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April Parks



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April 2017

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April 2017

What a Month!

By: Dan Roberts / Publisher

The past 30 days have been the most

extraordinary month in our Vegas Voice

history. How we managed to “survive” and put it

all together says something about us “seniors.”

Just as we were reviewing the change over from newspaper to magazine

(guess you guys like it too, see below and much thanks for your emails)

we had the following:

1. For those interested in “staying safe” two successful Elder

Empowerment Events. Thank you Debbie Landry, VP/Marketing for

hosting and putting this all together. AND

2. For those wanting great entertainment, our Twilight Affair show at

Siena AND

3. Finalizing our upcoming FREE live TV shows at the Humana

Centers (page 15 ). Take a look at our celebrity guest line-up – simply

spectacular! Our thanks to Humana, entertainment editor Evan Davis

and TV host Rich Natole for such an incredible kick-off. AND

4. Get ready for even more fantastic entertainment in your own Sun City

Clubhouse. Thank you Sun City Aliante and Summerlin for bringing

future Twilight Affairs to our readers in their own backyards. AND

5. For those who want to combine entertainment with travel – how

about our (page 27) Phat Pack cruise? AND

6. Then to top it all off, after over two years of guardianship research,

investigation and continuous Vegas Voice articles, last month Nevada


Hope all is well…just wanted you to know I love the ‘new’ Vegas Voice;

neat, easy to read, in other words classy .

Good job to you and staff.

Regards, Carole

From newspaper to magazine a real improvement. I understand, and appreciate,

your efforts on behalf of “elder abuse”, but, why aren’t our politicians, who

supposedly work on our behalf, doing anything about correcting the problem.

All of them certainly can’t be in the back pocket of the abusers, or can they?

Continued success for you and your magazine. D.W. K.

It is beautiful. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job Vegas Voice

has done alerting us about the Guardian scam in our state. Who would ever

have thought such a thing would happen?? It makes me sick to think about

how many are still unaware or others that think it won’t happen to them. Vegas

Voice truly saved us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Harriet B.

Good Evening Rana,

Congratulations for the fine work you and Dan Roberts for the Guardianship to

help seniors in ourValley and Communities. I am so proud of you and Dan, the

Dynamic Duo with their determination and Tenacity pay off BIG Time and WIN.

Keep up your good work. Love You, Charlie W.

Elder Empowerment Event in Sun City MacDonald Ranch

AG Adam Laxalt and Clark County DA Steve Wolfson announced the

Grand Jury verdict. The 270-count indictment alleges that former private

guardian April Parks, office manager Mark Simmons, husband

Gary Taylor, and attorney Noel Simpson, collectively committed:

(a) 117 counts of Perjury,

(b) 73 counts of Offering False Instrument for Filing or Record,

(c) 42 counts of Theft,

(d) 37 counts of exploitation and

(e) 1 count of Racketeering.

As our Vegas Voice political editor Rana Goodman happily announced:

“Finally, some justice. I cannot begin to tell you how many times Parks

laughed at The Vegas Voice and advised everyone that our paper had no

effect on her whatsoever. I guess she not laughing anymore.” To read the

125-page indictment, visit our website:

What a month indeed. AND we’re just getting started!

How wonderful your new magazine is. The content of all is “sooo” me

in every article. I am a senior who loves this town and all the people like

all of you. I wish I had something to contribute to it except to encourage

everyone I know to read it. I met Marty at the Bagel Cafe on Buffalo

some time ago, he was favoring a foot he had surgery on and said “One

foot is better than none” How about that!!!! Smiling at everyone around

him. Happy Birthday to a great Comic and above all a great american.

Saw his show some time ago at the Rampart and my side still hurts from

laughing. Please keep up the good reporting of all important issues. I pray

{and all my prayers are answered in some way, mostly Good } that Rana

can sustain God”s help to get rid of the horrible Guardianship Laws that

are still plaguing seniors and put some wonderful low cost help we seniors

need in our old age. Thanks again for the good reading magazine. Much

good wishes for your health and happiness as well.

Sylvia O.

Dan, and “crew”,

We love your new magazine format. It is so much better than the

newspaper format. It is easier to read and “handle”.

Great job! Keep up the great journalistic work! We especially are

impressed with Rana’s focus on the ”Guardianship” issue.

Thanks again,

Don and Sharon M.

Sun City Anthem


Dear April:

You are really screwed.

Have to admit, everyone at The Vegas

Voice believed you would get away with it when you left

Nevada. One question – why Pennsylvania?

We thought you’d be smart enough to flee the country.

I bet you regret that decision now; however as so-call

“reform” individuals have been advising guardianship

victims, let’s not look backwards, but discuss what’s


First off, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

Despite our strong and constant criticism of Nevada

Attorney General Adam Laxalt and Clark County District

Attorney Steve Wolfson, they, and their joint task force

did an unbelievable, magnificent and herculean job in

dropping the hammer on you, your former employee,

attorney, and even your husband.

All we can say is: “WOW!” It was beyond our wildest

hopes and dreams that a grand jury would come up with

a 270-count indictment; 212 felony charges against you


What do you do now? All the money you stole over the

years is going to be sucked dry by your criminal attorneys.

To make things worse, (and contrary to past practices)

you can’t rely on your numerous wards’ estates to pay

those obscene legal fees.


Our Open Letter to April Parks

By: Dan Roberts / Roberts Rules

April 2017

Even if you spend all that cash stuffed under your

mattress for your “dream team” and even if they can

knock off 50, or perhaps 75 charges, does it really matter?

The judge is still going to throw the book at you.

If former private guardian Patience Bristol had “only”

15 felonies and received a sentence of 3-8 years, can you

imagine what your time will be? 25, 40 years?

Be prepared. You’re going to spend your “golden years”

and die in the Big House.

And don’t forget; as I always stated at our Vegas Voice

guardianship seminars held these past 2+ years, if there

is indeed a God and a Heaven, you will surely end up in

Hell. But, one problem at a time.

We offer our Vegas Voice suggestion since there might

be a way for you to shave some years from your jail

sentence and to possibly avoid those eternal flames. Talk.

I mean really talk. Drop that dime, snitch, turn rat,

and squeal like a pig.

No kidding - sing like a canary and tell authorities

how you got away with it all these years. Name names

and tell that joint task force who conspired and helped

you in your criminal enterprise.

Name the doctors, medical personnel, hospitals, assisted

living, group homes and all other health facilities that

had those “special relationships” with you. And while

you’re at it, don’t forget the legal system.

Spell out what arrangements and/or “understanding”

Continued on page 10



SUITE 100-244


702/251-4441 • Fax: 702/666-0427

Volume 14, Issue 2












Dan Roberts

Ray Sarbacker

Debbie Landry

Rana Goodman

Evan Davis

Sam Wagmeister

Stu Cooper

Rich Natole

Michael Roberts

Lou Lozitsky

Bill Caserta


Marty Allen Kathy Manney

Adrea Barrera Kyo Mitchell

Yvonne Cloutier Mary Richard

Dianne Davis Crystal Sarbacker

Chuck Dean Victoria Seaman

Alice Edwards Marilyn Sirna

Jan Fair Jim Valkenburg

Linda Gomez Pat Warren

Ali Guggenheim Beverly Washburn

Dan Hyde Devon Wickens

Mike Landry Vicki Wentz

BJ Killeen James White

Las Vegas Valley Distribution includes:

Anthem Country Club • Sun City Aliante • Country Club

Senior Apts.• Siena • Horizon Pines • Sun City Summerlin

All Destinations Centers • Solera @ Anthem • Las Vegas

Meadows • Sun City Anthem • Solera @ Stallion Mountain

Quail Estates • Seven Hills • Sun City MacDonald Ranch,

and select local casinos, bookstores, coffee shops, and all

libraries and community centers.

Indictments & Coincidences

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

After two long frustrating years, The Vegas

Voice is celebrating the guardianship

indictments that have finally come down.

Thank you readers for your emails, phone calls and notes of

recognition. Believe me, it was a team effort.

A very special thank you to Nina & Alan Gelman for

the beautiful surprise that came in our mailbox. All such

correspondence was most appreciated.

Former private guardian April Parks will be extradited

and is due back in Las Vegas early April (no pun intended),

orange jump suit and all. I just wish the courts could have

found her money so the victim families could have received

some compensation.

One of the most interesting things that came out of this

was an odd “coincidence” especially since I do not believe

in “coincidences.” Last month, I wrote about a lady in Sun

City Summerlin that had been taken by the Clark County

Public Guardian into temporary guardianship. She asked

for my help.

A few days before these indictments came down I was

subpoenaed to appear as a witness by her defense counsel

after I had spoken at length with her attorney, sent letters

to the public guardian and to Clark County Commissioner

Steve Sisolak.

Suddenly the “dominos began to fall” in this order: A

documentary film maker that has been working with

The Vegas Voice on guardianship since we began, went

to District Attorney Steve Wolfson for an interview. A few

days later a press conference was called announcing the

indictments of Parks and her gang. The RJ ran the story

as well as and KTNV-ABC Channel 13’s Darcy Spears, and

Channel 8 News.

The following day, I arrived to find a message telling me

I did not have to appear in court. The public guardian had

dropped the case requesting permanent guardianship and

all her belongings would be returned to her right away.

No explanation, I guess her dementia was suddenly

cured! SHE WAS FREE!

Rana Goodman in front of the cameras for the

guardianship documentary


Help Us Help You - Last Chance

By: Dan Roberts / Rana Goodman

With the arrest of former private guardian April Parks and

the about-face of the Public Guardian as highlighted in

Rana’s column, it may appear that the guardianship problem no

longer exists. Unfortunately, that is not true.

But we now have the chance to finally put this to rest

forever. And it costs nothing for you (and taxpayers) to

do so. Simply send in the attached petition.

Let us be very clear: If the senior community does not

totally defeat this collection of liars and thieves, there

will be another scandal, another April Parks, another

corrupt guardian. The temptation (and money) is just

too great.

Even worse, the proposed legislative “reforms” will

do nothing but add more meaningless and expensive

regulations, bureaucracy, fees (for everyone) and worst

of all – more lawyers. You think more lawyers makes

things simpler, or more complicated?

Do you really believe (or expect) the “government”

and/or attorneys to provide guardianship protections?

And who do you think is going to pay for all this?

As we have opined at our Guardianship seminars,

who better to make sure “nothing happens” to you,

your loved ones, your friends and neighbors than your

fellow seniors? The last thing these bad guys want is an

independent, non-biased senior volunteer organization

looking over and reviewing their activities.

We already have over 200 seniors able, willing and

ready to volunteer. We don’t know about you, but we

would take one caring, compassionate, dedicated

volunteer over a bunch of lawyers and bureaucrats.

If you agree – then please add your name to our

petition drive.

Fill out the attached petition and mail/fax/email it

to The Vegas Voice. It will cost you no more than a

stamp (or a local fax call) and for those individuals

who are “on line” (our website: www.thevegasvoice.

net) absolutely nothing.

Time is running short for the Nevada Legislature to

hear what we demand. It’s now or never.


April 2017

Last chance to submit petition. Have you done

your part?

Thank You



Clark County District Attorney

Steve Wolfson

Nevada Attorney General

Adam Laxalt




Well done. You both deserve an award for all your work.

Thank you. Carole R.

Congratulations!!! After all the work you have done to expose the

guardianship nightmare, April Parks has been arrested. After she left the

state, I did not think she would ever see justice.

You have done an incredible job reporting about guardianship abuse. I

know no one who has been in that situation, and hope I never need

a guardian, but if I do, I know that I will be better off thanks to your

efforts. Marnee F.


Re: April Parks:

It appears we’re on the right track...!

Congratulations!! What an amazing job Rana, you, and all at The Vegas

Voice, have done! Bill A. and I read this great news early this morning

and are ecstatic that justice, through your hard work, is at long last being

done. THANK YOU!! Regards, Margy H.

AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to hear the final results. You two are amazing!

We know nothing...nothing...would have happened without both of your

tireless involvement. Sharon C.

Congrats!! Without you and Rana this wouldn’t have ever happened.

Hopefully the clean up continues.

Dan & Rana:

Your diligence paid off, when I saw the headlines on the front page,

WOW. Guess as is with most high profile cases, they kept this one close

to the “vest”, but it would not have happened without you and your

Rana pursuing this.

Thanks to Rana, I have now secured that my significant other will have

an out of State Guardian (Daughter) to take over in the event something

happens to me. Rana and I met twice to fill out the proper papers

and her willingness to be my sponsor and showing me how to file the

papers with the Secretary of State was immeasurable.

For those that have not done it, it takes a little leg work, but well worth

the effort, not to mention the peace of mind.

Thanks Rana and Dan. Jan V.

Thank you, Dan and Rana, for all you have done to correct this

monstrosity! Although Lanie and I are very unlikely to need such

guardianship services, we have supported your actions throughout.

May April and her ignominions have a long time to ruminate on

their dastardly acts!! Warmly, Joel B.

What Wonderful news. I know Rana and you have worked hard and

spent many hours in this quest to fight for justice. I am one who will

benefit from your work and sincerely thank you for your crusade to

justice for that evil woman. Beverly S.

Fantastic job. All of the efforts you have put into getting this crook

have finally paid off. Hope they throw the book at her. Lois N.

Plus many, many more, we don’t have room for--

Thank you to all!

April 2017

Continued from page 6

you had with Guardianship Hearing Master Jon Norheim.

Did you know that he testified before the grand jury?

You think he defended you… or to save his hide, drove

that proverbial bus? (Spoiler Alert: He was “shocked,

shocked!” by your conduct).

Explain how those guardianship lawyers, your fellow

for-profit guardians, court employees and state/local

bureaucrats “worked with you” despite knowing how

dirty you were. So long as they were on the receiving

end of your ill-gotten gains, everyone was “fat, dumb

and happy.”

Are you going to allow those who stood on line to be

your “BFF” (and now claim: “April who?”) walk away

while you sit in the slammer? You really want them to

profit from what you taught them?

You know where all the bodies are (heck, you buried

them) but not even you can commit such a massive

amount of crimes without considerable assistance. And

keep in mind, you better believe former co-worker, Mark

Simmons (facing 134 felony charges) will roll over

faster than my Rana’s dogs to testify before the grand


Once (not if) he does, your cooperation might be

unnecessary. Don’t let him beat you to the courthouse.

You have the opportunity to take down the entire

guardianship gulag. This could be your chance; your

moment to find “religion” and do something positive -

clean up and eliminate this corrupt cesspool.

Obviously, you have a very difficult future ahead. But

perhaps you can now appreciate and understand how

destructive you were to your wards, and their families.

In any event, Rana and I look forward to seeing you in

court – and prison.

Dan Roberts/Publisher

P.S. With everything going on, I almost forgot to ask.

How do you like our new magazine-style publication?

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and Clark County District

Attorney Steve Wolfson announce the indictment and arrest of

April Parks


Avoid Guardianship

By: Robert Telles

/ Accolade Law

Folks are concerned with avoiding guardianship.

A guardianship is opened when a person (called

the principal here) can no longer handle his or her

own affairs.

Often, a well-meaning relative seeks the guardianship

to protect the principal from harm. Unfortunately,

there are also times where the guardianship is being

sought by someone that the principal would not

choose as a guardian. Well-crafted powers of attorney

may avoid this.

If you fear you may one day be that principal, the

durable financial power of attorney and the durable

healthcare power of attorney are documents that

together may allow you to avoid guardianship. This

involves selecting a trusted relative or friend to act on

your behalf should you need help.

The grant of this power will cover most, if not

all circumstances depending on how well they are

drafted. And, even if a guardianship is needed, you can

nominate that same person to act as your guardian

to keep others from stepping in. That’s peace of mind.


April 2017

Rob Telles is the founder of Accolade Law, a law

firm that serves clients in guardianship, estate

planning and probate. His office can be reached at

(702) 337-3000.

Watching the Nevada Legislature

By: Victoria Seaman / Victoria’s Corner

Seniors should be watching the Nevada

legislature closely. Seniors, more than

any other population, are likely to live on a

fixed income. Any increases in costs hit them harder than other

parts of the population for this reason.

Currently, the Nevada legislature is considering a measure that would

change the way property taxes are calculated. Some in Nevada want the

property tax cap renegotiated to allow for higher property taxes faster

than the current cap allows.

Even for seniors who pay their property tax indirectly, this represents a

substantial increase in tax.

Further, legislators are trying to mandate that Nevada businesses

pay $15 an hour as a minimum wage. This would force many

people out of business, but no industry is more susceptible to

this type of meddlesome legislation than our food providers.

Not just restaurants, but grocery stores. Both of those industries typically

operate on profit margin in the low single digits and rely on their

customers to have disposable income for high dollar purchases that keep

them in business.

This law would not only threaten your favorite restaurant and

grocer, but your ability to enjoy these amenities. Undoubtedly these

businesses would pass their massively increased costs into the customer

- and when your income is fixed, the only option is to forego the cost.

There are even proposals being considered that bring us back to the

1990s, before the widespread availability of single stream recycling.

These laws serve little purpose now that major waste management

companies provide meaningful recycling programs available to virtually

every home in Southern Nevada, but may be useful for driving up your

grocery bill.

The bottom line? Keep your eyes peeled for legislation that can hit you

where it matters most - your pocket book.

Victoria Seaman is a former Nevada Assemblywoman,

businesswoman and currently a Realtor in Las Vegas. You can

contact Victoria at:


With thanks to The Vegas Voice’s further

expansion into the entertainment arena, I

have the great pleasure and opportunity to bring the

best talent to the stage and theater near you. It’s also allowing performers

to receive some additional exposure and promote their upcoming shows.

And for those who haven’t seen my new stage jacket yet… well come to

our shows.

We’ve been fortunate to be in just about every active adult community in

the Las Vegas Valley. We now proudly hold fantastic, wonderful and “Strip”

shows in Sun City MacDonald Ranch, Siena, Sun City Summerlin and Sun

City Aliante. That’s a lot of Sun!

And let’s not forget our Twilight Affair variety shows at the Silverton Hotel

beginning again in May. The kick off show in May will be outstanding, with

follow up shows in August, September, October, November and December.

And the best part – their FREE!

The shows will take place in the Veil Pavilion on the 3 rd Tuesday of these

months starting at 6 pm.

And there’s more. Starting this month, and with great thanks to our

sponsor, Humana, we have a new twist in our bringing you the finest in

entertainment - our “Celebrity Spotlight Interview.”

Twice a month a Las Vegas headliner/celebrity (our two) will be sitting

down and talking about…well you’ll just have to join us to find out.

Every 2 nd Wednesday, I will be interviewing a celebrity at the Humana office


Expanding Our Entertainment

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

Keith Thompson’s Labor of Love

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

April 2017

Pia Zadora will be my first guest on our new TV show

on W. Charleston. My first guests will be Pia Zadora and Sonny Charles.

And every 3 rd Tuesday, Rich Natole will be hosting at the Humana office

in Green Valley. His first guests – the great Marty Allen and his beautiful,

talented wife Karon Blackwell.

Both shows will be recorded in front of a live audience. The TV Podcasts

will be seen on our Vegas Voice website, You Tube site, Facebook page, and

of course, my web site.

Call the local Humana offices to reserve a seat. See the announcements

on the next page. Also, don’t forget to check out my website: www.

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:

Olivia Newton-John was at Table 35; the

Righteous Brothers at Table 55; Cindy

Williams, appearing in Menopause the Musical was

at Table 54 and Lucie Arnaz with hubby Lawrence Luckinbill at Table 25.

Each month, celebrities jockey for tickets and stage time at the Smith

Center’s Composer’s Showcase, an unscripted jam session that sprung from

the mind of Keith Thompson, usually a behind-the-scenes guru. It was born

when cast members of Mama Mia met to audition material.

After a nomad existence that included stops at now closed Suede Bar,

Garfield’s Restaurant, Liberace Museum and other gritty venues, the Smith

Center’s COO Paul Beard brought Thompson’s magical nights to the 250-

seat Cabaret Jazz Theater. It has blossomed with the host’s efforts and sparkle

- and the venue’s state-of-the art lighting and sound.

Thompson, who settled in Las Vegas in 2004 as Musical Director of We

Will Rock You based on the music of Queen, piled up credits directing the

horns, strings and percussion for Mama Mia, Phantom and Jersey Boys.

“I thought it was more than a cute idea,” Thompson recalls, “I thought it

was an amazing idea.” It has evolved he says, into a “lovefest” relationship

between the performers and the audience. “All the artists are sitting in the

room. That’s one of the things people like…the old vibe in the room.”

Audiences grew through word of mouth and social media.

For the carefully planned Showcases, Thompson assembles cream-of-

Thompson & Kristen Hertzenberg

the-crop vocalists,

musicians and composers whose original music has not previously

been performed in public. The witty Thompson hosts the carefully crafted

evenings of wide ranging musical genres.

He introduces marquee Strip performers: Jersey Boys’ Travis Cloer, the

versatile Chadwick Johnson, comedian/musician Dennis Blair, Vegas

favorite, Clint Holmes and others.

“We are cultivating the creative process. Don’t take that for granted.”

Thompson debuted songs last year for his Broadway-quality musical,

Idaho, a parody of Oklahoma.

“I want everybody to know that Vegas is where new Broadway shows are

being written. There’s kind of nothing anywhere like this. It feeds my artistic


Tickets:, $20 - $25.









Entertainment Editor

Evan Davis

April 12,

TV Host

Rich Natole

April 18,





8885 W. Charleston,

Suite 140,

Las Vegas, NV 89117



Pebble Market Place Shopping Center

1000 N Green Valley Pkwy Suite 720,

Henderson, NV 89074









May 16 th I n 1963


to Appear

Your Host:

Evan Davis

In the beautiful Veil Pavilion

and it’s FREE!

Tue., May 16 th , 2017

Doors at 5:30 pm.

Show begins at 6 pm.

April 2017













Gary Anderson

Musical Director

Surprise Guest Appearance

For guaranteed seating

call/text Evan Davis:


Or call The Vegas Voice at 702/251-4441

I was

cast in a

pilot called "Calhoun" starring

Barbara Stanwyck. In the

episode, I played her daughter.

Unfortunately, the pilot never

sold so it was just shown as a TV

movie. It also starred Jackie Cooper,

a wonderful and kind man.

Barbara Stanwyck’s real name

was actually Ruby Catherine

Stevens - but those who were close

to her always called her "Missy."

Since I was a teenager, I felt it would

be disrespectful to call her that, so I

called her “Miss Stanwyck.”

I was honored to work with her

and liked her very much, but I

must say she was "all business."

Everyone had better be on time

and know their lines, etc.

I'm sure everyone remembers

where they were when President

John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I

was on location filming this show

when we all got word.

Everyone was devastated and

production was shut down for that

day and resumed the following

work day. It was a very

sad day indeed.

Barbara Stanwyck

was nominated four

times for an Oscar.

Although she never

received one, many

people have said that

she was "The best

actress who never won

an Oscar." She was

voted the 40th Greatest

Movie Star of all time by

Entertainment Weekly.

For most of her

career, she was plagued

They Called Her “Missy”

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

with rumors of being gay. She

had things written about her

alleged affairs with Marlene

Dietrich and Joan Crawford.

Stanwyck was married however

to Robert Taylor for several years.

And ironically, Taylor had gay

rumors of his own to dispel.

The interesting thing is that

she also had an affair for four

years with Robert Wagner. She

was 45 at the time and he was 22.

When she worked with Fred

MacMurray on "Double

Indemnity" it was said that she

didn't like to watch herself the next

day during the "dailies” - which

was a screening of the previous

day’s work. Back then, they were

called the "rushes."

Reportedly she asked Fred after

he had watched the previous day

rushes: "How was I?" He replied: "I

don't know about you, but I was


Barbara Stanwyck died in 1990.

I am blessed to have worked with


Until next time remember:

There is always, always, always,

something to be thankful for.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@ Check out her awesome, new website: www.

Tape Face!

By: Dianne Davis / That’s Entertainment



do you say about a man who

doesn't say anything? “Hey, you're

funny!” Tape Face is delighting audiences of

all ages at Bugsy's Cabaret at the Flamingo.

He came to the attention of millions with his rise to the finals of

television’s Americas Got Talent and is in Vegas only until May 7 th. Arrive

early and pose for photos with your own camera. (no charge!)

Don't think your early arrival gives you a chance to chat with this

charismatic entertainer. How can you be charismatic when your mouth

is taped?! See for yourself.

He doesn't hold a conversation with you, but boy does he communicate

as he nabs audience members and brings them on stage to be in the show

which feels like a big party. There are loads of sight gags.

Props include trash bags, tape measures, squeaking balloons, and sock

puppets. The sock puppets which brought audience members to their feet

on Americas Got Talent inspire huge applause.

Picture this: Tape Face and a guy from the audience. Staple guns,

balloons placed in significant locations, safety glasses – a very funny


Beware the on-stage button warning, “Do Not Touch” which sets off

the 60 minute count-down. The fun and laughter is outrageous and

contagious. No one is safe. Victims – volunteers - are selected from all

sections of the room.

Then there's the toilet seat and cheerleading pom poms and a plunger.

The result is hilarity gone viral.

He is a combination of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Marcel

Marceau and street performers appealing to your inner child. Simple,

clever, unique, funny, and inventive.

See Tape Face at the Flamingo Wednesday - Saturday at 8 pm. Hurry -

his other commitments will take him away on May 7 th .

In addition to The Vegas Voice, Dianne Davis is a reporter for Sun

City Anthem TV (SCA-TV) specializing in entertainment and is a

columnist for


By: Marty Allen / Hello Dere


. Patient: “Doctor, please

help. I think I have

amnesia.” Doctor asks: “How

long have you had it?” Patient

answers: “Had what?”

2. Did you hear about the crazy ventriloquist who went around

throwing his voice under the beds of different women?

3. My friend Ernie claims he gets enough exercise just pushing his


4. If you ever want to cure yourself of gambling, get married on a bet.

5. New song title: I Dated a Million Dollar Baby, But After Taxes, She

Wasn’t Worth a Dime.

6. Some women are very loyal. When they like a certain age, they stick

to it!

7. Sign of Aging Men: First, you forget names. Then you forget faces.

Then you forget to pull up your zipper. And finally - you forget to pull

it down!

8. Father tells his young son: “Go outside and see if it’s still raining.”

Son replied: “Why don’t we just call in the dog and see if he’s wet?”

9. Some guy just invented a perfume that will drive women crazy. It

smells like money.

10. They say if your hand itches, you’re going to get it. But if your head

itches, you already got it!

AND, my 95 th birthday wish: I’d like to throw something over those

beautiful girls who are wearing topless bathing suits – ME!


April 2017

Marty’s Top Ten

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on

and off stage singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

Dear God: Please send clothes for all those

poor ladies on my grandpa’s computer.

You Gotta Laugh

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

IRS Inquiry: The IRS suspected a fishing

boat owner wasn't paying proper wages to

his deckhand. It sent an agent to investigate


The IRS agent told the boat owner, "I need a list of your employees

and how much you pay them." The owner replied, "Well, there's

Clarence, my deckhand. He's been with me for 3 years. I pay him

$1,000 a week, plus free room and board.

“Then there's the mentally challenged guy. He works about

18 hours every day and does about 90% of the work around here.

He makes about $10 per week, pays his own room and board

and I buy him a bottle of Bacardi rum and a dozen Budweisers

every Saturday night so he can cope with life. He also gets to sleep

with my wife occasionally."

IRS Agent: "That's the guy I want to talk to - the mentally

challenged one." Boat Owner: "That would be me. What would you

like to know"?

My Mind is Gone: "Oh God," sighed the wife one morning, "I'm

convinced my mind is almost completely gone!"

Her husband looked up from the newspaper and commented, "I'm

not surprised. You've been giving me a piece of it every day for twenty


Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:


Veteran / Republican


For Henderson Mayor

Stop Property Tax Increases

In 2013, the Henderson City Council pushed for complete removal of our local property

tax increase cap. Now, the state legislature is discussing removal of other protections

against huge tax increases. Rick will fight efforts to increase property taxes while the

city also continues to waste tax dollars on unnecessary programs.

Increase Community Safety

Henderson has suffered a rise in burglary, home invasion, robbery and other crimes.

Rick developed Henderson PD’s Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) section and forensic

lab. He is leading efforts to use private funds for a new lab with DNA analysis

capability to solve and prevent rape and other crimes. -

Stop “Henderson Strong” HUD-supported Urbanization Plan

The plan calls for eight “urban centers” to include high density housing. These centers

would place an incredible strain on public safety resources. Hundreds of thousands of

dollars have already been spent on surveys, planning, and marketing. When pressed

by questions, City Council members* reported that it is “... just a dream”, “a visionary

document”, “not a plan”, and “it will probably never happen in our lifetime”.

*J. Marz, and D. March campaign representative E. Trosper at a 3-20-17 HOA Town Hall

20 Year U.S. Air Force Veteran

- Served as both a non-commissioned and

commissioned officer

- Nuclear weapons inspector and manager

- F-117 Stealth fighter aircraft maintenance


Latest endorsements

- Henderson Police Supervisors Association

- Republican National Hispanic Assembly

of Nevada

23 Year Public Safety Service

- Former Police Officer (California)

- Former Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)

- Developed and manages the

Henderson crime lab and CSI section

Paid for by Committee to Elect Rick Workman


By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

So, it’s 10 pm and I’m getting ready for bed.

Mostly, I’m asleep by 10 - not because I’m

old and exhausted from teaching children all day,

but because...well...fine, I’m old and exhausted from teaching children

all day.

Anyway, I’m turning on the dryer, starting the dishwasher, slipping

into my flannel nightgown (which, contrary to popular belief, can be

extremely sexy...shut up), and doing everything women do to get ready

for bed (as opposed to men, who “get ready” by taking off their clothes

and passing out). I’m flossing when the lights go out.

Now, I’m not a panicky, overreacting kind of person (Yep, that was

the sound of everyone I’ve ever met dropping coffee all over their laps...

serves them right) but there is no storm tonight. There’s no wind, rain,

hail, sleet or snow.

There’s just cold. Very cold. Like bone-chilling cold. But, bonechilling

cold doesn’t normally cause a power outage.

Naturally, therefore, my first thought is that someone has cut the

power lines in order to plunge me into darkness, with the phones not

working (and my cell is in my car because I see no need to keep a

phone glued to my head 24/7. Also, my brain can NOT take the chance

that cell phone frequencies may produce brainial deficiency).

My second thought is - did I put the shotgun I got for Christmas back

where it belongs, and did it have bullets in it, and if not, where did I put

the bullets, and would I remember how to load it, and where did I put


A Survival Guide for the Electrically Challenged

April 2017

those ear-protector thingys because if I have to shoot somebody I might

as well not lose my hearing in the process, right?

So, this guy (burglar, ax murderer, terrorist) obviously cut the power

so he can trap me, but instead, he will confront a ticked-off, shotgunwielding,

flannel-nightgown-wearing over-reactor, and if he has any

sense of self-preservation, he will run like the wind.

But, before I arm myself to the teeth, I glance outside and through

the woods I see that my neighbors’ lights are out too. They have four

boys under the age of 8; their lights are ALWAYS on.

I call the electric company, which hasn’t employed a real human

being in decades and the robot voice (which first tells me they have no

account for me, so who’s cashing my checks, I want to ask, but who

argues with a robot) announces a power outage in my area... but it will

be fixed by 12:30 am.

I feel my way to the closet and retrieve my emergency radio/flashlight,

which has no batteries (swine children!) so, I climb into bed. The dogs,

Gabby and Kasey, are unconcerned and already asleep, and I finally

drift off.

I awaken at midnight for two reasons: my nose, the only body part

exposed, has become a cute, perky icicle and Gabby is throwing up on

the bed.

Now, I know I must get up and tend to the dog - and the bedspread

- but it is seriously cold in this house, I mean frigid, glacial cold (and

my house in the woods is brick and normally ten degrees lower than

outdoors) so, I give it a good deal of thought first. But, finally, I get up

and do my duty with due diligence (even in emergencies, I employ


I also call the electric company again, and again I’m told 12:30 is

their target time.

So, I don sweatpants, thick wooly socks, and hooded sweatshirt over

my nightgown, go back to bed under the scornful gazes of the dogs and

remember that the TV was on and I can’t turn it off now, so I might as

well stay awake until 12:30.

The power leaps to life... at 9 am. When I thaw out, I’m going to get

those ear-protector thingys… and find that robot.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at


Sky City

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

Up a winding road from the Sky City

Cultural Center, which includes the

Haak'u Museum, is Acoma Sky City. The views

of the lower basin are striking.

Located 60-miles west of Albuquerque, Acoma Sky City showcases Acoma

family owned adobe dwellings, remnants of an ancient civilization. The

Acoma tribal societies estimate that they have been here more than two

thousand years, centuries before Columbus crossed the Atlantic.

The Acoma Pueblo tribe safeguards their cultural resources and is

a federally recognized tribal entity. Acoma people are believed to have

descended from the Anasazi and other ancient peoples.

Early climate change and societal turmoil likely caused the Anasazi

to desert their canyon homelands. By the thirteenth century the Acoma

Pueblo had developed and the mesa location’s isolation has, for the most

part, sheltered the community.

Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado’s 1540 expedition

stumbled on the Acoma Pueblo when the only access to the mesa was a set

of almost vertical stairs cut into the rock. It is believed Coronado’s party was

the first Europeans to encounter the Acoma, but trade with the Spaniards

deteriorated by 1598, worsening further when the Acoma learned that the

Spaniards intended to colonize them.

The Acoma ambushed and killed eleven Spanish. In revenge, the

Spanish burned most of the village, killing more than 600 Acoma and

imprisoning approximately 500 others.

Prisoners were forced into slavery. Massacre survivors rebuilt their

community, but the Acoma and other local Indians were required to

convert to Catholicism and pay Spanish taxes in crops and labor.

With the arrival on the mesa of Father Juan Ramirez, construction

began on the San Estevan Del Rey Mission Church. Forced to build the

church, the Acoma transported by hand, tons of adobe, straw, sandstone

and mud for the church walls and brought pine from 40 miles away. The

6,000 square feet church altar is flanked by 60 feet high wood pillars that

are hand carved in designs representing Christian and Indian beliefs.

Aware their ancestors suffered while building the church, the Acoma

regard it today as a cultural treasure. In 1970 it was placed on the National

Register of Historic Places and in 2007 designated as a National Trust

Historic Site, the only Native American site in that ranking.


April 2017

In addition to The Vegas Voice, Dianne Davis is a reporter for Sun

City Anthem TV (SCA-TV) specializing in entertainment and is a

columnist for

Wouldn’t it be

great to unpack

only once...?




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Choose a Collette Spotlight Vacation…

One of my clients, who has traveled all over the world, recently

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Vacationers for every

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Our Phat Pack Cruise

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Destinations

What do these three things have in

common - The Vegas Voice, our Vegas

Voyagers "Bus to the Boat", and the world

class Las Vegas entertainers - the Phat Pack?

Answer: We will all be sailing on the Carnival Splendor January

27 - February 3, 2018 for the first ever VEGAS VOICE/VEGAS


Not only will we be sailing to the Mexican Riviera, Cabo San

Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan; and not only, that we will be

sailing on one of Carnival’s best ships - the Carnival Splendor; and

(once again) not only that we provide round trip bus transportation

from Las Vegas to the pier, but we will be cruising with the cast of


And during the cruise, they will do TWO “command” full length

shows (just for our group) and will meet and greet all with our

private Vegas Voyagers cocktail party.

So if you like world class entertainers (after all, these gentlemen

have performed in Les Miserable, and Phantom of the Opera)

performing old standards, iconic Broadway show stoppers and

contemporary hits - combined with a fantastic seven-night cruise,

then this event is for you!

When I mentioned this idea to Publisher Dan, his first instinct

was to say, “No.” He made it clear that he would not be away during

Our Phat Pack Cruise will be spectacular!

the NFL playoffs or his holiest day of the year – the Super Bowl.

Naturally, when I advised him that there was no Sunday game

due to the “bye” weekend between the championship games and

Super Bowl, he had to check for himself (twice). We return home

the day before the “Big Game” so unless his Rana suffers another

December health issue (long story) they will be there. How about


Prices start at just $869 per person (based on double occupancy)

and that includes the cruise, all port charges, taxes, fees, round

trip bus transportation from Las Vegas to the pier and all the PHAT

PACK events. WOW!

Call me at 800/698-1101 to make your reservations.

Mix and Match

Carnival Splendor

Jan. 7-14, 2018

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise,

from Miami

Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize & Grand Cayman

Inside Cabin $600 pp, / Ocean View $660 pp,

Balcony $990 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and

includes the cruise and all port charges, taxes and fees. Airfare

to Florida is additional

Jan. 14-27, 2018

13 Night Panama Canal

Cruise from Miami to LA

Cartagena, Columbia; Panama Canal Transit;

Punta Arenas, Costa Rica; Puerto Quetzal,

Guatemala; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Inside Cabin $1,716 pp,

Ocean View, $2,016 pp,

Balcony $2,665 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability

and includes the cruise and all port charges, taxes and

fees. Airfare to Florida and back from Los Angeles to

Las Vegas is additional



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com


April 2017

Cruise with the Phat Pack

7 night Mexican Riviera

Jan. 27- Feb. 3, 2018 “Bus to the Boat”

Featuring TWO Special Private

Performances and Cocktail Party

The Phat Pack

Bruce Ewing • Kevan Patriquin

Randal Keith • Philip Fortenberry

(Musical Director)

This extraordinary group of artists met while performing

in “PHANTOM: The Las Vegas Spectacular” and

together formed their own highly-acclaimed spectacle

that continues to thrill audiences everywhere:


Destinations: Cabo San Lucas,

Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta

Inside Cabin $ 869 pp,

Ocean View $ 999 pp,

Balcony $1,169 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and includes

the cruise, all port charges, taxes and fees and Round Trip Bus Transportation

from Las Vegas to the pier in Long Beach, CA.



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com


Summer Trips

By: Marilyn Sirna / Let’s Go!

We have two really great trips planned

for this summer.

JULY 11-13 Santa Barbara, Solvang &

Hearst Castle Trip includes bus fare, hotels shopping in Solvang,

Elephant Seal vista point, San Simon and Hearst Castle with tour


Cost: $425 Double Occupancy, $589 Single Occupancy. Minimum

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Don’t delay, our trips sell out very quickly. Hope you can join us.

JULY 26-27 Del Mar Race Track, San Diego, Old Town

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COST: $189 Double Occupancy, $279 for Single Occupancy.

Deadline for registration is July 10, 2017. No refunds unless we

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If you are NOT a resident of Sun City MacDonald Ranch, you

will pay for your trip directly to LD TOURS: Jennifer 702--870-

5530. If you live in MacDonald Ranch you will pay at the front


Any questions? Contact me at 702/270-7006 or mirna@

Pack your bags and let’s go!

Hungry Seniors

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

Do you know what it is to go hungry?

Did you know that over 7,800

homebound seniors throughout Clark County

go without even a single meal every day? Are you aware that there is a

federally supported program called “Meals On Wheels” that provides vital

nourishment to the hungry even though the program is lacking sufficient

funding to feed the hungry?

That means that seniors not being served are going without food every

single day (unless a concerned neighbor or family member intercedes on

their behalf). Making matters worse - we have no way of knowing how

many there are.

The local governing bodies, the cities throughout Clark County and

the County itself, are doing a fairly decent job, but they lack the resources

necessary to feed all of the needy seniors. They simply lack the money!

Luckily, there is a solution and you can help make this problem

go away. Yes, it involves giving money in whatever amount you can

afford. Visit, click on “Meals on Wheels” and follow

the guidelines.

Any amount of money you give will help feed a homebound hungry


Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He served as Chair of the City of Henderson’s Senior

Advisory Commission. He can be reached at:


April 2017




I have stated from the beginning of my campaign that I am not in favor

of raising property taxes. I am also not in favor of removing the property

tax cap. I understand that many seniors are on a fixed income and

raising property taxes would directly impact them.


An example is The District at Green Valley Ranch. It is a place where

people can work, shop, dine and live all in one general area.

Another example of an urban center is Downtown Summerlin.

Again, Downtown Summerlin has similar opportunities to those you

find at The District - shopping, working, dining and living.

Development in any part of Henderson will have to adhere

to the highest development standards in the County. Developers

often question why they have to provide more open space and a

higher level of design than they do in other jurisdictions. Our answer

is simple, our residents demand a higher quality of life and they

realize a return in higher property values.




With a burst of

Spring energy, the

Ms Senior Nevada Pageant

Family is scheduled to

do five events at assisted

living centers this month.

Please feel free to attend

any of these, call or email

for dates or schedule.

We are also finalizing our

annual trip to Carson City

and our visits with Governor

Sandoval, the Legislature, the Governor’s Mansion and the Capital

Grounds. We have added an additional day, to attend the Nevada State

Museum, tour Virginia City and a Museum in Reno.

All Ms Senior Nevada Family members and family are invited to join

us as we caravan (drive) or fly. We have a unique opportunity to observe

our legislature as they go about the business of governing - a priceless


For more information about Ms. Senior Nevada, please visit our



Performing & Road Trip

on Our Schedule

By: Charlie Christy / Exexutive Director

- Ms. Senior Nevada

Catch A Dream... Live the Experience!

Enter the 2017 Ms Senior Nevada Pageant

Open to all Women Who Have Reached

“The Age Of Elegance” 60 Years and up!

August 22nd & 23rd 2017

South Point Casino Hotel Showroom

This Could Be You!

For More Information Contact:

Charlie Christy, Executive Director

Ph. 702-458-9899, Fax 702-458-9585



April 2017

At the Governor’s Mansion

last year.

A Las Vegas Force -


By: Rich Natole / Voices of a Generation


is a very

successful Las

Vegas force to be

reckoned with.

A producer, director

and choreographer,

Mistinguett has

currently produced

over 60 productions in

Las Vegas alone. She's

created many hit

shows for some of the

biggest companies in

the world - such as

Harrah’s, Mirage and

Caesars to name just

a few.

Her productions are also successful shows on some of the most

prestigious cruise lines in the world. She's choreographed dozens of hit

Broadway style shows in theatres around the globe.

I worked with Mistinguett when I performed for Greg Thompson

Productions several years ago in That’s Entertainment in Valley Forge,

Pennsylvania. She was the dance choreographer for all of Greg’s

production shows for years.

Now she's out on her own and working with some of the biggest names

in our field. Combining years of training and experience, Mistinguett

travels the world loving every minute of what she does.

Las Vegas is home base for her these days. This town started with

production shows and seems to be coming full circle back to its roots.

We need great producers like Mistinguett (as well as our Vegas Voice

entertainment editor, Evan Davis) to highlight old Vegas and bring

talent to the forefront once again. Las Vegas and the corporations here

seem to have lost focus on what this town was always known for - the

Entertainment Capitol of the World!

Over the past several years they seem to put their time and energy in

everything BUT talented entertainers. This has become a bit disheartening!

That makes Mistinguett a well needed breath of fresh air. See her

production shows since it always contains music, dancing, singing and

comedy. You will not be disappointed!

For more information on this talented lady visit www.

Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer & host

of The Vegas Voice Television/Podcast Show. For more information

visit: You can also contact Rich at: rich@


South Pacific, Cinderella, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma

& More by Broadway Performers

Joan Sobel Daniel Emmet Nicole Kaplan

Under the Musical Direction of Philip Fortenberry

Joan Sobel Daniel Emmet Nicole Kaplan

Under the Musical Direction of Philip Fortenberry

Saturday, May 20 th

Doors at 6:30 pm. Show begins at 7 pm.

Tickets: $20. in advance

$25. at the door

Saturday, May 20 th

Call Evan Davis: 702/630-6111

Doors at 6:30 pm. Show begins at 7 pm.

Entertainment Editor, The Vegas Voice

Sun City

Randal Keith

Sun City

MacDonald Ranch

Sponsored by

Community Center

Randal Keith

MacDonald Ranch


Everything in life can be

defined by numbers.

When two or more of the

same number appear together,

such as 11, 22, 33, etc., they

are considered to be “Master

Numbers.” These numbers are

both a curse and a blessing when

anyone or anything is under their


Carol Adrienne explains, “The

Master quality appears in the

person who has an awakened

awareness and a comprehensive

view or ability to access the

potential of the base number.

Those who seek to recognize and

realize their life purpose and who

strive to see the higher purpose

behind events that are examples

of heightened awareness.”

Master numbers contain

great energies of empowerment.

Especially when appearing in

destiny charts, these numbers

carry vibrations of leadership,

abundance and influence over


When drawing these numbers,

or consistently seeing them, i.e.

11:11, it's an "opportunity to walk

into a gateway of manifestation."

It’s a perfect time for meditation

and inner contemplation.

Master Numbers and You!

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

The people who are blessed with

this gift, (or not if misused) have

the confidence and charisma that

enables them to lead. With the

right words, they have the ability

to impact and inspire others.

Examples: #33 is Jesus'

number, as well as being a

significant number in American

Indian Culture, Ghandi #55,

Martin Luther King #11.

It is true that everyone

experiences this profound

connection with the Universe at

some point in their life. We often

hear about people being "in the

zone" where they achieve peak


However, for people that are

under the influence of a master

number, it is imperative to align

themselves with universal good.

Master number people need to

surrender themselves to a life of

service and to lead with integrity

and humility in order to master

their life mission.

Their challenge however is

not only to surrender their ego

and to abstain from suppressing

themselves and others, but to

learn how to sustain it. This

is not an easy task, since their

vibrations and levels of intensity

and responsibility can turn

excitement into fear - and even



April 2017

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching,

classes, workshops, and readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-








APRIL 26-30




May 31 - June 11

702.749.2000 | TTY: 800.326.6868 or dial 711 | For group inquiries call 702.749.2348 | 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106 |



April 2017

He Set the Jazz World on Fire

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments




of music, a mark of lasting

musicians is their flexible

adaptability to music

eras. This was Walter

Maynard Ferguson, a

remarkable Canadian jazz

musician and band leader.

Few careers have lasted

through so many different

forms of music. In his case, forty years!

Known as Maynard (nicknamed Mayn) he was born in 1928 in

Montreal, Canada.

A child prodigy, he played violin and piano by age 4; at 9, he was

enrolled in the French Conservatory of Music. At 11, he soloed with the

CBC Orchestra, eventually mastering 10 instruments. He specialized

with the trumpet.

Maynard was a jazz legend-- a great internationally famous brass

player, big-band leader; an instrument designer of the Firebird and

Superbone trumpets; a record and film soundtrack producer, composer,

arranger; and remarkably generous with his musical talents in teaching

young people.

Ferguson’s lashing, screeching, high-register, dazzling trumpet

technique; in the dizzying upper register of his instrument was the

cornerstone of Stan Kenton Orchestra’s enormous brass section. Mayn

could play high notes with a full rich tone, with power.

He was instantly recognizable where he showcased the F high register

abilities of his signature trumpet. He attributed this command of upper

register and breath-control ability to yoga practice.

Amongst many recognitions, Ferguson was a Canadian Hall of Fame

honoree; a three time Grammy Award nominee, (including the theme

from Rocky, Gonna Fly Now from his Conquistador album) and first

place in Down Beat Magazine’s best trumpeter awards.

He is also recognized for playing in notable bands such as Boyd

Raeburn and Jimmy Dorsey; for his association with Birdland

Dreamband, eventually becoming the band’s leader.

He recorded film sound tracks for Paramount, including the Biblical

Epic The Ten Commandments. He joined Leonard Bernstein for a

performance of Russo’s Titans with the New York Philharmonic.

He lived and taught in India and wrote music of that nature. He

produced hit arrangements of MacArthur Park and the Beatles Hey


Maynard Ferguson, a family man, was married to his only wife for 49

years. They had 4 daughters, and a son. He died in 2006 at 78.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She reports about

music on Alive! You can contact her at www.

Miracle-Ear - The Hearing Solution

There has been a recent study by researchers from

Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging.

The findings add to a growing list of health consequences

associated with hearing loss - including

increased risk of dementia, falls, hospitalizations,

and diminished physical and mental health overall.

Hearing instrument prices vary greatly, depending on the

size, type of instrument, and technology.

The proper selection

of a hearing instrument



only a person's


loss, but

other factors,

as well.

For example, lifestyle,

environment, occupation, and

physical limitations must be considered before proper

selection of the hearing instrument can take place. The

objectives of the Professionals at Miracle-Ear are to

provide quality-hearing instruments that will meet the

needs of each individual client.

Research has proven that people benefit most from

wearing hearing instruments in each ear. Such benefits

include better sound quality, better balance of sound, and

better understanding in group and noisy environments.

It is emphatically recommended that you purchase

a hearing instrument in person, rather than through

mail order or the Internet. Expert, personal assistance

is required in the evaluation

of your hearing, the



fitting of the

h e a r i n g


and the

f o l l o w -

up services

needed for the

successful use of

your hearing system.

Consult with your Miracle-Ear

provider for a free evaluation to advise you of your

hearing options. We will combine our expertise of

fitting hearing instruments with your personal needs for



Natural Alternatives

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

In my previous columns, I zeroed in

on the benefits of some alternatives

regarding the stress and pain that so many

veterans endure.

I wrote about the advantages of medical cannabis working well for

many veterans and then I wrote about discovering personal peace by

learning and engaging in mindfulness practices.

During military service and deployment, many veterans are exposed

to conditions where they are put in high risk situations. Some of those

situations often result in injuries or illnesses; and the course of treating

these health conditions becomes a real issue.

One traditional method of pain control is through a prescription of

opioids. While opioids chemically bind to receptors in the brain and

other organs blocking pain signals, they are, however, not without risk of

serious medical complications. These include overdose and/or addiction.

Exposing veterans to the increased risks of uncontrolled use of these

drugs is also a major problem. But there is some good news.

The VA is putting together alternative treatments to help decrease the

need for these substances among veterans. Complementary Integrative

Health (CIH) is a program proving to be an effective alternative to

control pain for many veterans.

It includes Aqua Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy groups,

Mindfulness classes, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and other similar programs.

These clinics are spotlighting the importance and benefits to one’s health

through the engagement in alternative methods for treating chronic

pain. The concept is to empower an individual to choose and participate

in more natural alternatives for the treatment of their health.

I’m glad to see that safer, more holistic approaches are being

researched and utilized, rather than constantly prescribing dangerous

and destructive opioids for long-term pain management. If you have an

interest in CIH, I encourage you to check with your VA primary care and

see how you can get the care that is best for you.

As a veteran who relies on the VA Medical system to provide safe and

effective care, I am encouraged because since being exposed to the

chemical defoliant, Agent Orange, in Vietnam, and having complications

secondary to that poisoning, I am always looking for more natural ways

to maintain my health. I hope you are too.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.


April 2017

Reaching Your Potential

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

How will you know when you have

achieved your greatest potential in golf?

I recently ran into a golfer I’d known for years

and asked him if he was back to playing golf.

He’d given up the game about a year ago because he’d lost his skills

at the game, couldn’t drive the ball very well, was shanking the ball and

taking 3 and 4 putts per green.

To save embarrassment, he quit playing.

I asked what had changed to bring him back. He’d given some thought

to the fact that he previously scored a hole in one, had carded Eagles on

par 4’s and 5’s and scored an Albatross at one time during his playing

years and felt that he’d achieved some of the greatest feats in golf.

After realizing this, he picked up his clubs once again and is back to

playing the game he loves.

The moral of this story: If you have scored a Hole-in-One, an Eagle

an Albatross etc. you have achieved some of the best scoring in golf and

are amongst an elite group of golfers for making such incredible shots.

Give yourselves a round of applause for your achievements as they are

truly special.

So if you ever think of quitting the greatest game, don’t. Instead the

next time you step up to the T box you can relax knowing you’ve already

accomplished the greatest shots in golf. Enjoy the game as I do.

See you on the links.



The Phat Pack

Bruce Ewing • Kevan Patriquin

Randal Keith • Philip Fortenberry,

(Musical Director & Pianist)

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a member

of both the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club and Winterwood Men’s

Group. He can be reached at:

This extraordinary group of artists met

while performing in “PHANTOM:

The Las Vegas Spectacular” and

together formed their own highlyacclaimed

spectacle that continues to

thrill audiences everywhere:


Fri., Apr.28 th , 2017

Doors at 6:30 pm.

Show begins at 7 pm.

Sun City

at the

Vista Cabaret


Tickets: $15. at the Monitor’s desk

Sponsored by:


Advance Care Planning

By: Regale Harris / Your Kindred Team

It can be difficult to imagine a time when

you or your loved ones will face making

end-of-life care decisions, and it may be

something you’ve put off doing. A quick 30-minute conversation

with your doctor can help

you find peace of mind

knowing your wishes for

your healthcare will be

honored, and can help

your loved ones in future


What Is Advance Care

Planning? Advance Care Planning

is a process that begins with speaking

with your physician to learn about common

end-of-life decisions. You can ask questions and consider your options,

then discuss your feelings with your loved ones.

How Does an Advance Directive Work? Should you ever become

incapacitated or unable to speak for yourself, your advance directive will

become a legally binding document instructing family members and

healthcare professionals how you wish to be treated; regardless of the

current state of your health.

While each state has its own advance directive, FIVE WISHES is one of

the most widely used, as it is both comprehensive and easy to use. This

12-page document is legally binding in Nevada and covers a variety of

scenarios – from whether you wish to utilize life support while in a coma,

to which personal care treatments you’d like to receive, such as hair

brushing or nail clipping.

The document contains five categories, or wishes, which are:

1. The person I want to make care decisions

for me when I can’t

2. The kind of medical treatment

I want or don’t want

3. How comfortable I want to be

4. How I want people to treat me

5. What I want my loved ones to know

Does an Advance Directive Waive

My Rights? Creating an advance directive

will not nullify your durable power of

attorney, if you’ve appointed one. In fact, the

two can work in tandem to ensure you receive the

care you want if you’re unable to speak for yourself.

If you choose to appoint a durable power of attorney or healthcare

agent, they should be someone who you love and trust, such as a spouse,

sibling or child. This person should be familiar with your advance

directive, along with your personal beliefs and values.

It isn’t easy to talk about end-of-life care, but doing so helps you

maintain control, regardless of the situation. When you and your

loved ones make your preferences known, you can find peace

of mind knowing your wishes will be honored, and knowing

that you’ll be able to make the decisions that your loved ones

would want you to make for them.

If you’re interested in receiving a free copy of Five Wishes, please call


Regale Harris is the Manager of Volunteer Services and

Community Liaison for Kindred. She welcomes all questions and

inquiries and can be reached at:


April 2017

Let’s Talk Cars

By: BK Killeen / Down the Road

Hello, everyone! My name is BJ Killeen,

and I am the newest contributor to The

Vegas Voice magazine. I’m thrilled to join

a great staff of writers who bring a wealth of knowledge and

experience to the Las Vegas valley.

This column will cover all things automotive, including

but not limited to explaining new technologies and their

value, news of the industry that affects how and what you

drive, helping you save money when buying or maintaining

your vehicle, and much more.

The goal is to deliver the information so it’s easy to

understand, and, I hope, help you make informed decisions

about buying, using, and keeping your car.

I also promise to include some fun articles to keep you

entertained. After all, if I’m not having fun, neither are


Just so you know the credentials behind the face, I’ve

been an automotive journalist for over 30 years, and an

automotive enthusiast for much longer than that. My father

got me into the field, thanks to his love of cars, and a love

of anything with wheels is quite infectious.

I spent a few years at Motorcyclist Magazine, honing my

writing skills and playing around with two-wheeled toys. I

joined the staff of Motor Trend magazine shortly afterward,

and served as Road Test Editor for many years. I currently

freelance, and am a co-host of two radio shows about cars:

Drivers Talk Radio, and The Drive with Alan Taylor.

I grew up in Los Angeles, and am a fairly recent transplant

to the Las Vegas area, hanging my hat in Henderson

alongside my husband, automotive photographer Scott

Killeen, and a Maincoon furball named Rusty.

I will be happy to answer questions you have about

anything related to cars, the industry, suggested topics, or

other roadworthy vehicles. Email me at

Next month I’ll be looking at a hot topic: autonomous

and semi-autonomous vehicles; they sound scary, but can

be a huge blessing for those who don’t get around much

anymore. See you then!

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at

Are You Looking

for Full-Time Work?

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This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, sex, age,

political affiliation, or religion.


Photo courtesy, Dr. Mitch Fadem

Sun City Dance Company

Sun City Dance Company Las Vegas proudly presents Ticket

to Broadway at the Summerlin Starbright Theatre. For two

weekends, May 13-14 and 20-21, 2017 this award winning group

of women and men will take you on a two-hour tap dancing

journey of all the best shows ever to grace a stage on Broadway.

But your tickets now! The cost is only $11.

For more information, call the Starbright Theatre box office at

702/240-1301 or book your tickets online at


By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

The older I get, the more I try to pay

attention to what I hear and what I say.

I’ve said things forever and sometimes I want

a re-do.

An unusual event starts with “You wouldn’t believe it if I

told you” and my thought is, why bother? You won’t believe it

anyway. And the moment is gone.

How about “You have no idea….” while explaining a

situation? So if the person has no idea, do you have to educate

them first? Otherwise they won’t understand the story.

An all-time favorite is “There is nothing worse than….”

describes something awful. But is it really that awful? I realize

there are millions of things worse, but we like the drama.

“At the end of the day” seems to be a summary statement.

The first time I heard that, it sounded very original. It isn’t.

I even see these things show up on my phone in autocorrect

mode. Who made that decision? It certainly wasn’t me. Yes,

you can turn off the option, but that would defeat my whole


Let’s talk about “autocorrect.” Whether you use an android

or an iPhone, someone out there has decided you need

help sending messages. As I just found out, this can be very


I invited an important client and his family to lunch at

McCormick & Schmicks a few weeks back and when I sent him

the text, it autocorrected to McCormick & Schmucks. Thank

goodness I caught it. That would have not gone over very well

at all!

“It’s a piece of cake!” Huh? If the meaning is that something

is easy, just say so. Apparently, according to a dictionary of

idioms, the expression originated in the Royal Air Force in

the late 1930s for an easy mission. The precise reference is a

mystery, just as the expression, “easy as pie.”


April 2017

At our age, saying things like: “You’re gonna die laughing”

or describing something wonderful as “to die for” has a whole

different meaning. Every time I hear myself saying it, I wish

I could do a re-take.

Trust me.

Saturday, April 8 • 8pm

Saturday, Saturday, April April 8 • 8pm 8pm

Tickets Starting At $ 18

Tickets Tickets Starting Starting At At $ 18 18

Purchase tickets at the Silverton Box Office,

by calling 702.263.7777 or online at

Purchase tickets at the Silverton Box Office,

All ages show. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21+. Ticket price subject Live Entertainment Tax “L.E.T.”

Purchase and fees where applicable. tickets Entertainment subject at to the change without Silverton prior notice. Management Box reserves Office,

all rights.

by calling 702.263.7777 or online at

by calling 702.263.7777 or online at

All ages show. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21+. Ticket price subject to Live Entertainment Tax “L.E.T.”

and fees where applicable. Entertainment subject to change without prior notice. Management reserves all rights.

All ages show. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21+. Ticket price subject to Live Entertainment Tax “L.E.T.”

and fees where applicable. Entertainment subject to change without prior notice. Management reserves all rights.




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Runs in Vegas Voice Mag


By: James J. White, D.D.S. / Your Dentist

It is quite surprising to find that patients

often attempt “self-dentistry.”

Recently a gentleman came to the office because

one of his older crowns had come off. When chatting with his friend about

having to go to the dentist because of the displaced crown, the response

was “I have had that happen and I just

use Super Glue to put it back on.

Fortunately, and smartly, the

gentleman replied: “No, I think I’ll

leave it to the professional.”

This gentleman is intelligent. He

knows that if a crown came loose there

may be more than one reason.

It could be that the cement simply let

go. It could be that there is recurrent

decay (“a cavity”) that has taken away

previously sound tooth structure. It

could also be due to an interference

with function; eventually weakening

the cement bond with resultant loss of

the crown, etc.

If a patient just attempts to “recement”

the crown with the glue

at hand, then there has been no

opportunity for a dentist to check

the tooth and crown to see that everything is ok. Before a crown is recemented

the old and residual cement needs to be air-abraded out of the

crown so that it will fit precisely.

The tooth has to be cleaned of any residual cement and the crown

needs to be checked in place to make certain that it is still fitting the tooth


I cannot begin to explain the number

of patients I see on an emergency basis

due to “happy hands at home” dental

work. In most cases the problems that

have resulted from trying to save a visit

to the dentist will result in much more

extensive and expensive care than

would have originally been necessary.

Re-cementing a crown over a tooth

that has decay will only result in the

tooth eventually abscessing, usually

with great pain, or the complete loss

of the tooth which will then require

bridgework or implant placement.

I will close this article by saying that

when making our decisions we should

not lose sight of the old cliché: “penny

wise and pound foolish.”

Remember, one is not in good health

without good oral health.


April 2017

Determining Your Skin Tone

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez

/ Timeless Beauty

As we trade in our sweaters for warmer

days, Spring brings about a new color

palette for our wardrobes and cosmetics. If you're looking to

embrace some fun new colors, determining your skin tone can

help identify your most flattering hues.

This applies to clothing, makeup, hair color, even nail polish! Here’s a

cheat sheet for determining which colors may be best for your skin tone!

Types of skin tones: Warm, Cool, and Neutral. Most will fit into the

first two categories. Sometimes your tone can be unexpected. Very pale

skin may have a warm tone, while very dark can have a cool tone.

Warm Skin Tones: Have an olive or yellow under tone. They may tan

more easily, have dark or hazel eyes, and gold jewelry very complimentary.

Most flattering colors: Citrus and warm sunset colors. Deep reds,

oranges, yellows, magenta, olive, taupe, grey, and ivory.

Cool Skin Tones: Have a blue or pink undertone and range from

very light to very dark skin. This tone may burn more easily and often

have blue or green eyes. Silver metals very complimentary.

Most flattering colors: Think spring flowers, bright blues, pinks,

pastels, yellows, purples, navy, light grey, white, and jewel tones like jade

and sapphire.

Neutral Skin Tones: If you appear to be between the two, then you're

probably a neutral tone.

Most flattering colors: Neutral tones can wear almost anything! Black,

off-white, jade, red, rose, peach and more muted colors, as opposed to

bold ones.

If you're still not sure which skin tone you may be, try the vein test! If

the veins on the back of your wrist appear more blue/purple, then you’re

probably a cool tone. If they appear more of a green tone, you’re a warm


Of course this isn’t set in stone, just a simple guide that may help

determine your most flattering skin tone, especially for online shoppers

like me!

If you just love a color, but can’t really pull it off, try a cute handbag or

shoes in your favorite color instead! You'll still freshen up your color and

be ready for Spring!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website









•Family Owned & Operated•



( 7 0 2 )



Bonded & Insured • Lic. #0080600


We Need Balance in Our


By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

BALANCE - and I don’t mean it the way

you think! Yes, we need balance in our

lives and we start losing our sense of balance beginning in our

middle ages.

If we don’t do any balance exercises, we can lose our

balance in our aging selves and take falls. Have you ever

taken a fall? Older adults 60 or older who have not done any

balance exercises have a greater risk of falling.

For the 9 years that I’ve been teaching my Zumba classes, I

have incorporated some balance exercises in my cool downs.

One in particular that I find helpful is to do tandem walking.

You place heel to toe (or side by side) and walk in as straight

a line as much as you can. Some of my students laugh at this -

calling it their “DUI walk.” But this does help with balancing.

Another is to stand with both feet about shoulder width.

Then lift one foot forward at least one inch and hold as long

as you can - 10 seconds or more. Bring that foot down and

then shift to the other foot.

You can also try this by bending the knee and bringing the

foot backward (similar to a flamingo stance). Try holding

this for as long as you can - 10 seconds or more. Repeat for

the other foot.

If this is uncomfortable or you cannot do this without

holding on to something - try having a counter or something

solid in front of you. Eventually you should be able to do it

without any added object.

When Your Feet Touch

the Earth

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

The human body is an amazing creation.

The wisdom of its design, both as an

integrated whole and as an integrated part of nature will never

cease to amaze.

The phenomenon of grounding or “earthing” is one example.

One of the ways the body communicates between parts of itself,

as well as maintains its normal physiological functions is through

a flow of electrons. Where we get these electrons is one of the

amazing facts of nature.

Due to the millions of lightning strikes per day that happen

on the earth, the earth's surface is charged with electrons. When

your body becomes low in electrons, the electrons will move from

an area of higher concentration (the earth) to an area of lower

concentration (you).

The only thing that has to happen is that your skin must touch

the surface of the earth. Absorbing electrons from the earth is

called “Grounding” or “Earthing.”

However, here’s the problem. Because we walk in rubber soled

shoes, and because we walk on carpet, tile, linoleum, asphalt,

concrete - and not grass or soil, we no longer get recharged every


The question you may have is, “How does this affect me, if it

does at all?” Research has demonstrated the following effects for

grounding: Reduced inflammation, reduced pain, improved sleep,

increased level of relaxation, and reduced clumping of red blood


According to Richard Feynmann, (one of the most noted

physicists of the twentieth century) the process of grounding helps

us to become “an extension of the Earth's gigantic electric system.”

This may help prevent the deleterious effects of electromagnetic

pollution on the body.

The technique for grounding is simple. Let your feet touch the

earth daily for thirty minutes to an hour.

If you spend a lot of time inside surrounded by electronic devices,

you can purchase an earthing mat. You simply plug the mat into

the ground of any electric outlet and put your bare feet on the mat

while watching TV, working on a computer etc.

With a little more balance exercises each day, you can help

strengthening your core to help prevent falls. The more you

do balance exercises, the less chance of injuring yourself.

I’m in my 72nd year and believe me - I want to prevent

falling and injuring myself as much as I can.


Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first

runner-up for Ms. Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer.

Mary can be reached at


April 2017

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or



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Gorgeous Sonata Floorplan with Casita!

4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, 3,34 Sqft

Premium View Lot

3 Car Garage, Courtyard w/ In-ground

Spool, Island Kitchen w/ Granite Counters

Captivating Columbia Floorplan with Casita!

4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths

2,705 Sqft of Living Space

Mountain Views, Family Room w/ Surround

Sound, Island Kitchen w/ Corian, Courtyard

Spacious Glenmore Floorplan

3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

2,706 Sqft of Living Space

Granite Counters, Huge Rear Yard, Oversized



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