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NEWS<br />

from The Cotswold School<br />

APRIL 2017<br />
















WELL DONE!<br />


In other news...<br />

A BIG Thank You!<br />


A HUGE thank you to The Cotswold School PTA team and all those who<br />

attended the Annual Quiz Night—you raised over £700, with £200 from raffle sales.<br />


A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all at the<br />

Auction of Most Marvellous Promises at the end of March.<br />

Guest speaker, Ben Smith, captivated the audience, with his<br />

401 Marathons in 401 Days talk! Bidding for the impressive<br />

lots was frenetic and fun, thank you to Philip Allwood,<br />

Auctioneer at Moore & Allen.<br />

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Lucy Jackson, Lisa Farley, Jo Moon, Sally Bult and<br />

The Cotswold School PTA team, for their hard work in getting this event off the ground.<br />

An impressive £10,000 was raised! These funds will go towards a new minibus.<br />


Upcoming events from The Cotswold School PTA include the annual car parking fundraising days<br />

and teas and cakes fundraising at Chastleton House. Please visit the website for dates and more<br />

information. http://www.cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/our-community/cotswold-school-pta/pta-events/<br />

Rare treat for Year 9s<br />

Ben Smith was guest speaker on Friday 31st March. Ben, who has run<br />

401 marathons in 401 days—The 401 Day Challenge in 2015/2016 and<br />

raised £310,000 for anti-bullying charities. “We were delighted that he took<br />

time out of his hectic running and awareness schedule to speak to the Year 9s. Ben’s<br />

openness and honesty whilst talking about his life had a hall full of pupils transfixed<br />

and in awe. A wonderful honest and inspirational man who spent time with pupils<br />

and staff afterwards sharing his advice.”<br />

Mr Smith<br />

Assistant Head &<br />

Head of Maths<br />

Over 90% of parents and guardians with a child in the School<br />

have signed up to ParentMail—Thank you!<br />

This will make an enormous difference to ongoing<br />

communications from the School.<br />

E-library for all is FREE<br />

All pupils now have access to a new free<br />

e-library with 1000+ titles in the catalogue<br />

Please visit: https://thecotswoldschool.wheelers.co/<br />

1. type in your school username<br />

2. enter password: library6745 (please change at first login)<br />

3. e-books can be borrowed for a period of two weeks<br />

Also available is the free Wheelers e-books App for ios, android smart phones and tablets.<br />

Mrs Williams<br />

School Librarian

A Word from HQ<br />

It’s been a busy term—many varied activities—it’s great to see and hear the<br />

buzz and energy applied to science, sport, arts, music, academia, enterprise,<br />

design & technology, the new #LiteracyMatters initiative and the list goes<br />

on…..<br />

As you know, in recent weeks, the plight of funding available to existing<br />

secondary and academy schools has been much in the news—the<br />

Government’s ‘politically motivated’ decision to invest in new grammar and<br />

multi-academy schools, while cutting funding to existing institutions is a<br />

Will Morgan<br />

Principal<br />

‘national tragedy’. It is increasingly frustrating to watch the huge funding crisis unfolding across the<br />

teaching profession—I am forced to ask more of my Staff to ensure our pupils receive the first class<br />

education and opportunities they deserve. Thank you to all Staff for their energy, enthusiasm and<br />

dedication this term. But, also to parents and guardians for their continued support and wonderful<br />

fundraising efforts — it really does make the difference to all children at the School.<br />

A hush will descend over The Cotswold School as the full exam timetable gets underway. We wish all<br />

our students all the best and to you all a Happy Easter.<br />


The Cotswold School<br />

The Cotswold School PTA<br />

www.cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/<br />

Marketing@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

@Cotswold_School<br />


World Book Day<br />

School Trips<br />

BBC School Report<br />

Science Week<br />

International Page<br />

Sporting Achievements<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

Alumni Programme<br />

We want to hear from you!<br />

It’s early beginnings for The Cotswold School<br />

Alumni Programme, with more details to follow<br />

over the coming months, but if you would like to<br />

sign up or know of past pupils who would like to<br />

get in touch, please contact: Kathryn Allison at<br />

Marketing@thecotswoldschool.co.uk.<br />

We are looking to revamp the website over the<br />

coming months—please bear with us throughout<br />

this process. Up-to-date calendar, dates, sports<br />

fixtures, trips etc. will still be available.<br />

#MusicNotes<br />

Design & Technology News<br />

Sixth Form Building Work<br />

RAF Brize Norton<br />

Enterprise is Alive<br />

Red Nose Day<br />




World Book Day 2017<br />

D.E.A.R. ALL!<br />

D.E.A.R.—Drop Everything and Read- and that’s exactly what<br />

happened at 10am on the 2nd of March as the whole school stopped what they<br />

were doing and read for 20 minutes. There was an array of wonderful bookinspired<br />

costumes—a fabulous sight! WBD Bingo took place in the Library at<br />

lunchtime and Year 8s and 9s were treated to a performance by the<br />

educationalist and workshop facilitator, Adisa, who aims to make poetry and<br />

performance accessible to all. He then carried out an entertaining workshop<br />

with the Year 7s. The annual reading-themed assemblies were this year run by<br />

Mrs Smith, English Department.<br />

The ever-popular<br />

Book Week Bingo!<br />

Students and staff raised money for Book<br />

Aid International - an organisation that<br />

raises money for books, resources and<br />

training in sub-Saharan Africa—many<br />

pupils dressing up as their favourite<br />

literary characters!<br />

Award-winning, silver-tongued<br />

performance poet Adisa’s<br />

entertaining and interactive show<br />

for Years 8 & 9 was followed by<br />

poetry workshops in the Library<br />

for all Year 7 pupils.<br />

D.E.A.R.—Drop Everything And Read<br />

Students and staff joined in the 20 minute<br />

reading session, with some teachers<br />

electing to read to their students!

Trips & Visits<br />

School of Rock<br />

On 2nd March, Year 8 and 9 pupils were treated to<br />

a trip to London to see School of Rock! They<br />

gained experience in the workings of a large-stage<br />

theatre production as well as enjoying the show!<br />

Mrs Monk<br />

Head of Drama<br />

Curriculum Comes Alive<br />

Year 10 pupils travelled to Birmingham to listen to top tips on exam techniques, given by Tony Childs, Chief<br />

Examiner for AQA. Then followed a recital by 3 illustrious poets from their curriculum: John Agard, an Afro-<br />

Guyanese playwright, poet and children's writer, who in 2012 was selected for the Queen's Gold Medal for<br />

Poetry; The Scottish poet, Dame Carol Ann Duffey DBE FRSL who is Professor of Contemporary Poetry at<br />

Manchester Metropolitan University and was appointed Britain's Poet Laureate in May 2009; and Imtiaz<br />

Dharker, a Pakistan-born poet, artist and documentary filmmaker. She has won the Queen's Gold Medal for<br />

Poetry. A wonderful experience for all involved. #LiteracyMatters<br />

Geography Field Trip to Aberystwyth<br />

A Level Geography students visited Wales this March, to study rivers, sand dunes and coastal<br />

vegetation. Before heading to Aberystwyth, the group stopped off in Gloucester to study urban<br />

regeneration, undertaking a compare and contrast project of Gloucester Docks and King’s Square.<br />

Under the ever-wonderful hospitality of Pat at Plas Dolau Country House Hostel, the group carried out a<br />

cross-sectional river analysis of the Afon Clarach, from source to mouth. This was followed by sand dune<br />

observations at Ynyslas looking at vegetation changes from beach to inland including diversity, height and<br />

wind speed. A beach profile was also carried out, looking at the gradient of slope and assessing the impact of<br />

human activity on sand dunes.<br />

Mrs Johnstone<br />

Head of Geography

#LiteracyMatters<br />

Emily and Daisy Interview<br />

BBC TV News Director David<br />

Croxson<br />

What is your main role at the<br />

BBC?<br />

I am a News Director and direct<br />

the camera, people and the<br />

presenters throughout the news<br />

programmes.<br />

Have there ever been any big<br />

mistakes whilst you have been<br />

at work?<br />

Even if you make a big mistake,<br />

you have to carry on or make it<br />

look like there were no mistakes!<br />

Has working at the BBC<br />

always been your passion?<br />

Yes, I decided when I was 15 I<br />

wanted to be a TV Director.<br />

Have you ever thought about<br />

leaving the BBC?<br />

Yes, most directors work for<br />

themselves and take jobs when<br />

they come up.<br />

What do you enjoy most about<br />

working in the BBC?<br />

It is such a big organisation and<br />

such an interesting job. I am<br />

proud to work there.<br />

The Year 9 BBC School Report<br />

team and The Cotswold School<br />

wish to thank David for his help<br />

and support.<br />

MANY<br />

THANKS!<br />

The Cotswold School’s BBC<br />

School Report team was hard at<br />

work on 16 March 2017, bringing<br />

news from the school, region and<br />

around the world. If you missed<br />

their Facebook/Twitter feeds on<br />

the day, you can still view their<br />

stories on the School website.<br />

“A huge Thank you to A-Level<br />

English Sixth Formers Hannah and<br />

Hope for their help and<br />

guidance.”<br />

Mrs Sewell<br />

Head of English<br />

An interview with Ms Littler, Head of Year 7 &<br />

Key Stage 3 at The Cotswold School<br />

What do you like most about the Cotswold<br />

School?<br />

The thing I like most about this school is the pupils<br />

and getting to know them, their siblings and<br />

the relationships between their friends.<br />

What do you want to change about the school?<br />

The school could introduce an even better reward<br />

system, so pupils’ parents’ receive a greater<br />

number of phone calls about how their child is<br />

doing better at school. I would also like to see a<br />

wider variety of trips and an online shop.<br />

What are your main goals for work, for the next<br />

five years?<br />

I would like to become Deputy Head of this<br />

School or another school. I would like to be able to<br />

maintain the amount of students coming to this<br />

school, to ensure everyone gets excellent results.<br />

What would you want for the future of The<br />

Cotswold School?<br />

I would like for us to get bigger/better school<br />

buildings, also for plans/ideas about the school<br />

to come to be realised, such as a bigger canteen<br />

and for the School and its pupils, to continue<br />

with its successful work.<br />

Why did you decide to become a teacher?<br />

I like to help others and to make sure we have<br />

students that know a language and arrange travel to<br />

places like Egypt and to visit international schools.<br />

Interviewing Ms Littler,<br />

Assistant Principal<br />

Interview with Mrs Joynes, PE Department at<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

Firstly, what do you personally think of the<br />

new P.E. curriculum?<br />

It’s very broad, the curriculum is good because it<br />

has a range of sports and different challenges for<br />

pupils as well as leadership contests.<br />

How does the new curriculum differ to the old<br />

one?<br />

It allows us to offer a broader range of sports:<br />

dance, gymnastics and girls rugby in addition to<br />

traditional sports such as hockey.<br />

Do you think there will be a drop in the<br />

number of students taking GCSE PE now that<br />

the curriculum has changed?<br />

I don’t think there will be a decline, but I think<br />

there will be a different type of student taking the<br />

subject. More academic students because of<br />

heavier science content than before.<br />

Do you think that it is a good thing now that it<br />

is 60% theory and 40% practical?<br />

Yes I do because I think there will be more<br />

emphasis placed on the scientific aspects rather<br />

than just the practical and thus appealing to more<br />

pupils.<br />

Do you think PE is an easy subject to take?<br />

No, you have to be talented in at least three<br />

different sports, the theory is challenging because<br />

of the scientific aspects and a lot of detailed theory<br />

writing is expected.<br />

It’s said that some sports are sexist, what is<br />

your opinion on this?<br />

I think it is becoming less so because a lot more<br />

sports are being offered to both boys and girls, for<br />

example boys’ dance and girls’ rugby – it’s<br />

balancing out.<br />

The BBC School Report team

British Science Week, 10th—19th<br />

March, saw pupils taking part in fun<br />

activities during Science and<br />

Engineering Club and Lunchtime<br />

Science Club<br />

Above: Pupils creating Mars shuttles designed to keep<br />

a square of chocolate insulated against heat, and the<br />

winning team: Cameron Black and Maddie Ratcliffe!<br />

The camera wasn’t quick enough to<br />

capture the rocket’s rapid ascent!<br />

Physics Olympiad<br />

Tony Zhang and Kai Wilkinson, both Year 11, achieved fantastic results at the recent Physics Olympiad<br />

which took place on 3rd March. Tony was in the top 10% of pupils in the country for the challenge and<br />

achieved a Silver, whilst Kai was in the top 15% and got a Bronze.<br />

Christopher Bridges, Year 10, along with two friends, competed in<br />

the Formula 1 in Schools Technology Challenge in March.<br />

The aim of the competition is to design, manufacture and test a miniature Formula 1 car.<br />

‘Team Zoom’ placed second overall at the Regional competition at the South Devon<br />

University near Exeter, achieving first place for the fastest race time of 1.1 seconds over a<br />

20m track and receiving trophies for fastest car and best sponsorship and marketing.<br />

The team then headed off to the National Finals on 29th and 30th March, held at Silverstone, and won the<br />

Judges Recommendation Award—a highly commended award.<br />

Well done and good luck next year!<br />

Year 10 STEM Day Windmill<br />

winners, l-r: Ben Gibbons,<br />

Bailey Mitchell, Tom<br />

Dennett, Charlie Gilbert and<br />

Lasse Stammberger.<br />

Congratulations!<br />

Dr Pearce<br />

STEM Co-ordinator


Just Landed!<br />

French Exchange<br />

German Exchange to<br />

Miesbach, Bavaria<br />

Year 10 and 12 pupils have just retuned from a<br />

week in Lannion, Northern Brittany.<br />

Mme Moss<br />

French Teacher<br />

“The French and English pupils mixed beautifully and<br />

they all made great friends. There were a few tears on<br />

departure, but it looks like more than a few will keep in touch and might<br />

visit again soon. It was wonderful to see them all have such a great time!”<br />

Mrs Christian<br />

MFL Department<br />

“It was a great success and more<br />

updates in the next issue!”<br />

More photos to follow in the next issue!<br />

Work Experience Spotlight - During their recent trip to Lannion, Brittany, three Year<br />

12 pupils took part in work experience in crêperies and a café. Mme Moss comments, Robbie Lord<br />

spent two days working in a crêperie and when Year 10 pupils and staff visited, he waited on us—he did a great<br />

job and the bosses were really happy with him.”<br />

In addition, Jack Porter carried out work experience in the German school - teaching English and helping out<br />

as an English assistant.<br />

Cultural Visit<br />

In February, the School hosted 37 students from<br />

Reitaku Junior High School, Japan. It was a one<br />

day visit as part of a tour organised by inlingua,<br />

based in Cheltenham. Mr Edwards,<br />

Assistant Principal (Teaching and<br />

Learning) and Teaching School Manager<br />

says, “We host them every year so they can<br />

experience a UK education and improve their<br />

English. It is great for our students as they<br />

learn first-hand about the Japanese culture and language.<br />

The cultural show, put on in the afternoon, after the students<br />

have experienced lessons, is always good fun.”<br />

Jolly Hockey Sticks<br />

Little Flower Academy from Vancouver, Canada,<br />

visited The Cotswold School as part of their UK<br />

tour, playing friendly games at a number of schools.<br />

We were delighted to welcome them—a range of age<br />

and ability—and pitted against The Cotswold<br />

School’s team, made up of pupils from Years 9 to 13.<br />

This was a wonderful opportunity for some crosscultural<br />

sportsmanship.<br />

Mrs Joynes, PE<br />

Teacher says,<br />

“It was a really fair<br />

game and both<br />

teams were well matched in ability.<br />

It was a 1-1 draw.”

Sporting Achievements<br />

Cross Country Stars<br />

Niamh Powell, Year 11, came 1st in her age group at the recent<br />

National Cross Country Championship, following on from her<br />

triumph at the Gloucestershire Cross Country Championships.<br />

Jack<br />

Mundiñano<br />

Jack Mundiñano, Year 12, has won the 2016/17 Gloucestershire Cross<br />

Country League Under 17. Jack has also participated in the Schools County<br />

Champions League, running at St Edwards School in Cheltenham, Newent,<br />

Cardiff and Truro, and is preparing for the last race in Norwich for the<br />

Nationals. He also competed in his first Duathlon this February at Castle<br />

Combe, coming 3rd in his age category. The Charity 'Cass & Friends’, which<br />

aims to raise money to sponsor up-and-coming athletes has also chosen Jack as<br />

one of three young athletes to sponsor.<br />

Niamh Powell<br />

Alexandra Scrivener, Year 9, has made her England debut after an impressive<br />

performance at the New Balance English Schools’ Cross Country Championships,<br />

in Norwich, where she finished third. One of the nicest quotes we’ve heard at<br />

Cotswold HQ is “The image of Alex with her hands over her mouth and tears of sheer delight at<br />

her achievement, remain long in the memory of those who witnessed one of the best finishes of the<br />

day.” The following weekend, Alex took her place in the England team camp at<br />

Mawgan in South Wales for a briefing and spent the night with the rest of the team.<br />

The whole event was a success for England with the girls winning team gold.<br />

Alex Scrivener<br />

Mr Smith, D&T Department, will be running the London<br />

Marathon on 23rd April, for Macmillan Cancer Support—a<br />

charity close to his heart. If you would like to sponsor him,<br />

please visit his Just Giving page:<br />

https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Matthew-Smith151<br />

Mrs Holland<br />

Mrs Holland, Head of Philosophy, ran in the<br />

Manchester Marathon on 2nd April to raise<br />

money for mental<br />

health charity, Mind,<br />

and Macmillan Cancer<br />

Support, breaking her 4<br />

hour record—3:58:58!<br />

Thank you for your<br />

support - she raised<br />

£900!<br />

Well done Mrs Holland!<br />

Izzy Lovat<br />

Izzy Lovat, Year 9, represented The Cotswold<br />

School Equestrian Team in the NSEA dressage<br />

event, finishing 5th in the Preliminary test and 2nd in<br />

the Novice test, which took<br />

place at Kings<br />

Equestrian in Bromyard.<br />

This is a fantastic result on<br />

her horse Archie, aged six.<br />

Well done Izzy and Archie!


#MusicNotes<br />

We’re delighted to offer violin, cello and clarinet lessons.<br />

For more information or to book a place, please contact<br />

Mrs Powell: musicadmin@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

Pupil becomes youngest Oxford University organist<br />

Louis Moss, a Year 8 pupil, has become the youngest Young Organ Scholar at Jesus College Oxford.<br />

Louis is the youngest person ever to play the organ for an Oxford College and one of only 750 young<br />

people now thought to be learning to play the organ in the UK. Louis has already started<br />

to assist the musicians in the organ loft and will start to play hymns for services in the<br />

spring.<br />

He says, “It is great to play such an amazing instrument. I’m looking forward to improving further<br />

through my organ scholarship at Jesus College.” “I just like the fact it’s a loud instrument!”<br />

Huge Congratulations to Triple Time and the Flutets, who played at the recent Chipping<br />

Norton Music Festival. The Triple Time Clarinet Group were Imogen Sneath, Abigail<br />

Mackay, Lily Maunder-Bushell and Albertine Wheeler. The Flutets were Sally Cannon,<br />

Emily Yates, Harriet Adams and Tisa Maunder-Bushell.<br />

In the ensemble class, Triple Time beat Flutets and were awarded a Distinction and the Certificate. Albertine<br />

Wheeler won her class and was awarded a Distinction and the Certificate. Lily Maunder-Bushell and Abigail<br />

Mackay, both achieved commended for their performances. Grace Clare performed a solo and was awarded a<br />

Distinction and was invited back to perform in the end of Festival Concert on 18 th March.<br />

Well done to all involved and special thanks to Mrs Meyrick for organising this and all the extra rehearsals.<br />

Delightful aromas were once again circulating around the<br />

School corridors as Year 11 Catering students created<br />

international dishes for their GCSE Controlled Assessment.<br />

Mr Smith, D&T<br />

Department, has<br />

developed a QR<br />

code which links<br />

to The Design<br />

Technology Association<br />

website—do take a look!<br />

“Students had three hours to prepare, cook and serve two dishes for two covers based on<br />

a country of their choice. It was a chance for students to really highlight their skills, for<br />

this, the culmination of their GCSE.<br />

Students excelled with tricky dishes, such as pistachio flavoured choux with Chantilly<br />

cream, steamed hake with sauce béarnaise and homemade pasta dishes of lasagne and<br />

carbonara. Delicately flavoured raspberry macaroons by Kate Aitken, Jasmine<br />

Whitaker’s Seafood Bouillabaisse and Tabitha Davies’<br />

Indian inspired trio of desserts: Thoothukudi meringue,<br />

gujia, and mango sorbet were highlights of the day. The<br />

tasting and marking of all these dishes, as you can imagine,<br />

was extremely difficult indeed, but I suppose someone had to<br />

do it!”<br />

Mr M Smith<br />

D&T Department



BEGINS…<br />

Construction is underway of the new, flagship Sixth<br />

Form Centre within the grounds of The Cotswold<br />

School.<br />

The new centre will be created through the<br />

extension and alterations of one of the School’s<br />

existing two storey teaching blocks. The site at The<br />

Cotswold School area, is in two parts – a larger study<br />

room and a new common room at one end of the ‘old’<br />

Geography building and two further classrooms at the<br />

other end. The existing building will link these two<br />

ends, via the current classrooms. This will ensure the<br />

Sixth Form Centre is on one, new site. The success of<br />

the Sixth Form, in recent years, has seen a steady<br />

growth of pupils attending with 200 in 2007, rising to<br />

over 260 in 2016/2017. Over the last 3 years, 15<br />

students have received offers to Oxbridge and<br />

students going on to study at Russell Group<br />

universities has seen an unprecedented doubling in<br />

growth over a 5 year period, from 2012 to 2016<br />

leavers.<br />

The new centre, designed by Gloucestershire-based<br />

Thomas Dean Architects, will utilise various green<br />

technologies including natural ventilation, high levels<br />

RAF Brize Norton Trip<br />

“Enjoyed seeing<br />

the lifestyle from<br />

different<br />

perspectives.”<br />

of natural daylight, externally located solar shading and<br />

high insulation levels and will be constructed of<br />

robust, ethically resourced materials. Facilities will<br />

provide the following: -<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

A multi-purpose ground floor common room,<br />

equipped with multimedia facilities<br />

A first floor large study area equipped with<br />

computer desking/fixed and bring your own<br />

devices to allow for independent study<br />

Various offices, smaller meeting and counselling<br />

rooms, 2 classrooms for bespoke teaching and<br />

learning space and modern, contemporary social<br />

spaces<br />

Building works commenced in early March 2017, with<br />

Snape Construction awarded as the site contractors.<br />

The Centre is due for completion in autumn 2017 with<br />

the initial phase ready for use at the start of the new<br />

academic 2017/2018 year.<br />

“I liked the<br />

staff – were so<br />

friendly and<br />

open.”<br />

“It was a great day and I<br />

am thinking about<br />

applying to Brize Norton<br />

– information was good,<br />

enjoyed seeing a different<br />

work style”<br />

Enjoyed the tours of<br />

each squadron –<br />

“helped to make a<br />

better decision to which<br />

trade I would go in.”<br />

“I learnt that it<br />

isn’t as hard to get<br />

into the RAF and<br />

there are many<br />

roles.”<br />

“Very informative<br />

about different ways<br />

to join/showed<br />

different routes into<br />

the RAF.”<br />

“I’m now more likely to join<br />

up as the support and<br />

opportunities stated sounded<br />

good. I really enjoyed my time<br />

on the plane and in the air<br />

borne centre.”

Enterprise is Alive at The Cotswold School<br />


Stuart Langworthy with pupils, l-r: Siobhan Danks, Lottie<br />

Denne, Elke Hammerstein and Faye Conisbee<br />

Resilience, determination and creativity were all shown by<br />

5 groups of Year 7s that entered The Cotswold School<br />

Enterprise programme – ‘The £10 Challenge’.<br />

The winners are Lottie Denne and Elke Hammerstein for<br />

their Christmas Wreaths and Valentine’s Day cards<br />

business. Run by Stuart Langworthy, Business Studies<br />

Teacher and holder of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise<br />

Promotion, the aim is to raise awareness of Enterprise and<br />

Entrepreneurship amongst younger students at School.<br />

The projects all began in autumn 2016 with an initial<br />

launch assembly to the whole group which was narrowed<br />

down to 5 feasible groups. The groups were led by three<br />

sixth formers, Faye Conisbee, Siobhan Danks and Leah<br />

Clarke, as Subject Ambassadors.<br />

Mr Langworthy explains, “The groups had to work through<br />

the whole process of trading from how to use the initial £10, coming<br />

up with the creative ideas through to final presentation and pitch to<br />

win. With the Subject Ambassadors, this created a ‘double<br />

whammy’ approach as whilst the Year 7s developed their skills<br />

through teamwork, presentation, resilience, ICT and financial<br />

awareness, the sixth formers developed their skills of leadership,<br />

motivation, teamwork, and confidence. This is all done voluntarily,<br />

in addition to their A Levels.”<br />

Elke comments, “The most valuable attributes I learnt from<br />

this experience was to speak up, give my opinion, but vitally listening<br />

to others and realising that I couldn’t always use my ideas, but to<br />

compromise.” Lottie says, “I really enjoyed this experience – we<br />

had a successful business, but unfortunately we learnt a harsh lesson<br />

when the wreaths had to be recalled, but we still made money<br />

following the sale of the Valentine Cards. We have both learnt an<br />

important lesson - we should never give up.”<br />

The winners received the Stuart Langworthy Trophy for<br />

Enterprise. Enterprise will continue with Year 8s running<br />

a similar initiative, later in the academic year.<br />

We speak to entrepreneur Faye Conisbee, Year 12,<br />

who began her own company, Ugly6, two years<br />

ago…<br />

In the Beginning….<br />

I started Ugly6 two years<br />

ago, when I was 15 years old,<br />

in the Year 10 summer<br />

holidays - the summer before<br />

beginning Year 11. The initial shop began with only two<br />

pairs of socks, as they were the cheapest to buy! After<br />

selling these on Depop, I was able to buy four more and<br />

this continued until I was taking around 3 orders a week<br />

from only a handful of Instagram followers. I quickly<br />

discovered that there was a gap in the market for quirky<br />

Instagram-based shops in the UK. The majority of shops<br />

were United States-based and thus expensive for buyers<br />

to pay shipping costs. The shop filled this gap!<br />

Growing<br />

I used the money I was slowly gaining from sales, as well<br />

as some money I’d saved from my Saturday job, to<br />

increase my stock and add other products including<br />

t-shirts, patches, phone cases and badges, and over time<br />

bought more and more of these products.<br />

Present day<br />

Moving forward to today, I am studying Business,<br />

Sociology, Economics and English Literature at A Level.<br />

In addition, I am a Business Studies Subject Ambassador<br />

and running Enterprise Club with Year 7. I am currently<br />

clearing 100 orders a week with over 25,000 followers on<br />

Instagram, and customers all over the world - ironically<br />

mostly from the United States!<br />

Looking ahead<br />

I recently invested in a heat-press, transfer papers and<br />

blank t-shirts and I’m currently emailing some popular<br />

artists to see if they are interested in collaborating. I<br />

have also been in contact with the magazine ‘The Messy<br />

Heads’ who are interested in writing an article on Ugly6!<br />

After I finish my A Levels I’m looking into either taking<br />

a business management or business and economics<br />

course at university or just staying on with my shop full<br />

time.<br />

Top Tips<br />

My main and single tip to anyone looking to start their<br />

own business is to just jump in and actually get started as<br />

soon as possible, instead of dwelling on it and thinking<br />

about it for ages and never actually getting a chance to<br />

begin! After that, just make sure you have a clear<br />

business plan with creative ideas for the future that you’ll<br />

be able to refer to and use as a guide while growing your<br />


A huge THANK YOU to all who contributed on the day -<br />

we raised a whopping £2,000 for Comic Relief 2017!

An architects impression of the new Sixth Form Centre<br />




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