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LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN Dear Readers, This is a very special issue. After all HorseTimes is all about creating a positive change in how we view, manage and enjoy our sport through innovative reporting and perspectives to better serve our sport and you, our readers. The concept of dedicating a full issue to a particular event stemmed from this philosophy, but more so from how truly grand this event is. The Olympic Games is the very pinnacle of the top level of the sport. We have in the past documented Olympic moments, medals and achievements. But for this issue we decided to take a more in-depth and personal perspective on the Rio Olympic Games 2016. Not just the winners, but also the city of Rio itself, and the preparations, efforts, and moments we witnessed there, the Olympic flame and the historic and mythical ideas behind it, the incredibly complex and coordinated transportation of the horses for such long distances, the riders and their revelations, and finally the medals as well as some entertaining facts that we think you might enjoy. Share with us our journey to Rio... Khaled Assem

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