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Quick Release Mooring Hook

LR approved, ATEX certified, Simple operation & maintenance

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How GLEN hook ensure quality

Glen Quick release mooring hook designed to provide secure

mooring points that facilitate the quick and safe release of mooting

lines at oil, gas, LNG, chemical, iron. Coal and grain jetties.

Standard range from 65 up to 200tons safe working load.

How we choose raw material and electrical parts for QRH

ensure basic performance

►All thickness steel plates certified by LR class.

►Hook head and capstan do precision casting ensure strength

and dimension.

►All electrical parts have ATEX Certified and IP65 protected.(we

choose ABB motor+WAROM control box+STEUTE foot switch+

Nobel load pin system)

Site Operator options for our hook:

►Safety and simple movement line release

1)Have a two-step activity by lifting a cover plate to activate the

release function. It is a adequately safeguarded against inadvertent

operation and causing accidents to operating personnel.

2)Each hook hook can be manually released at full SWL with


►A simple way to do hook resetting

One man one simple movement to resetting the hook mechanism.

►Easy inspection and Maintenance

All components can be easily accessible for inspection, lubrication,

maintenance repair and renewal. All pivot/hinge points on the hooks

have a M10 Flat nozzle for easy lubrication.

Optional configurations

►Integral capstan

►Sextuple Hook Assembly

►Back to Back Assembly

►Electrical insulation

►Customized designs

►Remote control system.(RCRS)

►Mooring load monitoring system(MLMS)

►Berthing Approach system(BAS)

►Environmental Monitoring system(EMS)


We provide training in the operation and maintenance of the mooring


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Glen capstan equipped with rope guides to assist in leading to the

messenger lines to the capstan head. It can greatly reduce the

handling time of the linesmen needed for mooring. They prevent

heavy lifting of mooring lines.

Remote control release system

In case of an emergency, Operator have to do hook release from

a distance, such as the jetty control room. So, in addition to the

standard manual release, the mooring hooks can be equipped

with a remote release system.

Mooring Load Monitoring system(MLMS)

Glen hooks provide load read out with continuous remote load

recording, This allows the shore facility to warn the vessel crew

when high mooring line loads are being experienced. It design to

provide continuous, automatic monitoring and recording of the

mooring line loads applied at each hook. The system shall include

all equipment, power and control cables, amplfiers, junction

boxes, power supplies, electronic data processing equipment etc.

As required to monitor the line loads and transmit the data back to

the Shore Control Centre.

Berthing Approach System

The Berthing Approach System (BAS) is used for safe berthing

of vessels by measuring the distance, speed and angle of the

ship’s bow and stern section in relation to the berth fenders and

triggers alarms during the final sideways berthing phase.

The BAS comprise the systems to determine a vessels bow

and stern approach velocity and display this information on an

LED Display, handheld pagers and within the Shore Control


Environmental Monitoring system(EMS)

The Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) is used for

measurement of several environmental data.

Central Monitoring System(CMS)

We will provide a PC running an Integrated Mooring System

software package. The RCRS, MLMS, BAS & EMS systems

will be modular components within the IMS.

Installation &Commissioning and Documents

Glen prepare comprehensive shipping, handing, storage and

installation procedures and responsible for installation and

commissioning of the Mooring System.

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How GLEN Gangway ensure quality

GLEN access Technology is an expert in China at designing and fabricating client

specific ship-to-shore access equipment with telescopic gangways, lift platforms,

stores cranes and fire monitor columns, which provide a safe passage from ship

to shore for the crew of all types of vessels in the petrochemical industry.

The crew access gangway is typically a hydraulically operated, telescoping

gangway structure. The total structure includes:

►A main superstructure tower or frame which allows the telescoping

gangway to be elevated to different levels, also support for any fixed ladders

or Stairways

◎Main superstructure-Mild steel

◎Telescoping walkway -aluminium alloy

◎Hydraulics-steel pump core, stainless fittings and components

►Gangway movements

◎Luffing(no more than ± 30°)

◎Telescoping gangway


◎Elevating movements to b controlled via the main structural frame

►Design pedestrian live loading to be 2.5kPa

►Hydraulic controls for either manual or automatic(free- flow) operation

►Power, cabling and connections

►Tie downs on the loading platform for the gangway in a stowed position

►Electrical supply suitably compliant for hazardous zones and GLEN offer

IECEx, ATEX, UL and GOST certified components throughout our product


Column gangway

Glen column gangway is applicable to the 1- 8 wt dock.

The largest benefit of the Column design is that it has a

small foundation plate, requiring very little space on the

jetty deck.

Because of robust design, Gangway Column has a

long design life and low maintenance cost.

Tower gangway

Glen column gangway is applicable to the 2- 30 wt


The largest benefit of the gangway-tower is that can

cover ship deck levels from Small Barges up to Ultra

Large Crude Carriers, in combination with the ship

movements (tidal, loading/unloading, drifts etc). Each

lift station can be reached by the access stairs and

platforms mounted inside the tower structure.

Because of robust design, Gangway tower has a long

design life and low maintenance cost.

Aluminium ship Gangways(Original: Aluminum

wharf ladder)

Glen aluminium gangway provide a safe link between

the ship and the offshore platforms and refineries. It is

also possible to have a gangway custom-built for you,

exactly according to the specifications you request.


High Performance, Member of PIANC, UK AS certification

Glen supply variety of fenders including rubber fenders, foam fenders, pneumatic fenders and tug fenders. Our factory

established its quality control system centralized in GB/T19001; 2001-IS09001:2000 and passed the UK AS certification of UK.

Our products are widely used on bulk terminals, Oil and LNG facilities, container terminals, offshore platforms and multi-user

berths around the global.

GLEN has built Strict Quality Control Systems:

You should not worry about the raw material as GLEN’s fenders are manufactured from high quality nature rubber and other

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styrene butadiene SBR based compounds.

GLEN shall test raw material for each batch of fenders including: Tensile strength, elongation at break, compression set ( 70℃,

22h,25%), hardness ( shore A), tear resistance Die B, ozone aging ( 40℃, 48h,20%50pphm), and hot air aging.

You should not worry about GLEN’s fenders quality as all of GLEN fenders shall be tested in accordance with the

requirements of PIANC’s “ Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems:2002” and ASTM F2192-05 “ Standard Test Method for

Determining and Reporting the Berthing Energy and Reaction of Marine Fenders”

Performance verification testing is to be undertaken on the fenders units supplied. All fenders shall be fully pre-compressed at

least once prior to installation.

You should not worry about even a nut.

Fender chains’ safety factor is 2~3 times of working load.

Fender mounting fixings, structural steel and chains are well painted. Mounting fixings and chains are painted by H.D.G with min.

thickness 0.075μm, and the panel is painted by TSA or TSZ to increase anti-corrosion.

Each fender has a tracking No. for manufacturing & testing records.

All GLEN’s fenders have one year warranty calculated from the shipping date.

3rd party inspection party LR is GLEN’s long-term cooperation partner. LR certification is to be supplied for each batch of

fenders supplied.

Mooring Bollard

Custom Design, Top Quality, Low Maintenance

Bollards from GLEN are suitable for industrial Oil & Gas, Bulk mineral & liquid

terminal berths; Material off-load & heavy-lift facilities, ferry, Container &

fishing wharfs; Recreational jetties & marinas.

The normal used material is cast steel, ductile cast iron and stainless steel,

but the ductile cast iron is our first choice for its high corrosion resistance and

high tensile strength which can save much time and cost in maintaining.

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By many years of design, the bollards were kept finite elements and optimized

geometrical shapes which ensure the safety and stableness.

Bollards designed by GLEN have a safety factor 1.5~3 times than working

load. Raw material test and load test ensure our bollards are qualified. All

bollards are well painted with epoxy primer & middle coat, and polyurethane

topcoat against corrosion.

* Advantage of Ductile Cast Iron: more corrosion resistance than steel and

can tolerate compromised coatings better than steel. Ductile cast iron is more

fluid during casting stage which results in a smoother finish.

* Advantage of Cast Steel: available in a wide range of strength, this allows

the bollard to be commercially competitive versus thicker cast iron bollards.

The ductility of cast steel gives needed structural margin in the event of an

overload situation.

Your risks we control and take

GLEN FLANGE is specialized in offshore industrial since

2005 year, all workshops of GLEN are certified by LR class

to guarantee quality as jetty level.

GLE old engineer made a contribution to jetty equipment for

23years. So, High-value consultancy, engineering and

project-management services can be offered. Through our

strategic partnerships with global suppliers to the offshore

industry, Glen can offer the best in technology and

engineering solutions, along with testing and follow-up

services to ensure successful installation and ongoing


1.Unique serial number traced.

2.Test guarantees.

◎All test equipment have a valid calibration certificate.

◎All test methods will submitted to LR for approval.

◎Al test data will forward to contractor with 24 hours after completion of test

3.Shipping, handling ,storage &Installation guarantee

Glen prepare comprehensive shipping, handling, storage and installation

procedures to ensure equipment from our factory to your site.


Glen provide experienced service on-site representative for assembly,erection,

testing and commissioning of the combined systems and train local operator

and repairs and maintenance

5.18 month Warranty




Address: No.99 Longhua Road, Yubei

Discrict, Chongqing 401120 CHINA.

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