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Tales From

Wilton Manors


11 (2016-01/02)

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Valley of The Barbies -

An Original Screenplay

(A Film Script eBook)

by Brett Butler $5.00

Film Script Synopsis:

When a bitter,

overweight gay man

(Donald) has a prank

played on him by a

group of men, known as

the Barbies, he must

overcome the all too

perfect, conceited

men, in order to get

evenge, by losing

weight, changing his

identity to infiltrate the

Barbies, and play his

own pranks on each

one of them.


This was written as a

Master’s Thesis and I am

very proud of it. I came

up with the idea for this

story, one day at the

coffee house (Java Boys)

in Wilton Manors. I was

watching and hearing

young gay men talk

about their hookups and

making fun of others that

do not fit into their

perfect world. So, from

this conversation,

“Valley of the Barbies”

was born. I made the

guys I saw “The Barbies”

and the rest of us, who

do not fit in, the

“Donalds” of the world.

Act 1:

Donald is the

protagonist. He is

overweight and does not

fit into the perfect guy

world of Wilton Manors.

Donald has to pay for sex

from a Barbie, Johnny,

the town hustler. One

night, Donald meets

Blaze, the leader of the

Barbies, who takes

Donald home and has

sex with him. Blaze

makes a sex tape of

this and posts it for

everyone in town to

see. This tape ruins

Donald’s life and

everyone now

recognizes him, but for

the wrong reason.

Donald’s best friend

commits suicide over a

prank the Barbies play

on him. Donald wants

revenge and his nude

housekeeper, Juan Pablo,

offers him the help he

needs to get it.

Act 2:

Donny must keep the

Barbies from finding out

his true identity, so he

can get his revenge.

Donny needs to keep

Johnny quiet, before he

tells the Barbies that

he is really Donald.

Donny must date a

Barbie, in order to get

into the Barbies. Donny

is forced to perform a

sex act, as the

initiation into the


Act 3:

Donny is being

lackmailed by Jammer,

one of the Barbies, and is

forced to go to Casio, the

leader of the rival gang

the Bronies, for help. As

more Barbies seem to be

dying off, Donny is close

to bringing down the

remaining members.

Donny exposes Blaze’s

real age in public and

causes the Barbies to

fold. Casio confesses to

killing the Barbies, as his

way of helping Donny.

Donny and Jesus, the

detective, seem to be

drawn to each other. As

everything is falling

apart, will these two

walk off into the sunset

together? Will Blaze and

Johnny seek out revenge

on Donny for what he

has done to them?

Favorite Scene:

Audiences will laugh

when an 80 year old

man, BJ Cobbledick,

walks into Donald’s

workplace to pick up his

medication.” Mr.

Cobbledick mistakes

Donald’s woman boss,

Stevie, as a man, by

telling her she needs a

shave. Then as Mr.

Cobbledick looks at

Donald, he recognizes

him from his sex tape

and calls him out on it,

by offering some sage

advice, “Leave the porn

to the muscle boys.”

Mr. Cobbledick makes

another appearance at

the very end of the

script, offering similar

sage advice.

104 Pages / Cover Art

The Adventures at

Toxic Beach - Attack

of the Killer Eddies

(An Animation Script

eBook) by Brett Butler


Animation Script


When a smart, wimpy

boy genius is violated by

the school bully, who

writes “Loser” on his

forehead in permanent

ink, he must overcome

the overconfident, selfish

school bully, in order to

get back at him and

make him stop, by

building the Killer Eddie

robots who attack him

and take over the school.

30 Pages /

Photographs / Art

The Rhythm of Youth

(A Film Script eBook)

by Brett Butler $1.00

Film Script Synopsis:

When a street-smart,

underprivileged boy

from Hialeah gets a

scholarship to an upscale

private school, he must

overcome a perfect,

jealous head boy in

order to succeed at the

school and become head

boy himself, by using his

street-smarts and taking

the head boy's place.

12 Pages / Photographs

Homesick for The

Valley of The Damned

(A Webisode Script

eBook) by Brett Butler


Webisode Script


The Star Football Player

has a big secret. His

girlfriend wants to stay

Queen Bee at Clarkstown

North High School. She

will do anything to keep

the student body from

finding out what is really

going on in the boy's

locker room. This time

she may have been outsmarted

and the secret

could be exposed.

12 Pages /

Photographs / Poem


Alternative Nation -

Book 1 and 2 (A Short

Story eBook) by Brett

Butler $2.00

Short Story Synopsis:

Book 1

Two men struggle to

fight their feelings for

each other. One has the

perfect family (a wife

and kids) and the other

has a devoted girlfriend.

As both men fall in love

with each other, they

face different obstacles

to their love that

threaten to destroy

everything they now


Book 2

A new neighbor forms a

dangerous love triangle

as both men face the

aftermath of their

broken relationship.

They try to rebuild their

lives apart and find a

way back to each other


44 Pages / Front Cover

Photographs / Back

Cover Art

See Website Store for

Sample pages / To Buy

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