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Advances in Nursing Doctoral Education & Research


Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors Dear Readers, Happy New Year! In this first issue of the Advances in Nursing Doctoral Education & Research (ANDER) of 2017, we have compiled two articles related to distance and blended learning in doctoral nursing education. In the first paper entitled, “Distance Learning for PhD Education: Experience and Outcomes,” Drs. N.C. Sharts-Hopko and M.L. Fitzpatrick reviewed the history and their overall experience of using distance education as a primary mode of content delivery for a research-focused doctoral nursing program. Since its inception in 2004, this doctoral program has produced over 50 graduates; the development, implementation, and challenges of using a distance learning model were described. In the second paper, Drs. P. Aselton, J. Demartinis, and R. LeBlanc discussed the challenges and opportunities in preparing clinical scholars in an online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program in “Transformations in Nurse Practitioner Education and Clinical Scholarship.” The authors shared the their experience and strategies in improving the curriculum and organization of an online DNP program to support clinical scholarship; other strategies that are currently being piloted were reported. In this issue of Doctoral Student Perspectives, three PhD students share their insights on their journey in pursuing a doctoral nursing degree. Representing three different countries – United States, China, and the Philippines – these students candidly describe their diverse research interests and their common goal of advancing nursing science and education. Lastly, we close this issue with Fellowship Reports and an announcement of the 2016-2017 International Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Nursing recipients. ANDER ● FEB 2017 ● Vol. 6 Number 1 3

Letter from the Editors We hope that you will enjoy this issue of ANDER, and generate or continue discussions on distance and blended learning in doctoral nursing education. Grace W.K. Ho, PhD, RN Guest Editor Assistant Professor School of Nursing The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Email: ANDER ● FEB 2017 ● Vol. 6 Number 1 ●

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