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Two Wheelers is the first Egyptian motorcycle magazine that brings the latest updates to all two-wheelers enthusiasts around the world. The latest bikes on the market, bikes’ upgrades, entertainment aspects related to bikers and much more. Our audience is the most important stakeholder. Therefore, we are eager to provide them with informative articles (fun ones too) to add value and keep them entertained. We make sure to maintain consistency in delivering rich content to our beloved readers. Two-Wheelers team is welcoming bikers from all around and is wishing you safe riding accompanied by adrenaline rushes.

I S S U E # 3

M A R C H 2 0 1 7

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1000 RR SP & SP2


The lightest and Most

Powerful Hondas Ever


A New Harley







One of the most popular

motorcylce armors.










The Polish City of Rzeszów experienced

unusual activity during the 24th of February



2017 HONDA CBR 1000 RR SP &


Honda Motorcycles decided to keep up with

the competition by releasing their 2017

Honda CBR 1000 RR SP models..........





Hello, Fellas! We decided to publish a How

to wash a motorcycle guide to restore your

motorcycle like a brand new one after an

adventurous ride (or just to keep it clean!).




If you are a motocross or enduro fan who

loves taking it to the edge, then the

Alpinestars Bionic Tech jacket is your safety

insurance policy when things go bad.

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 2





The Polish City of Rzeszów experienced

unusual activity during the 24th of

February 2017. If you are wondering what

the buzz was about, then we`re glad to

bring you the news. It was the official

ceremony of inaugurating the latest

Harley-Davidson dealership in Europe.

Game Over Cycles, a polish, wellestablished

custom motorcycle

manufacturer has managed to seal the

deal with the custom motorcycle tycoon,

to become the largest authorized dealer of

Harley brand in Central & Eastern Europe

in specific and one of the largest Harley

Davidson dealers in Europe as a whole.

The hotspot is located near the A4

motorway and you can’t really overlook it

(in case you are concerned). It’s a twostorey

building (approx. 1500m2 overall)

with unique branding and design that

reflects the passion for motorcycles. With

a 10 meters high and 7 tons of high steel

pylon which demonstrates the two V-

shape cylinders system of the famous

Harley brand, not to mention the famous

Harley Davidson and GOC logos.

The inauguration had over 200 attendees

that included famous public figures,

government officials, GOC associates and

of course Harley Davidson motorcycles

representatives. Marcin Posłuszny and

Bob Peurcil (Harley Davidson District

Manager & Market Operations Manager

respectively) were among the attendees


T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 3

What Does the New GOC

Place Have to Offer?

A Harley Davidson Store.

The GOC store has two sections; a Harley Davidson bikes section and a GOC showroom. The Harley

Davidson Sector consists of a motorcycle shop that displays a various collection of Harley Davidson

accessories, parts, branded clothing and of course motorcycles. Here’s a short list of the models that you

may find:

Street 750

Sportster Iron 883

Sportster Forty-Eight

Dyna Low Rider S

Dyna Fat Bob

Softail Slim S

Softail Fat Boy S

Softail Breakout

V-Road Special

Touring Road Glide Special (loaded with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine)

Touring Street Glide Special (loaded with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine)

Road King (police version, (loaded with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine)

Moreover, a Road King Special Model that was previously unveiled will be added soon to this collection. Did

we mention that there is a Harley Davidson Service Centre too?

As for the GOC’s section, you can enjoy watching their masterpieces displayed. Their collection includes the

famous Behemoth motorcycle project ( a famous metal band) as well as The Recidivist – the world’s first

tattooed motorcycle- that had its share of international awards and press coverage (8 International awards).

This isn’t GOC’s first interaction with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. An outstanding Hard Rock Café

Project was released earlier that left the audience speechless.

When we asked Stanisław Myszkowski (GOC Founder & Owner) about how he sees this dealership,

that’s what we got:

“Harley-Davidson motorcycles represent the incredible history and amazing quality. When building

this dealership we wanted to adapt to the level of Harley-Davidson quality and combine that with our

approach to constructing motorcycles, in which we always try to take care of the quality and detail

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 4

The main construction material of Harley-Davidson

motorcycles is steel, so we transmitted that onto our

interior decorations, which were made mostly by

ourselves, where we used over 25 tons of steel.

Attention to detail can be noticed in the form of logos of

both companies, which decorate all the key elements of

the building: staircases, railings, lamps, sofas, armchairs,

even radiators. The quality of materials and the way of

their implementation are very important, but what we

put into this place most are our the hearts.

We are bikers ourselves, this is our passion and a way of

life. Opportunity to work with the Harley-Davidson for

us is like fulfilling the dreams. Harley-Davidson is not an

ordinary company. It was born from the passion and

dreams of its creators and we also want to make this

place special. It can’t be just a shop. We want it to be a

place where people can share the same passion or learn

about it, feel it and eventually fall in love with it.”

As for Marcin Posłuszny, this is how he sees it:

“Becoming an official dealer of Harley-Davidson is not

easy. Contrary to what some people might think, it is not

just about the money. The most important thing is the

passion and understanding of the idea behind the

existence of Harley-Davidson.”

We highly recommend paying GOC Harley-Davidson

Rzeszów a visit. If you’re a real motorcyclist who is in

love with custom motorcycles, then this place will leave a

special mark on your soul.

Being added to the Harley Davidson Dealers list a

success for sure. We are all looking forward to seeing the

outcome of this partnership and we wish both partners

the best of luck.

Wanna go for a quick tour inside the latest Harley

Davidson Dealers list addition? Click here to check

the video.

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 5

2017 HONDA CBR 1000 RR





Honda Motorcycles decided to keep up with the competition by releasing their 2017 Honda CBR 1000 RR

SP models. These models have shredded some serious weight and gained more power for your

convenience. Let’s take a closer look and see what Honda Motorcycles has to offer.

2017 Honda CBR 1000 RR SP Features.


The 2017 Honda CBR 1000 RR SP models are loaded with a 998cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder

engine that has an extra 10 Horsepower than its previous model. The 189 HP (at 13,000 RPM) and

116Nm/11,000 RPM will leave you breathless.


The 2017 Honda SP models are 35 pounds lighter. Yes, you read it right 35 Pounds. Those shredded

pounds come from the improved (thinner) swingarm and chassis. Not to mention the usage of aluminum

and magnesium alloys in many parts. A titanium muffler has been added that contributed by 17% of the

total weight loss.

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 6


2017 Honda CBR 1000 RR SP models are more compact, have sharper design lines and a more

aggressive overall look than the 2016 model. However, it’s not all about the looks, the new

design offers you an improved (reduced) moment of inertia. This will help you to gain more

control of this beast while you are on track.


The 2017 SP Models are equipped with Öhlins electronically controlled suspensions to provide

you with better handling. With three levels of adjustability and a 43mm NIX 30 EC forks (along

with a TTX 36 EC Shock) what else you may need? Well, we will tell you what you need, you need

an outstanding rider assist technology, and that’s what the 2017 Honda CBR 1000 RR SP

models offer.


Inspired by the MotoGP model, the RC213V-S model in many ways. The SP models have a 9-

level Traction Control System, a Rear Wheel Slip Control System and an ASIMO robot that

measures the leaning angle.

A Wheelie Control System is installed too, that depends on the difference in wheel speed. There

are two camps when it comes to evaluating this methodology of wheelie control. Some riders

see it as a disadvantage as pitch data should be used for the wheelie control, while others see

that an SP model shouldn’t fall into the hands of riders who can’t control their wheelies with a

simple throttle and brake combination.

Which camp do you take sides with?


The Base 2017 Honda CBR 1000 RR model has an ABS version one. That’s the same system that

has been installed in the SP models. This ABS system has a rear-wheel lift detection option to

prevent the undesired unbalance during hard braking (and to keep you safe).

As for the acceleration, the SP models are loaded with QuickShifter that includes “clutchless”

upshifts and downshifts to provide you with a better accelerating experience.


There are minor differences between the two models. This includes Aluminium Marchesini

wheels for the SP2, a 1 mm larger intake valves and a 1.5 mm larger exhaust valves too.


There are minor differences between the two models. This includes Aluminium Marchesini

wheels for the SP2, a 1 mm larger intake valves and a 1.5 mm larger exhaust valves too.

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 7

2017 Honda CBR 1000 RR Price.

Well, you can get the base model for $16,500, the ABS edition for $16,800 and the SP model

(SP1) for $20,000. You can get the SP2 model for $25,000.

Our Thoughts.

Well, Honda Motorcycles have definitely invested a lot in their SP models (as well as their base

model too) if you would ask us. A lot of noticeable improvements have been made to the whole

new models (root changes). HRC kits will be available for qualified racing teams too in case you

are wondering.

Wanna see the full specifications? Click here.

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 8



Hello, Fellas! We decided to publish a How to wash a motorcycle guide to restore your motorcycle like a

brand new one after an adventurous ride (or just to keep it clean!).

Here are some of the most important tips that you need to know:

Unmount Any Extra Attachments (Obviously).

Yes, we realize it’s an obvious step. Yet, we need to mention it just in case. Unmount any extra attachments

that your motorcycle is loaded with; saddlebags, GPS, external audio system,…etc. We feel sorry for our

beloved ADV and touring friends, though. They have a lot of work to do to get ready for the wash.

Cool Down my Friend.

The very first step that you need to follow in our How to Wash a Motorcycle guide is to give your

motorbike a break before washing. Seriously, as a rider, you can hear your loud breath once you take off

your helmet and can feel your fastened heartbeats. Your motorcycle is not so different.

If you are planning to give your motorcycle a wash, then you have to give it time to cool down (especially

after aggressive rides). Feel free to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the dirt that is all over

your precious partner in crime. You can even take advantage of this cooling time and take multiple pictures

to do the before and after thingy.

Exposing a hot engine to cool water is a frank way of telling your motorcycle that you hate it and you are

seeking to damage it by every possible means (That’s harsh!).

Choose the Right Timing & Location.

As we mentioned earlier, try to avoid having a bike wash party straight after your ride. You may also

consider throwing the party in the afternoon where there is no direct sunlight. Why? Simply, because this

will dry out the cleaning detergents before rinsing them off your beloved machine.

Also, our How to Wash a Motorcycle guide cares about you (believe it or not). Washing your bike should be

a fun process for both of you. No need to drown in your own sweat during the process.Before washing

your babe, make sure it’s in a place with very good drainage, distant from high traffic and of course away

from direct sunlight.

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 9

No Pressure.

After giving her/him some time to cool down. Don’t surprise your babe with a high-pressure water

hose (damn, we do think about starting a relationship advice magazine). High-pressure water will

damage your electronics and fluid hoses, especially exposed ones as those of the brakes.

We do realize that you may have a lot of mud and dirt stuck on your motorcycle (Cheers to dirt and

enduro bikers). However, spend extra effort in cleaning with a medium pressure water hose, rather

than spending a fortune (and more effort) fixing your motorcycle.

The same “no pressure” applies to the air. Some riders prefer using pressured air to dry their

motorcycles after the wash. It’s preferable to use a soft, clean cloth to dry your babe as it’s safer

and you will not get to miss a spot while doing so.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely.

If you need to know how to clean a motorcycle like a pro, then you need to pay attention to this

part. It’s recommended to use specified motorcycle cleaning detergents for the party. Don’t just

rush and purchase the most expensive and “reputable” one of the shelf.

The perfect cleaner is the one with the suitable PH. By suitable, we mean a PH between six and

eight. You don’t want to throw a motorcycle wash party with acidic or alkaline showers. This will

definitely ruin your paint and can be dangerously corrosive (to both your hands and the


Also, try to use soft sponges during the wash and soft cloths for drying. Make sure that whatever

you are using is completely clean and has no dirt particles over it what so ever. You don’t want

scratch marks all over your paintwork.

Using lubricants is essential. But, using lubricants the right way is even more important. Don’t get

us wrong WD-40 is an amazing product, but just not for the motorcycle chain lubrication (maybe

cleaning even though some riders complain about collecting dirt). We will release another article

for this part in specific, explaining how to maintain your motorcycle chain effectively

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 1 0

Protect Your Machine.

After drying your motorcycle. Feel free to use a bike polish to keep your motorcycle shining and protected.

If you have chrome on your babe, then you still got a lot of work to do my friend. We made sure to include

this part in our How to Clean a Motorcycle guide as it’s usually overlooked or is thought of as a luxury.

Keeping your paint fresh is essential.

We also advise you to cover unprotected parts (engine and transmission) with clear protective layers

(using the right sprays) to keep them running safely and clean.

Keep it Running for a While.

You have made a great job. Now, it’s time to lay back, reward yourself with a refreshing drink, turn on your

motorcycle for a while and admire your effort. This step is not for reflection purposes only; it’s crucial to

make sure that your motorcycle is running perfectly after the bike wash.

Pay close attention to leaks or unusual sounds. Sometimes vapor may show up at your headlights (even

though normally it shouldn’t if it’s sealed the right way) but don’t panic. It will go away once you turn on

your lights for some time.

What’s Next?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind during and after washing your motorcycle.

– Make sure to keep a longer safe breaking distance while riding straightafter the bike wash party, as

breaks may need some time to get back to their usual performance.

– Using tire cleaning detergents is great, but don’t be so generous while applying them (especially to the

contact surface part) as you may experience joyful skids in return. Two Wheelers always appreciate the

grip (and pray for it). So take it easy while cornering after a bike wash.

Don’t apply direct water or air to the exhaust opening.

Don’t use vinyl or leather cleaner for your motorcycle seat as it will be slippery (you don’t want that).

Make sure to take an “After Picture” to your motorcycle, upload it on social media and brag about your

effort (you deserve this).

Hopefully, our How to clean a motorcycle guide added few useful tips to your knowledge and helped you in

throwing better “bike wash” parties for your babes.


If you are a motocross or enduro fan who loves taking it to the edge, then the Alpinestars Bionic

Tech jacket is your safety insurance policy when things go bad. We decided to brief you about

this Alpinestars body armor, to understand the reason behind its popularity

Features of the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket.


For Starters, this Alpinestars Bio Armor is made from an elastic stretch mesh which is totally

breathable and takes your body shape. Moreover, its Condura panels are strategically

positioned to provide you with the best durability and abrasion resistance.

The Chest protector is CE certified and it works in harmony with the lower EVA shock

absorbing material to keep you safe against impacts (which often happens with you guys).

Also, the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jackets is loaded with elbow and forearm CE certified

paddings for improved protection.

Those paddings consist of Thermoformed 3D Poly material for your comfort. The bionic

Jacket has Dual protector cups for improved flexibility too. Not to mention, that those cups

are asymmetrical to make sure that your protection doesn’t rotate and move out of place

while riding.

This Alpinestars Bio Armor has a detachable back protector where the Alpinestars BNS

protection can be attached to, or you can remove it if you are seeking to get a better air flow.

T W O W H E E L E R S | P A G E 1 2

Last but not least, the panels are made from a K-RESIN polymer that also adds further

flexibility and protection for you. It’s worth to mention that this polymer has contributed

significantly to shedding some weight off.

All of the Shells are designed to provide you with an outstanding airflow (vented ones) to cool

you down when you decide to heat things up.


The Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket is loaded with an Innovative Cross Lacing System (CLS)

for a better and secured sleeves; this includes an elastic cord and breathable microfibers.

Also, the manufacturers made sure perfect fitment of the Alpinestars BNS (in case you

decided to install it) by equipping the Bio Armor with pull tab loops on the shoulder.

Auto –locking YKK zips are installed for the frontal closure and the detachable sleeves to

provide you with secure and safe closure. A TPR belt system is available too for customized

closure and fitment.

The famous Alpinestars silicone logo is printed not only for the purpose of branding but to

help you with keeping the jersey in place. Every single detail was given consideration while

building this Alpinestars armour.


You can purchase the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket with a price range of $200. It may not

be the cheapest option on the market. But, it will keep you safe for sure. Let’s admit it, in the

world of motorcycle riding, motocross and endure categories are considered to be the most

dangerous (and the most adrenaline-loaded one too).

Hopefully, we added a new option for you to consider if you are planning to buy a bionic

motorcycle armor. Stay safe and enjoy your rides fellas!



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