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6 Investment Intensity Index 2017 ‘New World Cities’ dominate Global Top 30 Raleigh-Durham Austin New York Boston Washington DC Toronto Hong Kong Tokyo Silicon Valley San Francisco Las Vegas Los Angeles Seattle Denver Phoenix San Diego Oslo London Munich Edinburgh Frankfurt Dublin Copenhagen Paris Stockholm Geneva Amsterdam Berlin Sydney Melbourne Established World Cities New World Cities Source: JLL, February 2017

7 Investment Intensity Index 2017 European cities maintain strong presence European cities with high levels of transparency and sustainability together with robust technology, infrastructure and liveability credentials feature prominently, accounting for 12 of the Top 30 cities and 10 of the Top 12 cities for cross-border investment intensity. • Oslo leads the global rankings again as a small but highly sought-after market, but the city fails to make the premier group of cities for cross-border investment intensity with its market dominated by domestic players. • London sits in second position globally and heads the rankings for cross-border investment intensity, testament to its continuing attractiveness following the Brexit vote. Edinburgh (4 th ) is also placed among the top tier, and is second only to London in cross-border investment intensity. • With Germany coming close in 2016 to surpassing the UK as the world’s second largest investment market, Munich (3 rd ), Frankfurt (6 th ) and Berlin (24 th ) performed particularly well. • Meanwhile, Paris (11 th ) also continues to be among the world’s foremost destinations. Cross-border capital targeting European cities Global Top 12 - Cross-border investment intensity London Edinburgh Frankfurt Munich Dublin Amsterdam Sydney Paris Prague San Francisco Warsaw Berlin Americas EMEA Asia Pacific 0% 5% 10% 15% Cross-Border Transaction Volumes / GDP Source: JLL, February 2017

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