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MÜPRO offers a range of heavy-duty pipe support systems for industrial and
plant engineering construction, as well as for heavy-duty building services
which is specially configured for these applications.

Fastening solutions for industrial

construction and plant engineering

MÜPRO offers a range of heavy-duty pipe support systems for industrial and plant

engineering construction, as well as for heavy-duty building services which is specially

configured for these applications.

The standard hot-dip galvanised design of the components guarantees excellent

corrosion protection and thus unproblematic use in indoor and outdoor applications.

Heavy-duty pipe fixing system

High-quality pipe slides with pipe clamps according

to DIN 3567 in accordance with the requirements of industrial

constructions and plant engineering

Special clamping system for the connection to

steel constructions without drilling and welding

Different materials and surface finishes available upon request

MPT-Support system as an ideal addition

This modular pipe fixing system closes the gap between

support structures from the established range of MPC-/

MPR-Support channels and conventional steel construction

Premium solution for transferring heavy loads and

bridging long spans

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Heavy-duty pipe support

Specially design for industrial construction and plant engineering, and heavyduty

building services

In industrial and plant engineering construction, as well as in heavy-duty

building services, pipe fixing systems must absorb heavy loads and be

suitable for deployment in exterior applications.


Established standard range for anchor and expansion

points, tuned for maximum functionality

Pipe slide TF-1

For nominal pipe sizes from DN 25 to DN 600,

other pipe sizes on request

Products in various materials and with various surface


Fixing systems for pipelines with and without isolation

Pipe slide UPG-2

Cramping sets for fixing the barrel position on all popular

steel construction sections

Pipe slide DS-2

Single and double pipe clamp version

In our product range you will find

for sure the right choice for your project!

Ask us about our custom made products.

Cylindrical roller bearings, for use

with tube slides, up to DN 500

Double cylindrical roller bearings,

pipe contact diameter up to 1440 mm

T-profile pipe guides with two

pipe clamps, height adjustable

Pipe slides for refrigerant lines

and many more ...


Strong support for heavy loads

The economical MPT-Support system is designed for mounting

pipes and equipment for heavy-duty building technology applications,

and for fastening pipeline systems in industrial and plant



Economic alternative to conventional steel construction

No welding is required – significantly faster installation compared

to conventional steel construction

High productivity and easy handling; support channels are

supplied ready to install and use

Less tooling overhead and time needed on the job site,

as no welding equipment is required for processing

Flexible in case of subsequent changes thanks to the ability to

remove and reuse system components

Ideal sub-construction for heavy pipe slides by MÜPRO

High corrosion protection thanks to standard-compliant hot-dip

galvanisation for universal use both outdoors and indoors

Available with up to four installation slots for

three-dimensional constructions

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MÜPRO is a fast-growing, international corporate group with subsidiaries and sales partners

throughout the world. We are a leading solutions provider and premium supplier in the areas of

fixing technology, vibration control and fire protection. Our products are "Engineered in Germany"

– we have more than 50 years of industry experience in design and production. Today, MÜPRO

products are used all over the world.

Our systems solutions offer high quality and cost efficiency. They are used in all building services

areas as well as in industrial and plant technology. We also offer our customers a wide range of

variable products produced on an order basis.

We offer support throughout the entire development, production and delivery process and provide

our customers with technical drafts and project support on site. We reliably ensure the pre-assembly

of modules, special packaging and deliveries as well as cost-saving storage options on site.

We also have many years of expertise in special areas of fixing technology such as cleanrooms,

tunnels and fixing in the case of heavy loads. MÜPRO Maritim, with its headquarters located in

Hamburg, specializes in fixing technology for the shipbuilding industry.

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