NSP 2019-20 Annual Report

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Annual Report


Table of


Our Vision & Mission

The vision of the National School

Project is a student-led, churchsupported

campus awakening to the

love of Christ at every public school.

Meant for More, NSP’s three-year

initiative launched during the

summer of 2019, is a nationwide

movement of students sharing

Jesus with students at school.

In this report, we’re excited to update

you on our first year of the campaign

structured around 3 pillars of

progress: Digital Multipliers, Mission

Expansion and Capacity Builders.

Greetings from NSP

President’s Letter 2-4

Campaign Progress

Digital Multipliers 5-6

Mission Expansion 7-26

Los Angeles 9-12

Chicago 13-16

San Francisco Bay Area 17-20

Arizona 21-24

Dallas-Fort Worth Area 25-26

Capacity Builders 27

Finances & Leadership

Financial Update 28-30

Leadership Team 31

Letter from the CEO 32

“I want you to know,

brothers, that what has

happened...has really served

to advance the gospel”



A Letter

from the


Dear friends,

When we launched the Meant for More

campaign last year, our team, like the

Apostle Paul, had plans to advance the

gospel. We built Meant for More around the

belief that students are meant for more than

the things of this world. They are meant to

find hope, peace, forgiveness, and life itself

in Jesus Christ. We shared with you our

prayer that, with your help and God’s grace,

we could give 1 million students the chance

to hear the gospel and see the mission

expand to reach 450 schools in 12 major

cities by 2022.

Many people gave generously to launch

this effort and our team got right to work.

We saw God open doors as new schools

came on board in Los Angeles, the San

Francisco Bay area, Chicago, Tucson and

Dallas. Early launch efforts in Phoenix,

Minneapolis and Sacramento were moving

right along. And the Lord was even bringing

us students beyond our target cities and our

team began coaching students in Colorado,

Hawaii, Ohio, and New York.


We hope you enjoy this digital recap of our 2019-20 ministry year and encourage

you to click on these icons whenever you see them for an interactive experience.


Year one of this campaign was coming to

a crescendo in March and April as we

anticipated seeing students at 150 schools

lead a Meant for More outreach.

Then COVID hit.

In God’s grace, a third of our students had

their outreaches in the nick of time! Had

students waited even one week later to lead

their outreaches, it would have been too late.

Some of our students invited over a thousand

students to their outreach and passed out

Bibles by the hundreds to students and staff!

Yet in God’s sovereignty, two thirds of our

students had their outreaches cancelled as

schools shuttered. And students who were on

the verge of deciding to reach their schools

found that it was too late.

It wasn’t easy seeing so many outreaches

get cancelled. Had the trends continued, our

students would have invited tens of thousands

of their peers to hear about Jesus. And they

would have put the gospel within an arms’

reach of about 250,000 students in total!

Yet, I am proud of how our students responded.

It would have been easy for their zeal to fade

but for many it seemed to only intensify. I’ll

never forget logging into one of our online

student gatherings to join two students who

were recently diagnosed with COVID-19 along

with their entire families. And here they were

praying for their peers and finding ways to

share the gospel!

I’m also deeply grateful for our staff who

worked tirelessly during this season. Within

days of the shutdown, our staff put together a

playbook of Digital Outreach Strategies. This

encouraged students with practical tips for

reaching out to friends by phone, text, social

media, and hosting their meetings online.

Another highlight of this season was putting

together our Digital Tour - a series of online

outreach events for students. World-class

speakers shared their testimonies, while

students invited their friends to tune in and

followed up with them after. Praise God that

many students indicated decisions for Christ

through these events, some of whom would

likely not have come to an outreach at their


Moving Forward

Looking forward, we know we will face more

headwinds from the ongoing effects of the

shutdown and surely more uncertain days are

still ahead. We trust God to continue advancing

the gospel regardless, adjust our timelines as

necessary, and plan carefully for the future. Let

me share a few ways we’re doing this.

1. Our leaders are finding ways to reach

students with the gospel regardless of what

school reopenings look like. Even though

large outreach events may not be possible

on campus until things settle down, we’re

confident that students can continue sharing

the gospel with their peers in small groups and

one on one. And we know they are eager to

do so.

2. We plan to find new ways of reaching

students digitally. We want to continue

equipping students with digital resources for

their outreach efforts. And we want to bring the

gospel directly to students online. We believe

this will significantly reinforce and expand our

ministry model.

3. We’re adjusting our budget. We know these

are difficult financial days for many of our

generous supporters. And having to cancel

many fundraising events has already had a

significant impact on our bottom line. We’ve

made substantial cuts to our 2020-2021

budget. Yet we’ve also found that some costs

have gone up, especially as we’re beginning to

reach students online. In total, we’re looking at

moving forward on our strategic goals next year

with $1.75 million rather than the $2.6 million

we originally budgeted.

4. We are adjusting our timelines but still

driving forward with our strategic goals. The

shutdown has slowed some of the momentum

we were rapidly gaining. In light of this, it

seems wise to acknowledge that it will likely

take an extra year to see all of our mission

expansion goals accomplished.

Yet we are committed to moving forward. We

continue to pray that we can see the mission

expand to 450 schools in 12 major cities. We

continue to pray that by God’s grace we give 1

million students the chance to hear the gospel.

And we see great opportunities to reach

perhaps even more students than expected

through digital outreach and online training.

Unchanging Mission

As much as we think about the change around

us, I’m encouraged by a few things that do not

change. God has not changed. The gospel has

not changed nor has man’s desperate need for

salvation. And the call for leaders in the body

of Christ to equip God’s people for the work of

evangelism has not changed (Ephesians 4).

If anything, we’ve seen our basic ministry

model proven over and over throughout this

crisis. Student leaders are eager to share

the hope of Jesus. With a little coaching and

encouragement, they can be bold ambassadors

for Jesus even in the midst of a storm. And if

we can bring them together so that iron can

sharpen iron, we can see gospel outreach

advance powerfully throughout our country.

Thank you again for your strong support for

this mission!

Mark Hopson

President, National School Project





National Student Gatherings

This spring, we organized online student gatherings via

Zoom. This gave our students the opportunity to connect with

one another for encouragement and prayer, while strategizing

about reaching their peers in this season. These meetings

were more encouraging for our students than we had hoped.

“We’re meant to become leaders during these times of

struggle,” said Joseph P., a student from Irvington, NY.

Our first focus for year one of the Meant for More

campaign was expanding our strategies and

resources for equipping teen evangelists and

reaching new students online.

We knew that adapting our training resources for

digital use, strengthening our engagement with

students through social media, and building a strong

network with prominent Christian leaders and figures

were crucial. Much of our progress in these areas

was well underway when the pandemic hit. Rather

than stunting this growth, it spurred us on and

created a new digital environment that launched us

months, even years, ahead of schedule.

Looking ahead to the 2020-21 academic year, we

feel excited and prepared to continue equipping

Christian students to reach their peers for Christ no

matter the global circumstances.

The many digital advancements we accomplished

this year will only make our traditional ministry

model of on-campus, in-person evangelism stronger,

and we are excited to see the fruit that it will bring

in the years to come.

39 Training Videos

This year, our staff filmed a total of 39 training

videos for student leaders! Now, students from any

city and state can receive the valuable coaching

they need to reach their peers for Christ. We’re

thrilled to see how these new resources accelerate

the growth of our mission next year.

Digital Tour

The Meant for More Digital Tour began as a way to repurpose students’

on-campus outreach plans during quarantine. The tour was made up

of weekly live events where the gospel was shared by Christian figures

like Nick Vujicic and Bethany Hamilton. Over 1,500 families tuned in for

these events. Sean, a 9th grade student from the SF Bay Area, invited

friends to tune into the tour with him. “One of my friends [who comes

from a Hindu background] accepted Christ!”



MeantforMore.org was made for students, serving as

a place where new believers can ask big questions,

begin discipleship and get plugged into a local church.

It’s also home to our Student Leader resources, like

our online training videos. We are confident that this

site will be a strong bolster to our ministry efforts

both on-campus and online this fall.



Our second area of focus during year

one of the Meant for More campaign was

beginning to expand our mission from our

4 current areas of ministry to 12 target

cities. In these 12 target cities, we hope

to partner with students from over 450

public middle and high schools.

Waipahu, HI


San Francisco

Los Angeles



Students at Green High

School hosted the first ever

Meant for More Week in Ohio

and over 135 students heard

the gospel!


Denver, CO

St. Louis


Oklahoma City


Green, OH

Irvington, NY

NSP Staff digitally coached

Joseph P., a student from

Irvington HS in New York.

With their help, Joseph led a

digital outreach week in the

midst of quarantine!


Since 2004

Schools coached 386

Witnessing outings 1,727

Gospel Events 2,163

Event attendance 187,775

Indicated decisions 9,301


Thanks to Calvary Chapel

West Oahu, NSP coached

the Christian Club at

Hawaii Technological

Academy this year!

This spring, Wheaton College

students traveled to Denver to

help students at D’Evelyn Middle

& High School lead a Meant for

More outreach week!

Dallas-Fort Worth


Current Areas

Target Areas

Meant for More Distance Areas


Schools coached 113

Witnessing outings 129

Gospel Events 144

Event attendance 9,389

Indicated decisions 489

* Not including online outreaches and

the ~30 schools that were set to launch

before the nationwide shutdown.


Map Key

Returning schools

Schools that launched

with NSP this year





San Bernardino

Los Angeles

Santa Monica



Los Angeles



Moreno Valley

Los Angeles is where NSP first planted roots back in 2004. It’s where Warren Willis recruited

the original supporters of this mission and today it remains NSP’s largest ministry hub.

During 2019-20, NSP’s LA chapters coached over 40 middle and high schools with the help

of their 5 full-time campus ministry staff. We saw over 4,000 students attend gospel events

and over 300 students make first-time decisions for Christ. Doug Goulding, the first field staff

ministering in the Santa Ana and Tustin areas, was brought on the team this year and we are

so excited to see the fruit he’ll bring from this region next year.

To learn more about our impact in and around LA, check out these videos from our staff in

the North Orange County, Santa Ana & Tustin area, Inland Empire, and San Gabriel Valley.

Long Beach






Alejandra Leads the Charge

for Christ at Her School

School Shutdown Helps

Students’ Outreach




Alejandra makes announcements and

introduces the speaker before a Meant for

More event at Anaheim HS in the fall.


Anaheim High School. Photo courtesy of

Orange County Structure.


Alejandra is a junior at Anaheim High School.

For the second year in a row,

she single-handedly led gospel outreach

on her campus and, this year, reached

nearly 10% of her school with the gospel

through her club’s events.

While the fruit of her efforts is clear, the process has been

frequently discouraging. She regularly faces pressure

from her peers to abandon the club and let it die out. “I

kind of lost hope…” she says.

When asked about how she is able to keep going,

Alejandra attributes her tenacity in part to being a sexual

abuse survivor. “I’ve been through extreme pain and

it made me realize that He is there even when I have

doubts and feel like I’m abandoned,” she says. “There

are so many things that prove that He’s been there. [Peer

pressure] isn’t going to keep me from believing in God.

My faith is what keeps me alive, to be honest.”

Alejandra’s strong faith stems from her conviction that

“Christianity isn’t a crutch, it’s life support.” Because

of everything she’s gone through, Alejandra knows that

the most important thing to her is her relationship with

Jesus. When seeing others in pain, Alejandra wants her

peers to know how important it is to have faith.

As she anticipates heading back to school online in the

fall, Alejandra is passionate about continuing to reach

her peers with the gospel, even if she has to do it alone.

“I really want to make sure they believe in God. I want to

give them some knowledge!”

In the midst of school shutdowns this spring, five of the six

high schools in NSP’s Inland Empire Chapter decided to shift

gears and lead digital outreach weeks through social media.

“This year we saw club leaders grow as they were empowered

to see themselves as modern day disciples, missionaries, and

evangelists,” says Jon Mestas, NSP’s Inland Empire Chapter

Director. “Regardless of any obstacles that came their way,

they adapted to share the message of Jesus with others.”

Before their school shut down, members of the Christian

Club at Summit High School had a hard time making it to the

meetings because of frequent scheduling conflicts with their

other school activities, but that all changed when their school

shut down.

“It wasn’t until we started meeting digitally that I really became

involved with going to meetings and planning events,” says

Victoria, a junior and Christian club leader. It was during this

season, with the help of her NSP coach, that Victoria’s personal

evangelism efforts really came alive.

“With digital outreaches in place we saw more engagement

with club leaders. It simplified the follow-up process so

students could easily walk their friends through the next steps

in learning more about the Bible and Jesus,” says Jon.

Earlier this year, Victoria experienced a falling out with a

friend. During quarantine, she began to pray daily for her

friend, checking in on her and inviting her to attend a Digital

Tour event. With these efforts, Victoria was able to mend the

relationship and her friend heard the gospel.

“The overall experience was just really great. I’m so glad we

had [our NSP coaches] to keep pushing us along and check on

us. It really kept me accountable. Overall, it was so fun to share

the Word of God with their help.”


Victoria shares her testimony on

Instagram during their club’s digital

outreach week in May.


Summit High School campus.

Photo courtesy of Summit High School.



Map Key

Returning schools

Schools that launched

with NSP this year







In 2013, NSP started its first chapter of ministry in Illinois. What began as the hope and prayer

of a single local high school student (Heather Barnes, who would eventually become our Illinois

State Director) has evolved into a powerful network of students, families and local churches.

This year, our Illinois team had the privilege of working with students at over 80 middle and high

schools across the state, in addition to schools in Minnesota and Colorado.


Oak Brook

Oak Park



The Illinois team grew in some big ways this year! First, three key staff members who bring

dozens of years of experience from the business world were added to the team. You can read

more about them in our Capacity Builders section on page 27. Second, Jon Cox was promoted

as the new Illinois State Director. Heather Barnes, who has served as IL State Director for three

years, will be transitioning to the part-time role of Special Projects Director this fall. Third,

Jonathan Cordova was welcomed as the new chapter director at Moody Bible Institute in May.

Jonathan was first coached by NSP as a high school student, later served as a Lead Coach in

college, and we are excited to see him step into this full-time role next year.



Oak Lawn

To learn more about our impact in and around Chicago, check out these videos from our staff in

the Northshore & NorthWest Suburbs, Downtown & SouthWest Suburbs, and Western Suburbs.


Orland Park


Student Shares Gospel with

10% of School in One Day


On December 3rd, 185 students—nearly 10% of the

student body—attended a lunchtime gospel event at

Hersey High School. This is the highest attendance

Hersey’s Christian Club has seen in years at a school

event. During the days leading up to it, the club handed

out over 1,000 flyers and personally invited over half of

the student body to the events.


Kati (left) poses with her friend Jenna

(right) who she helped lead to Christ

this year! Next year, they’ll be serving as

co-presidents of their Christian club.


Wauconda High School. Photo courtesy

of Bulldog Nation Foundation.

“I was amazed by how God worked,” says Nick

Paraskevas, a junior at Hersey who helped put on the

event. “Any time you can have that many kids, most of

them unbelievers, hear the gospel is truly awesome. It

was awesome to see God work.”

From Seeker Student to

Co-President of the Christian Club


Nick is the youngest of three siblings, all of whom

have left a legacy as part of Hersey’s Christian Club.

Coached by NSP since the seventh grade, Nick has been

successfully leading outreach events for years. This

was Nick’s first gospel event in high school without his

older siblings and, when they started to run out of food

by the second of three lunch periods, he knew God had

something big in store.

By the end of the day, 60 students indicated that they’d

like to talk with someone about Jesus or be invited to a

youth group.

This fall, Nick is excited to continue sharing the gospel

at his school. “With all the events going on in the world

right now, it’s giving Christians a special opportunity to

be lights for Christ.”



Students gather during one of three lunchtime

gospel events at Hersey High School on

Tuesday, December 3rd.


Nick Paraskevas (left) with the rest of

Hersey’s Christian Club leaders and their NSP

coaches this year.

Jenna is excited to head into her senior year

and serve as co-president of the Christian Club

at Wauconda High School. But, a year ago, she

wouldn’t have even called herself a Christian.

Jenna’s friend, Kati, is one of two students who

pioneered the Christian Club at Wauconda High

School this year. It all started when a teacher

advisor connected her and another Christian

student with NSP last year. Heather Barnes, IL

State Director, coached the girls and helped

them get a Christian club up and running.

Despite not calling herself a Christian, Jenna

attended a few club meetings to hang out with

Kati. This spring, Kati decided to be bold in

her faith and invite Jenna to a youth retreat.

Wanting to have some fun and hang out with

her friend, Jenna said yes.

Throughout the retreat, Jenna found herself

feeling “broken” by the messages and regularly

on the verge of tears. This all came to a head during the

final night of the retreat—a giant worship service that

defied all of Jenna’s preconceived notions of “church.”

“That’s when I felt God,” said Jenna. “I started crying,”

she laughed, “and Kati went and got her youth pastor to

talk with me. He just let me talk and tell him how I was

feeling...and then he asked me ‘the big question’.”

A few minutes later, Kati prayed with Jenna and led her

to Christ for the very first time.

Since that day, Jenna has become a bold leader in

Wauconda’s Christian Club and is excited to join Kati as

co-president in the fall. Their vision for the new school

year? Family.

“The main point is just to make everyone feel like a

family,” said Kati. “We want to make strong ties with

existing Christians and then equip them to go out and

spread the love of Jesus like I did with Jenna.”



Map Key

Returning schools


Schools that launched

with NSP this year


Mill Valley


San Francisco Bay Area

NSP’s chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area began in 2014 with Los Angeles staff members

coaching schools remotely. Today, Barnaby Lee, a local pastor and graduate of Gateway

Seminary, is on the ground as our full-time Bay Area Chapter Director. Under his leadership,

the chapter has grown tremendously. This year alone NSP’s San Francisco Bay Chapter went

from coaching 9 schools to 22, some of which are NSP’s first school connections in cities

like Oakland, Fremont, and Milpitas.

Barnaby hopes to continue this growth next year by developing strong partnerships with

local church leaders and volunteers. His goals include developing partnerships with middle

school clubs, working with schools in downtown San Jose, and also breaking ground in San

Mateo County.

San Francisco

Daly City

San Mateo


San Jose





Noah (third from right) volunteered to share

his testimony when the Bible Club’s guest

speaker was cancelled less than 24 hours

before their event.

Students Stand Strong in

the Face of Opposition



NSP’s Bay Area Director Barnaby Lee with

volunteers and middle school students as

they prepare to pass out flyers before school.

Charlotte, a senior at Pioneer High School, served as a leader for

both of the Christian clubs on campus: Pioneers for Christ and

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Right before the start of her

senior year, Pioneer’s FCA began experiencing extreme opposition.

Middle School Students Witness

to Principal & Vice Principal


The Bible Club at a middle school in the San

Francisco Bay Area had their first ever on-campus

gospel event the last week before COVID-19 shut

schools down. At that event, both the school’s

principal and vice principal heard the gospel—from

the mouths of middle school students!

The weeks leading up to the event were hectic, with

the vice principal emailing club leaders at 11:00pm

the night before their first event saying they were

not allowed to invite a guest speaker. Despite this

setback, and many more, the Christian students

stood strong. The students had come a long way

since their initial battle to become an official club

on campus, so they weren’t about to let this stop


Noah, a seventh grader who isn’t even a club leader,

stepped up and volunteered to share his testimony

during the first day of outreach. Many students


attended the event, including both the principal

and vice principal, and 3 students gave their

lives to Christ for the first time!

Thanks to the perseverance and boldness of

these middle school students, 6 students gave

their lives to the Lord. We can’t wait to see how

God uses these incredible student leaders in

the years ahead.

“These student leaders have shown incredible

resilience and maturity of faith through the

various ups and downs of leading a gospeldriven

club,” says Barnaby Lee, NSP’s Bay Area

Director. “They are a testimony that outreach

in public schools is full of challenges—but

God shows up in powerful ways when His

children obey, and it is so worth it to share

the hope of Christ!”


Charlotte (right) gathers with a classmate

and Keila Huacuja (left), an NSP Lead

Coach, during Pioneer’s outreach week in



Former NFL Running Back, William Green,

shares the gospel as the guest speaker

during Pioneer’s outreach week.

The opposition began when the Satanist club on campus started

protesting at FCA events because of the organization’s stance

on Biblical marriage. FCA’s status as a club was revoked and

an unflattering article about the club appeared in the school’s


“The community of the club helped us stay encouraged,” said

Charlotte. “We continued to meet and dive into scripture and

prayer together. We shared our struggles with one another and

supported each other. We continued to pursue our mission to

share the gospel on campus even more during this time.

I wanted to make sure that other students could hear the

truth about Christ.”

As the conflict became a legal matter, the students received

support from NSP’s legal defense group, the Pacific Justice

Institute, and FCA’s personal attorneys. Despite this ongoing

struggle, both FCA and Pioneers for Christ were able to hold a

joint outreach week at lunch!

“Even with some protests, students still came to hear the

message,” said Charlotte. At the clubs’ final event on Friday,

March 6th, 35 students indicated decisions to recommit their

lives to Christ or give their lives to Him for the very first time.

Praise God!

As both Christian clubs continue to stand up for their rights on

campus and FCA fights for club approval next year, please pray

for open doors for the gospel and for bold students like Charlotte

to stand strong in the midst of opposition from their peers

and administration.



New River


Map Key

Returning schools

Schools that launched

with NSP this year




Tuscon + Phoenix

NSP began coaching schools in Tucson, AZ, in 2014. Since then, NSP has coached schools

remotely and sent college students on mission trips to help local high schools lead Tucson

outreaches each spring. During 2019-20, NSP promoted Devin Long to the role of Expansion

Director to oversee our growing ministry in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.


This year, NSP was able to coach 6 schools in Tucson with 3 planning on leading outreaches

before quarantine. Looking ahead to 2020-21, we are praying for a full-time staff member and

two part-time staff members to begin working on the ground in Tucson.


Also this year, NSP’s team developed relationships with students and local churches in

Phoenix, AZ. Pastor Carlos Mejia of Revive Christian Fellowship in Chandler, AZ, attended

NSP’s Fall Training Weekend with their youth group. Many of his students lead outreaches at

their schools in Phoenix this spring.

In the 2020-21 school year, NSP is excited to continue growing its relationship with students

and local churches in the Phoenix area. To accomplish these goals, Jason Hussong, a former

high school leader, will be serving as NSP’s first ever Lead Coach in Phoenix next year. To

learn more about NSP’s ministry in the Phoenix area, check out this video.

Oro Valley




Cafeteria workers and teachers at Desert View High School stand in line to talk

with Rogelio and take a free Bible.


Desert View’s Christian Club gathers with NSP’s staff and volunteers before

handing out free donuts on campus and inviting students to their outreach event.


Rogelio stands behind the table displaying his free Bibles.

Student Raises Money to Give

Out Free Bibles


Throughout his high school career, Rogelio, a

junior at Desert View High School and president

of the Bible Club, has been working tirelessly to

bring the gospel to his peers. “I’m not gonna lie,

I was getting worn out,” he said. “I was getting

tired, but once I saw that there is a desperate

need for the gospel at Desert View and that

students are hungry for the Word of God, I grew

great joy and excitement.”

This spring, Rogelio personally raised money and

bought Bibles to hand out during the Meant for

More Week at his school. As a member of the

Future Farmers of America (FFA), his fundraising

efforts included selling produce, eggs and

livestock he had personally raised.

“I’ve seen a huge need for God’s Word to be in

the hands of my club members, and I saw an

even bigger need for students on campus to be

familiar with the Bible,” he said. “God put it on

my heart to get Bibles to students at my school.”

“Over the course of that week, we had 395

students come to hear the gospel and several

students were saved,” said Devin Long, NSP

Expansion Director. “Some of them were even

friends of Rogelio. At the events, students

were lining up to receive free Bibles again.

In total, they distributed about 200 Bibles.”

“Yes they were hungry for the

donuts,” said Rogelio, “but they

were also hungry for the Word

of God. Even when we ran out of

donuts, that didn’t stop students

from coming up to us, asking

questions about Christianity and

taking a free Bible.”

In God’s amazing timing, Rogelio’s

campus-wide outreach happened the

week before schools across the nation

shut down. Because of Rogelio, hundreds

of students (and faculty) went into

quarantine with a Bible in their hands, and

hundreds more were able to reflect on the

gospel as they began isolating at home.

It will be amazing to see the fruit that

comes from this when Rogelio returns to

campus this fall.



Map Key

Schools that launched

with NSP this year

Target schools NSP

hopes to launch next year




Dallas-Fort Worth

2019-20 was a year of encouraging growth for our new Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter. We are

honored to introduce Jonathan and Katie Medina as our first field-staff in the area. The

Medinas have 10 years of youth ministry experience and have already made significant strides

in engaging students and churches in the DFW area.

“We were able to work with Springtown High School and Independence High School this year,”

said Katie. “Along with these schools, we have been able to work with Stonebriar Community

Church (home to Chuck Swindoll) in Frisco, Springtown Community Church in Springtown,

and Journey of Faith Church in Irving. We have been so blessed to begin partnering with

youth pastors in the area who have invited and encouraged their students to participate in the


“We are so excited for the fall!” Jonathan added. “We have students from two more schools

that are ready to reach their campuses for Christ. God is moving in big ways. We also have

church partners that are excited to get their students involved and begin Christinan clubs at

their schools. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to move in Texas next year.”


Fort Worth




Richland Hills

Forest Hill

Lower Mound












Capacity Builders

Our third focus during year one of Meant for More was building our capacity to support the ministry

as we expand to new cities and regions. We knew we needed to increase our capacity in several key

ways to accomplish this goal and we’re excited to share three of them in this section.


Financial Partnership

In Fall 2019, we began a partnership with

Cedarstone LLC to handle bookkeeping

and financial processing. Cedarstone

is based in Wheaton, IL, which is very

near to our Midwest headquarters. They

work with many Christian ministries

and missionary-sending organizations

to provide outstanding administrative

support. This partnership has allowed

us to focus on caring for our donors,

our students, and our mission with

greater clarity.

Donor Portal

The integration of a new donor portal to

our website was another step we took

this year to better care for our donors

and staff members. Now, donors have

the ability to create a profile and login to

make a donation, update their payment

information, view their donation history

and more. They can even make multiple

donations at once using a “shopping cart”

feature. It has also allowed each of our

staff missionaries to view and track their

monthly support levels with ease.

Office Space Accommodates

New Personnel in the Fall

Don Sivesind

Kathy Craig

Kristine Calhan

Our Illinois team was blessed with

an upgraded office space this year

that accommodates the many new

staff members who have joined the

IL team this year.

Our new Vice President of

Advancement, Don Sivesind, brings

over 25 years of business experience

with him. We also welcomed Kathy

Craig as our Regional Campaign

Coordinator for Meant for More and

Kristine Calhan as our Development

Events Coordinator. Kathy has done

exceptional work propelling forward

the Meant for More campaign

by pursuing key relationships

with students, parents and local

churches. Kristine went above and

beyond preparing for this year’s

spring fundraising banquets and

we are excited to see her hard work

come to fruition next spring.

Financial Update

We’re praising the Lord for another year of His faithful provision fueled by the prayer and

generosity of his people. Thank you for your part in the significant increase in giving we saw this

year compared to last year. This increase greatly accelerated the mission. We’re also praising the

Lord for the $1.5 million that has been given or pledged so far toward our $8.4 million Meant for

More campaign goal.

We’re also trusting the Lord to continue providing as we look at some challenges before us. Our

Spring 2020 fundraising efforts were far short of what we had planned due to the cancellation

of our five spring banquets during quarantine. Last year we saw over $500,000 given at our

banquets. This year, we saw $112,000 given at the Online Celebration & Fundraiser we hosted in

lieu of banquets. We’re grateful for His provision and are trusting the Lord to fill in this gap in the

days ahead.

Mindful of the financial challenges many are experiencing in this time, we’ve significantly

streamlined our budget for this new ministry year. Practically speaking, this means bringing our

budget from $2.6 million to $1.75 million.* Would you pray with us for God’s continued provision

and guidance in the days ahead?

*budget for income and expenses above and

beyond our staff’s personal support

Kellee Popp, NSP’s VP of Public Relations, emcee’s at the Online

Celebration & Fundraiser in May. This event was organized in lieu

of our five spring fundraiser banquets that were cancelled in the

midst of the virus.


Jun 2019 -

May 2020


Jun 2018 -

May 2019 (PP)


70150 Mileage - admin 266.80 106.50

90185 Supplies - FR 1,085.94 8,719.20

80160 Internet Presence - program 53,318.95 15.00


70155 Misc Expense - admin 450.69

70160 Payment Processing Fees 30,723.13 37,088.38

90190 Telecommunications - FR 1,110.16 1,715.18

90195 Travel - FR 9,154.00 10,333.39

80165 Literature - program 2,121.40 4,586.23

80170 Meals - program 55,596.48 52,625.22

41000 Unrestricted donations 1,058,085.45 389,065.10

70165 Postage - admin 9,894.85 1,461.84

90200 Utilities - FR 340.05 505.84

80175 Mileage - program 23,463.06 30,534.95

42000 Restricted donations 155,323.01 221,021.15

70170 Printing - admin 9,113.91 532.46

TOTAL 90000 FR expenses $ 221,928.03 $ 201,513.56

80180 Miscellaneous - program 1,232.50

43000 Support Raising donations 1,439,032.21 1,342,173.30

TOTAL 40000 Donation Income $ 2,652,440.67 $ 1,952,259.55

70180 Printing Supplies 91.05

70185 Rent - admin 19,879.50 18,183.15


80185 Postage - program 3,148.29 649.26

80190 Printing - program 38,833.74 18,176.94

44000 IN KIND DONATIONS 2,500.00


44210 Event Fee Income 1,817.90

44230 Interest Income 5,043.49 1,199.91

44240 Miscellaneous Income 2,717.46 1,972.42

Uncategorized Income 0.00

70190 Repairs and Maintenance 66.00

70195 Software - admin 153.35

70200 Subcontracting - admin 18,282.34 5,650.00

70205 Supplies - admin 4,776.83 7,056.03

70210 Telecommunications - admin 856.59 2,710.43

70215 Transaction fees - admin 228.50 15.00

70220 Travel - admin 1,068.48 6,806.23

66009 401k Employer Match 30,792.68 7,967.89

Gross Payroll

66000 Payroll - admin 132,954.51 138,160.47

66001 Payroll - FR 387,478.14 253,848.36

66002 Payroll - program 1,120,912.85 800,219.21

TOTAL Gross Payroll $ 1,641,345.50 $ 1,192,228.04

80195 Rent - Program 58,576.47 45,884.48

80200 Subcontracting - program 21,835.50 16,740.00

80205 Supplies - program 24,853.31 25,586.30

80210 Telecom - program 8,044.50 6,854.49

80215 Travel - program 68,465.88 71,768.29

80220 Utilities - Program 1,965.00 2,518.46

TOTAL Program expenses $ 531,570.22 $ 391,879.05

TOTAL 44200 Non-donation Income $ 8,256.95 $ 4,990.23

TOTAL Income $ 2,663,197.62 $ 1,957,249.78

GROSS Profit $ 2,663,197.62 $ 1,957,249.78


70225 Utilities - admin 818.73 1,132.48

TOTAL 70000 Admin expenses $ 185,300.69 $ 171,882.77


90100 Conference Center Fees - FR 17,760.00 34,812.30

90110 Dues and subscriptions - FR 69,602.30 27,617.35

90115 Equipment - FR 2,468.38 1,146.68

90120 Equipment rental - FR -143.38 1,667.00

Payroll Taxes 23.63

66003 Payroll taxes - admin 9,156.26 9,466.98

66004 Payroll taxes - FR 27,517.44 17,383.26

66005 Payroll taxes - program 80,782.74 59,677.12

66006 SUI Taxes - admin 163.14 0.00

66008 SUI Taxes - program 19.35

TOTAL Payroll Taxes $ 117,643.21 $ 86,546.71

TOTAL Expenses $ 2,728,580.33 $ 2,052,018.02

NET Operating Income -$ 65,382.71 -$ 94,768.24


90125 Event Fee - FR 2,837.37 13,388.00

TOTAL Payroll Expenses $ 1,789,781.39 $ 1,286,742.64

60940 Tax & licenses 14.00 14.00

70100 Accounting - admin 54,945.75 13,015.15

70110 Depreciation Expense 31,036.00

70115 Dues and subs - admin 26,791.25 31,509.77

70120 Equipment - admin 2,771.66 5,333.99

70125 Equipment rental - admin 223.56

70130 Gifts - admin 109.90 657.78

70135 Health insurance - admin 277.45

70140 Insurance - admin 2,674.19 7,512.51

70145 Meals - admin 1,290.14 1,593.11

90130 Gifts - FR 1,999.07 918.13

90135 Insurance - FR 3,818.57 2,748.28

90140 Advertising - FR 9,680.00

90145 Meals - FR 10,627.59 27,285.92

90150 Mileage - FR 3,092.38 12,657.90

90160 Postage - FR 8,785.94 15,228.29

90165 Printing - FR 23,984.16 16,691.29

90170 Rent - FR 14,570.41 7,716.52

90175 Software - FR -577.59 49.29

90180 Subcontracting - FR 40,732.68 18,313.00

90182 Honorarium - FR 1,000.00


80100 Conference Center Fees 34,536.26 65,224.72

80110 Education & training - program 9,768.55 5,184.47

80115 Entertainment - program 8,862.35 5,489.21

80120 Equipment - program 9,707.61 5,076.43

80130 Event Fee - program 7,753.20 4,263.00

80135 Gifts - program 8,003.62 5,390.28

80140 Health Insurance - program 17,515.27

80145 Honorarium - Program 19,065.00 8,575.00

80150 Housing - program 49,855.17 3,296.11

80155 Insurance - program 5,048.11 13,440.21





Letter from the

Founder & CEO

Governing Board

FOUNDER & CEO | Warren Willis Ph.D.

Flower Mound, Texas

Chief Executive Officer, National School


CHAIRPERSON | Richard W. Sherwood, PMP

Trophy Club, Texas

Senior Vice President of Operations,

The Martis Group, Inc.

SECRETARY | Michael Winter D.D.S.

Whittier, California

Owner, Michael Winter D.D.S.

Greg Thompson

Burson, California

President, Thompson Media Company, Inc.

Heinrich Johnson

Bloomingdale, Illinois

Owner, Christian Art Gifts, Inc.

Executive Staff

FOUNDER & CEO | Warren Willis Ph.D.

Flower Mound, Texas

PRESIDENT | Mark Hopson, M.A.

Wheaton, Illinois


Long Beach, California


Whittier, California

VP OF ADVANCEMENT | Donald Sivesind

McHenry, Illinois

Warren Willis, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

He who dwells in the

shelter of the Most

High, will abide in

the shadow of the

Almighty. I will say to

the Lord, “My refuge

and my fortress, My

God, in whom I trust!”

Psalm 91:1-2

While I was serving on Berkeley’s campus with Campus Crusade in the 1960’s,

there was as much commotion and civil unrest as there is today. There were mass

demonstrations on campus, violent clashes with the police, and even riots. I’ll

never forget standing there, witnessing to students on the Sproul Hall steps, as a

helicopter flew over and tear gassed us all. It’s no coincidence that in the same

season, when we invited Billy Graham to speak on campus during the “Berkeley

Blitz,” over 8,000 people came to hear what he had to say.

Similarly, I am confident that God has a greater purpose for the Coronavirus

pandemic in NSP’s future and we shall surely find it. I look to His promises and I am

at peace. Already we are seeing believers coming together and students standing

strong and stepping up.

The human heart’s desire for hope, purpose, and meaning today is as tangible with

the young as well as the old, and as applicable then as it is now. When students

stand up for Christ at school and share the gospel, they bring onto campus the

message of hope that changes lives. Praise God for the incredible fruit he has

brought out of NSP in the midst of this season. Whatever the future looks like,

I am confident that the National School Project will be prepared to meet the needs of

students across the country, as they receive and spread the gospel to their

fellow students.

To that end, I am very excited about the new digital ground we have gained. I am

excited to see us continue to develop new avenues of gospel messaging in the days

ahead. I am excited to anticipate the rocksolid faith the Lord will develop in our staff

and students no matter how crazy it gets as we look to Him. God will provide and we

need to be ready to stand and deliver no matter what comes.

To all of you who have faithfully prayed for NSP this year—thank you. And thank you

to everyone who has financially supported us as well. Truly, this mission wouldn’t

exist without you. I am confident that the Lord will continue to do mighty things

through students next year and I am grateful for your partnership in propelling this

ministry onward.


Lord Jesus, thank you for coming into this world and giving yourself for us.

Lord, thank you for all the students who have come and who are willing to

stand up for You on their campuses. Thank you for sending what we need

for the task that You have placed before us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Thank you for your strong

support of this mission. Please

consider giving a gift in support

of the incredible student leaders

you’ve read about today!






Give Now

PO Box 1118

Wheaton, IL 60187


NSP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

(Tax ID: 20-3226605)

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