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March 2017/Issue #5

Front cover design by Max, Ella & Josh, 10BD

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Photos and writing by Jack &

Ben, 9BR

We went to the world war one

battlefields in Belgium and

France. We will tell you about


We had the best tour guides

ever. We got to handle some

equipment from the war.

On the first day we got up

early. We went to Belgium. We

visited a cemetery. We went to

our hotel and we unpacked our

stuff. Later we went to go to a

memorial and it was really

shocking to see how many

people lost their lives in the

great war.

In the evening we attended the

daily last post ceremony at the

Menin Gate. This was very

moving. The memorial records

the names of 54,406 soldiers

from Britain, Australia,

Canada, South Africa and India

who lost their lives and have

no grave. We went in the

trenches that were used in the


Lijssenthoek cemetery

We went to the Thiepval

memorial which was very

moving. We made a clay

memorial for the people of



memorial museum

Menin Gate


memorial park

Langemark German


By Ellie &



Tyne Cot Cemetery

Thiepval memorial

Science day started off well. The one thing that

stands out the most was making a bouncy ball. First

we filled a bowl with warm water. Next we poured

some liquid latex into a small cup of vinegar and

stirred the latex round and round and it came


To make a ball shape we next

put the lump of latex which has

now collected together into the

warm bowl of water and

shaped it into a ball shape then

we had games bouncing our

latex balls. IT WAS FUN. My

ball bounced the highest. It

went from a liquid to a solid.

By Jack, 10BD

By Kayleigh, 10BD

At Christmas the students and staff did a school play called ‘Neverland’.

This show was particularly special in that

it was our final show lead by Steven

Moloney. Steven has choreographed

shows at Osborne School for the last 10

years. Well done Steven.

Osborne School did a play of Hamlet.

We started practicing the play for

Wednesday night . It was really hard

work, every time I got home I fell

asleep. We had a week and a half to

get ready for Wednesday.

On Wednesday we went up to the

Royal Theatre in Winchester. When we

got there we did a run through. After

the run through we had tea . After tea

we went up to the top to sit down to

watch the other shows. We were the

last one to go on stage. When we got

on stage it was fun but I was a little

scared, but then I started loving it and

after the show we went home.

By Ella, 10BD

The Rock Challenge was a successful day. We were doing our

performance ‘Reflections’. It was great, we had to practice twice to

get us awake then we performed in front of parents and other

schools. We had a fabulous time as we have won three awards.

By Liam, 11SL

Rubik’s Cube

made a 20

minute journey

on the mini-bus

to sing to the

staff, children

and carers of

Naomi House


Hospice and

Jacks Place.

We then went to

Southampton to

go to Music for


competition. We

sang really well.

We also did

a really great

show at The

Berry Theatre in

Hedge End. We

loved it.

By Stacey, 10BD

Should the cops be able

to read our messages?

By Jacob, 10BD

Recently there was an attack against parliament. The man who

did it was a terrorist. He sent messages using his phone.

Police think they have the right to read our messages but they

don’t. I don’t think they should because we should have our

rights. They are not above the law. They have to save people

but have no obligation to do that. They follow the law, they

should not be able to do that.

We have our right to have are privacy. They should not do that

but they have the rights to do that if it is helping with an


If you say no to letting the police look at your messages they

will think you are hiding something, so you don’t say no to them

you must say yes. Go ahead but ask the name of the officer so if

something goes wrong you can tell the police officer that you

want to speak to the head of the department.

Most police officers are heroes. Some aren’t. If you’re not happy

with them you should speak out. Prison is not a great place – it

is dangerous, there are lots of problems.

Sometimes the police can solve the problem by not reading


How is the hedgehog situation?

Hannah, Class Teacher

Hedgehogs are still under threat. We

need to do more to ensure they

survive. Over 1/3 of hedgehogs will

not be alive in 10 years. There are

lots of websites giving advice on

how to support hedgehogs.






Roxy, 7HC

What is your favourite

sport? Liam, 8KH

Liam, 8KH

I love all sport. My favourites are

Rugby, Football and Surfing.

What is

good about


Beth, 11SL


Especially fixtures

against other


Who is Mr Lang?

Alfie, 7HC

Thank you Alfie! I have obviously

made a fantastic impression on you

in your first two terms at Osborne. I

am your PE teacher! :0)

What’s your

Favourite sandwich


Claire, 7CM



Can you dance

the Macarena?

Brandon, 7CM

I am not sure!

Do you like


Issy, 9CMc

He is ok!

Do you like


Evie, 8KH

Not really!

Welcome to my

memes page

The PowerPoint

guardian master

Liam, 11SL

Will you

miss us

when you


Ella, 11SL



In the Summer by Jay, 11BD

What shall I do this glorious summer holiday?

I will see my mates and go on my second date but I may By Bethany, be a bit late! 10ALP

I will slouch on the couch and do one big Bethany belch designed a new

I’m really smart and I won’t grow apart because I still postcard eat apple for Winchester.. tarts

In the summer,

In the summer.

What shall I do this exciting summer holiday?

In the summer in the summer I will get a bit dumber, as school days are no longer

And it’s a real bummer

In the summer, in the summer had so much fun at school but now I’m with my Dad,

he’s a silly little fool but he’s still really cool

In the summer.

By Ruby, LRBVK

What shall I do this long summer holiday?

Ruby used Helpkidzlearn

I shall be really lazy and pick some daisies ,

to give these guys a

By Josh, 10BD

I shall makeover. make a chain and not ride down the second Photo lane. work in ICT

In the summer.

By Josh, 10BD

After the Bergen's invade Troll Village, Poppy,

the happiest Troll ever born, and the

curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to

rescue her friends. I would give it five stars.

By Megan (with help from Mr D), 11SL

By Ben, 9BR

By Luke, 11SL

KS4 went to a Basketball tournament in Portsmouth.

3 different schools went which were Dove house Samuel

Cody and Mark Ways. There were a couple of games

that were difficult. Second round we got much better

and more confident. Other schools were very good. After

the end everyone got certificates.

By Ella, 10BD

By Jack, 10BD

Issue 4

Issue 5

The next hero was flame who would become the

master of fire. His guardian was taking him into

the mountain of fire.

We are

close now.

Winner of a ‘Highly commended’ Award

at the Shine School Media Awards 2016

By Mr C Rivron

The mountain was really tall so it took them a while to

climb up there. But it won’t be long until some little spiders

came up to get them!

Are we

there yet!

The sword of fire was on top of

a small rock surrounded by loads

of lava.

Flame and the guardian of fire were thinking of a

plan to get the sword.

SUDDENLY the Demon spider jumped out

and attacked the guardian of fire.

Get the sword

without me and

complete your


Flame was sliding down on the rocks to claim the sword.

However, the Demon spiders came with an attack.

Loads of spiders were all over Flame, and Flame almost got to

the sword!

But he managed to grab the sword….and

became…. THE MASTER OF FIRE!!!! Flame has completed his quest…. For now!

Two heroes have completed

their quest – three more

heroes need to complete theirs…

Well done

Flame – your

quest is complete.

Now lets see how

FLAME claims his

weapon to become

the master of FIRE!

Let’s see how

The land of

ice does...

Issue 6 coming soon….

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