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Tales From

Wilton Manors


1 (2015-02)

Catholic School Boys In

Trouble (Part 1) - by Brett


My name is Blair and this is

how my story began. It could

only happen in Wilton

Manors. I saw him at the

Gateway theatre. There was

a special showing of “The

Rocky Horror Picture

Show.” I couldn’t believe

Luke Roberts was playing

Rocky on stage. See, I

thought I knew all the gay

boys at Sister Bertrille’s

School for Boys. But Luke

was my straight-boy shower

room masturbation fantasy!

He was the guy I wanted, and

when I saw him on stage

running around in gold

underwear (don’t think I

didn’t check out his basket),

I had to have him! That

Monday at school, I passed a

note to Pickles, my best

friend in Bible Study class.

Let me tell you about

Pickles. He is a wonderful

guy and I love him. He knew

I was gay before I did. I

remember we were at lunch,

and of course, I was drooling

over Luke in his tight skinny

jeans standing in line.

Pickles looked at me and

said, “Girl, you’re a queer

boy.” I hate it when he calls

me girl. Pickles’ real name is

Drew, but no one calls him

that, not even the nuns. I told

Pickles about Luke at Rocky

Horror. “It doesn’t shock me

at all. Have you seen the way

he walks?”, Pickles said as

he was fixing his hair in the

mirror. “Should I go after

him?”, I asked. Pickles

turned and looked at me.

“Well we have to know for

sure. I wouldn’t want you to

get your ass kicked.”

“I might like that, Pickles.”

“Don’t go there. Anyway,

I’ll ask Stevie”, Pickles

replied. A note about Stevie:

she is known as the Lesbian

Loan Shark in Wilton

Manors. I once borrowed

two hundred and ninety five

dollars for a black Diesel

jacket. I was late with one

payment and she beat the shit

out of me. However, Stevie

knew all the gay boys at

school, no matter how far in

the closet they were. Pickles

had to go to the one place he

hated, the softball field

where Stevie hung out with

her lesbian gang. I couldn’t

go with him because the

bitch held a grudge about

that damn jacket. I waited for

Pickles at Java Boys, where

they have the cutest waiters.

It seemed like hours, but

Pickles came in and I ran to

him like a dog with a bone.

“Pickles, is he gay?” “Not

here, the walls have ears”,

Pickles said, looking at Eric,

the school gossip. Pickles

took me to his house. His

parents are so cool about him

being gay. Not like my

parents who were in denial.

Pickles has this cool purple

and black room, with a vague

disco theme.

I sat on the edge of the bed on

top of his Cher blanket

waiting to find out if Luke

was gay. Pickles went on to

tell me how hard it was to get

the 411 from Stevie.

“Pickles!”, I shouted.

“Don’t have a spaz, dear.

Yes he’s a queer boy, but

he’s in the closet”, Pickles

informs. “So I can bring him

out.” Pickles rolled his fake

blue eyes at me. “It’s not that

easy. He doesn’t go out with

high school boys; in fact he

doesn’t go out with any

boys.” “Oh, he has a fag hag

posing as a girlfriend”, I

responded. Pickles ran his

hand through his thick blond

hair. “No not that dramatic,

he wants to be a priest.”

“Well you know I like

wearing crucifixes, Pickles.”

“Girl, you're Jewish!”

Pickles took me by the hand

and we walked to Java Boys.

I was on my third Java Chip

Frap when Luke Roberts

walked in. He is a god! But

there was something wrong.

He was with a girl and they

were holding hands. I

quickly got up and ran to the

bathroom where Pickles was

piercing our friend Hector’s

ear. He is one of those cute

waiters at Java Boys.

“Ouch!” Hector yelled out.

Pickles turned to me. “ You

made him bleed when you

barged in here.” “Not now.”

I said grabbing Pickles’ hand

and pointing him towards

Luke with a girl. “I thought

you said he was a queer boy.”

Pickles again rolled his fake

blue eyes at me. “Maybe he

is Bi.” We went back to our


All I could do was watch

Luke and that evil bitch with

him. “Sweetie, ex-boyfriend

alert, Daniel is coming”,

Pickles warns. A quick note

about Daniel: He is a teenage

drag queen. The only

good thing about dating him

was, that when he would

come pick me up he was

always dressed in drag. So

my parents thought that I was

dating a girl. Daniel came

over to me. He was wearing a

pink sundress with a long,

bad, blond wig. “Sugar, you

can put that plastic knife

down. That girl is Luke’s

sister.” “What are you

talking about?”, I asked.

Daniel replied, “Luke

Roberts darling is every gay

boy’s dream here in Wilton

Manors. Too bad he wants to

be a Priest, such a waste.”

Daniel walked away to be

with the other teen-age drag

queens. I looked at Pickles.

“It’s true, he is going to be a

priest. I can never have him.”

Pickles reached across the

table and took my hand. “Be

brave. It worked for Erica

Kane on All My Children.” I

smiled at Pickles. “I have a

better idea. I have my

mother’s charge cards she

never knows about. Let’s go

to the Galleria.”. We both got

up and ran out the side door.

Next issue: Gym Class every

gay boys nightmare!

Alternative Nation

(Part 1) The Sweet Smell -

by Brett Butler

Our story begins somewhere in

the suburbs, where the sweet

smells of fruit filled the street

on Pepper Hill Lane. All the

children walked to the bus stop

as the husbands and wives

vacated their homes. The sweet

smells filled the neighborhood.

A muscular, dark-haired man

named Jason, stepped out of his

house. He was wearing his

black suit. He took a deep whiff

of the sweet smells of the

neighborhood. He loved

Pepper Hill Lane and it was his

Utopia. He had it all; the perfect

wife, twin boys and he loved it.

He got into his BMW and drove

off, passing the other homes.

The palm trees blew in the

sweet smelling wind.

As Jason drove onto I-95, the

sweet smells of Pepper Hill

Lane were gone. Now the

smells of the real world came

Jason’s way. He could not

wait to get to work. He

stepped on the gas pedal,

since he had to get to work

early, before anyone else

came in. Jason pulled off of

I-95 and drove down the street

passing a red light to get to

work. He pulled into the

parking lot and into his

parking space. He hurried into

Med Search Laboratories.

Jason opened his office door,

turned on his computer, and

looked out at the parking lot.

The door to his office opened

and he heard the door lock.

The room suddenly had a

sweet smell, but not the sweet

smells of Pepper Hill Lane.

Jason turned and saw Tommy

wearing a white lab coat with

his blond hair slicked back.

Jason walked over and

grabbed him and kissed him.

“I missed you,” Jason said.

Tommy kissed Jason’s neck.

Jason threw his head back.

“You smell so good baby.”

Tommy pulled away. “What

are we doing?” “We care for

each other Tommy,” Jason

said hugging Tommy and

taking in his sweet smell.

Jason peeled off Tommy’s lab

coat and pulled off his scrubs.

Tommy got on his knees and

undid Jason’s pants. Tommy

looked up at Jason. “We have

to hurry before the staff gets

here,” Jason said as he leaned

against the desk. Jason took in

the sweet smells of his office

as he grabbed Tommy by the


Next Issue: To Be Continued

I Was His Slave dressed in

leather, begging on the floor of

his secret pit of desire. I

screamed out loud as he

laughed and called me names.

“Please hit me, Sir.” “I am so

bad, show me the dark path you

walk.” He pulled my hair, spit

on me, put me on a leash, and

locked me in a box yelling that

I wasn’t ready. He made fun of

me, but I could see the dark

beauty in the depth of his eyes.

I do love him in a strange way,

but he doesn’t love me. He only

uses me for his twisted games. I

can still feel his whip hitting my

naked flesh in the middle of the

night as sweat and tears poured

from me. He only laughed as I

cried for more. When I bag his

groceries, he smiles and seems

so innocent, but we both know

the darkness and the pain will

come. - by Brett Butler


Brett Butler


Eric Schleicher






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