Ethniticities Magazine - March Issue 2017

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Gente - Orígenes - Cultura<br />

Urenna Best<br />

Successful and<br />

Extraordinary<br />

Businesswoman,<br />

Lawyer and Host of<br />

Panamanian TV Show<br />

Conexión Caribeña<br />

Page 25<br />

Keeping the health<br />

of our children’s<br />

mouth<br />

Page 37<br />

Bad Hair does not exist,<br />

Interview to<br />

Sulma-Arzu Brown, author<br />

of this wonderful book!<br />

Pag. 22<br />

Volume 9 - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2017</strong> | www.ethnicitiesmagazine.com

Stephany Salazar

#VisitPanama<br />

Location: Metropolitan Park


Editorial Letter<br />

By: Licda. Keila Salazar de Moreno<br />

Entrepreneur vs Finance.............................................................................3<br />

By. Dr. Daphney Visuete<br />

Let’s Talk about Entrepreneurship..........................................................6<br />

By: Ethnicities <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

LatinAmerican Airlines Characters.......................................................12<br />

By: David García Zamora, B.A.<br />

I’m Backpacker Chef.................................................................................15<br />

By. Chef Isaac Villaverde<br />

Fashion Gets Political................................................................................18<br />

By: Ninna Ottey, B.A.<br />

Bad Hair Does not Exist, interview to Sulma-Arzu Brown, author<br />

of this successful book............................................................................22<br />

By: Ethnicities <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

Successful and Extraordinary Businesswoman, Lawyer and TV<br />

Host, Urenna Best......................................................................................25<br />

By: Ethnicities <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

How do I help my child study?...............................................................33<br />

By: Derissa Simmons, B.A.<br />

When School Begins You Automatically Become become Nurse,<br />

Driver, Tutor AND Counselor............................................................35<br />

By: Anilú Candanedo, B.A.<br />

Keeping the health of our children’s mouth......................................37<br />

By: Dr. Vania Barrow<br />

Sugar: Sweet Enemy ................................................................................40<br />

By: Licda. Veronica Hidalgo<br />

Are there still “negreadas” (ignored) Panamanians?.....................44<br />

By: Dr. Alberto Barrow<br />

22<br />

25<br />

Interview with Urenna Best<br />

Business Woman, Lawyer<br />

and TV Host<br />

Get to know Sulma-Arzu Brown,<br />

author of the book, Bad Hair does<br />

not Exist<br />

1<br />

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37<br />

Keeping the health of our<br />

children’s mouth<br />

By: Dr. Vania Barrow


Keila Salazar Moreno, B.A.<br />

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Stephany Salazar, B.A.<br />


Stephany Salazar, B.A.<br />


Stephany Salazar, B.A.<br />


Keila Salazar Moreno, B.A.<br />


Anilú Candanedo, B.A.<br />

Chef Isaac Villaverde<br />

Derissa Simmons, B.A.<br />

Dr. Alberto Barrow<br />

Ninna Ottey, B.A.<br />

Dr. Vania Barrow<br />

Dr. Daphney Visuete<br />

David García Zamora, B.A.<br />

Verónica Hidalgo, B.A.<br />

Keila Salazar de Moreno, B.A.<br />


Keila Salazar de Moreno, B.A.<br />

Stephany Salazar, B.A.<br />

Ing. Tanisha Salazar de Mendoza<br />


Judith Rapley Waterman, M.S.W.<br />


Keila Salazar de Moreno, B.A.<br />


The months are going by fast! We are already<br />

in <strong>March</strong> <strong>2017</strong> and do we have many<br />

interesting topics prepared for you!<br />

I want to express as always my deep and<br />

eternal gratitude to our columnists whose<br />

contributions make Ethnicities <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

interesting and substantial every month<br />

for each one of you. If you have questions<br />

about any of the articles found in this or<br />

previous editions, you can email us, and<br />

we’ll create a Q&A section with the reply to<br />

your questions from the writers.<br />

As you noticed, this month we have on our<br />

cover a great businesswoman, activist and<br />

tv program host, Urenna Best. I invite you<br />

to read more about her in each of these<br />

facets and the message she brings to you<br />

through her life experiences.<br />

We also had the privilege of interviewing<br />

Sulma Arzu Brown, writer of the book Bad<br />

Hair Does not Exist. Please get familiar with<br />

her story, her incredible book and how it’s<br />

changing the lives of little girls who with<br />

their parents’ support are now wearing their<br />

natural hair.<br />

Also, remember to stop by our segment, Let’s Talk about Entrepreneurship, to check the two<br />

entrepreneurs we present there to you.<br />

I leave you with these and other very interesting topics to be found in our edition N ° 9 of<br />

Ethnicities <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

I appreciate your unconditional support as always.<br />

Enjoy Ethnicities <strong>Magazine</strong> <strong>March</strong> <strong>Issue</strong>!<br />

If you want to send me your comments, feedback or contributions, please email me at info@<br />

ethnicitiesmagazine.com, and I will be glad to review it.<br />

With love,<br />

Keila Salazar Moreno, B.A.<br />

President and Editor in Chief<br />

Ethnicities <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

www.ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />



3<br />





If we were to do a survey on the main limitations<br />

that a person has to go from a dream<br />

to the achievement of a goal, one of the first<br />

would undoubtedly be the budget acquisition<br />

to do it. However the ideal and optimal<br />

conditions to start a New venture from zero<br />

does not exist.<br />

By definition, the term entrepreneur comes<br />

from the French entrepreneur, used to refer<br />

to an individual who organizes and operates<br />

one or several companies, and assumes<br />

some financial risk. In other words if you<br />

decide to start today, take it for granted that<br />

you need to be prepared to have some sort<br />

of financial risk or difficulty.<br />

Here are some questions to ask yourself.<br />

Why has money stopped your dreams?<br />

How did you relate to money over the years?<br />

Do you think that your amount of prepara-<br />

tion and studies is comparable to your wallet?<br />

How much does your lack of money affect your<br />

emotions? Do you sometimes feel that you are<br />

always running behind money? Or do you generate<br />

enough money but it’s leaving you like water?<br />

These questions can reveal belief patterns regarding<br />

money and therefore that same relationship<br />

that you have brought over the years<br />

with Mr. Money may be blocking your undertaking.<br />

Once you define your patterns or even attitudes<br />

regarding the generation of money, you<br />

should reprogram yourself little by little, if possible<br />

with the help of a Coach, to establish new<br />

beliefs about it.

Pearl of Prosperity:<br />

Your wealth is not in your<br />

pocket, but in your head. To<br />

see your bank<br />

account full, you will have to<br />

see it first in your brain.<br />

On the other hand, you need to have defined your entrepreneurship in black<br />

and white or a simple but defined business plan. That goes from name,<br />

vision, mission, values, who you want to reach, with how many people you<br />

must initiate, investment and profitability of the business. If you do not<br />

know how to raise your own venture, it will be very difficult for an investor<br />

or a bank to provide financing. Do it thinking that tomorrow you will climb<br />

an elevator and you will meet Donald Trump and you will have one minute<br />

to present your business and get the money you want.<br />

Pearl of Prosperity:<br />

If you have a clear<br />

vision, your entire<br />

environment will be<br />

accommodated to<br />

reach it.<br />

Begin creating your brand online. Nowadays we<br />

have the great advantage of having social networks<br />

that allow you to have an online business,<br />

depending on the item, without even having it<br />

physically. This allows you to create a portfolio of<br />

customers interested in your products or services<br />

and in case you are still working, you will not start<br />

from zero, when you decide to dedicate 100% of<br />

yourself and time to your business. I was surprised<br />

and fascinated to see how we can find online<br />

from clothing store, makeup and even cars. Many<br />

of those people started by opening a Facebook<br />

fan page, Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest,<br />

Snapchat, Free Market, Amazon, etc. This will<br />

allow you to generate small start-up revenues,<br />

polish your business proposal to make it more attractive<br />

to the market and define your interested<br />

audience. You don’t need to be an expert in networking<br />

to get started. Over time you should gain<br />

your own experience and have digital marketing<br />

knowledge or seek a consultant in that area, but<br />

start now!<br />


Pearl of Prosperity:<br />

We live in the computer<br />

age, if your<br />

business is not online,<br />

it does not exist.<br />

Become an expert in your endeavor.<br />

Dedicate one or two<br />

hours a day, maybe just after<br />

you get home from your current<br />

job, to your business idea.<br />

Do your work from the technical<br />

part but also include personal<br />

growth and leadership,<br />

financial management, attend<br />

webinars online (many of them<br />

free), relate with other entrepreneurs<br />

and study success<br />

stories. In other words, be passionate<br />

about your dream and<br />

only that way you’ll be able to<br />

share your vision with others.<br />

Without doubt the money will<br />

come.<br />


Your ad can be here!<br />

Contact us for more information:<br />

info@ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />

www.ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />

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Contact information:<br />

Email: eec.base@gmail.com<br />

Ella Es Cosmetics<br />

Telephone number: +1 929-352-0319<br />

Instagram: ellaescosmetics<br />



WHO WE ARE?<br />

Ella Es cosmetics is a line of beauty products that<br />

caters to the diverse shade ranges and undertone of<br />

Woman of Color in Latin America and the Caribbean.<br />

We believe that make up should enhance our natural<br />

beauty, not hide our flaws. Ella Es is intelligence, strength,<br />

courage, beauty, sexy, daring… It’s whatever women<br />

and girls choose to be.<br />


Ella Es cosmetics was born out of the unaddressed<br />

cosmetic needs and desires of Afro-Latinas. For far too<br />

long throughout Latin America women of color have<br />

been underrepresented and/or ignored by the beauty<br />

community. There is a void in the range of shades<br />

for our varied and diverse skin tones, which ultimately<br />

have left women no choice but to wear shades too light<br />

for their complexions. Ella Es cosmetics exists to<br />

fulfill this void. Our foundation contains skin protective<br />

properties and is long-wearing in tropical climate. You<br />

will not sweat it off!<br />

EEC is a platform where Black beauty can be celebrated.<br />

As we cultivate our identities as Afro-Latinas in<br />

our countries of origin and abroad, we’re learning more<br />

about our history, our uniqueness, our talents and our<br />

general fabulousness. Shouldn’t we have cosmetics<br />

that reflect it as well? EEC is just one platform to encourage<br />

women of color to expand their horizons. We<br />

are a family-ran, woman-ran business. We envision a<br />

beauty industry that educates and builds relationships<br />

with others who celebrate the beauty and accomplishments<br />

of women of color and promotes entrepreneurship<br />

for women and girls.<br />


Our launch will take place in Panama and sub<br />

ly throughout the region. As an Afro-Descen<br />

Panamanian, I have witnessed firsthand th<br />

tent and frustration of Panamanian wome<br />

surrounding beauty and access to product<br />

dress our specific needs. Panama is a micr<br />

our regions’ rich racial and ethnic history<br />

descendant and Indigenous women typically<br />

dertones that range from red, yellow, olive, c<br />

and neutral shades. Mainstream cosmetic<br />

disappointed us. Our skin responds differen<br />

sun, retains and reflects colors in unique wa<br />

have a wide spectrum of complexions to cat<br />

do not have to look far to know that this is a p<br />

other Latin American Countries.<br />


sequentdant<br />

and<br />

e disconn<br />

of color<br />

s that adocosm<br />

of<br />

. African<br />

have unool,<br />

warm<br />

lines have<br />

tly to the<br />

ys and we<br />

er to. You<br />

roblem in


Facebook Cool Creations507<br />

Instagram @coolcreations507<br />

Whatsapp 6484-9668<br />

Jacqueline D. Vreux L.<br />

I’ve drawn and painted all my life. But I started this<br />

project about 12 years ago, when my son was always<br />

wanted superhero designs on his shirts or caps and<br />

many of them were difficult to get in Panama or were<br />

very expensive.<br />

I offer all type of designs on fabric items. They could<br />

be on t-shirts, caps or sneakers. The designs can be<br />

originals or taken from the internet.<br />

Any of the customer preferences can be made. At this<br />

time there is an existing demand in Afro designs and<br />

Panamanian culture and those two are the ones I have<br />

really focused on promoting. I get a lot of demand from<br />

people in the USA to buy articles with images promoting<br />

Panama’s Culture,<br />

The difference of this process with sublimation or serigraphy<br />

(screen print) must be made clear. It is an<br />

acrylic based paint, also carries varnish and also goes<br />

through a heat process.This is completely handmade<br />

and unlike the silkscreen the image does not disappear<br />

over time nor with multiple washes. It also does<br />

not fade. This is a lifetime quality product.<br />

My experience as an entrepreneur has not been easy,<br />

as it often requires much paperwork and demands<br />

for either business opportunities or seed capital.<br />

But there is always something you can do. And<br />

more now with the rise of arts and crafts fairs.<br />

You just have to know what is best for you, and<br />

see what else other than social networks provide<br />

good opportunity to market and reach potential<br />

customers and buyers.<br />

For all those who want to start a business, I suggest<br />

that they must first know what they are going<br />

to dedicate to specifically. I faithfully believe that<br />

we have all been given gifts, it is only a matter of<br />

waking them up and making them produce. Many<br />

may think that working for themselves and being<br />

their own boss is easier.<br />

It is the opposite, since it is not waiting to have a<br />

safe pay day. It is day to day work. The day you<br />

don’t produce is a day you will not collect. There<br />

will be many obstacles and many times your closest<br />

people will not believe in your work although<br />

this has not been my case. The good thing here in<br />

Panama is that the situation is not as difficult as<br />

in other places in terms of materials and supplies<br />

so you will see some type of gain after your investment.<br />

What I have noticed that it is not very<br />

common in this environment to dedicate to your<br />


usiness at 100%. Most of the people have their 9-5<br />

jobs. We also deal with the fact that since we are not<br />

used to a craftsmanship culture many people prefer<br />

to spend more on a recognized brand than to support<br />

a local craftsman.<br />

Where others see a simple shirt, I see a canvas. I can<br />

not see a wall or a blank space without imagining that<br />

I can draw or paint something on it.<br />




Your ad can be here!<br />

For more information, email us at:<br />

info@ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />

www.ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />

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Latin American Airlines, the graphic novel by David García Zamora,<br />

shows an unprecedented cross-section of our society by presenting at<br />

least three characters from each Latin American country. We’ll start this<br />

showcase with those hailing from Panama:<br />




Age: 19<br />

Birthplace: Panama City<br />

Marital status: Single<br />

Height: 1.84 m<br />

Socio-economic status, at birth: Low<br />

Socio-economic status, present: High<br />

Anyolí’s father, a junk salesman, fled to the U.S.<br />

after a run-in with the local mafia. The cash remittances<br />

that he wires --whose provenance is not<br />

clearly defined-- has turned the Araúz family into<br />

notorious Panama City noveau riche. Anyolí considers<br />

that her material wealth and opulent lifestyle<br />

will disappear as quickly as they arrived.<br />


Age: 8<br />

Birthplace: Panama City<br />

Marital status: Single<br />

Height: 1.42 m<br />

Socio-economic status, at birth: High<br />

Socio-economic status, present: High<br />

Unlike Anyolí, Ethan believes that he is entitled to<br />

wealth, as it’s the only lifestyle he has known since<br />

birth. Both his neighbors and schoolmates come<br />

from well-to-do families and he has adopted their<br />

poses. attitudes and values. And since his mother<br />

does nothing to dissuade him, it’s up to Anyolí to<br />

put his feet back on the ground… but it’s not an<br />

easy task.<br />



Age: 58<br />

Birthplace: Panama City<br />

Marital status: Married (bigamist)<br />

Height: 1.73 m<br />

Socio-economic status, at birth: Low<br />

Socio-economic status, present: High<br />

Manuel is one of the most mysterious characters<br />

of the 82 that comprise Aerolíneas<br />

Latinoamericanas cast. He utters no more<br />

than three phrases in Act I, but his presence<br />

imposes upon everyone he addresses. His<br />

employment activity is self-described as either<br />

“farmer” or “trader”. However, his passport<br />

states that he was born in Spain… and<br />

he’s very alert of his cell phone.<br />


@ethnicitiesmagazine<br />

E-mail: info@ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />

Website: www.ethnicitiesmagazine.com



@whoisjisaac<br />



isaacvillaverdem@gmail.com<br />

I’m a #BackpackChef, which means I’m always<br />

ready to take a plane to cook anywhere in the<br />

world. The first time I went to cook in Bocas Del<br />

Toro for several days I was very anxious, since I<br />

did not know the local market, and knew some<br />

supplies would be difficult to get especially with<br />

the complication that the dates coincided with<br />

New Year.<br />

At one point I sat down to think of all the details<br />

and remembered a name: “Joseph Archibold” (@<br />

Josephosebold).<br />

I was already following him on the social networks<br />

and I had read a couple of his interviews. He was<br />

also the winner of the Panama Gastronomic Chef<br />

Challenge 2016, an event that I followed from the<br />

New York networks. This Bocas trip during the<br />

New Year was the perfect occasion to call him and<br />

ask him a couple of questions about logistics and<br />

supplies in his land.<br />

Joseph greeted me warmly and from that moment<br />

I knew that at some point we would work together.<br />


I never imagined it would be so soon. In a second call<br />

I proposed to do a Kitchen Take Over in one of his two<br />

restaurants (@octo_bocas and @receta_michila) and<br />

he liked the idea. This is how the first “New Year’s<br />

BBQ Pop-Up” was born in collaboration with Joseph<br />

and my #KitchenSister Kary Keene at @Octo_Bocas.<br />

Octo is a place full of history, since it is located in<br />

what was the house of the grandfathers of Joseph,<br />

in Isla Colón. Joseph now gives it different use. It has<br />

its own orchard, a warehouse and a trailer/kitchen,<br />

with everything that’s necessary to make traditional<br />

Caribbean food of high standard.<br />

My chef vision was clear. I wanted to cook the food I<br />

grew up with, applying all the gastronomic and hospitality<br />

knowledge acquired around the world all these<br />

years.<br />

For two days, Kary and I worked under Chef Joseph’s<br />

instructions for what would be our first Kitchen Take<br />

Over.<br />

At about 5pm local diners, visitors and guests began<br />

to arrive and by 9pm we had sold all the food!<br />

The compliments for the food did not cease and the<br />

experience of cooking next to one of our own was<br />

invaluable.<br />

I want to thank the Octo Team, Joseph, Lucy (wife<br />

of Joseph), Hugo and Noah (son of Joseph) for their<br />

hospitality and for such a successful event.<br />

If you pass through Isla Colón, do not forget to visit<br />

Octo. It will be an unparalleled experience, full of flavor<br />

and traditional colors with modernism.<br />

See you on January 1, 2018 for our “New Year’s BBQ<br />

Pop-Up Vol. 2”<br />


Services:<br />

Graphic Design<br />

Create arts for POP materials, advertisings,<br />

stickers, flyers, catalogs, business cards,<br />

arts for social media, logos, banners, posters<br />

and other adaptations of the arts for newspapers<br />

and magazines. Also, creation of characters.<br />

Video Edition<br />

Creation and editing of videos, addition of<br />

music or audio, texts and storyboard.<br />

Photography<br />

Use of Professional Camera, photo sessions,<br />

product shot, pet shots and more.<br />

For more information:<br />

(507+) 6949-7688<br />

stephany.salazar20@gmail.com<br />

Windows Mac OS Microsoft<br />

Office<br />

Adobe<br />

Photoshop<br />

Adobe<br />

Illustrator<br />

Adobe<br />

Indesign<br />

Adobe<br />

After Effects<br />

Adobe<br />





notteymc@gmail.com<br />

For many people in Panama, February is synonym<br />

with carnivals, but for those who are passionate<br />

about fashion, it is the month when the most important<br />

designers from different fashion capitals<br />

like New York, London, Milan and Paris present<br />

their new collections. In this case, the Fall-Winter<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-2018 collection.<br />

As usual, the fashion month started in the city that<br />

doesn’t sleep, New York. With the political tension<br />

arriving Trump’s entrance to the presidency of the<br />

United States, fashion got political.<br />

“Fashion is a sponge in terms of what is<br />

happening in culture”, said the Thai-american<br />

designer Thakoon Panichgul just before<br />

presenting his last collection.<br />

Several brands and designers took seriously<br />

their support of minorities and subordinated<br />

people in America, these being the themes<br />

this year including rebelling against the Muslim<br />

Ban of the new American government.<br />



Muslim community which the indonesian designer<br />

Anniesa Hasibuan knows all too well. Last year<br />

she made history when all of her models came out<br />

on the runway with hijab. Haute Hijab is the name<br />

of Hasibuan brand who is dedicated to design for<br />

Muslim women, showing the world that they are<br />

allowed to be fashionable too.<br />

In her latest collection she strongly marked her<br />

ideology of inclusion contracting models that were<br />

immigrants, visa and green cardholders and first<br />

or second generation American. Undoubtedly,<br />

Hasibuan is and will be a designer who will give<br />

us much to talk about in both world politics and<br />

fashion.<br />

MARC JACOBS FALL <strong>2017</strong><br />

Designers like Michael Kors and Prabal Gurung<br />

also gave strong inclusion messages having<br />

plus-size models like Ashley Graham and Candice<br />

Huffine on the runways. Not to mention the slogan<br />

t-shirts at the end of the shows of Prabal Gurung,<br />

Christian Siriano and Public schools which ended<br />

with phrases like: The Future is Female, Love is<br />

Resistance and People are People.<br />

New York presented the 1990s as its fashion<br />

trend. That decade represented and promised<br />

community, diversity and unity including the<br />

release of Nelson Mandela from prison. This<br />

milestone that marked and still marks a change<br />

in the history of apartheid and discrimination in<br />

the world.<br />

Even though Marc Jacobs didn’t made any<br />

political statement in his interviews, his inspiration<br />

speaks for itself. His latest collection is<br />

one hundred percent inspired in the black world<br />

and the hip hop era. His starting point was the<br />

Netflix documentary: The Hip Hop Revolution. I<br />

could not help it but see Shaolin Fantastic from<br />

The Get Down, in some of the proposed outfits<br />

for the next season.<br />

19<br />

Another brand that included a political connotation<br />

in his nineties-minimal style on the Black<br />

Lives Matter theme was that of Nicholas K.<br />

Most of the models used gold and black berets,<br />

the style being a reminder of the The Black<br />

Panthers, who defended the minorities during<br />

the strong era of civil rights movement.<br />

Talking about minorities in the XXI century is<br />

also talking about the now heavily-attacked<br />

NICHOLAS K FALL <strong>2017</strong>

PRABAL GURUNG FALL <strong>2017</strong><br />

New York has definitely become more and more<br />

politically creative, proving that fashion is not just<br />

superficial.<br />

Yet New York is not the only capital that is democratizing<br />

fashion.<br />

London is the capital that is the expert in terms<br />

of fashion and diversity. The Teatum Jones brand<br />

completely appropriated the diversity subject and<br />

got inspired. The Fall <strong>2017</strong> collection called The<br />

Body | Part One offered a soundtrack full of quotes<br />

by the acclaimed actress Meryl Streep’s speech<br />

from the past Golden Globes criticizing the incompetence<br />

of Donald Trump and his mocking of a<br />

disabled journalist.<br />

They not only used two disability models, but the<br />

complete collection was also inspired for Autumn/<br />

Winter <strong>2017</strong> by artist Hans Bellmer’s mutated doll<br />

forms, a direct rejection of the cult of the seemingly<br />

perfect body now prominent in Nazi Germany.<br />

Milan was not far behind in the politics and Angela<br />

Missoni was very clear on her statements, showing<br />

support to the Women’s <strong>March</strong> that took place in<br />

Washington last January. At the end of Missoni<br />

fashion show, the models came out wearing pink<br />

knit pussy hats including the whole Missoni clan<br />

and Angela’s mother, Rosita. Angela gave some<br />

inspirational words inviting everyone to join “to<br />

show the world the fashion community is united<br />

and fearless”.<br />

Even the Italian-Haitian designer, Stella Jean was<br />

inspired in her own way by the Cold War era in<br />

her latest collection and spoke unambiguously<br />

about the current relationship between Russia<br />

and United States. “Nothing is clear now” she<br />

said.<br />

We all knew since last November 8, that the<br />

world would take big steps against the current<br />

ruler of the United States. The fashion world<br />

decided not to fall behind, showing their support<br />

against any kind of discrimination. Undoubtedly,<br />

this is the moment of not giving up on hope and<br />

to keep remembering that before being Black,<br />

White, Muslim, Jew, fat or thin… We are all human.<br />




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Who is Sulma-Arzu Brown? What are your roots?<br />

Where were you born?<br />

I am a proud Garifuna Women from Honduras. I<br />

specify from Honduras, because we have Garifuna<br />

people in Guatemala, Belize and Nicaragua.<br />

The Garifuna people are the black caribs living on<br />

the coastline of Central America. Because I was<br />

born in Honduras and not Belize (the only English<br />

colonized country in C.A), this also makes me an<br />

Afro-Latina.<br />

How did you get to the point of writing your<br />


MALO NO EXISTE; when was this book born?<br />

I call this book an ordained body of work. It<br />

was gifted to me by God, after I was able to<br />

respond to my child’s caregiver from a place<br />

of love when she used the colloquial term<br />

“pelo malo” to describe my then 3 year old<br />

daughter’s hair. The caregiver was a wonderful<br />

person and cared for my daughter like no<br />

other. She also had respect and appreciation<br />

for my family. There were times when she<br />

even combed my daughter’s hair when I did<br />

not have time to. So when she used this descriptive<br />

term, I had to keep all of that in mind.<br />

I also had to understand that my response at<br />

that moment would stay with my daughter for<br />



When did you decided not to get your hair relaxed<br />

anymore?<br />

It was a hot humid summer day about 4 years<br />

ago. I found myself going to the salon too much<br />

because of my business meetings. And spending<br />

too much money! So I had my beautician cut it all<br />

off. When the hair cut was completed, I finally gathered<br />

the strength to really examine myself in the<br />

mirror. It was as if the two year old Sulma met<br />

the 30+ year old Sulma and gave each other the<br />

warmest embrace. We were finally back together!<br />

When I got home that day my oldest daughter<br />

took a sigh of relief and said “Mommy we finally<br />

look alike”.<br />

Do you think you are meeting the objectives of<br />


EXISTE?<br />

ever. Words have power and children are imitators<br />

of the parent. When that happened, I gave her proper<br />

terms for our hair and asked that we work as<br />

partners to empower our girls. I promised I would<br />

find her a book that I could read to the children.<br />

The book I was looking for did not exist, so I had to<br />

write it. It took me 5 minutes. I heard a divine voice<br />

telling my spirit person to get the notebook and my<br />

pen out of my briefcase and start writing. The book<br />

was literally the alternative terms I gave the caregiver-short,<br />

long, curly, straight, etc. After writing the<br />

book, I called my best friend Isidra Sabio to create<br />

the images. Each image was very strategic. We<br />

took inspiration from family and friends, all different<br />

sizes, shapes and professions. It was the world<br />

through our lens.<br />


Are the readers feeling motivated and are they encouraging<br />

their girls to wear their natural hair? I had no idea<br />

so many women were victimized and scarred by the<br />

term “pelo malo”. It gave them the courage they needed<br />

to stand up to their bullies. The book’s purpose I think<br />

was never to have people be a part of the natural hair<br />

movement. I think that it was meant to be a part of the<br />

back to your essence revolution. I think people have<br />

the right to wear their hair anyway they want. So long<br />

as it’s not to run away from who they truly are or to be<br />

something someone else believes they should be. I do<br />

however encourage them to give their essence a chance<br />

to see the world.<br />

Instagram nopelomalo_sulma<br />

Libro disponible en Amazon -<br />

https://www.amazon.com/Hair-Does-Exist-Pelo-Existe/<br />

dp/098882406X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488287091&sr=8-1&keywords=bad+hair+does+not+exist<br />

Do you have plans of having this book sold in bookstores<br />

in other countries?<br />

This book needs to be in EVERY COUNTRY, IN EVERY<br />


Amazon and that makes it possible. If not, PLEASE call<br />

your family in the States and have them ship the book<br />

to you. There is no reason why our children should be<br />

without this book . Self esteem is the building block<br />

of our existence and will play a huge role on what we<br />

contribute to this world. I encourage all White people to<br />

have this book too - our world needs more cultural sensitivity.<br />

We need to stand together in cultural solidarity!<br />

What are your future projects for promoting this book<br />

out of the U.S.?<br />

At this point, I am looking for global brand partners and/<br />

or endorsement to facilitate book tours and conferences.<br />

I am working on a few proposals to make that<br />

happen. However, I need people like you to spread this<br />

message across all social media so that my book sales<br />

can significantly increase which will to prove its validity<br />

to the brands. I also need the help of the readers to let<br />

everyone know to buy this book. It’s on Amazon. My<br />

goal is to sell 10K copies this year.<br />

What is your message to our girls who are trying to<br />

decide to go back to their roots?<br />

Give every aspect of yourself an opportunity to soar!<br />

The world may give you limits, but with God we are<br />

limitless.<br />






Urenna Best, we consider that you are a<br />

great example to follow in the Afrodescendant<br />

youth and we would like to first tell a<br />

little about you, Who is Urenna Best? From<br />

what age you’ve been actively involved in<br />

the African descent movement?<br />

First of all thank you very much for the opportunity<br />

to share my experience, I really feel very honored.<br />

I was born in the beautiful province of Colon and decided<br />

from very young to go in after of my dreams,<br />

and I had a very difficult childhood, but thank God, I<br />

understood very young that the only way to change<br />

was through education.<br />

My dream then was to become a prestigious<br />

lawyer, my inspiration was the Chief of Justice<br />

Graciela Dixon, but unfortunately at that time, the<br />

career did not exist in Colon, for that reason and<br />

with the help of my Grandfather Egroy Gayle, (RIP)<br />

and who I thank wholeheartedly for what he did for<br />

me, I had to leave everything I went to study at the<br />

National University of Panama, experience which<br />

I thoroughly enjoyed and gave me the foundation<br />

to transform my life much beyond I ever imagined.<br />

Thanks to my studies in law, I could make<br />

my first trip abroad which definitely completely<br />

changed my way of seeing life. After participating<br />

in different facets of my life and the confidences of<br />

people who believed in my potential and that motivated<br />

me as my uncle Mario Parnther (RIP) and<br />


whom I consider one of the most brilliant<br />

minds I could meet in my life, I decided take<br />

an MBA in Madrid, in the CEF, which culminated<br />

with a clear understanding of what<br />

it means to be a foreigner trying to outdo<br />

other borders.<br />

On the second question, unlike many people<br />

of my generation, I did not enter ... I was<br />

born in the Afrodescendant movement,<br />

which has existed in different expressions,<br />

some more formal than others, but in fact<br />

has been true since the revelation of our<br />

ancestors now we know as a social movement,<br />

but before was cimarronaje, revolution,<br />

but I define it as a brave act of rebellion<br />

against a system, it manifested unfair from<br />

the ground.<br />

My Mother, Elvia Gayle Best and my Father<br />

Booker Best, felt since I was conceived, that<br />

I would be an example of African pride they<br />

felt, so they decided to name me Urenna<br />

Akenke, both African names, the Igbo of<br />

Nigeria. Urenna means: Pride of His Father<br />

and Akenke: means see it is love her or see<br />

her is love her. Based on this reality and the<br />

environment dominated by Afrocentrism, in<br />

which I was raised, I learned to grow very<br />

proud, not only of my Caribbean culture but<br />

different cultures that are part of the Pan<br />

African dream, I grew up reading stories of<br />

courageous people, listening music that<br />

invited you to reflect and witnessed deep<br />

discussions about what was happening<br />

around the world, such as apartheid in<br />

South Africa, social inequalities in Brazil and<br />

even in our country and the marked racial<br />

tension that is still lived in the United States<br />

and many parts of the world.


What was your experience as an activist,<br />

what were your greatest challenges and<br />

accomplishments?<br />

Although I was born within the movement, does<br />

not mean I was always happy with it, I felt that<br />

my environment was so immersed in political and<br />

social struggle, that many were forgetting simply<br />

to exist and enjoy the beautiful moments of life<br />

together with their families, including my mother,<br />

that has always been a brilliant woman, activist,<br />

fighter for human rights, but sometimes found<br />

on television, chained in the streets demanding<br />

social justice for Columbus and felt many times<br />

people did not appreciate the effort she was doing<br />

and tried to swear to myself that I never would be<br />

activist, I tried honor that promise when entering<br />

the Faculty of law and Political Science, and even<br />

always thought completely dedicate me to world<br />

of business, but when you have social conscience,<br />

you can hardly escape your mission or at least<br />

part of it. Before finishing the race an activist<br />

of African descent and women movement, Lic.<br />

Cecilia Moreno, to whom I owe and I thank you;<br />

came to visit my mother to my grandfather house<br />

and there he saw me, and he loved the fact that<br />

he was so young and was about to graduate from<br />

Lawyer and told me ...need young people like you<br />

become more involved in the movement, then I<br />

looked and told him that if someone wanted to start<br />

a business to tell me, but never less! When I finished<br />

degree in law at the same time stop believing in conventional<br />

politics, and I passionate for Human Rights, I<br />

spent more than a decade of my life fighting intensely,<br />

so many voices hitherto unknown, were heard and that<br />

me He led to join the struggle that existed long before<br />

I arrived and will continue to exist, while continuing<br />

social injustice.<br />

I participated Women Network, I coordinated networks<br />

and articulations of youth both nationally and internationally,<br />

contributing in some way to create spaces<br />

from their own perspectives, to really transform their<br />

realities.<br />

A major challenge at first was very young, in spaces<br />

that had historically been dominated by older people<br />

with experience and conviction. The first thing I did<br />

was prepare to understand and learn all you can and<br />

the next was open spaces for participation, I considered<br />

were needed, using the tools that had given me<br />

and respect to the sun today, wisdom and knowledge<br />

have always who had arrived long before me and have<br />

been my mentors (as) teachers (as) and exceptional<br />

guides. Another challenge and I feel I am still facing,<br />

is show my generation the value of these tools and<br />

experiences with those who before us and preceded,<br />

and that only through intergenerational work, as they<br />

have made other cultures, We will overcome the major<br />

social obstacles facing our communities both in Panama<br />

and internationally.<br />


Before talking about achievements I want stress that<br />

they were only possible by the collective work of leaders<br />

young at national and Egbert Wetherborne level, who<br />

was for me one of my teachers and the younger mentors<br />

I had in my career, Meyvis Blackman who in today<br />

is the National Secretary of Youth Mayor of District of<br />

Columbus, and the first Secretary of its kind in the Republic<br />

of Panama and I’m sure make an incredible work,<br />

Veyra Jackman who always participated in a coherent<br />

and responsible, helping to achieve transformations<br />

both, Plashka Meade, Samuel Samuels and a large<br />

nationally and number of leaders young throughout Panama<br />

internationally,both in the provinces and Islands,<br />

who worked selflessly and putting the soul, mind and<br />

heart in each initiative It has been made.<br />

At the international level, I shared with great leaders<br />

both in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia,<br />

which showed me different realities and the courage<br />

to trytransform. Among the achievements that I can<br />

highlight are, help increase visibility of the Indigenous<br />

and Afrodescendant youth and their situation in international<br />

spaces, empower youth to understand that were<br />

the solution to many problems, build living space for<br />

dialogue and exchange experiences and have somehow<br />

allowed that important are planned leaders in the<br />

region, and which I am sure will make a difference, also<br />

help achieve the incidence of young voices in spaces of<br />

decision making for both agenda goals and Sustainable<br />

Development goals, as for that of the International<br />

Decade of African Descent and most importantly, the<br />

experience itself that activism allowed meget visit many<br />

countries on 4 continents, bringing always responsibly<br />

the message that youth is important, you have rights<br />

and also has its own voice. I participated with international<br />

organizations like the OAS and UN agencies such<br />

as UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women and OHCHR and received<br />

training in leadership and human rights in different<br />

countries of America and Europe.<br />

How do currently see the Afrodescendant movement<br />

in Panama, as the new generation is<br />

emerging in all areas and expressions?<br />

The Afrodescendant movement in Panama has always<br />

been very strong, more than what activists thereof may<br />

believe, while compared to other countries, there have<br />

been significant achievements in legislation and social<br />

matters. Our story unlike other countries experienced<br />

very closely the reality of racial tensions in the<br />

United States, the presence of American bases<br />

in Panama, the reality lived in the Canal Zone and<br />

ancestral history that marked some way across<br />

the population that may not directly lived those<br />

experiences, so the dynamics and strength of<br />

the movement in Panama was and always be<br />

interesting. We have a full of intellectuals and<br />

thinkers movement some still are present others<br />

have left this plane, but left a very important to<br />

continue seed, we also have a bright stream but<br />

more combative character, in my opinion we are<br />

all important and fulfill a mission .<br />

None of the gains that have been achieved has<br />

been result of the generosity of governments have<br />

been result of sacrifice and dedication of every<br />

man and woman of African descent movement in<br />

Panama, to which we owe the possibility of being<br />

at this time fulfill our dreams and goals without<br />

having to worry about issues that we now take for<br />

granted, but as rights did not exist before.<br />

And there definitely a younger generation that<br />

is emerging stronger than ever, for never since<br />



the arrival of our ancestors were much freedom and<br />

opportunities as there are now, in this generation I<br />

christened as the generation of the harvest, everything<br />

you can if it proposes, but only through the efforts and<br />

sacrifice of those who gone before and. The challenge<br />

facing this generation is living the new reality, but<br />

knowing their history and their rights, because although<br />

we are a generation that is free to reap whats own<br />

and the only thing that can stop us are our aspirations<br />

and ignorance, we are also responsible for doing so<br />

thinking of coming back and leave an even more fertile<br />

ground, which are for them (as) to go further than us,<br />

as did those who went before.<br />

Changing a bit the topic, I would like you to share<br />

about your two facets, we know you’re a lawyer, and<br />

from the 2016 host connection Caribbean program<br />

we would like know what led you to take such a radical<br />

change in your life, and if you’re still practicing as<br />

a lawyer?<br />

The truth have always been behind racks and many<br />

people think that the program is a radical change in<br />

my life, but more than 10 years worked on radio ago,<br />

I grew up surrounded by broadcasters and communicators<br />

as Eddy Vasquez, Irving Harris, because my<br />

brother Delano Mondell worked with them for years,<br />

and always allowed me see their work and incidentally<br />

I mean Delano, was a great inspiration to me, it<br />

was the first person I saw realizing his dream and<br />

live your passion and heartfelt thanks sacrifices<br />

and teachings.<br />

I also worked several years with Edgardo Franco,<br />

better known as the General, I did a vital facet in his<br />

life, as he was leaving the entertainment world and<br />

returning to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but during<br />

that transition me taught about ethics work, responsibility,<br />

and also to exploit the creative side and<br />

be visionary, which always tried implement in every<br />

aspect of my life mainly professional.<br />

Always I shall exercise as a lawyer and use my<br />

knowledge to those in need, both in matters. public<br />

and private also keep a portfolio of private clients,<br />

with whom I have worked for long time and I feel<br />

quite honored to do so.<br />

How did Caribbean Connection and what is the<br />

primary objective of this TV show?<br />

Caribbean connection, born as a creative initiative<br />

of visionary people, intending to rescue, promote<br />

and project properly diverse cultural expressions of<br />

the Caribbean. Also born thanks to the opportunity<br />

us provided NexTV through Licda. Marisin Luzcando,<br />

which has a social and cultural consciousness,

quite high and fell in love with the project from<br />

the moment she met him.<br />

Contrary to what many people think, the program<br />

is about all cultures of the Caribbean,<br />

including all ethnic groups that compose,<br />

definitely African culture, marked significantly to<br />

Caribbean, but were not such rich cultures and<br />

impressive without sum of all that influenced<br />

them, such as China, Hindustani, Jewish and<br />

others.<br />

The richness of the program is the guidance<br />

of experts who nurtured with knowledge and<br />

wisdom, helping to draw the reality of the Caribbean<br />

in an interesting and entertaining one of<br />

our great guides for this has been the Magister<br />

Gerardo Maloney, who is very experienced<br />

and It challenges us to improve ourselves and<br />

become better better. It has also been instrumental<br />

the support of our sponsors, artists who<br />

support us, special guests and news sources,<br />

among which involved researchers and specialists<br />

from the likes of Krishna Camarena, Edward<br />

Irving, Alberto Barrow, Anthony Mclean,Ricardo<br />

Richards and many more of which we<br />

can talk later.<br />

What I can advance is that if people have liked<br />

the program so far, is going to be lot more good,<br />

both Jermaine Lion, like the rest of production<br />

team are excited by what follows and grateful<br />

to the Panamanian people for opening the doors<br />

of their homes and their hearts.<br />

What is your ideal or dream as African<br />

descent at national and international<br />

level for our community?<br />

My dream as Afrodescendant is to see our<br />

people in peace and prosperity, anywhere on the<br />

planet, and this requires positively transform the<br />

reality that characterizes our communities, make<br />

use of our culture, intellect, creativity and guile<br />

that characterizes us , which added to our resilience<br />

which has allowed us survive despite the<br />

exclusion and discrimination of the system and<br />

understand once for all that we are the only ones<br />

responsible for our reality better and that alone<br />

will achieve with education, and when I say I do<br />

not mean education exclusively to academics<br />

formal, but the training and continuous improvement.<br />

I would also like to understand the value of<br />

creative culture, to point that no one would try<br />

appropriate it, because we already did everything<br />

to exalt and take.<br />



What message do you have for all those<br />

young and not so young, who have<br />

dreams and have the desire to take?<br />

We can achieve whatever we think and dream<br />

once we target, the only true limits we can find in<br />

our lives to undertake are in our mind, that is the<br />

tool, most powerful but also the most dangerous<br />

and why is vital nourish, inform and strengthen<br />

important and positive things as our history,<br />

origin, meet and know the wonderful things we<br />

achieved our ancestors, many without freedom,<br />

that will help us know what we can achieve with<br />

all means now they exist and not exist before.<br />

When we are successful and we are not satisfied<br />

with the system imposes us whole community<br />

wins when we give up and we sit and watch<br />

life go without trying,whole community loses. I<br />

want conclude with a thought that has become<br />

commercial, but really born from the trenches of<br />

movements social is that we (as) are the hero we<br />

were always waiting.<br />



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School’s already started. For all those with<br />

school age children, going back to school<br />

tends to be hectic. Extensive assignments<br />

are usually part of the weekend family agenda.<br />

A Even during the week you will get a call<br />

or two from home, maybe every day depending<br />

on the school, telling you what you<br />

have to run and buy before stores close with<br />

the reminder that it´s for the following day,<br />

so hurry! Teachers want all kinds of weird<br />

things, a pencil you´ve never heard about, or<br />

a special notebook you didn´t know existed,<br />

or some very expensive novel. Once you’ve<br />

found it, after trips to several stores, you<br />

must now “fly” home. The traffic jam makes<br />

it a bit difficult but finally you arrive home<br />

and then it´s time to do homework or study<br />

until late hours of the night. Sounds familiar?<br />

We all want our children to study autonomously<br />

and dream of not having to be their<br />

“slaves” during the school year but, have<br />

we spent time teaching them how to study?<br />

Many factors impact academic success.<br />

The internal, external, and environmental<br />

elements as well as the child’s study skills<br />

are all factors. To study with a method is to<br />

realistically monitor and program the conditions,<br />

tasks and activities that guarantee<br />

efficient and effective learning.<br />


Quick reading of the text to capture the<br />

structure and fundamental ideas.<br />


Comprehensive Reading. In it they must<br />

understand each of the words and ideas of<br />

the text.<br />


Highlighting key words. It is not recommended<br />

that they be complete sentences as the<br />

underlying loses its visual value.<br />

SCHEME<br />

Elaboration of the material to be learned. It<br />

should be brief and allow at a glance, the<br />

ability to capture the structure of the material<br />

and the relevant ideas.<br />

There is a method called ELSER 3 (spanish)<br />

that helps us teach some techniques to our<br />

children.<br />


In his own words, the child has to express<br />

what he/she has read.<br />



It can be memorized but what really sets<br />

the information in the long-term memory is<br />

elaboration.<br />


REVIEW<br />

To avoid forgetfulness, it is essential to go<br />

through periodic reviews. Two days after<br />

the first reading they must review, after the<br />

fourth day again and a week later once more<br />

until the day of the test. After each review<br />

the information will be further retained.<br />

Now that school has resumed you will no<br />

longer feel overwhelmed if you change the<br />

strategy and teach your children this method<br />

for better results. These study techniques<br />

are a set of logical tools that help to improve<br />

academic performance and facilitate the<br />

process of memorization, reflection, analysis,<br />

critical thinking and learning. This school<br />

year is bound to be better with a proven<br />

method tailored to meet your needs which<br />

I’m sure will help everyone in the home. The<br />

performance and confidence of your child<br />

will improve which will also give you a little<br />

more freedom. Remember, you are no longer<br />

in school!<br />

Your ad can be here!<br />

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hopes that these tips help you<br />

all enjoy the <strong>2017</strong> return to<br />

class.<br />

Phone: +507-62411167<br />

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35<br />

Each year, with the beginning of the school, you have to adjust all the dynamics in order to<br />

cope with the day. You get up earlier to have more time to deal with the traffic and because<br />

they all leave early and there are now also school buses. Then after the work day you<br />

come home to review homework and never fail to hear the phrase “Mommy , I need a chart<br />

paper for tomorrow.”<br />

The beginning of classes presents challenges, not only for students but for moms and<br />

dads as well. Preparations begin a couple of weeks earlier. If uniforms, books, supplies,<br />

shoes, sneakers are taken care of, you still suddenly hear the night before... “I don’t have a<br />

beeeltt”.<br />

But let’s go a bit beyond the initial beginning of classes. Now our children and young people<br />

also have complex agendas and commitments that need to be synchronized with ours<br />

so that there is good family dynamics where everyone can fulfill what they are passionate<br />

about. Some will play an instrument, whether in the school’s or outside in the local com-

munity. Others will be in some sports team (soccer,<br />

baseball, basketball, and now football, or the popular<br />

“flag football” where there will be practices to attend<br />

throughout the year.<br />

Now, how do you organize things so that everyone<br />

can meet their agendas? Some families, organize<br />

with others for the infamous “carpool” where a parent<br />

a week is responsible for transporting several<br />

children. This makes the transition easier.<br />

Some have the luxury of having that retired grandmother<br />

who loves to be active and will pick them up<br />

and bring them home. Or that retired aunt, young<br />

woman or family member still in college or on vacation<br />

or even friends. Others are fortunate to have<br />

a “super- nanny” who even drives and acts as a<br />

driver. What a joy!<br />

And the events? What to say about all the activities<br />

where children and young people are the main<br />

artists? Essay presentations, dance routines, costumes,<br />

cinematography and the “Moooom can you<br />

bring me cherry frosty pale paper and a pizza? We<br />

have not eaten anything”<br />

This is all a wonderful debauchery in which we have<br />

to support our children at all times so they can<br />

discover their true passion. In fact all these curricular<br />

activities lead to building character, gives them<br />

responsibilities to fulfill, organizing their time and<br />

most important of all, build friendships. It is here<br />

where they connect with friends who may be their<br />

friends for life.<br />

This story repeats itself every year, until our heirs<br />

lift their flight to other latitudes, but meanwhile this<br />

“chaos” lasts, it is important to have a wide support<br />

system with which all these things can be “solved”<br />

and when Mom or Dad can not do it all because of<br />

their work commitments.<br />

Welcome to a new school year that comes with<br />

challenges, activities and the most wonderful of<br />

entanglements. Hopefully with a little organization,<br />

it will go from being chaos to one of the most enriching<br />

experiences of each person involved!<br />


HEALTH<br />




VaniaBarrow26@hotmail.com<br />

Hello Ethnicities friends! In this edition we will talk a little about the oral health<br />

of the little ones of the house, I mean the deciduous or milk teeth as they are<br />

commonly known. These teeth are important because with their appearance,<br />

the baby is able to chew solid foods, have a nice smile and speak well.<br />


Tooth care and oral hygiene should start<br />

from the first months of life.<br />

Milk teeth are almost completely formed at birth. At<br />

the beginning, these teeth are submerged in the bone<br />

and gums and at about 6 months they begin to erupt<br />

(emerge). Good nutrition and proper oral hygiene are<br />

the key for your child to have a healthy mouth.<br />

Just as the children go to the pediatrician for control<br />

appointments, they must go to the pediatric dentist as<br />

well. This is the dental specialist who takes care of the<br />

oral health of the baby up to 16 years.<br />

Preschool age is the ideal time to implement appropriate<br />

routines for children to internalize and form<br />

habits to avoid future problems related to oral health.<br />

Remember that good oral hygiene during childhood<br />

along with the habit of visiting the dentist periodically<br />

will encourage a child to become the adult who keeps<br />

his teeth for life.<br />

Tips for Caring for Baby Teeth:<br />

Although newborns and babies do not have<br />

teeth, taking good care of their mouth and<br />

gums is important.<br />

Use a damp cloth to clean the baby’s gums<br />

after every meal.<br />

DO NOT put your baby to bed with a bottle<br />

of milk, juice, or sweetened water. Use only<br />

water for bedtime bottles.<br />

Decayed teeth or fractures can cause:<br />

Insufficient Nutrition<br />

Painful and dangerous infections<br />

Problems with language development<br />

Low self-esteem<br />

Begin using a soft toothbrush instead of the<br />

cloth to clean the child’s teeth as soon as the<br />

first tooth appears (usually between 5 and 8<br />

months of age).<br />

The child’s first visit to the dentist should be<br />

between the appearance of the first tooth and<br />

when all of his primary teeth are visible (by<br />

around 2 and a half years).<br />

Many dentists recommend a “test” visit. This<br />

helps the child get used to the clinic’s sights,<br />

sounds, smells, and sensations before the<br />

actual first exam.<br />


HEALTH<br />

Tips to take care for Your Child’s<br />

Teeth:<br />

Clean your baby’s teeth every day. When the<br />

baby’s teeth begin to emerge, clean them by<br />

gently rubbing them with a clean, damp washcloth.<br />

When the baby’s teeth are bigger use<br />

a toothbrush for children.<br />

Teach your child how to play safe and what<br />

to do if a tooth is broken or falls. If you act<br />

quickly, you can often save the tooth.<br />

When your child has permanent teeth, you<br />

should start flossing each night before<br />

going to bed.<br />

Children under two years old should not use<br />

toothpaste. Instead use water to brush your<br />

child’s teeth.<br />

Do not let the child fall asleep with the bottle<br />

in his/her mouth. This can leave milk or juice<br />

on the teeth and cause the formation of cavities<br />

that is known as “bottle cavities”.<br />

Children who brush every day and have a<br />

low consumption of goodies are usually<br />

more comfortable on visits with the dentist.<br />

So as you already heard here friends, take<br />

care of the oral health of our little ones.<br />

Encourage older children to eat snacks that<br />

have little sugar, such as fruits, cheese and<br />

vegetables. Avoid giving your child sweets<br />

that are sticky and gummy.<br />

Teach your children how to brush their teeth<br />

and the importance of keeping their teeth<br />

clean.<br />

Take your children to the dentist frequently.<br />

The American Dental Association recommends<br />

that children should visit the dentist<br />

after the age of one.<br />

When the child reaches teenage age, dental<br />

correctors or extractions may be needed to<br />

prevent long-term problems.<br />

Take the child to the dentist every 6 months<br />

and let him know if the child sucks his thumb<br />

or breathes through the mouth.<br />

Keep in mind that you can<br />

make dental brushing a fun<br />

experience by singing and dancing<br />

while brushing your children’s<br />

teeth!<br />


HEALTH<br />





vhidalgo9@yahoo.es<br />

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that both children and<br />

adults reduce their intake of sugar to less than 10% of the total number of calories<br />

consumed per day.<br />

Currently how much sugar is consumed a day by a child<br />

and an adult?<br />


HEALTH<br />

What people should know is that there are<br />

different types of sugars: Simple or free,<br />

these include monosaccharides and disaccharides<br />

added by the food industry, cooks<br />

or consumers to foods such as sucrose,<br />

refined sugars, sodas, pastry, etc. and the<br />

intrinsic or natural sugars.<br />

Types of sugars include: Fructose or fruit<br />

sugar, Lactose (milk sugar), Maltose (malt<br />

sugar), Corn syrup rich in fructose (corn<br />

syrup), Glucose (simple sugar that can be<br />

transported in the blood), Sucrose (table<br />

sugar) which is naturally found in beet or<br />

sugar cane and Sweeteners (industrial preparations).<br />

Based on this, we can say that<br />

the vast majority of foods contain sugar and<br />

the danger lies in the excess consumption<br />

of simple sugars, in this case those that<br />

are added to foods such as sucrose (table<br />

sugar), corn syrup and maltose. There is<br />

currently no evidence that consumption of<br />

fructose has adverse health effects (WHO).<br />

According to statistics from the US Department<br />

of Agriculture, between 2012 and 2013<br />

more than 163 million tons of sugar were<br />

consumed worldwide.<br />

* Based on the amount estimated, what<br />

should the appropriate consumption be?<br />

According to research by the Ministry of<br />

Health in its documents Recommended<br />

Daily Feeding, during the 0 to 6 months,<br />

exclusive breastfeeding is recommended.<br />

Do not add water with sugars, juices etc. for<br />

young children. Breast milk includes all the<br />

nutrients including water the child should<br />

consume.<br />

6 to 24 months- It is not necessary to add<br />

simple sugars to the child’s diet.<br />

12 to 24 months- Can add 8% of simple<br />

carbohydrates from the total caloric value,<br />

which would represent 60 extra calories (3<br />

teaspoons added sugar).<br />

In the rest of the age groups- It is recommended<br />

that the consumption of sugars be<br />

between 5% - 10% of the total caloric intake<br />

(WHO). For example if we use a 2000 calorie<br />

eating plan as a basis, only 6% (120 calories)<br />

of the 2,000 total daily calories should<br />

come from plain sugars.<br />

Foods that should be avoided are refined<br />

sugar, soda, sugary drinks (cold tea of any<br />

flavor, powdered packaging and bottled juices)<br />

in addition to bakery products, confectionery<br />

and bakery products. It is important<br />

to learn when reading the nutritional labeling<br />

of products to check out and know when a<br />

product has high sugar content.<br />



Some ways to decrease the sugar<br />

content in our diet.<br />

Food Nutrition Education to the consumer.<br />

Your ad can be here!<br />

Learn to read the sugar content of the nutritional<br />

label of the products.<br />

The regulation of the marketing of foods<br />

and non-alcoholic beverages with a high<br />

content of free sugars, and the implementation<br />

of fiscal policies aimed at foods with a<br />

high content of free sugars.<br />

An educated population will put knowledge<br />

into practice by changing the way they<br />

choose food.<br />

To receive more information on this topic<br />

you can write to me at: vhidalgo9@yahoo.<br />

es or at skype: veronica.hidalgo<br />

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Hotel Crown Plaza.<br />

For more information,<br />

email us at:<br />

info@ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />

www.ethnicitiesmagazine.com<br />

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Follo us:<br />





albertobarrow1@gmail.com<br />


I do not know now, but until recently, there<br />

were many in Panama.<br />

Any hint to the streets and avenues of our<br />

country brings us, inevitably, to a range of evidence<br />

that account for ethnocultural multiplicity<br />

that makes Panama a unique geographical<br />

space in the Americas. Our ethnic diversity<br />

continues to impress our locals and strangers,<br />

especially when attention is focused on the<br />

plant and grace of Panamanian women, whose<br />

figure and swagger, very particular, have been<br />

cause, on many occasions, of marriage rifts in<br />

the very Avenue.<br />

However this feature, which is not only aesthetic<br />

but sociocultural and expresses an<br />

aspect of been panamanian “panameñidad”<br />

as is the paradigm of their wives, fades,<br />

disappearing in some scenarios the country.<br />

One of them that this “phenomenon” was<br />

observed in the field of employment, mainly<br />

in some areas of the private sector. There,<br />

certain Panamanian ( “Cholas” indigenous,<br />

mulatto, black, were becoming invisible,better<br />

it is said, they were invisible, especially<br />

in some levels of activity in which the performance<br />

of the work was done inview of<br />

customers and users .<br />

A pathetic example in this area was the<br />

banking center and services, both housed in<br />



50th street and surrounding areas. These were<br />

two scenarios in which a segment of Panamanian<br />

society virtually disappeared, as if his real<br />

existence in the country they were the inventiveness<br />

of someone or, even more, of a sort of<br />

collective fantasy. in the heart of the Financial<br />

Center ethnic polychromy, of which we spoke at<br />

beginning of these notes, took a countenance<br />

too “Nordic”,situation that was thinking it was<br />

another country, different from ours. of course,<br />

it was against grain of the actual ethnic composition<br />

of the nation. what there was experienced<br />

in terms of responsible for customer service<br />

female staff did not match Panamanian we see<br />

regularly in our avenues.<br />

For years, he had argued that a look, even if was<br />

furtive, the emporiums glass, carpet and marble<br />

built by hundreds of companies in the Banking<br />

Center, requires a reflection on the criteria used<br />

(or used) for those dollars to employ staff, and<br />

how they throw, as a result, lacks panorama<br />

of shades, Euro centric, which ignores the rich<br />

racial multiplicity that distinguishes us from the<br />

rest of the continent and is one of our strengths<br />

in both this diversity has produced an accumulation<br />

historical and cultural constituent of our<br />

national identity, or what we have been called:<br />

the Panamanian.<br />

45<br />

In the world of finance and concurrent services<br />

they were glaringly absent some Panamanian;<br />

those we see every day on the street. There are<br />

outrageously those blondes; and those that are<br />

not, at least try to look alike. They are preferred<br />

managers. Know perfectly that those responsible<br />

for human resources departments, so seek<br />

certain results in the selection of personnel<br />

(because it’s not created, it is matter of chance).<br />

After a process coated with an apparent objectivity<br />

of these specialists in managing people,<br />

an end result that has almost nothing to do<br />

with what we live every day, in our streets and<br />

avenues occurs; a new species that had been<br />

called arises: Ignored “negreadas” Panamanian;<br />

those that exist in the country, but not in banks,<br />

insurance companies, subsidiaries, “off shores”<br />

and all the gear that operates at Federico Boyd,<br />

Manuel Espinosa Batista, Samuel Lewis, Marbella,<br />

New Field cheerful and Obarrio.<br />

The Panamanian “You negreadas” are women<br />

who, despite possessing academic, technical<br />

and personal skills to work in the financial center<br />

and large private utilities, typical of our service economy,<br />

do not always find space in this area, perhaps<br />

by what “good presence”; the look,the corporate<br />

image, or any of the prejudices that abound in the<br />

psyche of those responsible for the selection of<br />

personnel employed there.is why you never saw<br />

in the photographs illustrating the great ads that<br />

display those companies, concerning their anniversaries<br />

or advertising promotions, or newsletters<br />

that report their seminars, to Indian, black or “chola”.<br />

Occasionally, they appeared Asian descents. These<br />

photographs and television footage were extremely<br />

revealing what he considered constituted solidly<br />

rooted prejudices in our society; they are (were)<br />

eloquent; “Speak”.<br />

It is assumed that in this era of leseferism; the regulation<br />

of the economy and the world work, in short,<br />

would tell me, almost all socially relevant on the

planet, it can be like swimming upstream proposing that<br />

rules governing some superstructural aspects of this<br />

vast imposed world that has been called: the market. I<br />

am however of those who think that amidst the neoliberal<br />

euphoria experienced in the world, the state still has<br />

social responsibilities, and one of them is guaranteed<br />

to all citizens conditions for access to the material and<br />

spiritual wealth of society, equal terms.<br />

In that sense, and this I have pointed out on other<br />

occasions, there is an urgent need, in our environment,<br />

to advocate for public policies to ensure real and effective<br />

participation of all and women in the enjoyment of<br />

social goods. And if there is a social good that of existential<br />

nature, that’s the job.<br />

Consequently, in my view, it would be an excess lead the<br />

adoption of standards in the field of human resources<br />

recruitment, so that access to sources of employment<br />

not present limitations of subjective order to exclude<br />

from the same to a large number of people in view of<br />

their somatic characteristics. It is thus avoid or at least<br />

reduce, the reproduction of the species I have called the<br />

Panamanian “You Ignored (negreadas)”; an aberrant<br />

monstrosity of our society that is exquisite expression<br />

in our financial center and services, and contrary to the<br />

beauties that both attract attention on the streets of our<br />

city, and are a living expression of the ethnic diversity of<br />

our country unfortunately, it is not reflected adequately<br />

covered in employment in “Calle 50” and now Costa del<br />

Este, situation we are ethically and morally bound to<br />

change, because the negrear has never been good.<br />


#VisitPanama<br />

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