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HAPPENINGS MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR Myanmar inle lake / yangon SPOTLIGHT On Lotus Pond SPOTLIGHT Split Landing Kuala Lumpur most certainly lacks no imagination when it comes to themed nightspots, but nothing comes close to the Heli Lounge Bar. As the name suggests, it is an actual helicopter landing pad by day and by night: it turns into a rooftop bar. Everything in the downstairs lounge is an aviation theme, such as a booth made from the converted side panel of a Boeing 737 while a Boeing-747 turbine engine is reinvented as a DJ console. Guests should, however, take care when on the 36th floor of the helipad – there are no rails, walls or anything else to stop you from going over the edge. Splendid varieties of lotus grow in the Taunggyi district of the Shan State, with the most famous being the “Kyar” (Padonmar lotus), also considered a sacred flower. “Kyar” blossoms reveal themselves from December to March and once they mature, become the perfect flower stem to make thread. The story goes that more than 150 years ago, Daw Sar Ou, a female devotee from a village on the lake created a robe made of true lotus fibres and gave them to a revered abbot. Thus began the origin of handmade lotus thread from the flower stem. Threads are created from the processed stem and manually spun with a spindle. After the spinning process, the cloth is woven with a traditional handloom. Lotus threads create beautiful fabrics with a soft texture. Monks’ robes are created from them and the artisanal fabrics drape sacred images. Utilitarian items like shirts, jackets and ties benefit from the strong threads. It is believed that this fabric absorbs negative energies and unpleasant odours. An added bonus to the wearer is luck. Myint Thein Tun, the third generation of the lotus fabric weaving family owns a lotus yarn factory in Inle and he’s famous as a lotus fabric designer in Myanmar. Everyday, visitors are welcomed to his home which doubles as a factory. My beloved work enjoys a natural setting and a foundation of old traditions – this reflect happiness on Inle, he says. Khit Sunn Yin Inle Silk & Lotus weaving, East Quarter, Inn Paw Khon, Inle, Shan State Tel: +95 (0) 9492 53333 Up, Up and Away Reminiscent of New York’s renowned Adirondack festival, My Balloon Fiesta brings its annual event back to Kuala Lumpur after 8 consecutive years in Putrajaya. This time, it nestles in the lush neighbourhood of Desa ParkCity – the vast green area surrounding the township – where international and local participants inflate their hot air balloons in the park. Visitors can expect to see many colourful teardrop-shaped balloons but there are also some quirky designs. For folks not keen on flying, a good idea includes bringing your own picnic blanket. The day offers other fun activities and many opportunities to photograph the bright and brilliant balloons. March 10 to 12. One Breath at a Time A two-day workshop hosted by a renowned international yoga teacher will take place in Kuala Lumpur on April 29 and 30. Focusing on ashtanga yoga, “Be Strong. One Breath at a Time.” will be hosted by author and blogger Kino Macgregor, who is only one of 14 people in the United States to receive certification to teach ashtanga yoga from its founder, Sri K. Patthabhi Jois. In her motivational yet easy-going approach, Macgregor aids her students in developing and deepening their understanding of their own life through yoga. She believes that yoga’s most authentic manifestation is through its message of spiritual empowerment, composed flexibility and expressive harmony. April 29 to 30. A Generous Master U Tin Win is known as a master artist in Myanmar. With a reputation as a collector of antiques, his influence as a painter inspires the younger generation of his country. His art gallery “Beikthano” in Yangon is well known for its extensive works and collections. Yet his generosity stands out. Guests can enjoy a private collection of ancient beads, ethnic costumes and Buddha amulets from the north of the country. Myanmar artists feature in exhibitions throughout the year. 108