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Love, Sex and Flight Tickets

Monica Pinias

Copyright © Monika Inotila Pinias 2017

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted

in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the

prior written permission from publisher.

First published in 2017

Published by Monika Inotila Pinias

P.O. Box 60375

Katutura, Windhoek


Book Cover: Eric Naikaku

Layout: Eugen H. Simeon

ISBN 978-1-63227-160-0

First and foremost I would like to thank my creator, for the talent

and for the wisdom to know what to do with it. Another thank you

to everybody who has invested their time, creativity and money

into project Love, Sex and Flight Tickets. I can never thank you

enough. Love, Sex and Flight Tickets is straight from my fingers

to you. It’s been a learning process, thank you for being part of

it. All characters are fictional and is an illustration of my imagination.

To my friends, family and sponsors . . . thank you for

everything. To my original blessers, every single one of you who

bought a copy, thank you.

Is that enough? I hope so . . .

Monika Inotila Pinias

Love, Sex and Flight Tickets, Monica Pinias

Chapter 1

“Stop! I can’t do this anymore Sam. Take me home.”

Sam sits up straight and takes a few deep breaths “Vicky we spoke about this. You

know my situation”.

Vicky gave him a long gaze and tears were rolling down her face.

Vicky could not contain her tears.

Sam gets up from the bed and stands behind her.

“Vicky, you know I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, Sam


“You want to spend the rest of your life with me? Really? In and out of hotel rooms?

So, I should be your hotel hoe for the rest of my life? Really Sam” shouts a frustrated


Vicky and Sam met a few months back at a business conference where he was an

invited speaker and she was representing the law firm where she worked as a receptionist.

She worked long hours to pay for her modelling classes, but also so that she

could afford the ‘weave’, which was cost-intensive but, unfortunately, important to

be accepted by the society.

Vicky was an aspiring model and at the age of twenty-two she thought it was the

right time to start aiming towards her dream to become one of Namibia’s top models.

Vicky was popular, she was beautiful, young, stylish and had the body structure

of a Goddess. But she wanted to be more than just popular. Vicky wanted to be on

magazine covers and adverts – Vicky would imagine an audience cheering and

clapping for her as she walks the run way. She would play the scenes in her mind

repeatedly in front of every mirror she ran across.

She was determined to be one of Africa’s best models.

Her father was almost nonexistent to her and her mother lived off a monthly salary

as a teacher at one of the local schools, there was no way she could convince her

mother to pay for her modeling coaching.

When Vicky met Sam for the first time, he seemed really interested in knowing

more about her. And the first thing Vicky mentioned was her dream of being one of

Africa’s greatest models. She was beautiful with big brown eyes, she had the most

amazing legs and always carried her smile with her. Sam immediately offered to


help her accomplish her dream of being a top model.

Since then, Vicky and Sam started spending more and more time together.

Sam was in his early forties, he was tall, handsome and had a very pleasant personality.

When Sam first persuaded Vicky she insisted on just being friends. Not only because

Sam was a well-known business man but also because Sam was married

to one of Namibia’s most respected business women. Vicky contemplated getting

herself involved with a married man but Sam was persuasive, he said all the right

words and he paid the right bills. Sam showered Vicky with gifts, trips and endless


“My wife and I met back in school, I was just a boy. She got pregnant and I thought

that marrying her was the right thing to do. “

“But Sam . . .”

“The love has been dead for years now. When I met you, I met love again. There is

just something about you”.

She was almost sure that all he really wanted was sex and a good time but as time

went by Vicky kept seeing a side of Sam that she was starting to appreciate, Sam

was always there for Vicky and she felt he understood her. Vicky was falling in love

with Sam.

Sam paid for her model coaching and would often fly her out to attend modeling

and fashion events in South Africa or Nigeria. Vicky loved flying out with Sam,

there he could hold her hand in public, take her for a walk or ice cream and what

she loved doing the most, shopping!

His friends warned him to take it slow with his young mistress, but Sam had a serious

weakness for Vicky. He enjoyed spending time with Vicky, she made him feel

young again.

“Your confusing lust with love Sam. Soon people will start talking!” warned his


Vicky showed off her lavish lifestyle, she posted pictures on her Instagram and

Facebook. Her outfits where hardly repeated, her makeup was flawless and Vicky

was traveling to all such amazing places but she never tagged, captioned or mentioned

who she was with. But people knew, they knew she was the mistress to one

of Namibia’s top business man.

Other girls envied Vicky, they gossiped about her and made a mockery of her dream


Love, Sex and Flight Tickets, Monica Pinias

to be a model. They made assumptions about her, “she is a prostitute in South Africa

that is why she travels so much” they gossiped.

More and more people started seeing Vicky with Sam, that’s when they started to


She could sense it from the way people looked at her when she came around. Some

made it no secret that they despised her, “Men snatchers must fall!” they whispered.

Despite the fact that Vicky knew that most people probably didn’t like her, she still

always walked up straight and greeted everybody with a beautiful smile.

“All these so-called models are all just men snatchers.” People whispered when she

walked by.

One time Sam had planned a weekend away in Durban for him and Vicky. When

Vicky arrived at the airport the queue was long but she didn’t mind because her

flight was only an hour later. When she got to the assisting desk the lady at the help

desk held her hand out and said, “Passport please”.

Vicky handed her the passport and continued to check pictures in her phone.

“Do you have luggage” she asked and Vicky nodded in agreement.

The lady looked at her and smiled.

Vicky checked her phone and she received a text message from Sam.

You look beautiful in those leggings. Can’t wait to take them off.

Vicky looked around her and noticed Sam in the queue, three to four people away

from her.

As the lady hands her the passport back she smiled again and asked for the next

available client. As Vicky walked away she glanced at her and noticed her nodding

her head with and even bigger smile. For some reason, Vicky didn’t like her much,

she was sensing a negative vibe from the lady.

When Vicky got on the plane the flight assistant walked her to her seat, right next

to Sam. People stared, others rolled their eyes and whispered. When the plane took

off, Vicky closed her eyes. Not because she was scared, but she couldn’t wait to get

off the airplane. All the looking and whispering was starting to get to her.

As much as Vicky pretended to not care, she did. Everybody was talking about it

and soon her mother had heard that her only daughter was involved with a married


man. Her mother was angry, embarrassed but at a point she thought it was her fault.

Vicky’s mother felt guilty, she and Vicky hardly spoke. Both Vicky and her brother

hardly sat or spoke with her because they hated their step-father. They spend most

of their time in their rooms or out visiting friends.

For the first-time Sam saw the pain in Vicky’s eyes.

Her hands trembled from all the anger and pain she carried deep in heart since she

got involved with Sam.

She was tired of everybody talking about her, tears rolled down her face. And for

the first-time Sam had seen her sad and broken down.

Sam wrapped his arms around her and whispered to her “I am sorry that I love you

so much VEE. I’m sorry that I am selfish with your love. If I leave her now I’m

screwed, we are screwed. Give me some time, just hold in there for me.” He paused

and added: “Vee is for daddy and daddy is for Vee . . . right?”

Vicky loved it when Sam called her “Vee” and he loved when she called him “daddy”.

Sam tightened his grab around her waist and turned her around to face him.

He leaned in and lifted her up and gently placed her back onto the bed.

Sam gently ran his hand all over her body and unzipped her dress.

He kissed Vicky on the lips and wandered around her ear loops with his wet lips.

He gently kissed her neck and nibbled on her nipple and continued to push her to

the center of the bed.

Vicky moaned from excitement.

Immediately Sam removed her underwear and he blew warm air down her neck.

Vicky rubbed her legs swiftly between Sam’s thighs as she continued to moan with


“Yes! Daddy take me” she whispers in his ear seductively.

Vicky grabbed the bed sheets and groaned, “Take me now.”

Sam looked Vicky in the eyes and told her, “I will give it to you baby”

She slowly spread her legs and Sam stared at her facial expression as he gently

pushed himself in her, he moaned with excitement as he felt the moist as he entered



Love, Sex and Flight Tickets, Monica Pinias

His phone started ringing and they both ignored the call but it wouldn’t stop, the

phone kept ringing.

The phone was starting to annoy Vicky, she pushed him off her, “maybe its husband-duties

Sam. Maybe Mrs. Ndeutapo needs you to pick up some milk on the

way home” she said sarcastically as she got up from the bed and headed towards

the bathroom.

Sam grabbed his phone and noticed his friend David was the one calling. ‘Vee it’s

just David. He probably wants to go watch soccer or something. But Vicky said

nothing she walked back in the room and started putting on her clothes.

Sam dials David back.

“Shit, Okay I will deal with it later” he adds.

Sam sits on the edge of the bed, his eyes locked onto the wall.

Vicky is standing by the mirror combing her hair and gets triggered by the concern

in Sam’s voice, “Is everything okay?


Without saying a word he gets up and starts putting on his clothes.

“What is wrong ano?” pleaded a concerned Vicky.

“David is having a crisis and I need to go see him immediately”. Here is some money,

dial a cab. I’ll call you later” he says before storming out.

Vicky rolls her eyes and grabs her handbag. Vicky knows when Sam has to rush to

David its most probably because either one of them is in trouble with their wives

and needs bailing out. Usually with a hand full of lies or just made up stories.

Sam and David have been best friends since high school. They, and their wives,

frequently had dinner together, and went on joint trips every other month.

Sam was head over hills in love with his wife Martha. Every Wednesday, he would

take her out for long romantic drives or take her to eat at expensive and fancy

restaurants. But two year into their marriage and Sam had become too busy for all

their outings. If he wasn’t working late, he was flying out for work related issues.

Martha was a hardworking, dedicated wife and mother to their two sons Justin and

Jeremy. Martha never complained about her husband’s work or his traveling. She

was grateful that he was working hard making sure their two sons had the best of



Sam makes his way to David’s office. He hated going to David’s office. The atmosphere

was always so casual, employees wore jeans and hanged around each other’s


As Sam walked towards David’s office, one of the female employees shouted: “Hi

there Mr. Ndeutapo!”

Sam was not sure if she was genuine or if it was a sarcastic gesture.

He turned and waved at her anyway, entered David’s office and closed the door

behind him.

As he sat down, David turns his computer screen and faced it towards Sam.

On the screen was an enlarged picture of him and another picture of Vicky. His

worst fears were looking him straight in the eye, Gossip columns.

Sam just sat there with his eyes roaming about on the screen as he read the column

line by line. His heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was about to explode any


He took a deep breath and he knew it was time to take a step back and check himself

and stop the games. His marriage was at stake, his children and his reputation.

“Do you think Martha has seen this?” asks a concerned Sam.

“That blog has been shared over two hundred times bro”

Sam scratched his head and loosens his tie.

“Martha hasn’t called, texted nothing?”

“Nothing man, not even Vicky said anything. She was being dramatic but I’m not

sure if it’s about this shit”


Love, Sex and Flight Tickets, Monica Pinias

Chapter 2

For a few minutes, there was total silence.

Sam still staring at the screen in front of him. His face drops, he was concerned

about his wife. Martha grew up in a loving home, a happy child that was surrounded

by happy people. She was always so kind to everybody, how was she going to take

the pain of her husband’s infidelity.

“She doesn’t deserve this” he says

“Damage control?

‘No idea man, but right now. I just need to get home and see how bad the fire is.”

Sam grabs his car key and heads out.

As he approaches his house, he notices his wife’s car parked outside. But there was

another car parked behind hers. His mind roamed around, ‘could it be a lawyer, and

she wants a divorce?’ he wonders.

Sam sits in his car contemplating if he should go in the house or just go somewhere

to think this out first. Finally, he gathers the courage and walks out of the car.

Sam opens the door and walks into the house “Anybody here? “He shouts from the

front door.

‘In here honey’ responds Martha from the kitchen.

He walks in the kitchen and finds her standing in front of the stove. She walks towards

Sam and leans in and gives him a kiss.

“Your home early? If I knew I wouldn’t have asked my brother to come drive the

boys to the campsite?’

‘Campsite? What campsite’

‘Honey you signed the form just last week. The school has a boy’s camp this weekend’

‘Oh yeah. I think Jeremy mentioned it’

‘Been up all day getting all their things ready. Now I just need to put those fresh

biscuits in a box and send them off. I don’t want them to be late.’

Sam looked on with admiration as Martha went about roaming around the kitchen,


making sure everything is perfect for their sons camping weekend.

He stood there and stared at his wife for a few minutes. He just remembered why

he married her, she was such a perfectionist. Martha had a full figure, with golden

brown natural hair and a beautiful set of teeth than he remembered one of the features

that attracted him to her was her beautiful smile. Sam walks to her and stands

behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist.

“So, we have the house all to ourselves today” he says tightening his grab around

her waist.

‘It’s actually the whole weekend hun’ she says flirtatiously.

Sam walks into the living room and finds the boys playing Play Station. He walked

in and nobody even noticed.

“Sam”, says Martha’s brother Shetu, as he got up to greet him.

All Martha’s siblings have serious respect for him. He was like a big brother to most

of them.

The boys put the game on pause and both got up to greet their father.

Sam smiled as he looked at his boys. “They are growing up really fast” he thought.

Sam walked back in the kitchen and placed his arms around her waist again but this

time facing her. She still smelled like the perfume he first bought her in their early

days when they started dating.

“You’re in quite the mood today”

‘’Can’t a brother show some love to his girl” he jokes.

They start laughing.

Sam grabs her by her buttocks and Martha giggles playfully.

“Sus it’s getting late” shouts Shetu from the living room.

Martha places all the boxes with food in a bag and hands it to Shetu. One by one

Martha kisses her boys’ goodbye.

“Babe please get me my phone on the bedside. I need pictures with these handsome

boys real quick!” she shouts from the door.

“I will take the pictures and send them to you babe.” Says Sam.

Sam takes the pictures of Martha and her son’s and then hands Shetu the phone to

take a pictures with him in it.


Vicky is an aspiring model and at the age of

twenty-two she thought it was the right time to

start aiming towards her dream to become one

of Namibia’s top models. Vicky is popular, she is

beautiful, young, stylish and has the body structure

of a Goddess. But she wants to be more

than just popular. Vicky wants to be on magazine

covers and adverts.

What she doesn’t know is that her dream comes

with a price tag.


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