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Swim Lessons Summer 2017

Swim Lessons Summer

SWIM LESSONS & WATER SAFETY PRESCHOOL LESSONS PARENT/CHILD (ages 9 mos– 3yrs ) Parents and their child learning fundamental safety & aquatic skills from a certified instructor. PIKE (ages 3-5) - Beginning Swimmer Little swimmers develop safe pool habits, adjust to the water, and basic paddle stroke. EEL (ages 3-5) Child is comfortable in the water. Swimmer is taught to kick, dive, float and paddle stroke. RAY (ages 3-5) Child can swim independently without a floatation device. STARFISH (ages 3-5) Child improves stroke skills, builds endurance, and treads water. Child can swim on their front and back without assistance. YOUTH LESSONS POLLIWOG (ages 6-14) Beginner Level I Become acquainted with the water, floatation devices, and pool. Students will learn paddle stroke, side and back paddle. GUPPY (ages 6-14) Level 2 Introduction to lead-up strokes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. MINNOW (ages 6-14) Level 3 Refine the lead-up strokes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. FISH (ages 6-14) (Level 4) Students work to perform the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, back crawl stroke, and side stroke with turns. Introduction to butterfly stroke. To advance, students must be able to swim all strokes 50 yards without stopping. FLYING FISH (ages 6-14) Level 5 Perform the front crawl, back stroke, elem. back stroke, side stroke, and breast stroke; tread water for three minutes and swim all SHARK (ages 6-14) Level 6 Swimmers focus on perfecting strokes and increasing endurance with open and flip turns. Students also learn advanced skills in boating, safety, and rescues. PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS (ages 3 and older) Together, the instructor, participants and/or parent determine the goals and curriculum for the session. Each session includes four 30 minute lessons. Private Lessons (1 participant): Semi-Private Lessons (2 or 3 Participants) $55 Members $40 per Member $75 Non-Members $50 per Non-Member MARSHALL AREA YMCA * 200 South A Street * Marshall, MN 56258 * (507) 532-9622 *

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