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June 2016


Still Speaks in Cowra

Vision for SNSW Conference | JET Camp | Appointment of New Directors

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Mike Faber


Associate Editor:

Luke Ferry


Moving Forward:

A Vision for our Conference

In lead up to the constituency meeting in September

2017 we are looking at an opportunity

to move our conference forward in respect

to greater involvement with our entire constituency.

This is not something we want just

to be admin driven, rather we want to see the

Holy Spirit work through our conference from

the ground up, driven by all Pastors with our

church members involvement.

The intent of this focus has been developed

because in the past a number of members have

expressed that the constituency meeting process

has only provided historical reports with

a reflection on the past three years, rubberstamping

decisions, and is seen almost as a

waste of time. Members have felt disempowered

with no opportunity to voice ideas and

the meetings have tendered to have a negative

outlook instead of being positive and visionary.

With this in mind, we want to change the current

perception and seek your support.

We are looking to introduce a simple threephase

process in the lead up to our constituency

meeting in September 2017. All church

members are invited to participate in this process.

These can be most simply defined as:

1. Setting the Agenda – August-September

2016. A series of open forums will be held

throughout the conference, where church

members are invited to identify key areas of focus

through which ongoing visioning and discussion

will take place.

2. Exploring the Issues – Feb-April 2017. The

key points are collated and discussed in focus

groups with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

and threats of each being documented and

published once all regions have been given the

opportunity to contribute.

We envision this to be an ongoing process,

not simply a one off. How this process

plays out in future years is yet to be

finalized, however in order to allow the

voice of the constituency to be heard as

a whole, we will need to ensure that it

is repeated. It is essential that we work

together in the unity of the Spirit to allow

God to shape our church, your enthusiasm

and positivity towards this process is

extremely valuable.

Dates for the initial meetings are planned

between 2-4 pm for:

- Sabbath August 6: Greater Canberra

Region; including Yass and Goulburn

- Sabbath August 27: Coastal Region

Northern; Ulladulla, Nowra, Southern

Illawarra, Bowral

- Sunday August 28: Coastal Region

Southern; Bega, Cobargo, Wallaga Lake,


- Sabbath September 3: North West

Region; Narromine, Cobar, Dubbo,

Dubbo Aboriginal, Parkes

- Sunday September 4: Northern Region;

Bathurst, Lithgow, Orange, Mandurama,

Mudgee, Oberon, Cowra

- Sabbath September 10: Central

Region; Griffith, Leeton, Narrandera

- Sunday September 11: Central Region

Northern; Young, Cootamandra, Temora

- Sabbath September 17: Central Region

Southern; Wagga Wagga, The

Rock, Tumut, Tumarumba

- Sunday September 18: Southern Region;

Albury, Wodonga, Corryong

“To be

and grow


followers of


3. Establishing Direction – September 2017.

A final statement of vision and intent will be

published and voted on at the session, the execution

of this statement will be a shared responsibility

between both the local church and

conference admin.

We would invite each member to spend time

in prayer and discussion with their church community

in the lead up to these meetings, seeking

guidance from the Holy Spirit in looking at

ideas for the future direction of the conference

and local church.

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Broken Hill will meet during my visit on

June 18. Further information will be communicated


the local pastors.

- Mike Faber,


Prophecy Still Speaks in Cowra

If My People Pray....

Cowra Church, small in membership started praying;

asking God what He wanted them to do for

Him. The members felt impressed to run a prophecy

seminar, which was presented during the month of


Although they could hardly meet their church expenses,

the members voted to step out in faith. They

had about one thousand dollars set aside for evangelism

and the budget for the seminar was around

three thousand dollars.

The treasurers, Pastor Pedro Fentes and Kaylene Kosmeier,

were going through the church books and

found that the GST had not been claimed back for

some years and it was estimated the amount would

make up the difference for the cost of the seminar.

Just think, God had been keeping this money in

store for His little church all this time to provide for

their desire to serve Him. Now the church members

knew without a doubt that God was with them.

Seminar presenter Kel Naughton

The first night of the seminar nine non-Adventists attended

and one lady was so amazed at the Daniel 2

prophecy that she invited two of her friends to the

second night.

That night thirteen visitors came as the couple who

were invited the previous night brought two of their


Seminar attendees

On the third night the church counted fourteen visitors as a

man driving by saw the Prophetic Code sign banner. He came

in to see who was running the seminar and attended every

program after.

During the intermission on the first night a lady told her story

of how she came to find out about the program. On the

Friday the program started she was leaving Woolworths and

wanted to buy a newspaper. She felt impressed to drive

around to the town library. She said “I felt a bit strange because

I never go to the library.” When she arrived there she

couldn’t miss the eight-meter-tall inflatable statue of Daniel 2.

She said she has been praying and searching the internet for

the understanding of prophecy.

This is just what she had been looking for. She said: “God

lead me to the library so I would know this was on.” She lived

just out of town and wouldn’t have received a brochure in the

letter box. She hasn’t missed one night and said: “Now I am

sure God lead me to this – it is so clear.”After three weeks at

the library the venue changed to the church hall with six visitors

still attending.

Letter Box Advertisment

Conference News

If My People Pray....

Image of Daniel 2 at Intersection

Out of all the different types of advertising the inflatable Daniel 2 statue has

attracted more attention than anything else. As soon as the statue was inflated

the newspaper was informed and the manager quickly sent a reporter to write a

story, so the church ended up with free newspaper advertising.

At the busy intersection where the inflatable Daniel 2 statue was erected, the

traffic was often slowing down in wonder at what it was all about. Many times

drivers who crossed the intersection would stop to look and other drivers would

have to wait because the traffic did not move. A lot of people came and talked

to the church members who where on roster to look after the statue. The word

got around the town and people would come to see it and take photos.

In every community there are people searching for truth. If you really want to

reach them, God will lead you to them, and them to you. If you pray and ask

God in what way you should serve Him, He will bless your effort in ways that you

will not expect. Please pray for our church members in the little church of Cowra

as they work for our wonderful God and friend.

- Pr. Ben Kosmeier

Conference News

Pastoral Moves

Pr. Ben Kosmeier with eight metre

high statue

New Pastor for Lithgow, Mudgee and Oberon

Due to Pr. Ken Bird having retired at the end of last year Pr. James Toogood will now minister to the Lithgow, Mudgee

and Oberon churches. He commenced his work on May 1 after returning from long service leave. Pr. James who has a

passion for evangelism and media ministry was working in South Canberra until the end of 2015.

Leaving the SNSW Conference

David Haupt has recently accepted a call to the NNSW Conference sharing his gifts with the Kingscliff and Bray Park

churches. David has been working in our Conference for over 7 years and was well known and appreciated for the

training and counselling he conducted around the conference. For the last two years David served our conference as

the Director of the departments Family Life and Health and as Care Person for the ministerial staff.

We wish David and his wife Constance God’s richest blessing for their work in NNSW. They will be missed.

- Pr. Mike Faber

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to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Conference News

Appointment of new Department Directors

On Monday April 18 the Appointments Committee of the SNSW Conference appointed

two new departmental directors.

Director for ADRA Services

With Douglas Kieltyka having left for Ethiopia where he is now working as ADRA Country

Director the committee was looking for a suitable person to fill the role of Director for

ADRA Services for our conference.

Sarina Taituave has been appointed and accepted this position on a part time basis.

Sarina is the wife of Jeremy Taituave who conducts his pastoral internship in the Wagga

Wagga District. Before the Taituave’s moved to our conference at the beginning of this

year, Sarina was working as National Program Coordinator for ADRA Australia. She was

part of a team that was responsible for overseeing 30 ADRA Op Shops across Australia.

Sarina also designed and implemented Local Community Projects across various churches

as a tool for them to meet the needs of the local community. We wish Sarina God’s

blessings in her work for our conference.

Sarina Taituave

Director for Family Life and Health

Due to David Haupt having accepted a call to the NNSW Conference the departments

Family Life and Health needed the appointment of a new director.

Pastor Tony Moala who is presently studying for his BA in counselling has been appointed

to these roles.

The appointment will be in addition to his current role as Senior Pastor of the northern

costal region of our conference. We are looking forward to Pr. Moala’s ministry in his new

area of expertise and wish him God’s richest blessing for his appointment.

- Pr. Mike Faber

Safe Place Services - eLearning

Opportunities for training in Safe Church Awareness

within our conference have been minimal. The

Australian Union Conference (AUC) Safe Place Services

(SPS) department consists of a small team that are responsible

for Safe Church awareness across Australia

and New Zealand, and securing personnel from the SPS

team to conduct training across our conference, takes

careful planning.

With the latest recommendations coming out of the

Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child

Sexual Abuse, the SPS team are limited in ensuring all

churches including ADRA are following correct safe

practices in all child related activities and in interactions

with vulnerable persons.

The solution, the Internet, while not a new phenomenon,

accessing online training modules built by Adventists

for Adventists is. And this type of learning

environment, available 24/7, allows everyone in church

leadership roles the opportunity to learn at their own


Tony Moala

Once the initial modules are completed, there is a webinar

conducted to finalise the initial training. Refresher

courses and updates will be added, as new requirements

for ensuring a safe place are adopted throughout

Australia. ELearning will create ongoing awareness of

what a Safe Church is and assist in building an environment

where safety for vulnerable persons is paramount

within our churches.

To register (16 years and over), simply access the site at: and select

the first course, ‘Safe Church Awareness Training’.

Further information, including the access key is available

from your Church Pastor and for those who have

already registered and completed the initial modules,

further learning modules, including,

Safe Church Awareness Refresher

and Elder training, will be

available soon.

- Calvin Drinkall

General Secretary/Safe Places

Tonga Mission Report

Tonga Mission

Pr Mike preaching on Sabbath wearing the Ta’ovala on

top of the Tupenu

In order to support our Partner in Mission, David Haupt

and myself (Mike Faber) boarded a plane on Monday

February 15 heading for Tonga.

While waiting at the airport in Sydney we found out that

the plane was delayed for two hours as a cyclone was on

its way towards Tonga. As we were finally approaching

Tonga the ride got bumpier as we felt the force of the

nearing cyclone. The plane had a rough but safe landing

and we were welcomed with torrential rain as we

left the aircraft. When we arrived at the motel at about

3:00 am the following morning ready to go to bed David

and I looked at each other as a strong earthquake shook

the motel. We knelt down and prayed that our visit to

Tonga would be a blessing to the inhabitants, and that

God would look after us as well as the wonderful people

of this beautiful kingdom in the middle of the Pacific

Ocean. The cyclone did some damage to the island of

Vava’u and then turned towards Fiji with devastating

consequences. The whole week was extremely windy

but we were able to conduct our meetings.

Pastor Saia Vea, the President of Tonga Mission had invited

us to provide training for the local ministers during

the mornings and to run island wide revival meetings in

the evenings.

What a beautiful and blessed time of fellowship we enjoyed

during the entire week. The pastoral team was a

delight to work with and the evening meetings were well

attended in spite of the heavy winds that were still moving

over the island of Tonga. The final meetings were

held on Sabbath at an overflowing hall at Beulah College.

The entire Sabbath was blessed with a wonderful spiritual

atmosphere. The fellowship, the lunch, the singing, the

lovely smiling faces and the friendship filled our hearts with


While we were in Tonga we decided to wear the traditional

clothing and all week we dressed up in a Tupenu. I have

to say that at first it felt strange wearing a “skirt” and we

thought that every eye was looking at us. But we quickly

got used to wearing the comfortable cloth, as it was much

cooler than wearing pants. We were told by a number of

people how much the community appreciated us showing

respect to their culture. On Sabbath we were also wearing

the Ta’ovala, which is woven from a local plant and worn on

top of the Tupenu. Yes, we wanted to be one of them and

wearing the traditional cloth was one way of expressing our

love and care for the people in Tonga.

On Tuesday February 23 David and myself returned home

to Australia having been blessed by the wonderful spirit

of the Tongan people and their commitment and love and

loyalty for Jesus.

Why don’t you visit our sister conference yourself and experience

the love and kindness of the Tongan people. You

could organise a fly and built or get involved in another

mission project. Contact the SNSW Conference Office for


- Pr. Mike Faber

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David presenting to the pastors

SNSW Youth

Jet Camp - Imitation Game

Amazing memories were created by the 100 campers

and staff who attended JET Camp this year! From the

moment the buses rolled in and saw the big welcome

signs being waved by the JET Camp staff, campers knew

they were in for a treat! Old friendships were reconnected

and new ones were formed, there is something incredible

about knowing that you are heading the same eternal direction,

friends at JET Camp are friends forever.

Speaker Chris Starrett from Wahroonga Adventist School

in Sydney challenged the 10-15 year olds to be really selective

over what they choose to imitate in life. He showed

them that what we love, we spend time with and imitate

and ultimately become like. Fixing our eyes on Jesus, we

can’t help but be captured by his amazing love.

On the Friday night as a culmination to the week’s programs,

campers were challenged to identify something

that they wanted to stop imitating and after writing this

on a piece of paper and throwing it into a camp fire, they

were challenged to be an “Imitation Generation” after


On the Sabbath afternoon two of the campers gave their

lives to Christ in baptism, which took place up at the bush

chapel overlooking the lake. At the conclusion of this

Chris gave a call to which fifteen young people came forward

indicating they would like to also give their lives to

Jesus in Baptism.

A number of Border Christian College students who attended

JET Camp were asked what they enjoyed most

about the camp. Whilst the responses varied from activities

to some very talented acting, one theme stood

out overall. The friendships and time spent worshipping

together was the highlight. One of the campers stated

whilst at camp, “I came to this camp not a Christian, but

now I want to be one.” God is certainly hard at work in

the lives of our young people; I can’t wait for next year!

The week was filled with fun activities including Go Karting,

Archery, Mountain biking, Laserforce, Canoeing,

Thredbo Aquatic Centre and Watersports.

There was also a glow sports night on the last night with

2000 glow sticks lighting up the oval and a number of

dorm rooms come bedtime! One of the biggest highlights

was however the ‘Secret Agent’ banquet, which

involved a big diamond smuggling operation in which

campers had to smuggle different sized diamonds in and

out of the banquet without being caught by the CIA! A

lot of fun!

- Hayden Petersen

SNSW Youth

Baptism at the AAV Bush Chapel


Jayda Rath (C) with Hayden Petersen (L) and Brendan Hayes (R) being baptised at the Bush Chapel in Jindabyne

Overlooking lake Jindabyne, the view from the bush chapel

at the Adventist Alpine Village is simply breathtaking.

For Ash Biddiscombe and Jayda Rath there could have not

been a more perfect place to commit their lives to Christ in

baptism. Surrounded by friends and family as well as all of

their friends from JET Camp, Ash and Jayda gave testimony

to their faith in Jesus and were baptised in a specially made

corrugated iron ‘bush font’.

The atmosphere at the bush chapel was simply beautiful, with

Lisa and Reece Biddiscombe sharing how proud they were

of their son Ash’s decision and the young man he has become.

Wilf Rath, grandfather of Jayda also gave testimony

of God’s blessing and the privilege of seeing Jayda grow in

the faith. Pastor Brendan Hayes and Conference Youth Director

Hayden Petersen officiated the baptism. Church Family

at Canberra National Church welcomed both Ash and Jayda

into their membership the following week.

- Hayden Petersen

Teen Expedition 2016

Ash Biddiscome making his decision to follow Jesus

Tathra is incredibly beautiful in February! The 20 teens and

12 Staff who attended the SNSW Teen Expedition earlier this

year will testify to that fact! The group wound their way southwards

along the coast from Picnic Point to the entrance of the

Bega River over the course of one weekend.

During the course of the hike the group had to make two

river crossings, the first of which involved the teens constructing

a make-shift raft. The water temperature was a delightful

23 degrees, and wading through the beautiful inlets was simply

sensational. Singing around the campfire and listening to

worships led by Jeremy Taituave was simply awesome! Looking

forward to the next Teen Expedition in 2018.

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Your Church

Your Church

Albury/Wodonga District - Last Supper


Based on a living rendition of the Leonardo DaVinci

painting of The Last Supper, the three district

churches and Border Christian College worked together

to invite families and friends to a special Sabbath program,

which included a communion service. About 150

people came to be blessed by the actors (all from the

three churches and school staff) who shared a moving

experience of The Last Supper. The catch cry of The Last

Supper presentation was the question of the disciples

about Jesus mentioning His betrayal, “Is it I Lord, Is it I?”

Special items from the Border Christian College Primary

Choir, the Secondary and Church worship teams, and

the Border Christian College Singing group blessed

those who attended.

Bega - Dawn Service

Recreating the Last Supper painting of Leonardo DaVinci

The Last Supper finished with an invitation to join Christ

in communion of repentance and following Jesus. The

very special Sabbath experience included lunch supplied

by the churches to all who attended, providing an

opportunity for further growing the relationships and

building connections with families across the district and

at Border Christian College.

In the evening a movie night was held and those present

at The Last Supper were also invited to come share “The

War Room”. A big thank you to the sixty plus people

who helped by serving and leading out. Praise God for

such a moving and powerful Sabbath and Sabbath evening!

- Pr. Andrew McCrostie

Each year on Easter Sunday the combined churches

of Bega host a dawn service at the Bega Valley Lookout.

Our church hosted the event this year. Pastor Dragan

Kanazir, our minister, welcomed about 90 folk in attendance

with several all the way from our sister city, Littleton,

in Colorado. Paul Ralph assembled a group of accomplished

musicians to lead the singing on the day.

Comments from those in attendance were full of praise

for the leadership provided by them.

Easter Dawn Service at Bega Valley Lookout

The local Baptist minister directed our thoughts to the

difference the resurrection morning has made to the

hope of humanity. In just eight Bible verses, Mark 16:1-

8, the focus for us all has changed.

The local Salvation Army prepared breakfast for all in

attendance with special thoughtful provision for vegetarians.

Fellowship together with fellow Christians

proved to be heart-warming and encouraging. Christ

is risen! We serve a living Saviour!

- Wendy Hergenhan

Your Church

Nowra - Farewell

Dr. Nelson with wife Priya (Right) and daughters

Joanna (Left) and Elaina (Middle)

Nowra Seventh-day Adventist Church held a gift

presentation followed by a church lunch on Sabbath

the 2nd of April 2016 to farewell Dr. Nelson Nathan,

his wife Priya, and their two daughters, Joanna

(10) and Elaina (8). This event was to say our goodbyes

to them as they leave the Shoalhaven area after residing

here for some six years.

As the Nathan’s were living so far away from their native

India and friends and relatives, they considered their

church friends as their Australian family.

The Nathan family wearing their warm gifts from their Nowra

church family

Nelson has accepted a new medical specialist position

in Rehabilitation Medicine at the Royal Hobart Hospital

in Tasmania.

As they were heading to a much colder climate we wanted

to ensure they were ready for the winter ahead so provided

them with gifts of warm woolen beanies, scarves,

gloves, flannelled sheets and a thick mink blanket. We

also gave them a reminder of what they were leaving behind

with a large canvas print of a beautiful natural seaside

location in the Shoalhaven area of Jervis Bay.

We will miss their valuable contributions to our church

worship in Nowra, as Nelson was also a very gifted

trumpet and guitar player and the family often joined in

with the singing groups.

Orange - Baptism

Our thoughts, prayers and good wishes go with them in

this new chapter of their lives as they head southwards

and no doubt they will make new friends as they worship

at the Rosny Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hobart.

- Vicki Chalain

Jake and Leo being baptised by Pr. Colin Richardson

Sabbath April 2 was a special day for Orange church,

as two boys followed their Lord Jesus Christ into

the waters of baptism. Jake and Leo Pulling requested

baptism about a year ago, and Pr. Colin Richardson has

been studying with them since. A crowd of family members

and relatives, with church members, gathered at

Lake Canobolas at 4 in the afternoon.

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Support from Family and Friends

The Lord blessed with the warmest day of the week, and

after a short talk on the beach, the boys bore witness

to their decision to follow Jesus as they were baptized

by Pr. Richardson. The boys’ mother, Kylie Pulling is the

daughter of Perry and Jan Platt, and granddaughter of

Mandurama member Nancy Platt and her late husband

Tony. Praise God!

- Pr. Colin Richardson

Your Church

Tumut - Baptism

On Sabbath morning the 26th of March,

Amaya Fordham from Tumut Church

was baptized at the spectacular Nelsons

Beach Inlet. Amaya gave a beautiful testimony

about her faith in Jesus and expressed

her desire to accept Him as her

Lord and Saviour.

Pr. Andrew McCrostie with the support

of Jeremy Taituve officiated the service.

Everyone who attended appreciated

the perfect weather and a

beautiful backdrop.

Amaya is blessed by the support

of her immediate family, friends,

the church family at Tumut and

the pastoral team.

- Pr. Andrew McCrostie

Wallaga Lake - Expression of confidence in Youth

Recently, Wallaga Lake young people

were elected to the Junior AECG

(Aboriginal Education Consultative

Group) for their High School - Narooma.

From left to right - Leena Campbell was

elected School President of the Junior

AECG, Marion Bell was elected Deputy

President, Milo Campbell was elected

Leader for year 10 and Zachariah Campbell

was elected Leader for Year 9.

New member for AUC ATSIM Committee

Wallaga Lake church member, Gary Campbell has

recently been appointed to the national Aboriginal

Torres Strait Islander Ministries (ATSIM) committee

at the Australian Union Conference office.

Through this process

they are continuing to

develop their leadership

skills for school, work,

church and God.

- Julie Nagle

SNSW Schools

Border Christian School - Week of Worship

Border Christian College celebrated WOW (Week of Worship)

2016 with the students and the theme “Stacked” was

all about building a life on Christ. Pr. Phil Yates shared with

students about self worth, identity and the best of life is built on

Christ from the text in John 10:10.

Some fifty plus students responded to follow Jesus in bible

study and students also chose to follow Jesus in baptism. The

special week was very much about the students sharing with

each other, leading and being involved with more than half the

student body sharing their talents and gifts in serving and leading


- Pr. Andrew McCrostie

Amaya Fordham being baptised by

Pr. Andrew McCrostie

The committee meetings are held quarterly and are key to

supporting ATSIM activities around the country. Pr. Mike

Faber is also attending this committee.

- Julie Nagle

Phil Yates sharing God’s Word

School News//Notice Board

Faith FM switched on in the Illawarra

At a special service at Wollongong Church on Sabbath

30th April at 4pm, a new radio station, 87.8

Faith FM, was switched on in the Illawarra. Faith FM is

owned and operated by the Australian Union Conference.

Attending the service were Pastor Michael Worker

President of the Greater Sydney Conference, Pastor

Christian Copaceanu, Director of Personal Ministries/

Sabbath School/Stewardship for the Australian Union

Conference, Pastor Mike Faber, President of the

South New South Wales Conference, as well as Pastor

John Tompson, pastor for Wollongong and Corrimal

Churches, and Pastor Tony Moala, pastor for Southern

Illawarra, Nowra and Ulladulla Churches.

Pastor Copaceanu gave a history of the radio evangelism

movement and its successes. Brother Jeff Threlfo,

Senior Elder for Wollongong church also provided an

overview of the history of the involvement of the Illawarra

in radio ministry.

Pastor Mike Faber gave an evangelism challenge to

the Illawarra churches. A covenant was also read out

in the service. The covenant involved God finding

people to listen to Faith FM and come searching and

the Illawarra churches will take up the challenge to

both love and teach those who come to our churches

in response to what they hear.

Pastor Michael Worker said a prayer of dedication for the

radio ministry and at 4.45pm the radio station was switched

on and the program began broadcasting.

All three churches provided funds for the purchase of the

radio licence, although AUC holds licences and equipment

on behalf of Conferences and churches. The main tower

sending out the Faith FM signal is located on the Illawarra

escarpment at Broker’s Nose. This sends out a signal that

serves the northern Illawarra area, however the signal from

Broker’s Nose does not currently reach the southern Illawarra

area. It is hoped that a second tower may also be

added soon.

- Pam Grootemaat

Communication Officer

Wollongong Adventist Church

Grey Nomads Camp

October 3 - 8, 2016

Adventist Alpine Village

Speakers: David McKibbon &

Phil Yates

Register today at:

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ACA Health Benefits Fund - 82 years old and going strong

Notice Board

Married workers contributed 6d (sixpence) each

week, and single workers 3d (three penny). If you

wanted health cover to include your parents and siblings,

you had to pay 6d whether married or single.

If you needed hospital treatment, the fund covered

50% of medical bills – up to the value of £20 (pounds)


A lot has changed since those early days. Today ACA

Health Benefits Fund provides private health cover

of exceptional value and great choice for current and

past employees of the Adventist church, and their


Sanitarium Nurses 1934

Imagine it’s 1934. You face an enormous, unexpected hospital

bill and there’s no health fund to rely on. You’re unable

to pay the bill, so you have to present your case to a committee

and hope the decision-makers see fit to give you some

money towards your bill.

In May 1934, the Executive Committee of the Australian Union

Conference gave five men the task of working out a scheme

whereby all church employees could make “weekly payments

to prepare for adequate care during times of sickness”. Those

men were: Brethren TW Hammond, RE Hare, GT Chapman,

RH Adair and GS Fisher.

Four months later, their recommendations were adopted and

the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Australia started its own

private health fund for employees, called the Union Conference

Medical Policy Fund.

“The SDA church has long been committed to the

health and wellbeing of its employees,” says Jody

Burgoyne, Manager ACA Health Benefits Fund. “Establishing

a health fund was part of its ‘people ministry’.

It helps the people who work for the church,

to help the church fulfil its mission. We value our

employees and their families, and that’s why ACA

recently expanded its offering to provide private

health cover for extended family members as well –

not just immediate family.”

In future issues of “Imprint”, we’ll share more snippets

of our history as well as some of the exciting

developments within ACA Health Benefits Fund.

Take a moment to watch the new promotional video

on our website, and see how ACA Health can support

you and your family. For more information about

ACA Health Benefits Fund please contact us on:

Phone: 1300 368 390



AUC Staff 1934 with ACA Founders

Notice Board

Notice BoardYour

Tour departs

Australia and New

Zealand mid May 2017


Reformation Lands Tour

Celebrate the 500th anniversary of Luthers

95 theses launching the Protestant Reformation

Visit the significant locations in the development of the

Reformation in this 5 ½-week tour through Italy, France,

Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, England and Scotland.

Follow the fascinating God-inspired story

For further enquiries contact tour leader

Pr Russel Stanley 0405 181 047

Sponsored by the Australian Union Conference

Best of The Bible Lands Tour


Travel and see the exciting high points

of four Bible countries — Jordan,

Israel, Turkey and Greece.

See where Jacob wrestled with the

Angel on the Jabbok; Stand where

Moses stood on Mt Nebo before

dying and then raised to life; see where

Jesus was baptised; ride on the Sea of

Galilee; see where Jesus gave the Sermon

on the Mount; six of the seven

church of Revelation; in the steps of Paul

in Greece. You’ll also see dozens more

exciting places, from the Dome of the

Rock in Jerusalem to Mars Hill in Athens

and the prison cell of Paul in Phillipi —

and so many more.

The tour will run from Thursday, 8 September

to Tuesday, 11 October with options

to stay in Dubia — or you can travel

elsewhere in Europe and around the


Join the Adventist Singles for a 13 Night cruise

departing Sydney On November 30th 2016

Cruise to Paradise on the Voyager of the Seas

Loyalty Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji

Ocean View Stateroom

$2168.29 pp twin share

Two twin beds, sitting area,

dresser area and a private

bathroom - 14.8 sq.m.

inc taxes, fees, port expenses, gratuities

Interior Stateroom

$1618.29 pp twin share

Two twin beds, sitting area,

dresser area and a private

bathroom - 13.9 sq.m.

inc taxes, fees, port expenses, gratuities

To register your interest in this tour,

please contact Pastor Harold Harker

on (02) 4385 8282 or mobile 0410

518 468, or by email at Harold.

General Enquiries: or

Register here by September 1st:

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