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31 st August 2015

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Catalysing the Connected World

Smarter, easier and more fun: it all comes together at

IFA 2015

Yannick Fierling

CEO, Haier Europe

Read our exclusive interview

on page 26

As excitement ramps up

for what will doubtless be

another record year in key

areas, the world’s greatest

“consumer lifestyle” show

will this year more than

ever be held under the

banner of “connectivity”

as the IoT backbone gets

stronger and the industry

manages to stand up on its

hind legs – ready to roar.

IFA is at the heart of

globalisation, consolidation

and innovation drives

within the various technical

consumer goods sectors:

a catalyst for change as

new faces and old from

both sides of the buying

table meet and discuss the

coming years’ roadmap as

Sneak Peek

What to look for at the

big show… Want some

tips from the inside?

We take you on a tour

of the latest product

trends, with a sneak

peek of some of the new

products that are set to

be unveiled at IFA 2015

– shown to the media in

a pre-IFA “media only”

session just before the


IFA will

this year more

than ever be

held under

the banner of


some players collect the

chips and others cash in

their hand.

In this IFA, Yannick Fierling

will take his seat for the

first time as CEO of Haier

Europe. In an exclusive

interview he talks about the

stakes and the challenges

for the coming year.

Read the special section

from page 23


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Jens Heithecker

IFA Executive Director

This year’s big theme is “connected

devices” - rather than just the “smart

home”. For this, we are seeing many

new devices and software solutions…

See page 7

Hans-Joachim Kamp

Chairman of the supervisory board

of gfu

With Consumer Electronics and

Home Appliances, IFA combines the

products of two industries that fit

together perfectly. At IFA 2015, they

are expected generate an order volume

of 4.25 billion Euros. See page 9

Jens-Christoph Bidlingmaier

General Manager of Bauknecht

Hausgeräte GmbH & Indesit Company

Deutschland GmbH

With all the players in the market,

it’s more than just selling products; it’s

being in the heart of the “consumer

lifestyle” world. See page 24

Prof. Kalevi Ekman

Director and Founder,

Aalto Design Factory

Next level of thinking means

cumulative, organisational

learning that turns to action.

The summit is most welcome to

provoke discussion.



Richard Barnes


It’s Not Too Late

to Book Your


Each year in the run up to IFA, we hear Messe

Berlin, organisers of the show, announcing a

continuing upward trend in international trade

visitors grabbing their travel bags and heading

for the German capital for the big event. Indeed,

this is where the show’s main growth is coming

from: numbering 24,000 just a few years ago –

up to 48,000 in 2014. And the ascension is not

expected to stop there, with the growth coming

from two factors. The first is that retailers from

different parts of the globe who had never come

before are making the decision to join the fray and

see what all the noise is about. The second is that

within retail organisations, people from different

levels are finding it more and more useful to

attend the show to observe first-hand what they

had only seen before at a distance and thus gain a

better understanding of their business.

Already this pertained to senior retail management

who for some years now have found it essential to

be able to take advantage of the show to talk one

on one with their counterparts on the vendor side.

Since last year particularly, Messe Berlin reports a

rising number of shop floor sales operatives who

also want to come and be among the first to get

a glimpse of the future.

We hope that with this publication we will

continue to be able to make all these peoples’

lives more enjoyable at the show by bringing

them the right information in the right volume

and structure so as to improve their judgement

and understanding of this industry’s exciting but

sometimes mind boggling dynamics.

Looking forward to seeing YOU at the show!

Ten, Nine, Eight…

All Engines Running…

We’re ready for blast-off at the world’s

reference CE, HA and Mobile event

The question as always is “will it yet again break the records?” Time will only

tell, but if annual trends are anything to go by, we can be confident that the

2015 edition of IFA will again show the way.

For its 2014 edition, never

before in the 90-year history

of the event had so many

products made their world

debut at IFA. Global trends

such as networking, wearables

and further improvements

in the images and sound

produced by digital TV and hifi

systems reached new highs.

More than ever, IFA 2014

underlined its expertise in its

role as the world’s meeting

place for the industry and for

exchanging information.

The reactions from retailers

and consumers to the many

products making their world

debut were extremely positive.

Over a period of six days

alone, IFA 2014 generated

orders totalling 4.25 billion

euros and follow-up business

was exceptional. IFA’s unique

blend of product innovations,

stars and entertainment,

presented by 1,538 exhibitors

on a display area covering

around 149,500 square

metres, attracted more than

240,000 visitors. The floor

space occupied was larger

than at any previous event in

the history of IFA.

At this year’s Global Press

Conference, Dr. Christian

Göke, chief executive officer

of Messe Berlin underlined

the trend: “The innovation

drive within the industry

generates further growth. As

a reflection of the markets

this also has a positive impact

on the global importance,

growth and success of IFA.”

The opening of the City

Cube – and closing of the

old conference centre were

events that marked the 2014

vintage. After taking only

22 months to complete the

CityCube Berlin was opened

on 5 May 2014. The CityCube

Berlin is located adjacent to

the southern entrance of

Berlin ExpoCenter City.

This year, Messe Berlin

confirmed that IFA floor

space was already sold out

a number of months before

the show. IFA’s international

vocation is further reinforced

by the strengthening of

the IFA+ Summit, IEEE, the

IHS Conference (formerly

DisplaySearch), and an

exciting TEDx line-up. One

thing can be guaranteed: IFA

2015 is set to be more global

and exciting than ever!

IFA 2015 is

set to be more

global and

exciting than


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Photo Credits and Copyright: All Rights Reserved. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015



Getting Connected

IFA 2015 is all about networking – people, and the world

As the world enters a phase of “getting Smart” the industry concerts at IFA to

plot a course for the short-term and long-term future. In this exclusive interview,

we asked IFA Executive Director Jens Heithecker how trends are developing.

TV manufacturers are

still experiencing huge

challenges in the markets,

as the ever increasing

competition is challenging

their profits. However, as

we will see again at IFA this

year, the TV sector is still key

in the consumer electronics

industry, because the TV

is still the main display for

almost every consumer. On

the other hand, this year’s

big theme is “connected

devices” - rather than just

the “smart home”. For

this, we are seeing many

new devices and software

solutions, and this is the

market all the manufacturers

are targeting.

So it’s more like a “smart


It’s a connected world,

and we have to be careful

when talking about smart,

IoT, and all these things.

For the consumer, “smart”

means automatic solutions

for some of his needs. The

connected world means

the consumer can transfer

images or music to any

device anywhere, anytime.

And IoT is a backbone for

the smart and connected

consumer world.

In that respect, Tecwatch

is an interesting aspect

of the show – a kind of

harbinger of the future…

What can we look

forward to here?

Tecwatch is an integral

factor in the success of

IFA. The international

participation is rising in

this as well. It is a section

of the show dedicated to

researchers, engineers and

developers, to the young

companies – even start-ups.

There are more companies

(…) the current

business is on the show

floor, the next stage of

technology is in Tecwatch,

and the future trends

from the visionaries and

thought-leaders are at the

IFA+ Summit.

participating, and at the

same time we feel there

is more interest from the

trade visitors’ as well.

With the IFA+ Summit in

its second year it seems

to be coming along

well. What will be the


The summit aims to look at

where technology is going

in the future. As we all

know, trade visitors come to

the show to do business for

the next season. Tecwatch

looks three to five years of

the current product range.

The summit looks ten to

twenty years ahead - at

what the next big things will

be in the market – for which

we can already see the first

products and developments

today. So that’s the range

we do: the current business

is on the show floor, the

next stage of technology is

in Tecwatch, and the future

trends from the visionaries

and thought-leaders are at

the IFA+ Summit.

That was already the case

in the late 1920’s, when

Einstein gave his speech

at the show talking

about how radio would

bring the world together.

Even then, the show was

plotting the course for

the future.

Yes, it’s always been the

case. Einstein is a very

good, clear example,

because he expressed these

ideas in his speech. You

can still see the speech and

if you have time to hear it

all you will be impressed by

what he saw - what power

and what impact electronic

media would have. But

we have many more of

these milestones in our

history. One of these, that

didn’t make a big noise at

the time, but which had a

huge impact, was the first

ever presentation of MP3

technology at IFA in the

mid-90s. It was invented

by Fraunhofer, one of

our long-term partners

in the Tecwatch area.

Most of the people then

didn’t realise how MP3

Jens Heithecker

IFA Executive Director

would revolutionise the

entertainment and world

and the media industry!

Indeed, a lot is revealed

in the international

keynotes every year as

well. It’s very interesting

that Microsoft – an IT

company – is under the

spotlight this year…

It’s true that when we

talk about Microsoft, we

tend only to think about

Windows 10 or other new

software. But what’s more

interesting is what impact

Windows 10 will have in

the world of devices made

by their partners. That’s

the reason we will have

here on the stage from

Microsoft the head of their

OEM business. But we have

other keynotes that will be

absolutely fascinating, such

as the opening keynote by

LG Display President and

CEO, Sang-Beom Han. We

all talk about the connected

or smart world and I

am very happy that the

opening keynote will focus

on display technology. It’s

the core of everything,

because without a display,

a smartphone is not smart.

There are some fascinating

new developments in this

technology that I am really

curious to hear about from

this visionary speaker. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015




Industry Viewpoint

What’s on the menu this year at IFA?

Sweet spots and sour spots – no it’s not a dish – it’s the technical consumer

goods market. Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of

gfu (Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik) tells

us how the market is performing as we arrive at IFA.

Market analysts of gfu

Consumer & Home

Electronics expect 1.5%

of worldwide growth in

the Consumer Electronics

segment for the year

of 2015. This means an

increase up to 790 billion

Euros. Home Appliances

will perform even stronger:

Growth rates of 4% for the

segment of large appliances

and 4.5 percent for small

electrical appliances are

predicted. In Consumer

nearly 27.5 billion Euros.

In the market for Electric

Appliances, Europe remains

the growth driver.

Which product categories

are emerging as the most

interesting for retailers,

and why?

We expect audio streaming

devices, connected

products for fitness, health

and lifestyle as well as

convenient products like

vacuum cleaning robots

benefit from their unique

consulting expertise.

Let’s look more closely at

the TV market. What are

the key trends?

The 4k segment will

continue to grow, including

top-end ranges with HDR

and extended gamut

technologies. Also, curved

screens will become even

more popular. Smart TVs

will benefit from advanced

operating systems, higher

computing power and, last,

but not least, a wide range

of new services.

We expect audio

streaming devices,

connected products

for fitness, health and

lifestyle as well as

convenient products

like vacuum cleaning

robots to be very


Electronics, growth comes

from the regions of Middle

East and Africa, North

America and the emerging

markets of Asia. In Europe

and the developed Asian

countries, Consumer

Electronics are expected to

slightly decline. The market

for consumer electronics

products in Germany

remains at a stable level of

to be very successful. In a

recent European survey,

many consumers stated

that they are willing to buy

these innovative kinds of

products within the next

few months. This is also a

great opportunity for skilled

retail shops: Especially older

customers who are not so

familiar with setting up IP

connections will strongly

How will 4K TV evolve?

What about content?

Even TVs with smaller

screen sizes from 40 “ on

will provide 4k capabilities,

so 4k will more and more

become a common feature.

4k content will develop

slowly, but steadily. Astra

and Eutelsat, Europe’s

leading Sat providers, have

installed demo channels,

Astra has even started a

4k shopping channel. 4k

packed media based on

the next generation of Bluray

Discs are predicted to

enter the market by the

end of this year. And media

networks like Netflix will

continuously expand their

range of 4k videos.

Some are already

predicting the onset of

8K TV later this decade.

Isn’t that taking it too

far? Where will the race

for pixels end?

From my point of view,

8k is not likely to enter

the consumer market

within the next decade

(except perhaps the digital

cinema). 8k technology

addresses screen sizes far

above convenient formats

in normal living rooms.

And 8k production is still

a big challenge – in terms

of technology as well as in

terms of costs.

The dynamics of the

TV industry continue

to change as China

increasingly takes on

importance. Where is that

headed to your mind?

China's growing TV market

potential is a big challenge

for many established brands

from Japan and Korea. They

will have to focus on their

traditional strengths – such

as product quality including

superior usability and

detailed knowledge of the

local markets.

Hans-Joachim Kamp

Chairman of the supervisory

board of gfu

Why is IFA so successful

do you think?

With Consumer Electronics

and Home Appliances, IFA

combines the products

of two industries that fit

together perfectly. All the

products shown at IFA can

be found within the same

stores and outlets. This

makes IFA so attractive to

trade organizations. At IFA

2015, they are expected

generate an order volume

of 4.25 billion Euros. Also,

IFA takes place at the right

time of the year, directly

addressing the sales peaks

during the holiday season. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015



Industry Pulse - Jürgen Boyny









28% of all TV viewing

in the US is now

streaming according to

a new GfK MRI report

Indeed, as consumers

embrace and experiment

with a host of new ways

of watching TV content,

the GfK MRI report has

identified six new TV

viewing audience groups

and how they combine

emerging and traditional

options for TV use.

Jürgen Boyny

The Global Director Consumer

Electronics, GfK Retail and Technology

TV Share of Clock – the

first of four studies in GfK

MRI’s new The Future of TV

series – shows that more

than a quarter (28%) of all

TV viewing is now done via

digital streaming. Accessing

subscription or free online

platforms via a computer or

mobile device accounts for

16% of time spent with TV

content; online streaming

through a traditional TV

set makes up another 9%;

and 3% comes from other

methods for accessing

content, such as portable

game consoles. The new

report also reveals that 41%

of TV viewers are “Digital

Enthusiasts,” who subscribe

to at least three digital

TV services online, as well

as maintain a traditional

pay TV subscription (cable/


In addition, TV Share

of Clock testifies to the

growing importance of

mobile TV watching; 30% of

TV viewers report watching

a program on a smartphone

in the past 30 days, and

29% say they have used a

tablet to watch TV content

in the same time frame.

Overall, smartphones and

tablets account for 8% of

all TV time; and the average

number of apps used to

view TV programs in the

past 30 days is about 7 for

mobile devices.

The Global Director Consumer Electronics,

GfK Retail and Technology gives us the latest

rundown on industry trends - in the run up to

IFA 2015.

What is the general

industry sentiment - in

the various technical

consumer goods markets -

as we approach IFA 2015?

General sentiment is

positive overall, but different

industry by industry. The

mobile internet hardware

and software industry is

in good shape, but TV &

video shows many more

challenges. Audio is positive

by picking up the chance

of connectivity. Small and

domestic appliances are

positive as well

Mobile is booming, but

within this, what are the

“extra sweet spots”?

Mobile devices that have

existed before as single

devices are now getting

connected. This is a great

chance for growth. Two

examples for that: Action

Cams in the photo area and

Docking Speakers in the

portable audio segment.

Also, within this boom in

overall sales, the dynamic

between the key players

is changing considerably,

with big Chinese

manufacturers picking up

pace and more traditional

ones struggling… What’s

really going on here?

There is a continuous move

in the brands landscape for

electronic devices.

More than 20 years ago the

market has been driven by

European players, then we

have seen a tremendous

shift to Japanese brands,

10 years ago Koreans came

up and today the Chinese

are ready to take over a

more important role. At

least this is the game…

everyone is challenged; we

cannot expect a continuous

stability in markets, which

are driven by innovations,

fast lifecycles and cost


Where is the TV market

headed in Europe? What

about worldwide?

Western Europe is stable

in consumer demand;

Central Europe still has

options for growth by

additional household

penetration of second

TV equipment. In Eastern

Europe, mainly Russia

and Ukraine we expect a

tremendous decrease of

consumer demand in 2015.

Worldwide there are still

great opportunities for a

growing TV market if we

have a look to South East

Asia, India and Africa.

What are your thoughts

on the onset of the smart


Smart Home will be

the next big thing in

electronics. Already seen

in entertainment devices

and even small domestic

appliances, the idea of

connectivity will swap over

to our daily lives at home.

Basic points however

have to be taken into

consideration in the smart


• usage has to be convenient

and flexible

• the consumer wants to

keep control of everything

• Smart home has to be

safe and reliable

What are you seeing as

being the main dynamic

changes to the major

domestic appliance


We see still an ongoing trend

towards energy efficiency

and also major domestic

appliances are getting

smart and connected.

And small appliances?

They are getting smart and

connected as well. And this

is the sector, where robots

have already started when

we have a look to vacuum


What will be “different”

this year at IFA compared

to previous years?

IFA 2015 will be again a

great show of innovations.

Main topics will be smart,

connected and last but

not least the Internet of




Gazing Into The Crystal Screen

IHS principal analyst Paul Gray talks about current TV

market trends in the run up to IFA

What is the general

industry sentiment - in the

world’s TV markets - as we

approach IFA 2015?

It’s a tough year! The rise of

the US Dollar compared to

almost all currencies has put

the focus onto profitability.

Margins are thin at the best

of times, and consumers

will notice higher prices this

year. Emerging markets,

which are the engines of

growth nowadays tend to

be hit harder as spendable

incomes are lower. However,

consumers continue to buy

bigger TVs and the average

screen size sold rises by

about an inch each year –

even in emerging markets.

This means that there is still

a need for investment in new

LCD display capacity.

Where are the “sweet

spots” - in terms of

product category?

That’s easy: anything with

4K! Overall its screen sizes of

48” and larger. 4K is evolving

fast from simply being more

pixels to adding exciting

new technologies like high

dynamic range and deep

colour. There is a rush to get

the standardization finished,

but I think we can expect

some aggressive launches

of services later this year or

early next. Typically when

3% of households have a

technology then it becomes

interesting to offer services.

We are reaching that point

now with 4K TV.

Which geographic zones

are doing the best?

Actually it’s Western Europe

that’s doing best at present,

with a gradual but definite

recovery over the past year.

Emerging markets were very

strong a year ago (particularly

Brazil with the World Cup)

but have been hit hard by

currency issues.

The dynamic between the

key players is changing

considerably, with big

Chinese manufacturers

like TCL picking up pace

and more traditional ones

being hit by this… What’s

really going on here?

Indeed, we are seeing

a fundamental shift in

the industry. Japanese

companies are increasingly

concentrating on the high

end and selective markets.

At the same time the Chinese

brands have mastered the

technology and have reached

the point like Korea 15

years ago where they have

Paul Gray

IHS principal analyst

a demanding home market

to act as a test-bed for new

ideas. Chinese consumers

are now the world’s early

adopters. Chinese companies

are now seeking to grow by

addressing export markets,

just like the Koreans in the

1990s and the Japanese in

the 1970s.

However, there are a lot of

core technologies that the

Koreans and Japanese retain

mastery – these are usually

in components and subsystems

which go into the


What are your thoughts

on the onset of the smart


As always, don’t forget

the people. Any smart

home product has to offer

either a big gain or minimal

pain to adopt it (real hit

products combine both!)

Interoperability is key, along

with clearly identifiable

benefits. It’s tricky, because

we typically replace

appliances haphazardly yet

each replacement has to

provide a benefit. Some of

the current offerings seem to

require too much advanced

thought and planning to use


What will be “different”

this year at IFA compared

to previous years?

I’m really excited about UHD

TV – with all the trimmings.

The biggest thing I’m looking

forward to are wearables

though. It’s amazing the

effect that they can have on

people’s overall health and

quality of life.


Energy Innovation


Invitation to participate in E.ON’s

MicroConferences @ IFA

In line with their

motto “Empowering

customers. Shaping


E.ON is presenting

innovative energy

solutions and

promising business


With E.ON

SolarComfort satellite

data is used in order to

determine whether the

installation of solar panels

will pay-off for the user.

An intelligent software

solution calculates what

revenues one can expect.

Thermondo digitalises

the process to find

out the best possible

replacement for one’s old

heating and combines

this with the highest

standards of installation.

The :agile program

presents start-ups

powered by E.ON.

Connected Berlin

makes the idea of a

smart city become reality.

E-mobility will be made

easier with innovative

appliances for the home.

The initiators are happy

to share information and

new ideas with visitors at

E.ON’s MicroConferences

that will take place from

September 4 through

September 9, 2015, daily

at 11am, 12pm, 1pm,

2pm and 3pm - Hall 6.2,

booth 110.

Find out more at IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015



Ten Out of Ten

IFA set to be the global launch pad for new devices with

Windows 10

Windows 10 is, says

Microsoft, going to do

more than just change

the face of the PC world.

“From great apps to being

able to game epically, there’s

plenty to love about the

new Windows – the best

Windows ever,” writes

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice

president, Windows and

Devices Group.

With new innovations such as

Cortana, the Microsoft Edge

browser and Windows Hello,

while being familiar and easy

to use, Windows 10 rolled

out across 190 countries on

July 29, as a free upgrade or

with new PCs and tablets.

To this end, Nick Parker,

corporate vice president

OEM Division, Microsoft, will

deliver a keynote showcasing

new Windows 10 devices at

IFA 2015, entitled “Windows

10 Lights up New Devices”.

Parker will demonstrate a

breadth of new Windows

10 devices, including tablets,

2-in-1s, premium notebooks,

gaming devices and all-inones

that will light up the

Windows 10 experience for


Meanwhile, at the recent

IFA Innovations Media

Briefing, Microsoft product

marketing manager Boris

Schneider-Johne explained

to IFA International that the

new OS will revolutionise

the way we use a countless




Windows 10 is the world’s first holographic computing

platform – complete with a set of APIs that enable

developers to create holographic experiences in the real

world. With Windows 10, holograms are Windows universal

apps and Windows universal apps can work as holograms,

making it possible to place three-dimensional holograms in

the world around you to communicate, create and explore

in a manner that is far more personal and human.

Personalisation will be another one of the main features

for the PC industry in the upcoming months, and several

manufacturers will show PCs at IFA including biometric

features. These will include an active 3D camera working

with infrared light that will recognise your face particularly

well; so well in fact that it can replace passwords, meaning

the user can’t just take a photograph or a mask to fool the


It means that instead of using a password, one can simply

use one’s face to log into a computer, unscramble data, or

log into a website.

© Microsoft

array of devices: “First of all,

it is six years more advanced

than Windows 7, meaning

it’s a lot faster on the same

hardware. So for people who

upgrade from a Windows 7

PC and install Windows 10

on the same machine, they

just get a faster PC for free.

And you get more security,

because everything we’ve

learned about computer

security in the past six years

has been incorporated into

the product. You get a new

internet browser, called

Microsoft Edge, which is very

important because it gives

you added functionality,

making the web more

intelligent. It’s easier to find

stuff, to mark and annotate

web pages, discuss pages

with other people, thus

working with the web rather

than just browsing it. We of

course have Cortana – an

intelligent assistant living

inside your PC or mobile

phone. She can remind you

about appointments and

dates, give you directions,

and even tell you where to

get a good pizza wherever

you are. But we’re trying to

put a lot more intelligence

into that in terms of using

knowledge gathered from

the web. For instance,

when you are browsing

a web page, you can ask

Cortana about persons that

are mentioned on the page

and she will pull up the

biographies for you. Or you

can ask about places or get

simple translations done.

She can even proactively tell

you to check in for the flight

you have booked, taking

you straight to the right web

page, pre-filled in with all

the information she already

knows about you. All that

remains is to choose your


With inking capabilities

built-in to the new Microsoft

Edge browser, users can

write or type directly on web

pages and share their markups

with friends, family

or co-workers. There’s a

feature that allows users to

clear away distractions from

their online articles and a

reading list that organizes

their favourite reads to

enjoy later. The improved

address bar helps one to

find things faster, and with

Cortana enabled, the user

can instantly move from

searching to doing.

The international keynote by

Microsoft is scheduled for

Friday, 4 September, 3 pm, at

the CityCube event hall.

Boris Schneider-Johne

Microsoft Product

Marketing Manager

it is six

years more



Windows 7,

meaning it’s

a lot faster

on the same




Stepping Back to Leap Forward

German electronics manufacturer Loewe plans for a big

return in 2016

Loewe is back on track with three completely new TV

lines… the first two were introduced at the end of last

year and the third was just introduced in June this year.

Thanks to this, the company has increased its share in

the German UHD TV market from 2% to more than 8%.

But Loewe will be absent from IFA this year. We asked

the company’s head of PR, Dr Roland Raithel why…

It has to do with timing – with

regard to our development cycle

this year. We have to develop

new products for the next year,

and with our development staff

concentrating entirely on this.

It was essential this year not to

take away this manpower for

the show… but we will be back

in 2016!

We are developing TVs in

different sizes – starting from

32-inch released this August

– to 85-inch, also introduced

in August. We are introducing

a 65-inch curved TV in Q4 this

year, and the main products

after this will be connected to

the home network. We want to

expand the Loewe TV into the

home network and this is one of

our main aims for the next year.

At the moment we have multiroom

sound and TV in our

product range, because you

can use the digital recorder

integrated in the Loewe TV as a

server for other Loewe TVs in the

home – to send the videos from

the hard disc recorder to your

other rooms. But there is still

some room for improvement.

How important is the fact

that Loewe is “Made in


The Made in Germany label is

really important for us, because

it underlines the quality of the

TVs. We are developing the

electronics, including the circuit

board design and production in

our factory. Se we are not only

assembling here, but have quite

a bit of vertical integration. The

Made in Germany label is even

more important in places like


While our core markets have

always been in German

speaking countries and the rest

of Western Europe, last year

we started marketing again in

China and we are very keen to

build up this market - perhaps

with special products made for

the Chinese standards. This will

be an important future market

for us.

Dr Roland Raithel

Head of PR, Loewe

We want to expand the

Loewe TV into the home

network and this is one of our

main aims for the next year



The “China Brands” Show Comes to IFA

Strengthening Sino-Global industrial and commercial relation

At IFA 2015, visitors can

experience the best of

China's Home Appliance

Industry and the current

and important market

trends in Hall 29.

You will learn more

about the Chinese elite

in Home appliances,

discover innovative and

creative products and learn

more about the creative

manufacturing process of

Chinese Home Appliances.

It’s also a chance to receive

a Chinese traditional

cultural gift for free.

On 4 th September – at

12 mid-day, the opening

ceremony of the China

Brand Pavilion will

feature interactive


and will be

retransmitted via

Live Webcast.

The event will

be hosted by

the Ministry of

Commerce of

the People’s

Republic of

China (MOFCOM).

Organisers include the

Trade Development Bureau

of Ministry of Commerce,

P.R.C (TDB) and the China

Chamber of Commerce

for Import and Export of

Machinery and Electronic

Products (CCCME). The

opening ceremony is

supported by key partners

such as GfK and CHKD and

media organisations ZOL

and CBN.

Key companies


Haier, Hisense, Gree, Midea,

Changhong, TCL, Galanz,

Chigo, Donlim, Xingx,

Lexy, Ecovacs, Huayu, Yueli,

Cuori, Kaibo

AGENDA / 4 th Sept.

12:00-12:25: Registration


Introduction of VIP guests

12:30-12:40: Welcome

Remarks by CCCME


12:40-12:50: Greeting

speech by Global Executive

Director of IFA, Jens


12:50-13:00: Greeting

speech by Minister-

Counsellor Wang Weidong

(Chinese Embassy in Germany)

13:00-13:10: Greeting

speech by GfK (General


13:10-13:20: Greeting

speech by CEO from a

leading company (TCL

President Li Dongsheng)

13:20-13:25: Ribboncutting

ceremony by VIP


13:25-14:00: Networking

& Buffet (media interviews)

Don’t miss also at the China

Pavilion, the Global Media

Conference of China Brands

Show, China's Elite Brands

Lectures and Seminars - with

the top minds of the Chinese

Industry, China's Smart

Home Experience Zone, the

Networking Conference

between China and EU and

the reception for European

consumers and customers.

» HALL 29 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015



Enabling the Smart Home

digitalSTROM is brewing up a new digital storm – becoming the

catalyst for today’s digital lifestyle

digitalSTROM is a Swiss-based company offering Smart Home Technology

for every home. Their technology communicates via existing power lines and

networks with all electronic devices well as broadband platforms. Company

CEO Martin Vesper tells us firstly about the background to the company…

In 2001, digitalSTROM

emerged from an idea of

giving electrical devices

their own intelligence and

networking them with oneanother

in an economical

and ergonomic manner.

Two inventors - Wilfried

Beck and Ludger Hovestadt

founded the company –

firstly as aizo AG – together

with two associates.

The company is based

on two basic inventions.

One issue was how to

communicate over a power

line and keep the device

very, very small. We already

knew about power line

modules, but they were

much bigger and needed

much more energy. If

we were to use that for

every light and every push

button, it would use too

much energy, and cause

problems of temperature

and size. So the invention

solved the problem of

how to communicate over

a power line with a very

small device. The second

issue was about how to

orchestrate all devices once

they are so flexible, in a

house – in a way that makes

sense to the customer.

The two inventors said to

themselves, “If we take this

technology and combine

it with the orchestrating

mechanism, we could make

a perfect tool for a smart

home, because it’s useable

for everyone, easy to install

for an electrician, and

small enough so it totally


After a development

phase of seven years and

a conceptual cooperation

with the ETH Zurich, it was

introduced to the market in


The display panel in the

Tesla allowed digitalSTROM

to develop a web interface

What geographic areas

are you covering?

We started with German

speaking countries. We

have two or three channels

to market. In German

speaking countries and

in the Netherlands, we

are doing direct endconsumer

branding and

PR. In other key Western

European countries we

have distribution partners.

Then in places like Istanbul

and Shanghai we are more

directly involved with major

new building projects.

Your car – a very nice

Tesla – has been on show

at the Innovations Media

Briefing… tell us why.

DigitalStrom is all about

software that makes things

work together. The display

panel in the Tesla allowed us

to develop a web interface

– without having to work

directly with the automobile

manufacturer on the

solution. It means that

from my car, I can control

everything in my home –

including overseeing energy

management. We have just

started testing this, and

soon will make it available

to anyone driving a Tesla.

So far, Tesla is the only car

manufacturer that is open

enough to allow something

like this to be developed by

someone from the outside.

What does the future of

all this look like?

I think we will see that

first of all, the house will

become totally digital,

meaning everything can

be controlled by software.

For some time, people will

still use a switch to turn

on their lights, but we will

increasingly go towards

automation: outside lights

based on sun and so on.

We are also demonstrating

how in the kitchen

automation will help. The

kitchen also has an issue

of hygiene, so there are

advantages in not touching

things with your hands.

This means voice control

will increasingly become

the norm. Even things like

face detection and emotion

detection will come to play

a role (Eds: DigitalStrom

is demonstrating a coffee

machine that makes you

a cappuccino when you

smile at it!). Another thing

we will see is that devices

will change. In many ways,

cooking will become more

automated in ways we

hadn’t considered before.

These so-called cognitive

systems will be able to

learn by themselves. Factors

coming into play will include

questions such as “What

devices do I have available

and what food is available

today?” Smart algorithms

will lead to a whole range

of new solutions.

Martin Vesper

CEO, digitalSTROM

the house

will become





can be

controlled by



Conference & Events Preview

IFA 2015 Keynotes





















Exhibitors, Trade Visitors,

Media and VIPs


CityCube Berlin,

Hall A, Level 1


Media & VIPs: 30 min before keynote start

Trade Visitors & Exhibitors: 15 min before

keynote start

Sang-Beom Han

CEO, LG Display


Friday 4 th September

10:30 a.m.



What comes "next" after current

displays such as 4k and curved screens?

Dr. Han will share his vision for "How

displays will change our lives" and give

trade visitors and media critical insights

into the future of display technologies

and product specifications.

Nick Parker

Corporate Vice President responsible for

device partnerships, Microsoft

Friday 4 th September

3:00 p.m.



In the keynote titled “Windows

10 Lights up New Devices,” Parker

will demonstrate a breadth of new

Windows 10 devices including tablets,

2-in-1s, premium notebooks, gaming

devices and all-in-ones that will light up

the Windows 10 experience for

Dinesh Paliwal

Chairman, President and CEO,


Saturday 5 th September

10:30 am




In his keynote, Dinesh Paliwal shows how

this new age of connectivity offers several

new opportunities for the audio industry

and what needs to be done to exploit

this trend. Furthermore, he explains the

challenges the industry is facing as it

develops smart audio and gives examples

for game changing innovations. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015


Conference & Events Preview

Taking YOU

to the Next Level

IFA+Summit announces high

profile speakers

IFA+ Summit 2014 - Mobility

Following the successful launch

of the international conference

format IFA+Summit – the Next

Level Of Thinking in 2014,

the second edition is set to

“rock the Messe” on 7 & 8

September in the CityCube.

Once again this year, the event

will discuss innovative ideas,

plans and visions regarding

transportation, health, Big Data,

the home, design and new

entertainment developments:


Design is often the main factor

influencing a purchase.

© Messe Berlin GmbH

Participants include:

• Prof. Frans Vogelaar:

founder of the Amsterdam/

Berlin-based Hybrid Space

Lab and professor of Hybrid

Space/Media Space at

Kunsthochschule für Medien in

Cologne since 1998.

Prof. Natasha Vita-More:

professor at the University

of Advancing Technology,

examining the design of the

human body and its technology.


In a society dominated by

Web 2.0 and social media,

consumers assume the role of

producers. In future, who will

produce content, what will that

content be and who will it be

for? Participants include:

• Prof. Jonathan Taplin: an

American author, film producer,

professor of New Media and

director of the Annenberg

Innovation Lab in Los Angeles.

• Michael Kraus: managing

director of Deezer.


Digitally networked devices will

provide us with more comfort

in the home and become

increasingly efficient. How can

they help us handle energy

requirements and natural

resources in a more efficient

manner? Participants include:

• Prof. James Barlow:

Professor of Technology and

Innovation Management

(Healthcare) and associate

director of research and

evaluation for Imperial College

Health Partners.

• Prof. Fred Potter - CEO of


• Ratna Sita: research analyst

at Euromonitor International.


How will Big Data influence

society and business in the

future? Participants include:

• Ramon Reichert: Visiting

Professor of Film and Media

Sciences at the Institute of

Theatre, Film and Media

Sciences at the University of

Vienna since 2009.

• Dr. Amy Gershkoff: Chief

data officer at US-based

company Zynga.


Can prosthetics be controlled

by brain signals? Can robots

and intelligent machines be

put to use in patient care?

Participants include:

• Max Little: a leading


• Dr. Markus Müschenich:

medical head of the

management holding of VzE in

Berlin since 2004.

• Dr. Thomas Huebner:

founder of Preventicus

• David Schärf: founder and

managing director of OneLife.



Rapid population growth,

climate change, lack of living

space and the ever-present

threat of traffic gridlock are

challenges that concepts such

as Smart Cities and City 2.0

aim to confront. Participants


Martin Börner: vice president

of Samsung Electronics

& head of IT & Mobile


Bandar Antabi: vice president

of Special Projects at Jawbone.


Vision Meets Industry

Session 1


CityCube Berlin

7 Sept. 2015 2:00-3:40 pm


The “moveable self” takes on new meaning

Wearables, e-cars, the smart city – the context of mobility and connectivity is causing new creative business

ideas to be spawned on a daily basis, and the breakneck pace of innovation is opening up new perspectives.

Which of the developments emerging within the mobile megatrends have what it takes to become global

growth engines? And what about safety issues? What does it all mean for our society? The “Mobility” session

at the IFA+ Summit will address these and other pressing issues. Eva Buschkrei, Audi’s head of International

Business Integration - Car IT will highlight trends and challenges in the evolution of connected cars and the

future of cross-linked mobility. We asked her to tell us a little more about her role at Audi.

Within the Audi Group

I am responsible for the

international roll out of Audi

Connect, which provides

innovative infotainment

solutions and enables cars

to communicate with each

other as well as with other

objects around them.

What do you see as being

the biggest challenges in

your industry today?

In the era of digitalization,

change is the only constant.

The connected car is

standard nowadays. With

the changing consumer

behaviour and expectations,

people demand advanced

mobility. It is upon the

automotive industry

to deliver innovative


Please tell us more about

your presentation

Connectivity is a game

changer for the automotive

industry. Automated

updates and new

technologies transform cars

into “always-on” devices

and connect them with the

“Internet of things”.

The catch phrase of the

summit is “next level of

thinking”. How important

is it for people to project

onto a different plane in

this respect and look at

things in a different way?

The Connected Car is not

merely about the car itself,

rather, is an everyday digital

lifestyle. The adoption of

cutting-edge technology

allows us to enjoy the

economic and social benefits

arising from connectivity.

The IFA+ Summit provides

a great platform to share

ideas and to connect with

specialists from across the


Eva Buschkrei

Audi’s head of

International Business

Integration - Car IT

Health Goes Electronic

IFA+ Summit prescribes digital remedy

Session 2


CityCube Berlin

7 Sept. 2015 4:15-5:45 pm

Dr. med. Markus

Müschenich MPH

Managing Partner

& Founder,

Flying Health

The demands on healthcare and patient care are

growing all the time. At the IFA+ Summit, Dr. med.

Markus Müschenich MPH, Managing Partner and

Founder, Flying Health will address the future of

digital technologies in health care. We asked him to

firstly tell us a little more about his current role and

his organisation.

I am Co-Founder and

Managing Partner of FLYING


is company builder and

advisor for health startups

in Germany focussing

on concepts for real time

health and digital therapy

– software as a drug. We

work with inventors to

get their concepts off the

ground, build sustainable

companies and accelerate

growth and value. Our goal

is to preserve or improve

human health. One such

case is the Berlin-based

Caterna Vision company,

which has developed the

first mobile medical app in

Germany to be prescribed

to patients by physicians

and that has reimbursement

in place from a health plan.

I negotiated the contracts

with doctors and the second

biggest statutory health

insurance organisation in


What do you see as being

the biggest challenges in

your industry today?

Inventing disruptive

digital products/services

and bringing them into

reimbursement of the health

care system.

Please tell us more about

your presentation at the

IFA+ Summit.

Digital Health will improve

healthcare with the same

value for each patient as

the invention of X-ray,

antibiotics, anaesthetic

drugs and genome

sequencing did in former

times. Digital Health

provides serious medical

services from health

information to diagnostics

and digital therapy direct

to the patient. It is a new

distribution channel and

matches to the economy

on demand. Digital Health

means global market health


The “catch phrase” of

the summit is “next

level of thinking”.

How important is it for

people to project onto

a different plane in this

respect and look at things

in a different way?

Health care professionals,

health care industries and

purchasing organisations

that do not follow the new

digital rules in health care

will fail as other companies

have recently in not facing

up to disruptive change due

to digitalisation. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015


Vision Meets Industry

Session 3


CityCube Berlin

8 Sept. 2015 9:00-10:30 am

Emotion in Motion

When machines understand how we feel

In a short talk at the IFA+ Summit, Dan Emodi - VP Marketing & Strategic

Accounts, Beyond Verbal Communication will show the possibilities

and applications of emotions analytics. We asked him to give us a little

background on his presentation…

Beyond Verbal technology

extracting individuals’ full

set of emotions & character

from their raw voice in realtime,

as they speak. Our goal

is to endow machines with

emotions understanding

allowing us to better

interact with machines and

with each other. As the VP

of Marketing and Strategic

Accounts my role is to help

the company establish

market leadership while

identifying and developing

new verticals for our

technology. We believe

Emotions Understandings is

currently the world’s most

important non-existing

interface. More specifically,

while today’s smart

machines are getting ever

smarter - understanding

what we type, click, touch

and say, where we are

and what their position

in space is, they are still

limited by their incapability

to understand how we

feel and what we mean.

As-a-matter-of-fact, when

it comes to emotions and

wellbeing, our modern-day

machines are still running

blind. We are passionate

creatures that beat to the

rhythm of our sentiments, yet

our machines are oblivious to

these same emotions that

power us humans and big

data practically ignores this

critical piece of information.

But this is about to change.

Enabling machines to

understand our emotions

is introducing a whole new

dimension to big data. A big

data of emotions change the

way we look and analyze our

world on a macro level but at

the same time also change

the very way we understand

our own micro-selves.

Dan Emodi

VP Marketing & Strategic Accounts, Beyond

Verbal Communication

The talk will show how

emotions can be extracted,

analyzed and quantified on

a massive scale and what

insights it can drive into our

ability to understand our

surroundings as well as our

own personal wellbeing.

We believe that quantifying

emotions is the next BIG


What are your thoughts

on the IFA+ Summit?

Different thinking starts with

education and educations

starts with awareness.

An IFA Summit aimed at

thinking next is thus an ideal

vehicle to make the required

leap forward.

The Design Factory

Changing thinking and learning

processes to the ben efit of one and all

Session 4


CityCube Berlin

8 Sept. 2015 10:55-12:25 am

Prof. Kalevi


Director and Founder,

Aalto Design Factory

Why does design

matter more than ever?

In the Design session of

the IFA+ Summit, Prof.

Kalevi Ekman Director

and Founder, Aalto

Design Factory will look

at the latest trends in

product and industrial

design. We asked Prof.

Ekman to tell us more

about his daily work.

Aalto University is a merger

of three old universities,

covering the fields of

technology, design and

business. The Design Factory

is an experimental platform

for boosting interdisciplinary

activities in learning,

research and application.

I’m the captain of the

factory. The industry must

do things differently. The

population and domestic

market is small, general cost

level is high, there are quite

few internationally known

brands, and there are very

limited material natural and

capital resources.

What will you be talking

about at the summit?

The presentation will show

how students of design,

engineering and business are

learning together in projects

with industry. The products

and their immaterial

elements have become

increasingly complex. It is

harder than ever to design

and implement simple,

sound and elegant solutions

that are guaranteed to

Next level of thinking means

cumulative, organisational

learning that turns to action

function and enable the user

to gain maximum value. To

release the potential of

highly educated experts of

various fields, the designers

can act as “glue” in the

organisation. Designers

typically learn skills of

user-centric design, visual

communication, aesthetics,

model making and early

testing of ideas. But they

should also learn how to use

these skills with engineers

and business experts. This

learning process is beneficial

for all parties involved.

The catchphrase of the

summit is “Next Level of

Thinking”. What does this

mean to you?

Next level of thinking means

cumulative, organisational

learning that turns to action.

There is so much wasted

potential. The summit is

most welcome to provoke



Vision Meets Industry

Session 5


CityCube Berlin

8 Sept. 2015 1:45-3:15 pm

The Future of the Smart Home

Netatmo CEO “takes the temperature” of the market at

IFA+ Summit

Created in 2011, Netatmo is an innovative company developing consumer

electronics for a “better and connected lifestyle”. Company founder

and CEO Fred Potter is thus no stranger to the idea of the “connected

home”. But where is it all headed? He will be addressing the issue in his

presentation at the IFA+ Summit. We asked him to tell us a little more.

12 years ago, the first Voice

over IP line was launched in

France. It revolutionised the

Internet access and today,

there are more than 26

million VoIP subscribers. I

believe the next sector that

software will transform is

the Smart Home. Now the

majority of the population

has Smartphones and access

to Wi-Fi networks, the

predictions are that IoT will

be even bigger than mobile.

The first consumer segment

where IoT is booming is

Smart Home. The challenge

is to differentiate oneself

with unique key features

that the competitors don’t

propose and that improve

the life of our users.

What products have you

already launched to date?

We’ve launched 3 products:

the Weather Station

for Smartphone, that

monitors the indoor and

outdoor environment, the

Thermostat for Smartphone,

that allows users to control

their heating remotely

and Welcome, the first

smarthome camera with

face recognition technology.

The “catch phrase” of the

summit is “next level of

thinking”. How important

is it for people to project

onto a different place in

this respect and look at

things in a different way?

It’s by considering things

differently that people

come up with impactful

innovations. In a market like

smart home, that’s growing

and has a huge potential.

By thinking differently,

you can make a difference

and conceive products or

ideas that will change the

landscape. It’s not about

doing something no-one

has never done, but more

about bringing innovations

that will mark a general

stepping up of the market.

What are your thoughts

on the fact that IFA has

Fred Potter

Founder & CEO,


created this industry


IFA is the European and

international rendezvous

for people and companies

of the industry. This summit

is a great opportunity

for companies of all size

to have visibility and to

give their opinion on key


Don’t Stock It – Stream It

Deezer boss addresses IFA+ Summit on how

changing use patters and business models

Session 6


CityCube Berlin

8 Sept. 2015 3:30-4:50 pm



Managing Director GSA,


With the onset of streaming music services, business

models are evolving and user patters are also

changing. At the IFA+ Summit, Michael Krause

Managing Director GSA, Deezer will address these

and other challenges in the industry today – and in

the future. Mr Krause explained to us that Deezer has

experienced phenomenal growth in the past years…

Founded in 2007, Deezer

was the first truly global

on-demand audio provider,

offering a digital music

streaming service in more

than 180 countries, with

16 million monthly active

users and 6 million paid

subscribers worldwide.

Deezer is at the forefront

of a streaming revolution,

allowing fans instant access

to the largest music & audio

catalogue in the world, with

more than 35 million songs,

radio channels, podcasts and

audiobooks on any device.

As Managing Director GSA I

am in charge of operations

for the German-speaking

markets, including editorial

management, local rights

acquisition, ad-sales, partner

management and B2C


What do you see as being

the biggest challenges in

your industry today?

The biggest challenge for

the industry is to spread

the message that music

streaming services offer

the best possible music

experience and let streaming

become mainstreaming in all


Please tell us more about

your presentation at the

IFA+ Summit.

Music streaming is a huge

chance for the whole music

industry to get back on track.

Labels and artists alike are

able to provide new creative

concepts and additional offers

to their customers. Deezer

offers new payment models

where especially newcomers

can start their own music

business from scratch. New

bundling possibilities with

hardware manufacturers

and multimedia devices

offer new revenue streams,

engagement tools and added

value for the OEMs. For the

whole music industry a new

success story is about to start.

The “catch phrase” of the

summit is “next level of


How important is it for

people to project onto

a different plane in this

respect and look at things

in a different way?

Technology and consumer

behaviour are ever changing

at rapid speeds – and

Deezer has profited from

this development. So finding

new perspectives in order

to understand people and

their needs is always useful.

Connecting with some of

the most important thinkers

and executives in design,

entertainment and big

data at IFA+ Summit seems

a great opportunity for

Deezer. I’m looking forward

to discussing future trends

and ideas with them. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015


Conference & Events Preview


Discover all the latest news from

top manufacturers at the IFA press events

© Messe Berlin Gmbh

Philips Press Conference - IFA 2014

Electrolux Press Conference - IFA 2014


09:00 am - 10:00 am Intel Hall 16 / Booth 100

10:00 am - 11:45 am Siemens Hausgeräte Hall 1.1 / Booth 101

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Acer Hall 7.3 / Room Berlin

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Miele Hall 2.1 / Booth 101

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Robert Bosch Hausgeräte Hall 3.1 / Booth 101

01:00 pm - 03:00 pm IFA Opening Presse Conference CityCube Berlin

03:00 pm - 04:00 pm Panasonic Hall 5.2 / Booth 101

04:00 pm - 05:00 pm Intel Deutschland Hall 16 / Booth 100

04:15 pm - 05:00 pm Sony Hall 20 / Booth 101

05:00 pm - 05:45 pm Cuciniale Hall 8.1 / Booth 203

05:00 pm - 06:00 pm Metz Consumer Electronics Hall 6.2b / Booth 201

06:30 pm - 08:30 pm VDE / ZVEH / ZVEI Hall 11.1 / Booth 9


10:00 am - 10:45 am DJI Europe Hall 6.2b / Booth 201

10:00 am - 11:00 am Whirlpool Hall 9 / Booth 101

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Samsung Electronics CityCube Level 2

12:00 pm - 01:00 pm Philips Hall 22 / Booth 101

12:00 pm - 01:00 pm Beko Deutschland Hall 5.1 / Booth 101

12:00 pm - 01:00 pm Kaspersky Foyer Hall 6.2b / Room Erfurt 1

01:00 pm - 02:00 pm Electrolux Hall 4.1 / Booth 101

01:00 pm - 03:00 pm GfK Technical Innovation Marshall Haus /



01:30 pm - 02:15 pm Harman Funkturm Indoor Ground

/ Booth 100

02:00 pm - 03:00 pm Bauknecht Hausgeräte and Indesit Hall 9 / Booth 101

Company Deutschland

02:00 pm - 03:00 pm Oregon Hall 6.2 / Booth 124

03:00 pm - 03:30 pm Unmonday Hall 7.2a / Booth 119

04:00 pm - 05:00 pm JK Imaging Europe / IT2U Hall 25 / Booth 110

04:00 pm - 05:00 pm Ricoh Company Grosser Stern / Room Hong Kong

04:00 pm - 05:00 pm WMF Hall 6.1 / Booth 102

04:30 pm - 05:30 pm Haier Hall 3.1 / Booth 109


09:00 am - 10:00 am Deutsche Telekom AG Hall 21a / Booth 101

09:00 am - 10:00 am TCL Hall 21b / Booth 104

09:00 am - 12:00 pm Opening Tour of IFA 2015

10:00 am - 11:00 am KitchenAid Hall 9 / Booth 101

10:00 am - 11:00 am PocketBook Readers Hall 15 / Booth 230

10:00 am - 06:00 pm IFA TecWatch Hall 11.1 / IFA TecWatch

10:30 am - 11:30 am Deutsche TV-Pattform e.V. Hall 11.1 / IFA TecWatch

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Beko Hall 5.1 / Booth 101

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EK / Servicegroup Hall 3.1 / Booth 105

11:00 am - 12:00 pm JK Imaging Europe / IT2U Hall 25 / Booth 110

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Dyson Hall 4.1 / Booth 204

12:00 pm - 02:00 pm China Chamber of Commerce for Hall 29 / Booth 100

Import and Export of Machinery

& Electronic products (CCCME)

12:45 pm - 01:30 pm Beurer Hall 4.1 / Booth 212

04:00 pm - 05:00 pm Euronics International Red Lounge (

04:00 pm - 05:00 pm Gorenje Hall 1.1 / Booth 201

04:00 pm - 05:00 pm JK Imaging Europe / IT2U Hall 25 / Booth 110

07:00 pm - 10:00 pm Pepcom’s DigitalFocus Global Grand Hyatt Berlin,

@ IFA Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm Livall IOT Technology Hall 25 / Booth 110-4

03:00 pm - 03:30 pm Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH Hall 1.2 / Booth 201

03:00 pm - 04:00 pm Grundig Hall 23 / Booth 101

03:35 pm - 03:55 pm Cerevo Hall 7.2c / Booth 104

04:00 pm - 04:45 pm Sharp Hall 6.2 / Booth 203


10:00 am - 01:00 pm FC Union Guided Tour CityCube Berlin


Conference & Events Preview



Whether it’s in the field of audio, video, photo,

home entertainment, in-car or mobile electronics

areas, the crème de la crème are recognised

in Berlin at the EISA* Awards Ceremony

on 4th September

In a glittering gala evening that attracts the

who’s who of the industry at the Kempinski

Bristol Hotel, the annual EISA awards are presented

– allowing manufacturers to highlight

their most innovative products in the coming

year across Europe and around the world.

For 32 years, the prestigious awards have been

the result of a unique, democratic, qualitybased

selection by more than 50 independent

experts in 20 European countries.

Every year, the EISA Awards applaud the new

products that combine the most advanced

technology, the most desirable features, the

ultimate expression of design, the most satisfying

ergonomics and, of course, the greatest

value for money. In short, EISA recognizes the

features most likely to be appreciated by an

enthusiast public seeking high quality and

creative facilities.

The association’s president, Jorge Gonçalves,

explains that the concept of novelty had truly

become a “movable target” since consumers

put a very high level of pressure on manufacturers,

almost imposing on them a constant cycle

of launching more and more new products. He

gave thanks to all the brands that “keep feeding

our dreams and bringing permanently to

the market new concepts in technology, design

and usability that most of the times surpass

anything that we could ever conceive in our

wildest dreams.”

For several years now, Cleverdis (publishers of

IFA International) and EISA have been close

partners, and this year is no exception. Senior

members of EISA have participated actively in

the compilation of Buyers’ Guides for a number

of product categories in the consumer electronics

field in IFA International.

* EISA is the European Imaging and Sound Association

Just Can’t Stop ShowStoppers

Press event moves to new south entrance location

due to hike in demand

It’s THE not-to-be-missed

media event at IFA, just like at a

number of other top-line trade


Now in its 22 nd year globally,

ShowStoppers is a global leader

in producing press and business

events spanning the US, Europe

and Asia. Each event organizes

product introductions, sneak

previews and demonstrations

for selected journalists,

bloggers, industry and financial

analysts, venture capitalists and

business executives. Industry

leaders, innovators and startups

exhibit to help generate news

coverage and product reviews,

make new connections,

promote brand, and open new


“We are expecting more than

60 companies to meet the

press at ShowStoppers @ IFA

2015, making this the largest

ShowStoppers event at IFA,

ever”, states co-organiser Steve

Leon. “We expect to match

or exceed last year’s press

attendance of more than 700

qualified/selected journalists, so

we are moving the event to the

South Entrance building. We’ve

outgrown the space available in

14.2/15.2. That’s the simplest

measure of success.”

Exhibitors this year include

(but are not limited to):

B&O Play / Beyerdynamic /

Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) /

DJI / D-Link / Findbox / GN

Hearing / Griffin Technology

/ Honeywell / Intel / Jabra /

Labworks / Microsoft / Netatmo

Oaxis / Olloclip / Parallels /

Plantronics / Primera / Pure /

Qardio / Seagate / Sennheiser

/ Shenzhen Medica Technology

Development / Skullcandy /

Steelmate / Toshiba / Wacom /

Yubico / Zound – Marshall / ZTE


3 Sept. 2015, 6 pm

ShowStoppers @ IFA 2014

ShowStoppers@IFA 2013

Exhibit space for

ShowStoppers@IFA 2015

is limited and contracts


To meet the press at

ShowStoppers, click here for

the event brochure



or contact:

Dave Leon

+1 845 638 3527

or Lauren Merel

+1 212 355 6326

IHS Business



On Monday, 7 September

at the IHS Business

Conference in Berlin

market researchers and

trade visitors at IFA will

be discussing future

developments on the TV

market, China’s impact

on the global market and

how apps and streaming

services will continue to

revolutionise connected


Monday, 7 Sept. 2015

CityCube Berlin,

Level 1, A1


12:30 pm - 1:00 pm: Registration

1:10 pm - 1:30 pm: Keynote

China is More Than Just a Factory

• Ben Keen, Vice President, Technology

Market Intelligence, IHS

1:50 pm – 3:20 pm: Session 1 Market Update

Global CE Market Roundup: What’s New,

What’s Hot and What’s Next?

• Paul Gray, Principal Analyst/Researcher, IHS

- China Gaining Control of Panel


• Yoshio Tamura, Director, Displays, IHS

- The Evolving App Landscape

• Ian Fogg, Director of Mobile and

Telecommunications, IHS

3:20 pm - 3:30 pm: Session 1 Panel


3:50 pm - 4:50 pm: Session 2 Panel

Discussion moderated by Ian Fogg, Director

of Mobile and Telecommunications, IHS

- From Fixed Function to App Platform:

What’s Next for Connected CE?

4:50 pm - 5:50 pm: Session 3 Panel

Discussion moderated by Paul Gray,

Principal Analyst/Researcher, IHS - UHD:

Why Are We Waiting?

5:50 pm - 6:00 pm: Closing Remarks

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Oktoberfest Pavilion

Reception and Dinner IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015


Trade Talk

T’is The Season

Top 10 predictions for Christmas 2015 bestsellers in tech

unveiled by Currys PC World

Currys PC World has

published a list of the

products it expects to be

the big hitters this coming


Included in its Top 10 are

Sonos multi-room speakers

and wearable device

Jawbone UP – both multiroom

audio and fitness

wearables lead the pack in

terms of the most sought

after festive tech.

Currys PC World 2015 Top

Ten Christmas Predictions:

1. Sonos multi-room


2. Samsung multi-room

system (M3, M5, M7)

3. Jawbone UP

4. Fitbit Surge

5. Nutribullet Pro blender

6. KitchenAid Artisan

Stand Mixer( in Crystal


7. Sony Bravia X8 Smart

Ultra HD 4K 49” (with

Android) LED TV

8. Samsung Smart Ultra

HD 4K 48” Curved LED


9. Lenovo’s ‘next

generation of’ Yoga ‘2

in 1’ convertible laptop

10. Ninja Nutri blender


Audio purchases are

expected to be a huge hit

this Christmas with wireless

multi-room speakers, in

particular, leading the way.

The rise of music streaming

is changing the way that

music is consumed in the

home and making people

take a closer look at what

products they should be


Consumer appetite for

smart devices that link up

to multi-room speakers

has meant that all leading

brands now have their own

version of this product.

Platforms from Sonos

and Samsung are firm

favourites, with sales of

Sonos up 80% year on year

and many other brands also

enhancing their systems

to give customers an even

better entertainment


Vimal Solanki, Category

Manager for Home Audio

at Currys PC World,

comments: “The way

people are listening to

music at home is radically

changing. The technology

in people’s homes has

become more connected

so they’re looking for more

versatile ways to enjoy

music from their personal

collections as well as the

boom in streaming services.

Multi-room music systems

let people listen to the

widest possible range of

music where and whenever

they want - they are the

ultimate gift for music

lovers. Entertaining in the

home has never been easier

or so much fun.”


Whether it’s the need for

keeping track of personal

fitness goals or simply

down to aesthetics, smart

watches and wearables

have accelerated in

popularity this year - sales

on fitness gadgets are up at

Currys PC World by a huge

900% year on year.

Wearable gadgets including

the Jawbone UP and Fitbit

Surge allow consumers

to track everything from

their sleep patterns to

their daily calorie intake,

all the while looking slick

and lightweight. They

make ideal presents due

to their compact size

and affordability and are

expected to be another big

hit this coming Christmas.

The way people are listening to music

at home is radically changing.


The trend for baking has

risen to new heights over

the past 12 months, and

isn’t expected to slow

what with a new series of

Bake Off leading fans into

Christmas. Last autumn,

Currys PC World saw a yearon-year

sales spike of 80%

for baking tech, including

kitchen machines and stand



The nation also remains

obsessed with eating clean.

Getting your five a day has

never been easier via the

wide range of juicing and

blending products on the

market today. Currys PC

World reports a 90% yearon-year

rise in the sales

of high-speed blenders.

The Nutribullet is still

incredibly popular and its

silver edition, exclusive to

Currys PC World this year,

is predicted to welcome

strong customer demand

this coming Christmas

(other colours are red and


The kitchen is fast

becoming the room in the

house that customers are

spending the most money on.

Sarah Butcher, Category

Manager for SKA at Currys

PC World, says: “The

kitchen is fast becoming

the room in the house that

customers are spending the

most money on. Products

are expected to look good

on the kitchen counter as

well as being practical and

versatile. Gifting someone

you love with the latest

high speed blender ticks

both these boxes.”


Other tech set to capture

the imagination this

Christmas is 4K Ultra HD

TV. Samsung and Sony both

have stylish and super-smart

4K offerings this year where

© Currys PC World

the picture quality has so

much detail and depth that

owners won’t ever want to

leave their living rooms. In

turn, their smart platforms

allow for everything from

4K movie streaming to pin

sharp catch-up services and

smooth internet browsing.

Elsewhere Lenovo’s ‘next

generation’ of Yoga ‘2 in

1’ laptop is expected to

be a favourite computing

product in the coming

months. ‘2 in 1’ computing

continues to grow, the

blend of full laptop

power and full tablet fun

at accessible prices, an

irresistible combination for

many users.


Trade Talk




Visa or


– Yes we can!

for the launch of cuttingedge

payment systems

– as both contactless

credit card payments

and mobile payments

on smartphones will be

introduced nationwide in

autumn 2015.

Regular international visitors

to Berlin have long been

aware of the fact that when

buying technical consumer

goods at Germany’s biggest

electronics retailers, it was a

case of “cash only”.

This year, the tide is turning,

as Media Markt and

Saturn launch contactless

and mobile payments

for customers using NFC

technology - and they can

now use MasterCard and

Visa credit cards at all the

group’s German stores.

The move paves the way

“By starting credit card

payments in cooperation

with Visa and MasterCard,

the two largest providers, we

are laying the foundations

at the POS for the gradual

introduction of modern

payment options based

on mobile technologies. In

particular, by implementing

NFC-enabled POS terminals

this year, we are paving the

way for future payment

systems,” declared Klaus-

Guido Jungwirth, COO of

Media-Saturn Deutschland

GmbH, who is also

responsible for customer


“We are delighted that

Media Markt and Saturn,

the two leading consumer

electronics retailers in

Germany, now accept Visa

cards and will shortly also

support contactless and

mobile payments with Visa.

This move will broaden the

nationwide acceptance of

Visa cards on the German

market,” said Ulrich

Keppler, Lead Acceptance

for Visa in Central Europe. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015


Trade Talk



Media-Saturn Group arrives at IFA with

beefed-up online presence






Each day in IFA International, we

will be bringing you feedback from

media at the show, helping buyers

and manufacturers take the right

direction in the coming months.




The Media-Saturn Group is back

at IFA this year wearing some

“new hats”, having acquired

a majority stake in Europe’s

biggest live shopping platform and also expanding

its digital business when it comes

to content.

In April, the group, Europe’s

number one consumer

electronics retailer, acquired a

majority shareholding in Dutch

live shopping platform iBOOD.

com. The company is now run

under the auspices of Media-

Saturn’s Electronics Online Group

(EOG). Media-Saturn is bringing

together all existing and future

online pure play activities within

EOG in order to accelerate the

group’s growth in e-commerce

and to further expand its role as a

leading omni-channel consumer

electronics provider in Europe.

The community

already comprises 1.4 million

members in eight European

countries. In 2014, the company

generated sales of approximately

€36.4 million.



Meanwhile, Media-Saturn is now

also expanding its digital business

when it comes to content. In the

beginning of August, the company

launched the entertainment portal

JUKE in Germany. The launch of

JUKE will allow this leading retailer

of physical entertainment products

to also provide a comprehensive

digital offering in the future.

Media-Saturn is now bundling the

whole world of entertainment on

a single platform under the JUKE

brand, which previously comprised

only the music streaming service

launched back in 2011. The wide

range of movies and TV series,

music, e-books, PC games and

PC software offered can be used

on all of the most popular end


In addition to the continued

high level of demand for physical

entertainment products –

especially in German-speaking

countries – the offerings for

downloading and streaming are

now also on the verge of entering

the mass market. "As by far the

largest retailer of entertainment

products, it is obvious that we

also want to position ourselves

on the market as the leading

provider of digital content," says

Wolfgang Kirsch, CEO of Media-

Saturn Deutschland GmbH. "The

previous download offerings on and

as well as our music streaming

service JUKE have performed

extremely well in recent years.

This makes the decision to now

bundle and consistently continue

to develop our digital offerings

on the new JUKE entertainment

portal a logical next step. JUKE is

our own digital service, something

no other consumer electronics

retailer can offer. With JUKE, we

are helping shaping the future of

digital entertainment," continued


Media-Saturn is also relying on its

tightly woven network of stores

in Germany, which currently

comprises more than 260 Media

Markt stores and approximately

160 Saturn stores, when it comes

to marketing JUKE. Trained

specialist advisors will be available

to answer any questions that

customers might have about the

new entertainment portal. At the

same time, it will be possible to

put JUKE through its paces on a

wide variety of end devices at the


“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” will

be broadcasting from IFA for their 13th

year in Berlin and is looking to promote

many Exhibitors and chat about many of

the new products being introduced and

shown at IFA this year.

Dave’s Producers are currently booking

companies that have a variety of unique

Consumer Electronics. There is never a

charge to be a guest on “Into Tomorrow”!

There are several ways to promote with

“Into Tomorrow” during their special IFA



remotes-v for more info and be sure to

swing by Hall 24.

As always, they are the biggest thing in

the smallest hall.

By the way, do YOU have our "Into

Tomorrow" app? It's avail for iPhones/

iPods/iPads, Android devices, Kindle Fire

and for Chromebooks!


Exclusive Interview

New Challenge, New Face!

Haier new European CEO works toward new roadmap

at IFA

Yannick Fierling was named at the helm of Haier Europe on 20 th March.

A French national, Fierling follows predecessor René Aubertin as only the

second European to be responsible for the overall management of Haier

Europe, the European entity of Haier Group. His appointment reinforces

the commitment of Haier to becoming a major player in the European

market through a localisation strategy. We asked him to tell us more about

his new role …

I am very excited to be now

at Haier, because we have

a big challenge in front

of us. Haier has a lot of

ambition in Europe and I

hope I will be able to fulfil

and meet the expectations

for this region. Haier is very

big in Asia and is growing

very significantly in North

America, and we have been

stagnating a little bit in

Europe – for the past two

years. However 2015 looks

pretty good! We are aiming

to get into the top five in

Europe. For this we need

to reinforce the strategy we

have in place today and find

new ways to get into this


What will be your first


First of all, it’s to gather

information. I have been

running through the

different markets. I have

of course been in China as

well; I want to understand

exactly the challenges we

have in front of us, and

then with the team to

build a strategy to fulfil our

ambition, which is, as I said,

to enter into the top five.

The biggest challenge we

have is brand recognition.

We have brand recognition

of around 20% in Europe,

and this is not enough.

Today we have the right

products. There is no doubt

about that, but our brand is

not recognised enough. But

we are still pretty young.

Time will help, but more

than time, we need to do

better in communication

and be better at promoting

our products to be better

known across the different

markets in Europe.

You’re talking primarily

about white goods, but

also brown goods…

My speech was about

the entire product ranges

Haier is offering, because

I think one of the main

strengths this company has

is the range of products

we are offering, because

we have white goods, we

have consumer electronics

– TVs, tablets and phones,

and we have been making

tremendous progress in

this field. When you look

at the numbers for tablets

and phones, the growth

has been impressive for

the past two years. And we

have energy solutions, with

heat pumps, solar panels,

and AC. That’s giving a

huge opportunity to this

brand, because if you have

this range of products and

you are able to optimise

them in one single room,

you would fine a lot of

opportunities to leverage

this in communication.

All companies are talking

about the connected

home, but as GfK points

out in its most recent

reports, innovation

is what will drive the

market. This seems to be

what we are seeing at

Haier… Is this your key


First of all, we have the

luxury of having a wide

range of products. Not all

of our competitors have this

luxury and I think leveraging

this is very important.

I agree that innovation is

the biggest engine there is

right now on the market in

order to get your product

recognised, and Haier is

investing 4% of revenues

into R&D globally. We have

more than 8,000 engineers

across the world working

on our product, and the

commonalities between

the markets are much

bigger than the differences.

We need to address the

differences, but the world

is getting smaller and

smaller. Products such as

the double drum washing

machine are answering

specific consumer needs in

terms of time and energy

savings. And the new

solid-state refrigeration

technology is a real market

breakthrough. I am sure we

will be leveraging this across

the different systems...

it’s very environmentally

friendly, too. Haier has

been demonstrating for

some years now that we are

innovators, and with the

new product launches at IFA

this trend is accelerating.

I think this year’s IFA is

going to be a great one for


Yannick Fierling

CEO, Haier Europe

Yannick Fierling joined Haier following fifteen years

at multinational home appliance manufacturer

Whirlpool, where he most recently acted as General

Manager of the Fabric Care business unit and Vice

President of Whirlpool EMEA. During his time at

Whirlpool, Fierling occupied positions of increasing

responsibility in Europe and North America.

(…) we are innovators IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015


Exclusive Interview

Success Breeds Succe

Major Triumph for Bauknecht at IFA in 2014 prompts



General Manager of Bauknecht Hausgeräte GmbH

& Indesit Company Deutschland GmbH

At last year’s IFA, the Whirlpool group’s “German arm” –

Bauknecht home appliances – took part in the show for the

first time, to “test the waters”. The trial was, according to

Bauknecht / Indesit CEO Jens-Christoph Bidlingmaier, a major

success – as the entire global group is participating this year.

We were proud of the fact that

Bauknecht could be at IFA first for

this big company, really showing

that IFA could be a success story.

We were well prepared going into

IFA last year. We trained all the

people from sales and marketing

about how best to leverage IFA, how

to approach our customers, and

above all, how to get the orders.

It’s nice to go to IFA and show the

products, but in the end you have

to invoice!

So you signed a lot of deals at

the show?

Yes. It’s an image show, it’s a

product show, and it’s also an order

fair. The result was amazing. It was

so fantastic, and people were very

enthusiastic. Within the team, the

mindset totally changed. They were

so positive – and we saw the results

in the figures coming in from GfK in

October, November and December,

and this was great to see. Also

the first four months of this year,


Exclusive Interview


Whirlpool group’s presence in 2015

we have been exceeding

forecasts with excellent


So this year, the Whirlpool

group is here, based on

this performance?

They saw clearly what we

had done at IFA and were

impressed by the number

of orders that were signed.

The senior management

of the company in North

America and EMEA were

also impressed also by the

international scope of IFA.

With all the players in the

market, it’s more than just

selling products; it’s being in

the heart of the “consumer

lifestyle” world. They saw

that IFA is where you have

to be especially when you

would like to be a big player

in Europe. So they decided

to invest, and now we

have 3,200 square metres

exhibition space compared

to 800 last year: four times

more. It makes us proud in

Germany that the company

decided to come over with

its five brands, Whirlpool,

Bauknecht, Indesit,

Hotpoint and KitchenAid in

hall 9 stand 101.

You had a big announcement

at the recent

Berlin pre-IFA press

briefing with the

introduction of the

connected range and the

BLive application that

goes with it. Please tell

us more.

First of all, to explain this

very clearly: for us, the

product remains central.

The product must have

an added value for our

consumer. The added value

of a washing machine is

firstly that you would like

to wash, and with a dryer

you would like to dry.

Connectivity is good to

have and should also add

value for the consumer.

So at IFA this year we are

showing our first approach

with four products.

Our latest model in cooling

comes with connectivity.

get training via the app,

with explanations on how

to use the equipment.

What is the “Platinum


This programme for

retailers, along the “Passion

Concept” for kitchen

specialists is an exclusive

programme where we have

defined a different product

portfolio over all categories.

The customer has to sign

a contract and fulfil some

requirements, such as

undergoing training, PoS

presentations and so on.

It’s not a contract that is

very complex. It’s a onepager

with ten points on

both sides. In the past,

the programme was very


Now we would like it to

become more open, but

we have to be sure to find

the right customers playing

It’s an

image show,

it’s a product

show, and it’s

also an order

fair. The

result was




Bauknecht, the German

flagship brand of

Whirlpool, was present

at IFA for the first time

last year. This year the

entire Whirlpool group

is present with major

and small domestic


The brand will be

launching a totally

new range of major

appliances at IFA.

Hotpoint, with 40%

market share in the UK,

will be demonstrating

a broad range of small

appliances. According

to Jens-Christoph

Bidlingmaier, “There are

a lot of new product

developments and

ranges that you have

not seen before. Some

major innovations for the

kitchen will be released

at the show.”

What are your strongest

zones in Europe?

Italy is very strong, as it

is the home of Indesit as

well as the group’s EMEA

headquarters. The UK is very

strong with Hotpoint. In

Russia we have Whirlpool,

Indesit and also Bauknecht.

In Poland we are a number

one player, and of course

there is France.

So those are the biggest

countries. When it comes to

brands, Whirlpool is playing

primarily in southern

European countries, while

Bauknecht is more in the

German speaking countries

and northern Europe,

including Benelux.

It’s a dual no-frost fridgefreezer,

with two separate

processors. We are also

presenting connected

washing machine, dryer

and dishwasher. You also

with Platinum in the retail

sector or passion in the

kitchen sector. We are open

to discussions from the

trade, but we will still not

offer this to everyone.

Bauknecht Connectivity Range IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015




2015 Trends

As the world’s leading trade show

for consumer electronics, IFA

presents the entire spectrum of

new products from an innovative

industry. Ultra-HD screens with

even more impressive colours

and spectacular contrast, home

cinema sound in three dimensions,

innovative software platforms for

intelligent interconnection, sensors

for fitness and health, confectionery

or fashion from the 3D printer,

music from wireless networks – IFA

2015 is presenting the trends from

all sectors of the industry

Top Trends in Consumer Electronics

Sound in 3D, sensors for fitness and fun and breath-taking TV images –

what you can expect to find at IFA 2015



To meet the ambitious needs of users who love action movies,

sporting events and gaming, the Philips 7600 UHD TVs featuring

3-sided Ambilight go one step further. They come with multi

core power and “Perfect Natural Motion” motion enhancement

technology. This significantly reduces judder and provides vastly

improved motion while the advanced 100 Hz panel provides

very sharp pictures. In addition, Colour Booster delivers vivid

colours and natural skin-tones, Micro Dimming Pro caters for an

improved contrast, and Ultra Resolution upscaling technology

contributes to pin-sharp pictures no matter what the source.

Powered by “Android TV”, Philips UHD Smart TVs provide an

integrated broadcast and on demand TV experience plus an

improved user interaction including advanced features such as

voice search and voice control.

» HALL 22 / STAND 101


1 Greatly reduced


A big issue with


2 Android interface

Familiar and easy for


3 Excellent picture


Thanks to micro-dimming

and colour booster



The Japanese giant is renowned in the industry when it

comes to trailblazing in screen technologies, and in the

field of 4K, Panasonic is reaching for the high end with

its brand new VIERA premium models - CRW854 and


Panasonic’s 4K PRO technologies include a studio master

processor and a wide colour phosphor panel. In other

words, blue LEDs coated with phosphor - that generate

white light offering a wider colour gamut than white

LEDs. As a result, Panasonic guarantees 98% DCI (digital

cinema initiative) specification.

» HALL 5.2 / STAND 101


1 Overall image quality

2 More specifically

Excellent colour reproduction

3 Sleek modern design IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015








Elegantly curved TV screens were

already among the highlights of

the show in 2014. This trend is

continuing this year, with variations

on this theme in the form of

screens that can even change their

silhouette. If required, they can

assume a completely flat shape,

or a curved one: by pressing

the remote control, a motor is

activated that gives the screen the

required shape. The latest products

from the leading manufacturers

support the newest, highly efficient

video compression standard HEVC

(H.265), are equipped with HDMI

ports for high UHD data rates, and

comply with the copy-protection

requirements for future UHD


Major advances have also been made

this year in the range of content

that is available in UHD. The first

online services are now releasing

feature films on the internet in

UHD. Equipment manufacturers

and the film industry have formed a

UHD Alliance in order to encourage

the production of UHD content

and to deal effectively with all the

compatibility requirements from

the studio to the screen. The Bluray

Disc association is presenting

the latest additions to the range at

IFA, a disc that can store movies in

UHD quality. The relevant playback

units will also be on show at IFA.

Meanwhile, a rapidly increasing

number of SLR, compact travel

cameras and even some action

cams are already UHD-capable.

Of particular interest: new, highly

effective optical picture stabilizers

help to make most of the quality

potential of UHD.


The latest top-of-the-range UHD

television sets boast an expanded

colour space. This is all made

possible by the nanocrystals in

the red and green colour filters

of the LCD screens. OLED screens

are picking up pace, and several

different models will be on show



1 Excellent contrast and

black levels

Approaching that of OLED

2 High efficiency video

Coding for more fluid images

3 Sleek, smart design

1 Colour Gamut

OLED gives superior colour


2 Response Rate

There is no lag time as OLED

pixels go off and on so no

motion blur

3 Design

The thinness of OLED allows

for exceptional design ideas



With quantum-dot technology, 4K resolution and a 165

cm (65") large curved display, Hisense's new TV model

LED65XT910X3DU (short-form 65XT910) offers cuttingedge

technology in a very stylish design.

The new TV by Hisense allows a particularly immersive

viewing experience thanks to its panoramic effect giving

improved depth of field. The sleek set is equipped also

with ULED 2.0 (ultra-LED) display technology developed

by Hisense allowing for extremely high contrast, with

fluid, vivid images. Thanks to quantum-dot technology,

ULED 2.0 displays now cover an even greater colour

gamut than previous ULED screens. For extremely highcontrast

high-dynamic-range images (HDR) local dimming

is augmented by a special smart peaking process, which

ensures that bright image details in dark images are

particularly good.

» HALL 6.2 / STAND 202


With a keynote by LG Display’s CEO at IFA 2015, LG 4K

OLED will be very much under the spotlight at this year’s


OLED has been around for quite some time, and LG

appears to have found the keys to tapping into the

wealth of this technology which, while producing breathtaking

images, is somewhat of a challenge when it comes

to production techniques and wastage.

While LG’s incredible OLED TVs are already selling in the

market, stay tuned to this space for a whole world of new

possibilities that will no doubt be announced at IFA 2015

… ideas that could well change the face of the display


» HALL 18 / STAND 101





at IFA, producing an even wider

colour spectrum.

Important in this space will be

higher refresh rates, as one of

the key issues with UHD TV was

motion blur in fast moving images.

To get around this, highly powerful

processors are required. We now

(thankfully) see some 100 Hz

models arriving on the market.

High Dynamic Range, or HDR for

short, is also growing in popularity.

This enables bright sections of

the picture to glow spectacularly,

apply deepest black to dark scenes,

and between these extremes, to

accurately reveal all the intervening





This year more than ever,

manufacturers are turning the

spotlight onto the operating systems

for their smart TVs. Increasingly

some very efficient systems,

already well established in the

mobile world, are at work behind

the screens to provide numerous

easy-to-use functions. For example,

two of the leading suppliers use

Android to bring many apps to

the television that were previously

only available on smartphones

and tablets. Android televisions

can also make use of a powerful

online voice recognition system

capable of understanding even

complex questions, for example

about the state of the morning

weather in one’s home region.

The answer comes a few seconds

later, together with graphics on the

screen. Similar capabilities are also

offered by operating systems such

as Tizen, WebOS or Firefox OS.

The use of established and widely

used operating systems also makes

it easier to interconnect televisions

with tablets, smartphones and

modern home appliances.


1 Improved colour


20% improvement on

previous models

2 Accessibility

No longer just top of the

range – this new technology

is now available to the


3 Design

Excellent industrial design


1 High connectivity

2 Good for pro

or consumer use

3 Big screen for small price

and high portability



Visitors to IFA 2015 will be among the first to get a

glimpse of the Samsung UHD TV JU6850 – featuring the

company’s 6-colour technology known as Nano Crystal


Available in three screen sizes from 50-inches to

60-inches, despite being situated in the mid-price

segment, the JU6850 boasts excellent image quality –

with 20% larger colour space than conventional Samsung


“With the UHD TV JU6850 we bring the Nano Crystal

colour technology that until now was reserved for the

TVs Samsung SUHD, into our popular series 6,” said Kai

Hillebrandt, Vice President consumer electronics Samsung

Electronics GmbH. “Thus, the buyer in the mid segment

can experience noticeably improved image quality with

impressive natural colours.”

» CityCube HALL B / STAND 101


ZTE, one of the world's top mobile phone manufacturers,

brought to the IFA innovation media briefing (IMB) for

the first time the award-winning smart projector Spro 2,

a smart projector that brings together connectivity and


ZTE claims that its Spro 2 is the world's first mobile

all-in-one projector. It offers a fast 4G (LTE) wireless

connection allowing up to eight users to access the device

at the same time. Movies or photos on USB keys can be

displayed on screens up to 120-inches.

» HALL 25 / STAND 105 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015






A whole range of new smart watches and

fitness armbands will be on show at IFA,

as well as many new smartphones that are

also fitted with fitness sensors. The trend

towards more intelligent wearables applies

not only to sport and pleasure activities

but in future will also be used to support

telemedical applications, thereby enabling

older people to continue living in familiar

surroundings for longer. A new section at

IFA will provide an attractive setting for

presenting these topics.



Just over two years ago cinema sound

began to take on a new dimension, when

Dolby augmented the traditional cinema

sound with its multi-channel technology

for right, left, centre and surround by

adding a height dimension. Known as

Dolby Atmos, this technology has been

adopted in cinema auditoriums, and a

few months ago it was also included as a

feature of home cinema receivers for use

in the living room. Dolby Atmos now has


1 NFC allows for easy


2 Water resistant

3 Excellent sound




With its double speaker drivers and passive bass radiator,

the Philips BT6600 Bluetooth / NFC speaker delivers

an impressive 360-degree sound experience in every

position. Thanks to multi-pairing, several devices can

connect at the same time.

Used outside, the speaker scores with its all-round

protection against splashed water and the USB power

bank which allows you to recharge your smartphone or

tablet, while you continue to enjoy music on the beach or

in the park.

Available in three colours, the Bluetooth speaker is

equipped with a high-quality neodymium magnet system.

Digital enhancement provides accurate processing of

sounds, playing every note with precision. The one-touch

NFC function launches the coupling of a Smartphone,

tablet or other music device with the speaker by a simple

touch. And as an added bonus, the battery lasts up to 12


» HALL 22 / STAND 101





some competitors, including from

DTS:X, from the other leading

supplier of cinema sound systems,

and Auro 3D, with a 3D sound that

has been developed in Belgium. IFA

will be displaying many new home

cinema receivers and amplifiers

that support these new formats.

The first headphones capable of

reproducing 3D sound are now also



The trend for enjoying music

while on the move has boosted

the demand for headphones. For

MP3 players, smartphones and

tablet PCs alike, headphones are

now available in a vast range of

different types and specifications,

from basic “earplugs” to high-tech

headphones. Some of the high-end

units even operate using a number

of built-in transducers, specially

designed for different frequency

ranges, in a similar way to Hi-Fi


In addition to excellent sound

reproduction, noise cancellation

functions are growing in popularity.

The user-model for larger over-ear

headphones is also changing. In the

past they were almost exclusively

accessories to living room Hi-Fi

systems, but now they can be

found on the streets as well.

Other highlights at IFA 2015 will

include headphones that no longer

plug in to the traditional iPhone

or iPad headphone socket, but

directly into the digital Lightning

connector. They have their own

digital-analogue converter and

amplifier in the earphones, which

enables subtle fine-tuning as well

as very high audio resolution.

An increasing number of devices

now support high definition sound

formats. Special online outlets are

now making a wide range of music

available for downloading, and the

result is totally uncompromising

listening pleasure.


1 Adjustable bass

2 Exceptional clarity

of sound

3 Clean, modern design


1 Lightning fast

performance thanks to

8-core power and LTE

2 Amazing photos

– even at night

3 Dual SIM cards



Sennheiser presents the HD 630VB for audio

enthusiasts, delivering amazing performance and a

host of features not normally found on audiophile


The cutting-edge transducers provide clear, powerful

sound reproduction, allowing users to hear the subtle

nuances of their favourite music recordings. They

will experience audio with a level of realism that is

nothing short of astounding. In fact, with a frequency

response of 10 to 42,000 Hz allowing one to listen

to high resolution files, Sennheiser is confident in

claiming that the HD 630VB may “very well redefine

audiophile listening for years to come”.

» HALL 1.2 / STAND 202



IFA 2015 will see the launch of new LTE smartphones from

Hisense – including the L671 and the L695, each with 5.5-

inch display. Both have powerful 8-core processors and

13-megapixel cameras.

According to the manufacturer, to the camera - thanks to

a blue-glass lens – can take brilliant shots even at night.

And by the way both models are equipped with dual SIM


» HALL 6.2 / STAND 202 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015












CE devices that are part of a home

network and communicate with

household appliances, heating and

lighting systems are yet another

innovation that represents an

increasingly important trend.

Standards such as UPnP and

DLNA make accessing media data

easy. Network components can

recognise each other automatically

and can thus exchange digital

content throughout a home

network. More and more cameras

and camcorders are capable of

transferring their images via Wi-Fi

to a home network. From there they

can be uploaded to the internet or

transmitted to a TV screen.

The trend towards networked

media access has also profoundly

changed the world of hi-fi.

Nowadays it is possible to set up a

home network with fixed or wireless

connections that incorporates most

music components and surround

systems and retrieves media from a

single location via data streaming.

Home network connected audio

devices usually feature internet

radio reception as well.

Users can also access their home

network while on the move, for

example in order to retrieve stored

information or to programme

TV recordings. Communication

between CE components and

household appliances opens up a

wealth of possibilities for future



1 Developed in medical

sector – so serious stuff…

2 No direct contact between

the user and the device

3 Sleep specialists are able

to consult the users app

data to help advise them on

better practices


1 All new training concept

2 Brings together classic roll

with high-tech massage

3 Fits perfectly with growing

will of public to be fit and trim


As health experts increasingly underline the

importance of sleep, Beurer announces the SE 80

Sleep Expert – a sensor that tracks not only sleep

time, but also heart rhythm and breathing frequency.

Once the user slides the device under his or her

mattress, they are able to receive professional

quality data from this new ultra high performance


Data transfer takes place via Bluetooth, and gives a

highly detailed chart of how one has slept, including

not only light and REM sleep patterns, but also heart

and breathing rates.

Compared to wrist-worn activity trackers, which only

monitor movement, this latest device was developed

in hospitals and clinics.

» HALL 4.1 / STAND 212


The innovative PowerRoll Massager assists users to

build up muscle and facilitate muscle recovery and

regeneration thanks to deep-acting vibration.

Thanks to a clearly laid out training plan, users can

focus on four key areas: strength/stability, wakeup,

activation/preparation and regeneration. They

stimulate the myofascial tissues in particular - the

deep muscles and their connective tissue sleeves -

and promote circulation.

The MEDISANA PowerRoll helps to prevent muscles

from becoming tense in the first place and allows

muscles to regenerate at a fast rate.

» HALL 6.1 / STAND 116




Top Trends in Home


Sound in 3D, sensors for fitness and fun and

breath-taking TV images – what you can expect

to find at IFA 2015

Due to their diversity

and outstanding

performance levels,

major appliances and small

appliances are more in demand

than ever before, because they are

easier to use, take the effort out

of housework and also save time.

They also improve the quality of life,

making it more comfortable and

healthier, and promoting a feeling

of wellbeing. Preparing meals and

the experience of cooking and

eating together with family and

friends are popular lifestyle factors.

Moreover large and small electrical

appliances are setting new

standards in energy efficiency,

sustainability and the conservation

of resources. With each new

generation of appliances the

manufacturers have improved the

energy consumption. This meets

with the approval of users because

there is a strong awareness among

consumers of the need to use

water and energy carefully, and to

protect the environment in general.

Consequently, a new electrical

appliance soon pays for itself on

account of its reduced energy


Key trends are being defined by

connectivity and the smart home,

sustainability, energy efficiency



With the launch of “BLive”, Bauknecht aims to make everyday

things not only easy, but at the same time helps save time and

money. With the BLive app, smartphone and tablet become the

nerve centre for household appliances: washer, dryer, fridge /

freezer and a dishwasher – all can be remotely controlled at any

time from any location – they give feedback about their status,

remember the preferences of the user and communicate with

each other.

» HALL 9 / STAND 101


1 For the first time,

truly “smart” major


2 Excellent feature sets

3 Intuitive and easy to



Washing and drying gets smart – now controlled with

your mobile device thanks to the brand new WM6YH840

washing machine by Siemens.

Laundry care becomes part of digital household

management - and thus largely independent of time and

place. The networking enabled controls of the Siemens

iQ800 series can be controlled both from the home

connect app on iOS - or Android smart devices with the

Home Connect app, meaning optimized energy usage,

automatic programme selection, management and control

as well as simplicity of use.

» HALL 1.1 / STAND 101


1 Remote control via app is

a first

2 Precise detergent dosage

from holding tank means ease

and economy of usage (A+++)

3 Intelligent programming

takes away guesswork IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015





and the conservation of resources,

preparing healthy meals, easy-touse

controls, time-saving and, of

course, outstanding design.

Intelligent home appliances with

interconnected applications

continue to gain in importance. A

large number of versatile apps are

now available, for such purposes

as information, operation, the care

of appliances, comfort, service,

maintenance, remote diagnostics

and energy efficiency. By interacting

with tablet PCs or smartphones,

intelligent home appliances can be

controlled or enquiries be made

about their operational status. With

these systems individual appliances

can communicate with one

another, linking hotplates with an

extractor unit, or operating various

kitchen appliances by means of a

single control panel.




Despite the improvements that

have already been achieved,

the economic use of electrical

power, water and detergents is

an ongoing topic, and significant,

tangible progress is still being

made. Among the outstanding

features of the latest generation

of washing machines are their

intelligent detergent dispensing

systems, special programmes for

washing particular kinds of clothes

and for removing dirt and stubborn

stains, as well as various automatic

programmes using sensors.

Attention has also focused on

reductions in noise levels.

Outstanding energy efficiency levels

have been achieved with dryers in

particular. The latest generation

of appliances has automated

functions for cleaning the


1 New kind of processor

means A+++ minus 30%

2 Automatic notification of

low detergent levels with

direct order concept

3 Price – Miele announces a

retail price around 1400 Euros,

including the Wi-Fi module

Miele’s Ingo Kaiser

demonstrates new

machine at IFA Media




Miele has come up with a very clever concept designed

to take the headache out of ordering consumables for its

latest range of washing machines.

The high-end German white goods manufacturer

announces the W1 PowerWash 2.0 “EditionConnect”

machine – a smart upgrade of its earlier PowerWash


The concept of Twin Dos and capsule dispensing

already meant that the consumer only had to insert

voluminous containers of bleach and detergent every

month or so, and the machine dosed the product

according to demand… But Miele rep Ingo Kaiser told

IFA International that the latest version is Miele’s first

“connected” machine - meaning not only remote control

and diagnostics, but when the levels run low, the machine

sends a prompt to the owner’s smartphone, with a direct

link to the online store to order more product. Product

release is due for Q4 2015.

» HALL 2.1 / STAND 101


1 Cool retro aspect

2 More efficient than ever

3 Frost free

The retro collection by Gorenje may look old on the

outside, but on the inside, you’ll now find IonGeneration

high-efficiency cooling technology.

For more than 10 years, Gorenje has been producing

iconic retro classics with excellent energy efficiency. At

the IFA in Berlin 2015, the company presents the new

IonGeneration version of its retro range. Using IonAir

MultiFlow 360° (NoFrostPlus) or IonAir DynamicCooling

(FrostLess) as well as AdaptTech sensor-controlled

temperature management with memory remain function,

food stays fresher and crisper longer, thanks to optimum

cooling conditions.

» HALL 1.1 / STAND 201 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015





condenser, which also contribute

to a more economical use of

energy. Further improvements to

stability and smooth running have

also been achieved.

Moreover appliances are now

available with standard dimensions

that can cope with a ten kg load.

Modern driers also make use of

steam and scents to freshen and

air the clothes. Intelligent models

use error codes and a smartphone

service to advise users.

The new dishwashers operate

faster and even more effectively,

in some cases reducing operating

times by more than 60 per cent

compared with their predecessors.

Automatic programmes, special air

ducting systems, high pressure jets,

a water wall or steam all help to

improve and speed up the cleaning

process, removing dried or burnt

food residues without the need for

prior soaking and scrubbing. And

of course the required amounts

of water and energy have been

further reduced. Interconnected

dishwashers can also be operated

from any location by means of a


Keeping food fresher for longer is

one of the main features of the new

refrigerators and freezers, along

with improved energy efficiency.

As a result the latest appliances set

new records for reduced energy

consumption, and the side-by-side

fridge-freezers also feature elegant

styling. Some of these models are

so flexible that the freezer can be

transformed into a refrigerator at

the press of a button.

The latest generation of ovens

are remarkable for their flexibility

and speed, combining a number

of functions in a single unit, such

as conventional heating, hot air,

a grill and steam cooking, as well

as a microwave and induction.

Sensors ensure perfect baking

results every time, supported by

numerous baking, roasting and


1 Safety – Pots boiling over are

a thing of the past

2 Convenience

– set and forget

3 Perfection in cooking

– get the meal “just right”

thanks to temperature



1 Allows preparation

and cooking all in one


2 Intuitive user interface;




New from Bosch this year at IFA – series 8 sensor

controlled cooking.

Thanks to wireless PerfectFry and PerfectCook sensors –

magnetically attached to the consumer’s existing pots or

pans, gone are the days of milk boiling over or frying pans


Thanks to permanent temperature measurement and

control, overheating or burning is virtually impossible.

Every dish is cooked at exactly the temperature required

for perfect cooking… and all this in combination with an

extended FlexInduction zone.

With the PerfectFry sensor, the cook can choose between

five temperature levels, from "very low" for sauces etc, to

level 5 for potatoes or steak. A signal also indicates the

perfect moment to put the meat in the pan so the steak is

tender and juicy.

» HALL 3.1 / STAND 101

3 Big and powerful.



The Krups Prep&Cook is an extraordinary new kitchen

appliance in which the user simply places his or her

ingredients, and the rest is done by the machine!

There are six different programmes for cooking, bread

making and even desserts. The Prep&Cook comes with a

very comprehensive recipe book and a complete set of

tools. Maximum volume of 4.5 litres means big groups

can be catered for. The interface works the same way as a

smartphone app, further facilitating usage.






slow cooking programmes with

extensive databases. Many of the

new models are interconnected

and can be operated by means of

an app.

Hobs are also fitted with sensors

to monitor the preselected

temperature ranges and identify the

levels in the pans. One advantage

of this is to prevent overheating.

Some of the more “intelligent”

models can weigh the ingredients

as well as monitoring the contents

of a refrigerator.







Of course, in addition to large

appliances IFA also features

small appliances. Each year the

small electrical appliance sector

demonstrates its innovative

strengths with an impressive and

wide range of new products for use

in many different areas as well as

the kitchen.

“Food preparation” is another

sector that is rapidly gaining in

importance. A wide range of

powerful tabletop mixers with

differing capacities can be used, for

example, for the rapid and careful

preparation of popular and healthy


Food processors offer an increasing

range of capabilities and are more

powerful too. They can take on

many tasks in the kitchen, from

whipping cream to kneading

dough, as well as stirring,

macerating, grinding and mixing,

and can also heat up food and cook

it. Some of these appliances have a

choice of over 100 programmes for

food preparation.


1 First “smart” ActiFry

2 Healthier cooking and

living with fewer calories

3 Ease of use


1 First induction tea maker

2 Ease of cleaning in


3 Choice of temperature

for precise brewing


A brand new version of Tefal’s highly successful Actifry

– the Smart XL – goes one step further when it comes to

the preparation of healthier “air fried” foods.

This is the first Air Fryer that has Bluetooth connectivity

and a new, improved app called “My Actifry”. The app

includes recipes, purchase tracking, fitness and nutrition

coach, and even a step-by-step preparation assistant.

The app also shows how to place the food inside the

Actifry, which knows what recipe you’re cooking, and

from this optimises the airflow and heating process –

making it one of the most efficient cooking methods to





Marketed in German markets as Petra and internationally

under the Princess brand, this innovative new device

combines the features of a kettle and tea maker all

in one. Different teas such as black, green, white, or

Oolong require specific temperatures to allow their

unique flavours and aromas to develop during brewing.

The Princess water and tea cooker has four different

temperature settings (70°C, 80°C, 90°C and 100°C) to

perfectly brew tea and keep it warm for 30 minutes.

The high quality (Schott Duran) glass jug can be removed

completely from the induction heating base allowing

users to pour the tea or water more easily and also can be

safely placed in a dishwasher for cleaning.

» HALL 9 / STAND 106 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015





An enjoyable meal is rounded off

by cups of coffee, espresso or

cappuccino. This accounts for the

continuing popularity of appliances

for preparing hot beverages. In

addition to coffee, tea makers

are also the focus of attention.

Automated coffee makers, capsule

and espresso machines, traditional

coffee filter machines and tea

makers, either as standalone on

built-in units, meet the needs of just

about every customer, providing

drinks in large or small quantities,

or even a single cup of filter coffee.

In the body care sector the range

of small appliances continues to

expand. For hair care, hair styling,

depilation or shaving, oral or dental

care, or for caring for the skin, an

innovative device is available for

every kind of application. There

are now apps that can show a new

beard style on a photo of the user,

thereby enabling different looks to

be tried out in advance and then

implemented with advice from


Small networked appliances are

available for monitoring body

functions, offering new ideas and

a whole range of applications. For

example, scales can transmit the

weight reading to a smartphone.

Vacuum cleaners offer improved

performance and reduced energy

consumption, and not only because

of the new EU energy label. And

these improvements can be found

on the large units as well as the

portable handheld cleaners. These

appliances are becoming even

more compact, lighter and quieter.

Automatic robot vacuum cleaners

are growing in popularity and are

certainly not a niche product any

more. Full of the latest technology,


1 Cordless means users can

clean where they want when

they want

2 Excellent autonomy – up to

50 minutes with one battery


3 Detachable suction unit

for even more mobility

The Air Cordless Lift is one of two brand new cleaners

being introduced by Vax at IFA 2015.

The trend in household cleaning is increasingly towards

wireless – but at the same time with full vacuuming

power and good autonomy to boot. And no more

searching for a nearby wall plug!

Vax now offers a complete cleaning system including

three cordless vacuum cleaners with removable

LithiumLife batteries, which take around 3 hours to

charge for autonomy of up to 50 minutes’ cleaning.

Extra batteries can be kept on charge and they are

interchangeable between the various cordless vacs by


» HALL 3.1 / STAND 102




1 Very low energy


2 Excellent suction power

3 Modern design

The first generation Dirt Devil Rebel already convinced

consumers and test institutes with high performance at

low energy consumption after the introduction of the EU

of energy label. But the new generation Rebel models are

even more efficient in every way. Equipped with “efficient

floor care technologies” (EFCT), the new Dirt Devil gets

“Triple A” status for energy efficiency, dust absorption on

hard floors and filtration.

Better suction with fewer watts… Is that possible?

Yes, it is, because it’s not just the wattage of the motor

that determines the suction, but the construction of

the entire device. Engineers have improved the airflow

management, nozzles and filtration with optimal


» HALL 3.1 / STAND 102





with new functions, sensors and

automated systems, they are more

powerful and more intelligent than

ever before. What’s more: the

smart version can even be operated

using a smartphone.

A wide range of units are also

available to ensure the perfect

climate within the home. Air

purifiers, humidifiers and aroma

diffusers create an oasis of wellbeing

within one’s own four

walls. And if required, they can be

combined with customised lighting

and an individual choice of scents.

They enable a fine mist to be

created, distributing the required

amount of humidity and fragrance

throughout the room.


1 High power – Dyson claim it’s

the most powerful of its kind on

the market

2 Built-in HEPA filter

Even bacteria and allergens less

than 0.3 microns are removed

from the air

3 Very long battery life

– up to 20 minutes’ use.


1 Perfect irrigation thanks

to sensors

2 Smart integration with

home automation system

3 Remote control and

monitoring thanks to app


We share our bed with them every night without knowing

it: dust mites. For the human eye they’re imperceptible,

and our mattresses offer ideal living conditions. And

while the mites themselves are harmless to humans, their

droppings can lead to allergies, asthma and eczema.

This year at IFA, Dyson introduces the first-ever cordless

v6 mattress vacuum cleaner, extending the v6 range

– and specifically designed to remove dust mites and

their waste from our mattresses. The built-in digital V6

engine guarantees deep cleaning: the suction power

reaches deep below the mattress surface. Thanks to the

moving nylon bristles, loose dirt, skin cells, dust mites and

allergens can be sucked up directly.

» HALL 4.1 / STAND 204


Thanks to the ST6 Smart Home by Kärcher, irrigation

of one’s garden is carried out as needed: sensors

measure the humidity of the soil and transmit data to a


A motion detector also ensures that the garden party is

“people free” before turning on the sprinklers. Thanks to

a home base by Qivicon, roller shutters on windows facing

the garden are automatically closed before the irrigation

starts. The control of watering the garden continues even

while on holidays. The new Kärcher app can be viewed

at any time – giving important information and allowing


Going to market early 2016, the ST6 Smart Home is sure

to be a “splash” at IFA 2015!

» HALL 4.1 / STAND 213 IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015





Taiwan Seeks to Raise

Business Competitiveness

Premier Mao Chi-kuo calls for new strategies to

bolster performance

On the eve of IFA,

Taiwan’s National

Development Council

(NDC) has presented

a plan to bolster the

nation’s economic

structure. The plan

is to generate a

virtuous cycle of

innovation, investment

and employment in

order to bring about

structural adjustments

and enhance industries’

capability to respond to

business cycles.

Hall 25 / Stand 301

On July 12, Premier Mao

Chi-kuo instructed the NDC

to formulate short-term

practices and long-term

“mooring” strategies for

addressing issues related

to improving export and

revitalizing investment.

The NDC plan incorporates

the measures of related

ministries and agencies such

as the Ministry of Economic

Affairs, Ministry of Finance,

Ministry of Transportation

and Communications,

and Financial Supervisory


Mao pointed out that the

nation’s exports declined

in the first half of this year,

mainly due to the global

economic revival not

being as robust as earlier

anticipated as well as the

impact from plunges in

international oil prices.

However, Taiwan’s overall

economic fundamentals

were still steady, resulting in

a net trade surplus.

Nevertheless, from the

medium- and long-term

perspectives, the situation

reflected that the nation

must strive to expedite

industrial upgrade, augment

investment and enhance

export competitiveness in

order to effect economic

structural transformation.

The premier stated that

industrial structural

adjustments require longterm

efforts to lay a

solid foundation and this

transformative work must

be persistently carried out

over time to accomplish

its objectives. Therefore,

this plan is designated as

a mid-term review and

consolidation for current

existing programs, and it

will focus on three aspects:

upgrading industries,

expanding exports and

promoting investment.


AT IFA 2015

Taiwan again has a strong

presence at IFA this year,

notably with participation by

the nation’s two big industry

organisations, TEEMA and


TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and

Electronic Manufacturers'

Association) was established

in 1948 to serve the interests

of Taiwanese electrical

and electronics industries

and to provide a point

of liaison between the

industry, its customers and

the government. From the

production of basic electrical

devices such as light bulbs

and power distributions after

World War II, electrical and

electronic industries in Taiwan

have developed the sector as

the world renowned IT Island

in the 21 st century.

TAITRA (Taiwan External

Trade Development Council)

is the foremost non-profit

trade promotion organization

in Taiwan. TAITRA assists

Taiwan businesses and

manufacturers with

reinforcing their international




TPV is the world’s leading PC monitor and LCD

TV manufacturer. The Group has driven its growth

over the years by leveraging economies of scale

and core competencies in R&D, manufacturing,

logistic efficiency and excellent quality. The Group

also distributes its products globally under its own

brands AOC and Envision.

In 2009 and 2011, the Group acquired exclusive

licenses to sell Philips’ monitors globally and

TVs in China. In April 2012, the Group formed a

joint venture, TP Vision, with Philips to take over

the latter’s TV business. In June 2014, TP Vision

becomes the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

Hall 22 / Stand 101

TPV is the mother company of TP Vision –

makers of Philips TVs. The huge Taiwanbased

display manufacturer proudly sports

Philips latest TV sets on its web homepage


AC3200 ULTRA SmartBeam

Gigabit Cloud Router (DIR-890L)

Founded in Taiwan in 1986, D-Link is worldwide

offering its products and solutions for wireless,

switching, video surveillance, 4G LTE / 3G UMTS

and home automation.

PRODUCT: The DIR-890L AC3200 provides

combined 802.11ac / n wireless transmission

rates of up to 3200 Mbit / s, reaching a three

times greater bandwidth than a gigabit network

connection. Hall 25 / Stand 110



Adonit was formed when five guys

across two countries launched the

company with Writer, one of the first

iPad keyboard cases on the market;

their line of Jot styluses followed

one year later, when a Kickstarter

See the Unseen! Brinno Time Lapse Camera & Wirefree

Security specializes in producing long lasting battery

powered autonomous photography appliances.

Capture stunning HDR Time Lapse Videos with the push

of a button: you never thought making Time Lapse

Videos could be so easy. Set it and forget it, the TLC200

PRO creates the video instantly, no post processing

required. Hall 11.1 / Stand 08

campaign launched the company

into growth mode. Today, they

have customers in 100 countries

worldwide, and have sold over 3

million Jot styluses. The company

has recently partnered with Adobe

and Evernote to bring styluses and

software to digital artists and notetakers.

Hall 13 / Stand 115








Welcome to New Look Berlin

Michael Müller, the new Mayor of Berlin – he replaced Klaus Wowereit

in December 2014 – welcomes IFA visitors to Berlin for the first time in

2015, signalling a new era for the German capital and the world’s largest

Consumer Lifestyle trade show. Like outgoing Mayor Wowereit, who

famously called Berlin “poor but sexy”, referring to its strong focus on

culture and nightlife, Müller also celebrates Berlin’s cultural excitement

and diversity. When describing what makes Berlin so special, Müller also

told IFA International about the ways in which the city has flourished in the

quarter century since unification.

I think Berlin offers a unique mix – a

mix of old and new, of people from

all over the world, and of urban

and natural spaces. In the last 25

years in particular, the city has really

blossomed, taken on a new look, and

become more open, more diverse,

and more colourful. And finally, when

it comes to culture, Berlin is one of

the world’s most exciting cities.

What is your key message to

visitors from around the world

(and Germany) present at the


First of all, of course, I would like

to extend a very warm welcome to

everyone attending the IFA and to

wish our visitors a productive and

successful trade show, and, at the

end of the day, a wonderful time and

many unforgettable impressions of

Berlin. And if I might, I’d also like to

ask you to become ambassadors for

Germany’s capital city and to promote

Berlin when you’re back home – and

not just as a trade show location, but

also as a travel destination.

When it comes

to culture, Berlin is

one of the world’s

most exciting


What do you suggest people

should do while they’re here –

whether visiting for the first time,

or whether they are “old hands”

at Berlin?

Since there’s too little time to really

get to know Berlin during the trade

show, my advice would be to either

come back for another visit or extend

your stay to give yourself the chance

to experience Berlin in all its many

facets. You’ll be glad you did.

Michael Müller

Mayor of Berlin IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015






Ganymed Brasserie

Ganymed Brasserie

French cuisine

Schiffbauerdamm 5

10117 Berlin Mitte

Tel: +49 (0)30 28 59 90 46

Metro: S & U Friedrichstraße

S2 S25 S5 S7 S75 U6

Bellini Lounge

Oranienburger Str. 42–43 - Mitte

10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 97 00 56 18

Metro: S & M Oranienburger

Strasse S1 S2 S25 M1 M6

U Oranienburger Tor U6

Ganymed Brasserie

Vive la France – at the


Gourmets and fans of French

cuisine are pampered at the

Brasserie Ganymed with the

highest culinary standards. In

former times, the playwright

Bert Brecht and actress Helene

Weigel stopped here to enjoy

the cooking and the authentic

Parisian atmosphere. The dishes

are prepared with fresh, regional

products and special French

delicacies; the waiters celebrate

flambéing, carving and filleting in

front of the guests. On hot days

and warm summer nights, be sure

to secure a place on the Spree



Bellini Lounge

Bellini Lounge

Everything revolves around modern

bar culture at the Bellini Lounge

and its big outside terrace. More

than 100 cocktails and 100 wines

from all over the world are on

offer. Traditional spirits from Berlin

& “future cocktails” are served. A

special attraction is the aquarium

with 500 fishes. Happy Hour daily

until 9pm.




Right in the city centre at the

Potsdamer Platz you will find the

Adagio with a modern lounge

design placed in a setting of

impressive baroque arches under

a sky filled with angels. During

the modernisation in 2014, great

emphasis was placed on the

improvement of the technical

equipment. More than 1,000

guests celebrate in front of one of

the largest LED screens in Europe

to the best of dance music and

classics mixed by the best DJs in

the world. A-listers in the past have

included stars like Rihanna, George

Clooney and Michael Jackson.

Come and celebrate with us in

one of the most beautiful clubs in


Open Friday-Saturday from 11 pm.


Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1

10785 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 25 89 890

Metro: S & U Potsdamer Platz

U2 S1 S2 S25


Rediscover Music

Music moves our hearts and enriches our lives. And with the

new-generation Technics Reference Class R1 Series, we’ve

created a class-leading sound system for true music lovers.

Engineered from the finest materials, all exquisitely crafted,

it sets a new standard in audio excellence – one that takes

you back to that place where only the music exists.

HALL 5.2

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