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Spring 2017 Issue #1

February & March Edition


Healthy Neighborhood #1

HIV training

HIV Awareness


Training Camp

Child abuse

LAU Club Fundraiser

Mother’s Day #1

Blood Drive

Mother’s Day #2

Distinguished Members


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February - Healthy Neighborhood

A project launched by LAU &

Spears, where we raised awareness

on different topics every

Saturday in Hawd al Wilayah

public school.

Healthy Neighborhood #1

By LAU’s Dana Marouni

February 4th

“ Takabol al Akhar” were we

taught them about cultural diversity

and how to accept others

regardless of their different race,

gender, nationality, or living with

a disability,

This was done through games

presentations and activities.

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February - Healthy Neighborhood

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February - HIV Awareness

Prior to valentines day’s event,

member’s where given an HIV

training by spears @ LAU.

Though it was a training we

had a lot of fun with them!

Thank you Spears!


By Mohammad Zantout

February 13th

This year’s HIV event was special!

It grabbed a lot of attention

with its games, decorations,

vouchers and especially it’s valentines


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February - HIV Awareness

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March - Training Camp

Location : Deir l knayse - Ras El Metin.

Red Cross Camp is usually a 2 days

training camp. The best part of it is

getting to know each other better &

forming stronger bonds.

Spring Camp

By Ram Noureddine

March 11th - 12th

This was the training camp we were

all waiting for! We are the 1st club to

be getting an HVP Facilitators Training

in years!

As for new members, they were given

an environment training.

After all the hard work, we had fun

preparing for the campfire where

some of BAU’s members joined us.

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March - Training Camp

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March - Fundraiser

The 1st LAU fundraiser since 3 years.

Beauty & The beast

By Amal Shoujaa

March 16th

We took the 1st screening of the movie

beauty & the Beast in Cinemacity


The fundraiser was supported by


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March - Fundraiser

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March - Child Abuse

Location : Al Basta Mixed Public


Preserving A Child’s Rights

By Hadi Edy

March 18th

An awareness event against child

violence that targeted 40 students of

grade 8.

A short video was shown to them

related to children of their age in addition

to a set of


The students

where interactive

and enjoyed the


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March - Child Abuse

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March - Mother’s Day

“Legnet Al aayle” is a committee in

charge of organizing food drives and

packing the donations in boxes, In order

to distribute the collected food to

poor families in special occasions such

as Mother’s Day.

The member in charge of the committee

is Sarah Aridi.

Mother’s Day Part 1: On The


By Legnet al aayle

March 18th

This event included distributing food

boxes to 30 poor families around Beirut.

The red Cross Supervisor of Beirut

Mohammad Chaer joined us on this

event as a member for the 1st t time in

15 years!

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March - Mother’s Day

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March - Blood Drive

Every Year the Health office in collaboration

with the Red Cross LAU Club

make a blood drive event.

Blood Donations

By Health Office & Batoul Yazbeck

March 21th

The blood drive event was @ LAU.

Vouchers & roses were given to donors.

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March - Blood Drive

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March - Mother’s Day

Sarah Mayyas a new member @ LAU

club and the 1st to be in charge of an


Mother’s Day Part 2: A Day to


By Sarah Mayyas

March 25th

The event was a visit to the elderly in

“Dar al Riaaya bl Om wa Tofol”.

It was a touching day where we chatted,

ate and celebrated mother’s day

with old people who seemed like our


Of course we didn’t forget to give

them their gifts, where one of them

was hand made flower pots.

Finally there was “Mounir” the oud

player and singer who spread joy in

everyone’s hearts.

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March - Mother’s Day

Distinguished Members

We would like to thank

our most distinguished members who showed


but dedication throughout the month.

Thank you member of the month:

Yara Najdi (October)

Sarah Mayyas (November)

Mohammad Zantout (February)

Alaa Balaghi (March)

Walid Houjairy (March)

Thank you two of the most committed &

praiseworthy members:

Rawan Hammoud

Mohamad Ghrayeb

Sabah Houwayji

Walid Houjairy

Heba Shayya

Mohammad jarmaki

Your Hard work is appreciated!

Red Cross Family

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