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My Camp Experience

As told by Hans

As a middle-aged male Chinese, I come from an atheistic

and materialistic dominated country. I clearly remember

the words in my school textbook, which deny any existence

of soul and spirit, especially the God of Christianity.

Pastors or ministers were portrayed as the representatives

of evil, out to cheat and defraud people for their

own benefits.

But throughout my life journey, praise God, my intuition

has made me believe that human beings are very

weak when they encounter things such as disease or

personal conflict. Worries, anxieties, hopelessness, and

helplessness are like annoying flies constantly hovering

in my mind. One of the evidences of the omnipresent

God is that I was led to my loving linguistics professor

Wendy Bowcher and to participating in Friday evening

Bible study at her place, which enabled me to enter the

gates of His glory. Questions like “What is God? Who is

Jesus?” were answered in the study. I gained confidence

and hope step by step; anxieties and helplessness disappeared


Without being there in person, one can hardly

imagine what life is like in another place. Friends I met

in the Camp asked me whether churches or Christianity

are allowed in China. The answer is that they are

allowed on the surface but they are different because of

the influence of Chinese culture and Chinese language.

I started wondering what a pastor looks like and how the

church works outside China.

God is reaching to those who seek for Him all the

time. He gave my family and me the chance to join the

Seventh-day Adventist Church Camp (2015) in Jindabyne,

which was an unbelievably amazing life experience

to be closely connected with God and His disciples.

Hans (front left) enjoying fellowship at camp

Jim Tonkin is the first western pastor I have ever met in

my life. He met up with us in Nowra to go to the camp

site together. Even though I had heard about him from

Wendy, his kindness, humility, wisdom, and dedication

to serving people impressed me deeply. At 10:30 pm, the

first night we were in Jindabyne, I found him working

at the dining room instead of in his tent when I came to

say hello to him.

Big Camp 2015 - Hans Story

We were given a beautiful well-equipped chalet to live

in but Jim stayed with his two pastor sons in their vans.

Pastor Jim as well as David Haupt helped frequently at

the dining room to clean up after meals.

Whenever I came into the tent, I saw the big characters

of “HIStORY”. As the host said in the ceremony “His

stories, your stories, my stories come to our stories in history

to glory the Lord”. I was fascinated by the design of

the whole camp activities, which were in line with the

idea that God loves all of us. There were activities for

all age groups: the Primary group, the Junior group, the

Teen’s group, Youth group, and the Adult’s group.

I was deeply touched by one of the main themes of the

camp, which was the Love of God and the Love of Jesus.

The question “What is love?” is profound and important

to me. I’m coming to think that to love is to inspire,

to encourage, to teach, to facilitate, to help, to serve, to

respect, to acknowledge, to forgive, to pardon, to reconcile,

to dedicate, to learn, to seek guidance, to accept unconditionally,

to give freedom of choice, to be compassionate,

to care, and to be humble. I know that God, the

Lord in heaven, through His mighty power, is the only

creator of this world. He loves everyone so much that He

sends his only son Jesus to the earth to pass His love on to

us and He hopes we love each other as well. In any sense,

we as human beings are seeking love and unconditional

acceptance in all our lives.

I strongly believe that God is love and the Bible is God’s

word. If Jesus was sent to carry his father’s mission and

his stories of making the blind to see and the disabled to

walk are real in the Bible, who is Jesus now in this world?

From my experience at the camp, I can see that people

who help each other in daily lives are carrying the Jesus

spirit. The Jesus spirit was found in Wendy Stanton,

David Haupt, and Paul Rankin, who shared their life long

experiences on building up positive relations and life

styles for parents, teens, and adults.

Jesus spirit is glorified by His followers’ daily behavior. At

6:40am, the second morning in Jindabyne, I was shocked

that Lee Emblen, who is 76 years old, studied the Bible

at the table and took notes seriously. I was surprised that

not only the old people but also the young generation are

interested in getting to know God.

I had many discussions with people about the Bible and

about the Ten Commandments. We discussed scenarios

like if we were border soldiers in North-Korea what

should we do in front of a group of hungry people

crossing the border for food to survive; whether we

should kill Hitler if we were his guards; should we steal

the crops from the government storehouse for starving

children in a Chinese village during the famine in the


All these discussions make us think deeply about what

is the Jesus spirit and what should we do in this world

even though there is no one fixed answer for everyone.

As Steven in the Camp stated, the Bible is really absolutely

a casebook to study again and again rather than a


Another lifelong unforgettable shock for me concerns

the attitude of the people I met in the Camp. My daughter

Rae once asked me: “Daddy, why do the people here

always smile and say hello to each other?” This is one of

the big direct differences my daughter and I found. On

the third day we returned to China from Sydney, Rae said

that her friend’s mother said nothing when she stepped

on Rae’s foot, as if nothing had happened.

There are many scenes embedded in my memory although

the days in the Camp have passed. Except those

heart-touching stories told in the lectures, such as how

Steven found the love of God and recovered from his

divorce. I cannot forget – many other stories. I cannot

forget the scene – that the Jindabyne manager and his

father taught me how to make “Truckie’s hitch”. I cannot

forget how they taught me to drive a battery-operated

car. I cannot forget Professor David drew the charts to illustrate

the way we recognize ourselves. I cannot forget

the way Pastor Jim showed me his passion for the nature

by presenting me the beauties of the flowers. I cannot

forget the lovely conversation with our chalet neighbor

Des Ward. I cannot forget Gabbi Elliott’s personal story

and how the people helped her in her local Adventist

Church. I cannot forget the Bibles as gifts together with

$50 cash given by Pauline and her words: “Life for you is

too hard. Hope the Bible can light your road ahead. The

money you can give to anyone in need.”

Another happy surprise is that the Adventist Church

promotes a healthy lifestyle based on modern science

and medical research. The lectures to the parents and

teens are well based on psychology and philosophy. The

workshop topic, “My Life is a gift to be valued” provides

fundamental confidence, courage, and – belief to teenagers

who withstand peer pressure and school bullying

by helping them construct positive self-esteem.

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Big Camp 2015 - Hans Story

“My God loves without restraint...” is told by the stories

inside and outside the family to children. “My World is

a place where people find hope...” is extended to every

corner in the community outside the camp by the service

of the people in the church besides the ministers.

When I was in Australia, I was asked frequently by

friends inside and outside the Camp, “What’s your

impression of Australia?” I eagerly told them that “this

is a nice place with nice people as well as nice kangaroos,

but it would be better that the youngsters know

more about other parts of the world through traveling or

staying briefly, because Jesus walked and helped around

the world to reach those in need. And I am so proud

being with you to glorify His name in the way I can.”

- Hans from China

Snapshots of Camp 2015

Big Camp 2015

Tell the World Fun House


For 2015 the beginner/kindy program took place at

the ‘Tell the World Fun House.’ A group of ‘high

school students from Jindy High’ came down to the

‘Tell the World Fun House’ after school to share with

the younger kids about God’s love. Brad welcomed

everyone at the door while Renee, Debbie and

Teash taught the kids lots of fun songs. Kylie had

organized some great crafts that the parents loved as

much as the kids. Jimmy shared his special talents of

story telling, playing the guitar and even taught the

kids a song in Japanese. We heard stories about kids

in the Bible who did amazing things for God. Just

because we’re kids doesn’t mean God can’t use us.

A real highlight was a special project that Simon &

Geoff had worked on under the guidance of ‘Professor’

Mushenko. It was the Psalty scope. Each day

the scope took us to a different country in the world

where kids need to hear about God’s love. Professor

Mushenko was able to tell us what we could do to

help the kids far away. Most of the time it wasn’t our

words, it was our actions that were most powerful. It

could be our prayers, our money or clothes, or just

loving everyone regardless of their skin colour. We

had a special visit from Paul, a local Koori man. He

came and shared with us what the kids in his community

need. By the end of the week the Psalty scope

brought us back locally and we discovered people at

camp had needs too and we could help. We discovered

that one of the high school kids, Jimmy, and his

family had been doing it tough and his Dad had been

without work. The kids and the rest of the team were

able to put a basket of food and toys together that

they gave to Jimmy on the last Sabbath. Brad even

gave the shirt off his own back!

We had an ‘exchange’ student Elissa from India

come and help us for a few days. She was a little shy

but helped with the words and music and took some

lovely photos for us.

Professor Mushenko and Paul sharing with the kids

At the food fair everyone dressed up in an international

costume and we tried foods from different countries.

Each child was given their own ‘mini scope’ to take home

to look out for kids in their own world who need to know

about God’s love. Along with the mini scope there was a

message: with God’s strength and power we can do anything,

don’t let anyone put you down because you’re young

(1Tim 4:12). God will help us through the tough times and

most of all let’s remember His LOVE is for EVERYONE.

- Renee Sinclair

The Fun House Crew

We had some special times together in the afternoon

with some jumping castle fun, a trip to the trout farm

and a very special international food fair.

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Big Camp 2015

Weird Animals at Big Camp


Every day at Primaries, 50 kids were introduced to a new weird

animal - who taught us a valuable lesson about Jesus’ love. Axl the

Axolotl, Fern the Leafy Sea Dragon, Milton the Star-nosed Mole,

Shred the Tenrec, and Iggy the Frill-necked Lizard helped kids remember

that even if you are left out, are different, don’t understand,

do wrong, or are afraid, JESUS LOVES YOU! Special speaker David

Gillespie had special effects, and worked with the bumbling Dr Paws

(Dragan Kanazir) to bring home lessons of Jesus’ love.

Enjoying the songs during the week

Our theme song emphasized, “Jesus’ love - it’s amazing!” The children

enjoyed singing (WITH ACTIONS!), games, crafts (thanks Lynette!),

swimming and sliding at Thredbo, go-kart rides, nerf wars, jumping

castle... Ben Galindo and his team did a fantastic job. Some kids didn’t

want to go home!

- Colin Richardson

History Makers


God’s blessings and presence were certainly experienced in the

Juniors Tent during the 2015 SNSW Big Camp. Throughout our

worship times, Pr. Craig Vanas, our guest speaker shared the stories

of committed Christians who dedicated wholeheartedly their time,

talents and treasures to God for the advancement of His kingdom here

on earth, and consequently changed the course of history; Committed

Christians like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Isaac


Juniors were being challenged all week to commit their time, talents

and treasures to God and He will use them as history makers in areas

and places God calls them to. As a result, most of the juniors responded

favourably to the challenges of accepting Jesus as their Saviour and

to join a Bible Study group in preparation for baptism.

God’s blessings and presence were also felt during activity times with

heaps of fun. Activities such as fellowship at the Juniors Café with

yummy snacks and drinks, Banquet Night, craft, skiing, go-karting,

water fight, bobsled, chairlift rides, water activities at Thredbo and

much more. Finally, God’s blessings were experienced through the

commitment and sacrifice made by the staff, volunteers and guest

speaker who worked at the Juniors Tent this year. These fun-loving

people invested heavily in the future of our children, and may God

bless each one abundantly.

- Tony Moala

Tug of war battle


History Makers Banquet

Big Camp 2015

An EPIC Time Together


Sixty teens enjoyed an EPIC time together

at Big Camp this year. Our theme, “EPIC”,

focused on the grand story that is going on in

the universe (the Great Controversy) and how

our lives intersect with this story.

In light of the grand battle that they are a part

of our teens were encouraged each evening by

Alina Coccetti (Chaplain, Brisbane Adventist

College) to “put on the whole armour of God”

(Ephesians 6:10-17).

Waterskiing on Lake Jindabyne

Pr. Kylie Cullinan challenged the teens with

interactive Biblestudies each morning and Pr

David Haupt opened up some important lifetopics

for teens. Lots of energy was expended

in activities including water skiing, trampolining,

go-carts, laser tag and an EPIC water clash.

The final Sabbath of Camp was a highlight for

all, beginning with a special commitment and

worship time on Friday evening when many

recommitted their lives to Christ and seven

affirmed their desire to be baptised. The singing

of praise songs rang from the tent late into

the evening as our teens expressed their love

and thankfulness to God.

During the Sabbath service many responded

to the invitation to have their feet washed by

one of the teen tent leaders or a friend. The

teens then shared in communion together. For

many this was their first time to participate in

this special service. The Sabbath celebration

continued in the afternoon as the teens joined

together with others at the lake to support Georgia Hawken as she

publically affirmed her desire to go all the way with Jesus through

baptism.Our Conference is truly blessed to have such an amazing

group of young people. Please continue to keep our teens in your

prayers throughout 2015. They appreciate and desire this.

- Owen Ellis

EPIC Banquet Held at the Sport and Rec Centre

The Legend


Throughout all of time humanity has told stories. It is the way that we

share information and teach our kids about right and wrong and what

is important. There is one story however, that transcends all stories.

From the beginning of time to the very end, this story is told to bring

hope and redemption to a world in need. It is this story, the story of

this world’s salvation that was the theme for the Youth division in 2015,

it is the story of “The Legend”.

Our new conference Youth Director Hayden Petersen led out in

sharing the message with our youth. This culminated on the Friday

Hayden Petersen Preaching

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Big Camp 2015

night with most if not all of the youth stepping forward to

committing or recommitting their lives to Jesus. The nightly

program involved worship led by Oliver Doyle and team, as

well as an Indiana Jones style drama involving Cieran Thomson-Jones,

Bethany Herford, Jared Knopper and the infamous

Dr. Evil: Daniel Faber! Activities were again a huge hit with

youth participating in Rock climbing, laser force and the

ever popular water sports (big thanks to our boat drivers!).

Thursday night was a real highlight with the “Mad Hatters”

banquet involving a teaming up of both teens and youth.

Emma Thoreson and team did an amazing job of bringing

together this banquet. Big camp is a great place to catch up

with old friends and make new ones, the best part about these

friendships, is that when friends are friends of Jesus, they are

friends forever.

- Hayden Petersen

Leeton Mason soaring on a Flyboard

SNSW Media in BIG Tent

USA arrived just in time for Big Tent productions,

and was used extensively for main speaker filming.

A team quickly formed to operate the cameras and

switcher included two former TV News technicians

from Russia, now at Albury church, and the program

manager from HOPE channel.

Main Speaker David McKibben

Speakers and events at The Big Tent were projected live onto

the big screens and recorded using new SNSW media equipment.

Everyone could easily see what was happening on stage from

wherever they were sitting, and the professional recording

was a test of concept for Big Camp 2016 when we hope to

setup staging and film professionally for HOPE.

The purpose of the equipment is to live - produce

evangelism for our secular community, to live-produce

shows that are also useful for HOPE channel

and Australian satellite.

Audio and video of recorded programs from Big

Camp are available on the conference website.

We thank God for answered prayers to start public

media evangelistic efforts in our SNSW conference.

Evangelism funding in 2015 enabled the purchase of a vision

switcher and one TV Broadcast camera. Pr. Toogood contributed

existing and new equipment from

productions. Attendees said they enjoyed the regular evening

interviews, and a simulcast broadcast of Mission Spotlight

lifted attendance at this second Sabbath event. PowerPoint,

audio and video from two computers and input from four

video cameras were mixed seamlessly and all worked as expected.

A second-hand broadcast super-zoom lens from the

- James Toogood

Evening Interview

Big Camp 2015

Milk & Honey


If you were able to attend SNSW Big Camp this year, you

would have most likely visited the ADRA Café “Milk &

Honey” and sampled some of their delectable goodies on

offer. If you did, Thank you! Together we raised $2,128.36

for ADRA’s work in SNSW.

Throughout camp Milk and Honey was located in the

Big Tent and also set up a stall at the fantastic Village

Fair, held on the first Sunday of camp. Ice-cream was a

big hit at the fair and 70L of consumption was spurred on

by the hot day and great activities.

Items such as the Elderflower mocktail received great

compliments like “why have I never had this before – so

awesome”. Vanilla Chai milkshakes had the thermomix

whirring away as orders were piling up for this taste sensation.

The cooler nights saw hot drinks ordered with

the more adventurous trying out the diverse selection of

herbal teas – such as Pumping Pomegranate and Southern

Sunrise. Homemade treats filled the cabinet and

many accolades were given to those who kindly donated

such tasty goods.

Surrounding the café area was a pop-up ADRA Op Shop,

with the goods kindly collected from the ADRA Op Shop

in Braddon. The cooler nights saw all the warmer gear

sell out quickly with sales from this going directly back

into the ADRA Op Shop. A community garden also attracted

much attention as this is – one part of ADRAs

national program (Bowral Church has been the first to

implement this in SNSW and there is now interest in

other parts of the conference).

Webster (ADRA Australia’s CEO) who gave an inspiring

update on ADRA’s impact at home and overseas, and

responded to a question and answer session from the

audience. Throughout camp ADRA’s aim was to assist

programs and add value to them where possible. Peter

Mushenko (ADRAs Relationship Manager) was able to

attend all divisions and to contribute with a wide variety

of videos, interviews, activities and presentations.

The Youth decided their café will raise funds for an

ADRA project and chose a well for Timor Leste. By Gods

blessing they far exceeded their expectations and were

able to donate 4 wells and 2 ¼ Chickens (no chips) with

a total profit of $1047.25. The youth have decided to continue

this on in the following years with other ADRA

projects. Very inspiring. The Juniors also had a café

and were able to donate funds of $72.70 which will go

into developing and supporting ADRA’s projects in our

SNSW conference. The Beginner / Kindies department

collected non-perishable food items for ADRA. This has

been given to the Opshop in Braddon, which also runs a

food parcel project for those in need.

ADRA auctioned off plants from the community garden

towards the end of camp. Pr. Mike Faber was a great auctioneer

and increased the bidding excitement with his

antics. The ADRA game ‘Taps and Pumps’ designed by

Baily Cox for a year 6 school project auctioned really well

and will be a big hit at the homes of the buyers. A write

up of ADRA at Big Camp would not be complete without

thanking the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make

this happen. A special shout out to Sherryn Kieltyka,

Merilyn Bostock, Danielle Cox, Esther King, Sharron

Ford and Janet Kieltyka for their hard work in the café

and Ian Bostock for background help. To all the others

who helped with time or donations, thank you. And

thanks to all who supported the ADRA Milk & Honey

Café with their purchases.

SNSW Big Camp 2015 was a great start to the year for

ADRA! One of many responses received from camp was

“I am an existing supporter of ADRA & after this camp

I’m sure that I am doing the right thing”. If you want to

know more about how you can support and serve with

ADRA please contact me at

God Bless,

- Douglas Kieltyka

ADRA hosted an afternoon tea at the Milk & Honey

café and was honoured with an appearance from Mark

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Big Camp 2015

Linen, Lace and Love

High Tea at Jindabyne

“This is great! A couple of hours without the children!”

“We will have this again next year, won’t we?!”

“I feel so special. This is a real treat! Thank you.”

Such were the comments made by various ladies who

shared in the High Tea on the Tuesday of camp this year.

In keeping with the theme of telling the story - His Story

- we had opportunity to share in the relaxed atmosphere

of the dining room at the Adventist Alpine Village.

The 80 ladies, of all ages, who came along enjoyed the

treat of a pleasant spot with delicious treats. Just to

enjoy the attractive decor made each one who came feel

‘spoilt’. And they enjoyed that!

A delightful afternoon had by all

There was also opportunity to learn more about

resources that are available through Adventist Women.

Ladies left their time together keen to sponsor a subscription

of GIGI magazine for teen girls they know. Others

have gone home pondering how they can start some sort

of gathering for ‘girls’ in their local area.

After a Mum shared with her daughter – some of the

contents of one of The Real Series for girls a Dad came

looking for what he could do to share them with young

ladies at his church. This time we shared is sure to

springboard more activity during 2015 throughout South


Delicious treats that were baked

We can all help to fulfill the Conference Vision

Statement: To be and to – grow flourishing followers of

Jesus. Our thanks to the staff of the Adventist Alpine

Village who provided great food along with sponsorship

of this part of camp. Who knows, it might just happen at

future Big Camps!

- Wendy Hergenhan

Making new friends

Conference News

Leap of Faith

I never thought that being a grandparent

could be so much fun. Prior to

becoming a grandparent I had heard

all these stories, some suggesting

the best thing about being a grandparent

was being able to hand them

back at the end of a visit! For me! Not

true. I love having my grandchildren

around and am fortunate that they

all live in Canberra so I get to see

them often.

Recently on one of the visits I took

my grandson out to the front gate

and stood him up on the large pillar

containing our letterbox so that he

could wave goodbye to his mother.

After the fond farewell, the waves,

the kisses blown in the air I turned

to him and said “jump”. To which he

immediately responded, launching

himself out into the air into my waiting

arms. We had never played this

game before and so I was surprised

at his absolute faith in me to catch


As I pondered on the thought, I

questioned in my mind, why is it as

children we have so much trust, yet

as we grow older we loose trust in

others and in God. I know I have

found myself questioning God at

times, yet in reality He has always

caught me when I have leapt out in


During the past few years the

Conference and Schools Board’s

of Directors have taken some huge

leaps of faith.

In the conference we have increased

our ministry team, made some long

term commitments to various projects,

such as the purchase of

the Adventist Alpine Village and its

development. In the schools we have

supported the construction of two

new classrooms in Narromine.

In Canberra the construction of a

new Early Learning Centre, and over

recent years the construction of a

Multipurpose Hall, Technology and

Science buildings at Boarder Christian

College. Each of these took

huge leaps of faith which had a huge

financial impact on our financial

resources however God has blessed

us accordingly.

So what about us as individual

church members? What will we do

in 2015? How will you show a leap

of faith? I am reminded of the verse

in Proverbes 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD

with all your heart and lean not on

your own understanding; in all your

ways submit to him, and he will make

your paths straight.

- Gavin Howie

Chief Financial Officer

SNSW Tithe Movements 2014

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Conference News

A tribute to a great Pastor and President

On Thursday night February 19th

Pastor Neil Lawson passed away at

the age of 78 after a short illness.

Pastor Lawson will be remembered

as the longest serving President in

the SNSW Conference. He was

loved and respected by the church

community and know as a caring,

just, and compassionate minister.

We express our deepest sympathy

to his wife Francis and her family.

May God’s peace and love comfort

them in this difficult time.

We are looking forward to meeting

Pastor Neil again on the resurrection

morning. “But I do not

want you to be ignorant, brethren,

concerning those who have fallen

asleep, lest you sorrow as others

who have no hope.

For if we believe that Jesus died and

rose again, even so God will bring

with Him those who sleep in Jesus.

For this we say to you by the word of

the Lord, that we who are alive and

remain until the coming of the Lord

will by no means precede those

who are asleep. For the Lord Himself

will descend from heaven with

a shout, with the voice of an archangel,

and with the trumpet of God.

And the dead in Christ will rise first.

Then we who are alive and remain

shall be caught up together with

them in the clouds to meet the Lord

in the air. And thus we shall always

be with the Lord. Therefore comfort

one another with these words.”

(1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 NKJV)

Meet our new Youth Director

Hayden Petersen, or “H” as he prefers to be known

(easier to spell!), comes to us from Mildura, Victoria.

Home however, has always been Canberra as far as His

concerned as he was born and grew up in the ACT.

Having attended many Goulburn camps as a young person,

H counts it as a real privilege to be back serving in

the conference, which he loves. The Adventist Alpine

Village in Jindabyne especially holds a special place

in H’s heart, as it was here that he gave his life to Jesus

back in his youth. H is married to the beautiful Melissa

(called Melby), and has three adorable kids; Lachlan 8,

Ella 6, and Sasha 4. As a family they love to camp and go

exploring, one of their favourite things to do together

on a Sabbath afternoon is to go looking for geocaches

(if you don’t know what this is, google it!).

“H” says: “It is really exciting to be doing the job that I

have always dreamed of doing, I know that it is going to

be a really difficult road ahead, however with God’s

strength and guidance I am confident that things will go


- Mike Faber

Conference News

New General Secretary

Church. The Appointments Committee

was faced with a difficult

task to find a new officer late in the


After a diligent search to fill

this role with the best possible

candidate Mr. Calvin Drinkall

from Victoria accepted the position

as General Secretary for our

conference along with the position

of Sabbath School & Stewardship

Director late November.

have a beautiful adult daughter


Pr. Mike Faber our Conference

President has been asked to also

take on the role of Ministerial

Association Secretary as well as

Director of Personal Ministries and


Mr Gavin Howie has been

reelected as Chief Financial Officer

for our Conference.

Two month after having been

reelected as the General Secretary

for our conference at our session

last September Dr Kendell Cobbin

accepted a call to the South

Queensland Conference as the

Senior Pastor of Springwood

Calvin has over 27 years of service

in working for the denomination

serving as State Supervisor

and National Field Manager for

Sanitarium and as COO for Advent

Care Victoria alongside that of

Facility Manager to only mention a

few. Calvin is married to his lovely

Mr Douglas Kieltyka will continue

in his role as ADRA Director, Mrs

Wendy Hergenhan as Director for

Women’s Ministries and Dr Jean

Carter as Director of Adventist


Changes in Department Roles

Mr David Haupt who has been

serving our conference in the

past as Seminar Presenter for the

departments family life and health

has been appointed Departmental

Director for Health and Well-being,

and as Ministerial Care Person

for the pastoral staff. David holds

Pastoral Moves

a Bachelor of Theology degree,

Grad. Dip in – Social Science

(Counseling) and has just completed

a Masters degree in Counseling

at the University of Canberra. Over

the past 16 years David has worked

with Australia’s most marginalized

people for which he was awarded

Australia’s Centenary Medal.

David is registered as a Clinical

Member of the Counselors and

Psychotherapists Association of

New South Wales Inc. and with

the Psychotherapy and Counseling

Federation of Australia.

• Pastor John Tompson has accepted a call to the Greater Sydney Conference where he is now pastoring the Wollongong


• Pastor Jim Tonkin has moved out of the Nowra/Ulladulla district to fill the vacancy left by pastor Tompson in the

Griffith/Narrandera District.

• Pastor Tony Moala is now taking care of the Southern Illawara (formerly Dapto and Oak Flats), Nowra & Milton

- Ulladulla Churches.

• Pastor Andrew McCrostie our former Youth Director is now serving as Assistant Pastor in the Albury/Wodonga

District and as the Chaplain for Border Christian College.

- Mike Faber

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Conference News

Snowy River Shire Council approves Application for

Communal Kitchen

After many months of waiting and negotiations, the

Snow River Shire Council has approved the modification

to the Development Application to construct a communal

kitchen at the Western end of the dormitories.

Smaller groups, families and singles have always found

it a challenge when staying in the Adventist Alpine

Village (AAV) dormitory accommodation, as there are no

cooking facilities available. In fact it is fair to say that we

have lost some clients due the fact that they were unable

to prepare meals. This has also been a challenge for our

campers during annual camp meeting.

The new communal kitchen will allow for one group of

up to 30 persons to prepare meals or three smaller groups

to prepare meals at the same time. The facility will also

include indoor and outdoor dining options, with views

overlooking the mountains and lake Jindabyne. The

facility will contain easy clean stainless steal work

stations, stoves, cooktops, refrigerators, clean up


The total cost of the project will be in the

a rea of $ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 We h ave a l re a d y re ce ive d

generous donations from church members outside

of the South New South Wales Conference.

One of these being $20,000

Construction is expected to commence soon and

be completed prior to the Winter season.

If you would like more details about the project

or would like to make a donation towards the

project please contact the Chief Financial Officer

Proposed plans for Kitchen Facility

Conference News

Our partner in mission - Tonga

Early 2014 our executive committee voted to accept Tonga Mission

as our official partner in mission.

Last November Pastors Mike Faber and Kendell Cobbin had the

privilege to fly out to Tonga to meet with the mission’s administrative

team and to visit our Adventist schools, churches, and some

of the pastors.

During the church service on Sabbath November 1st 2014 – held

in the town hall of Nuku’alofa – Pastor Sione Moala at the time

President of Tonga Mission and Pastor Mike Faber President

of the SNSW Conference signed the partner in mission pledge

committing to support each other as partners in mission through

prayer, communication, and the sharing of ideas, plans and resources.

Mike Faber signing the mission pledge

The Kingdom of Tonga is a peaceful place with kind and friendly

people. Every effort was made to make our stay as comfortable

as possible. During our visit we felt very much appreciated and


The membership of Tonga Mission is equal to our conference

with about 2700 baptised members and only slowly growing.

Our church schools in Tonga are doing well but are in need of

maintenance as are a number of our church buildings. Tonga is

not a rich island and it takes a while before money is raised and

buildings are renovated or newly constructed.

Beulah College

We shared with our partner in mission that the SNSW

Conference is not wealthy but that we are committed to support

according to the promise in the aforementioned mission pledge.

If your church would like to become a partner of one of the

churches in Tonga please contact our SNSW Conference office

and we will assist you in finding a suitable partner. Perhaps one of

our schools would like to become a partner of one of the church

schools in Tonga.

Churches in need of repairs

What a blessing this would be for all parties involved. Please pray

for our partner in mission and ask the Lord if there is anything

your local church would like to do to bless Tonga Mission.

- Mike Faber

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Conference News

iThirst Camporee 2015

From all around the South Pacific they came! From

Port Moresby to Launceston, Christchurch to Albury,

Pathfinders by the thousands amassed at Toowoomba

to experience a spectacular adventure (which would

hopefully this time not include torrential rain!).

From our home conference of SNSW, 98 pathfinders

and their faithful leaders braced themselves for 5 days

of fun, worship, mud and colour paint!

Pastor Eddie Hypolite shared the Word of God each night

whilst a drama team reenacted the final stages of Jesus life,

his resurrection and in spectacular style his ascension into

heaven (complete with ropes and smoke as the actor playing

Jesus rose 10m up in the air!).

The pathfinders and leaders who attended will always remember

this fantastic experience and the friends that they

met there! A huge thanks needs to go to the families and

churches of our pathfinders who made it possible for our

kids to be blessed!

Tumut Pathfinders invested by World Pathfinder Director

Five Pathfinders from the Tumut

club who had been unable to be

present at the club investiture at

the end of 2014, had the privilege

of being invested by the World

Pathfinder Director Pr. Jonatan

Tejel at Camporee. Pr. Jonatan

was thrilled to have the opportunity

to meet our young pathfinders

and spent some time

chatting with the club members

and taking ‘selfies’ by the club

banner (the scenery in which he

absolutely loved!).

Recognition given to leaders

When asked I doubt that any of the 9 leaders who were

awarded with long-service pins at the iThirst Camporee

would say that they did it just for the pin! Those who

received this most prestigious award for 10+ years of service

were: Roger Nagle, Damian Lomas, Chris Hawken,

Phil Herford, Mike Frey, Janice Frey, Connie

Bullock and Alan Forbes. Thank you to all leaders

past and present who make the powerful ministry of

Pathfinders a possibility. You may never know until you

reach the Kingdom the difference that you have made.

And that’s far more valuable than a pin!

- Hayden Petersen

Conference News


Service at Big


On the first Sabbath of Big Camp,

January 17th in the afternoon Pastor

Jimmy Watanabe who is presently

serving as pastor at the Bega/Moruya

district was ordained into full time

gospel ministry.

Pastor Watanabe’s parents had specially

flown in from Japan to witness

this beautiful occasion. His mother

Laura a semi professional singer

sang two lovely special items and

his father Keith a retired pastor gave

some personal words to his son at

the beginning of the service.

Pastor Jimmy and wife Debbie (centre) with family and friends

Pastor Mike Faber & Dr Kendell

Cobbin presented two short vignettes

while Pastor Brendan Pratt

the Union Ministerial Secretary offered

the charge and Pastor Laurie

Landers the ordination prayer.

Two pastors from the Bega ministers

fraternal had also come to support

their Adventist colleague & witnessed

the ordination service. We wish

Pastor Jimmy Watanabe and his wife

Debbie God’s richest blessings for

their future ministry.

Ordination Prayer

- Mike Faber

Left to right: Mike Faber, Debbie, Jimmy & Keith Watanabe

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Around the Churches

Southern Illawarra Church

Finding Joy in helping the needy

Last November eighteen excited and eager volunteers from

Southern Illawarra Church met at 8 am at the Ribbonwood

Centre at Dapto, both to pray and to embark on a new venture.

Our church had voted unanimously to undertake the supply of

free food to the needy people of the area. Surveys show that the

people who come for assistance are mostly the working poor,

people who are on casual or part-time work, but who are unable

to get enough shifts to make ends meet. With a grant of $5,000

from ADRA we are able to collect food at much reduced prices

from “Foodbank” in Sydney, which stores food not wanted by the

supermarkets. Two volunteers drive up to Wetherill Park each

week to fill the trailer and vehicle with food. We can select from

refrigerated or frozen or pantry food, with a free selection of fruit

and vegetables available for pick-up only. The selection available

varies from week to week so it is with eager anticipation that we

open up all the boxes and set out the food ready for our first customers

at 9:30am, as we sometimes find a few extras.

The Ribbonwood Centre, where we hold our church services,

has been very keen for us to do this work and has made rooms

available to us each week. Last year both Christmas Day and New

Year’s Day fell on a regular Thursday.

Helping families in the community

We took the decision to open up as usual and

were pleased we did, as quite a number of

customers came on each day. We have built up

a regular clientele of folk ranging from small

to large families, with new registrations each

week, and are making a lot of new friends who

give us lots of smiles and even hugs. One volunteer

does several home deliveries for folk who

find it difficult to come in. We always finish with

a debriefing and a prayer of thanks to our wonderful

Saviour before departing, and looking

forward to the next Thursday.

- Helen Blake

Albury - Wedding

Congratulations to Christopher François Oberson and Naomi

Clark who were married on October 26th 2014 by Pastor Dragan

Kanazir at Albury Church.

Groom’ parents:


François Oberson and Monique (deceased)

Bride’s parents: Esther and Darran Clark

Around the Churches

Wodonga English

Sacred Concert

Peter Dixon, accomplished singer, guitarist

&song writer was accompanied by Tiffany,

drummer and Felix on guitar at a special outreach

program for children and their families

held on Sabbath 8th November 2014 at Wodonga

English Church. The first part of the program

focused on the children with singing, a story and

a craft activity. After this Peter introduced each

of his songs he presented in sharing the spiritual

experiences that had led him to write them.

In his sermon Pastor Mike Faber used the

illustration of a pipe representing Christ’s righteousness,

and a bent wire showing how we are

all sinners, broken, curved and imperfect. However

when we are covered by Christ’s righteousness

we are perfect and straight like the curves

of the wire can no longer be seen when hidden

in the pipe. The morning program was followed

by a delicious lunch with Peter, Tiffany and Felix

resuming their singing as lunch finished.

A total of ninety people attended

the program, 40 of

whom were non-Seventhday

Adventists. Several

visitors from the Wodonga

Slavic Church were also in


- Sue James

Communication Secretary

Wodonga English Church.


Dedication of Sabbath School Rooms in Narromine

On December 6th, 2014, the Narromine SDA

Church dedicated to the Lord their new Sabbath

School rooms.

The church members are really grateful to the

people in the community who have dedicated

their time and efforts to help construct this


We are also thankful to our own church family who have

committed time and finances to the construction of this building,

both physically and financially.

It is a blessing to know that this building is a vessel where God’s

Word can be taught to the children of our church and our


- Iorangi Eiao

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Around the Churches


Sabbath Treat

On October 25th 2014, the women’s ministries team of Orange

Church organized a special Sabbath treat for the women in

Orange and surrounding areas of Bathurst, Blayney, Mandurama,

Molong and Narromine.

We were all privileged and blessed to have special guest

speakers Danielle Synot and Linda Ross share with us their

amazing experiences and very helpful talks and advice on

“Connection & Forgiveness”. Phillipa Fairall ran the fun introductory

icebreaker and all enjoyed special music and singing

and a very tasty lunch at the Senior citizens hall in Orange.

- Wendy Waterson



Meg Hawken was baptised by the Bega church pastor, Jimmy

Watanabe, near her home at Wallaga in mid December. With

family from as far away as Albury and Hornsby to witness

this beautiful event, Meg declared her allegiance to her Saviour,

Jesus. Her cousin sang a special song to commemorate

this public declaration. Church family from Bega and Wallaga

Lake came to share the special afternoon. God bless you Meg!

At camp with many of her Teen friends in attendance, Georgia

Hawken, went forward in baptism in Lake Jindabyne. Pastor

Jimmy Watanabe was pleased to officiate at this special time.

Family, once again, were part of the group gathered to witness

this very special event. We pray God will bless and guide each

step of the two sisters life.

Meg Hawken (centre)

- Wendy Hergenhan

Hawken Family at Georgias Baptism

Georgia Hawken (centre)

Around the Churches

Canberra National

Mesake is a much loved young person at Canberra National Church, and regularly

leads out in singing and attends so many Canberra National Youth events.

He had asked Rajko Celic who is the intern-pastor at National for studies at the

beginning of the year, and then he decided God was calling him to take the next


Mesake Kaisuva was baptised

on 20 December 2015 at Googong

Dam and joined National

Church. This was a last of a busy

baptisms Sabbath in Canberra!

South Canberra

The Googong dam service was well attended with many relatives & friends from

Canberra National, including some from South Canberra & Queanbeyan. Pr and

Mrs Neil Lawson were present, which will be a precious memory for many. It was

a beautiful and inspiring bush service, especially poignant when Mesake shared

his testimony about how he had postponed God’s call for too long, but now was

the time for decision and his baptism. Rajko Celic preached the sermon and read

the baptism vows, and then Mesake was baptised by James Toogood with Rajko

Celic assisting.

- James Toogood

Christmas service. Gabrielle was school captain of Macgregor Primary in Canberra

in 2014, and won the 2014 citizenship award for sports and academic endeavours.

Baden represented the ACT in the National Super ’10 at the 2015 Australia

Tennis Open in Melbourne

Baden asked Pr. Toogood for Bible studies at the beginning of 2014 after church

one day. Ten-year old Baden did this on his own initiative, which took some

courage. Gabrielle then joined the studies as soon as they started.

Gabrielle and her brother Baden

Aralleno were baptised on the

20th of December 2014 at South

Canberra Church. This was a

highlight of the annual

The children’s grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins came with their mother

Ilse Arallano to see their baptism. Ilse said “it was a very special day in my life

as my two children made the most important decision they will ever make.”

- James Toogood

Wodonga Slavic

Page 20 | 21 - IMPRINT > Around the Churches | Schools News

Wodonga Slavic SDA Church on February 28, 2015 celebrated the Baptism of

Maria Markovic at Porepunkah (VIC). The day began with a short Sabbath

School program that was filled with music and personal testimonies.

The Baptismal service conducted by Pastor Dragan Kanazir and witnessed by

church members, family and friends, some who had to travel 360 Kilometres to

attend. A beautiful location, where we were all uplifted and touched and where

two new candidates accepted the call to Baptism.

Following on from the Baptism, a combined fellowship lunch was shared and

everyone had a wonderful time together.

- Maryann Stojanov

Around the Churches

Reunion at Wallaga Lake

Sabbath 14th of February 2015 saw the 15th year of reunion of

Adventism at Wallaga Lake NSW. The event became a regional

meeting with members from Moruya, Bega and Cobargo

churches attending.

People shared their stories of their time at Wallaga, and with

guests from around the conference and as far as Japan over 130

people were in attendance.

Paul and Marion Campbell renewed their marriage vows in the

afternoon, which was also their wedding anniversary (26th) and

also Paul’s 50th birthday, along with his twin brother Gary.

All who came testified that it was a great day.

- Julie Nagle

Schools News

Canberra Christian School

$80,000 Chaplaincy Grant

Canberra Christian School (CCS) applied for federal chaplaincy

funding in 2015 for the first time.

It was a competitive process as not all requesting schools received

grants. This triggered an audit process of ACT applications,

which required the school to agree to a Freedom of Information

request so all schools could view a transparent process.

After the audit completed the school was delighted to receive

notice of its application success for $80,000 across four years.

The conference appointed Pr Toogood to deliver chaplaincy

services. They have commenced with a YouTube school news

production, consistent presence of chaplain at school events, a

regular presentation of the Grace-Link Sabbath school interactive

lessons as a part of weekly school life, community service

planning and increasing the school presence in local church

Student at camera to produce


life. You can see the School News regularly

by going to YouTube, search

“Canberra Christian School” and

subscribe to the channel. What you

will see is produced by students as

part of the chaplaincy program


Schools News

Narromine Christian School

New Classrooms

Due to a constant increase in enrollments Narromine Christian

School is in the process of completing their building project of two

additional classrooms with the expected completion date by the

end of term one.

The two new classrooms will serve as a literacy/numeracy support

room and a small music room.

This new building will allow us to grow to capacity with plenty of

room for everyone and will also give back to us our much needed

library space (which is currently being used as a classroom) which

we plan to use not only for library and computer activities for our

students but also for a school based community play and read

group for 0 to 4 year olds.

- Debbie Robertson

Principal NCS

Narromine student leaders chosen

Five students have been chosen to serve and lead the Narromine

Christian School community as captains and prefects.

Katie Stonestreet was selected as captain, Amber Price vice-captain

and Tom Cross, Montana White and Joseph Unger were chosen

as prefects.

All were very excited to be voted into their positions but each had

a unique reason they enjoyed their new role, but one common

goal was assisting the community.

“We can look after the younger students,” Montana said.

“We can teach them how to respect their school,” Amber said.

“We can help everyone,” Katie said.

“It’s a very good responsibility,” Tom said.

“We get extra privileges, so we can help other students,” Joseph said.

Health Ministry Positions available Cedarvale

Health and Lifestyle Retreat, Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Narromine School leaders 2015

This Article was published in the local magazine “Narromine

News” used by permission

• Assistant Cook – Cedarvale is seeking a person who is passionate about cooking and has good interpersonal

skills. Can be either a part or full-time position. Training is available. Position commences mid-late May

2015. Applications close May 4. Contact: Ph. 02 4465 1362 or E:

• Traineeships in Health Ministry. Two positions exist for a one year program, including Certificate 4 in

Massage. Be trained in a health retreat setting and mentored alongside a team of health professionals. A

great opportunity to become involved in health ministry. Positions commence July, 2015. Applications close

May 1, 2015.


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Womens Retreat 2015

Through My



Adventist Alpine Village

May 29-31

Designed for evey woman, every age,

every background from everywhere

Applications are now open online and can be

made by visiting the following link:

Applications are also available in your local church

Please ensure that you book your place so you

dont miss out on this fantastic weekend.

Applications close April 30

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