Maple Grove All Sports Boosters Newsletter – Fall 2009

Maple Grove All Sports Boosters Newsletter – Fall 2009

Maple Grove All Sports Boosters Newsletter October 2009

What’s the Score?

Mission Statement: The goal of the Maple Grove All Sports Boosters is to create

fairness for all and enhance the experience of our student athletes and their families.

Board Members:

President: Becky Liddell Vice President: Terry Norris

Secretary: Michele Novotny Treasurer: Brenda Knipe

Newsletter: Judi Goerke

*Copies of the sports booster’s constitution are available upon request.

Be a member of MG All Sports Boosters for ONLY $ 5.00, you receive a

cool car decal and membership card. See a board member today!

To register to receive our “What’s the Score” MG All Sports newsletter via

e-mail, submit a request to: no snail mail sorry!

Fall Sports Coach Sports Boosters Representative

Varsity Football Curt Fischer Michelle Saxton

Dave Emley Pam Secky

Marcus Clark

JV Football Mark Dollard same

Boys Varsity Soccer Cindy Saxton Sarah Goebel, Sue Lamper &

Beth Olson

Boys JV Soccer Adrian Bland same

Girls Varsity Soccer Mike Burr Irene Winchester, Sherri Barto

Girls JV Soccer Julie Cotter same

Cross Country Robert Rappole Sue Green

John Zuroski

Girls Varsity Volleyball Amanda Reese Jay Young

Girls JV Volleyball Judi Edgerton same

Girls Varsity Tennis Bob Gustafson Lisa Allenson

Parent Volunteer: Do you have a little time in your schedule to help inventory

uniforms? Mr. Pannes, Athletic Director could use some assistance with a few tasks to

assist the athletic department. Please contact Mr. Pannes to learn more.

What’s the Score October 2009 page 2

Submit to (photos, player quotes, fundraising details, comments

& other) Deadline to submit news to “What’s the Score” is as follows:

Publish Date Deadline

October 1 September 17

November 1 October 18

December 1 November 17

Sportsmanship Counts: Be a good Sport!

"Victories in life come through our ability to work around and

over the obstacles that cross our path. We grow stronger as we

climb our own mountains."

-Marvin Ashton

QB throws a pass, Coach Fischer looks on and # 36

makes a play against a Cardinal

Wednesday, October 14 th 7:00 pm

See Zurh House All are welcome!

What’s the Score October 2009 page 3


MG Sports Boosters Representative Duties

Primary objective: To enhance the experience of Maple Grove student athletes

and families. The primary goal is to create fairness by representing the needs

of each individual sport thus realizing the benefits for all in a united MG

Sports Boosters organization.

1. As a Sport Representative, what do I need to do?

Come prepared to a monthly meeting to voice your opinions on issues,

discuss fundraising and the specific needs of your sport thereby developing a

plan to work as a team to benefit all. You would communicate to others from

your sport and bring their concerns/questions to the monthly meetings to be

properly addressed and resolved quickly.

2. How often are the meetings?

Typically we will meet once per month. Groups working on a special project

may opt to meet separately in addition to the general monthly meeting.

3. Can we have more than one booster rep for our sport?

Yes, we encourage more than one person to be available to address

issues, bring questions and potential solutions to the meetings that would

address the needs of all fairly. More than one representative per sport is

encouraged however when voting on a policy, only one vote per sport is


4. How will the results and decisions of the group me made known?

We plan to develop a regular e-newsletter where sport needs and expenses

are addressed and fundraisers and their timeframes for each group are

announced. This will benefit all as to not over-lap and avoid competition with

other sports.

The goal is to create fairness and fundraising projects for the purpose of

additional equipment, transportation needs or other areas that the school's

budget fails to address. We have obtained a comprehensive list from the

administration listing all areas the school’s budget provides for and address

the needs of each sport accordingly.

What’s the Score October 2009 page 4

Girls Varsity Soccer Team - 2009



As the MG All Sports Boosters General Fund finances the senior blankets ($ 1,500 - $ 2,000) for

our amazing athletes from ALL sports, donations to sports teams moving past playoffs and

possible scholarships, we need to generate some funds. We are seeking an effective fundraising

project. How much we can provide to those who need our financial help depends solely on the

success of a quality fundraising program. Won’t YOU join us for a special meeting (8:00 pm)

after the regular meeting (7:00 pm) on Wednesday, October 14 th at the See Zurh House? Bring

your creative ideas to put together an effective fundraising program so we can provide those

traditional senior blankets to all lettered athletes and financial assistance for those who are

looking for support from the MG All Sports Boosters. Join us! The rewards are endless.

All photographers!

If you are going to a sporting event and would like to take some photos,

that would be super! We are excited to submit photos of our student

athletes to the Post Journal at and the Chautauqua

Star at

What’s the Score October 2009 page 5

MG Soccer player controls the ball.

Using the Concession Stand

A fall sports concession stand committee has been formed! The responsibility of each

committee member is to coordinate all the efforts needed for their team to run the

concession stand during the season. A complete policy and list of responsibilities has

been distributed to each member. This season’s committee members are: Kathy Grace,

Football; Irene Winchester, Girls Soccer; Sarah Goebel, Boys Soccer; Sue Green, Cross

Country. Volunteers are always welcome! If you are interested in helping out with

concessions, please contact the appropriate committee member listed above. If you

have any questions or concerns regarding the concession stand, call Kathy Grace 386-


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