The CRM Roadshow



Key Considerations…cont

Adopt Client Centered Design thinking – Agile / UX thinking

Utilised Client Centered Design thinking, including Agile / UX principles to develop your regulatory programme, there is no reason why this

quick, iterative (fail fast / learn fast) thinking can’t be used to unpack, develop and provide regulator feedback in achieving success in this


Let your customers be part of the development cycle. Understand your customer journeys, limit the impact of regulation to your customer

experience as much as possible, if you don’t someone else will…

Customers assume that our solutions are secure and compliant. As a result, customers will revert to recourse such as social media if there

is fault in the process.

Even though customers don’t trust banks (grudge purchase in many cases), banks are trusted with their money. This should be taken into

account when developing processes and under that customers will assume that the banks have considered all the pitfalls in their solutions.