Custom Drive Solutions [EN]

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<strong>Custom</strong> <strong>Drive</strong> <strong>Solutions</strong><br />

… to the perfect solution.<br />

From many options …

2|3 <strong>Custom</strong> <strong>Drive</strong> <strong>Solutions</strong><br />

The right solution perfectly planned<br />

The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group is the ideal partner<br />

for implementing your ropeway project. We always<br />

provide you with the right solution. Because the<br />

drive concept as well as the ropeway itself is specifically<br />

planned and exactly tuned to requirements.<br />

We attach great importance to delivering a total<br />

package that both addresses local circumstances<br />

and meets technical requirements. The focus is on<br />

ecological and economic efficiency. At Doppelmayr/<br />

Garaventa, we rely exclusively on the use of proven<br />

industrial components in order to satisfy the standards<br />

we set ourselves in terms of the quality and<br />

availability of our installations.<br />

Questions to be asked when selecting<br />

the drive include the following:<br />

What kind of ropeway system will it be?<br />

What are its technical specifications<br />

(vertical rise, average gradient, etc.)?<br />

Where will the drive be located (e.g. in<br />

the village center, in the top station)?<br />

What are the location-related requirements<br />

(noise, environment, etc.)?<br />

How accessible is the drive station (by truck,<br />

possibility of crane deployment, etc.)?

Three different drive concepts, each with their respective<br />

strengths and benefits, enable continuousmovement<br />

ropeways to be planned to suit the<br />

customer’s precise needs: AC drive, Doppelmayr<br />

Sector <strong>Drive</strong> (DSD) and Doppelmayr Direct <strong>Drive</strong> (DDD).<br />

The specialists from Garaventa employ the same<br />

individually tailored approach when planning drive<br />

concepts for reversible aerial tramways and funicular<br />

railways.<br />

Doppelmayr/Garaventa customers can rely on optimal<br />

advice and support for their ropeway projects. When<br />

deciding on the right drive concept, consideration is<br />

given to all the components that determine the most<br />

cost-effective and best suited drive type. Individual<br />

planning is key.<br />

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards<br />

customers and partners – before, during and after<br />

the purchase of a ropeway installation. That’s why<br />

our customer support is there to assist you throughout<br />

the entire lifetime of the product. The customer<br />

support specialists are available 24/7 to answer<br />

your queries regarding maintenance and service.<br />

The service team’s many years of experience and<br />

the ex-stock availability of all components for all<br />

Doppelmayr drive concepts ensure short response<br />

times when needed.

4|5 <strong>Custom</strong> <strong>Drive</strong> <strong>Solutions</strong><br />

AC motor with gear unit<br />

The AC motor is the lightweight among the various<br />

drive systems. It impresses in particular with its<br />

low installation and repair requirements – even in<br />

the case of drive stations with difficult access. The<br />

AC motor is suitable for all ropeway geometries<br />

and types, and provides top performance even in<br />

steep terrain. Its lightweight standard components –<br />

motor and gear unit – make it the least expensive<br />

option in terms of initial outlay.<br />

Benefits<br />

Least expensive in terms of initial outlay<br />

Suitable for every ropeway geometry (even<br />

very steep installations)<br />

Straightforward installation and repairs,<br />

even in the case of ropeways with difficult<br />


Doppelmayr Sector <strong>Drive</strong> – DSD<br />

The Doppelmayr Sector <strong>Drive</strong> (DSD) is a permanent<br />

magnet synchronous motor developed by Doppelmayr.<br />

It has a long and successful track record and<br />

uses cutting-edge frequency converter technology.<br />

The drive comprises four or eight independent<br />

sectors, depending on output. It is mounted on a<br />

two-stage planetary gear unit. Thanks to the independent<br />

sectors, limited operation is possible at the<br />

press of a button in the event of motor or converter<br />

failure. The DSD is comparatively lightweight, achieves<br />

a very high level of efficiency and is also ideally suited<br />

to steep ropeways and to all installation types.<br />

The DSD motor is water-cooled, which makes it suitable<br />

for ecofriendly heat recovery.<br />

Benefits<br />

Very high efficiency<br />

Suitable for every ropeway geometry<br />

(even very steep installations)<br />

Limited operation possible without<br />

additional measures in the event of motor/<br />

converter failure

6|7 <strong>Custom</strong> <strong>Drive</strong> <strong>Solutions</strong><br />

Doppelmayr Direct <strong>Drive</strong> – DDD<br />

The Doppelmayr Direct <strong>Drive</strong> (DDD) is a gearless<br />

drive concept, which makes it particularly low-vibration<br />

and low-noise as well as energy-efficient and<br />

maintenance-friendly. The low weight of the individual<br />

components used in the modular ring construction<br />

make the drive suitable for helicopter installation. It<br />

can also be transported using a standard truck.<br />

The DDD uses a hermetically sealed permanent<br />

magnet synchronous motor, which is water-cooled.<br />

This enables ecofriendly heat recovery. The incorporation<br />

of water cooling also dispenses with loud<br />

fan noise, which has a very positive impact on the<br />

environment. In direct comparison, the DDD has<br />

the lowest noise emissions – it is whisper-quiet.<br />

The continuous stator windings are encapsulated<br />

in special epoxy resin to provide perfect protection<br />

against external influences.<br />

As this drive concept does not require a gear unit,<br />

no gearbox oil is required and the associated maintenance<br />

costs no longer apply.<br />

Benefits<br />

Exceptionally low noise emissions<br />

Exceptionally low maintenance<br />

requirement as there is no gear unit<br />

Very high efficiency

<strong>Drive</strong> concepts for reversible aerial<br />

tramways and funicular railways<br />

Each project and every customer requirement result in<br />

a solution that is made to measure. Reversible aerial<br />

tramways or funicular railways often entail largescale<br />

projects, which are planned and engineered<br />

entirely for the specific application – one-off solutions<br />

perfectly tuned to customer wishes. The same goes<br />

for the respective drive concepts. The core elements<br />

of an aerial tram or funicular drive are the drive<br />

bullwheel, the gear unit and an efficient AC motor.<br />

The specialists at Garaventa draw on many years<br />

of experience and solid expertise when precisely<br />

tailoring their designs. Performance, configuration<br />

and execution are developed in close collaboration<br />

with the customer to arrive at a solution that perfectly<br />

addresses requirements and the circumstances of<br />

the new ropeway installation.

594/eng/doma/wobi/042017/1000<br />

Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH<br />

Konrad-Doppelmayr-Straße 1, Postfach 20<br />

6922 Wolfurt / Austria<br />

T +43 5574 604<br />

dm@doppelmayr.com, www.doppelmayr.com<br />

Garaventa AG<br />

Birkenstrasse 47<br />

6343 Rotkreuz / Switzerland<br />

T +41 41 859 11 11<br />

contact@garaventa.com, www.garaventa.com

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