The CRM Roadshow



Key Considerations…cont

Where is innovation coming from

Fintechs are challenging the norms.

What would you do if you had a blank canvas and no legacy? How would you structure? How would you operate? Who would you partner

with? What technology would you use?

So why aren’t you? Someone will… or probably is already…

Technology is a critical enabler of these innovations, particularly the likes of Omni-Channel, CRM, Security and Analytics solutions.

Examples include: managing customer information to improve customer experiences and reduce customer rework, offering appropriate

products to meet customers needs and ensuring customer solutions are secure.

Change in regulatory approach

The regulator is definitely moving towards a risk based approach which places the onus on the financial sector companies to determine the

appropriateness of the processes and controls.

This is very similar to credit bureaus approached to risk profile assessments of customers. Customers will receive a risk profile and based

on the risk profile they will be requested to follow more stringent checks prior to being able to complete certain financial services functions.


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