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Camp Reflections

Reflections on the SNSW Big Camp

by Pastor Fanueli Mataele, Tonga Mission

When I arrived at the campground of the Adventist Alpine

Village, the beautiful setting of the camp got my

attention. I looked across the colourful tents and buildings

and began to count the white big tents in which the meetings

where held. Without placing any question to the President

- who had picked me up from Canberra and drove

me the 200 kilometres to the camp ground - I knew straight

away that the primary focus of the Conference was on the

spiritual wellbeing of the church members as they consider

the different level of people coming to the camp from

beginners to retirees. As I picked up the program my assumption

was proved right. I quickly took some time to visit

around and was amazed with the effort and the amount of

preparation done.

When I entered the room where I was allocated

for the night I was impressed with the abundance

of this conference and straight away thanked

God for their willingness to partnership with

Tonga Mission. As I walked to the dining room

for my first meal and as I stood in the queue I

felt sorry for my Mission as my eyes wondered

around the place in amazement of the beauty of

the dining room. I quietly thanked God for His

ministry in this Conference. When my turn came

to be served, I was asked what I would like to

eat. Of course I told the Chefs and I was served

but what really impressed me was the servant

spirit that was seen in the Chefs. The food was nice,

delicious and beautiful. I was determined not to miss out on

any meal as not only the food was so delicious but my time

in the dining room also gave me a wonderful opportunity to

share with church members about Tonga.

Pr. Ben Maxson from the US was the main speaker for

the adults and I was truly blessed by all his presentations.

His messages were easy to understand and

deeply spiritual and I am sure every member enjoyed

his sermons.

I thank God for the opportunity to come, learn and

witness such a wonderful event that had been prayerfully

organized by our sister conference. I have been

blessed seeing people deciding for baptism and renew

their covenant with God and I go home filled and

refreshed to face the challenges of the year 2016.

Pr. Fanuele Mataele

I want to thank the President and the

other officers of our sister conference

for allowing me to come and learn

and to meet so many wonderful people.

I will go home with many good

memories and a number of promises

from church members to arrange mission

trips to help our work in Tonga. I

also want to thank my Tongan brother

(Pr. Toni Moala) who happened to be

the only Tongan Pastor in this conference

for his friendship.

Thank you to everyone in this conference for making

me feel at home and may God bless you all.

- Pastor Fanueli Mataele

During my stay I visited all of the worship tents. Each age

group had it’s own guest speaker plus appropriate resources

for every program. The messages were relevant for the

age group to meet their spiritual need in order to equip

and assist them to become more effective in ministry. I was

touched by what I saw and experienced. The vision of the

conference leaders was fulfilled as I witness so many people

come and listen to the guest speakers. I could see that the

campers really enjoyed the spiritual feast that was presented

to them every night.

I wish we had this kind of resources to help our members in

Tonga. But I know for sure this conference will do something

to assist our work in Tonga and I am looking forward to a

time when we will have a group of Tongans come to this

camp and a group of Australians flying to help our work in


How you can help Tonga Mission:

• Organize a fly and build team to build new

churches in new areas

• Maintenance and building of classrooms

• Resources for School and Mission Office-photocopier,

computer, printer, scanner and books

• Sponsorship for Volunteer teachers and bible


• Sponsor a student at Fulton College, PAU, at Beulah

and Mizpah High School

• Help the community with clothes, food, donations

• Resourcing pastors with laptops, data projectors,

screens, I pads, books

• Need of an outer islands boat

One of the highlights of “Big Camp” was the village fair day

where young and old got together to have fun with games,

music and food. A variety of activities were provided for

each age group.

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Camp Departmental Reports

Big Camp Departmental Reports


We were blessed to have Kylie Stacey run our beginners program. Everybody was blessed with joy and laughter.


The theme for the Kindy division for the 2016 Big Camp was Safari Adventure. As we do every year, the kindy division

had an absolute blast yet again. More than 25 children joined the Kindy tent this year and enjoyed meeting

different animals, listening to exciting Bible stories, singing fun praise songs, and participated in creative crafts and

activities. Thanks to all the staff who helped out to make this camp another great success!

- Michelle Dean & Jimmy Watanabe (Kindy tent leaders)

For more information about Conference events please visit the

SNSW Conference Website or contact the SNSW Conference office

(02) 6249 6822

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Camp Departmental Reports



Big Camp at the Juniors Tent went really well this year, in fact, it seems

there has been a significant progression every year in the last four

years with God-filled moments and the quality of the programs and activities.

Our goals this year were to teach the juniors about the reality of God

that He moves, acts, and cares. In return, He wants them to follow and

share. God moved mightily not only through our guest speaker Leslie

Ncube with his evening talks but also through Pastor Hayden who took

our morning worships throughout the week.

The children put God to the test through prayers for things that were

beyond their control, and God honored their simple faith and the desire

of their hearts to experience His power with amazing answers to their


Best of all, apart from the wonderful worship experiences and the fun

activities, was their response to God’s call for them to serve by carting

3 tonnes of gravel with buckets up the hill to improve the condition of

the pathway up to the Outdoor Chapel. It was estimated that each child

would have carted up between 75 to 150 kgs of gravels. Furthermore,

they planted solar lights along the pathway. It was an incredible sight to

behold and a wonderful experience and a memorable event of serving for

the future leaders of our church.

I would like to praise God for the commitment of the Juniors Tent Staff.

This group of volunteers went beyond what was asked and expected of

them. It was an honor for them to be used by God in enriching these children’s

journey with God. I pray that our Heavenly Father will richly bless

them for the commitment and sacrifices they made.

Pr. Tony Moala


Having Fun Trekking in Thailand

And what a journey it has been! This year Primary went on a trip to

Thailand, to learn about the culture and to learn how much God loves

us (even when we are so different!), and He wants us to respond by sharing

His love with others. We learned that God is real, love, forgiving, forever,

and serving through songs, crafts, games, and Bible stories.

The children also collected funds for a real project in a village in Thailand.

We have asked for pictures to show how the money collected is used,

and we will share those with you as well. We were very blessed to have

Grandma and Grandpa who have had lots of experience to share about

Thailand’s culture and customs, and Pr Ricky (Mr Trek) for the amazing

stories he shared from his life and the Bible.

We would like to thank all the staff and volunteers, and especially the

children who made Thailand trek an unforgettable memory, and we will

always feel it in our hearts and deep down in our souls that God is forever


- Pr. Benjamin Galindo

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Primary Tent Team 2016

Camp Departmental Reports


“Dare To …”

As 60 teens sang from their hearts, “I’ll stand, my

soul Lord to you surrendered, all I am is yours,”

and moved onto the big tent stage on the final night of

camp, it was evident to all that something special had

happened during the week. Our teens shared a special

bond with each other and a desire to “Dare To …” live

for God. So what brought about this bond?

Our teens came to camp with open hearts, ready to

make new friends and have fun together. During the

week they plunged right into a number of fun activities;

flying across the water on biscuits and skis on Lake

Jindabyne, negotiating the high ropes course, flipping

out on trampolines, testing their limits on mountain

bikes, teaming up against the youth in laser force, getting

covered in mud on the go-kart track, soaking each

other with water, and dusting each other with handfuls

of bright colour. All of this helped to bond everyone.

But there was more.

Our teens came to camp ready to be involved in worshipping

together. During the week almost half the group

were directly involved in facilitating worship through

playing instruments, leading the singing, operating the

sound system, and taking part in short skits each night.

This high level of involvement further helped to bond

our teens to each other and to God.

Our teens also came ready to learn more of God. Each

morning they gathered for breakfast smoothies and a

devotional time. During the week they participated in

mid-morning Bible studies and discussions on issues

confronting them as teens.

Each evening our guest speaker Karlie Fraser stepped

into character bringing to life the stories of Bible characters

including Rahab, Joseph, David and Mary Magdalene.

As these characters’ stories came to life each

night our teens were challenged to “Dare To …” believe

in God and live for Him. Karlie’s messages blessed our

teens in visible ways. All listened intently. Many shared

how much they enjoyed the messages. One teen personally

recorded the meetings so she could listen to the

stories again. In the evenings many came forward for

special prayer and lingered on singing together into the

night. On the final Friday evening many washed each

other’s feet and shared in communion together. Three

quarters of the group made either a first time commitment

or a recommitment to live for God; sixteen asked

for Bible studies and eleven requested baptism.

Yes something happened to the teens at camp this year.

They came with open hearts and through the ministry

of Karlie, the teen tent team, and each other, they were

touched by God, and it was a blessing and inspiration to


As I was leaving Jindabyne the site was quiet and workers

were beginning to dismantle the tent where so many

great things had happened during the week. Please pray

for our teens, pray that the memories and commitments

from camp will not be dismantled, but will stay with them

as an anchor point in their lives.

- Pr. Owen Ellis

Camp Departmental Reports



The Youth of SNSW were blessed this year with another great Big Camp experience.

Guest speaker Brendan Pratt challenged the Youth to break away from the

consumerism mindset that has enveloped today’s society, and instead focus on the

things that God has intended for us. Namely community! That describes the camp

experience perfectly! Whether it was the shared breakfasts in the morning, water

sports on the lake, or running around the Laser Force maze, the Youth were always

together building a community of inclusion and acceptance that will last into eternity.

The ‘Wild West’ Banquet was one of the biggest highlights of the week with youth

dressing up as cowboys, Indians and the occasional farm animal! The Youth tried

their luck on the mechanical bull that managed to throw all of its passengers well

clear before the one-minute mark! Looking forward with great enthusiasm for what

Camp will bring next year!

- Hayden Petersen


When Love Overflows

‘Wild West’ Banquet

Pr Ben Maxson preaching

The Adult tent at Big Camp seems to be meeting after

meeting, starting early in the morning and finishing

late in the evening. And yes Big Camp 2016 certainly had

the meetings, however the variety and style of presenters,

kept it moving along. Each morning kicked off with morning

worship, taken by our own Pastors, Rajko Celic, Jimmy

Watanabe, Owen Ellis and Orlando Berry, who each delivered

thoughtful & provoking messages. We ensured the

kids were looked after also and Pr. Colin Richardson presented

a story each morning before the kids ventured off

to their program. Brendan Pratt kept everyone engaged

with his energetic presentations on Consumerism followed

by Mary Maxson who presented on Service. Instead of

continuing to sit all afternoon, activities were organised for

those who wanted something different and included, high

ropes, go karts, water sports, i.e. skiing & mountain biking.

Those that took up the challenge of an outdoor activity

want to do that again next year, and if you missed out, plan

to be involved next time.

For those that wanted to learn more, the afternoon had a

seminar presented by Ben Kosmeier on two afternoons,

and a film on the remaining two afternoons.

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A Lesson study, also taken by our conference pastors,

Orlando Berry & Ken Bird capped off the day.

Our evening program started each night with a story

for the kids told by Pr. Jim Tonkin and the sensational

“Marble the Mouse”. Our evening speaker Ben

Maxson spoke in a way that engaged the entire audience

on the grace of God and many attendees were

impacted by the message that was shared and also

took the opportunity to spend time talking with Ben

during camp. Meetings without music would be dull,

and we were blessed with the delightful musical talents

of Sandra Entermann along with Braedan, Joe &

Sanja who bought everyone into a worshipful harmony

through music.

Positive comments received from attendees in the Big

Tent indicated all the time and planning put into making

Big Camp 2016 was worth the effort. I want to acknowledge

that it would not have been possible with

God. He showed up and blessed us throughout the

week we were at Big Camp.

- Calvin Drinkall

Camp Departmental Reports


Big Camp ADRA Op-Shop Sherryn Kieltyka Douglas Kieltyka

It was inevitable that Big Camp this year was going to

be a great time, with the theme of service encapsulated

with the vision statement ‘When Love Overflows’, blessings

were sure to abound. And what a blessing it was for all who

were able to attend! I pray that as a result of our time at

camp, love will overflow onto those who did not have the

opportunity to attend and even further into our workplaces

and communities.

ADRA Café – ‘Milk & Honey’ was back again for a consecutive

year! Serving the camp community with another delicious

selection of treats along with some classics from last

year such as the Vanilla Chai Milkshakes, Elderflower Mocktail

and M&M Biscuits. Healthy snacks and vegan goodies

were piled high and were reported as a delightful taste sensation

while the smell of fresh cinnamon ‘donuts’ drifted

across the hungering crowd at the evening meeting.

This year it was decided that funds raised would go towards

an item on ADRA’s Grant a Wish Gift Catalogue. We were

hoping for around the same amount as last year (last year

the funds went towards ADRA in SNSW and an amazing total

of $2,128.36 was raised). When the final count was made

we were blown away when an amazing total of $6,359 was

raised! This exceeded all expectations and resulting in the

SNSW Conference purchasing a few items from the ADRA

Grant a Wish Catalogue:

• 1 x Oil Presser at $5,300

• 1 x Boat at $200

• 2 x Solar Drier at 150ea ($300)

• 1 x Drip Irrigation at $300

• 2 x Toilet at $112ea ($224)

• 2 x Water Filter at $10ea ($20)

• 1 x Life Vest at $15

For all those who supported the café with purchasing

items, thank you. A massive thank you must go to my

wife Sherryn Kieltyka for her hard work in organising,

planning, decorating and operating the café. Also to

the fantastic and dedicated team of volunteers, without

your support this café would not have been the

success it was. A big thanks must go out to those who

cooked and donated such delectable goodies. Thanks

also for those who participated in the ADRA Auction,

it was a fun time filled with intense bidding and great

laughs. A big thanks to our President Mike Faber for

sharing his enthusiasm and great auctioning skills with

us. I must also thank the AAV for their generous donation

of two weekends accommodation (for silent auction),

watermelons and their background assistance.

Again surrounding the café area was a pop-up ADRA

Op Shop, with the goods kindly donated from various

churches around SNSW, (thanks to Janine Low

from the ADRA Op Shop in Canberra for her sorting

and pricing). An ADRA photo booth was also present

where one could transport oneself in the digital world

to get a picture taken in various parts of the globe

where ADRA works.

We felt blessed to be part of the camp and thank you

all for allowing us to share with you the difference that

ADRA makes in our local communities along with our

global impact. It was again shown to me that it is yourself

that makes ADRA such a great success, your help,

your donations, and most importantly - your prayers.

It is your ADRA.

• 3 x Wells at $250ea ($750) - from the Youth Café! Awesome

effort! – Thanks to Kaitlan Rath and her café team for

their efforts in making this happen and also for the generous

support of the youth.

More information on these items can be found online at .

Plans are underway to follow the progress on the larger Oil

Presser in order to provide further information as it comes


God Bless,

- Douglas Kieltyka

Big Camp Village Fair

Village Fair

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SNSW Youth

SNSW Youth - Converge AUC Youth Congress

Youth from all around Australia converged together at Stuart’s Point

Convention centre over the weekend of Feb 12-15 for the AUC youth

congress “Converge”. Keynote speaker Jeremy Anderson called the

youth on a journey to Higher Living, which can be experienced by committing

everything to following Christ. Murray Hunter who also presented

throughout the course of the weekend expressed that this weekend

could not be just “banging on the chook shed” (meaning that we all

get stirred up in the short term, but soon settle back to normality). The

third speaker for the weekend Pako Mokgwane, assistant Youth Director

for the general conference drew examples from scripture to powerfully

speak to the youth of the power that comes from having God at work in

our lives.

Approximately 20 youth from around SNSW Conference attended the

weekend, with Rhys Thomson Jones from Young SDA Church getting involved

in the program by sharing scripture and praying over the congregation.

The atmosphere at Converge was awesome! Each night the café

served a selection of different food as well as a range of non-alcoholic

mocktails whilst live music was performed in the background. The evening

activities included glow stick soccer, speed dating, table tennis and

painting on the graffiti wall.

Converge will definitely be happening again! If you weren’t able to get

there this year, grab some mates and make sure that you get up there

for an amazing weekend next time it happens!

Rhys Thompson Jones sharing scripture

- Hayden Petersen

Our vision is to increase the quality of on-site activities, which will

both reduce the cost of having to provide off site activities which

comes at a higher cost to parents and attendees, as well as building

a stronger sense of excitement and pride for the facilities we have at

our camps.

SNSW Adventist Youth is looking to develop

the Youth and Teens program with

the purchase of a new inflatable waterslide

for use at the Alpine Adventist Village.

Youth and Teen camps are a powerful experience in the faith development

journey, with many of our young people making life-long decisions

for Christ at these camps. With an increased activity profile it

is highly likely that our young people will encourage their friends to

come along and in doing so experience the powerful love of God

through our community of faith. In order to achieve this vision, we

need your financial support.

Please contact The SNSW Youth Department on 02 62496822 for

more information on how you can support this and other Youth Ministry


- Hayden Petersen

SNSW Youth

SNSW Youth 2016

SNSW Youth

Conference News

Conference News

Ordination at Big Camp

On the first Sabbath afternoon of big camp (January 16th) Pastor Brendan

Hayes who presently ministers in the Greater Canberra District and Pastor

Ben Kosmeier who cares for the Young District were ordained during a

special service.

Pr. Ben Kosmeier with wife Kaylene (left)

Pr. Brendan Hayes with wife Tina (right)

Supported by family, friends and many church members both pastors committed

to the blessings and challenges of full time gospel ministry.

Pastor Brendan Pratt the Ministerial Association Secretary from the Australian

Union Conference presented the charge while Pastor Mike Faber the President

of the South New South Wales Conference gave a short message and

offered the prayer of ordination.

We pray that our Heavenly Father will richly bless Pastors Hayes and Kosmeier

in their ministry.

- Pr. Mike Faber

New Appointment for Wagga Wagga District

Due to the fact that Pastor Rob Cook is

no longer working for our Conference

the board of directors placed a call for Pastor

Tharren Hutchinson (Western Australia) to fill

the position of Senior Pastor for the Wagga

Wagga District.

For Tharren ministry is sharing the love of Jesus

and his journey continues to be filled with

God’s amazing people. Pastoral ministry started

at Wahroonga, followed by a call to Hobart

where he worked in youth ministry and from

there he went to Perth to serve as chaplain in

a primary school. Now working in our conference

Tharren tells us that he loves the friendliness

of the people he has met so far.

Tharren and Marcia Hutchinson with their children

Tharren is married to Marcia and together they have four children, two girls and two boys. Jordon who recently got

married to Alyse Hunter is studying teaching at Avondale College by corresponding from Melbourne. Sebastian is finishing

his degree in business and accounting and has a special interest in Laura Mitchell who like him happens to be at

Avondale College. The girls have just settled into high school, Bridie in year 10 and Sophie in year 8.

Tharren says that he is blessed to have a wonderful wife who supports him in his ministry and that together as a family

they minister among God’s larger family wherever God leads. “God has been incredibly gracious to our family and I

pray that you can see where he is a blessing in yours”.

A hearty welcome to the Hutchinson’s from the SNSW Conference.

- Pr. Mike Faber

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Conference News

Ken Bird retires from Ministry

Mike Faber (left) with Ken Bird (right)

On the last Friday night of big camp (January 22nd) the conference honoured

Pastor Kenneth John Bird for his 38 years of ministry.

Pastor Bird commenced formal service for the Seventh-day Adventist Church

with the Victorian Conference in 1977 where he served for a period of one year

as a Literature Evangelist and then began his journey in Pastoral Ministry. He

was called to the North New Zealand Conference in 1982 and was ordained to

the Gospel Ministry in 1984. Ken returned to Australia in 1990 following a call

from the South New South Wales Conference where he has faithfully served

through to his retirement.

Ken is a quiet achiever, who gets on with the task at hand. He looks logically at his approach to ministry and has endeared

himself to those he has ministered to across the many congregations he has been responsible for. Throughout

his ministry he has been ably supported by his wife Cheryl and we honour her for her loyalty to God and His Church for

her genuine care and love for all people.

We recognize Pastor Ken John Bird for the outstanding contribution he has made to God’s work in Australia and New

Zealand. We acknowledge his dedication and compassionate approach to ministry and his ability to shepherd congregations

in a caring and Christ-like manner. We thank Ken and Cheryl for their faithfulness throughout their 38 years of

pastoral ministry and recognise that many lives have been impacted and will be in the harvest for eternity due to their

labour in His fields.

- Pr. Mike Faber

Cedarvale Health Ministries

Thank you for your interest in healthy living. Adrian and

Michealle Dorman, have been involved for 30 years in

health ministry. From managing a vegetarian restaurant and

health store to working in four health retreat/centres in Australia,

Africa and the USA. Currently we are the manager and

head cook respectively at Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle

Retreat. We will be changing roles to being full time on the

road as of April, 2016.

We are available to help with your individual, church or organisations

interests in offering a range of health programs.

Programs offered:

1. Simple Remedies for Common Ailments

Contents: Covers hydrotherapy theory and practical demonstrations,

charcoal and simple chair massage.

Duration: Range of 1-3 hours depending on interest.

2. Health Talks.

Duration: 45 minutes approximately.

Topics include:

- The Blue Zones. Covers the areas of the world where most

people live to 100 years of age or more. What are the fac

tors that contribute to longevity?

- Beating Diabetes. Successful ways to help control and even

reverse diabetes.

- Losing Weight without Losing Your Mind. Most of us know

what we should be doing but how to be motivated to do it

is the question.

- Stories that Inspire. Hear how people’s lives changed as a

result of following a healthier lifestyle. Includes tips on how

the results were achieved.

- Winston Churchill’s Black Dog - Depression. Introduction

to the causes and lifestyle treatment of depression.

3. Cooking classes.

Content: A range of demonstrations are provided covering

a variety of areas of nutrition.

Duration: A range of programs can be chosen from a

basic one hour program to a series of programs over 3

nights. (Can include some short lectures)

4. Hydrotherapy

Contents: Learn how and why hydrotherapy works.

Training can be from demonstrating several treatments

up to seminar participants observing and then practicing

a series of treatments.

Duration: One afternoon and up to 5 days or evenings.

For more information contact: Adrian on 0478 229 614

or email:

Adrian and Michealle Dorman

Your Church

Your Church

Canberra District - Road to Bethlehem

During the month of December, a number of people from the community flocked to

Canberra’s first ever Road to Bethlehem program held at Canberra Christian School.

Months of build-up and planning, building sets, organizing costumes together with dozens

of volunteers led to this fantastic outreach event.

As people entered the car park of the school, they were greeted by a variety of market

stalls and live entertainment. Choirs and music rang out from one end, combined with

a host of food, drink and craft vendors at the other, to create a buzzing atmosphere of


However, the real excitement was felt as people entered the gates on the Road to Bethlehem

drama itself. Starting at a flashback scene with Mary and Joseph, groups of 20,

30 and sometimes nearly 50 were then guided towards the marketplace of Jerusalem,

through King Herod’s palace, past the fields where shepherds tended to their sheep,

through the doors of the inn, and finally, they emerged in the stable, where a young baby

lay in a manger. Members of each group experienced the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth

unfold before their eyes.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response from the community of both our church members, and members of

the public who attended. This amazing reaction left no doubt that this event should be run again in the years to come.

It has brought our church families in the Canberra region closer together, and has made an impact in our local community

as well.

A special thanks needs to be shared with everyone who contributed their time and effort to make Road to Bethlehem

a huge success. There are rumours of another Road to Bethlehem program starting up elsewhere in the Conference, so

keep an eye out for that, as well as the return of the program to Canberra this December.


- Pr. BJ Hayes

Wagga Wagga

Fundraising for ADRA

In the afternoon of October 17th, 2015 Wagga Wagga

Church held a hymn fest to raise funds for ADRA. During

the event Douglas Kieltyka the ADRA Director for

the SNSW Conference spoke about some of the work

that ADRA is involved with.

- Joyce Ball

Page 14 | 15 - IMPRINT -

to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

We had a wonderful turnout and enjoyed singing hymns and

were favored by a number of special items. The total offering

that was taken up on the day came to $ 3,220.00. There

have also been other amounts donated online

Your ChurchYour

Bega Church

ADRA Fundraiser

Next, the tables were cleared and after an

audio-visual presentation of what ADRA is all

about, trivia questions exercised our brainpower.

During the first interval all the cakes were auctioned

off, the highest price going to Heather

Ralph’s tray of monte carlos $106.

On Saturday night, 24 October 2015, Bega church hall was filled

with the sounds of 55 people enjoying themselves. The occasion

was an ADRA fundraiser in the form of a Trivia Night with Cake

and Slave Auctions. As well as having a fun time Bega church raised

$4050, including donations. It was also great to see quite a number

of non-church people invited along and having a good time with


The evening started with a hot food supper and voting on the various

sections of displayed cakes: best decorated; healthiest; lightest

sponge; tastiest slice. The people’s choice award went to a sumptuous

creation by Kevin Davies.

In the second interval several slaves were auctioned.

The highest price reached was $230

for a tree-pruning slave called Peachey; whilst

Chester, a home-maintenance slave, fetched


The event was well supported by church

members freely giving of their time, talents

and money. ADRA thanks all who gave for

their generosity.

- Janet Kieltyka

Nowra Church

Raising Funds for ADRA

For some years the Nowra SDA church has not participated

in the annual “ADRA Door Knock Appeal”.

However some members felt that fundraising

of some type should be conducted to help raise

money for ADRA’s many worthwhile projects. Church

member, Sue Dillon suggested a Car Rally followed by

a get-together BBQ lunch. Sue’s very clever and well

thought-out clues sent the car rally participants driving

around some beautiful locations in the Shoalhaven


Eventually everyone met up for lunch at the home of

Christine and Leigh Johnstone in North Nowra - together

with those members who chose to go for the

lunch only. A total of $560 was raised on the day.

- Vicki Chalain

A time for Giving

Top Left: ADRA Car rally competitors, Top Right: BBQ Lunch

in North Nowra after the Car Rally, Bottom Left: Car Rally

runners Roger Tilley & Ezekiel Picon & Bottom Right: Tama &

Michelle Teterano with Emily Dillon

Nowra SDA Church members enthusiastically responded to the ADRA’s Grant a Wish Gift Catalogue Appeal over

the 2015 Christmas period. A total of $1,074 was raised to support various ADRA projects for 2016 such as: Chickens

(8), Prescription Glasses (3), Seed Loans (4), Water Filters (6), Wheelbarrows (2), Emergency Food Relief (2), Sex

Education for Youth, Solar Drier, Village Well. ADRA”s Grant a Wish Program brings joy, hope and healing to a person

or community facing poverty or hardship.

- Vicki Chalain

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Shoeboxes for Children

In October 2015, Nowra SDA Church members recently

joined with other Christian organisations in supporting

“Operation Christmas Child”. Twenty shoeboxes were filled

with small treasures such as something to love, something to

read, something to wear, something to write/colour, something

to wash with soap, (face washer etc). These shoeboxes

are often the only gifts ever received by many children living

in destitute circumstances around the world.

The act of giving a simple shoebox gift packed and sent

with love has a huge impact on a poverty stricken child and

reaches into a community. What goes into the box is fun, but

what comes out of it is eternal.

Participating in this project is about changing children’s lives

all over the world in Jesus name through the power of a

simple gift. Shoebox givers are asked to pray for each child

as they donate their filled box.

Since 1990, more than 124 million boys and girls in over 150 countries have experienced God’s love through the power

of simple shoebox gits from “Operation Christmas Child”.

- Vicki Chalain

Wodonga English Church reaches out to the


On December 12, 2015 Wodonga English Church hosted

its annual Christmas Carol Service and luncheon.

Among the 123 guests were 45 visitors from the local community

of whom many have become friendly faces that we

welcome on an annual basis at both our morning and evening

“Carols by Candlelight” services. The Quintet “Symphony

of Praise” that came all the way from Melbourne

provided a relaxed atmosphere for our guests.

During the morning program Darrel Francae sung: “The

Song was Christmas” with the intermittent sound of bells

ringing performed by five of the young people. There was

also a farewell presentation given to our local pastor and

family who were spending their last Sabbath with us before

moving to a new district.

In his last Christmas message to us, Pastor Dragan Kanazir

spoke of our need to turn our minds away from this busy

time of wrapping and unwrapping of gifts to “unwrapping”

Jesus Christ who can be found “wrapped” in our Bibles; in

prophecy, history and mystery. There too we will find the

true meaning of Christmas.

- Sue James

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Wodonga English

On Sabbath 14th November 2015, Wodonga English Church conducted

a combined young people’s church program and baptism followed

by a fellowship lunch.

The baptismal candidate Shianne Lucas, born in Sri Lanka was supported

by her family, a large number of her high school friends and teachers. All

of them witnessed Pastor Dragan Kanazir lead Shianne into the baptismal

font in front of a packed congregation.

Shianne’s grandparents especially flew in from Sri Lanka for this beautiful

occasion. As the service concluded four young people came forward to

express their interest in future baptism.

- Sue James

Western Plains

Shianne Lucas baptised by Pr. Kanazir

During 2015 and part of 2016 we were blessed to see people give their hearts to the Lord through the waters of

baptism. This shows their commitment and love for him. They are as follows:

• Lachlan Roberts - Baptised on July 11, 2015 at Mumblepeg. Welcomed into the Narromine SDA Church.

• Connor Robertson - Baptised, September 26, 2015 in the Cook Islands. Welcomed into the Narromine SDA Church.

• Jack Robertson - Baptised on September 26, 2015 in the Cook Islands. Welcomed into the Narromine SDA Church.

• Jared Heckendorf- Baptised on November 7, 2015 in Narromine. Welcomed into the Narromine SDA Church.

• Anthony Stonestreet- Baptised on December 12, 2015 in Fairview. Welcomed into the Narromine SDA Church.

• Sophie Cole - Baptised on November 14, 2015 in Forbes. Welcomed into the Parkes SDA Church.

• Nadia Cole - Baptised on November 14, 2015 in Forbes. Welcomed into the Parkes SDA Church.

• Jessica Cole - Baptised on November 14, 2015 in Forbes. Welcomed into the Parkes SDA Church.

• Vanessa Cole - Baptised on November 14, 2015 in Forbes. Welcomed into the Parkes SDA Church.

• Tahlia Heckendorf - Baptised on January 2, 2016 in Narromine. Welcomed into the Narromine SDA Church.

This is a blessing from the Lord, and we are thankful that the Kingdom of God is flourishing for His glory. Praise the


- Pr. Iorangi Eiao

Photos showing some of the baptismal candidates


SNSW Schools

Border Christian College Year 12 Formal

Wednesday 4th November, saw our Year 12 students

along with their teachers, family and friends enjoy a

lovely evening of celebration.

The evening kicked off at the Botanic Gardens where professional

photographs were taken. The party then moved

on to Atura where they were lavished with tasty hors

d’oeuvres followed by a generous buffet dinner.

Lots of laughter filled the room as they took a stroll down

memory lane and reminisced on their past years of schooling.

We wish our year 12 students God’s richest blessings as

they move onto further study, work and gap year.

- Melissa Smead

BCC Marketing Director

ADRA Exibition Soccer Match

Wednesday, November 11th

saw the inaugural “ADRA Exhibition

Soccer Match” between

staff and students. This great event

promoted team building and raised

money for charity.

WIN News presented the story, advertising

to the local community

both Border Christian College and

the ADRA Appeal.

- Melissa Smead

BCC Marketing Director


Albury Op-Shop

Congratulations to the ADRA Op-Shop in Albury who has been open for a

milestone 20 years as of February 2016. This is such a great service to the

local community and is much more than just a place to buy good quality

clothes and home wares but is a place to connect with the community and

share our passion for helping others. It’s a place to build friendships and to

laugh, it’s a place where one can feel safe and also provide safety, and it’s a

place where amazing things happen.

A huge thanks to all who are involved in the ADRA Albury Op-Shop, it is a

privilege that ADRA has you as volunteers. Thanks also to those who have

been involved in the past and have helped build up the shop into what it is

today. To the supporters and those who are still to support thanks for your

donations, please keep them coming.

- Douglas Kieltyka

Albury Op-Shop



June 12–July 8, 2016

Iran, Jordan, Greece, Israel


June 23–30


July 8–18, 2016

China, Cambodia & Thailand


September 25–October 21, 2016

Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Greece

& Italy

All the tours are designed to help people realize the

relevance of the Bible and its teachings. So plan to join us

in 2016, and invite a non-Adventist friend to come with


Go with someone who knows the way!

For more information & bookings contact us at:

Post: Locked Bag 1115, Wahroonga, NSW 2076

Free-Call: 1800 240 543 (Australia only)


Fax: 61 (2) 5619 2033

* Tours subject to sufficient numbers and prevailing security conditions.

All the tours are designed to help people realize the relevance of the Bible and its teachings.

So plan to join us in 2016, and invite a non-Adventist friend to come with you.

Best of The Bible Lands Tour


Travel and see the exciting high points

of four Bible countries — Jordan,

Israel, Turkey and Greece.

See where Jacob wrestled with the

Angel on the Jabbok; Stand where

Moses stood on Mt Nebo before

dying and then raised to life; see where

Jesus was baptised; ride on the Sea of

Galilee; see where Jesus gave the Sermon

on the Mount; six of the seven

church of Revelation; in the steps of Paul

in Greece. You’ll also see dozens more

exciting places, from the Dome of the

Rock in Jerusalem to Mars Hill in Athens

and the prison cell of Paul in Phillipi —

and so many more.

The tour will run from Thursday, 8 September

to Tuesday, 11 October with options

to stay in Dubia — or you can travel

elsewhere in Europe and around the


To register your interest in this tour,

please contact Pastor Harold Harker

on (02) 4385 8282 or mobile 0410

518 468, or by email at Harold.

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