see that it is

not loose in the column… if it is, you will

hear a clicking noise. You also need to inspect

the u-joint as it could be seized (rack

& pinion unit only). Be sure to take a good

look at the stabilizer link/bar as this is a

very high-wear item. And, don’t overlook

the rear suspension; independent rear

suspensions can have ball joints, outer tie

rod ends, stabilizer links, and bushings.

As you know, when aligning a four-wheel

drive vehicle with independent rear suspension,

you must start by setting the rear

camber, if possible, and the rear toe, then

proceed with the front wheels.

In Extreme Temperatures

Do You Manage Crises, or Your Shop?

We all know that customers only pay attention to the cooling system when it’s not working

properly, which can result in you, the shop owner, with a crisis to manage—the whole

process of getting the car into the shop, repaired, and ready for pickup ASAP is a juggling

act for everyone.

For an automotive technician, cooling

system verifi cation or maintenance

involves many steps, which

include product knowledge. Many elements

or components are integral to a

system. Properly maintaining and servicing

your customer’s cooling system

should be added to your existing scheduled

program. In less than an hour, you can

identify minor, inexpensive problems that

will keep your customer safe on the road

and have him returning for more preventive


Maintenance schedules eliminate most of

the need for crisis management and your

customer will thank you for this.

Frank Tonon is Product Training manager for Spectra Premium and

he develops training courses on the components linked to automotive

cooling systems and air conditioning.

Frank Tonon



1. Visually inspect underhood components.

a) Radiator cap pressure test—to prevent over or lack of pressure

b) Coolant level, density, and Ph level—if out of specifi cation, replace the liquid

c) Belt and Tensioner—a belt spins approximately 4 million times in a year

d) Hoses and clamps—for deterioration

e) Thermostat—replace if over 2 years old

2. Bring the engine to normal operating temperature and…

a) With the scan tool, observe the temperature and match to instrument gauges.

b) Inspect electric or clutch cooling fan operation for proper engagement.

3. In the vehicle, go through all air distribution selections:

a) To ensure proper controls operation (vacuum or electric motors).

b) Check for loss of air distribution at different positions.

4. Temperature—move the temperature selector knob from cold to hot.

a) Observe travel to identify a binding temperature cable.

b) Measure temperature output as per manufacturer’s specifi cation.

c) You can identify a defective water valve.

5. Operate the blower motor from low to high speed.

a) Ensure all speeds are working properly.

b) Inspect for noise or chirping sounds.

| www.autosphere.ca | December 2009 | CarCare Business | 29


Spotlight on MOOG

MOOG ® Chassis Parts:

Solutions that Mean Business

As the industry’s recognized “Problem Solver®,” Federal-Mogul’s

MOOG chassis parts brand specializes in developing innovative repair

solutions that improve on original designs for superior performance

and faster, easier installation.

The MOOG brand’s trademark problem-solving

philosophy complements

its close engineering relationship

with leading NASCAR Sprint Cup teams.

And it explains why MOOG is the preferred

brand of NASCAR crew chiefs and

professional technicians.

Join the MOOG ‘Problem Solver’


MOOG has brought its problem-solving

approach to thousands of aftermarket

professionals through the interactive www.

moogproblemsolver.com Web site. This exclusive

online community of repair professionals

and counter people supports the

efforts of every technician who helps restore

trouble-free steering and suspension

performance on any of today’s domestic or

foreign nameplate applications.

Plus, through its vast collection of

“Problem Solver” and “Did You Know?”

technical bulletins and F-M TEC online

training, the MOOG brand helps aftermarket

professionals remain up to date

with the latest repair solutions for thousands

of applications.

30 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

Here are two of the most recent MOOG “Problem Solver” designs now featured on this Web

site—and now available through your MOOG supplier:

PROBLEM: Corroded Tie Rod Ends

Dodge/Plymouth Neon,

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Technicians have found that the OE outer

tie rod for 2001-06 PT Cruiser and 1995-

05 Neon models features a stamped steel

housing design that can allow water to

collect in the cavity used for toe adjustment.

Corrosion in this area can make

wheel alignment difficult. The original

design also features a plastic bearing and

is not greaseable, both of which can affect

service life.


The MOOG Problem Solver design features

a solid forged housing that eliminates

corrosion concerns and increases

overall strength. It is greaseable to help

extend service life and also utilizes a

traditional castellated nut, cotter pin and

wrench fl ats for ease of installation. The

MOOG ES3173RL tie rod also features

the brand’s patented pressed-in cover

plate and metal gusher bearing design to

provide long life.

PROBLEM: Front Coil Spring Failure

Ford Focus

Repair professionals have discovered that

stress and corrosion issues on 2000-

2007 Ford Focus models may cause front

coil springs to fracture and fail, resulting

in suspension noise and sagging.

SOLUTION: MOOG 80170, 80172 & 81030

Coil Springs

MOOG has developed three new Problem

Solver constant rate coil spring designs

for these applications. Each new MOOG

coil spring features a larger diameter

bar and additional coils to reduce stress

and combat fatigue throughout the life of

the spring. Additionally each MOOG coil

spring features an enhanced anti-corrosion

coating to help extend service life.

For more information, contact: MOOG

Chassis Parts, Federal-Mogul Corporation,


New Technologies

Automatic Transmissions—

Not What They Used to Be

Unless you are in the business of restoring old cars, you can say

goodbye to Powerglides, C-4s, FMXs, Turbo 350 and 400s, and the

likes. There is barely any car or light truck left in the industry that

is available with a three-speed automatic transmission and before

long, even the four-speed trannies will be history. Right now, we are

looking at fi ve, six, seven, and even eight speed automatic gearboxes

and more and more automakers are adopting the CVT system for

better fuel economy. And that’s not it!

As these words are

being written, one of

the most advanced

up. You probably

heard about toroidal


“regular” automatic trans-

in light machinmissions

has to be ZF’s

ery or in Formula

8-speed hybrid transmis-

One. Expect them

sion. Thanks to advanced

sooner or later in

electronics and software

regular passen-

controls, this gearbox Toroidal transmissions may very well be the way of the future. ger cars. For

outperforms most drivers

now, they seem

with manual transmissions not only in per- headed towards medium-duty trucks as

formance, but also in fuel economy—when it was announced recently. As a matter of

equipped with the optional start-stop fact, British-based Torotrak has partnered

function (which shuts the engine off when with Allison Transmissions to develop a

the vehicle is stopped at a red traffi c light), medium-duty truck transmission that will

this transmission, according to ZF, is 11% feature Torotrak’s full-toroidal transmis-

more economical than its predecessor. sion technology. The system works with a

According to Dr. Michael Paul, executive full-toroidal variator that consists of a set

president, Technology at ZF, around half of discs and rollers instead of a system of

of the potential was achieved by reducing gears. Consequently, it makes the infi nite-

the activation energy of the transmission ly variable transmission torque-controlled

and by moving the operating point of the instead of ratio-controlled. According to

engine… all thanks to electronic controls! Torotrak, this technology offers improved

The 8-speed hybrid transmission by ZF fuel-saving, emissions, and refinement

communicates with other subsystems in benefi ts. Add to that an improved riding

the vehicle via a multitude of interfaces. experience. Commercial vehicles will sure-

“The transmission in a hybrid vehicle has ly be taking advantage of the Torotrak sys-

up to 400 signal interfaces to other comtem but already, there are plans to include

ponents,” says Dr. Paul.

it to passenger cars and light trucks.

Say hello to the toroidal


Recently, many manufacturers opted for

the new Dual-Clutch transmission, a really

new way of making gears shift. But now,

there is something even newer coming

Éric Descarries


For instance, BMW has included the

Torotrak technology in its ActiveHybrid

concept car and Mercedes-Benz has also

unveiled it in its BlueHybrid concept

vehicle too. Who’s next?

| www.autosphere.ca | December 2009 | CarCare Business | 31


With winter right at our doorstep, many of your customers will soon be experiencing those

inconvenient and annoying no-starts due to a dead or dying battery. This year, consider providing

them the option to replace their vehicle battery with one of Duracell’s brand new premium

Copper Top automotive batteries, available through East Penn Canada in both conventional

fl ooded and AGM formats.

Why Duracell? Duracell has much

more to offer than the power inside

the batteries; it’s the power

of their recognition, exposure, communication,

and loyalty that enables this brand

to inspire confidence in the consumer’s

mind. Consumers have known this name

for 40 years and trust its reputation for

long life, power and performance.

Alkaline battery leader

Duracell is the leading alkaline battery

brand in Canada. In Total Brand

Awareness studies, Duracell surpasses the

competition in terms of consumer trust

and resonance. In today’s global market,

Duracell has been classifi ed as one of the

world’s most recognized brands.

This positive association with Duracell

products significantly influences a customer’s

decision to purchase a car battery

with a name they already recognize. The

instantaneous recognition fosters consumer

confi dence, which leads to increased

battery sales.

Selling features

One key selling feature of the Duracell

flooded battery line is extended Heat

Protection technology. High operating

temperatures wreak havoc on regular

automotive batteries. Heat accelerates

32 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

the rate at which the acid inside the battery

eats away at the other components,

thus reducing battery life. The average

under-the-hood operating temperature

has increased signifi cantly over the past

several years as engine manufacturers

have commanded higher output from

smaller engine sizes, in order to maximize

fuel effi ciency. Long trips, hot weather and

extended idle times can further increase

operating temperature. But while the

summer months are most damaging to

an automotive battery, the damage often

does not become apparent until the fi rst

cold snap when colder temperatures place

higher demands upon the battery.

The EHP Extended Heat Protection technology

incorporated into Duracell’s fl ooded

line will safeguard these batteries

from higher under hood operating temperatures.

Their superior resistance to

internal corrosion extends both battery

life and performance, particularly during

the cold winter months when a battery is

taxed the most.

Extra power demands

A home away from home, vehicles have

more electronics than ever before. Powered

windows and doors, an LCD screen for the

kids, cell phone chargers and GPS systems

all challenge the traditional automotive

Shirley Brown


East Penn Battery Canada

Duracell Automotive

Batteries Now in Canada

battery to handle these extra power

demands. Duracell AGM batteries with

extreme power and 2x durability and

dependability are specially designed to

power factory installed vehicle electronics

and anything else that plugs in or

turns on. These AGM batteries also provide

superior power for high-performance

equipment in tuner cars and offer superior

vibration resistance for off-road vehicle


Duracell automotive batteries come with

a 3-year North American roadside assistance

program and a 3-year full replacement

warranty as added value for the


Put the power of the Copper Top on your

store shelves. Customers know the name

and can count on Duracell power and performance.

This level of customer loyalty

allows you to spend less time trying to sell

the battery and more time restocking the


Call East Penn Canada today at 1-800-

668-9303 or email sales@eastpenncanada.com

for additional information about

the new Duracell automotive battery line.



Available through:



©2008 Duracell. Duracell is a registered trademark of the Gillette Company, used under license. All rights reserved.

All�new Duracell ® batteries are here, to power the Canadian

automotive aftermarket — and your store’s profitability.

Crank up more sales with the new Duracell Extreme Power

battery that utilizes AGM technology to deliver double the durability

and dependability of standard batteries and maximize accessory

power. Meet your customers’ needs for long�life performance with

the new Duracell Advanced Generation ® battery with

EHP Technology for Extra Heat Protection and high starting power in

any condition.

Put CopperTop automotive batteries on your shelves today. For more

information contact East Penn Canada at 1�800�668�9303 or


Lindertech 2009

Luis Ruiz, Part 2

Luis’ employer, Mechanic’s Education

Association, offers live technical assistance

and mobile diagnostics,

in addition to the training implied by its

name. Those services keep their staff in

touch with real-world pattern failures,

and allow them to develop diagnostic


Like many general-repair technicians, I

don’t have enough of Volkswagen’s products

coming in the door of my “service

to all makes and models” shop to have

developed any real familiarity with their


Customers still expect us to be able to

quickly and accurately fi x these vehicles,

and that makes this kind of manufacturerspecifi

c training highly benefi cial.

The alphanumeric basics

Those mostly familiar with the way that

the domestics label their diagrams and

scan tool data will find Volkswagen’s

alphanumeric designations, well, completely


As Luis explains, these designations are

used to reduce any confusion about what

a part is, regardless of the language used.

This makes a lot of sense, as Volkswagens

aren’t just sold globally; they’re built in

places as far flung as Germany, Brazil,

China, and South Africa.

As an example, whether looking at a wiring

or vacuum diagram, or even a diagnostic

tree, “N75” always refers to a boost

control solenoid. This commonality means

that the boost control solenoid on a Jetta

has the same alphanumeric designation

as the boost control solenoid on a Passat,

even if their design or part numbers are

not the same. Otherwise, even in English

confusion could occur, as this part can

also be called a wastegate solenoid.

Same applies for data

Scan data displayed on Volkswagen’s

VAG-COM scanner—or any that emulate

its functionality, such as the OTC

Genisys—utilizes a similar logic, albeit

numeric only. Data items are organized

by three-digit “Group,” and then divided

into four “Measuring Blocks.” Measuring

Blocks can have varying functions (which

are normally labelled on-screen).

For fuel control data—familiar to many

Brian Early is a full-time automotive technician

in addition to his journalistic endeavours.

techs as “fuel trim” or GM’s old “block learn

and integrator”—the four boxes would

represent (in order, from 1 to 4): Bank

1 additive (basically “short-term”); Bank

1 multiplicative (similar to “long-term”);

Bank 2 additive; Bank 2 multiplicative.

Without that kind of prior explanation, I’d

probably only get a massive stress headache

from trying to determine that one on

my own!

Luis suggests that appropriate Groups can

be most readily determined by consulting

the diagnostic fl owchart for a DTC relating

to the intended item.

Case studies too

Brian Early


While Lindertech North’s location changed from Mohawk College in Hamilton to the Four Points

by Sheraton by Toronto’s Pearson Airport, the high quality of the training did not. New Jersey’s

Luis Ruiz proved his breadth of knowledge by presenting two very dissimilar courses: GM

Duramax 6.6 Diesel, and Volkswagen Engine Controls.

34 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

Luis Ruiz, Volkswagen Engine Controls trainer at Lindertech North 2009,

explains how to identify and diagnose VW coil-on-plug ignition systems.


Although I’ve tried to share the most

useful concepts here, Luis’ presentation

also included several case studies, as well

as analysis and diagnostic methods for

several common VW Group component

failures, including mass airfl ow and ignition


It turns out that while Luis’ New Jersey accent

may make him sound like a Sopranostyle

“Wiseguy,” this affable tech guru is

actually just a wise guy.

Pierre Lalonde

www.affi niagroup.com

The kit is an effective and proven

product that will correct rotor lateral

run out. The brake align kit consists

of a deluxe toolbox, a dial indicator gauge,

hub cleaner pads, conical washers, and a

black marker. A video is also included and

these guys did an excellent job with it—it’s

user friendly and simple to understand.

Pulsation plus…

Brake Rotors

Correcting Lateral

Run Out

Affi nia currently offers a Brake Align starter kit that

you will fi nd available in our tools and equipment

line. It’s a valuable tool for a technician.

We all know that pulsation, steering wheel

shimmy, and, most importantly, poor stopping

distances can be unsafe, annoying,

and eventually become a costly comeback.

Whenever a rotor pulsation is felt, in

most instances, it’s just one rotor causing

the vibration—I’ve never seen or heard of

four rotors causing the issue.

Disc align plates have been approved by

GM since the year 2000 to correct lateral

run out of the hub fl ange to the rotor hat

of new or machined rotors. The disc align

plates will allow you, as a technician, to

meet the required maximum lateral run

out of .002” or less.

Brake Align is rotor science at its best and

this latest technology has proven to be effective

and reliable. In the past I have used

the disc align plates on a few occasions

and they’re awesome because they work.

What I like about this new technology is

that it does not require the use of an onthe-car

brake lathe therefore it will not remove

metal from the rotor because there

is no machining involved. We often talk

about drawbacks—on-car brake lathes

are costly and it’s a substantial investment.

The Brake Align kit is a minimal

expense and requires very little technical


The brake align plates come in different

thickness sizes: .003”, 006” and .009”.

You will be using the shim that will correspond

with the total run out to be


Installation procedures

They’re very simple, but let’s go over the

procedures. First of all, the shims are

used on hubless rotors and are located

between the hub and rotor. The rotors

must be machined and the surface must

be smooth and parallel. Make sure that

the mating surface is clean—no dirt or

other metal particles. You can also use the

wheel hub cleaning pads which come with

the kit. Mount the new or machined rotor

onto the vehicle hub. Secure and tighten

all the wheel nuts to the proper specifi -

cations. Mount the dial indicator to the

steering knuckle so that the stem of the

dial gauge contacts the rotor friction area

1/2” below the rotor’s outer edge.

Now is the time to rotate the rotor and

note the lowest dial indicator reading and

set the dial gauge to zero. Rotate the rotor

once more and note the highest defl ection

amount of lateral run out, then remove

the rotor. Mark the rotor and stud to the

exact location of the high spot.

Select the correct Brake Align Correction

Plate. Slip over the tapered correction

plate between the hub and rotor—your

point of reference is the “V” notch and the

mark on the stud. Position the “V” notch

towards the high spot. Re-check run out

and road test the vehicle.

Please note: do not reuse the correction

plates and do not use more then one plate

behind the hub and rotor.

A word of advice


A brake job is not complete until time is

taken to measure the lateral run out and

the approximate time to check lateral run

out is about 5 minutes or less.

All you need to know about Brake Align

can be found on www.brakealign.com.

| www.autosphere.ca | December 2009 | CarCare Business | 35

Guy O’Bomsawin




Grands Prix Awards for

Automotive Innovation

EQUIP AUTO’s International Auto Trade Show, held

biennially in Paris, France took place from October 13

to 20. Here are the products that were granted the

Grands Prix awards for international innovation.

Piezo’s Diesel Injection

System with Direct Metrology

Delphi – This technology uses a directacting

concept in which the injector needle

is set in motion by a piezoelectric ceramic

actuator without the assistance of an electrohydraulic

circuit, providing extremely fast

opening and closing of the needle valve, velocities

reaching over 3m/s. The system allows

7 or more injection events per engine cycle.


Beamatic Premium Adaptive

Front Lighting

Valeo – The Beamatic Premium allows

motorists to experience excellent night

lighting without blinding oncoming traffic.

It adapts the beam by bringing light to the

sides of oncoming or preceding vehicles.

Available in 2010

LPG Laserline Spark Plugs

NGK – Designed for gas engines, it has an

iridium-tipped centre electrode, reducing the

risk of damaging ignition coils. The anticor-

36 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

rosive shell

is chromed,

the gap


the electrodes is preset, and

they react to lower starting voltage.



Texa S.p.A. – Small and inconspicuous,

it detects and records intermittent problems

while on the road. Simply connect to the

OBD and it will analyze all data following the

EOBD protocol. Any malfunction will trigger a

red light. Available

Regenerating All-season


Chimirec – Thanks to microstraining, this

concept allows techs to regenerate those liquids

in order for them to be reused as such,

or as building supply or water treatment components;

a valuable asset for the environment.




Wiper Blade


Bosch – This multifunctional

adapter called Multi-Clip—the fi rst to be

preinstalled—covers four types of different

toplock and sidelock interfaces. Installing

wiper blades is therefore a one-step, userfriendly

process. Available

Multibrand Diagnostic Tool

Actia Automotive – With a 2-hour life cycle

without recharging, and bluetooth-ready, a

single click is all it takes the Multi-Diag

pocket to identify the top makes

and models. Hooked to the OBD,

it carries out the most frequent

electronic diagnostics. Avail-





Borg-Warner Beru – This

high-energy magnetic field

high-frequency ignition is said

to cut fuel costs by 15% and

reduce NO by 80%. Available


in 2013

Dual Mass

Flywheel Checking


LuK – This tool allows you to check the

status of a dual mass fl ywheel, its side play

and clearance angle without disassembly.




EPA Proposes to Approve New Refrigerant

for Vehicle Air Conditioners

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will likely fi nd

HFO-1234yf acceptable, subject to use conditions, as a substitute

for CFC-12 in motor vehicle air conditioners under the Signifi

cant New Alternatives Policy Program (SNAP). SNAP requires

any company seeking to sell any chemical or product, which is

intended for use as a replacement for a Class I or Class II ozone

depleting substance, to provide the agency with health and safety

studies on the substitute at least 90 days before introducing the

product into interstate commerce.

HFO-1234yf is considered a promising substitute for both R-12

and R-134a, currently in use in most vehicle air conditioners. Car

companies are under increasing pressure from regulators, especially

in Europe, to eliminate the use of current refrigerants, such

as R-134a, due to their high global warming potential. 1234yf

has a global warming potential (GWP) of 4 compared to R-134a,

which has a GWP of 1,430 and R-12 with a GWP of 10,890.

EPA is proposing certain use conditions for 1234yf based on

fl ammability concerns. These include actions to prevent leaks

into the passenger compartment, preventing high concentrations

near power sources, as well as the use of unique fi ttings and

warning labels. Flammability concerns also have led EPA to restrict

its SNAP approval to use of 1234yf only on new vehicles.

However, the agency is accepting comments on the safety of

retrofi tting vehicles now using either R-134a or R-12 with the

new refrigerant.

To view the proposal, visit www.epa.gov/ozone/snap.

AASA, Brake Manufacturers Council


The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and

the Brake Manufacturers Council (BMC) announced an agreement

to integrate the BMC as a product council of AASA. It will operate

under the leadership of the AASA Board of Governors.

“This agreement between the leadership of AASA and BMC will

benefi t North American suppliers and create more collaboration

among brake suppliers, whether aftermarket or original equipment,”

said Steve Handschuh, AASA president and COO. “This

agreement will create a unique forum for BMC members and

will foster open discussions of common concerns and industry


“BMC members are excited about the opportunities that integration

with AASA opens,” said Pat Healey, president of the Friction

Materials Standards Institute (FMSI), who currently acts as

BMC’s Executive Director. “The FMSI looks forward to continue to

work with AASA and BMC on issues of common concern.”

Advertisers Index

AIA Canada www.aiacanada.com 23

Altrom Group www.altrom.com 27

ASC Industries www.asc-ind.com 17

Atlas Tire Wholesale www.atlastire.com 5, 7, 39

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Blue Streak www.bluestreak.ca 3

Dayco www.dayco.ca 17

Delphi www.delphi.com 19

Earth Day Canada www.earthday.ca/scholarship 13

East Penn www.eastpenncanada.com 32, 33

Exide Technologies www.exide.com 11, 18

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Mister Transmission www.mistertransmission.com 25

NAPA www.napaonline.ca 40

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NGK Spark Plugs www.ngksparkplugs.ca 16

Parts Master 18

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Prolab Technolub



Recochem www.recochem.com 18

Shell www.shell.ca 18

Spectra Premium www.spectrapremium.com 16

Tenneco www.tenneco.com 17

Uni-Select www.uni-select.com 20, 21

Valvoline www.valvoline.com 2

Zurawel Patton Sample www.zps.ca 17

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Garage Business



If you’re not taking

advantage of recalls to

drum up more business,

you’re missing out.

The following is an excerpt from

an article I wrote for Sun Media’s

24 Hours newspaper. It was seen by

Sun readers across Canada, and I’d like to

direct your attention to the point I made

about the benefi ts of recalls:

38 | CarCare Business | December 2009 | www.autosphere.ca |

“It always surprises me

when a manufacturer has a

recall campaign and it’s perceived

as a negative. When

it comes to recalls, negativity

is all wrong. Recalls are

basically product updates.

Throughout the life cycle of

any product, failure or operating

conditions may require

changes in specifi cations.

“You must remember that

these products (everything

from cars to baby buggies)

are used worldwide in a variety

of conditions. As “in the

field” information comes

in, responsible manufacturers

step up and rectify the

situation. If you have received

a recall notice from

your manufacturer, react to it positively.

Take the time necessary and respond.

The latest recall information

(cars and trucks) is available

at Transport Canada’s website:


Welcome recalls

Dave Redinger is a mechanic with over 45 years experience. He owns and

operates his own shop in the Toronto area. Dave hosts “Dave’s Corner Garage”

seen on national television—Sun TV on Sunday mornings. Dave’s Corner

Garage deals with automotive issues.

So why am I so bullish on

recalls? In our shop we make

it a habit to verify recalls

on the vehicles we service.

We used to ignore recalls in fear of losing

work, but as it turns out 99% of the

recalls available to owners have either

expired or don’t apply.

Now, by using the information supplied by

NAPAfi x or Identifi x it’s easy to check not

only for recalls, but for service schedules

too, as well as maintenance requirements

and reliability issues. We use this information

as a conversation starter with the

client. The counter staff take the time to

print out the information and more importantly

go through it with the customer

at the counter.

But why bother?

Calling Dr. Fixit

Dave Redinger


These documents are a great sales tool.

As the repairer, you and I are perceived

as the experts, backed by documentation.

Ever notice that the doctor or dentist

never hands you a bill? Instead, the invoicing

is done by the nurse or the receptionist.

Your relationship with the doctor

or dentist is best described as that of a

“caregiver” and his or her patient.

The same scenario is playing itself out at

the service counter, except in this case the

care is given to the vehicle with you playing

the role of the concerned physician.

The conversation between you and the

customer is about how best to care for the

ailing vehicle.

This is an easy way to sell the

work that is required—not only

work required immediately, but

future jobs as well.

This is an easy way to sell the work that is

required—not only work required immediately,

but future jobs as well. Example:

swapping out a timing belt before the cold

weather hits.

So, if you have the Identifi x service in your

shop, use it for more than sourcing repair

info. It’s a great sales tool when used

properly, and a great way to build the

relationships “caregivers” like us need in

order to grow our businesses.


Dealer Enquiries Welcome

Call (905) 670-7354 Ext. 270

Features & Benefits

e-mail: gislaved@atlastire.com www.gislavedontario.ca


Exclusive Gislaved Distributor for Ontario

improved tread pattern:

Parallel central ribs to improve vehicle handling

Stable shoulder blocks with Force Transmission Links to increase performance

Circumferential central groove for fast drainage, slush expulsion and better self cleaning

increased sipe density and 3D Drop sipes:

More grip edges for better snow handling performance

nordic silica compound:

Innovative winter grip polymer for improved snow traction, performance and ice grip



13 inch 16 inch

155/80R 13 79T SL 225/75R 16 104T SL

175/70R 13 82T SL 215/70R 16 100T SL

14 inch 225/70R 16 102T SL

175/70R 14 84T SL 215/65R 16 102T XL

185/70R 14 88T SL 205/60R 16 96T XL

195/70R 14 91T SL 215/60R 16 95T SL

175/65R 14 82T SL 225/60R 16 102T XL

185/65R 14 86T SL 205/55R 16 94T XL

185/60R 14 82T SL 215/55R 16 97T XL

15 inch 225/55R 16 99T XL

205/70R 15 96T SL 17 inch

215/70R 15 98T SL 225/65R 17 102T SL

185/65R 15 88T SL 235/65R 17 108T XL

195/65R 15 91T SL 235/55R 17 103T XL

205/65R 15 94T SL 205/50R 17 93T XL

185/60R 15 88T XL 225/50R 17 98T XL

195/60R 15 88T SL 225/45R 17 94T XL

195/55R 15 89T XL 18 inch

245/40R 18 97T XL


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