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solo travel

10 Amazing Apps

Apart from simple, everyday apps like

Facebook, Flickr, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp,

Google Maps, or music/iBooks, you may find

these apps useful with just a fingertip swipe.

➊ Banking – to quickly check your

balance and transfer funds whilst

on the go.

➋ Dropbox – A great way to back

up all of your photos and videos

in case you lose your computer/

external hard drive.

➌ Uber/GrabTaxi – for a reliable

rate and safety, plus GPS to track

where the driver is, how they look,

the driver’s phone number and the

car’s registered number.

➍ Google Translate/Microsoft

Translator – Whether you’re trying

to understand a road sign in a

foreign language — or a menu in

a Chiang Mai café or wondering

how to say “Can you give me a

discount?” in the Thai language —

the apps work like magic.

➎ TripIt – Your personal assistant!

All you have to do is to forward all

confirmation emails you receive

— car rental, flight, hotel, dinner,

whatever to TripIt and the app

“automagically” assembles

them as trip itineraries in one

handy location.

➏ SoloTraveller – Quick way to

meet new travel buddies to share a

ride, drink or adventure. It instantly

connects you with like-minded

solo travellers across the globe.

➐ Travelmob – A new

way of finding friends with

accommodations. You can search

for hospitable people who can

share their spaces with you by

browsing accommodations,

checking the hosts’ profiles

and reviews.

➑ Here – Forget the paper map

if you travel alone. Map apps

are better choices and not make

you look too touristy. Apart from

navigating online and offline, these

apps give you information about

tourist attractions, subway maps

and other public transportation in

the particular country.

➒ Findery – allows you to leave or

view digital “notes” (which include

photos, videos, and even music

clips) that have been distributed all

over the globe by other travellers.

➓ Foodspotting – is a handy tool,

whether you’re craving a specific

cuisine or flavour and want to

track down the best.

must haveS

When travelling alone, you will need trustworthy

items to keep a solo trip trouble-free and easy as

ABC. Be sure to have this list of devices and apps

before venturing out on the solo journey and

you’ll be thankful you did!


Gone are the days of solo travellers not wanting to take any technology with

them. Now that technology has improved and its cost decreased — it’s much

easier to take some of these devices with you.

Mobile Phone – A true

friend and a must. Without

it, you’re completely alone

with a greater chance of

getting lost.

Travel Sim Card – Better

check and compare local

sim cards and carrier

policies. Find one that suits

your needs and habits.

Power Bank – as a backup

to make sure your device is

charged at all times.

Small, Adjustable Tripod

/ Selfie Stick – Most solo

travellers love this when

they know they themselves

are the best photographers

and don’t want to impose

on anyone else.

Laptop/ Tablet – are

alternatives. Carrying too

many things may become a

burden in the end.

Alarms, Whistles –

People walking alone in

isolated places or travelling

in public transport such as

trains and may fall asleep

can rely on these items as

added protection.

Solo travellers

need not feel lonely

with apps that

connect with fellow

sojourners with

matching interests.

It could be a meet at

a live event, local spot

or exotic meal.


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