iPhone Repair in Sydney - Common Myths Busted


Wondering whether to choose an iPhone repair service provider in Sydney? Read this write up now to learn the common myths related to iPhone repair in Sydney. Visit https://www.cheapmobilerepair.com.au/ for more information.

iPhone Repair in SydneyCommon Myths Busted

Generally, when an iPhone is damaged or repaired, it is considered useless without knowing the

real repair options available. Choosing the best iPhone repairs in Sydney gets your iPhone back

in working orders. The professional technicians at these mobile repair shops have experience in

fixing your broken iPhone will figure out why your device is not working properly.

In this article, we can discuss about the common myths related to repairing your iPhone.

Myth 1: iPhone Repair is Expensive

The above statement is false because the cost of the mobile phone repair depends on the

model of the iPhone, and how extensive the repair needs. For example, the most common

iPhone repair, screen replacement, can be done for less than the value of the iPhone or cost of

the replacement which means it is very cost effective to get your iPhone repaired than buying a

new iPhone.

Myth 2: iPhone Repair Takes More Time

Most of the iPhone owners believe that iPhone repairs might take weeks or months to complete.

But in reality, many iPhone 7 repairs in Sydney offer same day service for most common iPhone

screen repairs. Not only the screen repair services but also other common repairs can be done

the same day, some repairs can even be done less than an hour while you wait.

Myth 3: Getting an iPhone Repaired reduces its Resale Value

Many people think that once their phone gets repaired, it doesn’t work as effective as before.

But by using high quality OEM parts that come with lifetime warranty on parts and labor, your

device works as well as it did before. Also, this doesn’t affect your resale value.

Myth 4: Get a Replacement Phone through Insurance Provider

In case of lost or stolen devices this might work but when it comes to iPhone repair heck with

your carrier and insurance first on the deductible. In most cases, insurance deductibles are far

more expensive than the repairs themselves. Also, the refurbished replacement provided by the

insurance companies is not a brand new model always. This means a lot of time insurance

companies collect broken/damaged devices refurbish it, and give them out as replacement


Insurance replacement might take days to week to processed where as you can get your

iPhone repaired quickly within a short period of time.

Myth 5: iPhone Repairs Can Only be done by the Manufacturer

Nope, not really! You do not need to have your iPhone repairs done by the manufacturer.

Choosing an experienced, qualified and professional mobile phone repair company in Sydney

provide faster and better quality service than the manufacturer would offer.

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