Imprint - September 2015


September 2015

When Love Overflows

- Big Camp 2016 -

January 15 - 23

Adventist Alpine Village



AAV: Marketing on Wheels | Shred IT 6 Snow Camp | Big Camp Applications

This is the slogan that has been going around our conference

and thanks to the management team of our

Adventist Alpine Village (AAV) those who visit this magnificent

place can only confirm that this slogan is more

than true. While thousands of visitors stayed at the AAV

during the winter months enjoying skiing at Perisher Valley

we are already looking forward to the summer and

Please Note the following

specifically the month of January when the place will be

full of campers attending our annual Big Camp. Plans

have been on the way for many months to make this years

camp once again an unforgettable experience for young

and old. Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on the

inspirational messages that will be presented by our guest


You don’t want to miss out on the fellowship, laughter and

joy that camp meeting will hold for you. You don’t want

to miss out on the beautiful scenery that our Alpine Village

has to offer. You don’t want to miss out on feeling the

presence of God very close to you.

Mike Faber,


Camp Applications and Registration

The AAV Is The Place To Be! Come

to Big Camp 2016 and find out for


Imprint is sent via the post so it is received in every church on the same Sabbath. No church has an advantage

over another, regardless of whether they are closer to or further away from the Conference Office. If you would

like to book chalet or dormitory accommodation your application needs to reach the office by October 16. All

applications will be considered on an “as needs basis”. You will be promptly notified if you have been successful/

unsuccessful so you can plan for camp accordingly.

• All applications need to be submitted by November 30 in order to give sufficient time for catering, site and activity

preparation Attendance numbers are needed for Division leaders to order supplies for crafts and activities prior to

companies closing for the Christmas break.

• Attendance numbers are needed to recruit Volunteer staff in an acceptable ratio of staff to children.

• Office staff need preparation time for activity passes and associated paperwork in relation to registrations.

• When planning to come to camp ensure to register early so that events are able to be properly catered for and

everyone can participate.

• Camp is a great place where families can be led to Jesus in a fun and relaxed environment and where we can be

and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

• We hope you will join us for Big Camp 2016 and look forward to receiving your application soon.


• In order to provide a safe environment for children and families, and so everyone can be included in all activities

including the Village Fair, people must register their intention to attend camp. Registration is obligatory for all

campers residing onsite or offsite, as well as for day visitors.

• Offsite campers and day visitors to the camp will be charged a camp facility fee of $20 per person at registration.

There will be no charge for children from 0 to 5 years and there will be no charge for day visitors attending on


• Onsite campers do not need to pay the additional facility fee as the camp fee already contributes to the use of

the facilities.


The aav is the place to be!

Camp Set up: Camp set up occurs during the week prior to camp and in order for staff to complete camp set up

safely and without interruption or delay, please do not arrive before Friday, 15th January. If for some reason this

cannot be avoided, please contact the Conference office on (02) 6249 6822.

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IMPRINT > Camp Program


Applications are also available to download on the SNSW Conference and Youth websites

Camp Information


Camp Registration: Camp registration

commences from 9.00 am on Friday 15th January.

Please call at the camp office to register and

collect the registration pack.


Camp Office: The camp office will be open from

9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily (except for Sabbaths) for

all administrative enquiries, payments, collection

of activity passes and meal tickets.


Offsite Campers and Day Visitors: If staying off

site or attending as a day visitor, please register

prior to Monday, 30 November, 2015, so everyone

can be included in numbers for all activities.



Dining Room: Plates and cutlery are provided for

dine in guests only. Please bring your own plates

for take away meals. Serving times are as follows:




8:00 - 8:30 am

12:30 - 1:15 pm

5:30 - 6:00 pm

Adventist Book Centre: The on-site Book Shop has

a large range of christian literature, bibles, games,

CDs, DVDs, groceries, Sanitarium products, Life

Health Foods and much more. Shop for some

great bargains or just enjoy browsing.


The Book Hour will be in the Big Tent on Sunday

17th January at 9:30 am.

Camp Facilities

Chalet and Dormitory Accommodation: For

OH&S reasons and insurance purposes, you are

requested to not exceed the maximum number

of people allowed in each facility as listed below:


Chalet (9 bed): Maximum 9 people. Fully

furnished, two bedrooms curtained for privacy, 3

single bunks & 1 double bunk (linen not included),

ensuite, kitchen including stovetop, fridge, all

kitchen utensils, TV, DVD, heating.







Dormitory (5 bed): Maximum 5 people. 2 bunk

beds & 1 single (linen not included), 1 shower unit,

toilet, vanity, under floor heating, bar fridge, table

& chairs.

Dormitory (10 bed): Maximum 10 people. 5 bunk

beds (linen not included), 2 shower units, toilet,

vanity, kitchenette, under floor heating, bar

fridge, table & chairs.

Caravans: Please include the length of your

caravan on the application form where indicated.

- If you are hiring a caravan please advise the

owner that delivery/pick up will not be accepted

on Sabbath.

Tents: If you are planning to camp you are required

to bring your own tents and furnishings, there are

no Conference tents provided.

Part Week Bookings: Sorry, no part week bookings

will be accepted for any facility.

Refunds: Sorry no refunds are available.(This

includes accommodation, meals and activities)

Camp Conditions

This is a Christian camp and therefore your conduct,

dress and deportment should be in harmony with

Seventh-day Adventist principles.

We want camp to be a great experience and a safe

place, so we encourage all those onsite to observe the

conditions below:






Child Protection: For the safety and protection of all

children at camp, it is a requirement that children

attending the Beginners/Kindy area be cared for at

all times including program times by their parent/

carer/guardian as there will not be staff provided

for this purpose. The requirement for the Primary

program is that parent/carer/guardians must sign

the child in and out of each event.

Fires: Open fires are NOT permitted on the Camp


Drug Free Zone: The Adventist Alpine Village

requires that no alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs are

to be brought on to the camp ground.

Conference leaders reserve the right to ask people

who do not abide by this regulation to leave the


Vehicle Access: Please park only in the designated

car parks as all access roads must be kept clear for

emergency vehicles.

Speed Limit: Please observe the 10 kph speed

restriction at all times throughout the camp ground.


Noise: Please be considerate of your camping

neighbours and observe quiet time from 11.00 pm

- 6.00 am.


Pets: No pets are permitted on the camp ground.


Bicycles: Campers are welcome to bring push

bikes to camp, however, for your own safety BIKE






for your own safety

protect your head

wear your helmet

Check out Big Camp

App for details of

morning Cycling/

Mountain Biking

(Find the App SNSW Camp)

Beginners: Kylie Stacey

Guest Presenters

Kylie feels blessed to have a job that feels like PLAY. Her passion is to create quality filled musical experiences that

ALL children can benefit from, regardless of social or economic status. Kylie grew up in Melbourne, and graduated

with a Bachelor of Music (Honors) from the University of Melbourne, majoring in music therapy. She also has an AMusA

and an LMusA in piano and Levels 1 and 2 in Orff training. Kylie is thankful for every opportunity that comes into her

life, and to God for helping her to navigate the journey with her husband and four precious boys.

Kindy: Jimmy Watanabe & Michelle Dean

Jimmy Watanabe is married to Debbie and a father of two beautiful children, Jonathan and Amber. He is currently ministering

the churches in the far South Coast. His passion in ministry is children’s ministry and school chaplaincy. Jimmy

loves to see the children’s eyes glow with excitement when he tells them Bible stories. In his spare time, Jimmy love’s

playing soccer and playing his guitar at the same time, and also taking his son Jonathan fishing.

Primary: Richie Reid

Richie Reid comes to us from Wahroonga SDA Church in Sydney, where he serves as pastor for Youth and Teens and

also chaplain at the Wahroonga SDA School. He loves spending time with his little 1 year old daughter Zara and wife

Bec, both of whom will be coming to camp. Richie is passionate about seeing young people connect with Jesus and is really

excited to be coming to SNSW Big Camp to tell our Primaries all about His love. When Richie isn’t fishing for men,

he loves fishing for fish and supporting the Maroons in the State of Origin!

Juniors: Leslie Ncube

Leslie Ncube is a versatile and enthusiastic preacher he enjoys communicating the love of God from the pulpit and

through his personal life. He has been invited to preach and teach at different events in different states and countries.

He enjoys meeting new people and making lasting relationships. He is an “excellent” table tennis player and also enjoys an

occasional game of squash. Most importantly he rates his marriage and life with his wife Gugulethu and raising their three

gorgeous daughters as his most important and greatest achievement.

Teens : Blair Lemke

Blair works at Tweed Valley Adventist College as a chaplain. He enjoys his job and believes he has the best job in the

world. Apart from being the chaplain Blair also teaches Bible, Mathematics and Drama. Blair is married to Emma who

is currently a teacher but looking to start up her own floral business early next year. Both enjoy living in Kingscliff in the

NSW north coast. In his spare time Blair likes to surf and play basketball. Blairs greatest joy is introducing those around

him to Jesus because of the difference He has made in his life.

Youth: Brendan Pratt

Brendan Pratt is the Ministerial Secretary at the Australian Union Conference. Brendan has a passion for resourcing

healthy leaders and churches, enjoys time with family and is considered an expert in all things relating to reptiles,

based on years of keeping and breeding various Australian snakes and lizards. He is married to Amanda and they have

three boys.

Adults: Ben Maxson

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, of missionary parents, Ben Maxson has spent much of his pastoral ministry in the Northwest

and Southern United States. Fluent in Spanish, he also gravitated back to his roots in South America to serve in

two missions there.

Maxson held the position of director of Stewardship at the world headquarters of Seventh-day Adventists from 1995 to

2004. During this time, he discovered and developed a new paradigm emphasizing biblical stewardship and shared this

vision with the world church. Currently Ben is serving as senior pastor of the Paradise California SDA Church.

Ben is married to Mary Maxson, who served as the director of the Women’s Ministry Department for the North American Division, and now

is an associate pastor at the Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church. They have two adult children and one grandchild. Ben enjoys reading,

developing ministry materials, and is an avid scuba diver. He also enjoys digital photography and golf. Ben has special interests in the areas of

spirituality, discipleship, and leadership training.


Throughout the week there will be seminars run in the mornings by the following people:

• Brendan Pratt

• Hayden Petersen

• Kylie Stacey

• Ben Maxson

These programs are not be missed! More detailed information about seminar content and times will be available closer to camp

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IMPRINT > Camp Program



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IMPRINT > Camp Program

Camp Activities

Registration Form 2016

First Name:




Email: Phone: Home Church:

q I would like the same site as last year. Site no.

Office Use Only

Date Received


I would like to camp near the Youth: q Yes q No q Not worried either way

I would like a camp site near:

q I need a site near the amenities for health / aged / disability / mobility reasons.

Receipt No.

q If I am unsuccessful in obtaining a chalet or dormitory, please send me

information on the accommodation at Bungarra Alpine Centre.

q I am registering as an off site camper / day visitor. I will be attending camp:

Date emailed / mailed

q I plan to arrive at camp at: _______________ am/pm (Circle)









No. Facilities Early Regular $

Powered Caravan site. C’van length: $199 $210

Powered Tent site $199 $210

Unpowered Caravan site. C’van length: $119 $130

Unpowered Tent site $119 $130

Chalet - 9 beds (max. 9 / min. 4 people) $799 $840

Dorm - 10 beds (max. 10 / min. 4 people) $599 $630

Dorm - 5 beds (max. 5 people) $399 $420

Transfer Total for Facilities to PAYMENT OPTIONS on page 12 $

All Applications need to be submitted 30th November 2015. Applications received

after November 30th will be charged the regular camp fees

For Off site campers / Day visitors Only:

A Facility fee of $20 per person applies. (Children 0 - 5 years are free)

No. of attendees x $20 (over the age of 5 years) $

Camp Attendees

Allocated Site

PC’van no.

PTent no.

UPC’van no.

UPTent no.

Chalet no.

Dorm no.

Dorm no.

Please Answer:

Please record the name and age group of all adults and children, as per the age groups listed below:

Are you planning to

bring a boat?(Yes / No)


Note: Those who

bring boats will be

allocated sites near

each other to ensure

camp safety

Beginners (0-2 yrs) Kindy: (3 - 5 yrs) Primary: (6 - 9 yrs) Junior: (10 - 12 yrs) Teen: (13 - 16 yrs) Youth: (17 - 30 yrs) Adult:

* This question is compulsory for each person listed below. By consenting to have your photo taken during camp, these photos may be used by the AAV

and SNSW Conference Office in magazines and website promotion. If you dont wish to have photos taken will we ensure your request is upheld

Given Name Surname Age Group *Photo Consent (Yes/No)

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IMPRINT > Camp Program

Page 10


Camp Activities 2016


Activity Price Number Cost Name & Surname on Active Pass

PRIMARY Active Pass (save $20) $55 $

Individual Activities:

• Laser Force (Monday) $20 $

• Thredbo Pool (Tuesday) $30 $

• Go Karts & Jumping Castle (Wednesday) $20 $

• Mini Olympics (Thursday) $5 $

• Free Time (Friday) $0

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 12) TOTAL for Primary: $

JUNIOR Active Pass (save $55 ) $130 $

Individual Activities:

• Go Carts (Monday) $20 $

• Laser Force (Tuesday) $20 $

• Watersports (Wednesday) $25 $

• Splat Sports (Wednesday) $15 $

• Thredbo Day Trip (Thursday) $85 $

• Service Activity (Friday) $0

• Crafts (week long) $20 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 12) TOTAL for Junior: $

TEEN Active Pass (save $35) $120 $

Individual Activities:

• Watersports (Monday) $35 $

• Splat Sports (Tuesday) $20 $

• Sport and Rec Centre (Wednesday) $35 $

• Go Karts and Laserforce (Thursday) $35 $

• Banquet (Thursday Evening) $25 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 12) TOTAL for Teen: $

YOUTH Activity Pass (save $30) $125 $

Individual Activities:

• Mountain Biking (Monday) $35 $

• Watersports (Tuesday) $30 $

• Laser Force (Wednesday) $20 $

• Watersports (Thursday) $30 $

• Banquet (Thursday Evening) $25 $

• Breakfast (8 mornings) $15 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 12) TOTAL for Youth: $

Adults Activity Pass (save $20) $105 $

Individual Activities

• Sport & Rec Centre (Monday) $25 $

• Go Carts (Tuesday) $20 $

• Water Sports (Wednesday) $25 $

• Mountain Biking (Thursday) $35 $

• Laser Force (Friday) $20 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 12) TOTAL for Adults:


Meal Orders 2016

Page 11


Please tick relevant option: q I will be staying on site. q I will be staying off site.

Meal Orders need to be in November 30, 2015

q I will be a day visitor.

Day / Meal

Friday 15 January

Cost per


DINNER $10.00

Sabbath 16 January


LUNCH $10.00

LUNCH - dessert $3.00

DINNER $10.00

Sunday 17 January


No. of


BBQ Lunch Village Fair. No. attending

DINNER $10.00

Monday 18 January


LUNCH $10.00

LUNCH - dessert $3.00

DINNER $10.00

Tuesday 19 January


LUNCH $10.00

LUNCH - dessert $3.00

DINNER $10.00

Wednesday 20 January


LUNCH $10.00

LUNCH - dessert $3.00

DINNER $10.00


Day / Meal

Thursday 21 January

Cost per



LUNCH $10.00

LUNCH - dessert $3.00

DINNER $10.00

Friday 22 January


LUNCH $10.00

LUNCH - dessert $3.00

DINNER $10.00

Sabbath 23 January


LUNCH $10.00

LUNCH - dessert $3.00

DINNER $10.00

Sunday 24 January


No. of


Subtotal (2nd column) $

+ Subtotal (1st column) $

TOTAL for Meals $


(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 12)

Subtotal (1st column) $

Due to popular demand, ADRA Café – ‘Milk and Honey’ is happy to

announce that we will be serving you again for Big Camp 2016. A

selection of delectable goodies and a range of hot and cold beverages will

again be available. Please come and support as 100% of funds raised will

go to ADRA projects. Bring a friend as this is a great place to catch up!

We are needing volunteers to help behind the counter, so if you are interested

in volunteering for ADRA please send an email to dkieltyka@adra. or call 0421186815 during business hours, we would love to hear

from you.

- Douglas Kieltyka (SNSW ADRA Director)

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IMPRINT > Camp Program

Page 12




Please Note:

• Full payment for your FACILITIES MUST accompany your application.

• The facility fee applies only to off site campers and day visitors.

My payment includes:

Page 9 TOTAL for Facilities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Facility fee: $

Page 10 TOTAL for Primary Activities: $

Page 10 TOTAL for Junior Activities: $

Page 10 TOTAL for Teen Activities: $

Page 10 TOTAL for Youth Activities: $

Page 10 TOTAL for Adult Activities: $

Page 11 TOTAL for Meals: $


Send applications to:

Camp Secretary,

SDA Church (SNSW Conference)

PO Box 800

Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: 02 / 6249 6822

Fax: 02 / 6247 5059


r Cheque enclosed [Make cheques payable to SDA Church (SNSW Conference) Ltd.]

r E-giving (

Date Paid: / /

Mark your payment Big Camp 2016. Please note: Select SNSW Conference otherwise if you select your

local church, the payment will be made into your local church account instead of the Conference account.

If you are unsure, call the Conference Office on 6249 6822.

r Credit Card: r Visa r MasterCard

Expiry: /

Name on card:


Please Note: We regret we cannot accept applications from people under 18 years of age. Any person under the

age of 18 must be supervised by a person who is at least 21 years of age and occupying the same site or an adjacent

site for the duration of the camp. Please arrange your chaperone early before you submit your application.

q I am under 18 years of age and require a Chaperone.

Chaperone Arrangements

I nominate __________________________________________ (full name of Chaperone) as my Chaperone.

Signature of Chaperone _______________________________ Contact Phone No. ____________________


If you would like to volunteer some of your time to assist during camp, in areas such as Cleaning, Dining Room Duties,

ABC, or Departments, please indicate below.

Surname: ________________________ Given Name: _______________ Contact Phone: ________________

Area/s of Interest: ____________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Days:


Applications are also available to download on the SNSW Conference and Youth websites

Camp Menu 2016

Jan Breakfast Lunch Lunch Dessert Dinner



















Poached eggs, Mushrooms, tomato

& baby spinach, Banana & berry

pancakes, Baked beans/spaghetti, Fruit

compote & yoghurt, Selection of cereals

Baked eggs with mushrooms, chives,

tomato & cheese, Sausages, Baked

beans/spaghetti, Pastries, Cereals

Poached eggs, Spinach & Ricotta

patties, Baked beans / spaghetti, Fruit

compote & yoghurt, Selection of cereals

Scrambled tofu or eggs, Mushrooms,

tomato and baby spinach in balsamic

Baked beans / spaghetti, Fruit compote

& yoghurt, Selection of cereals

Poached eggs, English muffins with

asparagus, tomato & cheese, Baked

beans/spaghetti, Fruit platter, Cereals

Baked eggs topped with vegetable

salsa, Croissants, Vegetarian sausages,

Baked beans / spaghetti, Fruit compote

and yoghurt, Selection of cereals

Frittata, Scrambled egg, Grilled tomato

Hash browns, Baked beans / spaghetti

Fresh fruit platter

Poached eggs, Danish pastries

Mushrooms. Tomato and baby spinach

balsamic, Baked beans / spaghetti, Fruit

compote & yoghurt, Selection of cereals

Mexicale pie topped with cornmeal

dumplings, Roast pumpkin & potato,

Steamed brocoline, Steamed kumera

BBQ @ Village Fair

Free BBQ

Banana sticky date

pudding and icecream

Provided by Sanitarium and the Adventist Alpine Village

Mousaka, eggplant, potato &

napolitana sauce, Tomato & basil

salad, Creamy potato salad

Vegetable pakoras with minted

yoghurt, Watercress & sweet potato

salad, Baby beetroot,

Tossed salad

Julienned vegetables wrapped

in crepes topped with béchamel

parsley sauce, Chickpea salad,

Waldorf salad, Green salad

Asian vegetable and cashew nut stir

fry, Served with soba noodles

Special fried rice and spring rolls,

Selection of salads

Homemade cabbage rolls,

Cauliflower au gratin, Roasted

beetroot, Steamed broccoli

Nut roast served with country gravy,

Roasted chat potato’s, beetroot,

sweet potato, carrots & pumpkin,

Steamed pea’s, Corn, Various greens

Blueberry cheesecake

Key lime tart

Apple and blueberry

crumble served with


Fresh fruit salad with


Banana splits with the


Mississippi mud cake

with chocolate icecream

and berry coulis

Carrot & Corn soup with sour dough bread, Vegetable

& Ricotta strudel, Braised vegetables. Tossed garden

salad, Coleslaw, Sweet potato & baby spinach salad

Potato & leek soup with garlic bread, Coriander &

pumpkin pasta bake, Three cabbage coleslaw

Keen carrot salad and cashews, Mescalin salad greens

Cream of celery soup with Ciabatta bread, Vegetable

stir fry with black bean sauce on Hokkin noodles &

almonds, Fried rice

Minestrone soup with ciabatta bread, Eggplant

parmigiana served on a bed of fettucine, Braised

zucchini, leek and capsicums

Mushroom, lentil & leek soup & bread roll, Baked

vegetable puffs, Roasted sweet potato, carrots &

pumpkin, Creamy garlic potato bake, Sautéed green


Sweet potato & corn soup, Wholemeal roll, Pumpkin

ravioli with a creamy basil & pine nut sauce, Steamed

broccoli & cauliflower, Honey & sesame carrots

Pumpkin soup with sour dough bread, Vegetarian

lasagne served with Napolitano sauce, Deep fried

cauliflower and zucchini, Garlic and herb mushrooms,

Rocket salad

Mulligatawny Soup, Stuffed Desiree potato’s with

guacamole, Sour cream, Garden salsa & Grated

Cheese, Carrot, Ginger & Daikon Salad, Garden salad

Vegetable noodle soup & bread roll, Selection

vegetarian pies, Potato wedges, Selection of salads



Pancakes & maple syrup, Fried eggs,

Grilled mushrooms, Baked beans/

spaghetti, Selection of fresh fruits, Cereals

Meal tickets must be purchased prior to arriving at camp and payment must accompany your meal order. No refunds will be given on

meal tickets and no changes can be made once meals are ordered. Your pre purchased meal tickets will be added to your registration

pack for collection at camp. If you plan to eat your food away from the dining room, you will need to supply your own plates and

cutlery. Dine-in guests are supplied with plates and cutlery.

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IMPRINT > Camp Program > Conference News


Adventist Alpine


AAV Takes delivery of new Vehicle

A Marketing Tool on Wheels

Handing over the keys (Left to Right): Russell Alsop (AAV Assistant Manager),

Stan Carter (AAV Manager), Gavin Howie (SNSWC Chief Financial Officer),

Calvin Drinkall (SNSWC Company Secretary) and Terry Lee (AAV Chef)

On Wednesday the 12th of August the team at the

Adventist Alpine Village took delivery of their new

work vehicle and marketing tool. The new utility replaces

an extremely old vehicle that was a poor representation of

the Village in the local community.

The new vehicle has been vinyl wrapped with amazing

photographs of the lodge, parkland, and local winter and

summer activities.

It has already created a lot of positive interest in the

Adventist Alpine Village, with one non Adventist individual

stopping us in Bunnings, Fyshwick and stating that “their

family stays at the Adventist Alpine Village every year for

both family retreats and local church retreats. We even had

our daughter dedicated to God on the site.” They then proceeded

to call their mate over to have a look and told them

all about the Adventist Alpine Village and what an amazing

place it is.

The vehicle is a real eye catcher, whether it be driving down

the road, parked in a car park, or even parked at the entry to

the ski fields, you cannot miss it.

This form of advertising is mobile and we expect to see real

benefits from it in a short period of time.

- Gavin Howie

(Chief Financial Officer)


From the Chief Financial Officer

SNSW Conference Tithe Budget To Actual 2015

Use of Tithe

Recently I was challenged by a comment made by one of our

members in respect to the use of tithe. They made a statement

along the lines of,

“While I do not agree with the way the conference uses my

tithe, I feel impressed to return it just the same”.

While I am saddened that they feel that tithe is being misused, I

am excited that their trust in God is expressed. Even though they

may not be happy with the leaders of the church they show great

faith in God, just the same.

Further inquires revealed that they felt that the conference were

not using tithe as per the church policy in that it was not being

used purely for ministry. It saddened me to think that our members

felt that the conference leaders could not be trusted in these

matters of importance.

So what does the church policy say about the use of tithe and

how can you as a church member be sure that policy is being


The following statements are excerpts from the South Pacific Division

Policy Book. (for a full and complete copy of the policy

FIN.30.05, please feel free to contact the CFO)

In harmony with the General Conference Policy on

the Use of Tithe the following distribution of tithe

shall apply in the South Pacific Division. Those organisations

in receipt of tithe funds must ensure that

tithe is only used on functions and activities authorised

by General Conference and Division policy.

How is tithe used?

Use of Tithe Within Local Conference/Mission

and Attached Fields/Districts

As a transitional arrangement entities have until January

1, 2016, to achieve the following rates:

a. A minimum of 55% of gross tithe will be used

to support the front line function of field ministers,

Bible workers, chaplains and evangelism expenses.

b. A maximum of 3% of gross tithe can be used for

assisting education.

Page 14 | 15

IMPRINT > Conference News


Use of Tithe

SNSW Conference Audited Financial Statements 2013

V 14 05 Gospel Ministry—1. Rationale—Proclaiming the

three angels’ messages to the world requires the involvement

of every member and uses the wide variety of talents

given them by God. In that respect all members are an

integral part of the ministry of the Church. But not all are

to be supported from the tithe. ...

2. Pastors, Evangelists, Ministers—Tithe should primarily

be used to support individuals paid by the Church and directly

engaged in pastoral and evangelistic soul-winning

activities. ... ..Although other funds may be available and

should be used first, chaplains serving in schools and hospitals

may also be paid from the tithe.

Are there any items that tithe cannot be used for?

The policy is very clear on what items cannot be funded

from tithe.

Items Not to be Funded from Tithe—

1. General Principles—In an effort to keep as much of the

tithe as possible focused on its primary objective (supporting

ministers in their soul-winning activities), and based

on council from the writings of Ellen G White, the following

items should be funded from non-tithe funds:

2. Buildings and Facilities— Capital expenditures other

than provided for under V 14 05, paragraph 10., should be

funded from non-tithe sources.

3. Equipment—Equipment (except for that provided for in

V 14 05, paragraphs 6. and 8., above) are to be funded from

non-tithe sources.

4. Local Church Operating Expense—…...

5. School Operating Expense—Maintenance, utilities,

payroll and other operating expenses of primary/elementary,

secondary and higher education institutions shall be

funded from tuition and other non-tithe sources except as

may be provided for under V 14 15 ….

• Project offerings

• Donations

The conference funds other items from either special project

offerings or from donations.

Like the local churches, who collect local church budget

offerings, the conference does something similar but we

refer to these as project offerings.

Can I be sure that tithe is being used as per policy?

Yes you can! While the following statement exists in

policy, you can have confidence because the conference

is audited annually both internally (General Conference

Audit Service) and externally, (Grant Thornton Australia)

Reporting on the Use of Tithe

a. Local Conference/Mission. On an annual basis a report

is to be given to the governing body on how gross tithe

has been used and distributed in the previous financial

year in the report format provided by the union.

The table above is taken from the 2013 audited Financial

Statements which show that in fact we have insufficient

tithe income to cover those items that can be used for


(Note the term convention centers is a generic heading

and does not apply in our case. No tithe is used to support

the operations of the Adventist Alpine Village.)

- Gavin Howie

(Chief Financial Officer)

I pray that this brief explanation will

enable you to have confidence that tithe

is used as it should.


SNSW Youth


For the first time in the history of

Shred It, South NSW Youth outnumbered

there counterparts from

Greater Sydney Conference as we saw

a massive number of supporters attend

the weekend. In particular, a sizeable

contingency of youth from Young

Church and Griffith Church turned

up to what would prove to be a fairly

windy weekend!

A fresh dumping of snow over the

days leading up to the Youth Snow

Camp meant there was an abundance

of powder to to found on the slopes,

Conference Wide Youth Rally

Around 150 youth gathered at the

SNSW Youth Rally on August 8

in Canberra.

Pr Ian Cangy presented a powerful

message on the power of forgiveness

and second chances. It was great to see

youth come in support for the youth

rally with groups from Narromine,

Griffith, Bowral and Wagga (There

were plenty of others too!) turning up

in numbers!

The morning Sabbath School slot saw

Bowral youth take it by a slim margin

over Narromine youth in SNSW

Around the Churches


High Tea

Sunday afternoon High Tea

A was held for the Bathurst

Church Ladies. They were encouraged

to dress for the occasion and

everyone had a “Terrific “ time.

Each lady was given the meaning

of her name and how that reflected

their personalities and how that

Page 16 | 17

Friday’s weather was magnificent for

those who were blessed to be able to

be there.

Sunday unfortunately was a little rainy

in the morning, however the sun shone

it’s face for a couple of brief hours at

the end of the day, and for the group

who took the challenge of night skiing

on the Saturday night, there was much

fun to be had there too!

The biggest highlight of the weekend

undoubtedly was not the snow. It was

getting together with a large group of

Family Feud hosted by the smiling

Dan Faber! Praise and Worship was

led by Oliver Doyle and team, with

the songs ‘No Other Name’ and ‘It is

Well’ standing out as real powerful

songs of praise for the day.

The program featured briefly the

General Conference Youth Director

Gilbert Cangy & AUC Youth Director

Jeff Parker as they discussed via prerecorded

video conference the ‘Give

them the Keys’ initiative (if you don’t

know about this, make sure you find


meaning can be shared with those they

come in contact with. A selection of

homemade treats was enjoyed, a devotional

was given, poems shared and

everyone had an enjoyable time together.

- Chris Sinclair

IMPRINT > Conference News > Around the Churches

fellow believers and worshipping our

Creator. It was a great chance to meet

new friends and reconnect with old

ones! The worship times were really

special with praise and worship being

led by a group from Sydney.

There were discussions facilitated and

messages presented from both Sydney

and SNSW youth directors and teams.

Overall it was a superb weekend from

which we all came away from looking

greatly forward to next year!

- Hayden Petersen

A delicious and tasty lunch was

enjoyed by all before embarking on

the Revelation Car Rally. The Car

Rally saw teams solve clues and

visit homes of church family members

as they went on a quest to open

the Seven Seals and find the Seven


A huge thankyou to the families who

opened up their homes to make this

event a success. The day finished

with a social evening at the Flip

Out Trampoline centre where youth

bounced and spun the night away!

- Hayden Petersen

Bathurst Ladies dressed up for high tea

Around the Churches

Broken Hill

Vanuatu Concert

The people of Vanuatu have had their

livelihood swept away when Cyclone

Pam destroyed the island, and found

it hard to rebuild their own houses, let

alone churches. Fifty three Seventh-day

Adventist churches have been destroyed,

most having been entirely flattened, together

with five schools, and numerous

teacher houses. So the call went out for


Depression Recovery Program

many people as possible in the

little town. Both sessions had 8-9

guests in attendance. Throughout

the planning and preparation it was

very obvious that the Lord was

with the small church group on this

project with amazing things happening

such as cheaper advertising

Jan Hastings presenting to Corryong group

Our church group at Corryong has been

established about a year ago. Initially we

met once a month but recently increased

our meetings to twice a month. The group

consists of only six adults and 3 children

but the members had the desire to reach out

and touch the community with very limited

funds available.

On the 23rd of June 2015 the church group

ran the introductory session for the Nedley

Depression Recovery Program. Two sessions

were conducted, one at 10am and

another at 7pm, in order to cater for as


Endless Praise

The Narromine Church was blessed

to have Endless Praise come

and minister to them through song

and testimony in the Sabbath service,

July 4th.

Glee Ensamble

congregations in Australia to help

replace the church buildings, which

were not insured. Broken Hill

Church took up the challenge to

and a fully equipped venue free of


After the introductory session at

Corryong it was suggested that the

program should also run in Walwa,

a neighbouring town, and as one of

the participants was from there she

offered to advertise on social media

for the Walwa introductory program

and the Corryong follow-up

sessions. In Corryong the advertising

was done through newspaper,

a leaflet drop, posters around the

town and the local radio station.

Even with all this advertising one

On Friday night Endless Praise

spent time with our youth, and

also ministered on Sabbath afternoon

at Timbrebongie aged

care house. Thank you Endless

Praise for your ministry.

- Iorangi Eiao

raise some money to support the rebuilding.

The congregation raised

$850 in three weeks, then aimed

to increase this to at least $1000

with a concert at the church hall.

Moxie Theatre Group and Expression

Glee Ensemble, together with

students of Marilyn Harris’ studio,

presented an afternoon of entertainment

for parents and friends.

A collection was taken, and $550

was raised, bringing the total to

send to Vanuatu to $1400.

of the participants who joined for

the follow-up program only saw

the event advertised on the social

media. Praise God.

There are many people suffering

from depression in the Corryong

area and hopefully through this

program people may learn that

the Corryong group can and will

run depression recovery programs

to help them fight this debilitating

disease. The Corryong group

is only small in number but with

God can achieve great things, and

so can you. David Haupt (Director

for Health Ministry for the

SNSW Conference) once said: “

Let’s have our churches known as

center’s of healing”, both physical

and spiritual”.

- Jan Hastings

- Marilyn Harris

Endless Praise ministry group

Around the Churches


A Brief History of TIME

It has been an exhilarating journey travelling through history with James Toogood. This

evangelistic seminar has been conducted at the USMC in Narromine, and it truly has

been a blessing to those that have come along.

In the first week, we were fortunate to have international violin virtuoso Jaime

Jorge play as a part of the seminar. It was a great mix to have “the message” shared

in word and music. We all walked away blessed and uplifted. It is wonderful to see

people coming to a knowledge of Jesus Christ through His Word and through history.

- Iorangi Eiao


Nowra Church celebrates 50 years

James Toogood presenting

at the Narromine United

Services Memorial Club

Mayor Joanna Gash with Lynden James Pastor


Lloyd Grolimund

n the beautiful sunny day of June 27th 2015,

Nowra Church celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Guest speaker was Pastor Lloyd Grolimund from

the New Hope SDA Church plant in Sydney who

spent part of his childhood growing up on a farm in

the Shoalhaven area. His grandfather Pastor Max

Grolimund’s name appears on a foundation plaque

inside the church foyer.

Pastor Jim Tonkin, previous Nowra church pastor,

told the children’s story with a very impressively

huge book which when opened covered almost the

width of the church.

Special guest musicians included brother and sister

David (piano) and Tiani (flute) Page. Local Nowra

SDA church members the Tetavano and Nathan

families sang a song in 3 languages. Nelson Nathan

also performed a trumpet solo accompanied

by Christine Johnston. Else Webster, one of our

older members, sang a solo.

Page 18 | 19

IMPRINT > Around the Churches

Tetavano and Nathan Families singing “My God Loves

Me” in three languages

Elvina James one of the founding members of Nowra

Church did a Memories segment in a power point

presentation prepared by Roger Tilley. Evina’s younger

brother Lynden James and his wife Heather also

attended from Sydney.

Special Guests who accepted our invitation were the

Mayor of Shoalhaven City Council: Joanna Gash,

the NSW State Member for the South Coast: Shelley

Hancock and the Federal Member for Gilmore: Ann


All three government representatives expressed their

appreciation of our church in this area and how pleased

they were to attend a venue where everyone was very

welcoming. Each government representative was given

a special gift pack, including a copy of the booklet:

Your Friends the Seventh-day Adventists, and other literature.

- Vicki Blandin de Chalain

Around the Churches

Helping the Homeless

Nowra church members have been

regularly donating to the Supported

Accommodation and Homelessness

Services Shoalhaven-Illawarra

(SAHSSI) organisation and

recently presented a cheque

for $1000 to manager Lesley



Big Day In

On Saturday June 27, people came from

far and wide within our region, and

were blessed to participate in the Marriage

Enrichment Program conducted by David

Haupt, and the special children’s program

presented by Hayden Petersen and team.

Supported Accommodation and

Homelessness Services Shoalhaven-

Illawarra is a not for profit

specialist homelessness service

helping vulnerable women

and families from Helensburgh

to Ulladulla.

Lesley Labkha receiving a check from

Mark Yeates & Lee Emblen

While the parents and couples were learning

more about each other, the children

were in a world of their own, singing, listening

to and watching stories.

- David Mazak


David Haupt presenting the Marriage

Enrichment Program

Sabbath at Orange, 13 June 2015, was a very special day for Alisi, who

made her commitment to follow Christ in baptism.

Hayden Petersen and puppeteers

running childrens program

Pastor Colin Richardson conducted the service and some of Alisi’s friends

sung two special items for us in the Tongan language. Alisi’s daughter and

grand-daughter were able to be with us on that blessed and happy day as

we welcomed Alisi into God’s family.

- David Mazak

Wodonga English

Christmas in July

Wodonga English Church held a special Christmas in July program as a

community outreach. Their distinguished guest was Jaime Jorge, the

much-travelled and very talented Cuban Adventist violinist who has given his

heart to full-time evangelism. During the delicious three-course meal served to

60 church members and 40 guests, Jaime gave the audience a spiritual feast they

would remember long after their physical feast had faded from their minds.

As Jaime loves to foster children with musical talent it was a delight to hear one

of the church member’s sons join Jaime in a special duet.

Alisi being baptised by Pr Colin Richarson

- Sue James

Jamie Jorge (right) playing with Nick

Kanzir (left)

Around the Schools

Border Christian College

Australias Biggest Morning Tea

Border Christian College hosts morning tea

Border Christian College hosted the Biggest Morning Tea

on Friday, 29th May 2015 and had the pleasure of the

local church community, families from the school, and 20

children from “Thurgoona Goodstart Preschool” attend this

event. At this occasion the Primary & High school

children sang and played their instruments. All money

raised on the day was for cancer research, prevention

& support.

- Melissa Smead

Making headlines

Border Christian College was featured on the WIN News during

the month of June 2015 talking about the Compressed


For those who would like to see the Border Christian College

on the local news visit the Border Christian website under


- Melissa Smead

Jodie Mcdonald Border Christian School Principal

Trivia Night

Border Christian College

Home and School organised

a trivia night that was

held on the 13th of June 2015.

A big thankyou to the Home

& School for organising this

fantastic event and to those

teachers who asked those “really

difficult” questions, we

had lots of fun. Over one

hundred and thirty people

attended this event and more

than $3000 was raised on the

night. The Home & School are

now planning towards their

goal to build a natural theme


- Melissa Smead

Border Christian College Trivia night

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IMPRINT > Around the Schools > ADRA News

Around the Schools

Border Christian College

School Captain Forum

The Border Christian College School Captains

attended a school captain forum on the 3rd

of June 2015 at the Scot’s School Albury. Penny

Curran-Peter the Head of the Senior School sent

the below message back to Border Christian College.

Dear Principal

Please find attached a copy of a photo taken at

yesterday’s School Captain’s Forum. All of

the captains were superb representatives of

their schools, and I know that this meeting was

just the beginning of a long conversation about

fostering better relationships between schools in

the Albury-Wodonga area.

Many thanks,


School Captains forum with Border Christian College and Scot’s School

- Melissa Smead



ADRA OP Shop High Tea

On the 29th May, the Albury ADRA

Opshop hosted an afternoon tea

for the volunteers. Ruth Rawson (Op

Shop Manager) and her team provided

a beautiful high tea to thank the other

volunteers who donated a huge amount

of time and effort to this mission in

serving the Albury community.

Voices for Justice

ADRA is looking to people who are interested

and passionate about social justice to the

Voices for Justice Conference (

in Canberra on October

10-13. If you are interested in raising your

- Douglas Kieltyka,

SNSW ADRA Director

About 15 volunteers were in attendance

who were also given a

presentation about the work of

ADRA Australia locally and globally.

Please continue to pray for our

ADRA Op Shops as they minister

to our local communities.

ADRA OP Shop High Tea

voice for a world of justice and compassion, please contact

Douglas Kieltyka at and we will see how

many places are still available. Also if you are able to provide

some accommodation over this time please let me know.


ADRA OP Shop rescued from flames

Albury ADRA Op Shop was saved

from fire, thanks to the quick actions

of a passer-by and the local Fire

Brigade. On Monday evening, 11th of

May, arsonists lit a fire on a table in

front of the popular second hand store.

As the flames rose, the culprits ran off,

leaving the shop only minutes from destruction.

An on looker dialled 000 and within

minutes the Fire Brigade arrived,

quickly moved the table from its close

proximity to the building and drenched

the flames.

Man thanks are extended to the

’unknown’ passer-by. Two T.V.

channels and the Border Mail

newspaper all covered the story.

Since then ADRA Op Shop has

been inundated with needed donations.

The store’s presence

has also been widely advertised

in the community, allowing

more people in need to know

its whereabouts. Thanks be to

God for the positive outcome

to such a potentially disastrous


The Fire Brigade spokesman said that

the whole building would have been

enveloped within minutes.

Knocktober Appeal

- Ruth Rawson, ADRA Op Shop

Manager, Albury

Items pulled from the fire

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


ADRA who?

ADRA who needs you to go out on the Knockober Appeal

Despite the bad quality of this joke, people are dealing with a lot

worse around the globe. ADRA is determined to make a positive

change in peoples lives and has been doing this with great

success. This is the one time of the year that we ask you to get

uncomfortable for a short amount of time through door knocking

and help others that are living in a life of desperation. Please get


ADRA Community Garden Open Day

The ADRA Community Garden in Bowral has been in

the planning since early 2014 and since the beginning

of 2015 has been rapidly developing. It is having an open

day on Sunday 13th December 2015 from 1pm – 3pm.

Want to Stay up to date with what is happening?

To be kept informed with the latest happenings from ADRA Australia please check out


Kind Regards,

Douglas Kieltyka

Page 22 | 23

This year ADRA has a $40 challenge where it is envisaged

what could happen if each member raised

$40, and it is amazing! Please get involved and see

what you are able to do, being uncomfortable for a

few hours on door knocking appeal really can change

a life that could otherwise be locked in a perpetual cycle

of desperation. If the door knock is way to far out

of your comfort zone there are plenty of other ways

that can be found at:

- Douglas Kieltyka,

SNSW ADRA Director

All are welcome to come and see the far-reaching impact

that a garden can have on the local community.

- Douglas Kieltyka,

SNSW ADRA Director



Oct 30

The “Give Them The Keys” initiative has been set up by the General Conference to empower

Adventist Youth around the world to make an impact in their local communities. A local church

youth group can apply for funding between $1,000 and $5,000 to implement ideas to sharing

God with others. For more information and application forms please visit the SNSW Youth

website or Contact the SNSW Youth Department: (02) 6249 6822 . Applications close October 30

Sponsor Signs or give a gift

subscription and change a life.

1800 035 542 (Aus)

0800 770 565 (NZ)

Only $25

a year!

Grey Nomads Camp 2015

October 5 - 10

Adventist Alpine Village, Jindabyne

Guest Speakers: Pr Andrew Kingston &

Dr Allan Lindsay








Upcoming Events

PathFinder Expedition

Grey Nomads

Tumut Regional Youth


Master Guide Training


Bible Camp


15th-24th Big Camp


12th-15th Youth Congress

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