Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 311 – April 12, 2017

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.


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Diana Ross<br />

Appearing at New York City Center, <strong>April</strong> 24-29<br />

There are no words in the<br />

English language worthy of<br />

describing the remarkable<br />

person and career of one of<br />

the most glamorous, epic and iconic<br />

Goddesses that has ever graced the<br />

music industry. Billboard’s “Female<br />

Entertainer of the Century” Diana<br />

Ross will be appearing at the New<br />

York City Center for a five-night<br />

concert series on <strong>April</strong> 24-29,<br />

showcasing her “Endless Memories”<br />

tour.<br />

With a musical, songwriting,<br />

acting and producing career that<br />

spans over four decades, Ross<br />

has influenced numerous artists,<br />

including Beyoncé, Michael<br />

Jackson, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry,<br />

Jennifer Lopez and countless others.<br />

Celebrating an endless legacy, Ross<br />

has earned the Presidential Medal of<br />

Freedom, the highest civilian honor,<br />

Kennedy Center Honor, two stars<br />

on Walk of Fame, and was declared<br />

the most successful female artist in<br />

history by the “Guinness Book of<br />

World Records.” She also has been<br />

inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall<br />

of Fame and received the Grammy<br />

Lifetime Achievement Award. As<br />

a Supreme, she helped pave the<br />

way for other R&B stars to perform<br />

mainstream. Her music and talent<br />

has touched the lives of people<br />

across the planet.<br />

Diane Ross was born and raised<br />

in Detroit, where she joined the<br />

Primettes at age 15, along with<br />

Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and<br />

Betty McGlown. The journey began<br />

following a talent competition<br />

victory in Ontario, followed by the<br />

group then auditioning for Motown<br />

Records. According to a biography<br />

by Berry Gordy, he recalled heading<br />

to a meeting when he heard Ross<br />

singing “There Goes My Baby.”<br />

Although he said “I stopped in my<br />

tracks,” he advised them to come<br />

back after graduation because of<br />

their ages. In 1961, Gordy signed<br />

them to the label on the condition<br />

that they change the name of the<br />

group. Ballard picked The Supremes,<br />

and during the ‘60s they<br />

became Motown’s most successful<br />

act. To this day they remain one<br />

of the world’s best-selling female<br />

groups.<br />

As the Supremes, the group enjoyed<br />

<strong>12</strong> #1 hit singles, including<br />

“Where Did Our Love Go,” “You<br />

Can’t Hurry Love,” “You Keep Me<br />

Hanging On,” “Love Child” and<br />

“Stop! In the Name of Love.”

In 1970, Ross left the<br />

group and began<br />

an epic solo career,<br />

singing hits such as<br />

“Ain’t No Mountain<br />

High Enough,”<br />

“Touch Me in the<br />

Morning,” “I’m<br />

Coming <strong>Out</strong>” and “Upside<br />

Down.” She also embarked<br />

on an acting career, where she<br />

was nominated for an Academy<br />

Award for her performance in<br />

the film “Lady Sings the Blues.”<br />

She also starred in “Mahogany,”<br />

where the costumes were<br />

designed by Ross herself, and<br />

“The Wiz.”<br />

In 1974, Ross became the first<br />

African-American woman to cohost<br />

the 46 Academy Awards.<br />

She also sang the “Star Spangled<br />

Banner” at the Super Bowl XVl.<br />

Motown 25 in 1983 aired as a<br />

monumental television special<br />

honoring Motown, with Diana<br />

Ross introducing Berry Gordy. It<br />

included landmark performances<br />

by artists such as Marvin Gaye,<br />

Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie,<br />

Smokey Robinson and Adam<br />

Ant, who danced with Ross<br />

during his showcase of “Where<br />

Did Our Love Go.”<br />

In 1984, Ross recorded<br />

“Missing You,” a tribute<br />

to Marvin Gaye, who had<br />

died that year. It became an<br />

international hit. She was also<br />

anointed by Michael Jackson to<br />

be an alternate guardian for his<br />

children. Her final hit for Motown<br />

became a collaboration with<br />

Lionel Richie on the theme song<br />

for the film “Endless Love.”<br />

Aside from the fame and glory,<br />

Ross<br />

has also<br />

raised five children,<br />

including her daughter Tracee<br />

Ellis Ross, who recently won a<br />

Golden Globe Award. Ross also<br />

has four grandchildren.<br />

“The Queen of Motown” is<br />

still loved and cherished by<br />

all. She has been saluted at<br />

Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball,<br />

a three-day event celebrating<br />

contributions to art and<br />

entertainment. Ross was one<br />

of 25 African-American women<br />

saluted. She was also named one<br />

of the Five Mighty Pop Divas<br />

of the ‘60s. After her famous<br />

concert in Central Park for a<br />

Showtime special, a playground<br />

was named in her honor called<br />

Diana Ross Playground Located<br />

inside Central Park at West 81st<br />

Street and Central Park West.<br />

The concert’s proceeds were<br />

set to build that playground;<br />

however, it was rained out in<br />

the middle, and although Ross<br />

tried to continue, the torrential<br />

downpour made it impossible.<br />

Ross made sure people left the<br />

venue safely, and promised to do<br />

it over the next day, and she held<br />

true to her word. She also wound<br />

up paying the $150,000 required<br />

to build it, as the profits were<br />

absorbed by having to repeat the<br />

concert the following day.

Diana Ross<br />

Now New York is fortunate to<br />

have her back in the city for<br />

five special nights of magical<br />

splendor at New York City Center<br />

for an astounding and eloquent<br />

journey of “Endless Memories.”<br />

Needless to say, one of the high<br />

points of my career happened<br />

when I was honored to be able<br />

to interview Ross about her<br />

upcoming performance.<br />

It was quite refreshing when<br />

sharing questions and answers<br />

with her, because she didn’t go<br />

on about herself. I feel it showed<br />

great confidence in the fact that<br />

she really knew who she was and<br />

didn’t have to prove anything<br />

different.<br />

The very thought of your upcoming<br />

appearance at the New York Center is<br />

turning all of New York “Upside Down.”<br />

Can you give us a tiny hint of what your<br />

fans can expect?<br />

Pure, authentic Diana Ross.<br />

You’re an iconic singer coming to an iconic<br />

city. After your famous concert in Central<br />

Park, is there any special connection that<br />

you have to New York?<br />

I love New York! Remember the song<br />

“New York State of Mind?” New York<br />

is an energy. It’s a classy sophistication.<br />

It’s alive 24/7. It’s magical. I think it’s<br />

true that this city never sleeps. You can<br />

be out at 4 a.m. in the morning, and<br />

the streets are filled with people going<br />

somewhere and doing things. Fantastic!<br />

I do love the diversity and the different<br />

cultures of New York. I love all the museums.<br />

The great restaurants, so many<br />

variations. I really love going to the<br />

theater. Going shopping. I love Rizzoli’s<br />

bookstore. I love the art world. And, of<br />

course, I love the fashion world! I really<br />

love that you can be a celebrity and<br />

walk down the streets of New York, and<br />

you’re just one of the millions of people<br />

moving through the energy.<br />

How would someone in the New York audience<br />

get your “special attention”?<br />

Let your hair down! And have fun.<br />

Don’t be shy. Dance if you feel like it.<br />

I see you, you see me!<br />

How is it that at a time when today’s pop<br />

crop can’t stay relevant for 50 minutes,<br />

you have managed to remain relevant<br />

for 50 years? What is your secret to<br />

long-term success?<br />

What secret? I don’t know.<br />

Your questions make me laugh.

Do you believe that your<br />

career would have ended up<br />

as it did had you have started<br />

out today as a new artist<br />

trying to make it in today’s<br />

Internet and social media<br />

world?<br />

That, I don’t know.<br />

You have been honored<br />

with many awards,<br />

from the Presidential<br />

Medal of Freedom to<br />

having two stars on<br />

the Hollywood Walk of<br />

Fame to being named<br />

“Female Entertainer of<br />

the Century.” You are<br />

a singer, an actress, a<br />

producer, a mom, a<br />

grandmother. Is there<br />

anything that you<br />

haven’t accomplished<br />

that you still dream of<br />

doing?<br />

Yep!<br />

Is there any song or<br />

musical passage that<br />

never fails to evoke<br />

emotion?<br />

The word “LOVE “ and<br />

all its meanings.<br />

Speaking of “Endless Memories,”<br />

what do you feel was the instance that<br />

changed the trajectory of your life?<br />

I’ve always been on my path.<br />

The journey has been<br />

absolutely incredible.<br />

Do you recall the proudest moment<br />

of your career?<br />

Oh, my! I’ve been singing and<br />

dancing and loving music all my life.<br />

Schedule<br />

Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 25, <strong>2017</strong> at 7:30pm<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 28, <strong>2017</strong> at 8:00pm<br />

Ticket Information<br />

Tickets, $59.50, $99.50, $149.50<br />

(plus applicable service fees) available<br />

at www.nycitycenter.org or by<br />

calling CityTix at 2<strong>12</strong>.581.<strong>12</strong><strong>12</strong><br />

and in person at the New York<br />

City Center Box Office located<br />

on 55th St. (6th & 7th Ave).<br />

Monday, <strong>April</strong> 24, <strong>2017</strong> at 7:30pm<br />

Wednesday, <strong>April</strong> 26, <strong>2017</strong> at 7:30pm<br />

Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 29, <strong>2017</strong> at 8:00pm




FRIDAY, JUNE 23<br />

Patti LaBelle<br />

Deborah Cox<br />

DJ Lina<br />


Tegan and Sara<br />

Years & Years · Róisín Murphy · Gallant<br />

Dimitri From Paris · Occupy The Disco<br />

SUNDAY, JUNE 25<br />

To Be Announced<br />

Chus & Ceballos<br />

Cindel · Scott Martin<br />


interview<br />


The View UpStairs<br />



When the lights dim at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre at<br />

Culture Project in New York City, all eyes are glued to the<br />

cabaret, gay bar set, and the appearance of the handsome<br />

Orlando-born, actor, singer and entertainer Jeremy Pope.<br />

After speaking with Pope, I soon knew exactly why he was<br />

cast in the role of Wes in "The View UpStairs.”<br />

The tragic story of "Upstairs," where an act of arson<br />

destroyed the lives of 32 people in a New Orleans gay bar in 1973, is a<br />

sensitive and heartwarming portrayal of the characters who might have<br />

frequented it.<br />

A young, cocky fashion designer Wes, played by Pope from the year <strong>2017</strong>, is<br />

set to buy the property, cell phone in hand, and is magically transported back<br />

in time to 1973, just before the fateful fire. There he meets the residents of the<br />

bar and learns several valuable lessons.<br />

The play stirs much emotion: a blast of comedy, a sense of pride and the<br />

history of something that never should have happened, just like the Pulse<br />

Nightclub disaster. Before leaving the theatre, you easily fell in love with the<br />

characters, and knew them well, and mourned their deaths. However, survivor<br />

Wes stood out as a tender, confused product of our society, who learned a<br />

sobering tutorial on communication, interaction, history and love.<br />

I feel like the play<br />

portrays so much history<br />

and knowledge of the<br />

community, and is so<br />

relevant now. How did you<br />

get the part?<br />

So, I auditioned for it back in<br />

November. I read the script,<br />

and it was weird, because<br />

I didn’t know at the time<br />

that the fire had happened<br />

in 1973. So I was kind of<br />

blown away by it. So I went<br />

in and auditioned for Max<br />

(the show’s writer), and I was<br />

called back, and it just kind<br />

of felt right. As I was reading<br />

the character Wes, I saw the<br />

opportunity for the character<br />

to be over the top and funny,<br />

but I knew that in order for<br />

that to work we needed a<br />

trade off of a character that<br />

is sensitive and willing to<br />

embrace being a character<br />

that is going to change his<br />

outlook by the end of the<br />

play. I thought it was very<br />

important to show this reality<br />

of the character but also<br />

stay grounded and find that<br />

place of ability, truth and<br />

honesty.<br />

I thought that you were<br />

just amazing in your role<br />

of Wes, and you weren’t<br />

too bad to look at either.<br />

I’ll take that!<br />

There are a lot of very<br />

special cast members.<br />

Have you bonded with any<br />

of them?<br />

I did. I think Nathan Lee<br />

Graham is phenomenal<br />

in the show, and just as a<br />

person and a human he

was so good for me. He<br />

had come up to me and<br />

was praising me for my<br />

work in a play that he saw<br />

me in, and I was praising<br />

him for his works, so initially<br />

we bonded and respected<br />

each other as artists. But<br />

also the way he approached<br />

the material, it was very<br />

similar for me, because his<br />

character and his off-thewall<br />

crazy monologues that<br />

are just so funny...the way<br />

he was approaching it, I<br />

could tell that it was from<br />

such a sweet and honest<br />

place, rather than, like, “I<br />

wanna be funny.” I feel<br />

like those are the greatest<br />

comedians that find the<br />

truth and honesty through it,<br />

leaving you wanting more.<br />

He is such a sweet person,<br />

and we share a dressing<br />

room. We’re always tuning<br />

in before the show, and then<br />

in the show our characters<br />

only have a few moments<br />

together. Also, my partner<br />

Taylor is great to work with.<br />

Across the board that is one<br />

thing that I loved about this<br />

piece, was that everyone<br />

was just so open and had a<br />

big heart, from the writer to<br />

Nancy Ticotin, the mother,<br />

who was just so open and<br />

willing to dive into this piece.<br />

I think we all knew that it<br />

was something so special.<br />

We checked all those egos<br />

probably at the audition.<br />

It was simply about let’s<br />

just tell the story, from the<br />

LBGTQ Community Center<br />

audience to Broadway, to<br />

whatever opportunity we<br />

had. We knew that the story<br />

was relevant right now, and<br />

so important to get it out to<br />

our peers, loved ones and<br />

people we don’t know.<br />

I originally thought the<br />

play was a comedy. It was<br />

funny; however, it was also<br />

so sad.<br />

I know. It’s beautiful for<br />

me, because I know that<br />

Max had been working on<br />

this piece, and to turn such<br />

a tragic event and give it<br />

so much life and make it<br />

exciting and thrilling…like<br />

you said, a comedy where<br />

you’re so warm being in this<br />

bar with these patriots and<br />

you’re riding this journey.<br />

Sadly enough, I believe that’s<br />

how it was in 1973, where<br />

they had this secret place<br />

where they could come and<br />

be themselves. It was music<br />

and all types of things. I feel<br />

it’s how it would’ve been in<br />

that time, and for so many<br />

people to be taken away so<br />

quickly...<br />

Honestly, I didn’t know<br />

about the history and<br />

the fire either until I<br />

interviewed Nathan and<br />

Michael Longoria.<br />

I think that another thing for<br />

me was when I was reading<br />

the script - I’m originally<br />

from Orlando, and I was<br />

home when the Pulse thing<br />

happened, and some of my<br />

classmates were involved,<br />

and that just hit in a different<br />

way for me. I live in New<br />

York City, so I’m mostly here,<br />

but I happened to be home<br />

that weekend for a family<br />

reunion. So as I was reading<br />

the piece I was telling my<br />

agent that I need to go in<br />

for this, because it was for<br />

me. It was for me, Jeremy.<br />

This was so necessary to<br />

give back to my friends and<br />

the community. So many<br />

people lost their lives, and<br />

I was like, “We have to talk<br />

about it.” For me, it feels like<br />

therapy every night. <strong>Get</strong>ting<br />

to dig in to the story and see<br />

how the audiences change,<br />

and working with all the<br />

characters that bring it to<br />

life and make it fun to go to<br />

work. And I think Max has<br />

done such a beautiful job<br />

creating the music that can<br />

swell and make you feel. I<br />

think that’s why we go to the<br />

theater. Through our art, it’s<br />

great for us to educate our<br />

audience, which is exciting<br />

and fun and very inspiring.<br />

Did you have to prepare<br />

for the role, and how did<br />

you prepare?<br />

I think I’m a little bit chill,<br />

but it is fun to go from 0 to<br />

100 real quick, and be sassy.<br />

I know that in the rehearsal<br />

space we created different<br />

imagery, pictures on the<br />

wall, the culture, so we got<br />

to dive into that, and that<br />

was exciting and fun. To<br />

hear about what it was like,<br />

what was legal and what<br />

was not legal, and see how<br />

similar things were then to<br />

now. And the writer, Max,<br />

with Trump being in office,<br />

and some of the things<br />

being said in the media<br />

about politics, he would<br />

come and change the lines<br />

daily because something<br />

happened. It was so crazy. I<br />

thought, this is happening<br />

now. So that was kind of fun,<br />

to just jump on the journey<br />

for that. A lot of the cast has<br />

been doing it for years in the<br />

workshops and readings to<br />

kind of develop it.<br />

Cont. Next Page

I just kind of hopped in. It’s been such a great<br />

experience. It’s fun and it’s thrilling, and it’s so<br />

important. It was hard for me in the beginning,<br />

because I had moments where I just felt like<br />

breaking down. It just felt so close to home. It<br />

was special to me. I said, “Let’s work through<br />

that,” and find a place where I could act that<br />

out and tell this amazing story. That was the<br />

preparation I think for me.<br />

I think after the Orlando thing happened I<br />

came back to New York and separated myself<br />

as if it wasn’t so close to home. It touched<br />

so many people, and it was so tragic to hear<br />

about, the people that I loved from high<br />

school. I was trying to avoid Facebook. One<br />

day I had a breakdown with my mom. I was<br />

home, and I just started crying and having a<br />

panic attack. She asked what’s wrong, and I<br />

think it was just that I wasn’t talking about it. It<br />

was pent up. It was hard for me to try to go to<br />

that place, because it was so real.<br />

Theoretically, you could’ve been at Pulse<br />

that night.<br />

I could have. I had never been there myself,<br />

but I could’ve been out. I live 15 minutes<br />

away from where it happened. There were<br />

helicopters, so many things. It was just crazy.<br />

For me, I needed this piece right now. For<br />

me, I needed this piece for the community. So<br />

many people don’t know about it. I just feel<br />

like it’s my job; it’s my duty. I believe inside<br />

that I need to tell the story right now.<br />

Well, you tell it very well. Besides the play,<br />

is there anything else that you would like<br />

to promote for yourself?<br />

Yeah. A couple of weeks ago I released a new<br />

single called “New Love.” I’ve been working<br />

on some stuff and recording music. Now that<br />

the show is open I can get back into going to<br />

the studio and doing all those other exciting<br />

things, all of the projects, and all of the things<br />

we do as actors. I hope to be putting out an<br />

album or an EP this year, but I wanna make<br />

sure it’s done right. I do have my new single<br />

out.<br />

The View UpStairs is performed<br />

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays<br />

at 7p.m., Fridays at 6:30 p.m. and 10<br />

p.m., Saturdays at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.<br />

and Sundays at 6 p.m.<br />

The show is at The Lynn Redgrave<br />

Theater running through May 21 at<br />

Culture Project (45 Bleecker Street,<br />

New York, NY 100<strong>12</strong>). Tickets, which are<br />

available atTheViewUpStairs.com, are<br />

$45-90.<br />

Student Rush tickets are available at<br />

the box office prior to curtain for $35<br />

(cash only).<br />




(646) 761-3325<br />

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(347) 776-9568<br />





(908) 232-2021<br />





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• Know your HIV-1 status and the HIV-1 status of<br />

your partners.<br />

• <strong>Get</strong> tested for HIV-1 at least every 3 months or<br />

when your healthcare provider tells you.<br />

• <strong>Get</strong> tested for other sexually transmitted<br />

infections. Other infections make it easier for<br />

HIV-1 to infect you.<br />

• <strong>Get</strong> information and support to help reduce risky<br />

sexual behavior.<br />

• Have fewer sex partners.<br />

• Do not miss any doses of TRUVADA. Missing<br />

doses may increase your risk of getting HIV-1<br />

infection.<br />

• If you think you were exposed to HIV-1, tell your<br />

healthcare provider right away.<br />

u If you do become HIV-1 positive, you need more<br />

medicine than TRUVADA alone to treat HIV-1.<br />

TRUVADA by itself is not a complete treatment<br />

for HIV-1. If you have HIV-1 and take only<br />

TRUVADA, your HIV-1 may become harder to treat<br />

over time.<br />

TRUVADA can cause serious side effects:<br />

u Too much lactic acid in your blood (lactic<br />

acidosis), which is a serious medical emergency.<br />

Symptoms of lactic acidosis include weakness or<br />

being more tired than usual, unusual muscle pain,<br />

being short of breath or fast breathing, nausea,<br />

vomiting, stomach-area pain, cold or blue hands<br />

and feet, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, and/or fast<br />

or abnormal heartbeats.<br />

u Serious liver problems. Your liver may become<br />

large and tender, and you may develop fat in your<br />

liver. Symptoms of liver problems include your skin<br />

or the white part of your eyes turns yellow, dark<br />

“tea-colored” urine, light-colored stools, loss of<br />

appetite for several days or longer, nausea, and/or<br />

stomach-area pain.<br />

u You may be more likely to get lactic acidosis<br />

or serious liver problems if you are female,<br />

very overweight (obese), or have been taking<br />

TRUVADA for a long time. In some cases, these<br />

serious conditions have led to death. Call your<br />

healthcare provider right away if you have any<br />

symptoms of these conditions.<br />

u Worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection. If you<br />

also have HBV and take TRUVADA, your hepatitis<br />

may become worse if you stop taking TRUVADA.<br />

Do not stop taking TRUVADA without first talking to<br />

your healthcare provider. If your healthcare provider<br />

tells you to stop taking TRUVADA, they will need to<br />

watch you closely for several months to monitor<br />

your health. TRUVADA is not approved for the<br />

treatment of HBV.<br />

I Who should not take TRUVADA for PrEP?<br />

Do not take TRUVADA for PrEP if you already<br />

have HIV-1 infection or if you do not know your<br />

HIV-1 status. If you are HIV-1 positive, you need to<br />

take other medicines with TRUVADA to treat HIV-1.<br />

TRUVADA by itself is not a complete treatment for<br />

HIV-1. If you have HIV-1 and take only TRUVADA,<br />

your HIV-1 may become harder to treat over time.<br />

Do not take TRUVADA for PrEP if you also take<br />

lamivudine (Epivir-HBV) or adefovir (HEPSERA).<br />

Please see Important Facts about TRUVADA for PrEP including important warnings<br />

on the following pages.

Have you heard about<br />

TRUVADA for PrEPTM?<br />

The once-daily prescription medicine that can help reduce the risk of getting<br />

HIV-1 when used with safer sex practices.<br />

• TRUVADA for PrEP is only for adults who are at high risk of getting HIV through sex.<br />

• You must be HIV-negative before you start taking TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />

Ask your doctor about your risk of getting HIV-1 infection and if TRUVADA for PrEP<br />

may be right for you.<br />

I What are the other possible side effects of<br />

TRUVADA for PrEP?<br />

Serious side effects of TRUVADA may also include:<br />

u Kidney problems, including kidney failure.<br />

Your healthcare provider may do blood tests to<br />

check your kidneys before and during treatment<br />

with TRUVADA for PrEP. If you develop kidney<br />

problems, your healthcare provider may tell you to<br />

stop taking TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />

u Bone problems, including bone pain or bones<br />

getting soft or thin, may lead to fractures. Your<br />

healthcare provider may do tests to check<br />

your bones.<br />

u Changes in body fat, which can happen in<br />

people taking TRUVADA or medicines like<br />

TRUVADA.<br />

Common side effects in people taking TRUVADA for<br />

PrEP are stomach-area (abdomen) pain, headache,<br />

and decreased weight. Tell your healthcare provider<br />

if you have any side effects that bother you or do not<br />

go away.<br />

I What should I tell my healthcare provider before<br />

taking TRUVADA for PrEP?<br />

u All your health problems. Be sure to tell your<br />

healthcare provider if you have or have had any<br />

kidney, bone, or liver problems, including hepatitis<br />

virus infection.<br />

u If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.<br />

It is not known if TRUVADA can harm your unborn<br />

baby. If you become pregnant while taking<br />

TRUVADA for PrEP, talk to your healthcare provider to<br />

decide if you should keep taking TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />

visit start.truvada.com<br />

Pregnancy Registry: A pregnancy registry collects<br />

information about your health and the health of your<br />

baby. There is a pregnancy registry for women who<br />

take medicines to prevent HIV-1 during pregnancy.<br />

For more information about the registry and how it<br />

works, talk to your healthcare provider.<br />

u If you are breastfeeding (nursing) or plan to<br />

breastfeed. Do not breastfeed. The medicines in<br />

TRUVADA can pass to your baby in breast milk. If<br />

you become HIV-1 positive, HIV-1 can be passed<br />

to the baby in breast milk.<br />

u All the medicines you take, including prescription<br />

and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal<br />

supplements. TRUVADA may interact with other<br />

medicines. Keep a list of all your medicines and show<br />

it to your healthcare provider and pharmacist when<br />

you get a new medicine.<br />

u If you take certain other medicines with<br />

TRUVADA for PrEP, your healthcare provider may<br />

need to check you more often or change your<br />

dose. These medicines include ledipasvir with<br />

sofosbuvir (HARVONI).<br />

You are encouraged to report negative<br />

side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.<br />

Visit www.FDA.gov/medwatch, or call<br />


w<br />

(tru-VAH-dah)<br />


This is only a brief summary of important information about<br />

taking TRUVADA for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to help<br />

reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 infection. This does not replace<br />

talking to your healthcare provider about your medicine.<br />


Before starting TRUVADA for PrEP to help reduce<br />

your risk of getting HIV-1 infection:<br />

• You must be HIV-1 negative. You must get tested<br />

to make sure that you do not already have HIV-1<br />

infection. Do not take TRUVADA for PrEP to reduce<br />

the risk of getting HIV-1 unless you are confirmed to<br />

be HIV-1 negative.<br />

• Many HIV-1 tests can miss HIV-1 infection in<br />

a person who has recently become infected.<br />

Symptoms of new HIV-1 infection include flu-like<br />

symptoms, tiredness, fever, joint or muscle aches,<br />

headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, night<br />

sweats, and/or enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or<br />

groin. Tell your healthcare provider if you have had a<br />

flu-like illness within the last month before starting<br />

TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />

While taking TRUVADA for PrEP to help reduce<br />

your risk of getting HIV-1 infection:<br />

• You must continue using safer sex practices.<br />

Just taking TRUVADA for PrEP may not keep you<br />

from getting HIV-1.<br />

• You must stay HIV-1 negative to keep taking<br />

TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />

• Tell your healthcare provider if you have a flu-like<br />

illness while taking TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />

• If you think you were exposed to HIV-1, tell your<br />

healthcare provider right away.<br />

• If you do become HIV-1 positive, you need more<br />

medicine than TRUVADA alone to treat HIV-1.<br />

If you have HIV-1 and take only TRUVADA, your<br />

HIV-1 may become harder to treat over time.<br />

• See the “How to Further Reduce Your Risk”<br />

section for more information.<br />

TRUVADA may cause serious side effects,<br />

including:<br />

• Buildup of lactic acid in your blood (lactic<br />

acidosis), which is a serious medical emergency<br />

that can lead to death. Call your healthcare<br />

provider right away if you have any of these<br />

symptoms: weakness or being more tired than<br />

usual, unusual muscle pain, being short of breath<br />

or fast breathing, nausea, vomiting, stomach-area<br />

pain, cold or blue hands and feet, feeling dizzy or<br />

lightheaded, and/or fast or abnormal heartbeats.<br />

• Severe liver problems, which in some cases can<br />

lead to death. Call your healthcare provider right<br />

away if you have any of these symptoms: your<br />

skin or the white part of your eyes turns yellow,<br />

dark “tea-colored” urine, light-colored stools, loss<br />

of appetite for several days or longer, nausea,<br />

and/or stomach-area pain.<br />

• Worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection. If<br />

you have HBV and take TRUVADA, your hepatitis<br />

may become worse if you stop taking TRUVADA.<br />

Do not stop taking TRUVADA without first talking<br />

to your healthcare provider, as they will need to<br />

check your health regularly for several months.<br />

You may be more likely to get lactic acidosis<br />

or severe liver problems if you are female, very<br />

overweight, or have been taking TRUVADA for<br />

a long time.<br />


TRUVADA is a prescription medicine used with<br />

safer sex practices for PrEP to help reduce the risk<br />

of getting HIV-1 infection in adults at high risk:<br />

• HIV-1 negative men who have sex with men and<br />

who are at high risk of getting infected with HIV-1<br />

through sex.<br />

• Male-female sex partners when one partner has<br />

HIV-1 infection and the other does not.<br />

To help determine your risk, talk openly with your<br />

doctor about your sexual health.<br />

Do NOT take TRUVADA for PrEP if you:<br />

• Already have HIV-1 infection or if you do not<br />

know your HIV-1 status.<br />

• Take lamivudine (Epivir-HBV) or<br />

adefovir (HEPSERA).


TRUVADA can cause serious side effects,<br />

including:<br />

• Those in the “Most Important Information<br />

About TRUVADA for PrEP" section.<br />

• New or worse kidney problems, including<br />

kidney failure.<br />

• Bone problems.<br />

• Changes in body fat.<br />

Common side effects in people taking TRUVADA for<br />

PrEP include stomach-area (abdomen) pain, headache,<br />

and decreased weight.<br />

These are not all the possible side effects of TRUVADA.<br />

Tell your healthcare provider right away if you have any<br />

new symptoms while taking TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />

Your healthcare provider will need to do tests to<br />

monitor your health before and during treatment<br />

with TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />


Tell your healthcare provider if you:<br />

• Have or have had any kidney, bone, or liver problems,<br />

including hepatitis infection.<br />

• Have any other medical conditions.<br />

• Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.<br />

• Are breastfeeding (nursing) or plan to breastfeed. Do<br />

not breastfeed if you become HIV-1 positive because<br />

of the risk of passing HIV-1 to your baby.<br />

Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines<br />

you take:<br />

• Keep a list that includes all prescription and<br />

over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal<br />

supplements, and show it to your healthcare provider<br />

and pharmacist.<br />

• Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist<br />

about medicines that should not be taken with<br />

TRUVADA for PrEP.<br />


• Take 1 tablet once a day, every day, not just<br />

when you think you have been exposed to HIV-1.<br />

• Do not miss any doses. Missing doses may increase<br />

your risk of getting HIV-1 infection.<br />

• You must practice safer sex by using condoms<br />

and you must stay HIV-1 negative.<br />


• Know your HIV-1 status and the HIV-1 status<br />

of your partners.<br />

• <strong>Get</strong> tested for HIV-1 at least every 3 months<br />

or when your healthcare provider tells you.<br />

• <strong>Get</strong> tested for other sexually transmitted infections.<br />

Other infections make it easier for HIV-1 to infect you.<br />

• <strong>Get</strong> information and support to help reduce risky<br />

sexual behavior.<br />

• Have fewer sex partners.<br />

• Do not share needles or personal items that can have<br />

blood or body fluids on them.<br />


• This is only a brief summary of important information<br />

about TRUVADA for PrEP to reduce the risk of getting<br />

HIV-1 infection. Talk to your healthcare provider or<br />

pharmacist to learn more, including how to prevent<br />

HIV-1 infection.<br />

• Go to start.truvada.com or call 1-800-GILEAD-5<br />

• If you need help paying for your medicine, visit<br />

start.truvada.com for program information.<br />


are trademarks of Gilead Sciences, Inc., or its related companies. All other marks referenced<br />

herein are the property of their respective owners. Version date: <strong>April</strong> 2016<br />

© <strong>2017</strong> Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. TVDC0087 03/17

interview<br />


Michael Urie<br />

"Celebrating the New Season of Logo's Cocktails and Classics"<br />



Host of Logo's hit television series, Michael Urie's (Ugly Betty), adorable,<br />

enthusiastic, smiling face, greeted those coming In celebration of "Cocktails<br />

and Classics", season 4. The series has allowed us to re-visit our all-time<br />

favorite movies, while Michael and his guest hosts, who can include the<br />

"more than fabulous", Michael Musto, and RuPaul's Drag Race contestant,<br />

Shangela, (D.J. Pierce), humorously and factually dissect each film, while<br />

sipping specially made, themed cocktails.<br />

Amidst the background of the up-scale, fashionable furniture showroom,<br />

Calligaris. Michael Musto hosted a gala soirée, with guests including: Randy Jones (Village<br />

People), Robin Byrd (cable TV pioneer), iHeart Radio/internet TV hosts, Jimmy Star and<br />

Ron Russell, pop artist, Aaron Paul, fashion editor, Lynn Yaeger, Tym Moss (internet host/<br />

entertainer), and many, others. It was complete with entertainment, lavish cocktails, and high<br />

spirits....<br />

I was compelled by his sun-shinning personality, to speak<br />

with Michael Urie about the up-coming season, and what<br />

films we could look forward to seeing.<br />

Without giving all the<br />

surprises away, what’s in<br />

store this season?<br />

We did “ Romy and<br />

Michele’s High School<br />

Reunion”, do you know that<br />

movie?<br />

I don’t<br />

It’s a classic! It’s a more<br />

modern classic. We<br />

are sort of splitting up<br />

80’s/90’s movie classics<br />

and then some older<br />

movies, true classics. We’re<br />

doing, “Hairspray”, and<br />

“Rosemary’s Baby”.<br />

That’s my favorite movie<br />

besides “Mommie<br />

Dearest”.<br />

We did “Mommie Dearest”<br />

a couple of seasons ago.<br />

We’ve got both “Sister Act”<br />

movies. We’re doing our<br />

first double feature. We’re<br />

doing “Soap Dish”, which is<br />

one of my favorite movies.<br />

I know you’re going to<br />

have Michael Musto on the<br />

show...<br />

Oh yeah, Michael, we<br />

couldn’t do it without him.<br />

He also by the way is a<br />

“Showgirls” expert. We’re<br />

doing “Showgirls” this year.<br />

What about Shangela?<br />

She’s back. Absolutely, and<br />

D.J. her alter ego is there for<br />

“Sister Act”. You love her,<br />

don’t you?<br />

With my whole heart!<br />

I love her too. She is such<br />

a complete talent, and the<br />

sweetest, easy going, well<br />

prepared ...she always has<br />

something wonderful to say.<br />

Isn’t she really, really<br />

smart?<br />

Yeah! What’s funny is she<br />

didn’t know any of these<br />

movies. She’s young.<br />

What else?<br />

Drew Droege will be there,<br />

Matteo-lane, ....<br />

What is your favorite move<br />

of all times?<br />

“Arthur”. The original<br />

“Arthur”. It’s such a good<br />

movie.<br />

Have you ever done the<br />

movie on the show?<br />

No, but we should. I guess<br />

it’s gay, it has Liza in it...<br />

we should do it! Another<br />

one that I really want to do<br />

that we haven’t done yet...<br />

we’ve gotten to do a lot of<br />

movies like “The Poseidon<br />

Adventure”, “Soap Dish”,<br />

Clue”, and next year I’m<br />

going to really fight for<br />

“Death Becomes Her”, and<br />

“Network”.<br />

“Network” is one of the<br />

best movies ever.<br />

Ever!<br />

Besides this, what are you<br />

up to?<br />

I’m doing a pilot for TV..we’ll<br />


week in pictures >> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />



GARBO<br />

by Joe Gulla<br />

Garbo tells the story of Joe, a Gay New Yorker, who happens<br />

upon the tiny, candle-lit Garbo Bar during his visit to Rome,<br />

Italy. An emotional adventure begins when he is introduced<br />

to the handsome, enigmatic, (possibly!) closeted bartender/<br />

owner. Funny and heartfelt, Garbo explores why life and love<br />

may be better lived outside the closet... even (or especially)<br />

in the shadow of the Vatican!”<br />


MAY 9 th<br />

SHOWTIME 7:00 pm<br />


38 Commerce St.<br />

TICKETS $20<br />




10% OFF<br />

supermenspa.weebly.com<br />

GRAND<br />



One Hour Massage<br />

only $60<br />

Happy Hour<br />

from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.<br />

Complimentary glass of wine.<br />

$10 OFF EVERY DAY<br />

BEFORE 3:00PM<br />

Like nowhere,<br />

You’ve ever been!<br />

Tel: 2<strong>12</strong> -879 -0402<br />

www.UtopiaSpaNYC.com<br />

965 Lexington Ave<br />

Hours: 10:30am-2:00 am<br />

2FL @ 70th Street<br />

Trains: 6, F

interview / GET OUT! MAGAZINE >> GETOUTMAG.COM<br />



‘I’m Here’<br />

at The Duplex, APRIL 17<br />

Singer, songwriter and actress<br />

Cheyenne Elliott will be showcasing<br />

her enormous talent at<br />

The Duplex Cabaret Theatre<br />

(61 Christopher Street, NYC) on<br />

Monday, <strong>April</strong> 17, at 7 p.m.<br />

Elliott possesses a rare and<br />

special gift. Besides being smart and<br />

extremely beautiful, she can sing!<br />

She has a voice like an angel and<br />

a glamorous way of presenting it,<br />

thereby making all who hear<br />

her fall instantly in love. Aside from<br />

her aptitude, she is the granddaughter<br />

of the iconic Dionne Warwick<br />

and cousin of the late Whitney<br />

Houston. Put that all together<br />

and you have a phenomenon<br />

destined to reach the top.<br />

I have followed Elliott’s success<br />

for a couple of years now and was<br />

pleasantly surprised to discover that<br />

she has now branched out into the art<br />

of musical theater. She also has been<br />

studying acting and developing an<br />

acting career. I spoke to her about<br />

her new projects and her upcoming<br />

performance at the Duplex.<br />

What have you been up to<br />

since we last spoke?<br />

I’ve since been studying toward<br />

and pursuing an acting career.<br />

I’ve been studying at the worldrenowned<br />

Susan Batson Studio,<br />

which is located in the city. While<br />

studying acting, I have been<br />

going on a bunch of auditions<br />

for different roles, a lot of theater<br />

roles - mostly musicals - and<br />

trying to break into that scene.<br />

Susan Batson, my acting coach<br />

and mentor, is renowned in the<br />

industry. She has worked with many<br />

stars, including the likes of Nicole<br />

Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer<br />

Lopez and Jamie Foxx. She’s really<br />

amazing and very positive about<br />

my future. She has really changed<br />

my life.<br />

f<br />

Tell me about your upcoming<br />

performance in New York.<br />

On <strong>April</strong> 17 I’m doing a showcase<br />

at The Duplex. It’s an hour show<br />

of me and my musical director,<br />

Rick Jensen, performing a<br />

bunch of different medleys and<br />

arrangements of songs - all<br />

different styles and genres. I’m<br />

excited about it. We’ve invited<br />

lots of people from the industry,<br />

including casting directors. It’s my<br />

first full solo performance in New<br />

York City, and my first cabaret show.<br />

It’s kind of like my break into New<br />

York and to show all these casting<br />

directors and everybody what I’ve<br />

been working on. My family loves<br />

the title: “I’m Here.” It’s true…I AM<br />

here and I’m READY to work!<br />

I like it. It’s simple, and it makes<br />

a statement. What types of<br />

songs will you be performing,<br />

Cheyenne?<br />

It’s all covers. The setlist is a<br />

surprise, but it contains a variety<br />

of genres from Broadway tunes to<br />

jazz, a little bit of rock, a few pop<br />

songs, some old school hits and<br />

some ‘60s classics. You need to<br />

come see the show!

e<br />

Well, you certainly are<br />

very talented, and you<br />

deserve it.<br />

Thank you.<br />

I heard that you were<br />

recently in L.A.<br />

My father lives there, so<br />

I visit quite often. My<br />

grandmother, Dionne,<br />

also spends a lot of<br />

time in Los Angeles. My<br />

agents at CAA are also<br />

there, so I do a lot of<br />

auditions out there too.<br />

I’m always back and forth.<br />

While auditioning and<br />

training for acting roles,<br />

I have also been writing<br />

my own music and<br />

recording it for release<br />

later this year. As a<br />

singer and an actress, I<br />

think that is why I am so<br />

drawn to musical theater,<br />

because it encompasses<br />

both singing and acting.<br />

Have you ever been to<br />

The Duplex?<br />

I’ve been to a couple<br />

of rehearsals there,<br />

and it’s so cute. Susan<br />

Campanaro, my artistic<br />

director, has performed<br />

there multiple times; she<br />

has a great connection<br />

with The Duplex. She set<br />

the whole thing up. I’m<br />

really looking forward to<br />

it. My goal for this show<br />

is for [casting agents]<br />

to see that I am ready<br />

to be cast in something<br />

and ready to do the work<br />

that it entails. I would<br />

love to be cast<br />

in a musical.<br />

“Wicked” is<br />

my favorite<br />

musical. I get a<br />

lot of inspiration<br />

from “Wicked,”<br />

“The Waitress,”<br />

“Kinky Boots,”<br />

”On Your Feet,”<br />

“Beautiful” and<br />

“Hamilton.”<br />

I could really<br />

see myself cast<br />

in all of these<br />

contemporary<br />

f<br />


e<br />

Well, I’m really looking<br />

forward to your debut.<br />

Thank you again. It’s an<br />

exciting time for me!<br />

I’ve been following you<br />

from the beginning.<br />

I’m really excited for<br />

you! It’s not out of the<br />

realm of possibility that<br />

the next time I try to<br />

interview you that you’ll<br />

be too busy and too<br />

famous.<br />

No, no…that will never<br />

happen! You were one<br />

of my first interviewers,<br />

and <strong>Get</strong> <strong>Out</strong>! was my first<br />

cover!<br />

Cheyenne, there are a<br />

lot of talented people<br />

out there, but you have<br />

something different, a<br />

special talent that you<br />

can’t learn.<br />

Facebook.com/<br />

OfficialCheyenneElliott<br />

e<br />

@cheyenne_elliott<br />


week in pictures >> BY FreddyO<br />



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