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Karen Bowden: Horses and Landscapes March 2017

Artworks for sale in the show Imaginarium: Creative Flow.

The painting on the

The painting on the right was inspired by a photo I took during a trip to Kiev, Ukraine. There is an open-air museum called Pirogovo. I didn’t get to go for a carriage ride myself, but thanks to someone else who did I was able to take a wonderful reference photo to work from a few years later. One rainy afternoon I wanted to do some plein air painting. So I sat in my car and painted this charming little scene through the front windshield. “Ukraine Carriage Ride” 11 x 14 Watercolor $500 usd Karen Bowden “Trees in Blanchard Park” 9 x 12 Watercolor $150 usd Date of this catalog: March 2017 All artwork is copyrighted. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License