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Police take concerted action over retail incidents

Venkat Raman

Officials of the three Police

Districts (Auckland City,

Counties Manukau and

Waitemata) are to launch a

combined programme of engagement

with retailers throughout the Auckland

Metropolitan region next week.

Tamaki Makaurau (Great

Auckland) officials will jointly

implement ‘Operation Dukan’ over

a four-week period commencing on

April 18, 2017, covering retails shops,

petrol stations and other outlets that

are vulnerable to burglary and related


The initiative is in response to the

increasing spate of offences, involving

mostly youth gangs and young individuals

in various parts of Auckland in

recent weeks.

Engagement in Safety

Small business retailers will notice

uniformed Police staff visiting their

premises over this period and they

will be provided with crime prevention

advice, posters, information, and

a safety audit of their premises.

Counties Manukau Inspector

Wati Chaplow said that the Police

Lyn Provost for Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture

Venkat Raman

We are happy to announce

that the just retired

Controller & Auditor

General of New Zealand

Lyn Provost will be the Guest Speaker at

the Seventh Annual Indian Newslink Sir

Anand Satyanand Lecture this year.

‘Truth and Transparency’ will be

the theme of her Lecture scheduled to

be held on Monday, August 7, 2017 at

Alexandra Park in Greenlane Auckland.

The Black Tie event will commence

with Cocktails and Networking at

630 pm followed by initial speeches,

Dinner, the Lecture, Questions &

Answers and Discussion.

recognise that there have been some

very concerning incidents of stores

being robbed, often by youths armed

with weapons and that they are using

a reckless amount of force against


“We recognise that parts of this

sector feel vulnerable, and they have

genuine concerns for their safety

as well as that of their families and

staff present when these crimes

occur. Police can provide valuable

information and resources that will

prevent robberies from occurring

and mitigate the risk to the retailer’s

safety,” he said.

Mr Chaplow said that the key to

‘Operation Dukan’ is the involvement

of officers who are fluent in English,

Hindi and Punjabi.

“Retailers will be invited to a

‘Robbery Prevention Seminar’ during

which they will receive an in-depth

presentation on reducing the risk of

robbery. These seminars will occur

across the Greater Auckland area and

from experience, participants have

received a lot of useful information

from these and it is a great opportunity

to engage with local police,” he


‘Operation Dukan’ was first

Lyn Provost

Counties Manukau Police with a South Auckland retailer

implemented in Counties Manukau But if they unfortunately occur, the Police

would certainly want to apprehend

District in 2009 and has been updated

to include policing staff from across the the offender/s, he said.

Greater Auckland area. The participants “It is critically important to Police

reported that they were grateful for the that our retailers within our communities

can feel safe and are safe, and that

information provided and that they had

made changes to their businesses to they can go about their business without

reduce the risk of robbery.

fear of robbery or harm,” he said.

Police determined

Queries relating to ‘Operation

Inspector Chaplow said that the Dukan’ can be made to Inspector Wati

Police are ‘absolutely committed’ to Chaplow or Sergeant Gurpreet Arora on

preventing robberies from occurring. (09) 2632776.

Medtech Global Limited Executive

Chairman Vino Ramayah will be the

Master of Ceremonies, while Nirvana

Health Group and Bank of Baroda

Director Ranjna Patel will provide

her Perspectives of the Topic and

Former Member of Parliament and

Commonwealth Secretary General’s

Special Envoy to Lesotho Dr Rajen

Prasad will reflect on the Lecture and

render his concluding remarks.

Ms Provost is currently a Public

Member on the New York based

International Auditing and Assurance

Standards Board and the Chair of

the Brian Picot Ethical Leadership

Advisory Board established by the

Victoria University of Wellington.

Radio Tarana and Relianz Travel

are the sponsors of this year’s Lecture.

Tickets to the Seventh Annual

Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand

Lecture, priced at $150 plus GST

per person and $1500 plus GST

for a Table of ten persons, are now

available. Please call (09) 5336377

or 021-836528; Email: editor @

The cost includes Cocktails and

Networking, Dinner and Lecture.

Additional Reading: Our Leader

‘Fake News wages war on Truth’

under Viewlink on Page 12 and

‘Truth and Transparency in the

world of increasing lies’ under

Businesslink on Page 15.

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Improper care exposes Indians to heart diseases

Venkat Raman

Health experts, including specialists

and visiting medical

practitioners have said that

South Asians in general and

Indians in particular in New Zealand are

susceptible to diabetes leading to other


Cardiovascular diseases are also

common among this section of the

population but early detection can

influence early cure, says, Dr Albert Ko,

an Interventional Cardiologist based at

Ascot Hospital in Greenlane, Auckland.

He also meets patients referred by

General Practitioners (GPs) by prior

appointment at his satellite clinics in

Botany (East Care Specialists), Papakura

(Counties Care), Pukekohe (Seddon

Medical) and Browns Bay (Shore Care

North Cross).

Unhealthy contributors

“Lifestyle, unhealthy food, eating

habits, stress at work and home and

genetic factors are all contributors to the

diseases of the heart. While prevention

is always better than cure, much

hardship can be avoided or minimised

through early detection and treatment.

Regular exercise and periodic visits to

GPs are important,” he said, during an

interview with Indian Newslink.

Although life expectancy is on the

rise in New Zealand, prompting the

government to propose legislation on

lifting the retiring age to 67, diabetes,

diseases of the heart, obesity and the

resultant complications are becoming

major health and social issues.

Heart-rending statistics

According to the Heart Foundation,

There is nothing like opening your heart to your GP: Dr Albert Ko at his Ascot Hospital Clinic

A fistful of life: The Human heart beats 100,800 times a day!

about 172,000 people (one in 20 adults) are

living with heart disease in New Zealand,

33% of deaths are caused by cardiovascular

disease and every 90 minutes, one person

dies of heart disease.

Dr Ko said that heart diseases affect both

men and women, although men outnumber

women in undergoing Angioplasty, a procedure

that unblocks blood vessels, allowing

easier and better blood flow in arteries.

A Mayo Clinic (a nonprofit medical

research group based in Rochester,

Minnesota) Study in 2008 showed that

contrary to popular opinion, women do just

as well after artery-unclogging procedures,

dispelling the earlier thinking of doctors that

angioplasty and stents work better in men.

“As it turns out, women have been doing

as well as men for more than a decade. But

the widespread assumption that women do

worse after angioplasty means that women

account for only 30% of the one million

artery-opening procedures performed each

year in the US. This is despite the fact that

heart disease is the Number 1 killer of

women,” the study said.

The Procedure

During angioplasty, a catheter is threaded

through an artery into a plaque-narrowed

area and a balloon is inflated to widen

the artery. Usually, a mesh tube called

a ‘Stent’ is used to prop open the artery.

Doctors use the term ‘Percutaneous

Coronary Intervention’ (PCI) to refer to

heart procedures in which catheters are

threaded into heart arteries.

“Women are less likely to be referred

that men for invasive procedures,

including coronary angiography and PCI.

Raising awareness among physicians will

help us overcome this referral bias. The

decision to refer a patient should not be

influenced by gender,” Dr Ko said.

He said that Angioplasty is a low-risk

procedure and yet many of us ignore it.

“Angioplasty carries minimal risk

with only one in 1000 patients dying

during the procedure. This is a minor

procedure which does not often require

hospitalisation of more than one day. In

some cases, patients are returned home

the same day,” Dr Ko said.

He said that five major factors influence

heart-related diseases. They include

family history, high blood pressure, high

cholesterol, diabetics and smoking.

Indians from Fiji carry a higher risk

of coronary problems, with nine out

of 10 requiring intervention. Diabetes

strikes them and hence they should

exercise caution. We specialists do not

see any patient directly. It is therefore

imperative that they go for regular medical

check-up. Education is important to

raise awareness,” Dr Ko said.

A Warning

Angioplasty has become a routine

process for people with blockages but

a Heart Foundation communication

has warned that as with all medical

procedures, there are both risks and

benefits associated with angioplasty.

APRIL 15, 2017

“Talk to your doctor, nurse and other

health professional about the risks and

benefits for you, and any concerns you

may have. Your healthcare team can

give you more information about your

individual circumstances and level of

risk,” the Foundation website says.

Following angioplasty, some people

may develop complications including

bleeding under the skin at the wound


“This should improve after a few

days, but please contact your GP if you

are concerned. It is common to have a

bruise from the catheter for a few weeks.

Some people may develop allergy to the

contrast dye used, causing symptoms

such as a rash. You should discuss any

allergies that you have with your cardiologist

before having the procedure.”

Additional Reading: Our Editorial,

Indians should not ignore health

warnings’ under Viewlink on Page 12

and ‘Cardiologist opens his heart to

Fijians’ under Fijilink on Page 10.









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APRIL 15, 2017

Group links Business Awards to team spirit

Manish Tanna

Almost a decade ago,

Indian Newslink started

something that promised

to be a revolution.

It was the first of its kind initiative

by any organisation in New

Zealand – the Indian Newslink

Indian Business Awards.

The Awards have grown over

the years and 2017 marks the Tenth


The entries for this year’s

Awards are now open (visit for rules and

regulations, eligibility criteria and

to download the entry forms.

It is therefore timely that we talk

about those who have been there

and done that – the past winners.

It will be nice to know what

stage their journey is at now and

how things have changed for them

after they were feted in front of

their peers and businesses and

political leaders of New Zealand.

The Link 2 Group

We start with the winner of

Supreme Business Award for last

year (2016)- The Link2 Group. It

is a family-owned and managed

business, very much in the mould

of traditional Indian culture.

Its Managing Director Indra

Sirigiri and his wife Manasa started

the Group in 2000; today their son

Rahul amply supports them as


Together, they represent the

typical Kiwi Indian family where

traditional oriental values thrive

alongside inherent Kiwi ingenuity.

They have around 200 personnel

who provide to major businesses

like The Warehouse, Farmers,

Mainfreight, DHL, Pernod-Rickard

and Mondiale.

The attitude towards their team

is clear - “All of us belong to

one family; we share our joy and

sorrow with the same degree of

ownership. But we cannot allow

(personal) relations to hamper

either our quality of service or

commitment to customers. Everyone

including me is accountable,”

Mr Indra Sirigiri said.

Progress – a way of life

The Company is regarded as a

reliable logistical link for uninterrupted

contract services. Mr Sirigiri

saw a different way of managing

contract labour in the logistics

sector, where he had worked for

many years.

Instead of hiring inexperienced

casual staff on an hourly rate, he

offers clients a fixed price and

provides them the services of

trained Link2 Services staff with an

onsite supervisor.

In the years since the company

was founded, the Sirgiris have never

rested on their laurels. So, it is no

surprise that they have expanded in

diverse range of activities including

a takeover of Apparel solutions,

in 2013, to provide warehousing

services. They also have films,

architecture and warehousing

solutions apart from transport.

Supreme Business

The Company has made more

than 35,000 average placements

every year from 2013-2016 up

from about 9000 in the 2010-2013.

The trend continues its upward

journey at present, too. The

recipe for success for Link2 group

includes (1) Its flat management

structure (2) Swift communication

with internal and external

stakeholders of the business (3)

Continuous monitoring of set

targets (4) Employee consultations

at all levels (5) A strict finance

control policy and (6) Expansion

and diversification.

The company not only won

the Supreme Business Award but

also the ‘Business Excellence

in Customer Service’ and ‘Best

Employer of Choice’ Categories in

2016. Rahul Sirigiri won the ‘Best

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Award’ in 2016, the second such

Award since 2013.

Link 2 Group was also a finalist

in the Westpac Auckland Business

Awards in the ‘Employer of the

Year’ category in 2016.

All of the above just goes to

show that those who are recognised

at BNZ Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards are recognised

across the commercial world.

Manish Tanna is an educationist

and community worker,

currently teaching at Mahurangi

College, Warkworth. Email:

● First Home

● Investment Property

● Residential or Commercial

● Building / Extending / Renovating

● Re-Finance/ Restructure


Indra Sirigiri is all smiles as former Prime Minister John Key has a word with the winner of the Supreme Business of

the Year Award, watched on either side by Manasa Sirigiri and BNZ Chairman Doug McKay at the Ninth Annual Indian

Newslink Indian Business Awards held on November 28, 2016 at Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland.

(Picture by Narendra and Sai Bedekar)

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APRIL 15, 2017

A chilling tale of Battle of Britain and POW exchange in Barcelona

Book on New Zealand War Veteran launched

Venkat Raman


small group of guests were

at the Aviation Hall of the

Museum of Transport and

Technology Auckland

(MOTA) in Western Springs, Auckland

on Friday, April 7, 2017, to celebrate the

launch of a book titled, ‘From Battle of

Britain Airman to POW Escapee: The

Story of the Late Ian Walker.’

The Book, written by Angela Walker

of Auckland, is a tribute to her father, a

Champion Cyclist-turned Airman, who

lived to narrate the story of his life as a

war hero and later as a Prisoner of War

in the hands of Germans.

The Book was launched by Lisa

Chappell, known for her role as Claire

McCleod in ‘McCleod Daughters,’ a

drama series on Nine Network.

The Book narrates the Second

World War story of Ian Walker, a New

Zealander in the ranks of the Royal Air

Force, who participated in the ‘Battle

of Britain’ before being transferred to

Bomber Command.

He survived three plane crashes in his

Wellington bomber.

The Great Escape

His third and final crash occurred

in the enemy territory, where he was

captured and taken prisoner. Confined

within the claustrophobic walls of a

POW camp, he hatched a plot with a

Angela Walker with her Book

fellow inmate to escape. This they achieved, almost

miraculously, in broad daylight. Living on basic

rations, they navigated the enemy wilds until they

were captured, yet again, and taken back to prison.

After languishing in POW camps and hospitals

for more than two years, Mr Walker had the good

fortune of being placed on a list of injured men

to be exchanged, man-for-man, with German


The Barcelona Exchange

The little-known story of the history-making

exchange that took place in Barcelona in October

1943 is detailed in the Book, describing how

thousands of allied and axis prisoners were safely

returned to their homelands in the midst of war.

Ian Walker died in 2009 at the age of 89.

Speaking at the launch, Angela Walker said

how she took efforts from her formative years to

preserve the details of her father’s extraordinary

odyssey in full.

Her tale circumnavigates the globe, weaving

snippets taken from letters and extensive

journals kept by her father to create a compelling,

warm-hearted and thrilling account of his war.

Having once inspired her to win a gold medal at the

Commonwealth Games, her father now continues

to inform and inspire her through the stories she has

recovered from his past. Her book commemorates

the efforts of all New Zealand’s wartime airmen

who, like her father, made significant contributions

in the fight for allied victory.

About Angela Walker and her husband

Angela Walker and her husband Dr Kannan

Subramaniam have been long-time friends of

Indian Newslink and were featured in our columns

first in 2003.

Dr Subramaniam is currently Senior Director

(Cardiovascular Lead) at Pfizer Essential Health,

Global Medical Affairs for the Asia Pacific Region,

New South Wales, Australia, based in North Shore,


We featured him first (Indian Newslink, July 15,

2003) to report on an innovation of ‘Intrahealth,’ of

which he was then Vice-President. The company’s

ground-breaking research was on easy detection

of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars),

diabetes and a host of other human ailments.

About two years later, we wrote about his visit

to Batticaloa, in the east coast of Sri Lanka to

provide psychosocial and psychological relief

and counselling to the victims of the tsunami that

resulted from the Indian Ocean earthquake killing

more than 30,000 people on December 26, 2004

(Indian Newslink, February 15, 2005).

Angela Walker, who he married in 1995, worked

in Revo, an advertising agency. She won a Gold

Medal in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the 1990 Commonwealth

Games (New Zealand) and represented

New Zealand at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Book Details

Title: From Battle of Britain Airman to POW


The Story of the Late Ian Walker

By Angela Walker

Imprint: Pen & Sword Aviation

Pages: 327

ISBN: 9781473890725

Published: January 6, 2017



Heartless funding cuts hurt NGOs

Carmel Sepuloni

At the heart of many of our

local communities are

NGOs that provide support

for those in need.

They provide help for survivors of

sexual violence, of domestic abuse;

they provide support with finances,

offer mental health services and

assistance with problem gambling, just

to name a few.

People who use these services often

do so in times of crisis and struggle.

Yet, these social services are being eroded

by this government’s failure to value

their contributions to our communities.

Unfair demand

For months, the Social Development

Minister has been pushing for

social services to share private client

information in return for funding

because they do not think that they are

getting their money’s worth.

The requirement of contracted

social services to provide private

client information to the government

has been heavily criticised by Labour,

alongside social services themselves,

the people who seek out their support,

law experts and now even the Privacy


We have also seen a spate of local

organisations whose contracts have

been cut from government funding,

leaving significant gaps in support

services. And on top of that, the

overall funding for social services has

flat-lined since National came into


Wellington Shakti

One major repercussion of this

government’s treatment of social

services is the threat to the Wellington

Shakti refuge. Shakti is a specialist

provider of culturally competent

support services for women, children

and families of Asian, African and

Middle Eastern origin, specialised in

women’s development, empowerment

and domestic or family violence intervention,

prevention and awareness.

Yet this year, the government has

turned down a funding application of

about $60,000 per year for the Upper

Hutt branch of the Shakti refuge.

We know that the burden of inequality

and poverty that disproportionately

falls on women and this is worsened

when taking into account cultural


For example, while the median

wage for women overall is $22 compared

with $25 for men, the median

hourly pay rate for a Pacific woman is

$18.90 per hour; Maori women have

a median wage of $20 an hour, Asian

women are at $20.14 and Middle Eastern/Latin

American/African women’s

median wage is $18.70.

Double discrimination

In addition, female migrants

and refugees often face double

discrimination in New Zealand. For

example, Rez Gardi, a former refugee

from Pakistan living in New Zealand,

said, “There already exists inequality

against females in all aspects of social,

economic and political aspects of

society, and there is that added barrier

to accessing full rights as a citizen

when you are from an ethnic minority.”

New Zealand Census 2013 found

that there were 87,534 people in New

Zealand who did not feel they could

yet hold a conversation in English.

This should not stop these people

from being able to access social

support they need.

Barriers to migration

There are many barriers that come

with migration and the intergenerational

bonds of cultural oppression,

particularly for women.

Shakti sets out to challenge the

cultural acceptance of domestic violence

within the ethnic communities.

This is a vital organisation that allows

migrant and refuge women to access

life-saving culturally appropriate

support services, and we should

value organisations like this to ensure

prosperity in our communities.

Carmel Sepuloni is elected Member

of Parliament from the Kelston

Constituency and Labour Party’s

Spokesperson for Social Development.

APRIL 15, 2017

Party keen on Green Vote in electorates



James Shaw

The Green Party has

announced that Raj

(Pardeep Singh), a lawyer

based in Papatoetoe,

South Auckland will be its candidate

in Manukau East in the

General Election 2017.

The announcement was made

at a fundraising dinner held at an

Indian restaurant in Botany on

Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

The Green Party has about

a dozen candidates around the

country who want to focus their

efforts on building the Green Vote

in their electorates rather than

appear on the Party List.

Raj is in that group of

candidates; he believes that it

is important that the voters of

Manukau East see him dedicated

to them and their community first

and foremost.

This is in contrast with some

candidates and MPs from other

parties, who are unfortunately

getting a reputation for being more

focused on building their own political

profiles than on being strong

advocates for their communities.

Community commitment

Raj recognises that his chances

of making it into Parliament at

this election are small – but he is

deeply committed to building the

profile of the Indian community

within the Green Party and in

James Shaw with (from left) Ashima Singh, Green MPs Julie Anne Genter, Marama

Davidson, Barry Coates and Manukau East Candidate Raj Pardeep Singh at the

fundraiser held on March 28.

Parliament, over the coming years.

Raj has already demonstrated

that he is a good leader, a hard

worker and is deeply connected

to the community. I have full

confidence in Raj and I anticipate

that he will run a very strong

campaign in Manukau East and

make a major contribution in his

community and to the Greens this

year and in the coming years.

I am looking forward to working

with him.

Strong Group

The Greens will field the strongest

group of candidates in South

Auckland that we have ever had.

Together, they will be working

across South Auckland to advocate

for the community and to build the

Green vote.

James Shaw is Co-Leader of The

Green Party of New Zealand.

Our Reporter adds:

The Candidate

Indian Newslink has known Raj

Pardeep Singh for more than 14

years when he was employed in

commercial organisations.

A graduate in Law from the

University of Delhi (1999), he

practiced as an Advocate at the

High Court in Delhi, and was a

member of the Bar Council of


In New Zealand, he completed

his Course of proficiency from the

University of Auckland and New

Zealand Law Society. He accomplished

his Professional Legal

Studies Course from the Institute

of Professional Legal Studies,

Auckland and was admitted to the

High Court of New Zealand.

He was a Barrister and Solicitor

at Auckland city law firm for four

years and worked as Duty Solicitor

for the Auckland, Whangarei and

Dargaville District Courts.

He established ‘Legal Associates

Barristers & Solicitors,’ in

2014 with his wife Ashima Singh.

The firm specialises in all areas of

Immigration Law, Immigration &

Protection Tribunals, Judicial reviews

at High Court, Ombudsman

Office at Parliament, Immigration

Minister Appeals and further deals

in Criminal & Employment law.





• Easy Payment Terms

• Titles due early 2018

• Level section 400 sqm and above

• Located beside proposed new primary school

• Close to Pukekohe Township

• 3.1 km (approx) to Pukekohe Train Station

Call now for a detailed Information Pack


From $350,000


Phone for viewing times

Pooja Goel

Pukekohe 09 238 7019

Jason Woodyard

Pukekohe 09 238 7019



Friendly policies enhance the Diversity Dividend

Judith Collins

As Minister for Ethnic

Communities, I find it

highly satisfying to see

people working so hard to

make their own communities strong

while also making a huge contribution

to the social and economic life of New


The number of people who identify

as ‘Indian’ increased almost 50%

between 2006 and 2013. That’s made

up of diverse faith groups that form a

part of the fabric of the wider Indian

community such as Sikhs and Muslims.

There are now more than 155,000

people in New Zealand who identify as

Indian, and those in Auckland make up

about 8% of the population.

We gain an enormous amount –

socially, economically and culturally

– from new migrants who choose to

make a life here.

We talk about these gains in terms

of ‘The Diversity Dividend’ – the

value-add from those who join the New

Zealand community.

You can see this in the form of new

small businesses and new international

trade links, in government, sport, the

arts and other aspects of social and

economic life in New Zealand.

Making tax easier

The National-led government recognises

the importance of helping support

communities and businesses to grow.

Judith Collins with Prime Minister Bill English and (from left) Ravi Singh, Anand Chohan, Vijay Goel, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and Melissa Lee at

the ‘Electionlink’ launch of Indian Newslink at Raviz Restaurant in Botany Junction on February 27. (Picture by Creative Eye Fotographics)

Many of our Indian communities are

business owners and so I would like

to share with you some of the changes

you will see in a new section in Inland

Revenue’s website- myIR.

You can do some new things


Arranging your GST payment at the

same time as you submit your return.

You can do this by authorising a

direct debit from your bank account or

using credit or debit card. There is no

need to make a separate payment by

internet banking.

You can schedule the payment for

the due date.

You can also request an amendment

to an already filed GST return, making

it easier and quicker to do.

You can choose to receive email and/

or text message reminders when your

GST return and payment is due or late

to avoid penalties. Tax agents can also

now bulk-file clients’ GST returns, access

clients’ GST information, request

amendments, set up payment plans and

do much more.

Unique Identifier

Businesses can now also use their

New Zealand Business Number

(NZBN) as a unique identifier when

contacting Inland Revenue.

New migrants can also register

online for an IRD number, making it

faster for them to start work.

Inland Revenue has bilingual staff

and provides access to Language Line

interpreting services. Customers can

speak to Inland Revenue in 44 different

languages. Online videos are available

in seven different languages for anyone

setting up a new business.

I have also asked Inland Revenue to

work more closely with the Office of

Ethnic Communities and other agencies

to make sure they reach communities

as effectively as possible. It was

therefore pleasing to hear of Inland

Revenue’s attendance at a recent small

business road show, specifically for

Indian Communities that was promoted

by the Ministry of Business, Innovation

and Employment.

They also attended an Auckland

Migrant Entrepreneur Forum.

Business development

Later this year, there will be another

Ethnic People in Commerce (EPIC

NZ) conference which will bring

together ethnic business people.

The EPIC conferences have been

very successful and an excellent

opportunity for ethnic business people

to build their networks and exchange


This will be the sixth EPIC Con-

APRIL 15, 2017

ference and is intended to help ethnic

business people connect with each

other, the wider SME sector, and with

economic development government


It is also an acknowledgement of the

contribution ethnic businesses make to

our nation’s economy.

The EPIC conferences are a great

way to hear about inspiring ethnic

business people succeeding in domestic

and international markets. And they are

an opportunity to showcase how ethnic

diversity benefits New Zealand’s social

and economic prosperity.

A range of government agencies also

attend EPIC conferences and are able

to provide participants with essential

information about policies, regulations

and laws that support best practice and

business growth in New Zealand.

More details about EPIC this year

will be available from the Office of

Ethnic Communities website this


Public Safety

On a final note, as the former Police

Minister, I am also acutely aware that

there are a few things more important

to all of us than public safety.

Small business owners feel particularly

vulnerable because they are often

targeted by violent offenders.

So, I am thrilled with the more than

half-a billion-dollar announcement of

extra Police that was announced by the

Prime Minister and the Police Minister

earlier this year.

Judith Collins is Minister of Ethnic

Communities, Minister of Energy &

Resources and Minister of Revenue.

Authorised by Mahesh Bindra, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Communities must help in ending family violence




Spokesperson for: Corrections, Ethnic Affairs, Customs, LINZ

Auckland Office

Level 1, 21 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe

Auckland 2025

P: 0800 BINDRA (246 372)



Singh Bakshi

Family violence is one

of New Zealand’s most

difficult social issues.

It can take a number

of forms, including physical,

verbal, emotional, economic,

religious, and sexual abuse.

We understand the effects

that family violence has on our

society, our communities and

our future generations.

Identifying risks

We also understand the need

to act sooner to keep victims

safer and change perpetrator

behaviour. And we need an

innovative approach to better

identify risk and recognise the

patterns of family violence.

That is why this government

is putting a stake in the ground

and making changes to help

reduce abuse in Kiwi families.

We are making system-wide

changes. Across 16 different

portfolios, Ministers and departments

are working together

to redesign the way our system

prevents and responds to family


This is part of our

cross-agency work overseen

by the Ministerial Group on

Family Violence and Sexual


Revisiting legislations

We are starting by overhauling

our civil and criminal laws

to build a more integrated and

more effective legal framework

for tackling family violence.

Our Family and Whanau

Prime Minister Bill English with Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and Ranjna Patel

during a visit to Gandhi Nivas in Otahuhu, Auckland on March 29, 2017.

Violence Legislation Bill is

the biggest reform of family

violence laws in 20 years.

The Bill proposes changes to

better support victims and their


Protection orders will

be easier to apply for with

simpler application forms. And

non-government organisations

(NGOs) will be able to apply on

behalf of particularly vulnerable

victims who are unable to apply


Community Partnership

The Bill also proposes changes

to better protect the safety

of adult and child victims following

separation. Courts must

consider extra family violence

factors when assessing a child’s

safety in Care of Children Act

(CoCA) proceedings, including

whether a temporary protection

order has been made and if there

have been any breaches.

Gandhi Nivas

On March 29, 2017, I had the

opportunity of visiting ‘Gandhi

Nivas,’ with Prime Minister Bill

English. Located in Otahuhu,

this facility is a partnership

between Nirvana Foundation,

Counties Manukau Police and

Sahaayta Counselling and

Social Support.

It provides early intervention

and prevention services to

at-risk individuals with the

objective of helping them

change their behaviour,

reduce the likelihood of further

domestic violence and increase

safety for their families. These

partnerships are effective in

addressing root causes of

domestic violence.

I am happy that Indian

Newslink and its Editor have

been involved with Gandhi

Nivas from the early stages of

planning and working.

Family violence is not a problem

that Government can solve

alone — it requires all New

Zealanders to think differently.

We all need to work togather.

The Government is working

hard to reduce New Zealand’s

rate of family violence, however

everyone in our community

needs to think differently

and take action to tackle this

important issue.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi is

Member of Parliament on

National List, Chairman of

the Parliamentary Select

Committee on Law & Order

& Parliamentary Private

Secretary to Police Minister.

APRIL 15, 2017



Small businesses need passion and care

Jacqui Dean

As Small Business Minister,

I am a passionate advocate

for small businesses in New

Zealand, including our

ethnic business communities.

The National-led government values

the contribution that Indian small

businesses make in New Zealand and I

appreciate the challenges that you face.

Just last month I was in Auckland

visiting small businesses in Manukau

with National List MP Kanwaljit

Singh Bakshi and I met with a range of

Indian small businesses including food

producers, manufacturers and retailers.

This visit reinforced to me that small

businesses in the Indian community

are as diverse as the wider economy.

I am committed to traveling

throughout New Zealand talking to

as many small business owners as


It is important all business owners

have the chance to interact with

government to share their experiences

and ideas.

Small Business Roadshow

One of my main projects this year is

the ‘Small Business Roadshow,’ where

Government agencies come together

with small business owners to talk

about their experiences and where we

can support them.

Small Business Minister Jacqui Dean with National List MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi at the

‘Slumberzone’ showroom in Manukau.

Last November, we held a specific

roadshow event in Auckland for the

Indian business community. This was

well attended and focused specifically

on areas which affect the Indian business

community such as exporting,

importing and hospitality.

This was such a great event that we

are expanding it and this year we are

holding a Chinese business community

event so that other ethnic communities

can have the same opportunity.

Indian Newslink Indian Business


The Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards have been an integral

part of the Indian business community

for 10 years. This event has recognised

small businesses owned, managed and

franchised by people of Indian origin

throughout New Zealand.

It is great to see these businesses

having the chance to be recognised

for the contribution they make to our


This event has been a must attend

event for a number of Ministers since

National has been in government.

Former Prime Minister John

Key, Prime Minister Bill English,

Finance Minister Steven Joyce,

Ethnic Communities Minister Judith

Collins, Tertiary Education Minister

Paul Goldsmith and the then Ethnic

Communities Minister Sam Lotu-liga

have all attended in recent years.

They have talked highly about the

evening and how important it is to

recognise the success of the Indian

business community in New Zealand.

Small Business Development Group

Another key link into government

is the Small Business Development


This group meets regularly with

government agencies and community

groups to discuss their experiences

as small business owners and how

government policy affects small

business owners.

It is important that ethnic communities

are represented on this group as

they bring a unique perspective to the


Radio Tarana Managing Director

Robert Khan sits on this group and

brings the perspective of the Indian


Robert is a passionate advocate for

the Indian business community and

plays a critical part in the group’s

success in getting government and

business together.

Support for small business

Recently I announced the publication

of a new small business booklet

called, ‘New Zealand’s Support for

Small Business.’

I am aware of the time constraints

placed on small business owners and

the need to have quick access to all the

information you need.

This resource is a one-stop-shop,

bringing together information from

a range of government agencies and

programmes such as Regional Business

Partners, ACC, Inland Revenue,

WorkSafe, Stats NZ, New Zealand

Trade and Enterprise and Callaghan

Innovation. is a website which

brings together all the information that

you might need as a business owner.

This website provides tools such as

the employment agreement builder,

a workplace policy builder, tax and

accounting information and much



Police Minister Paula Bennett

recently announced the $503 million

‘Safer Communities Initiative.’ This

initiative involves 20 new specialist

Ethnic Liaison Officers who will build

relationships with local community

leaders and members, including

small business owners. Their role

is to ensure the issues facing ethnic

communities are well understood at all

levels of Police.

These initiatives support the

National-led government’s priority to

provide an environment where small

businesses can grow and innovate.

We are doing a lot to support Indian

small businesses, and small businesses

in general.

As Small Business Minister, it is

my job to advocate and make sure that

we bring all the government’s work

around small business together.

I want to make sure all small

business communities are listened to

and supported.





Mt Roskill

74 Carr Road


697m² Single level building


835m² Freehold site


Popular bustling location with

increasing showroom users


Blank canvas opportunity to

reconfigure to suit your


Auction (unless sold prior)

11am, Wednesday 17 May 2017

Bayleys House, 30 Gaunt Street,


Tony Chaudhary

M 021 995 121

Sunil Bhana

M 021 938 660


National is boosting Police staff numbers by 1125, including

880 sworn officers, through our $503 million Safer

Communities package. We are ensuring Police attend at

least 98 per cent of all home burglaries within 48 hours. The

package also provides $7.5 million for 20 ethnic liaison officers

who will work with Indian and other ethnic communities and

businesses to stop crime in these communities.







Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160 | P 04 817 9999 | @pmbillenglish

Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Rt Hon Bill English MP, Parliament, Wellington.







Freehold corner site -1,419m² (more or less)

Consented childcare catering for 85 children

In close proximity to Papakura Town Centre, St Mary´s and Opaheke

primary school, Rosehill Intermediate and College

Developers/childcare operators must inspect

Proposed floor area 519m² more or less


Auction (unless sold prior)

11am, Wed 17May 2017

30 Gaunt Street, Auckland

Tony Chaudhary

M 021 995 121





New Campus prepares better healthcare professionals

Venkat Raman

APRIL 15, 2017


new campus that aims to

educate and promote better

qualified and motivated

healthcare professionals

could be the beginning of palliatives to

the ailing public health care system in

New Zealand as reported extensively in

our April 1, 2017 issue.

AGI Education Limited, a private

education provider which is committed

to quality education, opened its second

campus in Epsom (190 Great South

Road) on March 17, 2017.

Among those who attended the event

were Health Minister Dr Jonathan

Coleman, National MP Kanwaljit

Singh Bakshi and Beca Limited Legal

Head Chye Heng.

Vital Link

Dr Coleman said that institutions

like AGI were a vital link between

students obtaining high skills and the

healthcare providers who constantly

need their services.

“We have many overseas students

who are keen to obtain qualifications in

healthcare and it is commendable that

institutions like AGI are involved in

helping such students achieve their objectives.

I hope that AGI will continue

its efforts in delivery of quality skills to

students and enable them to achieve the

desired outcomes,” he said.

Dr Jonathan Coleman with Chandan Ohri

The Epsom Campus of AGI is

strategically located and is just five

kilometres from the City Centre.

Spread across two levels, there is space

to study, research, use the library,

relax and make use of breakout area


AGI President, Chandan Ohri

described the Epsom Campus “as

a continued effort of the institution

towards pursuit of excellence, and

towards creating programmes that

impart tangible and transferable skills

Chye Heng with Dr Jonathan Coleman

that employers expect from students.”

Make the difference

He said that AGI is a place for

people who want to make a difference

in the world, because we believe that

each person has the power to make a

big difference.

“Our Healthcare graduates enrich

the lives of the people they serve and

give those in their care a better quality

of life through their professionalism,

expertise and empathy. Our focus is to

produce quality healthcare professionals

who raise the bar and surpass the

standards that the healthcare profession

demands. Our aim is to provide wellequipped

graduates who are committed

to providing the highest quality of care

to patients and become stalwarts of the

healthcare sector,” Mr Ohri said.

High success rate

Mr Ohri said that AGI is proud of its

record of 90% of its graduates gaining


It reflects the proficiency that

students of the institute attain, he said.

Mr Ohri said that in recognition of

the growing importance of information

and computer technology in today’s

commercial and non-commercial sectors

and in the life of people, AGI has

structured career-centric and dynamic

programmes to meet the market needs.

“Our newly introduced cutting-edge

IT Programmes will give students

relevant skills and a substantial

advantage in the job market with a

qualification that will be highly regarded

by employers. Our IT Programmes

have been developed with the same

commitment to quality and excellence

and will jumpstart the career of our IT

graduates,” he said.

Mr Ohri paid tributes to the AGI

faculty, saying that teachers bring a

depth and range of experience that

is not easily found in other Private

Training Establishments (PTEs).

“They inspire our enthusiastic

students to become highly skilled

professionals. We are a diverse team,

drawn from many countries, working

tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence as

one AGI,” Mr Ohri said.

Academic suggests $15,000 levy on migrants

Mark Keating


poll tax on immigrants

will help fund the extra

infrastructure and public

service costs associated with

New Zealand’s growing population.

A poll tax is a duty imposed on all, or

a particular category of persons, to fund

a specific government expense.

The government should impose

a flat levy on most immigrants to

New Zealand to help cover the extra

infrastructure and service costs from

population increase.

Treasury estimates

In 2016, New Zealand Treasury

estimated the extra spending required

on hospitals, schools, roads and other

infrastructure to cope with population

growth - which is largely driven by

The Treasury figures included (a)

an upfront $1 billion on a Housing

Infrastructure Fund to help local government

pay for water, roads and other

infrastructure (b) an additional $530

million over six years on expanding

and redeveloping 30 schools.

No one appears to have quantified

the increased health costs yet.

These figures suggest that New Zealand’s

existing population of taxpayers

will shoulder a huge additional tax bill

to settle and assimilate its record number

of new immigrants. New Zealand

is a desirable country with excellent

infrastructure and public services.

Distributing burden

Immigrants get to share in all these

benefits, so why shouldn’t immigrants

also contribute to them?

Immigration New Zealand statistics

show that demand for New Zealand

visas consistently out-strips supply.

The laws of economics dictate that

the market would set a price for what

fee would-be immigrants might pay to

join our club.

A flat immigration fee of $10,000-

$15,000 per immigrant would provide

a source of additional revenue to offset

increased costs.

There would be exceptions for some

categories of immigrants, such as refugees

or those filling skills shortages.

But imposing a tax on most other migrants

in return for their right to share

in everything New Zealand has built up

would be both reasonable and fair.

Increasing numbers

In the year to January, there were

89,670 permanent and long-term

arrivals to New Zealand, excluding

refugees, Australians and returning

New Zealanders. At $10,000 per

arriving person, that would generate

$896,700,000. At $15,000 per migrant,

it would total $1.345 billion.

There are other instances where the

government already imposes fees and

charges on immigrants.

In 2015, the government reintroduced

arrival taxes on non-residents of

$22 to help fund tourism infrastructure.

The Green Party continues to advocate

a larger fee be imposed on visiting



We’ll support you toget ahead in 2017.

Apply now for our May intake inbusiness, tourism, digital

technologies, maritime, floristry, social services, culinary,

baking, hospitality, hairdressing or creative writing.

With many free* study options there’s

no better time to start.

*FreetoNew Zealand citizens and residents entitled to reside in New Zealand indefinitely.

Entry criteria apply.Visit formoreinformation.

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tourists to pay for environmental


Australian example

Australian tax academics are also

calling for the re-introduction of a poll

tax in Australia to compensate the Australian

government for the additional

costs of enhancing the infrastructure

necessary to cope with the new arrivals.

Australia has recently imposed a

partnership visa fee of A$ 6865 on all

spouses who qualify to join immigrants

in Australia.

At present, our government simply

gives away New Zealand residency

- and passes the increased cost of

building the necessary infrastructure

on to current residents. Rather than

continuing to be too squeamish about

charging immigrants for residence or

citizenship, perhaps we should embrace

the idea and tax them appropriately.

Negative impact

The negative historic association of

past poll taxes on immigrants should

be acknowledged. Under the Chinese

Immigrants Act of 1881, New Zealand

(like other former British colonies)

imposed a ‘Poll Tax’ on all Chinese


At its peak, the tax was £100 a

person (equivalent to approximately

$17,000 today).

The Poll tax allowed otherwise

‘undesired’ immigrants to buy their

way in to New Zealand in return for

paying a fee to the government.

It was eventually scrapped in 1944,

and the New Zealand Government

rightly apologised to the Chinese

community in 2002.

Obviously targeting poll tax on racial

grounds is indefensible.

But shorn of its racial over-tones,

what is wrong with taxing all would-be

immigrants regardless of which country

they come from for the right to move to

New Zealand?

Mark Keating is a Senior Lecturer in

the Commercial Law Department at

the University of Auckland Business

School based in Auckland.

APRIL 15, 2017



Ravinesh Chand Brent Woods with a parent and child

Students from India asked to register for help

Parents learn students’

assessment process

Staff Reporter

Parents and caregivers

of Indian origin

had an opportunity

to learn about the

performance of their children

studying at the Otahuhu Intermediate

School in Otahuhu,

Auckland at an exclusive

meeting held at the School on

March 23, 2017.

Ravinesh Chand, a Year 7

Teacher, said that the meeting

also enabled parents and

caregivers of Indian students

the way in which they are

assessed and various other

aspects of education.

“We informed parents and

caregivers as to how student

performances and responses

are analysed to assist teachers

to be more effective. The

importance of informing the

students about their learning

and the measures that need

to be taken to improve their

performance,” he said.

Understanding Standards

Mr Chand said that

meeting helped the School to

understand the reality – that

many parents and caregivers

were unaware of the assessment

procedure, the New

Zealand Curriculum levels and

National Standards.

“The meeting enabled us

to determine how parents can

become more proactive and

engaged towards supporting

the progress and achievements

of the students throughout the

year, rather than relying on

two student-led conference

meetings,” he said.

Mr Chand said that the

challenge now is to provide

effective support and guidance

to Indian parents on a

number of issues including

the progress of their children

during the Second Term.

Online Assessment

Mr Chand and his colleague

David Singh also appraised

parents of Indian, Fijian and

Middle Eastern origin of the

results of ‘e-asTTle’ in reading,

writing and mathematics.

e-asTTle is an online

assessment tool, developed to

assess students’ achievement

and progress in reading,

mathematics, writing, panui,

pangarau and tuhituhi.

“Principal Brent Woods

addressed the parents and

explained to them about the

online assessment tool and

discussed how parents and

caregivers can support the progress

of their children through

the year. It was a learning

process for the parents and

caregivers. They understood

the National Standards and

e-asTTle and sought help on

how they can enhance their

participation in the success of

their children,” Mr Chand said.

The event included Hindi

films song and dance performances

by students, presented

by Teacher Kavita Devi.

A group of students from India prior to their departure in February following deportation notice by Immigration New Zealand (Radio New Zealand Picture)

Venkat Raman

International students from India

studying in New Zealand schools,

colleges, universities, tertiary

institutions and private training

establishments have been advised to

register themselves at the Consular

Services Management System on the

External Affairs Ministry website (www.

Registration is free, simple and

instant; it creates an online record of

the student and enables the Indian

government and its diplomatic missions

to locate the students and offer timely

help if required.

Helpful System

The System is known by its keyword

in Hindi- ‘Madad,’ meaning ‘Help.’

The Registration comes with Mobile

Apps for Android and iPhones.

An integral part of the Consular Services

Management System is the Grievances

Process, which enables registered

students to file their complaints online

over consular services provided by the

relevant Embassy, High Commission

or Consular Offices. In the case of New

Zealand, there is only one diplomatic

mission- the High Commission based in

Wellington at Level 2, Ranchhod Tower,

102-112 Lambton Quay.

‘Madad’ is a service available to all

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).

Who is NRI?

‘NRI’ is a term often ill-understood

and misinterpreted. It denotes an Indian

holding an Indian passport, ordinarily not

resident in India. Such people are also

known as ‘Indian Expatriates,’ including

permanent residents, migrant workers,

international students and others who

are away from India on work, study or

special assignments.

A citizen of another country is not

regarded as ‘NRI’ but as a ‘Person of

Indian Origin.’

Student Module

A notification issued by the External

Affairs Ministry said that the Indian

government has added a student module

to its Consular Grievances Monitoring

System (which is also covered by


“The homepage link provides basic

guidance on how students can first

register themselves on this module

and then proceed to providing basic

information. This information will help

Indian Embassies, High Commissions

and Consulate Offices to engage

effectively with students and render them

all possible assistance,” it said.

Some Indian students have been a

cause for concern in recent months with

allegations that they or their agents in

India suppled false documents, thereby

voiding their stay in New Zealand.

About 120 students, mostly from Punjab

returned to India. Although most them

had completed the courses, but were

not allowed to apply for work visas,

considered a pathway to permanent

residence here.

High Commission Advisory

The Indian High Commission Website

communique said that an increasing

number of educational institutions, particularly

Private Training Establishments

(PTEs) are coming under the scrutiny of

the New Zealand authorities for not mentioning

the quality of education required

as per the New Zealand Qualifications

Authority (NZQA) rules.

“In some case, NZQA has cancelled

the registration of certain education institutions

causing problems to the students

enrolled in those institutions. NZQA has

defined four categories of capability for

an educational institution- category 1

being the highest and category 4 being

the lowest. A list of PTEs can be found

on the NZQA website,” it said.

The High Commission advised all

potential students to do due diligence

on the credentials of the education

institution before securing admission.

“It is also advised that, owing to the

current overhaul of the education sector

being carried out by NZQA, admission

to Category I institution should be

contemplated,” the communique said.



APRIL 15, 2017

Getting to the heart of the matter in Fiji

Venkat Raman

Almost eleven years ago, we

reported that an organisation

called, ‘Friends of Fiji

Heart Foundation’ has been

established in Auckland to treat Fijians

suffering from valvular heart disease in

the South Pacific nation.

We quoted (Indian Newslink,

September 1, 2006) Trust Chairman

and Consultant Cardiac and Thoracic

Surgeon at Auckland and Mercy

hospitals Dr Parma Nand as saying

that paucity of finance, lack of medical

facilities and inability to travel overseas

for medical treatment were among

the contributing factors to the rising

death rates among the impoverished

segments of the Fijian society.

“It is a pity that in the modern age,

people should die due to absence of

facilities. Valvular heart disease is

among the deadliest ailments affecting

the people of Fiji,” Dr Nand said,

speaking at the launch of the Foundation

on August 17, 2006.

Helping the poor

Since then hundreds of lives have

been saved and multifold visits of surgeons,

specialists, medical practitioners

and others have visited Fiji at their

own time and expense to conduct tests,

diagnose patients, operate on them and

see them leading normal lives.

Among those visitors has been

“Sack the Media Boss,” says NFP Leader


Biman Prasad

The National Federation

Party (NFP) has called for

the immediate dismissal of

Ashwin Raj from his post

as Chair of the Media Industry and

Development Authority (MIDA) and

Director of the Fiji Human Rights

and Anti-Discrimination Commission

(FHRADC), because of his suggestions

to stifle freedom of speech on national


Following is the statement issued by

Professor Biman Prasad, Member of

Parliament and Leader of the NFP.

The suggestions by Mr Raj on

Sunday, April 2, 2017 on FBCTV

Amnesty International displeased over Sawari’s arrest

Sourced Content

Radio New Zealand

Amnesty International said

that a new charge filed

against the Manus Island

asylum seeker who escaped

to Fiji could violate Papua New

Guinea’s Law of Double Jeopardy.

Loghman Sawari was arrested after

a court hearing in Port Moresby on

Tuesday, April 4, 2017, where he was

on trial for using false information to

obtain a passport.

That charge was made under the

Passport Act and Amnesty said that the

new charge was virtually identical but

had been filed under the Migration Act.

Trial loss worry

Amnesty’s Kate Schuetze said that

the new charge could indicate that the

prosecution was in danger of losing the

current trial.

“They are by and large the same

charges. This is violating his right to a

An Open heart gets cleansed: Dr Albert Ko at his

Ascot Hospital Clinic

Dr Albert Ko, an Interventional

Cardiologist based at Ascot Hospital in

Greenlane, Auckland.

Over the past several years, he has

conducted angioplasty procedures on

hundreds of poor Fijians and brought

back normalcy in their lives. During his

recent visit (which concluded on March

13, 2017), he completed 21 angioplasty

procedures in as many patients, while

40 persons underwent angiogram tests.

Achieving self-sufficiency

“I am happy that Fiji is fast becoming

self-sufficient in skills; we have doctors

and nurses who can perform angiogram

and angioplasty procedures on patients

without our assistance. They are well

trained, committed and resolved to raise

the standard of medical practice and

service in Fiji,” he said, speaking to

Indian Newslink.

Ashwin Raj

Current Affairs Show ‘For the Record,’

urging the State to pursue the regulation

of social media are shocking and must

be condemned in the strongest terms.

Chilling and Unconstitutional

The NFP strongly condemns these

Loghman Safari outside the Court

(Courtesy: ABC Picture by Eric Tiozek)

fair trial and in breach of the Double

Jeopardy Law. It seems like they have

laid these charges just at the time when

the court is considering an application

to dismiss the previous charges because

of lack of evidence,” she said

Ms Schuetze said that Loghman

Sawari was still in police custody.

Founders of the Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation at their launch on August 17, 2006

(File Photo by Narendra Bedekar)

Dr Ko was in an early batch of

experts to visit as a part of a delegation

led by Dr Nand. But it was in 2011 that

he conducted the first angiogram and


“I was shown a patient who was in

a terrible condition. I conducted an

angioplasty procedure and two hours

later, he was walking on the corridors

of the Hospital. It was a turning point

for him in his life and for me in my

engagement with Fiji,” he said.

Soon thereafter, Dr Ko saved the

life of a taxi driver. After that, he has

been visiting Fiji every year, not only

to treat patients but also to lobby and

arrange equipment required to conduct

angiogram and angioplasty.

“Like the proverbial fish and fishing,

it was important that we taught the

people of Fiji to handle their patients

suggestions to the State by Mr Raj,

which we know are all being said

under the pretext of “responsibility. It is

chilling, unconstitutional and could be

easily wielded as an instrument to again

stifle the voices of the people of Fiji.

Fijian Attorney General Aiyaz

Sayed-Khaiyum said in a statement that

Sawari had breached Fiji’s immigration


The following is his Statement issued

on February 2, 2017:

Loghman Sawari was deported from

Fiji to Papua New Guinea today after

entering Fiji on a Papua New Guinean


He is claiming to be a refugee but

did not present himself as a refugee

seeking asylum to immigration officials

on arrival in Fiji. Nor, after ten days,

did he lodge an application for asylum,

personally or through his lawyer.

UNHCR rejects

The United Nations High Commissioner

for Refugees (UNHCR) has

advised Fiji that Sawari is not recognised

as a refugee under the UNHCR

mandate. It has further advised that he

is a refugee recognised by Papua New

Guinea under its national procedures.

with skill and efficiency. I am happy

that we have been able to achieve a lot

in these seven years,” he said.

But Dr Ko is conscious of the need to

provide more funds, better equipment,

train doctors, nurses and other medical

practitioners and lift the overall quality

of service.

Influencing factors

He said that five major factors

influence heart-related diseases. They

include family history, high blood

pressure, high cholesterol, diabetics and


“Fiji Indians carry a higher risk of

coronary problems, with nine out of 10

requiring intervention. Diabetes strikes

them and hence they should exercise

caution. We specialists do not see any

patient directly. It is therefore imperative

that they go for regular medical

What we find further disturbing are

his pointed attacks on political parties

and then the further justification of

these attacks, to bring in regulation over

social media.

The NFP sees this as a blatant

attempt to stifle the voices of political

parties in the lead-up to elections next


Fiji already has in place a heavily

regulated media industry, with draconian

laws, and penalties. There is no need

to introduce further laws to stifle civil

liberties. There is instead a great need

to repeal these laws.

Our citizens had taken to Mr Raj

himself their complaints on communal

antagonism against FBCTV for the

programme ‘Wasea Basha.’

Threshold crossed

However, Mr Raj merely brushed

So, Fiji has merely returned Sawari to

his rightful place of residence.

Sawari eluded the authorities during

his ten days in Fiji while posting

photographs of himself on social media

at various locations.

Under international law, anyone who

is seeking political asylum is required

to lodge an application without delay.

In the case of Sawari, this did not


His lawyer, who has been publicly

advocating his position through the

media, failed to facilitate a prompt

application required under international

conventions pertaining to applications

for refugee status.

Officials in Fiji have been informed

by their Papua New Guinean counterparts

that Sawari’s Papua New Guinea

passport was obtained by fraudulent


Breach of Fijian law

On this basis, Sawari was also in

check-up. Education is important to

raise awareness,” Dr Ko said.

“There could be symptoms that

would indicate a heart condition.

In some people, there may be no

symptoms at all. It is therefore advisable

that people do not take their health for

granted. Early detection can save time,

effort, money and most important of all,

life. GPs are the first point of contact

for people and they will determine the

best course of action for their patients,”

he added.

Service to people

Dr Ko believes that true to his

Christian faith and the oath that he took

as a medical professional, his foremost

duty is to the people, especially those

in need.

“I am committed to work with those

helping Pacific nations improve their

standards of cardiology treatment. I

hope to visit at least once a year the

Colonial War Memorial Hospital in

Suva and hospitals in Lautoka in other

places. I am confident that Fijians will

eventually have high standards of

medical services and facilities,” he said.

Additional Reading: Our Editorial,

Indians should not ignore health

warnings’ under Viewlink on Page 12

and ‘Improper care exposes Indians

to heart diseases’ under Communitylink

on Page 20.

these off as not meeting the ‘threshold

for inciting communal discord.’

It seems that he has conveniently

changed his mind on what such a

‘threshold’ constitutes when this has

concerned the State and its representatives.

We are also appalled with the false

accusations and political commentary

that have emerged from Mr Raj in

defending the statement of Fiji’s Ambassador

to Geneva, Nazhat Shameem

at the 34th Session of the Human

Rights Council.

His statement was based on an

inaccurate lengthy version of the

Ambassador’s statement, which the Fiji

Mission in Geneva continued to have

on its website and furthermore made

some serious political commentary and

opinion of what he thinks is true.

breach of Fijian law which states that

“A person who knowingly misleads or

attempts to mislead any immigration

officer in relation to any matter material

to the performance or exercise by any

immigration officer of any duty,

function, power or discretion...commits

an offence.”

The government notes that Sawari

is claiming that he feared for his life.

This begs the question as to why for

ten days he failed to file an application

for asylum. Despite several attempts by

the Immigration Department to engage

with Sawari, these attempts were


Fiji remains fully committed to the

Convention and Protocol Relating to

the Status of Refugees, but we cannot

tolerate a situation in which a person

who is not an asylum seeker and who

has already been granted refugee status

in another country flagrantly violates

the law.

APRIL 15, 2017


Truth and Transparency in a world of increasing lies

Venkat Raman

Accountability and transparency

are increasingly becoming the

focus of corporate governance

and with the promulgation

of stricter laws relating to Anti-Money

Laundering and Countering Financing of

Terrorism (AML/CFT), the compliance

regime is expected to tighten in most


In its Sector Assessment Report released

on April 7, 2017, the Reserve Bank of New

Zealand (RBNZ) rated the overall inherent

rating as ‘High’ for Retail, Business and

Commercial Banking and ‘Medium’ for

Wholesale and Institutional Banking. The

risk for deposit-taking companies was

‘Low,’ while Building Societies and Credit

Unions carried ‘Medium’ risk.

The Bank’s Prudential Supervision Head

Toby Fiennes said that New Zealand’s

banking sector continues to have a

relatively high potential risk because money

launderers and terrorist financiers are more

likely to target financial institutions in that

sector rather than other sectors.

“The sector risk assessment is designed

to help financial institutions to understand

their own exposer to money laundering and

terrorist financing risks better,” he said.

The byword in high places

Accountability has become the byword

in the echelons of corporate governance

as markets become volatile, exposing

companies to heightened risks. The Global

Financial Crisis that began in 2007-2008

taught the single most important lesson:

that accounting policies of companies- both

listed and private – should be strong,

with a robust internal and external audit

Lyn Provost

system that can send out early alarms. Since

then, governments, especially those that were

compelled to bail out huge corporates that were

failing, to have in place stricter accounting and

reporting standards.

There have been developments in the corporate

sector as well, with stakeholders including shareholders

becoming vociferous in their demands

for better accounting and reporting systems and


Taxpayers’ rescue

In the case of New Zealand, the failure of Air

New Zealand in November 2001 and the resultant

$885 million bailout package of the then Labour

government, was seen as an important lesson in


Ten years later (in April 2011), the National

government had to fork out $500 million of

taxpayer money to AMI amidst revelations that

the bill for the failed South Canterbury Finance

had jumped from $900 million to $1.2 billion.

The past decade has seen nothing less than a

revolution in the command centres of capitalism:

corporate boardrooms. The ancien régime of club

ties and long lunches has been swept aside, and

replaced by a new order based on transparency

and accountability.

Dr Rajen Prasad, Ranjna Patel and Vino Ramayah

CAG reprimands

In her Overview on the Central Government

Audits of 2014-2015 dated December 4, 2015, the

then Controller & Auditor General Lyn Provost

observed the following:

“For the 2014-2015 audits, some government

departments provided annual report information

to my auditors that was late or, if provided on

time, was incomplete or inadequate. The lateness

and poor quality of information and draft reports

initially provided not only created more work

for my auditors but that work also needed to be

completed in a tighter time frame.

“I would like to see more attention being

committed to good quality financial and performance

reporting to ensure that entities provide a

robust and transparent account of themselves to

Parliament and the public in a timely manner.”

The fact that the above observations and many

others are available on the public domain speaks

for the transparency of governance predominant

in New Zealand.

Today, thanks to increasing public scrutiny

and debate, not to overlook the vigilance of the

opposition, no government can get away from the

public eye. That in itself is a tribute to New Zealand’s

penchant for corruption-free government.

There are of course many existing –

some of them new – issues that test the

government’s truthfulness – and these

do not relate to finance.

Private Sector test

How truthful and reliable is the private

sector? Are they fully complaint

with the accounting and disclosure

procedures? Does their tax compliance

alone suffice to certify their good governance?

How can they be encouraged

to subscribe to better accountability,

transparency procedures?

The Indian Newslink Sir Anand

Satyanand Lecture has been structured

to promote the concept of good

governance in government, public

sector, private undertakings and in our

personal lives. With accountability,

integrity, honesty and transparency as

the core principles, the annual Lecture

series, now in its seventh year, aim to

assess our values.

Our Annual Lecture

Lyn Provost, who retired from

the post of Controller & Auditor

General (CAG) of New Zealand on

January 31, 2017 after completing her

seven-year term, is the Guest Speaker

at this year’s Lecture, scheduled to be

held on Monday, August 7, 2017 at

Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland.

Medtech Global Limited Executive

Chairman Vino Ramayah will be

the Master of Ceremonies, with

‘Perspectives’ and ‘Reflections’ given

respectively by Nirvana Group Director

Ranjna Patel and former Member

of Parliament Dr Rajen Prasad.

We will report more on the theme

of her Lecture in our ensuing editions.


Lyn Provost

During her term as the CAG, Ms

Provost reported on topics as diverse

as governance, education of Maori,

Auckland Council and the Canterbury

earthquakes, as well as completing a

number of high profile inquiries.

Over those seven years, she

was also Secretary General of

Pacific Association of Supreme Audit

Institutions (PASAI) and a member of

the International Governing Board of

the Vienna based International Organisation

of Supreme Audit Institutions


Immediately prior to her role as the

CAG, she was Deputy Commissioner

of Police for eight years, the first

woman civilian to hold this position.

Ms Povost was also Acting Chief

Executive of Archives New Zealand,

Branch Manager, State Services Commission

and held auditing roles in the

Audit Office, Touche Ross, London

and Pim Goldby, South Africa.

She was recently appointed as a

public member on the International

Auditing and Assurance Standards

Board located in New York and is

the Chair of the Brian Picot Ethical

Leadership Advisory Board.

Lyn is a Chartered Accountant and

is married with two children.

Tickets to the Seventh Annual Indian

Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand

Lecture are priced $150 per person.

Tables seating ten persons at $1500

plus GST are also available. For

bookings, please call (09) 5336377

or 021-836528. Email: editor@

12 Viewlink

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

Issue 367 | April 15, 2017

Fake News wages war on truth

Facebook has launched an

educational campaign on ‘How

to Spot Fake News.’

The campaign will be promoted

in 14 countries, excluding New


A BBC Report said that Facebook

had taken the initiative to help

people become more discerning


“But experts questioned whether

the measure would have any real

impact,” the broadcaster said.

It also quoted Tom Felle, a

Lecturer in Digital Journalism at

City University as saying, “Until

Facebook stops rewarding the architects

of fake news with huge traffic,

the problem will get worse.”

We at Indian Newslink have

always maintained that every story

should be checked and rechecked

for its veracity and genuineness before

it can be included in our digital

and print versions. Our philosophy

has always been ‘It is far better to

be dependable than to be the first all

the time.”

In this process, we have at times,

let go stories that did not satisfy our


Not that we always get things


But in the modern world of social

media, where every reader and user

can easily become a writer, the risk

of fake news looms large.

Fake news stories have been

around for as long as reported news

has - hysteria-inducing hoaxes

spread in the early days of printed

media and today’s tabloids and

gossip magazines still frequently

publish stories later found to be

untrue - but its online form gained

momentum during the most bizarre

US election in recent memory,

proliferating on Facebook and

Twitter feeds.

Donald Trump stories

As the Economist said, while

Indians should not ignore

health warning

Improper and irregular food

habits, inappropriate lifestyle,

lack of exercise and worst of all,

a fatalistic attitude are among

the reasons for the comparatively

unhealthy nature of the Indian

population in New Zealand.

Dr Albert Ko, an Interventional

Cardiologist based at Ascot Hospital

in Greenlane, Auckland told Indian

Newslink during an interview last

week that Indians are also exposed

to higher risk of cardiovascular diseases,

compounded by diabetes and

high cholesterol, which are in turn

triggered by the above mentioned


The result is not a happy state of


In her presentation titled, ‘Challenges

for Asian Health and Asian

Health promotion in New Zealand’

to the Health Promotion Forum of

New Zealand in January 2015, Agnes

Wong, Community Programmes

Development Manager at St John

New Zealand said that successful

Asian health promotion strategies

and initiatives demand good

communication and understanding

of the issues as the foundation for

community engagement.

Community responsibility

“Community involvement and

engagement drives the building of

capacity to make decisions and take

culturally appropriate and suitable

some were dissecting stories

of presidential candidate - now

president - Donald Trump’s sexism

and evasiveness around his tax

returns, others were living in a

parallel information universe, where

their Facebook feeds were full of

#pizzagate and the equally false

story of President Obama banning

the Pledge of Allegiance from


“With trust in the media low,

many people now prefer to navigate

the murky waters of online media on

their own – 62% of all Americans

now get their news from social

media, seeing an article posted

to their newsfeed by a friend is,

apparently, confirmation enough of

its validity.”

Facebook, for its part, is changing

its policies after a sluggish response

to false stories before the election.

The company announced this week

that fake news articles in Germany

will be marked as “disputed” ahead

of the country’s elections in the fall.

(Recently, a swirl of fake allegations

began circulating concerning Angela

Merkel, Germany’s chancellor,

who was said to be cavorting with

terrorists.) Articles based on outright

fabrications are just one of the

ways in which news can mislead.

Yet it might also be the easiest,

technologically, to filter out. And

every little helps.

We are hoping that this aspect

of Fake News- how to detect and

combat it – will become a part

of our ongoing discussions on

Good Governance, which is the

quintessential aspect of the Indian

Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand

Lecture. This year’s event will have

the benefit of former Controller &

Auditor General Lyn Provost as the

Guest Speaker.

We would more of these in the

ensuing editions.

actions, allow for partnerships

to be formed, community needs

to be realised and perpetuate

sustainability of the programme. It

is important that Asian communities

are continually legitimised and empowered

to drive health promotion

initiatives that realise the impact of

culturally-responsive community

engagement approaches to improve

health and reduce future burdens of

disease,” she said.

Recognising the problems

We should move away from a

pathological view and consider

the impacts of systemic issues on

health. Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes

is increasing globally and in

many cases, remains undiagnosed.

South Asians have two to six times

higher prevalence compared to

white populations.

However, Indians identify a

number of barriers to prevention of

diabetes, including certain health

beliefs and practices relating to

diet, attitudes to physical activity,

religious beliefs, levels of underlying

knowledge about diabetes,

and attitudes to the concept of


It is sad that the growing population

of Indians in New Zealand are

somewhat apathetic towards their

own health. It is time to change the

attitude and enthuse a collective

sense of responsibility.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

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Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

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PM challenged on increasing

Maori representation

Dr Muriel Newman

New Zealanders are inherently

egalitarian, it is part of

who we are.

It is not surprising

therefore, that we as a society believe in

equality before the law.

We do not want local government or

the country be divided by race.

As a result, whenever communities

are asked to vote on the introduction

of Maori seats on their local councils,

they have rejected it, in many cases,


Under the Local Electoral Act 2001,

if a Council decides to introduce Maori

seats unilaterally, the decision can be

challenged if 5% of the local electors

support the call for a referendum.

The New Plymouth experience

That is what occurred in New

Plymouth in 2015, when locals rejected

the District Council’s Maori Ward

proposal by 83%

In response, Mayor Andrew Judd

called his constituents ‘racists’ and

proposed a law change to stop anyone

else from holding a similar referendum

in the future.

With help from the Maori Party, he

presented a petition (signed only by

himself) to Parliament in May 2016

requesting that the House of Representatives

“consider a law change to make

the establishment of Maori wards on

District Councils follow the same legal

framework as establishing other wards

on District Councils.”

Eroding voters’ rights

In effect, the petition, which is still in

front of the Justice and Electoral Select

Committee would abolish the right of

electors to challenge the introduction of

Maori seats.

Mr Judd, who clearly believes that

when it comes to Maori representation,

democracy has no place, says that his

Last fortnight, New Zealander

Robert Martin took up

his position in Geneva as

Spokesperson for Disabled

People on the United Nations Advisory

Committee to the Convention of the

Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

He created history as the first person

with a learning disability to be a part of

a United Nations Advisory Committee.

Robert is just one example of the

many important ways people with

disabilities are capable of contributing

to our society.

Barriers to employment

About 75% of people with disabilities

want work, and yet are unable

to find anything suitable. They face

significant barriers when attempting to

get a job.

These barriers are not just a lack of

ramps, disabled parking, or accessible

bathrooms – although these can be a

problem as well. One of the greatest

barriers people with disabilities face is

the perception of potential employers.

petition is just the start; he wants half of

all local authority Council representatives

to be Maori.

Following is a letter that I wrote

to Prime Minister Bill English which

appeared as a full- page advertisement

in some Sunday newspapers on April

2, 2017:

Dear Prime Minister,

We respectfully ask you to govern

for all New Zealanders – not just the

Maori tribal elite – by stopping the

‘Resource Legislation Amendment Bill’

as currently drafted.

We are referring to the concessions

you have given to the Maori Party

to allow iwi chiefs to sit alongside

elected Council members and officials

and co-govern the private property of

others. Various deals have been done

but the most damaging are the sweeping

new ‘Mana Whakahono a Rohe’

agreements that will permanently force

Councils to kowtow to iwi and hapu.

New Powers to Maori

Your Environment Minister Nick

Smith says that their new powers will

include, “Plan-making, consenting,

appointment of committees, monitoring

and enforcement, bylaws, regulations

and other Council statutory responsibilities.”

That also includes fresh water

according to your Minister.

These agreements with Iwi Leaders

were imposed on the country behind

closed doors. The secret deals were

shaped with no consultation, no

publicity, no warning, and no published

minutes or agendas. By giving iwi seats

at the Council table, you will embed the

Maori world view and spiritualism into

the heart of local government.

This is not what most New Zealanders


What is most galling is that you have

not even asked the community what it

thinks about the Mana Whakahono a

Rohe Agreements?

Community ignored

The reality is that there is no

community demand for Iwi Leaders to

co-govern local authorities, but once

APRIL 15, 2017

the agreements are in place they will be

there forever – nothing can change or

remove them unless iwi agree.

Councillors and the community

will have no right to end them – even

if 90% of voters decide they are not

working. The fundamental protections

of democracy and the rule of law will

be forever lost.

Constitutional Lawyer Stephen

Franks says, “The Bill entrenches permanent

race privilege and corruption…

The provisions are a major constitutional

change. They subordinate powers

entrusted to elected local governments,

in deliberately obscure words, to

racially inherited power, beyond the

reach of electoral recall.”

No mandate

Prime Minister, where is your

mandate for these radical changes?

You did not campaign on them at the

last election. For major constitutional

change, such as this, surely there should

be a public referendum process. If you

pass this Bill, you will be betraying the

National Party founding principles and

letting down those who voted for you

in 2014.

We understand that these agreements

were planned before you became Prime


We say that it is now time for you

to step up and show that you intend

to govern for all New Zealanders, not

just the 1.3% that supported the Maori


They are holding you to ransom

because you want to keep power.

But in serving Iwi Leaders, you

are paying for their demands with our

rights, our properties, and, no doubt,

our cost.

Please stop this Resource Legislation

Amendment Bill now for the sake of all

New Zealanders.

The above is the edited version of the

views expressed by Dr Muriel Newman,

Director of the New Zealand

Centre for Political Research, in her

web-based free weekly Newsletter,

NZCPR Weekly. For full text, visit

Apprehension blocks employment of disabled

Danielle van Dalen

When considering whether to employ

someone with a disability, no matter

their qualifications, employers are often

fearful of the costs involved.

Costs such as required specialist

equipment, adjustments to the premises,

and that the productivity of an employee

with a disability might be lower than

the productivity of someone without a


Unfounded fears

In most cases, this feared cost is by

no means the reality. Employees with

a disability have in fact been proven to

bring many benefits to business. These

include; a higher safety rating, better

employee customer relations, and an

ability to be creative problem-solvers.

Moreover, costs for adjusting

workplaces to become more accessible

and buying specialist equipment are

often a one-off, and there is generally

government funding available to help

with the set-up costs.

Of course, this does not mean that

employing people with disabilities will

always be straightforward. The biggest

changes employers might be required

to make is an increase in flexibility

in the processes and structure of the


Employers must understand that a

one-size-fits-all approach is not generally

possible, and the support needed

for a person confined to a wheelchair

can look quite different to the support

required by someone with a learning


Despite these challenges, if employers

are prepared to be a little more

creative and flexible in both their hiring

and business processes they will enable

an important group of the population to

participate and contribute to society in

ways that have often been denied.

Jobs reassure

Recent conversations with

people with learning disabilities have

convinced me of the importance

of work – not just as a means to an

income, but because it gave them a

sense of purpose, that they were truly

participating in the community they

lived in. These contributions cannot be


People with disabilities, like Robert

Martin, clearly have plenty to offer. In

altering our perceptions and ensuring

that even these normally straightforward

contributions are possible,

perhaps those of us without disabilities

will be reminded of the power even a

seemingly small contribution can have

for all of us.

Danielle van Dalen is a Researcher at

Maxim Institute based in Auckland

APRIL 15, 2017


Programme prepares young, confident women leaders

Venkat Raman

The constant jibe that employers

in government and private

sector do just lip service in

providing equal career opportunities

and equal pay could find a lasting

solution if a programme underway at the

Massey University proves successful.

The ‘Young Women’s Leadership

Programme’ is stated to be tracking well

but it needs nationwide recognition, promotion

and more importantly adoption in

board rooms.

Professor Sarah Leberman, Deputy

Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Massey Business

School and an expert on gender equality,

diversity and other related matters sees

a lack of women in leadership as a

persistent problem.

Impressionable years

She launched the ‘Young Women’s

Leadership Programme,’ four years ago

to reach young women before they leave


It brings together about 200 Year 12



are not



Professor Sarah Leberman with Mackenzie O'Neill and Kara-Jane Beckham

(Massey News Photo)

students at Massey University’s three

campuses to learn about leadership and

build their confidence and networks.

“Traditionally, people identified as

leaders in school environments are

confident and get noticed – the prefects,

head girls and sports team captains.

I think that we lose a lot of potential

leaders because we do not nurture the

more naturally quiet pupils or those who

do not fit in that box. This programme is

Catherine Albiston

The New Zealand Immigration

Advisers Authority (IAA) has

launched a campaign to inform

South African travel agents

about what immigration assistance they

can legally provide in response to New

Zealand’s visitor visa change for South

African nationals.

Travel agents may receive an increase in

aimed at young women who are not in

leadership positions, but seek to exercise

leadership,” Professor Leberman said.

Student initiative

The first part of the Programme

focuses on leadership concepts, values,

identifying passions, communication and


The second phase puts those skills into

practice by requiring the participants to

deliver a project that makes a difference

requests for immigration help from those

wishing to come to New Zealand.

Agents may not be aware they can only

provide very basic assistance, such as

sharing Immigration New Zealand’s forms

and website, and putting clients in touch

with a licensed immigration adviser or

exempt person if they do not hold a licence


Licence needed

New Zealand immigration advice cannot

be provided without a licence, which

includes advising a person on visa options

or how best to fill out an application form.

Exempt people include current New

to their local community.

Carmel College student Mackenzie

O’Neill sought the Programme to

understand better how to be a good

leader and apply those learnings in her

everyday life. Her community project is

to organise a beach clean-up.

“I hope to build strong relationships

with my project partners to create and

deliver a strong message about the

importance of creating a sustainable

Earth,” she said.

Broadening horizons

Fellow participant, Kara-Jane

Beckham from Bream Bay College said

that she wanted to broaden her horizons

and be inspired.

“In my school environment, I do not

always get an opportunity to be part of

such large- scale discussions. I have

listened intently and appreciate all the

new information and perspectives to

which I am introduced,” she said.

The young women will return to Massey

in May to report on their projects.

Professor Beckham’s Project also

Zealand lawyers and Immigration New

Zealand staff.

If a client is unsure where to go for New

Zealand immigration advice, the travel

agent could supply the link to Immigration

New Zealand’s website or the Immigration

Advisers Authority’s free register of

licensed advisers to help the client find a

local licensed adviser.

Do not risk giving or receiving unlawful

immigration advice about New Zealand.

Dishonesty does not pay

If the agent or visa applicant is not

honest with Immigration New Zealand, the

current and future visa applications may


aims to encourage young people to

accept the difference, an issue about

which she has a strong opinion.

“Every person deserves to live

through their own preference and perspective

and I want to show these people

that they are more than what people call

them,” she said.

The Confidence gap

Professor Leberman said that while

there are many organisational and

societal reasons behind the relatively low

number of women in leadership roles,

the ‘Confidence Gap’ can be addressed

at an individual level.

“That is the focus of the Young

Women’s Leadership Programme. It is

filling a need because the programme is

always oversubscribed. When women

go to the workplace, they get paid less

and there are challenges that men do

not seem to face. While there is still a

pay gap one year out from university

graduation, I think we have an issue,”

Professor Leberman said.

be declined. The IAA is responsible for

issuing licences to immigration advisers

worldwide and handles complaints about

poor immigration advice.

It does not provide immigration advice.

A person’s immigration application or

status will not be affected by contacting

the IAA.

For more information, please visit www.; Email:

Catherine Albiston is Registrar at Immigration

Advisors Authority based in

Auckland. The above message appeared

on the website of the Authority.



APRIL 15, 2017

Create a strong password, prepare for the worst

Anand Mokashi

Passwords are now an integral part

of modern urban life.

From email, Facebook account

and mobile phone to laptop passwords,

you or your doorkeepers decide whether

you can access a gadget or service.

An Intel Security 2016 Poll estimated

that a person has 27 discrete online


Webopedia defines password as “A

series of secret characters that enables

a user to access a file, computer or


On multiuser systems, each user

must enter his or her password before

the computer responds to commands.

The password keeps unauthorised

users away. In addition, data files and

programmes may require a password.

Ideally, the password should be

something that nobody could guess.

In practice, most people choose a

password that is easy to remember, such

as their name or their initials. This is one

reason why it is relatively easy to break

into most computer systems.

Secure Password

Despite security breaches and warning

screens that appear while signing

up for new services, we are often slack

about creating secure passwords and

resort to avoidable practices like duplicating

passwords between accounts,

sharing passwords and using common

information that is easy for a malicious

person (or software) to crack.

Here are six easy yet powerful

tips that can help you to protect your

account against hackers and malware

sourced from Webopedia.

Make passwords complex and

impersonal: Leverage both upper and

lowercase letters, symbols and numbers

where applicable. Create random

passwords that cannot be guessed based

on general knowledge others may have

about you.

Stanko Tomic, head of engineering,

RoboForm at Siber Systems

Avoid dictionary terms: Dictionary

cracks guess passwords using lists of

common passwords and then move to the

whole dictionary. This is typically much

faster than a brute force attack because

there are far fewer options.

Darren Guccione, CEO and

Co-Founder, Keeper Security, Inc

Think of a phrase from a song, slogan

or jingle: Take the first character from

Change of Guard at AIA, another veteran takes charge

Sponsored Content

AIA Australia and New Zealand

Chief Executive Officer

Damien Mu has announced

the departure of Natalie Cameron, AIA

New Zealand Chief Executive and

immediate appointment of Graeme

Edwards as Acting Chief Executive

Officer (CEO).

As Natalie Cameron nears the end of

her two-year contract as CEO of AIA

New Zealand, and as part of changes

in the reporting structure between

AIA Australia and AIA New Zealand,

Natalie has decided to accept an option

Natalie Cameron:

Fond Farewel

Graeme Edwards: Warm


to relocate back to Australia and will be leaving


Record new business

During her time with AIA New Zealand, the

company recorded the highest new business

market share growth and delivered

strong results. Her successor Graeme

Edwards, has been with AIA for over

three years and in that short time, he

has played an instrumental role in

delivering significant growth for the

New Zealand business.

He has also built strong relationships

across the market and has a breadth of

knowledge and experience that will

undoubtedly set us up for success in the


Mr Mu said, “Natalie has been a

fantastic contributor to AIA and we

wish her all the best for the future. I am

each word as your password. Try to use

12-14 characters. Add a number and/or

punctuation character to complete it.

Greg Kelley, EnCE, DFCP, Vestige,


Password Manager: If you choose

to use a password manager, you are

effectively creating a single point of

failure for your personal security.

If someone figures out your password

to that, they can then access all your

other passwords. To best secure

your password manager, use a long

password. It need not be complex, but

should be 18+characters.

For example, BlueHouseGreenYard-


Adam Peterson, CEO, VipeCloud

Create Mnemonic: Create strong

passwords by using a mnemonic

to remember them. For instance, a

password for a clothes shopping site

could be Mysizeis08, which is a related

pleased to see the strong succession we

have in place within the organisation

and I look forward to our teams

continuing to deliver the right products

and solutions to our partners that meet

the needs of our customers when they

need it most.”

Business Awards Sponsor

Editor’s Note: AIA New Zealand is

one of the largest insurance companies

in the world. It is the Sponsor

of the ‘Best Financial Advisor

(Insurance) Category’ of the Tenth

Annual Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards 2017.

full sentence but difficult to crack.

Sanjay Deo, President and Founder,

24By7Security, Inc

No Dictionary Please: Do not use

a word from the dictionary. Multiple

words strung together are fine, but not a

single word.

Greg Kelley, EnCE, DFCP, Vestige,


It is important to remember that implementing

these or similar suggestions

does not ensure 100% security. Hackers

and malware are getting stronger and

more sophisticated and the battle against

this evil is ongoing.

It is up to us to take adequate precautions,

and be prepared for the worst.

Anand Mokashi is an IT Lecturer,

Consultant and Digital Media

Specialist with a passion for all things

online. Email: anand_mokashi@

An independent panel of Judges will

seek to honour an Adviser who has a

strong track record in the industry, a

robust and well-documented advice

process for insurance products,

and an innovative approach to the

provision of financial advice. The

ultimate winner would have been

acknowledged by their peers for

quality of service and advice, and will

have a solid base of satisfied clients.

The Award would also allow AIA to

recognise those who enable a more

diverse range of Kiwis to access the

benefits of insurance.



1. Business Excellence in Retail Trade

2. Business Excellence in Innovation

3. Business Excellence in Marketing

4. Business Excellence in Customer Service

5. Best EmployerofChoice

6. Best Small Business

7. Best Medium Sized Business

8. Best Large Business

9. Business Excellence in International trade with India*

10. Best Accountant of the Year

11. Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

12. Best Businesswoman of the Year

13. Best Financial Advisor (Mortgage) of the Year

14. Best Financial Advisor (Insurance) of the Year

Supreme Business of the Year Award

(All entries will be entered forthis category)

*this categoryisopen toall businesses registered in New Zealand, importing or exportinga

product or service from and to India or engaged in enrolling international students from India

To theTenth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2017

Enter up to any three of the above first nine categories.Winners in

the past two years cannot enter the same category orcategories

but may attempt other categories.

Entries to all the categories can also be by nomination (see website

for details). Download Entry forms from or write


Completed entries must be sent on or before

Thursday, August 31, 2017 to

Winners will be presented with their Awards at aGala BlackTie

Dinner on Monday, November 27, 2017 at Sky City Convention

Centre,Auckland City,details of which will be announced later.

Read our separate advertisement elsewhere regarding

(1) Nomination by banks and chartered accountants and

(2) Professional services offered by two external companies

in this issue.

Conditions of Entry:

Entries and Nominations must be in electronic format sent by email. Those sent by post, fax or other means will not be accepted. The decision of the judges would be final and no correspondence will be entertained in this connection. The management and staff of Indian Newslink and the

supporting and sponsoring organisations are not eligible to enter the Awards.

Free Workshops

Please attend our Free Workshops on ‘How tofile agood

entry’ as follows:

1. Tuesday, May 2, 2017, North Shore

2. Tuesday, June 6, 2017, Auckland City

3. Tuesday, July 4, 2017, East Tamaki

To Register and for more details please email

APRIL 15, 2017



Business never

stops, but your

bills can.

Get 6 months free business broadband

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plan for 24months.

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6 Months Free offer: Business Broadband Unlimited Data plan free on a 24 month term only (Plan), excl. any add-ons. Offer ends 31.05.17. $299 early exit fee

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APRIL 15, 2017

Surrender to Jesus and seek Salvation

Moses Singh

Christians celebrate Resurrection

Sunday or Easter as the

Resurrection of Jesus on the

third day after He was nailed

to the Cross in fulfilment of Scripture.

It is the greatest and the oldest feast

on the Christian Calendar worldwide.

Significance of Easter

When we were born, even though

we had not sinned we inherited the sin

of Adam and eternal death by that sin.

Jesus reversed that through His own

death and Resurrection from the dead.

Jesus destroyed the power of Satan

over our lives and took the keys of

Hell from him. (God died for the

ungodly according to scripture in

Romans 5:8).

He thus proved that He alone is the

Lord of the Universe and the only way

to the Father.

Jesus won mankind back to His

Father God so that those accepting

Jesus’ death and Resurrection will

be saved from the wrath to come and

receive the promise of eternal life.

Without Jesus, we have no hope.

What is Salvation?

The Good News of Salvation is that

Jesus, a Jew, did not come to establish

a religion or a cult but a relationship

with everyone who are His creation.

By simply accepting His finished

work on the Cross, believing in

Him that He rose from the dead and

declaring that He is our Lord, we are


Senior Pastors Moses and Alice Singh

The Indian Christian Life Centre

(ICLC) follows this principle of a

relationship with Jesus.

As Senior Pastors, Alice Singh and

I answered the call of God to carry the

Good News of Salvation by coming to

New Zealand and reaching out to the

Indian community.

We have been in Auckland for more

than 20 years.

From a humble beginning of a small

Church in Papatoetoe, we now have

two Campuses, one each at Henderson

and East Tamaki (Auckland).

We are still growing.

A majority of our congregation are

working migrants or students.

They experience the love and power

of the Lord through worship and fellowship

with other believers. They then

get involved in various activities of the

Church and every year, we proclaim

the Gospel on two major feast days of

Christmas and Easter Sunday through

Those like Noah, who obeyed, were alright

Carey Kinsolving

Eight-year-old Nicole said that

when Noah said that he had

built an ark, no one believed

him; he loaded all his stuff, it

flooded, and he lived.

A child who once appeared on Art

Linkletter’s TV show, Nicole thought

that the lesson of loading all the animals

two-by-two was obvious: “If you do not

get married, you will be left behind.”Tenyear-old

Jenna said, “We should be more

like Noah, because he was the only

person of his generation who obeyed

the Lord. Even though Noah lived in

a generation described as corrupt and

violent, he found grace in the eyes of the

Lord (Genesis 6).

Today’s world

Corruption and violence: does this

sound like the evening or the morning


“Everyone except Noah was wicked.

He probably had a lot of peer pressure,”

eleven-year-old Maria said.

If Noah lived in our day, late night

comedians would never run out of

material for jokes. Right up until the day

Noah closed the door to the ark, I am sure

that people were telling the latest Noah

jokes. Who but a crackpot would build a

gigantic ship with no water around?

Brittany, 11, said that we learn from

Noah to resist peer pressure and ridicule

by doing what God says: “Even if people

doubt you and say you’re crazy, just

ignore them. Remember, you’re doing it

for God.”

Talking to God

Noah is described as a just man who

walked with God. Anyone who walks

with God can resist the temptation to go

along with the crowd, even when the

crowd resorts to ridicule.

Another lesson we could learn is,

Uttarakhand performers head

to Auckland for show

Venkat Raman

Ancient Greek philosopher

Plato once said, “Music

gives a soul to the Universe,

wings to the mind and flight

to the imagination.”

These, plus a range of other emotions

are set to occur at the forthcoming

programme of ‘Baduli 2017,’ presented

by Uttarakhand Association of New

Zealand (UANZ) on Sunday, April

16, 2017 from 1030 am at Avondale

College, located at 51 Victor Street in


Tickets to the event are priced at $30

per person while children under five

years old would have free entry.

Artistes from Uttarakhand

Musicians and singers from the North

Indian state of Uttarakhand will be

entertaining Aucklanders with their live

rendition of traditional, folk and fusion

songs at the forthcoming programme,

which is open to all ethnicities.

UANZ is also proud to be associated

with Starship Foundation and has

shown its support with a donation

earlier this year.

Following are the musicians participating

in Baduli 2017:

Subhash Pandey – a player of Tabla

and Dhol Damau.

Deepak Maher, a vocalist and guitar

player. A former top contestant in

Indian Idol, he is famous for his ‘Pahadi

fusion’ song ‘Bol chitti Kile Ni bhaiji.’

Kishna Bagoht – a standup comedian.

Manglesh Dangwal – a vocalist who

will be presenting folk songs and

traditional music known as ‘Pahadi,’

which is said to be soul-stirring.

Maya Upadhyay – a vocalist and folk

singer who will represent the Kumauni

part of Uttarakhand at the concert.

Pankaj Nath – An Indian flute (Bansuri)

player known for his contribution

to music in Uttarakhand.

Rakesh Bhardwaj – a percussionist

who will be seen playing the Dholak,

Hudka and Morchang. Known for his

song ‘Bedupako,’ Rakesh is the son of

late Shri Chander Singh Rahi who was

a legendary singer of Uttarakhand. He

is also in the band ‘Euphoria’ in his

home state.

Virender Negi – a vocalist who also

plays the Keyboard & Harmonium.

Singing in the traditional styles of

Kumauni and Gadwali, his songs have

featured in an internationally awarded

film on Uttarakhand.

UANZ is hopeful that Auckland will

encourage these young artistes of Uttarakhand,

who carry the responsibility

of taking forward the musical journey

and passion of Uttarakhandi culture to

the next generation.

“Don’t laugh at your neighbour because

they might be right,” ten-year-old

Rebekah said.

The laughter of Noah’s peers stopped

the day it began to rain. The good news

is that God made a covenant (symbolized

by the rainbow) that he would never

again destroy the world by water. The bad

news for the scoffers of this generation is

that the flood is only a token of a greater

judgment to come.

Jesus’ Comparison

Jesus compared the people of Noah’s

day to the generation who will witness

his triumphant return to the earth. Like

Noah’s generation, they will engage in the

normal activities of life with no thought

worship, music and skits, by dinner.

Resurrection Service

We cordially invite you to our

Easter/Resurrection Sunday Service on

Sunday, April 16 at 10 am and to our

free evening Easter Production at 6 pm

followed by dinner.

For reservation of individual,

family or group, please call us on (09)


Pastor Moses Singh and his wife

Alice are Senior Pastors at the Indian

Christian Life Centre, 8/23 Springs

Road, East Tamaki, Manukau.

Email: Web:

of an impending judgment by God.

Jesus said that he will return “at an

hour you do not expect” (Matthew


Just as God provided the ark in Noah’s

day, he has prepared a safe haven from

judgment in our day. The floodwaters,

according to the Apostle Peter, symbolise

baptismal waters, and baptism symbolises

salvation through the death, burial and

resurrection of Jesus Christ (I Peter


Carey Kinsolving is an Auckland based

storywriter and the above is a part

of ‘Kids Talk about God’ distributed

by Creators Syndicate. © 2017 Carey


Indian government

clarifies ‘Aadhaar’ ID rule

Supplied and Sourced Content

The Indian government has

issued a clarification relating

to the use of ‘Aadhaar’ or

Identity Card while filing

Income Tax (IT) Returns.

A notification issued by the Commissioner

of Income Tax, New Delhi

and circulated by the Indian High

Commission in Wellington said that

while those submitting their IT Returns

and while applying for allotment of

Permanent Account Number should

quote their Aadhaar or Enrolment ID,

this clause would be applicable only to

those eligible to obtain the Card.

Resident Indian defined

“It is clarified that such mandatory

quoting of Aadhaar or Enrolment ID

shall apply only to a person who is

eligible to obtain Aadhaar number. As

per the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery

of Financial and Other Subsidies,

Benefits and Services) Act, 2016,

only a resident individual is entitled

to obtain Aadhaar. Resident as per the

said Act means an individual who has

resided in India for a period or periods

amounting in all to one hundred and

eighty-two days or more in the twelve

months immediately preceding the

date of application for enrolment.

Accordingly, the requirement to quote

Aadhaar as per section 139AA of

the Income-tax Act shall not apply

to an individual who is not a resident

as per the Aadhaar Act, 2016,” the

notification said.

The notification relates to Section

139AA of the Income-tax Act, 1961 as

introduced by the Finance Act, 2017.

Sourced from Wikipedia:

About Aadhaar

World Bank Chief Economist Paul

Romer described Aadhar as “the most

sophisticated ID programme in world.”

It is the world’s largest biometric ID

system, with more than 1.133 billion

enrolled members as of March 31,

2017. As of this date, more than 99%

of Indians aged 18 and above had been

enrolled in Aadhaar.

Aadhaar is a 12-digit Unique

Identity Number issued to all Indian

residents based on their biometric and

demographic data.

The data is collected by the Unique

Identification Authority of India

(UIDAI), a statutory authority established

on July 12, 2016 by the Indian

government under the Electronics

and Information Technology Ministry

under the provisions of the Aadhaar

Act 2016.

No domicile rights

Aadhaar is not a proof of citizenship

and does not grant any rights to

domicile in India.

Prior to the enactment of the Act,

UIDAI functioned as an attached office

of Planning Commission (now NITI

Aayog) since 28 January 2009.

On March 3, 2016, a money bill

was introduced to Parliament to give

legislative backing to Aadhaar. On

March 11, 2016, the Aadhaar Act

2016 was passed in the Lok Sabha

and notified in the Gazette of India on

March 26, 2016.

APRIL 15, 2017






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APRIL 15, 2017

Model of the Fortnight

The bond from above is eternally strong

Pam Cummings

more you

give, the more

you get,” is

the belief of


Aarti Singh, our

Model of the Fortnight.

That was what her mother taught

Aarti during her formative years.

Her mother has a deep attachment

with God and expresses it by helping

others with her big generous heart.

Aarti is happy to say what she

believes; “One day when God is happy

with your effort, He will surely grant

your wishes.”

Listening to her mother made Aarti’s

connection with God stronger as she

grew up.

She is grateful to be taught right from


When Aarti first heard about ‘Miss

Five Crowns New Zealand,’ she was

inspired by the promise that the contest

would make her confidence level strong

and that the funds raised would go to


Unique Pageant

Aarti found this pageant unique as it

was open to all.

After meeting with her fellow

contestants, Aarti realised this was

not just about who gets a crown. The

atmosphere and the embracement was

so sweet and tender that it did not feel

like a competition.

“We are like a big family and the

organisers kept the strings tight and

strong for us to hold on. I learnt a lot

from my journey in ‘Miss Five Crowns

New Zealand’ and would not change a

thing,” she said.

Aarti feels blessed that she was a part

of a beautiful fairytale.

Her goal in life is to become successful

not only in wealth but also in those

little moments where love, laughter and

happiness are located.

Pam Cummings is Director of Miss

Five Crowns New Zealand and a

member of the Panel of Judges of

the Indian Newslink Indian Sports


Photography: Rochel Nilendra

Waitakere Indians add colour to multiculturalism

Sunil Kaushal

An enthusiastic crowd of

more than 4000 men,

women and children of all

faiths enjoyed traditional

Indian food, music and dancing at

the 12th Annual Holi Mela at Trusts

Arena, Henderson, on Sunday, March

19, 2017.

Holi is a traditional Hindu festival to

celebrate the beginning of spring with

its abundant colours and vibrant life.

Using colourful Gulal powder and

water, participants painted themselves

with the hues of the season and learned

more about this Hindu tradition.

Diverse communities

The Waitakere Indian Association

(WIA) is a community organisation

made up of diverse people working

side-by-side to strengthen the

community in West Auckland. The

Holi Festival is one of several events

organised by the Cultural Engagement

Committee of WIA, a volunteer-led

group created to celebrate the customs

and traditions of different cultures in

our increasingly diverse community.

Everyone therefore feels connected

and welcome at the WIA.

“We are proud to host such a festive

celebration at WIA. The event was a

great success thanks in large part to our

committee volunteers, who organise

initiatives that celebrate the diverse

cultures of our community,” Association

President Mahendra Sharma said.

Connecting people

“It has been the motto and effort

of Waitakere Indian Association to

promote diversity in our area. Now

The one occasion when leaders wear red, blue and grey together

Holi is now a Festival for all communities

Waitakere Holi Mela has developed into

an event not only for Indians but also

for the wider New Zealand community.

Celebrating the festival of colours in

our diversely cultural city is a way to

continue building better relations with

the community,” he added.

Mr Sharma said that migrants,

especially those who integrate and work

with the wider community, have added

colour to the cultural landscape of the


“WIA has built bridges with the local

Maori Community and we are proud to

say that we work together well,” he said.

Community Patrol

WIA has mounted community patrol

in and around Henderson, and will be

providing Indian Wardens to enhance

confidence and law and order in our


“Waitakere Indian Association

is committed to increasing cultural

engagement within our communities,”

8000 hands go up in celebration

Councillor Penny Hulse said, speaking

on behalf of the Auckland Council and

The Trusts Charitable Foundation.

Peter Chan, Vice Chair of Henderson-Massey

Local board was also


Pacific Peoples Minister Alfred

Ngaro said, “We believe that with a

greater understanding and acceptance

of our differences, we can grow into a

stronger, more supportive community

where individuals feel comfortable

being themselves and have every

opportunity to thrive.”

People’s People speak

Members of Parliament Kanwaljit

Singh Bakshi, Melissa Lee and Dr

Parmjeet Parmar were also present.

Leader of the Opposition Hon

Andrew Little thanked the Waitakere

Indian Association for bringing the Holi

event together where not just Indian

community but also other communities

come together and showcase the true

diversity of the changing face of New


He was joined by his Parliamentary

colleagues Phil Twyford, Michael

Wood and Carmel Sepuloni and the

Party’s Maungakiekie candidate in the

forthcoming general election Priyanca


Representing New Zealand First

Leader Winston Peters, Member of

Parliament Mahesh Bindra acknowledged

WIA as pioneers in celebrating

Holi with the wider community.

Radio Tarana Managing Director

Robert Khan praised WIA for being

community- focused and providing

opportunities for other communities to

learn more about the Indian culture.

“It is important to me that our

families know and love people of

all cultures. The more we know and

understand each other, the more love

there is to share,” he said.

For more information, videos and

photographs of the event, please visit

the Facebook page of the Waitakere

Indian Association.

Sunil Kaushal is Vice-President of

Waitakere Indian Association.

APRIL 15, 2017

The ‘Happy Swamy’ is coming again!

Venkat Raman


those who


keep their

minds and hearts open,” is the

belief of a spiritual leader who is

scheduled to conduct three nightly

discourses in English in Auckland

next month.

Swami Anubhavananda,

known affectionately as ‘The

Happy Swamy,’ will speak on

three illuminating subjects at the

Fickling Convention Centre, 546

Mt Albert Road, Three Kings to a

discerning audience from May 1

to May 3, 2017.

He will speak on ‘How to

negotiate through life wearing

multiple hats’ on May 1, on

‘Living in the present’ on May 2

and on ‘Maintaining a Balanced

Diet’ on May 3.

The programme will be held

each night from 730 pm to 9 pm.

Entry is free for all but by

registration at the venue at 7 pm.

Humorous and Practical

A disciple of the late Swami


ANZ Staff give a facelift

of the Sandeepany Sadhanalaya

to charity home

(Powai). The Inter-Cultural Open

University of the Netherlands Staff Reporter

honoured him with a Doctorate

in 1999,” they said.

Swami Anubhavananda’s Demonstrating their

discourses on Bhagavad Gita,

community spirit, a

the Upanishads, Srimad Bhagavatam,

Patanjali Yoga Sutras,

ANZ Bank spent

group of staff from

‘The Happy’ Swami Anubhavananda

Panchadasi, Ambrutanubhav and a day at a charity home in

Chinmayananda, he has been a

regular visitor to New Zealand

for almost a decade and his

discourses are always punctuated

by humour and practical tips.

Rajendran and Shanta Naidu

of the New Zealand Vedanta

Education Society Inc, which is

organising the discourses, said

that Swami Anubhavananda is

a man of high erudition, with

relevance to the modern world.

Impressive credentials

“He is a visiting faculty

member for teaching Management,

Yoga and Vedanta at the

Birla Institute of Technology and

Science (based in Pilani in the

North Indian State of Rajasthan)

and Kaivalyaham (Lonavala

in Maharashtra). He was

earlier the Acharya (Principal)

Tripura Rahasya have endeared

him to listeners all over the


“His sparkling series titled,

‘Mauj Me Raho’ and his camps

for children, youth and adults

have made him the most sought

after speaker on Vedanta today,”

Mr Naidu said.

Further details can be

obtained from Rajendran

and Shanta Naidu on (09)

8286785, 021-0303645 or

021-02500197; E-mail: raja.8@; Suresh Thiagarajah

on 022-1066188; Vel Konar

on 021-0438886; Nesa Malar

on 021-539010; Subbiah Mahalingam

on (09) 5799094 or

021-2050347 and Hari Narain

on 027-4213939. website: www.

Auckland on Friday, March 31,


The ANZ men and women,

representing a cross-section of

ethnicities and cultures through

their ‘Indian Networking

Group,’ dirtied their hands

painting the exterior walls

and cleaning the main hall of

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust,

located in Mt Roskill.

Impressive Initiative

It was a part of the ‘ANZ in

the Community Campaign,’

through which the Bank encourages

its employees to undertake

tasks at a venue of their choice

to promote community service

for a day every year. As well as

rendering valuable service as

volunteers, the Campaign also

demonstrates commitment of

ANZ and its staff to various


The ‘ANZ Indian Networking Group’ at Bharatiya Samaj

year, to help a local organisation

or charity, collectively spending

more than 15,000 hours in their


Leader Hetal Jani said that the

Indian Networking Group is a

part of the Bank’s ‘Diversity &

Inclusion Initiative,’ keen to reinforce

ANZ’s continuing effort in

supporting the Indian community

in New Zealand.

Combined Effort

“We wanted to utilise our time

and efforts in to doing something

worthwhile for the Indian community

and therefore approached

Bhartiya Samaj, as they are a notfor-profit

organisation engaged in

serving the Indian community.

Committee includes many

Ramji, who was elected IANZ

This is in addition to

“We had perfect weather, were

prominent citizens and a few new President, said.

community work that many of full of enthusiasm and energy and

persons. “The new name reflects the IANZ is building a new

them undertake on their personal overall it was a very rewarding

fast-changing profile of the Indian multi-storey headquarters on the initiative outside their working day for all of us to be able to

diaspora and better represents the property located at 25 Tui Road. hours.

make the difference. We hope that

association’s influence in the

community and the direction in

which we are moving,” Suresh

Work started last month and

the new building is expected to be

ready by the end of the year.

As reported in these columns

from time to time, all ANZ

staff have one work day each

people visiting the community

hall will appreciate the clean, new

look,” she said.

Name change for Manukau Indian Association

The Manukau Indian Association

(MIA) will henceforth be

known as the ‘Indian Association of

New Zealand’ (IANZ).

The decision was taken by a

unanimous vote at the Association’s

Annual General Meeting held on

April 2, 2017. The new Executive

$13 .99


Inspiring thought

Rani Nalam, a member of the

ANZ staff, who always contacts

us for suggestions, went a step further

by engaging a builder known

to her to visit the Bhartiya Samaj

premises earlier and help establish

the quantity of paint, brushes and

other materials required for their

day out doing voluntary work.

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable

Trust Founder-Chairman Jeet

Suchdev said that the hall had not

been painted for more than ten


“We are grateful to the ANZ

team for their valuable time and

efforts. We rely on the younger

generation like them to take the

initiative and help,” he said.

ANZ staff also got to interact

with a few senior citizens present

on the day.

-From a Report by Devika

Ganjoor-Erickson, Marketing

Manager (Marketing & Consumer

Strategy) ANZ Bank.



APRIL 15, 2017

Discover your Divinity and true self

Swami Atulananda

As creatures of this earth, we

all want something; desires

alone express as life; but

as human beings, it is only

our prerogative to become someone in

this world.

We have dreams, aspirations and

ambitions in our lives.

They motivate us to achieve and

give us goals to reach.

These goals, when fulfilled, add

meaning to our lives.

Some want to be a mother, others

an engineer while others a psychiatrist

and so on.

Whatever be our goals we set out

to achieve, we find ourselves fighting

against three factors. They are 1.

Competition – with others who want

the same thing as us 2. Time – Meeting

deadlines and expected timelines

for certain goals to be achieved and

3. Mind – Our own mind and its

tendencies to deviate from our goals.

Preference Indicators

In order to overcome these

challenges, we find some performance

indicators are kept in front of us that

us help in (a) Mapping what is needed

to reach the goal (b) Keeping our

performance on track with our goals

set and (c) Bringing out our potential

at work by aiming higher than we ever


Despite such motivators, we find that

after many attempts at becoming, a few

of us either end up envying the success

of others or even worse many of us

begin to see a lesser man in the mirror

than he had hoped to be.

This surely cannot be the fate of one

who is the crown of creation, can it?

Thankfully, this is not the case.

Life in Standard Definition

Such success and apparent failures

need not define us.

Often, the performance indicators

used are based on external measures

and are not flexible enough to accommodate

the uniqueness of the performer.

Hence, even if it brings an above

average amount of success, this is

usually accompanied by a huge amount

of stress as well.

These indicators do not inspire us to

perform great deeds.

These indicators are not just seen in

businesses; nay, they are reflected in

every field of our life – social, moral,

religious or ethical.

We are seen constantly measuring

ourselves; our worth, our upbringing,

and our choices through the standards

of others.

These expectations put pressure on

ourselves but the real harm is; it makes

us believe that we are inadequate and

incomplete if we do not conform.

Life in High Definition

The blooming of a flower from

being a closed bud cannot be forced


It is only through an internal

unfoldment that the bud can reach its

full glory.

Yes, the flower needs water, healthy

soil, good sunlight and constant care

of the gardener; all of which it borrows

from its surroundings but none of them

can make the bud bloom by their will.

However, it is not by wishing the

world has no expectations off us, that

we are able to reach our best, but by

assimilating all that is good from the


The world’s religions, when carefully

and sincerely studied by man who thus

wants to bloom like the bud, reveals

the techniques towards reaching such


In the Vedas, the sacred abode of

knowledge referred to by the Hindus,

we find the mightiest of declarations:

“Shrinvantu Vishwe Amritasya Putra”

(in Shvetāshvatara Upanishad, Chapter

II, Verse 5, meaning, “Listen, O the

children of immortality the world


The implication

The implication is that each being is

potentially perfect but ignorant of his or

her own potential. Their entire journey in

life is to therefore take whatever is best

from the happenings around them and

with the help of the scriptures as a guide,

rediscover their full potential in life.

Swami Swaroopananda

Aggravated robbery leaves aged woman traumatised

But family praises Police for timely help

Venkat Raman

An aged Indian woman is

still in trauma ten days after

she was tied, gagged and

threatened with murder by a

gang of robbers in her Auckland home

on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Her son-in-law, who narrated the

incident on conditions of anonymity,

said that the 81-year-old victim braved

the incident but being alone at the time

of the aggravated robbery, felt very

vulnerable at the time of the incident.

“One of them told me to go into a

room and said, “If you do not obey, we

will shoot you.”

Following is the edited version of the

incident as told by the son-in-law, known

to Indian Newslink for several years.

Laxmikant Pyarelal Musical

Evening next month

Venkat Raman

Immortal melodies of

Laxmikant Pyarelal, one of the

most popular musical duo ever

produced by the Hindi film

industry will be heard in Auckland

next month.

Titled, ‘Suneheri Yaadein’

(Golden Memories), the programme

is being orqanised by the Auckland

based ‘Swar Sadhana Academy

of Music’ in association with

Ravi Shetty on Saturday, May 20,

2017 at Dorothy Winstone Centre,

Unwanted Visitor

We have an open planned kitchen with

a lounge at the entrance of our house.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, my

mother-in-law (81) was alone at home.

She is always careful, never opens the

door to any strangers and looks through

the bifold glass on the window for any


At about 1 pm, a man knocked on

the door; my mother-in-law saw him

through the blindfold over the glass

window and asked him to go away. He

left quietly.

About 20 minutes later, the main door

was knocked down and she saw a huge

man standing in front of her. Whilst

another man ran into the house, this man

removed the bangle from her hands,

pulled one of her earrings making her ear

bleed, pulled her scapular

Auckland Girls Grammar School.

The group of singers includes

Arun Khotkar, Ashish Ramkrishnan,

Ekta Kumar, Guncha Singh,

Joseph Jose, Kanik Mongia, Kanika

Diesh, Kavita Lamba, Neel Patel,

Ravi Shetty, Ritika Badakere,

Sandhya Badakere, Siddhi Nigudkar,

Srishaa Iyer and Vibha Trivedi.

Sandhya Badakere, who is

organising the event, said that

selection of songs of the masters

posed a challenge.

“Laxmikant and Pyarelal have

composed thousands of songs for

films in their long career. Many

from her neck, perhaps hoping to find

a pendant.

Threat to kill

He tied her hands and legs with tea

towels and made her lie down on the

floor facing the ceiling. “Do not make

any noise or I will shoot you,” he said,

although he did not brandish any gun

at her.

My mother-in-law said, “Take

whatever you want, do not harm me.”

He then went to the two bedrooms,

returned to her and asked for gold and


“We do not keep money or jewellery

at home but in the safe-deposit locker,”

she said.

The man then helped my mother-inlaw

get up and took her to the bathroom,

ordered her not to come out if she valued

her life. While she remained in the

of the songs are not only still

popular but also contributed to

the success of the films for which

they composed. Among the songs

that we have included in our

forthcoming programme include

Aan Milo Sajana, Bobby, Dosti,

Imtihaan, Karz and Satyam Shivam

Sundaram. A part of the proceeds

will be donated to Parkinson’s New

Zealand,” she said.

Tickets, priced at $20 are

available at Yogiji Food Mart and

Auckland Indian Sweets. Further

details can be obtained on (09)


bathroom and managed to have a sip of

water since she was very thirsty, the two

men ransacked the house and took gold

and money.

Tense 45 minutes

My mother-in-law stood in the

bathroom for about 45 minutes; she was

frightened that after looting the house,

the two men will kill her.

As she did not hear any noise for a

long time, she gathered courage, prayed

and peeped through the keyhole of the

door. As there was no one, she moved

toward the bedroom, and called me at

work to say what had happened.

I immediately called the Police on the

emergency number 111 and rushed to

my house.

Police officials arrive

The Police were at home when I

reached. Soon thereafter, an Ambulance

His Master’s Voice

This is no false promise made to us,

as it has been proven time and again

through the presence of many Masters

appearing in various forms under many


These great souls, are said to have

realized their own true potential

and even though they appear to the

uninitiated, to be nothing more than

ordinary, it is this very humbling quality

in them that shines the brightest and

sets them apart.

It is our great fortune to have among

us one such soul in the form of His

Holiness Swami Swaroopananda,

the direct disciple of His Holiness

Swami Chinmayananda and the current

Spiritual Head of Chinmaya Mission


Swamiji, as addressed with reverence,

is at once a Master of Vedanta, a

revered and compassionate teacher, an

enchanting orator who possesses all the

qualities that the scriptures describe as

the ‘person of steady wisdom’, who is

learned in the theory and also a man of


His wisdom is deeply rooted in the

timeless Knowledge of the Upanishads

and his skill in delivering that

experience in a tangible form is unique


Krishna’s Powerful Instructions

KPI – Krishna’s Powerful Instructions

are a series of free public talks

in English scheduled to be held Green

Bay High School Performing Arts

Centre, 161 Godley Road, Green Bay

from April 23 to April 27, 2017 from

730 pm to 9 pm.

The series provide an opportunity

to listen to this Master and take on a

journey into the depths of your own

divinity only to rediscover who you

really are when all the labels given by

the world are removed.

The power of Knowledge can

liberate us from our sense of limitation

and take us to a higher standard of life.

Do not miss this rare opportunity.

Swami Atulananda Saraswati is

Resident Teacher and Spiritual

Guide at Chinmaya Mission based

in Auckland. He also oversees the

activities of the Chinmaya Centres in

Nelson and Wellington.

for a medical check-up. My motherin-law

was taken to the residence of a

friend where a woman detective took her


Later, many detectives and forensic

staff arrived and spent several hours

surveying the house and collecting


The next day, an official of the Victim

Support Unit spoke to my mother-in-law.

Lost confidence

The past five days have been traumatic

for all of us at home.

My mother-in-law has now lost her

confidence and does not want to go to

the nearby place of worship, since she

fears that she would be watched and


I am thankful to the Police for their

timely presence and assistance.

APRIL 15, 2017

Artlink-Ratna Venkat


Music, Dance, Hip Hop and all that Jazz

Venkat Raman

Over the past four years,

one question would

inevitably be raised

during our meetings

with Shanti Ravi and

her husband Ravichandran (Ravi)

Tanjore at numerous music and dance

concerts and social gatherings, “When

would Abhishek (their son) present his

Bharata Natyam Arangetram?”

The answer would always be, “In

good time.”

Last weekend, they gratified their

large circle of friends and well-wishers

with invitations for a double event – the

Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony) of

Abhishek at the Ganesha Temple in

Papakura at 1050 am followed by

Powhiri at the Papakura Marae at 1230

pm on April 30 and his Bharata Natyam

Arangetram at Dorothy Winstone

Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar

School on May 6.

The Five Elements

The Ravis were tight-lipped about

the items that the teenager would

present on his big day on stage but

the invitation suggested that it would

be based on the five elements that

constitute the Universe and the human

body- Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

The invitation quoted Vedanta Teacher

Ananya Chaitanya as saying that

the macro-cosmic rhythm that pulsates

through the five elements is mirrored in

the micro-cosmic self.

“The Universe resonates a cosmic

dance-rhythmic in beat, cyclical in

item, expansive in space. Eons and

ages, day and night, birth and death,

raga (mood) and rasa (essence), all

originate out of that cosmic dance- the

dance of Shiva. Let us participate in

this Divine dance to rejoice and reflect,

with the awareness of Ishwara (Shiva),”

she said.

Born and raised in a family dedicated

to human traits of compassion, friendship,

social networking and religious

fervour, Abhishek evinced interest in

performing arts early in his life but his

passion for Bharata Natyam surfaced

in 2011, when he was eight years old.

Since then, he has not only been an

ardent student of Anuradha Ramkumar,

Abhishek poses as Nataraja, the

ensemble of the five elements

As Krishna, Abhishek symbolises the King

of the Flute

Principal and Director of ‘Nrityabhinaya,’

better known as Anuradha’s

School of Indian Dances but also an

enthusiastic participant in a number of

solo and group events.

Other interests

Abhishek is also learning Jazz,

Contemporary and Hip-hop at ‘The

Dance Studio,’ and has been involved

in Bollywood dance groups at his

schools. As well being a member of

the ‘Accelerated Academic Group’ at

Mt Roskill Intermediate School, his

academic achievements have also been

a source of pride and joy to his parents

and teachers.

The list of his capabilities encompasses

musical instruments (Guitar,

Drums), awards and citations cover

theatre, dance, sports and academia.

Versatility defines the personality

of a person, transcending barriers

of language, nationality and other


The forthcoming Bharata Natyam

Arangetram of Abhishek could be

a redefining moment in his life and

career, both of which hold promising


Dry among Spraying Mountains

An Indo-Fijian Short Story, Second of Three Parts

Prashil Kumar

An hour ago, Pal had lain in

the middle of his sugarcane

farm on the wooden planks.

Pal had previously lain on

the wooden planks when his newlywed

daughter had fled her marital home to

seek refuge at his door.

“Womaniser, party freak, alcoholic,”

were the words associated with the man

Pal had chosen for his daughter.

But Pal had opted to go blind.

He had chosen to become deaf. The

only thoughts he had were the comfy,

shimmering life which awaited his

19-year-old daughter.

Consequently, the return of his

daughter made Pal speechless.

His tongue would not budge as his

eyes were glued to the pinkish flesh

with traces of charcoal black marks on

the very fingers which he had kissed

passionately when she had completed

her first doily at the age of ten.

Pal had imagined her daughter to be

someone very special who could spin

incredibly unique patterns of doilies out

of ordinary cotton threads.

This led Pal to seek a groom who

he could believe to be equally special.

The speciality of Pal’s chosen one was

that at the age of 27, he was selling

and buying real estate like one plucks

a basket of lemons from their orchard

one fine Saturday morning, puts them

for sale by the roadside and within an

hour departs home with their pockets

full of jingling silver and bronze coins.

Uttering the expletive again, Pal

hissed at the sea of fountains as he

rested on the wooden planks. As

usual, the sea of fountains tolerated his

cursing without any complain. They

never complained. They knew that Pal

was only able to wed his daughter with

all the pomp he could afford because

they existed. Hence they stood tall and


An hour ago, Pal had lain in the

middle of his sugarcane farm on the

wooden planks.

Pal had lain on the wooden planks

after paying a visit to his teenage son

in the nearby industrial town 15 miles

away. His son’s body covered in sweat

from the midday blazing temperature

and thereafter his body soaked from

the afternoon pour flashed Pal’s youth

in front of him as he stood at a distance

watching him. His tongue flicked inside

his mouth as he struggled to converse

with his son when they caught up, at

the end of the day.

His son’s skinny legs which swayed

an inch with every step he took with the

sack load upon his shoulders made Pal

wonder if his life was repentance for

sins he did not know he committed. Pal

screamed his lungs out the expletive

word once he returned home to face the

sea of fountains.

The sea of fountains gaily swayed in

the cool evening breeze brought by the

afternoon shower. They had bestowed

Bharat Sundar Carnatic Music Concert due

A student of Vidwan P S Narayanaswami,

Bharat started learning Carnatic

music when he was six years old from

Gayathri Mahesh, a senior disciple

of veteran vocalist O S Thiagarajan.

He continued lessons with Leelavathi

Gopalakrishnan, a disciple of T S

Balu, who in turn, was a sishya of G N


Bharat has received specialised

instruction in pallavi from Trichy

Pal the opportunity of raising his only

son who was at least breathing fine in

front of Pal. So once again, they stood

tall and proud.

If we notice, the line- “lain in the

middle”- is written in every paragraph

before that paragraph describes the

one other similar time Pal had lain

at the same spot, in pain and sorrow.

That line ‘an hour ago,’ (present time),

relates to the ‘Pal had lain’ (past times).

Instead of merely stating the occasions

Pal had lain on the planks in the middle

of his farm, the story reminds the

reader that an hour ago, Pal had been

where he used to be at painful times of

his life such as the day when his father

passed away and the day his daughter

returned home.

J Venkatraman and Srimushnam


He is also learning percussion.

Tickets for the programme, priced at

$30 (Reserved Seat), $15 (Adult) and

$10 (Senior or Child) are now on sale.

For details, please contact Govardhan

Mallela on (09) 6245922, Sankar

Pattabiraman on (09) 5791556 or Priya

Srinivasan on 021-613155. Email:

Venkat Raman


widely reviewed Carnatic

musician is due to present

his Concert in Auckland next


K Bharat Sundar will perform a

number of ragas at the Raye Freedman

Art Centre of Epsom Girls Grammar

School, Silver Road, Epsom on

Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Rasikas New Zealand and Sangeetha

Bharathi Music School are organising

the musical performance that will

commence at 530 pm.

Parur MS Ananthakrishnan and Melakaveri

K Balaji will accompany him

respectively on Violin and Mridangam.

Reviewing a concert, The Hindu

said, “Whether it is dexterity of voice,

a good sense of the kriti, manodharma

in raga alapana, neraval and

kalpanaswaram, talakattu or concert

craft, Bharat Sundar has all of these

ingredients in good measure.”

The young artiste is noted for the

brilliance of his alapana, and his brave

exploration of ragas beyond conventional


He has also regularly displayed

felicity and pleasant aesthetics in the

way he articulates lyrics and sangatis.

Critics agree that Bharat Sundar

has a good voice with a nice range,

impressive articulation, and adherence

to the specific kalapramana of the

individual songs.

“Evident in his concerts are good

training, attitude and manodharma. For

one so young, his music is mature,”

they said.


Seeking suitable match for our daughter,

very beautiful, fair, slim, Hindu Punjabi

(Wadhwa), MBA, 5’-4”, 1984, all family well

settled in Auckland. Contact Ishwar Wadhwa



Clothing alterations business, complete working

business, very large premises with very

reasonable rent. I have been at these premises

for almost 20 years. Fast sale necessary due to

family illness. Industrial machinery includes

3 plain sewers, over-locker, 5 thread safety

stitch, buttonholer, button sewer, blind hemmer,

industrial iron & boiler, 2 large cutting

tables, materials, notions, retail items. $25,000

For all

classified lineage

and display


please contact

021 836 528 or




APRIL 15, 2017


Use the photos to find the answer: itkeeps things together


No. 023

Queen Victoria first learned of her royal destiny

when she was 10 years of age, and although

there are several different versions to her initial

reaction, according to her German governess

and confidante Louise Lehzen – about whom

the young princess once confided in her diary,

“My dearest and best Lehzen, for Irequire a

great deal of care still” – Victoria, an only child,

responded to her future role with the solemn

pronouncement replicated in the addition sum.

Spot the 10 Differences

“I’ll double check with the manager...but I’m fairly confident clown shoes only come in one size”


No. 013



+ BE


In the addition sum shown different letters

correspond to different digits. Rewrite the

addition sum using the following digits:


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 9

Solution to Attemptation No.012

O H P E B *

2 3 4 5 6 7

JUMBLE No. 1746 SUDOKU No. 1067 HI


How many words of 4letters ormore can you make from

these 9letters? In making aword each letter may be

used only once, and the centre letter must be included.

There must be at least one 9-letter word. No slang,foreign

words, plurals, hyphens or apostrophes.


16 Words Good

20 Words Very Good

24 Words Excellent

28 Words Genius


acne acorn

acre announce


canner cannon

canoe canon care

cero cone conure

core corn cornu cran

crane crone cure

ecru nacre nonce

nuance ocean ocrea

once ounce race




3 Unhurried

8 Drink

9 Cower

11 One who tends


14 Girl

17 Off the right path

19 Permit

20 Historical periods

22 Choose

24 Main artery

26 Fashion

28 Man’s name

31 Dry

32 Before (poet)

34 French port

36 Wines

38 Ragged

41 Starter

42 Symbol

43 Strikes with aheavy



1 Not so much

2 Fever

3 Scottish lakes

4 Herons

5 Light shoe

6 Stagger

7 Slight error


Crossword No. 11914

10 Without symmetry

12 Brave man

13 Food of Italian origin

15 Communion table

16 Horse (poet)

18 Affirmative answer

20 Keen

21 Carrying weapons

23 Pursue in order to


25 Curved line



1 Two pig stealers will get

beaten! (3-3)

4 Makes an outline of a

game, we hear (6)

9 Thought I’d no

reactions when

disturbed (13)

10 Serious enough to

resent achange (7)

11 Did it flow divinely from

the choir? (5)

12 Twoprepare to take the

strain (5)

14 Diplomatic

representative in a

maiden voyage (5)

18 Atopless specimen is

quite enough (5)

19 The devil of amatch (7)

21 Adevice that has some

current attraction (13)

22 Insist upon alock

being put back (6)

23 Although he keeps

going, heremains

where he is (6)


1 Diplomacy,wehear,

took adevious course


2 Youthful soothsayers,

biblically speaking (5,8)

3 Girl involving one in














press gallery











No. 17566

love entanglement (5)

5 Make anew adjustment

for the back row,bythe

sound of it (7)

6 Animaginative air-trip?


7 Dispatched with railway

guard (6)

8 Before the end of the

day, the trial will make

you irritable (5)

13 Somehow trace an

alternative producer ...

27 Fish

29 Bovine animals

30 Glossy fabric

33 Make merry

35 Separate articles

37 Dispatch

39 Principle governing


40 Moist


15 ... indispensable for

one who is filming (6)

16 This craft will upset the

lotteries (5)

17 As aculinary device, it

causes some friction


20 Land-line shown on the

map (5)

Sudoku No. 1066 Cryptic No. 17565

Across: 1Preservation;

7Order; 8Raise; 9Mar; 10

Sweetmeat; 11 Unsaid; 12

Abuser; 15Armistice; 17

Air; 18Omaha;

19 Issue;

21 Shoe repairer.

Down: 1Perambulator;

2End; 3Varlet;

4Turntable; 5Opine;

6Letter-writer; 7Ogres;

10 Shipshape; 13 Slate; 14

Divine; 16 Meath;

20 Sea.

Snap Decision No. 012 What’s Different No. 022 Attemptation No. 012








1. Partition different colour

2. The word “have” is missing

3. Persons top is different colour

4. Extra note on wall

5. Drawer missing

6. Number on screen different

7. Partition higher

8. Pencil missing

9. Seat backrest different colour

10. Computer screen missing in
























O H P E B *

2 3 4 5 6 7





APRIL 15, 2017

Justifiable Awards to the

worthy in Cricket

Apurva Shukla

Kane Williamson capped

off his first year as captain

of New Zealand cricket in

all formats by winning big

at the annual New Zealand Cricket


The 26-year-old was named ‘New

Zealand’s Player of the Year’ and

was awarded the ‘Sir Richard Hadlee

Medal’ for a second successive year.

This followed his 17th Test century

at Hamilton in the final test of the

summer against South Africa.

The ton made him the joint highest

century maker along with batting

legend Martin Crowe. Williamson

also won the Redpath Cup (first-class

batting) and the best T-20 player for

the year.

Neil Wagner

Otago’s left arm seamer Neil Wagner

won the Test player of the year.

He picked up 56 wickets over the

season and featured in 13 of the 14 tests

the Black Caps played.

In the process, he became the second

fastest New Zealand bowler to 100

wickets after Sir Richard Hadlee. What

stood out with Wagner was his fitness,

and unrelenting toil whilst attacking the

batsman with short pitch bowling.

Martin Guptill

Auckland opener Martin Guptill won

the best ‘One Day International Player

of the Year’ title. He was the most

prolific New Zealand batsman in the

shorter version of the game and scored

570 runs at 47.50 over the international


His test match form remains

scratchy, but there is no denying he is

one of best ODI batsman going around.

Guptill’s successful summer also

earned him a contract with King’s 11

Punjab in the latest edition of the Indian

Premier League (IPL-10).

Glenn Phillipps

Auckland wicket keeper Glen Phillipps

won the ‘T20 Domestic Player of

the Year Award.’ Phillips came close to

selection for the Black Caps this season

and also missed out being picked up at

the IPL auction.

But there is no denying that he is a

name to watch out for in the future.

Amy Satterthwaite

Caterbury’s Amy Satterthwaite

scored four consecutive ODI centuries

on course to be named the ‘Women’s

ODI Player of the Year.’

Women’s Team Captain Suzie Bates

won the ‘Women’s T20 Player of the

Year Award.’ Her form in T-20 cricket

has seen her become a major attraction

in Australia’s Big Bash League (BBL)


Looking ahead, the Black Caps’ next

international assignment is the Champions

Trophy in England beginning on

June 1, 2017.

A majority of that team would

have just come off playing at the IPL,

making them fit and a dangerous

proposition at the prestigious eight

nation’s event.

New Zealand cricket fans will expect

no less than a second Champions

Trophy victory for the Black Caps.

Kane Williamson

Martin Guptill


Hawke’s Bay Cup remains

with Vantage Black Sticks

Supplied Content

The Vantage Black Sticks women

have retained the Hawke’s

Bay Cup by defeating Japan

three nil in the final match of

the 2017 Vantage Hawke’s Bay Festival

of Hockey played in Hastings, New

Zealand on Sunday, April 9, 2017.

New Zealand was the top qualifier

from pool play with 3 wins from their 6

matches. Japan also had 3 wins but had

lost 3 games to finish two points behind

in second place. This year’s final was a

repeat of 2016 where the Black Sticks

beat Japan 2-1.

The Black Sticks were on the

scoreboard in the fifth minute when

Rachel McCann beat the keeper with

a great shot. They were unlucky not to

be two up, after Kirsten Pearce had a

goal disallowed when the umpires ruled

the ball had hit a foot on its way into

the net.

Tenacious defence

The second half was punctuated by

tenacious defence from both sides as

they went searching for a goal.

Japan lost Mami Ichitani to a leg

injury in the 35th minute.

Japan pushed forward in search of

the equaliser and Black Sticks Keeper

Sally Rutherford was called into action

on a number of occasions.

She saved two cracking shots that

were shoulder height and goalward

bound by pushing the ball wide. Then

she did enough to scramble the ball

clear to avert the danger from a penalty



New Zealand had a clean finish against Japan

(Photos courtesy Ned Dawson/Vantage

Hawke’s Bay Festival of Hockey)

The match was decided in the Black

Sticks favour when they scored two

goals in the 57th minute.

The first went to Rose Keddell who

placed a reverse stick shot high into

the left-hand corner of the Japan goal

and then captain Olivia Merry got on

the scoresheet when a cross from the

left side wasn’t dealt with by the Japan

defence and she pushed the ball into

the goal.

A Record

The Black Sticks are the first team

to win the Vantage Hawke’s Bay Cup

twice in its four- year history.

Half time score: Vantage Black

Sticks 1 Japan 0

Final score: Vantage Black Sticks 3

(Rachel McCann, Rose Keddell, Olivia

Merry) Japan 0

2017 final placings: Vantage Black

Sticks 1st, Japan 2nd, Australia 3rd,

USA 4th

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APRIL 15, 2017

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