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Slipstream - April 2017

Sprockets: How to Fill

Sprockets: How to Fill Garage Space By David Robertson, Region President his month our third of three garage spaces T has been occupied by a new automobile. I have been saving this space for an early ‘80s 911 SC Cabriolet complete with that iconic whale tail, or a Boxster that my wife has been wanting for a few years now. I could also imagine an ‘80s 911 Targa or even a new Macan in the spot. This space has mostly been storage for certain yard implements and a few unfinished projects in anticipation of that day when the new addition arrives, to sit under the appropriate wall art that has been specially ordered and displayed next to the gloriously engineered machine. Well, rather unceremoniously my wife’s employer issued her a company car and, as they say, that is that. Did I mention that we have two automobiles already, and only one of them is a Porsche? Don’t get me wrong: I am extremely thankful and blessed to have a house, a Porsche, and a garage to begin with, and this is certainly the granddaddy of first-world problems to face, but it is a dilemma nonetheless. I have covered all the options in my head, from putting in a lift, to adding on to the garage, or just buying a new house. There is also the option of purchasing a car condo that I could build out to my specs (hint: these condos are advertised in Slipstream). The last option usually encourages even more car collecting, as space is no longer an issue. For one reason or another, none of these choices is really an option for me, so I have finally decided that we probably just don’t need the non-Porsche, non-company automobile. It may be a while until the perfect Porsche takes its rightful place in the garage, but its spot will be there waiting, with plenty of space on the walls for the appropriate accoutrement. As a member of this club, I have plenty of opportunities to see examples of the automobiles I imagine taking that coveted third spot in my garage someday. I also get to discuss all the details of owning, driving, and maintaining a particular model with its owner. At our first Mavs & Mochas on March 11 we had over 120 automobiles on display, and I could envision most of them sitting in my garage! There was a little bit of everything, from early Porsches to very rare late models. Many of these cars you will never see anywhere else. The new Mavs and Mochas event is an immediate hit with our members and I encourage you to get out to the next one on April 8 at Zims Autotechnik in Bedford. This is a very informal come-and-go event where we all just grab a cup of coffee, catch up with old friends, meet new people, and see lots of great Porsches! Be sure to check out our upcoming events section on pages 16-17 and participate whenever possible. SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor 1235 William D. Tate Ave Grapevine, TX 76051 817-329-6995 MAV OF THE MONTH: Tony Lisotta Our Maverick Region is fortunate to welcome approximately 300 new members each year who bring new perspectives and energy to all of our club activities. Our Mav of the Month is one of these relatively new members who joined PCA on September 23, 2014. In that short amount of time, Tony Lisotta engaged hundreds of Mavericks by founding and hosting a Porsche-only “cars and coffee” type of gathering each month since May, 2015. Just last month, Tony graciously agreed to transition that private gathering to become an official Maverick Region monthly social event. As I mentioned, the first Mavs & Mochas took place on March 11 at Highland Park Village and was a very big success. In addition, Tony got the MSR track fever by first participating in the SCCA Track Night in America program in 2015. From that experience, he has moved to become a regular participant (now Blue solo) in our Region Drivers’ Education program and exercises his 911 in the manner for which it was engineered. Congratulations, and thank you Tony for “Driving Friendships” in our club for almost three years. Enjoy your gift certificate from our friends at the Silver Fox in Grapevine. 2 April

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