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NEW RANGE 1121 OF TESTED CF5423 HEAVY DUTY LATCHES AND DEADBOLTS BS-EN12209:2003 1121 BS-EN12209:2003 Catregory of use 3 CF5423 Catregory of use 1 fd 30/60 fd 30/60 1121 BS-EN12209:2003 CF5423 Catregory of use 3 fd 30/60 HEAVY DUTY TUBULAR LATCHES Tested to 200,000 30/60 cycles 201 fd grade BS-EN11634-1 BS-EN1906-2012 fd HEAVY DUTY TUBULAR DEADBOLTS 30/60 1121 Tested to 50,000 cycles BS-EN12209:2003 CF5423 Catregory of use 1 fd 30/60 BS-EN11634-1 grade 201 BS-EN1906-2012 Complete JL-HDT64PSS 64mm PSS finish JL-HDT64PVD 64mm PVD brass finish JL-HDT64SS 64mm SS finish JL-HDT76PSS 76mm PSS finish JL-HDT76PVD 76mm PVD brass finish JL-HDT76SS 76mm SS finish JL-HDT102PSS 102mm PSS finish JL-HDT102PVD 102mm PVD brass finish JL-HDT102SS 102mm SS finish BODIES ONLY Complete JL-HDB64PSS 64mm PSS finish JL-HDB64PVD 64mm PVD brass finish JL-HDB64SS 64mm SS finish JL-HDB76PSS 76mm PSS finish JL-HDB76PVD 76mm PVD brass finish JL-HDB76SS 76mm SS finish JL-HDB102PSS 102mm PSS finish JL-HDB102PVD 102mm PVD brass finish JL-HDB102SS 102mm SS finish BODIES ONLY JL-HDT64 64mm JL-HDT76 76mm JL-HDT102 102mm JL-HDB64 64mm JL-HDB76 76mm JL-HDB102 102mm ACCESSORY PACKS FOR HD LATCHES JL-ACTAB Antique Brass finish JL-ACTBL Black finish JL-ACTPSS PSS finish JL-ACTPVD PVD brass finish JL-ACTSS SS finish JL-ACTRPSS PSS finish Radiused JL-ACTRPVD PVD brass finish Radiused JL-ACTRSS SS finish Radiused ACCESSORY PACKS FOR HD DEADBOLTS JL-ACDAB Antique Brass finsih JL-ACDBL Black finish JL-ACDPSS PSS finish JL-ACDPVD PVD brass finish JL-ACDSS SS finish JL-ACDRPSS PSS finish Radiused JL-ACDRPVD PVD brass finish Radiused JL-ACDRSS SS finish Radiused

NEW RANGE SECONDARY SECURITY FITTINGS PATIO DOOR LOCKS HINGE BOLTS JL1820WH White JL1820SE Silver JL1815ZP NARROW LOCKING FITCH FASTNERS JL1817PB Polished Brass JL1817PC Polished Chrome JL1817SC Satin Chrome JL1817WH White WINDOW SECURITY LOCKS o MULTI PURPOSE BOLTS To JL1819WH White JL1816PC Polished Chrome JL1816SC Satin Chrome JL1816WH White NARROW FITCH FASTNERS JL1818PB Polished Brass JL1818PC Polished Chrome JL1818SC Satin Chrome JL1818WH White

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