Rajah News - April

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<strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

www.rajahshrine.org<br />

Vol. 74 <strong>April</strong> - May 2017 No. 3<br />

Hello<br />

Spring!<br />

Inside This Issue<br />

55th Annual <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Circus<br />

Meet Alec, star of the Shriners Hospitals<br />

for Children TV commercials

Help Us Make the World a Better Place for Children<br />

• Planned giving opportunities, such as<br />

Charitable Gift Annuities or Charitable<br />

Remainder Trusts, wills, estates and bequests<br />

• e-giving, personal fundraising pages, eBay<br />

giving works<br />

• Online donations<br />

• Text to Give program (keyword<br />

“dream” 25383)<br />

Have you seen our commercials? Become a<br />

monthly Love to the rescue ® donor at loveshriners.<br />

org and receive a free Love to the rescue blanket.<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children ® relies on donations<br />

from Shriners, corporations and the general public to<br />

support its efforts to provide expert care, innovative<br />

research and excellent medical education programs.<br />

At Shriners Hospitals for Children, every donation<br />

and gift – large or small – is greatly appreciated,<br />

acknowledged and used efficiently and effectively<br />

to improve the lives of the children in our care. We<br />

need and depend on every one of our donors, and<br />

are forever grateful for their compassion, unending<br />

generosity and ongoing support.<br />

How you can support our mission<br />

There are a variety of ways to give to Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children:<br />

• An annual monetary commitment through our<br />

Annual Giving Program<br />

• A one-time cash donation or monthly gifts<br />

charged automatically on your credit or<br />

debit card<br />

• Matching gifts available through your employer<br />

• Honorarium/Memorial Gifts<br />

• A charitable bequest in your will, including<br />

membership in the Dream Makers<br />

Legacy Society<br />

• Gifts of appreciated assets or real estate<br />

More ways to help<br />

Additional ways to obtain donations for Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children include:<br />

• Facilitating a corporate gift, event sponsorship<br />

or in-kind gift from your place of employment.<br />

Or, if you are a business owner or decisionmaker<br />

for your company, consider one of our<br />

many opportunities for corporate sponsorship.<br />

• Hosting a fundraiser at your home or<br />

local business<br />

• Attending a Shriners Hospitals for Children<br />

fundraiser in your local area<br />

• Donations can be designated to a specific<br />

hospital and/or given in honor or memory of<br />

someone special<br />

Learn more and make a difference<br />

To learn more about this tremendous philanthropic<br />

effort that reaches across the U.S., Canada and<br />

Mexico, please visit donate2shc.org, where you<br />

can also sign up to receive a monthly newsletter<br />

via e-mail. You may also call 855-401-4897, or<br />

send a check payable to “Shriners Hospitals for<br />

Children” to the Office of Development, Shriners<br />

International Headquarters, 2900 Rocky Point<br />

Dr., Tampa, FL 33607-1460.<br />

When you donate to Shriners Hospitals<br />

for Children, you are helping to ensure<br />

that expert care for pediatric orthopaedic<br />

conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and<br />

cleft lip and palate will be available to<br />

children in need now and in the future.<br />

shrinershospitalsforchildren.org<br />



The Potentate’s Message<br />

Es Selamu Aleikum<br />

Greetings Nobles,<br />

Nobles, As I write Ladies this, and it Friends: is the morning of our first Circus show. I want to start off by<br />

thanking all of the people who make our functions such a great success….YOU!<br />

Without the help of the Nobles and their Ladies, we would not be a viable entity and<br />

would just be a distant memory. So THANK YOU!!! Also a special thank you to the<br />

office staff. They are the unsung heroes of our events, especially the Circus. If I start<br />

singling out individuals, this article would be ten pages long! So I will make due here<br />

with a sincere THANKS!<br />

We have gotten off to a very good start this year. We have already had our first New<br />

Noble/Lady event, and I am so very proud of the Divan and Aides, and their Ladies,<br />

who made the event so successful. We spent the evening getting to know each other, and<br />

then broke apart into Ladies and Nobles meetings. The Ladies had their own program<br />

and even a craft event, making tutus for the children at the hospital. And judging by the<br />

amount of laughter we men could hear, they were having a fine time of it. The Nobles<br />

had a round table style event. We went around the room highlighting the fun and function of all of the clubs and units. It was one<br />

of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in a long time.<br />

The Membership committee is also hard at work on several fronts. Besides the New Nobles/Ladies event I spoke about above, we<br />

are doing a special promotion to try to entice Nobles who had been suspended to rejoin our ranks. Typically to be restored a Noble<br />

would need to pay two years dues for a total of $204.00, but for a limited time we are offering a $137.00 deal….the current years dues,<br />

$102.00, plus the $35.00 the Temple paid to Imperial the year they were suspended. This a savings of $67.00…a great opportunity to<br />

once again wear the title Noble. So I am appealing to all Nobles of <strong>Rajah</strong> to spread the word around their Blue Lodges. We all know<br />

former Nobles who talk about coming back, except for the expense. Well, this is their golden opportunity to get back among us. So…<br />

PLEASE spread the word. Pick up the phone and call that buddy of yours who you know wants to come back.<br />

Another initiative the Membership committee is undertaking is trying to restart the Lodge Representative program. We are<br />

looking for volunteers from all of the Blue Lodges in our jurisdiction to be a Rep. All that is required is you attend<br />

your lodge on a regular basis and you are willing to stand up and give a very brief update on what is happening<br />

at <strong>Rajah</strong>. For those of you who are adverse to public speaking, we will be providing you with the talking<br />

points. All we ask is you are willing to stand up and talk for less than two minutes. So please consider this<br />

opportunity to help your Temple. If you are interested please reach out to any members of the Divan.<br />

Thanks for being a member. We need your support and participation. If you have any suggestions, or<br />

criticisms, too…. let us know.<br />

Yours in the Faith,<br />

Dave<br />

ALIEKUM ES SELAM Attest: Joe Hagan, Recorder<br />

Contents<br />

Recorder’s Message................................................................4<br />

Meet Alec Cabacungan..............................................................5<br />

Motor Corps............................................................................5<br />

Oriental Band Ladies Night.......................................................6<br />

Oriental Band..........................................................................7<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Clowns .........................................................................8<br />

Lehigh Shrine Club ................................................................8<br />

Special Bingo..............................................................................8<br />

String ALIEKUM Band ES ............................................................................9<br />

SELAM<br />

Lebanon Attest: Shrine Club..............................................................9<br />

Joe Hagan<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Recorder<br />

Provost Guard.............................................................10<br />

Legion Of Honor ..................................................................10<br />

Save-A-Tape Program..............................................................10<br />

Noble Riders.............................................................................11<br />

In This Issue<br />

Afternoon of Music..................................................................11<br />

Good Friday breakfast..............................................................11<br />

Circus........................................................................................12<br />

Potentate’s Ball.........................................................................14<br />

Forks of the Delaware Tin Lizzies........................................15<br />

Pote’s Golf Outing....................................................................16<br />

MASA Convention...................................................................17<br />

Caravaners.............................................................................18<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Chanters......................................................................18<br />

Gettysburg Tour........................................................................20<br />

Shrine Shirts.............................................................................21<br />

The Chaplain’s Study............................................................22<br />

Obituaries..................................................................................23<br />

Calendars..................................................................................24<br />




Shriners International<br />

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www.rajahshrine.org<br />

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RONALD F. RAPP, P.P.<br />







Every Thursday Evening at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Complex<br />

Doors Open at 5:00 - Bingo Starts at 6:30<br />

Open Every To The Thursday Public • Smoke Evening Free at • the Refreshments <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Available Complex for Purchase<br />

Proceeds benefit Doors <strong>Rajah</strong> Open Shrine at and 5:00 are - Bingo not deductible Starts at 6:30 as charitable donations.<br />

• Open To The Public • Smoke Free •<br />

• Refreshments Available for Purchase •<br />

Proceeds benefit <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine and<br />

RECORDER’S are not deductible as charitable MESSAGE<br />

donations.<br />

Joe Hagan<br />

Hello Nobles,<br />

As I sit and write this, I am looking forward to the Circus next week. It has<br />

been very hectic in the office, with Anne-Marie out of the office for a couple of<br />

weeks and Ill. Sir Ronald nursing a bad eye. However, we are managing to keep<br />

all the balls in the air at one time.<br />

Please check your dues card. If it does not have a 2017 sticker you are<br />

delinquent. If you have paid your dues and have not received your 2017 sticker<br />

please call the office, 610-916-9000. Again, as last year, the dues card and/or<br />

sticker will be coming from Tampa so don’t throw away any correspondence<br />

without first going through it.<br />

The Parade Season is coming very quickly. Please check the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

Manual, page 3-6, for the rules pertaining to parading.<br />

There is a lot happening here at <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine. The annual Hospital Crusade<br />

Kick-Off is Wednesday evening March 22, 2017, 6:00 P.M. at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Complex.<br />

We will have a picnic dinner and then a small meeting. If you help at the Paper<br />

Crusade or any fundraising for the Hospitals you are invited to come.<br />

There will be a Good Friday Breakfast here at the Complex beginning at<br />

8:00 A.M. It is $10.00 per person at the door, but please call the office, 610-<br />

916-9000, to make reservations. This will help us have the proper amount of food<br />

for everyone.<br />

Our next Stated Meeting will be held on <strong>April</strong> 19, 2017. It begins at 7:00 P.M.<br />

here at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Complex. You will need a current dues card to attend.<br />

Have you told your Lady and family that, when you pass on, to give your<br />

Shrine and Masonic effects (fez, jewelry, uniform, etc.) to a Mason in your family<br />

or return them to the Shrine? <strong>Rajah</strong> will give them to some deserving Noble or<br />

return them to the proper Masonic organization.<br />

Please do not let these Shrine and Masonic items get into garage sales, flea<br />

markets, or the wrong<br />

hands. In the past this<br />

Mini-Ceremonials shall be at the discretion<br />

plan has been working<br />

Potentate. To schedule, please contact the recorder at<br />

very well. Thanks to all.<br />


Office Closed Good<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 610-916-9000. 14

Meet Alec Cabacungan:<br />

Alec’s the face of Shriners Hospitals for<br />

Children TV commercials, who has captured hearts<br />

across America with his famous commercials.<br />

Alec is age 13 and is from Oak Park, Ill., a suburb<br />

of Chicago.<br />

Alec was on “Fox and Friends” recently, where<br />

he said that the hospital has “a special place in<br />

his heart,” recalling his countless surgeries and<br />

physical therapy there.<br />

Alec suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a<br />

brittle bone disease, and he has broken more than<br />

60 bones in his lifetime. But that hasn’t stopped<br />

him from achieving his dreams of playing adaptive<br />

sports. He participates in the city of Chicago’s<br />

adaptive sports program, where he is a starting guard<br />

on the junior prep team of the Chicago Skyhawks.<br />

“Because of Shriners, I can play wheelchair<br />

basketball, I can play wheelchair softball,” he said.<br />

Alec’s wheelchair basketball coach, Dan Ferreira, Adaptive Sport Program and Event<br />

Facilitator for the Chicago Part District, said “for people with disabilities, the opportunity to<br />

participate in sports can be healing and empowering. It can clearly change a person’s life.”<br />

Shriners also gave Alec the amazing opportunity to interview NFL draftees back in <strong>April</strong>,<br />

when several NFL prospects visited Shriners Hospitals for Children – Chicago. It was a dream<br />

come true for him because he hopes to be involved in sports as an adult. He said that “when I<br />

grow up I want to go to the Olympics. I want to be a Paralympian for basketball. I also want to be<br />

an ESPN analyst and sports anchor in the Los Angeles area.”<br />

His parents are strong advocates, who have encouraged young Alec to be both independent<br />

and well-informed. They hope that his sports ambitions will be as successful as the commercials<br />

he hosts. The spots are part of a Direct Response Television Initiative campaign that is designed to<br />

attract donors who will give monthly. The campaign is not only<br />

creating a sustainable funding source, it is increasing awareness<br />

of the Shriners Hospitals for Children and the incredible services<br />

they provide.<br />


Mini-Ceremonials shall be at the discretion<br />

of the Potentate. To schedule, please contact<br />

the recorder at<br />

610-916-9000<br />


The 2017 Circus was held after<br />

the deadline for printing this issue.<br />

In order to get as many Circus<br />

Daddies acknowledged as possible,<br />

we held the list until<br />

the June/July issue.<br />

“With my commercials, I love helping Shriners because<br />

they’ve helped me so much,” Alec said. “It’s the least I could do.”<br />


Illustrious Sir Dave Evans<br />

Greetings Nobles,<br />

The Motor Corps had a very successful Horse Race event<br />

with the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Oriental Band. A very special thanks to<br />

all the Nobles and their Ladies from both units for making the<br />

evening run so smoothly.<br />

A great time was had by all, and the ponies have been<br />

put up for the winter after a hard day of racing. Again, a big<br />

thanks to John Grumbein and Bill Trusty, and their respective<br />

units. A wonderful example of units working together for the<br />

betterment of all!<br />


Oriental Band<br />

Ladies’ Night<br />

Left: Harry Huhn<br />

President <strong>Rajah</strong> Oriental<br />

Band<br />

Center: Paul Gluck<br />

Past President Association<br />

of Shrine Oriental Bands<br />

Right: Wayne Grumbein<br />

Mid-Atlantic Shine<br />

Oriental Band Association<br />

Left: Donald<br />

Heimbecker receives<br />

15-Year Service Award.<br />

Jay Huhn (not pictured)<br />

also received the award.<br />

Right: Ted Werkheiser,<br />

Jr. receives 30-Year<br />

Service Award. Richard<br />

Sosoka (not pictured)<br />

also received the award.<br />



John Grumbein<br />

What an event-filled month of February we had with the Band.<br />

On February 11, the Band, along with the Motor Corps, hosted the annual Night at the Races to another sold-out crowd.<br />

Illustrious Sir Bob Shank again did a tremendous job of being the master of ceremonies and calling the races. The kitchen staff,<br />

headed by Karen Baran and Dory Homan, did a great job of providing food for the crowd. The two units worked hard all evening<br />

selling tickets and serving beverages. The best news of the day was that the weather held out. We have been blessed. A little-known<br />

fact is that it takes over 40 volunteers, Nobles, and Ladies, to put this show on every year. Thank you, Nobles, and Ladies. To all<br />

that attended, a big thank you for your support. We hope all came away winners. Mark your calendars for next year’s event which<br />

will be held on Saturday, February 10, 2018.<br />

Life Changes<br />

Yo<br />

our priorities change,<br />

Your needs change,<br />

Your idea of a perfect home changes.<br />

You don’t have to go it alone… I can help!<br />

SAM KALBACH, ®<br />


Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage<br />

975 Berkshire Blvd., Suite 100<br />

Wyomissing, PA<br />

19610<br />

484-256-4038 (cell) | 610-373-9900 (office)<br />

www.homewithsam.com<br />

© 2016 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residen l aitn<br />

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Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker® and the Coldwell Banker logo a e r<br />

registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. 85582 03/16<br />

One week later, the two units were together again for the<br />

annual Motor Corps/Oriental Band Member Appreciation Night<br />

held at the Complex. The crowd of 60 in attendance enjoyed<br />

a great meal and libation followed by entertainment from Bob<br />

Trimble, who happens to be organist for Grand Lodge, and<br />

Wayne and Julie Grumbein’s children, Jarrett and Jayden,<br />

playing the piano. Wonderful talents!<br />

The following week, it was off to the Inn at Reading for our<br />

annual Ladies Night. We incorporate our Ladies Night with the<br />

mid-winter meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Shrine Oriental Band<br />

Association of which our own Wayne Grumbein is President. The<br />

hospitality was again fantastic with our ladies taking care of the<br />

food and Ted Werkheiser taking care of the liquid refreshment.<br />

Need I say more?<br />

At Saturday evening’s dinner, Illustrious Sir Dave Evans<br />

presented service awards to the following Nobles of the Oriental<br />

Band: Nobles Jay Huhn and Donald Heimbecker received 15-year<br />

service awards; Nobles Ted Werkheiser Jr. and Richard Sosoka<br />

were presented with 30-year service awards. Congratulations<br />

Nobles! Thanks for your service to <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine and the Band.<br />

Also at Saturday evening’s dinner, Association of Shrine<br />

Oriental Bands representative Paul Gluck from Melha Shrine,<br />

and a past president of the Association, collected over $5,700.00<br />

in donations for the Ladder of Smiles. The Ladder of Smiles is<br />

the Oriental Band’s way of donating money for Shrine Hospitals.<br />

Since 1962 the Ladder of Smiles has donated over 2 million<br />

dollars to our philanthropy.<br />

As I write this there is no slowing down. We are right in the<br />

middle of Circus week. More on that in the next edition.<br />

The Oriental Band is always looking for new members. To<br />

see the Band perform, we have a You<br />

Tube video. Just type in <strong>Rajah</strong> Oriental<br />

Band into the You Tube search and<br />

click away. It’s different, but it’s<br />

fun. For further information contact<br />

John Grumbein at 610-395-6578 or<br />

jkgrumbein@aol.com.<br />

In closing, please remember our<br />

kids in our Hospitals. Bottom line, it is<br />

what we’re all about.<br />



Dave “Trusty” DeTurk<br />

Greetings Fellow Nobles!<br />

It’s been a while since you have heard from us, but we are back! As you read this, the circus will be finished and we thank all<br />

who made it a huge success! During the circus, we welcomed two new clowns into the big top, Jeff Vickers and Larry Miller. They<br />

did a great job for their first time at the circus. The clowns worked hard this year to make sure we had a new skit and we hoped you<br />

enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed performing it. Huge thanks to the Chanters for their willingness to participate and join in the fun!<br />

Just remember to wish Illustrious Sir Dave a Happy Birthday in a few months.<br />

Now that circus is over we look forward to getting our fire truck out and hitting the streets in some parades. Many people are<br />

enjoying our newest addition of the Director’s Staff cars and of course we are happy to have the members of the Director’s Staff<br />

parading with us, too! This is a great way for both groups to come together and support our great philanthropy.<br />

We would like thank our Past President Gene Blimline for his dedicated years of service and wish him well in retirement! In<br />

January, we welcomed a new president, John Scalia, as well as other officers to our little circus ring. We are all working hard to<br />

become the best unit <strong>Rajah</strong> has. In December of 2016 we had the opportunity to host the Snow Ball Dance for Rainbow Girls and<br />

DeMolay Boys. In total, they had over 80 people! It was a great way for us to help them and bring back a long-missed event that<br />

the Shrine always supported. If you’re interested in joining the fun and fellowship, please contact any clown or our secretary Dave<br />

DeTurk, 610-790-4996. We will help through the whole process from picking an outfit to the most important part of putting on<br />

makeup! We meet the fourth Monday of every month, except July and August.<br />

Keep on Clowning Around!<br />


Roger C.Reis<br />

Fellow Nobles –<br />

The Lehigh Shrine Club usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the Brass Rail Restaurant on Lehigh Street in<br />

Allentown. The Ladies are invited and we enjoy some social time, followed by a good meal. All Nobles are welcome to attend.<br />

Our February 1 meeting was typical, with a meal of<br />

soup, salad and pork chops, ending with ice cream sundaes.<br />

We were fortunate to have three Past Potentates (Ill. Sirs<br />

Ronald Rapp, William Remo and Lazlo Toth) share the<br />

evening with us.<br />

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen logistical<br />

problems, we had to postpone our Annual Ladies Night<br />

from the March 17 date until an evening in October.<br />

More information will be forthcoming. As this was to be<br />

our monthly meeting, we decided to have a meeting on<br />

March 1. A light turnout of Nobles and Ladies was due to<br />

short notice and some illnesses. However, those who were<br />

present enjoyed the meal of either fish or pot roast.<br />

Ill. Sir. David W. Evans and Lady Sarah spent the<br />

evening with us.<br />

Our Annual Circus will be over when you read this<br />

article. This is always a great event and should not be<br />

missed. My Lady Jan and I will be at a box office window<br />

for a few shows. We hope you attend and stop to say<br />

“Hello.” Remember to attend and support your clubs and<br />

units. Without an active membership, we will cease to exist!<br />

As always, it’s GREAT to be a Shriner!<br />

8<br />

BINGO<br />

Longaberger Basket, Pottery<br />

& Vera Bradley Bingo<br />

Friday, May 12th at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Complex<br />

Doors open at 5:00 PM • Bingo starts at 6:30 PM<br />

Ticket Donation - $20.00 for 30 Games of Regular Bingo<br />

Specials Available<br />

Door Prizes – Raffle Drawings – Food Available<br />

For tickets, contact any Divan or Aide Lady<br />

Proceeds Benefit <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

We appreciate donations from the Clubs & Units towards<br />

the purchase of baskets, pottery, and Vera Bradley Bags


Larry Christman<br />

Greetings from your String Band,<br />

We played at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Circus on Saturday,<br />

March 11 at 2 P.M. We’ve had some good<br />

rehearsals and are ready for a new season. Our<br />

parade schedule is starting to fill up with our first<br />

parade at Girardville on March 25th.<br />

Did you know that the <strong>Rajah</strong> String Band is<br />

celebrating its 60th anniversary? In 1957, five<br />

banjo players were recruited and with this, the<br />

String Band was organized. The String Band<br />

is known in many communities for its colorful<br />

float, which we use in parades and for concerts.<br />

The float was designed by one of our members,<br />

Nobel Harold Ulmer, and was constructed by<br />

Trailmobile in Lancaster, PA in 1962. Another<br />

member, Nobel Ralph Zimmerman, did all the<br />

artwork on the float. There are approximately 30<br />

playing musicians and 4 support personnel (drivers to pull the float). The band added<br />

accordions, guitars, base guitars, saxophones and trumpets throughout the years. The band is unique in the style of music that<br />

we play.<br />

Throughout the summer and fall, the band participates in approximately<br />

15 parades. The float is often the featured attraction along with the style of<br />

music that we play. In the 60 years, the band has received many awards in<br />

parades and at MASA. It is a fun and serious group of Shriners. With the<br />

support of our Ladies, our purpose is “That we might play our instruments<br />

so that someday, a physically challenged child may walk and play again.”<br />

There is an open invitation for musicians to play in the String Band.<br />

Rehearsal is the second Wednesday of each month and 6 P.M. at the<br />

Complex.<br />

See you at the Parades.<br />


Dennis Royer<br />

Hello from the Lebanon Co. Shrine Club,<br />

We are gearing up for another year of fun and fellowship. The club is trying something new this year and that is selling candy as<br />

an Easter/Spring fundraiser. To do this we’re partnering with Home Run Candies from Lancaster (owned by Brother Tom Mehaffey<br />

and his wife) to sell their fabulous home-made caramels. Anyone who has tried the candy says it is the best they have ever eaten.<br />

Price is $10.00 a box. See one of our members to place an order.<br />

We are always looking for Nobles and their Ladies to attend our monthly meetings. We meet the 4th Monday of each month at<br />

6:30 P.M. Just give our new secretary, John Bainbridge, Jr., a call at 717-272-5466 to reserve a spot. Future meetings will include<br />

Pot-Pie and Steak Nights. President John Bainbridge III is working on new and interesting programs for future meetings — details<br />

later. We may be running our now-famous $1000 dinner ticket later in the year — stay tuned.<br />

It should be noted that our meeting attendance has really been dropping. We should all try to visit and support our neighboring<br />

clubs. If we all work together, we will remain strong. I am proud to be a Shriner and stand with Ill. Sir Dave Evans and the Divan,<br />

along with all the Nobles of <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine to keep us strong. Let’s make 2017 a great year at <strong>Rajah</strong>.<br />


10<br />


Greg Lewis, PP<br />

Communications Officer<br />

Another year, another successful circus and yes, we did it again. We are happy to say that the Provost Guard played a vital hand<br />

in the success of <strong>Rajah</strong>’s 55th Annual Shrine Circus in seeing that all of our visitors were parked properly and, after each show,<br />

they exited in an orderly fashion. We are happy to report that although the weather was a little topsy-turvy for the five-day circus<br />

run, it was not anything we have not endured before. We had four seasons in less than a week; starting with a balmy Wednesday<br />

opening night, to a windy blustery Thursday night to a raw, chilly Friday evening to a rather bitter cold Saturday and to a sunny,<br />

but bearable Sunday.<br />

It may have been a little bit unsettling outside, but inside the Hamburg Field House it was nothing short of a splendid weekend<br />

of fun and entertainment. Once again, the Hamid Circus produced a fabulous variety of entertainers, led by the Crown Prince of<br />

Circus comedy, the one and only Johnny Rockett. Our sincerest thanks also to our fellow Nobles and their Ladies who helped to<br />

make our presentation an enjoyable one for our guests.<br />

Provost President Dennis Loch expressed his pleasure at seeing the camaraderie of our members pitching in and doing our<br />

job on the outside, but inside the work ethic was truly amazing. A big tip of the fez to everyone that helped to make this circus<br />

a huge success.<br />

Every time you looked at Illustrious Sir Dave Evans, our Potentate, he was wearing a big smile as he observed the audience,<br />

the circus acts and the workers in doing all that we could to make this circus one that we can be very proud to hold. Also, a big<br />

thank you to Ill. Sir Ron Klee, PP for his leadership as the Circus Chairman in bringing this all together for one great big successful<br />

weekend.<br />

We can be very proud of the fact that we all worked together, inside and outside, Nobles, ladies and guests, to make this a<br />

highlight of the year. Upon leaving after each performance, you could hear the audience talking about the great show and how much<br />

they enjoyed seeing the circus.<br />

To everyone that helped in any manner, you can be proud that all of <strong>Rajah</strong> put our best foot forward and it paid off. What a great<br />

way to start the Shrine year.<br />

To those that have never helped, or members that have not helped at the circus in a long time, it truly is a fun and rewarding time.<br />

So get on the bandwagon and plan to get out and help next year.<br />



DUES, DUES, DUES! Please don’t forget to pay your Legion of Honor dues!!! They are still $10.00 a year and are due <strong>April</strong><br />

1st of each year. Send your dues payment to Dennis Hagan, Adjutant, 329 Parkview Road, Reading, PA 19606. Better yet, come<br />

to the Legion meeting and pay in person, we’d love to see you!<br />

Our Legion is doing <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine proud as usual. We have three<br />

Nobles running for positions in the Mid-Atlantic Shrine Assoc.<br />

Legions of Honor! PC, Ill. Sir Bill Remo, PP, is running for 2nd Lt.<br />

Cmdr; PC, PMC Barry Weisser has his hat in the ring for M.A.S.A.<br />

Adjutant and PC, <strong>Rajah</strong> Recorder, Joe Hagan is up for Parlimentarian.<br />

The best of luck to these three Nobles!<br />

We could always use more help the last Thursday of each month<br />

at Bingo. We need Nobles to volunteer to call back numbers or even<br />

assist in the kitchen.<br />

The Paper Crusades are also fast approaching and we’ll need help<br />

there as always. Come on out, get some fresh air and spend an hour<br />

or two with your friends doing a feel-good job helping our hospitals.<br />

The Legion Commander’s Ball is coming June 24th honoring<br />

Commander Bryan Stoudt and his Lady Belinda. It will be held at<br />

the Inn at Reading so please make plans to attend this nice affair.<br />

More details to follow!<br />

“If at first you don’t succeed, see if the loser gets anything.”<br />

— Bill Lyon<br />

Dennis Hagan<br />

Adjutant, PC, PMC<br />






We now are participating in the Redner’s Save-a-<br />

Tape program. All you need do is visit your nearest<br />

Redner’s Market, go to the office, and tell them you<br />

want to sign up for “Shriners Rewards.” When you<br />

make purchases, just show them your card and then<br />

bring the receipt to <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine. We have collection<br />

buckets in the multi-purpose building and in the<br />

administration office.


Richard Jessop<br />

Nobles,<br />

We are busy in our off season planning our fundraising events. We are looking at doing both a Spring and<br />

fall breakfast event. Although we are still locking in the spring event, the fall event will be at the Complex on<br />

October 22nd. Details will be in the next <strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong> as well on our Facebook page.<br />

We also wish to confirm that Sunday, August 13, 2017 is the date of our annual Poker Run this year. For our<br />

members, this is a President’s Call and we would be more than happy to welcome any volunteers to help us<br />

with this event. It will start/finish at the complex and — reminder — besides motorcycles, this is also open to classics and antique<br />

vehicles. Feel free to reach out to Noble President Tom Conlon PP to offer your support.<br />

The Noble Riders have also confirmed their participation<br />

this year on July 30th for the Annual Christmas in July Ride<br />

by the Centurion’s Police based motorcycle club which raises<br />

money for our Philadelphia Shrines Hospital for Children.<br />



Come join us for Good Friday Breakfast<br />

on <strong>April</strong> 14, 8:00 AM at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Complex.<br />

The cost is $10 per person. Please call the office<br />

at 610-916-9000 for reservations.<br />

The <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Chanters Presents their<br />

25th “Afternoon of Music”<br />

featuring a musical salute to “Legends in Concert”<br />

The <strong>Rajah</strong> Chanters will perform selections from some of the best<br />

known icons & legends in music and entertainment history.<br />

Special guests include the Ringgold Band<br />

and the Hamburg Community Choir<br />

Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 9th, 2017 - 2 PM<br />

Kutztown Area High School Auditorium<br />

Tickets available at:<br />

Dietrich’s Men’s Shop, Hamburg • Mr. Food, Kutztown<br />

Hess Embroidery and Uniforms, West Reading<br />

Admission: $15.00 per person<br />

SPECIAL buy 2 tickets, get 1 FREE<br />

For ticket information call Ed Engle, PP - 717-336-6108<br />

Email: Edwin@dejazzd.com<br />

Proceeds benefit <strong>Rajah</strong> Chanters<br />

Please remember, if you know any Nobles or any<br />

Brothers who ride, let them know of us as we are<br />

always looking for new members. For any questions or<br />

membership applications, please contact Noble President,<br />

Thomas V. Conlon Sr. PP — tomtom1959@aol.com<br />

(610.780.4020) or Noble CMO, Richard W. Jessop —<br />

richardjessop@hotmail.com (347.410.0177).<br />

Remember, we are on Facebook so please like our<br />

page (and have your family and friends do so as well).<br />

www.facebook.com/nobleridersofthemysticshrine<br />

Switching to<br />

Fleetwood Bank<br />

is EASY!<br />

Stop in one of our branch<br />

locations and switch today!<br />

Local People. Local Decisions.<br />

Berks County’s Only Locally-Owned Community Bank<br />

www.fleetwoodbank.com<br />

610-944-7666<br />


THE 55 TH ANNUAL<br />


14<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Potentate’s Ball – 2017<br />

“Enchantment Under the Sea”<br />

Honoring Illustrious Sir<br />

David W. Evans and Lady Sarah<br />

Saturday, June 17, 2017<br />

The Inn At Reading<br />

1040 North Park Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610<br />

Free Parking • Guests Welcome<br />

Cocktail Hour with Cash Bar: 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.<br />

Introductions: 5:40 p.m. • Dinner: 6:00–7:00 p.m.<br />

Musical Entertainment by “James Hummel and Lorri Woodward Entertainment”<br />

Dress for the evening – Tuxedo / Business Suit and Fez<br />

Gowns / Cocktail Dresses for the Ladies<br />

Sit Down Dinner Menu Entrees:<br />

Flat Iron Steak with Mushroom Glaze<br />

Grilled Key West Salmon<br />

Chicken Saltimbocca (layered with Prosciutto Ham, Fresh Spinach<br />

then finished with Italian Cheese Blend & Marsala Wine Sauce)<br />

Price for Ball includes Hors d’oeuvres, Dinner, Reception & Hospitality Room — $57.00 per person<br />

Hospitality Room with Luncheon is open from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. until ?<br />

Hotel Room — $104.00 plus tax (Choice of Traditional King or Traditional Double)<br />

For Hotel Reservations please call the Inn at Reading at 610-372-7811 Refer to “Dave Evans Potentate’s Ball”<br />


Buffet Breakfast will be available for an additional fee on Sunday, June 18, 2017, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.<br />

For questions call Roger Reis @ 610-351-7333<br />

Name ________________________________________Lady’s Name____________________<br />

Address_____________________________________________________________________<br />

City ________________________________________ State _______Zip _________________<br />

Telephone ___________________________________ Unit/Club _______________________<br />

# of persons attending _____________________Amount enclosed____________________<br />

Dinner Choice: Flat Iron Steak_____ Grilled Salmon ______Chicken Saltimbocca ______<br />

Please fill out reservation form above and make check payable to <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine and forward to:<br />

Roger Reis<br />

2077 Rolling Meadow Drive<br />

Macungie, PA 18062

Forks of the Delaware TIN LIZZIES<br />

Sam Ellis<br />

It was another great year at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Circus and our club was<br />

proud to have participated in the five day, eight show event. The acts<br />

were terrific, especially the tigers and the trapeze.<br />

The Tin Lizzies were busy at the circus selling candy, peanuts and<br />

shoofly pies.<br />

Bagging the peanuts and baking the pies is a group effort. The ladies<br />

are an important part of the team.<br />

Congratulations to Circus Chairman, Illustrious Sir Ron Klee and all<br />

the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Nobles and Ladies who helped to make the 55th <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shrine Circus a huge success. Illustrious Sir Dave Evans and Lady Sarah<br />

were everywhere, helping out and having a great deal of fun in the process.<br />

On March 4th club members congregated at Larry Silfies’ garage in<br />

Klecknersville for our Annual Car Cleanup. All 16 Tin Lizzies and the hauler<br />

are gone over in preparation for the long parade season ahead. Kudos to<br />

club president (and club mechanic) Henry Faust and parade director Garrett<br />

Newhartz for keeping the cars in top mechanical shape.<br />

Ron Barron and Charles Rickinbach<br />

selling peanuts at the<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Circus<br />

The parade season<br />

is underway and our<br />

club participated in the<br />

Jim Thorpe Parade in<br />

early March and the<br />

Girardville Parade<br />

in mid-March with<br />

Bernville and<br />

Malvern scheduled<br />

in the spring.<br />

These are just a<br />

few of the 25 or<br />

so parades we<br />

will participate in this year.<br />

Bagging Peanuts.<br />

L - R, Elwood Lutsey, Patti Mathews,<br />

Dean Mathews, Ruth Ruch, Mike Hopstock<br />

Ray Barron is seen here<br />

pressing pie shells for Shoofly<br />

Pies.<br />

The Tin Lizzies Pie Bakes are held on the first and third<br />

Mondays of the month at Saint John’s Church in Farmersville.<br />

Volunteers are welcome. If you would like to order shoofly pies,<br />

the best in the area, contact Sam Ellis at 610-390-6188. And a<br />

reminder that we are selling shoofly pies at Boscov’s in the<br />

Palmer Mall, Easton, on the first and third Wednesdays of the<br />

month. Stop by and pick up a great wet-bottom pie.<br />

Ensinger Printing Service<br />

P.O. Box 26 · 50 W. Main Street ·<br />

Adamstown, PA 19501-0026<br />

info@EnsingerPrinting.com<br />

717-484-4451 · fax 717-484-1355<br />

Typesetting & Design • Offset and Digital Printing<br />

Letterheads • Envelopes • Business Cards • Carbonless Forms<br />

Variable Data • Postcards • Brochures • Catalogs • <strong>News</strong>letters<br />

Wide Format Posters • Tickets and More<br />

Spring Special<br />

500 Flyers or<br />

1,000 Postcards<br />

Just $75<br />

Expires June 30, 2017<br />

Flyers - 8.5”x11”, one side on 100# gloss text<br />

Postcards - 4”x6” on 100# gloss cover<br />


RAJAH<br />

POTES 60LF 60LF OUTIN6<br />

Friday, Friday, June June 23, 2017 23, 2017<br />

Rich Rich Maiden Maiden Golf Golf Course Course<br />

234 234 Rich Rich Maiden Maiden Road, Road, Fleetwood, PA PA<br />

Come Come tee it tee up it with up with Pote Pote Dave Dave<br />

$55 $55 per person person prior prior to June to June li h li - $60 h - $60 after after June June li h li h<br />

Includes: Includes:<br />

Golf, Golf, Cart, Cart, Refres'hments, Buffet Buffet and and Prizes Prizes<br />


Coffee Coffee and and Donuts Donuts at Course at Course - 7:30 - 7:30 A.M. A.M.<br />

Shotgun Shotgun Start Start at 8:30 at 8:30 A.M. A.M. Sharp Sharp (Rain (Rain or Shine} or Shine}<br />

***Help ***Help <strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Shrine by Sponsoring by a Tee a Tee or Green or Green for $25.00 for $25.00<br />



List Your List Your Foursome-----------------------------------Cut on line on line and and return return<br />

1.Team 1.Team Capt. Capt. ____________ Phone: Phone: _____ _ _<br />

2.________________ Phone: Phone: _____ _ _<br />

---------------- ------<br />

3. 3. Phone: Phone:<br />

4. 4. Phone: Phone: ------<br />

***Tee ***Tee or Green or Green Sponsor: Sponsor: Name Name _____________ _ _<br />

AMOUNT ENCLOSED$ ------<br />

Make Make Checks Checks Payable Payable to <strong>Rajah</strong> to <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Shrine Golf Golf and and send send to: to:<br />

Joel Joel M. Franco M. Franco - 274 - 274 W. 49 W. th 49 St. th -St. Reading, - Reading, PA 19606-3315 PA DEADLINE FOR FOR RESERVATIONS- FRIDAY FRIDAY JUNE JUNE 16 TH 16 NO TH EXCEPTIONS<br />

NO (Your (Your help help in acquiring in acquiring prizes prizes is greatly is greatly appreciated.}<br />



Virginia Beach<br />

September 7 – 10, 2017<br />

AGAIN - 17 th Consecutive Year at Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel,<br />

36 th & Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, Va<br />






WITH YOUR ROOM RESERVATION AT THE SHERATON! (All others will be charged accordingly.)<br />

Extra Nights Lodging available at extra cost.<br />


Light Hospitality Beginning Tuesday/Full Hospitality Room Opening Wednesday<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Post Parade Party Saturday afternoon at hotel, Turtle Degree Saturday Night.<br />

Reserve Room Early w/Payment of $150.00 Due By <strong>April</strong> 15 th<br />

Remainder of Balance $349.00 Per Couple/$299.00 Single Due By June 30th<br />

****Motor Coach Transportation Available to and from Virginia Beach, call Joe McCarthy 610-488-1382****<br />



_____Noble & Lady - $499.00 per couple - Children age 12 and under are Free.<br />

_____Two Nobles - $499.00 (EXTRA NOBLES ADD $50.00 PER NOBLE)<br />

_____One Noble - $449.00<br />

RESERVE _____ EXTRA DAY(S) - DATES: Arriving_____________________Departing________________________<br />

_____LADIES LUNCHEON - Friday, September 8, 2017 at 10:30 AM. PRICE TO BE DETERMINED!<br />

NOBLE’S NAME_____________________________________________LADIES NAME_____________________________________<br />

UNIT/CLUB_____________________________________SHRINE #______________DAYTIME PHONE________________________<br />

ADDRESS__________________________________________CITY_________________________STATE_______ZIP_____________<br />




V-CODE<br />

CARD NO.<br />

NAME ON CARD__________________________________________EXP. DATE _____/_____<br />


LAST CALL !!!<br />

LAST CALL !!!<br />



Ill. Sir Earl Binder<br />

Nobles,<br />

Do you have a motor home, Fifth Wheel, trailer, camper? If so, come join your fellow Nobles on fun and relaxing<br />

fellowship getaways.<br />

No camper? No problem! You are welcome to join us at any of our events to see what camping is all about. All are welcome!<br />

We not only camp at our campground, the RAJAH OASIS, located at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Complex in the peaceful and quiet Berks<br />

County countryside, we also travel to other campgrounds in eastern Pennsylvania to enjoy new scenery. Our club activities include<br />

sightseeing, campfires, potluck meals, games, and fun events like a hoedown in the fall. We’re always looking for new ideas, too!<br />

Our camping season starts in <strong>April</strong> upon the return of many members who are snowbirds returning from their winter stay in Florida.<br />

The 2017 Schedule:<br />

- <strong>April</strong> 20 to 23 at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis.<br />

- May 25 to May 29 we travel to the West End Fairgrounds in Gilbert, PA where<br />

we are joined by our brother Masonic group, NCT (Nation Camping Travelers).<br />

- June 22 to June 25 at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis<br />

- July 27 to July 30 at the Mountain Springs Campground, in Shartlesville, PA<br />

- August 13 to August 17 at the Country Acres Campground in Lancaster, PA<br />

- August 31 to September 4 at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis where we will be joined by the<br />

NCT group.<br />

- September 28 to October 3 at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis<br />

- October 26 to October 29 at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis<br />

We invite you to join us for any or all of our campouts by contacting our Wagon<br />

Master Gerald Berger (610-395-4866 or gberger401@rocket.com) or President<br />

Michael Artim (484-437-3710 or michaelartim@gmail.com) or Secretary Earl<br />

Binder (484-357-7294 or my3bloodhounds@gmail.com).<br />

We are looking forward to raising the flag at the Oasis to kick off the 2017<br />

camping season.<br />


Greg Lewis, PP<br />

What a wonderful time we all had at the circus…. what a great weekend and what a great job the Chanters did<br />

on singing “Happy Birthday” to our Potentate Dave Evans. I know you’ll see elsewhere in this edition of the <strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong> how the<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Clowns did a good job, too, but truth be known, we did enjoy being a part of the combined skit of singing to the Pote.<br />

Speaking of the circus, the Chanters would like to thank everyone that helped to make this year’s <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Circus a huge<br />

success. A special thank you to those Nobles, ladies and friends that helped at the novelty stand. We sold a tremendous number of<br />

souvenirs to the crowd of circus-goers and hope that they return to help us next year.<br />

Up next for us is the <strong>Rajah</strong> Chanters 25th “Afternoon of Music.” We’ve been planning and rehearsing for over a year and this<br />

presentation of a “Salute to the Legends of Music” promises to be a winner. Please join us on Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 9th at Kutztown High<br />

School Auditorium starting at 2 P.M. for a blockbuster of a show. We guarantee you a fun-filled musical salute to some of the finest<br />

musicians, singers and performers ever to grace a stage. We will be presenting a broad selection of tunes from various genres of<br />

music in a mixed bag of songs intended to please every musical palate.<br />

Our directors, Bryan Hartman and Bruce Rohrbach, have been putting the Chanters through some rigorous rehearsals in<br />

preparation for this years’ Afternoon of Music and we assure you that this will be one of the finest presentations we have made in<br />

past 25 years. The Chanters will be accompanied by some of <strong>Rajah</strong>’s Concert and String Band members to add to our presentation.<br />

Our special musical guests will be the Ringgold Band, under the direction of Jim Steidle. They are returning by popular demand<br />

and we hope you will return, too, to see their star-studded presentation of great music.<br />

So, come one, come all to the Chanters Afternoon of Music for a grand time and great music!!<br />

Tickets are just $15 per person and will be available at the door. Get there early and get a good seat because we expect a big<br />

crowd. Bring all of your friends and family to witness our “Salute to the Legends of Music.”<br />


Having trouble with everyday tasks?<br />

Assured Assistance can help.<br />

To arrange a FREE confidential,<br />

no-obligation personal visit,<br />

call 610-796-4737.<br />

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Sale Pricing<br />

$<br />

200<br />





RAMPS<br />



1-800-886-6364<br />


<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine 2017<br />

Hosted by Potentate David and Lady Sarah Evans<br />

Gettysburg, PA<br />

Saturday - Monday<br />

May 20-22, 2017<br />

Gettysburg is the place where 165,000 soldiers met to fight for their beliefs. It is the place where Abraham Lincoln helped<br />

mend a torn nation with his Gettysburg Address, and the place where millions have stood to reflect on the importance of<br />

the events that occurred here and how those events shaped our nation.<br />

Your Gettysburg Tour Includes:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Round trip transportation via private Elite motorcoach equipped with reclining seats and restroom.<br />

Two (2) nights’ accommodations at the Country Inn & Suites, Gettysburg. Baggage handling for one bag per<br />

person included.<br />

Four (4 included meals) – Two breakfasts, two dinners (Fairfield Inn & Farnsworth House)<br />

Gettysburg film, “A New Birth of Freedom” – sponsored by The History Channel, the film places the<br />

monumental events of the three day Battle of Gettysburg into the larger context of American history.<br />

Admission to the Gettysburg Cyclorama - Longer than a football field and as tall as a four-story structure, the<br />

Gettysburg Cyclorama painting immerses visitors in the fury of Pickett’s Charge during the Battle of Gettysburg.<br />

Admission to the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War – The museum’s collections tell the story of<br />

the Battle of Gettysburg through the perspectives of presidents, generals, soldiers, and civilians.<br />

Driving tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield with licensed guide<br />

Civil War Era Dinner Theatre at the historic Fairfield Inn- Enjoy a full course dinner while Professor Kerrigan,<br />

illusionist and story teller, performs Civil War era magic, tells ghost stories and performs a Civil War séance.<br />

Self-guided tour of the Seminary Ridge Museum – this award winning, state of the art museum, was the critical<br />

lookout on the first day of the Battle, became a field hospital and fielded 19 th century debates about slavery.<br />

Guided tour of the Shriver House Museum – Travel back in time and learn the other side of the story – the<br />

civilian side of the Battle of Gettysburg. You’ll discover how the young Shriver family, George, Hettie, Sadie and<br />

Mollie, lived before, during and after the War.<br />

Visit to the David Wills House – This house was at the center of the immense clean-up process after the Battle<br />

of Gettysburg and where President Lincoln put the finishing touches on his Gettysburg Address.<br />

Dinner at the Farnsworth House – Enjoy a buffet dinner while a costumed guide relates stories of life in<br />

Gettysburg during the Civil War.<br />

The Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour® - Guides dressed in period attire will take you on a stroll<br />

through sections of town that were once bloody battlefields and where today it’s not as quiet as it should be.<br />

Self-guided visit to the Eisenhower National Historic Site – Discover the influence that Gettysburg and the<br />

Civil War had throughout the life of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.<br />

Services of a Boscov’s Travel Tour Escort<br />

All taxes and gratuities for included features<br />

Gratuities for the tour escort, motorcoach driver and local guide<br />


DOUBLE<br />


SINGLE<br />


$543 $715<br />

All rates are subject to availability at time of booking.<br />



Extensive plans to help protect your trip.<br />

$58 per person, all categories<br />

We encourage all travelers to purchase a plan at the<br />

time of initial trip deposit.<br />


Order your 2017 Shrine Shirts<br />

––––– NOBLE’S SHIRTS –––––<br />

Noble’s shirts are strong blue, cotton/polyester, Port Authority, oxford/button-down<br />

includes logo and name on right side of chest. These shirts run a little small.<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine logo will be on the left side of chest.<br />

Short Sleeves: Sizes XS–XL: $38.50, 2X–3X: $44.50, 4X–5X: $48.50<br />

Long Sleeves: Sizes XS–XL: $41.50, 2X–3X: $46.50, 4X–5X: $50.50<br />

Indicate the number of shirts desired next to the size<br />

Small_____/ Medium____/ Large_____ / XLarge_____/ 2XL_______/ 3XL_______/ 4XL______/ 5XL_____<br />

Circle choice: short sleeve<br />

OR<br />

long sleeve<br />

Noble’s shirts are cobalt blue, cotton/polyester, short sleeve, moisture-wicking polo<br />

includes logo and name on right side of chest. These shirts run big.<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine logo will be on the left side of chest.<br />

Sizes XS–5X: $51.50<br />

Indicate the number of shirts desired next to the size<br />

Small_____/ Medium____/ Large_____ / XLarge_____/ 2XL_______/ 3XL_______/ 4XL______/ 5XL_____<br />

––––– LADIES SHIRTS –––––<br />

Lady’s shirts are maui blue, cotton/polyester, short sleeve polo, includes logo and name on right side of chest.<br />

Lady will appear in front of your name. Example: Lady Sarah<br />

Sizes XS–XL: $25.50, 2X: $26.50, 3X: $30.50, 4X: $32.50<br />

Indicate the number of shirts desired next to the size<br />

XSmall____/ Small_____/ Medium____/ Large_____ / XLarge_____/ 2XL_______/ 3XL_______/ 4XL_____<br />

$6.50<br />



Rev. David Newhart<br />

22<br />

One of the great disappointments I had when I visited the Holy Land was seeing the Upper Room.<br />

This room is said to have been the place where Jesus had the Last Supper with his disciples. To<br />

get there you must weave through many narrow streets, actually, narrower than what we call alleys<br />

around here. When you finally come to the building you discover that the first floor holds what the<br />

Jews consider the burial place of King David. On the floor above that is a rather large room, but very<br />

plain, a few pillars and a niche in the wall on the west side. Nothing else is there. The reality is that<br />

it is not important where this took place but what took place in that room.<br />

The Passover meal for Jews is a farewell to slavery, I participate in one almost every year with my<br />

Jewish “Mother”, a dear friend in Selinsgrove who has made me a part of her family. It is a fancy<br />

meal, with the best of recipes, the only restriction is that you must use Kosher foods and no wheat<br />

flour or bread, or yeast may be used. Matzos are the only sort of bread allowed.<br />

This was an important meal for Jesus to share with his disciples, there is no indication that he had<br />

ever shared the Passover Seder with them in the past. That was why this meal was so urgent for<br />

Jesus to share with his family, the disciples were his family and he needed them to understand the<br />

significance of this Seder meal.<br />

We now have this as our Sacramental meal, one that has the deepest significance to our faith and our relationship with Jesus<br />

Christ. This is not simply a remembrance of what he did, but this meal fulfills the promise of his presence for all of us and the means<br />

by which we receive the forgiveness of our sins. The remembrance is that our faith is tied to the Jewish Seder, it is the covenant<br />

meal, that which fulfills the promise of God’s love for us in our lives forever.<br />

In Communion, we have a sacramental meal where Jesus has made a promise to us that our sins will be forgiven, he has<br />

promised that he is present in the meal, and through this meal he lifts us up so we can become a part of his being. The Son of God<br />

became a Son of Man so that the Sons of Men can become Sons of God. This is why we call the church the Body of Christ, because<br />

we become part of his Body through the church. In baptism, we are made members of the church and receive his Holy Spirit.<br />

It is this Spirit that is renewed each time when we once again receive his body through Communion, then and only then can we<br />

know it and receive the forgiveness of sins.<br />

When we celebrate the Eucharist, we celebrate that which ties us to all Christians throughout the world for every place and every<br />

generation. We bring the Easter Christ into our bodies as he has risen among us his Spirit is present in the Wine and bread and he<br />

has given us life everlasting. We are brought together in Christ and united with him in his body and therefore united with all people.<br />

Joining in this fellowship is that which makes us the one true body of Christ regardless of our denomination. We celebrate World<br />

Wide Communion each time<br />

we come to his table of<br />

fellowship. He it is who<br />

unites into one Body, He<br />

it is who has given us the<br />

promise of everlasting life,<br />

he it is who has given himself<br />

completely for our salvation.<br />

We are called together to<br />

celebrate this as “…often as<br />

you eat of this bread and drink<br />

of this wine, you celebrate<br />

my life and my death and<br />

my resurrection.” This is a<br />

celebration that can neither be<br />

done too often or cannot be<br />

done without our reverence of<br />

the totality of his grace.<br />

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