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Dragon Isue 2

Dragon Isue

Edition 2: April 2017 The Dragon Look inside for road safety tips, the latest from Mr Wilson to leave Saint George By Isobel Reynolds After many fantastic years at St. George our head teacher – Mr. Wilson – has decided to return to Bitterne Park. We gained an exclusive interview with Mr. Wilson to ask him his thoughts on leaving in the summer. Although Mr. Wilson still has one term left with us we were able to interview him shortly after the news was released. He said he had “mixed feelings” on leaving: happy because he’s always wanted to return to Bitterne Park but also very sad as he’s grown to love St. George. “There are a lot of lovely, hardworking people in this community,” he said. He hopes the future for St. George is that it keeps improving and that a 6 th form will be put in place. We asked what Mr. Wilson would like to achieve in his new school and he stated that he doesn’t really know what the challenge is yet. He starts his new job in September. Mr Wilson added: “It’s a fresh, new building so I want to make any improvements needed to make sure outcomes for students are the best they can be.” He told us that he hasn’t applied for any jobs in 10 years however he always knew if there was a job offer at Bitterne Park that he would return. He hopes the new head teacher of Saint George will continue to share ASPIRE values and really build the school around them. Mr. Wilson said he would miss a lot of things: students and staff the most; having a chaplain, and singing in the morning! His message to everyone at St. George is: “It’s been a privilege to be head teacher of the school. I have enjoyed nearly every day of it. I wish the new head teacher all the best to carry on improving the school and the students to enjoy and support them. Different doesn’t mean bad, different can be good.”

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