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2 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


Ingalls expands robot-assisted surgeries

to include partial knee replacements

The partial knee replacement

surgery Nicole

Calmes had earlier this

year wasn’t her first rodeo.

She’d had one on her left

knee five years ago and

knew the drill, but it was

the only robotic-assisted

surgery she’d ever had.

In fact, it was a first for

Ingalls too since investing

in the highly advanced

MAKO robotic system.

“It was pretty exciting,”

Calmes said.

Like her other partial

knee five years ago, orthopedic

surgeon Daniel

Weber, MD, performed the

surgery, making him the

very first surgeon to use the

MAKO system at Ingalls.

MAKO surgery is a

Dr. Ronald Berger, Chiropractor • Body Bliss Wellness Center

18700 S Wolf Rd, Ste 211 • Mokena, IL 60448

Phone (708) 478-4400 • Fax (708) 478-4402

Partial Knee Replacement: Why Replace What isn’t Broken?

Knees don’t wear out evenly. Sometimes

one part of the knee is perfectly fine

while another part is heavily damaged.

Depending on where the damage is in the

knee, a partial knee replacement may be

the best option to relieve the pain caused

by joint degeneration that hasn’t yet

progressed to all three compartments of

the knee.

“A partial, or unicondylar, joint

replacement resurfaces only the wornout

portion of the joint, either the inside,

outside or kneecap, leaving the rest of the

joint alone,” Weber said.

newer approach to joint

replacement that offers unparalleled

accuracy when

placing and aligning a new

joint, and that translates to

a better-functioning, longer-lasting

knee. Although

the revolutionary technology

is used only for partial

knee replacements for now,

eventually it will expand to

total knees later this year.

With robotic-guided

precision, MAKO allows

a surgeon to carefully target

and resurface the part

of the knee damaged by

osteoarthritis while leaving

the healthy bone and

ligaments intact. It begins

with CT imaging of the

knee before surgery that

enables the surgeon to create

a patient-specific plan.

But unlike other partial

knee systems that stop

there, the MAKO takes it

an important step further.

“The biggest advantage

of the system is that it

gives the surgeon the ability

to fine-tune that plan

during surgery, and then

execute,” Weber said.

This allows for the most

precise alignment of the

new joint, and the most

natural fit and feel for the


The highly intelligent

MAKO system guides

the surgeon within a predefined

area, preventing

movement outside the

planned boundaries. To

work properly, the components

must be put in with

extreme accuracy. Even

a millimeter or two of tilt

or rotation can dramatically

affect the wear patterns

and longevity of the

components similar to how

a car out of alignment can

lead to rapid tire wear.

“This helps provide more

accurate placement and

alignment of your implant,

and helps minimize pain

after surgery,” Weber said.

Other benefits can include

less blood loss during

surgery and a shorter

hospital stay.

It all adds up to better outcomes

for the patient. And

for Calmes, who stands up

to 16 hours a day at her job,

that’s music to her ears.

“I work in a prison and

wear boots all day on a

concrete floor,” the Lockport

mother of five said.

“It’s hard on the joints.”

It was especially tough

on her because of her

bone-on-bone arthritis.

Before her February surgery,

Nicole could barely

walk or take the stairs.

“I was like a little kid,

taking the stairs one step at

a time,” she recalled.

Once she’s all healed,

the former high school

track star looks forward to

getting back to the gym.

“I was able to walk on it

the day after surgery with

no problems,” she said. “I

Candidates for MAKOplasty partial knee

replacement include patients with arthritis

that affects one part of the knee and who

experience the following symptoms:

Pain while standing or walking short

distances or getting in and out of chairs

Pain with activity, climbing up or


Start up pain or stiffness when activities

are initiated from a sitting position

Joint stiffness after getting out of bed

Swelling in one or more areas of the knee

A grating sensation or crunching feeling in

the knee during use

seem to be healing better

this time, and the pain after

surgery wasn’t as bad

either. I’m really happy

with the results so far; Dr.

Weber is the best.”

Weber will be hosting a

free seminar about partial

knee replacements Thursday,

May 4 at 6 p.m. at his

office in Tinley Park, 6850

W. Centennial Drive. To

register, call (708) 915-


Submitted by Ingalls, 6701

W. 159th St., Tinley Park.

For more information, call

(708) 915-7246 or visit www.



22ndcenturymedia.com LADY

22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 3




Thursday, May 4, 6:00 p.m.

6850 W. Centennial Drive, Tinley Park

(One block west of Oak Park, two blocks south of 159th street, behind Menards)

Robot-assisted surgery is helping Dr. Daniel Weber’s patients keep their natural

knees longer. In this free seminar, Dr. Weber will explain how a new robotic arm

helps him prepare worn and damaged bone for partial knee replacement implants,

without giving up the personal touch that he brings to every surgical procedure.

If you suffer from knee pain, join Dr. Weber for this free seminar and learn if partial

knee replacement is right for you. Seats are limited so reserve your place by

calling 708.915.PAIN (7246) or www.Ingalls.org/classes. www.Ingalls.org

Move Again. Live Again


Harvey • Tinley Park • Flossmoor • Calumet City • Crestwood

4 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


The Pointe at

Kilpatrick offers

comfort for seniors


Affordable, All Inclusive

Supportive Living

& Memory Care

We’re GIVING AWAY A $2,000 BONUS gift

to new move-ins who move in by May 31 st


The Pointe at Kilpatrick

is a supportive living facility

for seniors 65 and older.

Located in Crestwood,

The Pointe offers private

and shared suite apartments

for residents, and

services to help with daily

living, including housekeeping

and laundry. Assistance

with personal care

like showering, dressing,

grooming and toileting, as

well as reminders for medication,

are also available

for residents. The Pointe

also serves three square

meals every day at its restaurant-style

dining room.

There are plenty opportunities

for residents to socialize

and engage.

Outings, live entertainment,

regular exercise,

games and intellectual

brain-stimulating events

round out the list of activities.

Special events have

included outings to White

Fence Farm, Drury Lane,

baseball games and more.

The Pointe also features

New Day, a cozy memory

care unit, for residents with

special memory concerns.

There, they are cared for

and kept engaged with a

variety of mind stimulating

activities, while getting

the special attention their

condition requires. This

unique unit has a private

courtyard and bird aviary,

as well as special activities

geared just for them.

The Pointe provides financial

assistance to those

who qualify, and The

Pointe does offer a May

Move In special.

Submitted by The Pointe at

Kilpatrick, 14230 S. Kilpatrick

Ave., Crestwood. For more

information, contact Samantha

Vander Vliet at (708) 293-0010

or visit www.thepointeatkilpat


CALL 708.293.0010

to arrange for your


14230 S. Kilpatrick Avenue, Crestwood, Illinois 60445

Phone (708) 293-0010 • www.thepointeslf.com


by SeneGence


Say goodbye to lipstick stains. LipSense

molecularly bonds to your lips and is

guaranteed to last up to 18 hours!


815.603.8021 • vvargas@millikin.edu

Facebook: Kiss & Tell with Vicky

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22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 5

Hormone-free feminine treatment available

To many women, natural

is better. They are buying

more foods free of

chemicals and pesticides,

skincare products free

of synthetic fragrances,

cleaning supplies without

phthalates. This belief also

translates to how women

care for themselves postmenopause.

Women are

looking for safe, natural

ways to combat the effects

of their changing bodies.

For anyone who has

been through it, menopause

has many side effects.

Some are commonly

discussed such as hot

flashes, changes in mood

and night sweats. One of

the most common side effects

isn’t being discussed

enough, is vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal atrophy is vaginal

dryness, itching, burning

and pain with intercourse.

According to the American

Academy of Family

Physicians, up to 40 percent

of postmenopausal

women have atrophic vaginitis

or vaginal atrophy.

With nearly 64 million

post-menopausal patients,

many women are suffering.

“These symptoms greatly

impact a woman’s quality

of life,” said Dr. Kenneth

Finkelstein, founder

of Women’s Healthcare of

Illinois in Mokena and Evergreen

Park. “As someone

who has taken care of

women for over 20 years,

I have watched countless

patients live with discomfort

and struggle with intimacy;

it’s unacceptable.

Many women don’t want

to or cannot use estrogen

creams. Now there is a natural,

FDA approved treatment

for vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal restoration

performed at Women’s

Healthcare of Illinois is

an estrogen-free treatment

for vaginal atrophy.

Performed in the office,

without the need for anesthesia

and with virtually

no pain or side effects, a

gentle fractional CO2 laser

restores vaginal health by

generating new collagen

and elastin in the vaginal

wall tissue. There are

three treatments spaced

six weeks apart, and each

treatment is less than five


“After living with vaginal

atrophy for nearly

three decades due to a hysterectomy

with a bilateral


(removal of the uterus, fallopian

tubes and ovaries)

in my mid 30s, I had all but

given up on pain-free intimacy

with my husband,”

said Susan Schreffler, a

patient of Finkelstein’s.

“I have a history of breast

cancer in my family and

I decided estrogen cream

was not an option for me.

I only wanted a hormonefree

treatment. I had little

to lose and scheduled a

free consultation with Dr.

Finkelstein. During the appointment,

Dr. Finkelstein

answered all my questions

and made me feel comfortable.

I decided to get my

first treatment at my consultation.

I was amazed

by the results. After my

first treatment I felt relief.

I have now completed all

three treatments and I can

say for the first time in 30

years I am not suffering

from vaginal atrophy.”

“Unlike hot flashes, insomnia

and night sweats,

vaginal atrophy remains

after a women’s transition

through menopause

is complete,” Finkelstein

said. “It is gratifying to offer

patients a natural, hormone-free


Submitted by Women’s

Healthcare of Illinois, 10260

W. 191st St. Suite 100 in Mokena.

For more information,

visit www.whcillinois.com or

call (708) 425-1907.

6 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY



Gaelic Park’s facilities add

elegance to special events

Chicago Gaelic Park has the experience

and facilities to host events from 50

to 450 people with banquet rooms which

are among the most beautiful in the southwest

suburbs. With three different banquet

rooms that can be rented for a host of occasions,

Gaelic Park is the perfect setting for

weddings, bridal and baby showers, school

proms, dinner dances, seminars and more.

A variety of menus are available to suit different

special occasions which allows each

event to be customized.

The grand Emerald Room is the perfect

setting for a large wedding or party. With

its sparkling crystal chandeliers, two large

oak bars, an extra large hardwood dance

floor and elevated stage, guests truly enjoy

the comfort and ambiance of the Emerald

Room. The Tara Room, which can

accommodate up to 250 guests, has direct

access to the outdoor patio and waterfall

area and is perfect for outdoor wedding

ceremonies, cocktail parties or wedding

receptions. It features two beautiful oak

bars, two sets of washrooms, a hardwood

dance floor and elevated stage.

The Celtic Room is located on the second

floor which gives it privacy, while still

offering all the amenities of a full service

banquet facility. The Celtic Room can

host parties up to 120 guests and is easily

accessed by elevator. It is the perfect spot

for retirement parties, corporate diners,

smaller wedding receptions, showers, and

family reunions.

Another great feature of having a party

at Gaelic Park is that guests can take advantage

of the Carraig Irish Pub. Guests

who arrive early or those not ready to leave

after the festivities, can continue the party

at The Carraig. It’s not only convenient,

but it has a wonderful atmosphere as well.

The Gaelic Park banquet team is knowledgeable,

professional and accommodating,

and extraordinary pride is taken in

celebrating and planning all special occasions.

Those interested can stop by Gaelic

Park where there is someone available

every day from 9 a.m.-8 p.m. to answer


Submitted by Chicago Gaelic Park, 6119 W.

147th St., Oak Forest. For more information,

call (708) 687-9323 or visit


• Premier wedding venue in the Chicago Southland

• Indoor / outdoor weddings

• Professional & personalized service from start to finish

• Elegant & spacious ballrooms

• Rooms accommodate 50-400

6119 W. 147 th St. • Oak Forest, IL 60452



Durable decor upgrades add

comfort and style to homes

By StatePoint Media

Interior upgrades should make a big impact

– adding style and comfort to your

home. They should also last a long time,

even if you have a busy household, with

lots of foot traffic.

To add both form and function to your

living spaces, consider the following ideas.

Paint and decorate

Sometimes going from drab to fab is as

simple as a paint job. Even if you’d like

to keep your white walls, a fresh coat can

make a room feel brighter, cleaner and

more comfortable – however, you may

want to consider the addition of an accent

wall or textured design for some pop.

Please see update, 12

22ndcenturymedia.com LADY

22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 7

Tips for moms to stay on task with health

By StatePoint Media

Time is perhaps the most

coveted thing moms have

and it’s crucial to manage

it effectively for you and

your family.

To help moms everywhere

make the most of

their precious minutes,

actress, director, producer,

entrepreneur, mother

of three and Nutrisystem

ambassador, Melissa Joan

Hart reveals her secrets

that she has crafted from

years of juggling different

time consuming tasks.

• Just say “no”: Sometimes

you just have to decline

requests or pick and

choose which ones are

doable. And remember,

it’s okay to ask for a rain


• Limit screen time: It’s

easy to fall into the

screen time black hole.

Instead, be present -- put

your phone down and

limit your children’s

time in front of their

screens. Even talk to

your spouse!

• Set aside 20 “Mom Minutes”

daily: Do something

for yourself for

20 minutes every day-

- meditate, do a quick

workout, call a friend

you haven’t spoken to

in a while, or simply do

nothing with a cup of

coffee in hand.

• Have one-on-one time

with each child: Create

no-fuss activities

like coloring or playing

cards that you can do

with each child individually

based on his or her

personality. Spending

quality time separately

will feed your soul and


• Try to be guilt free: As a

working mom, you are

doing things for your

family even when you

are at work, so don’t feel

guilty about the time

away from loved ones.

• Make simple healthy

changes: Remember that

your kids are always

watching, so being a

good role model when it

comes to health and fitness

will pay dividends

for them and for you.

Simple, easy changes

in your daily routing

can help you with your

health goals. For example,

drink a nutrient-rich

shake for breakfast, such

as Nutrisystem Turboshakes,

drink more

water throughout the

day and maintain a consistent

exercise schedule.

And if you want to lose

weight, as so many do,

Hart says, “look for a plan

that works for you. I chose

Nutrisystem because it

was simple and fit with my

lifestyle. I lost 40 pounds

and feel better than ever!”

For a kick start to your

weight loss efforts, consider

Nutrisystem Lean13,

a new program designed

to help you lose up to 13

pounds and seven inches

in your first month. More

information can be found

at nutrisystem.com.

• Plan quality couple time:

Make time to reignite

your romance. Go out to

a movie, take a walk together,

write each other

love notes.

“Don’t put too much

pressure on yourself to

make grand changes,” says

Hart. “It’s the small details

that can make every day

just feel better.”





caring, gentle, affordable

14360 S. LaGrange Road

Unit C Orland Park, IL 60462

CALL (708) 364 8900






8 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


22 nd Century Media & Planet Fitness Presents


9 AM – 1 PM








winner of "The Biggest Loser" Season 14 at 10 a.m.


presented by The Leading Image, Diva Me Bella and Orland Park Crossing

Shop more than 75 vendors

Stop by the Cooking Demo Stage

Join a Free Group Fitness Class (Cardio, etc.)

Donate Blood at the LifeSource Blood Drive




Lady – A Women’s Expo to return for

fourth year at TP Convention Center

Publisher event to

take place April 29

Jon DePaolis

Freelance Reporter

A local favorite for the

ladies is about to return to

a nearby convention center.

The fourth Lady – A

Women’s Expo, presented

by 22nd Century Media

and Diamond Sponsor

Planet Fitness, is scheduled

for 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Saturday, April 29, at the

Tinley Park Convention

Center, 18451 Convention

Center Drive.

The free event will feature

live cooking and fitness

demonstrations, approximately

60 vendors,

and gift bags to the first

500 attendees.

“It’s a fun day out,” said

Heather Warthen, chief

events officer at 22nd Century

Media. “We shifted

the date this year, and it’s a

little [earlier] with a couple

of weeks before Mother’s

Day. It’s an opportunity to

kick off the spring season.

“The best part about the

whole thing is that it is

free admission. We want

people to come ready to

shop and to learn some

new things.”

New to the event this

year will be special guest

Danni Allen, the Season

14 winner of “The Biggest

Loser,” at 10 a.m.

“She is coming to speak,

and she will be around all

day to do some meet and

greets,” Warthen said.

“We’re very excited to

have her to give us the ins

and outs of what it is really

like to be on that show and

to have Jillian Michaels as

your trainer.”

This year’s expo also

features an expanded —

Cooking demo schedule

• 9:15-9:45 a.m. Chef

Lesley, personal chef

• 9:45-10:15 a.m. Chef

Tim Bucci, Joliet Junior

College Culinary Arts

• 10:15-10:45 a.m. Chef

Tom Grotovsky, The

Unforgettable Chef

and separate — cooking

demo stage.

“We have a whole stage

dedicated to cooking demos,”

Warthen said. “It’s

something we’ve typically

done with one or two

chefs, but this year we’re

bringing in five. One of

the chefs is planning to do

a breakfast item, and we’ll

have some quick and easy

appetizers and salads.”

The event also is to feature

free fitness classes,

with Planet Fitness leading

the way with a cardio

session from 9:30-10 a.m.

Then, from 10-10:30 a.m.

— and again at 11:30 a.m.-

noon — Natural Healing

Center are scheduled to

lead yoga classes.

“People are welcome

to come out and try

something new — start

their Saturday out being

healthy,” Warthen said.

For the third year, the

• 11:15-11:45 a.m. Chef

Jose Torres, Italian


• 11:45 a.m.-12:15

p.m. Chef Jen Gavin,

Edible Passport and

former “Hell’s Kitchen”


expo will feature a fashion

show styled by Jenny

Applegate, of The Leading

Image, with makeup

by Diva Me Bella and

sponsored by Orland Park

Crossing shopping center.

“It will be our third

year for the spring fashion

show,” Warthen said. “It’s

an all-ages show, so we try

to do some [fashion choices]

for young and mature

women. We try to get a

smattering of all ages.”

There also will be a blood

drive with LifeSource.

Then, there are the vendors.

Among the unique

returning businesses,

Warthen pointed to Silk

Avenue, which will have

a station set up at which

people can pay to create

their own silk scarves.

“They use an ancient

Turkish art form, ebru (or

water marbling), and you

Please see lady, 27

22ndcenturymedia.com LADY

22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 9

10 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


Planet Fitness offers a

‘judgement-free zone’

Planet Fitness provides

a unique environment in

which anyone can be comfortable.

A diverse, Judgement

Free Zone where a

lasting, active lifestyle can

be built. Planet Fitness is

a tool, a means to an end.

It is not a brand name or a

mold-maker, but a tool that

can be used by anyone.

In the end, Planet Fitness

cares about its members.

As people evolve and

educate themselves, Planet

Fitness will see to perfect

a safe, energetic environment

where everyone feels

accepted and respected. It

is not here to kiss butt, only

to kick it if that’s what the

gym-goer needs. It does not

matter if one’s legs have

never seen a squat machine

before, and members have

full control of how they

want to work out. Members

have the power to choose

from Planet Fitness’ selection

of unlimited training

programs, or they can just

do their own thing on the

treadmill. Either way, the

Planet Fitness team is there

to cheer their members on.

No one at Planet Fitness

will feel “gymtimidated”

by “Lunky” behavior, and

everyone should feel at

ease, no matter what his or

her workout goals are. Everyone

should have access

to lots of nice, new equipment

and feel comfortable

asking for help. With all of

these great benefits under

one roof, Planet Fitness’

mantra is simple: “We’re

not a gym. We’re Planet

Fitness. This is your Planet.

You belong.”

The Judgement Free Zone

Planet Fitness is known for

a lot of things, including low

prices, the “Lunk” Alarm,

and of course, Judgement

Free Zone. Planet Fitness

is fiercely protective when

it comes to respecting its

members and their rights to

feel like they belong. The

environment at Planet Fitness

is place where one can

relax, go at his or her own

pace and never worry about

being judged. Really, Planet

Fitness just makes a lot of

sense. (And if one thinks

about it, “cents.”)

Submitted by Planet Fitness,

16189 Harlem Ave., Tinley

Park. For more information,

call (708) 633-1010.

We Make House Calls!

Whether it's Home and Auto Insurance,

Health Insurance, or Life - Let Us Help

You With all of Your Insurance Needs!

We can help make sure that you are taking advantage

of all of our bundling discounts.

Vitality working to make people healthier, happier

Trying to lose weight is frustrating. It is a

vicious pattern of ups and downs that seem

to result in a never-ending cycle of euphoria

and depression. This is not healthy,

mentally, physically, or emotionally. It is

not good for a person – so why does one

keep using the same tricks and expecting

different results?

Tiffanee Fouts was a lifelong dieter

stuck in the same routine of serial dieting

that many Americans are experiencing

today. She kept moving on from one program

to the next, hoping this time was going

to finally be the time she would lose the

weight. She would work hard to lose 3-5

pounds in a month…and then blow it on a

bad weekend.

“I was getting tired of the constant feeling

of failure. I kept blaming myself for not

being able to lose the weight I wanted to,”

said Fouts, a New Lenox native and recent

college graduate. “I went to Vitality as a

last resort, hoping that maybe it would be

the program that actually worked for me.”

And it did. Tiffanee is down 70 pounds

in less than a year. She has experienced

improvements in sleeping patterns, energy

level, cellular hydration and her overall

outlook on life.

When asked why she thought Vitality

worked for her when all of these other

programs failed, she said, “Vitality is personalized

to me. I don’t have the same program

as my mom, dad or sister. The health

coaches there walked me – sometimes

dragged me – through my program. They

explained to me why I was eating the foods

I was eating, and why the ‘diet foods’ I was

previously feeding myself were actually

helping me gain weight. It made sense to

me. For the first time in my life I knew that

I could achieve my goals.”

Vitality Health Systems is helping people

like Tiffanee achieve their weight loss

goals without drugs, surgery, hormones,

and prepackaged foods. This is all possible

because of the breakthrough technology of

NutriMost. The Vitality team strives daily

to realize their vision of a happier, healthier,

full-of-life community with less sickness,

less disease, and less suffering; where children

are healthier, families are happier, and

marriages and relationships are enriched.

Submitted Vitality Health Systems, 352 W.

Maple St., New Lenox. For more information,

visit www.vitalitynewlenox.com or call (815)


Dan Mosca




Meals and more

delivered to your door.

Every other month.


Kelly Sgarlata - 815-592-3526

Karen Cicero - 773-368-1638

22ndcenturymedia.com LADY

22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 11

Hilton Chicago/

Oak Lawn ideal spot

for variety of occasions

Upon entering the Hilton

Chicago/Oak Lawn’s

elegant and spacious hotel

lobby, guests will experience

a memorable

stay. Hilton Chicago/Oak

Lawn Hotel offers guests

beautifully appointed

guest rooms and spacious

suites. Amenities found at

the completely renovated

all new Hilton Chicago/

Oak Lawn hotel include

the luxurious Hilton Serenity

Collection, dualline

phones with voicemail,

on demand movies,

music, games as well as

complimentary wireless

high-speed internet access

and executive level accommodations


a private executive concierge

lounge. A convenient

lobby-level 24 hour

complimentary business

center is also available.

Whitney’s 95th Street

Bar & Grill is a modern

casual bar and grill, serving

dishes that showcase

Chicago’s diverse cultural

and culinary heritage —

traditional to contemporary

— ever evolving and

blending. The atmosphere

is informal and relaxed,

but upscale. The restaurant

is open every day and

serves breakfast, lunch

and dinner. Saturday and

Sunday a leisurely late

breakfast and lunch dining

experience with the

daily breakfast buffet is

available until 2 p.m. and

an a la carte lunch and

dinner menu.

The cuisine is simple,

hearty fare produced from

the local bounty. The

food, service and the decor

is unpretentious, comforting

and inviting. There

is a strong emphasis on

beverage service, including

signature cocktails,

local crafts beers, along

with wine and beer food

pairings. Whitney’s 95th

Street Bar & Grill offers

specials for seniors 11:30

a.m.-5 p.m. and a daily

three-course meal for

$12. Deals also include

Wine Down Wednesday

for half off bottles of wine

and daily Happy Hour

Monday- Friday 4-7 p.m.

where there are $4 appetizers,

$4 martinis, $4

cocktails and $4 premium

and craft draft beer.

The service is interactive,

engaging and well

informed. The hotel’s

cozy Hilton Coffee Corner

proudly brews Starbucks

coffee and specialty

drinks. Uniquely

constructed, the completely

renovated all new

Hilton Chicago/Oak Lawn

hotel is a 12-story round

tower, also home to recreational

amenities including

an indoor atrium pool

and a 24 hour PRECOR

equipped Fitness Center.

The 20,000-square-foot

Hilton Conference Center

boasts two beautiful

ballrooms, 17 multifunctional

meeting rooms,

two eco-friendly, luxury

meeting rooms, the Hilton

Executive Boardroom and

the Hilton Multi-purpose


Plan an event

A great Chicago conference

hotel, Hilton

Chicago/Oak Lawn specializes

in hosting customized

meetings, events,

and weddings of all sizes.

The hotel is conveniently

located near Chicago

Midway Airport (MDW)

and offers complimentary

shuttle service to

and from the airport for

all hotel guests. Patrons

can enjoy award-winning

cuisine at the Whitney’s

Cafe Restaurant, or indulge

on American classics

at the 95th Street Bar

& Grill. Guests can take

in breathtaking views of

the Chicagoland skyline

when they host an event

in the top-floor executive

lounge featuring modern


Small meetings

The hotel’s meetings

and event space is flexible

to fit all business needs.

Anyone can host a knockout

meeting with the support

of on-site, full-service

A/V team. They are happy

to assist with upgrades

and any other technical

requests. The hotel also

offers video conferencing

capabilities, LCD projectors

and a business center.

The executive boardroom

comfortably accommodates

12 people and will

impress your meeting attendees.

The hotel’s extensive

conference and event

space is fully customizable

to accommodate the

specific needs and requirements

of any event.

The highly seasoned sales

and events team will assist

with every step of the

planning process, ensuring

events are a success.

Access the hotel’s full-

Please see hilton, 15

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Don’t forget your prep

work. Sanding and cleaning

the walls helps ensure

the paint applies nicely and

looks great for a long time.

Redo your carpeting

Soft carpeting provides

luxury and comfort at

once. However, homeowners

who have children or

pets, or whose rooms otherwise

see a lot of foot traffic

may wonder if there is

long-term value in installing

soft carpeting? The answer

is yes, as these days,

there are options that are

durable, soft and easy to


Such carpet features as

permanent built-in stain and

soil protection, found in options

like SmartStrand Silk

Reserve by Mohawk Flooring,

help to maintain a carpet’s

beauty. Indeed, in an

independent walk test, the

carpeting endured 60,000

steps -- the equivalent of

seven years of foot traffic --

and still remained beautiful.

The carpet also comes with

Mohawk’s All Pet Protection

and Warranty, so pet

owners have long-term protection.

To learn more, visit


Reupholster furniture

Add beauty to your living

spaces with a furniture

facelift. New upholstery

can add luxury and style

to items that look worn out

but are actually in great

structural shape. Whether

you are a DIY-er or you

have this task done professionally,

opt for scratchresistant,


leathers and fabrics, especially

if you have children

and pets or just prefer low

maintenance furniture.

Give your home a touch

of comfort and style with

durable floor to ceiling updates.

Celebrate Mother's Day at Gibbons Sunday May 14 th



Jack Gibbons Gardens all about

traditions, not trends

Jack Gibbons Gardens

does not follow trends.

Diners are not going to

witness Happy Hours or

Margarita Mondays at Jack


That is because Jack

Gibbons focuses on what

really matters: great food

and even better company.

The restaurant reportedly

has customers who say

they have not been there

for 25-30 years but come

back and it is just the way

they remember it.

Jack Gibbons Gardens

— or Gibbons, as the

regulars call it — opened

in 1922 as a speakeasy.

Although times have

changed drastically since

then, the restaurant itself

has not. From the

red leather booths to the

wood-paneled walls, Jack

Gibbons is truly timeless.

In a time where chain

restaurants are on every

corner, Gibbons has become

even more special

and unique. From the second

a diner sits and is instantly

delivered delicious

warm bread, three-bean

salad and coleslaw, before

even a glance at the menu,

it is easy to know one is

about to have one of the

best meals of his or her

life. From surf and turf to

fried chicken, Gibbons has

something to satisfy any


Gibbons has been described

as a “generational

place” that sees everyone

from grandfathers and fathers

to their grandchildren

who dine there.

A secret to that success

is that the restaurant’s staff

does not experience the

type of turnover seen in

some chain restaurants. Its

employees have worked

there for years, striving for

a “Cheers” vibe with which

the bartender knows the

customers, what they’re

having, and the friends they

bring with them.

Submitted by Jack Gibbons

Gardens, 14700 Oak Park

Ave. in Oak Forest. For more

information, visit


or call (708) 687-2331.


apple AMERICAN apple



SINCE 1922


Steak House



Fine Dining


147th & Oak Park Ave. • Oak Forest, IL 60452

Booking Private Luncheons for 35 or more

Monday - Friday: 5pm - Close • Saturday: 4pm - Close • Sunday: 3pm - Close


22ndcenturymedia.com LADY

22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 13

14 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


15256 S. LaGrange Rd.

Orland Park, IL

(708) 349 0600

5140 W. 159th St.

Oak Forest, IL

(708) 687-8282




Offer good 5/1/2017 through 6/30/2017

Orland Park/ Lady, A Women’s Guide

We have KIDS & SENIOR menus.

15256 S. LaGrange Road

Orland Park, IL

(708) 349-0600

Outdoor Patio Now Open

5140 W. 159th Street

Oak Forest, IL

(708) 687-8282


Mother’s Day

with us!

Open Daily 7:00am—3:00pm

Serving Great Breakfasts to Wonderful

Moms For Over 40 Years!

Check out our new website at



Any order of $25 or more.

Valid Mon-Fri Only.

Not good with any other offers

or on holidays.

Limit one coupon per table.

Carry-Out Available

Original Pancake

House sticks to

family traditions

Creating tasty works of art using only

the most natural and preservative free ingredients

available is not only a business,

but a passion for this Orland Park family.

First launched in Portland, Oregon in

1953, The Original Pancake House franchise

owners around the world share

meals in more than 130 locations. Aspiring

to provide delicious, “homemade to

perfection” meals, Steve and Lisa Sczurek

own and operate five Chicagoland locations.

Back in 1971, Lisa’s Great-Uncle Joe

opened his first restaurant in Hyde Park

and worked diligently to expand his business,

adding Lincoln Park, Chicago’s

Gold Coast and Oak Forest to his repertoire.

In 1986, Joe retired and sold his

business to his niece, Sandy and her husband,

Don. Seventeen years later, when

they were ready to retire, Lisa and Steve

bought all four existing sites and opened

another in Orland Park where they are

also raising their five children.

“We take great pride in providing delicious

meals to our guests. Being third generation

owners, some guests from our Oak

Forest restaurant remember when I worked

there after school and summers during college.

I majored in restaurant/hotel management

and business while at Purdue

University where I met Steve.” Lisa said.

“So when my parents were ready to hang

up their aprons, Steve and I jumped at the

opportunity to take over. We hope our children

will share the passion for pancake and

follow in our footsteps.”

One of the most famous items offered

worldwide by The Original Pancake

House is the oven-baked apple pancake.

Made with sliced Granny Smith apples

smothered in a thick, lip-smacking cinnamon

glaze, this delicious work of art is

enjoyed by thousands.

“We have many traditional breakfast

items, as well as more unique specialties,”

Lisa said. “Our Dutch Treat is a

summertime favorite. The delicious ovenbaked

German pancake ‘bowl’ holds fresh

strawberries and banana slices, lightly

dusted with powdered sugar and served

with our homemade strawberry syrup.

Our omelettes are oven-baked, so they are

fluffy and packed with the freshest meats

and vegetables available.”

Also on the menu is an enormous variety

of first-class pancakes, golden brown

Belgian waffles, flavorful skillets, delicate

crepes and so much more. “We offer three

different eggs Benedict options, homemade

quiche and many gluten-friendly

options.” Lisa said. “Some guests don’t

realize it, but our orange juice is handsqueezed

every morning and the coffee is

our own private blend.”

Lisa and Steve have recently relocated

their Lincoln Park restaurant to 616 W.

Diversey Parkway. “This new site is easier

for our customers to find,” Lisa said.

“After being in the original location for

over 43 years, we had mixed emotions

about leaving. We will have plenty of

space for everyone, especially with our

new outdoor seating area.”

The Sczureks invite all to stop by one of

their Original Pancake House locations.

“We are open every day, so bring mom in

for a special treat. Let us do the cooking

on Mother’s Day,” Lisa said.

Submitted by The Original Pancake House,

15256 S. LaGrange Road in Orland Park and

5140 W. 159th St. in Oak Forest. For more

information, call (708) 349-0600 and (708)

687-8282, respectively.

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From Page 11

service business center

for any last-minute tasks.

Expansive breakout space

will keep event attendees


Dream weddings are

waiting at the Hilton Chicago/Oak

Lawn hotel. It

offers two beautiful ballrooms

to choose from,

accommodating up to 500

guests. The hotel’s culinary

team will prepare

a sophisticated meal for

the special night, and the

sales and catering team

will work one-on-one to

plan every wedding detail.

Those interested should

ask about the hotel’s exclusive

bridal dressing

room. The ballrooms are

well-furnished with modern

and tasteful designs,

Jason Snoreck

Allstate Agent

fully customizable to your

specific design requests

Submitted by Hilton Chicago/

Oak Lawn, 9333 S. Cicero

Ave., Oak Lawn. For more

information, call (708) 229-

8850 or visit

www.oaklawn.hilton.com or


10006 W. 190th Place • Mokena, IL 60448



mowimy po Polsku

Dryer Vent


Don't Let Your

Dryer Start A Fire!


If your dryer takes longer than one

cycle to dry your clothes, then you

may have a fire hazard in your vent.

Installation Alteration Repair



CELL: 630.280.9813

PH: 815.552.2491

905 S State Street

Lockport, IL 60441




Custom Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas Blinds & Shades

Re-Upholstering & Furniture

Artwork & Home Decor

Redesign & Staging

Holiday Decorating



16 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


New Lenox-based business works to make clothes dryers safer

Most people know they need

to clean out their dryer lint tray

between each cycle, but what

lurks behind the wall is just as

important for safety and avoiding

fire traps, as well as fully

efficient dryer performance. Joe

Enzenberger, owner of Dryer

Vent Wizard, opened his New

Lenox-based business in 2009.

Lint is the villain — lint that

has been allowed to build up and

linger too long in the dryer exhaust


It is estimated by the U.S.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

and the U.S. Fire Administration

that 15,500 fires

associated with clothes dryers

occur annually. These fires

account for an average of 20

deaths, 370 injuries and more

than $88 million in property

damage. “Failure to clean the

dryer vent” was the leading factor

cited in U.S. Fire Administration


“It is something very few people

know about or think about,”

said Enzenberger, whose company

specializes in dryer vent

cleaning, repair, alteration and

installation. “It is the leading

cause of dryer fires.”

Lint accumulation can also

cause dryers to stop working or

to work inefficiently. A dryer

vent clogged with lint can add as

much as $18 to $24 per month to

energy costs.

“Improper venting causes

problems, as well,” he said. “The

dryer exhaust duct and connections

should be made of rigid

metal or semi-rigid metal and

secured with metal heat-resistant

tape rather than duct tape. I often

find plastic or foil accordiontype

material, which can easily

trap lint and is more susceptible

to kinks and crushing.”

Warning signs include:

• Clothes are taking more than

one cycle to dry, especially

jeans and towels

• No lint visible on lint screen

• Dryer repeatedly stops during

a cycle

• Clothes have moldy smell after

dry cycle

• Clothes are very hot after a dry


• The top of your dryer hot to the

touch while running

• There’s excess lint left on your


“This has been a consumer education

process, but it’s hard to

get the word out,” Enzenberger

said. “Most don’t call until they

have a serious problem with

their dryer.”

He suggests people treat

clothes dryers as a household

item in need of regular maintenance.

Consumers can protect dryer

performance and promote safety

by cleaning the lint screen between

each use, ensuring the

connection between the dryer

and wall is made of compliant

material and remains unkinked,

and having the dryer exhaust

duct cleaned regularly. Dryer

manufacturers recommend inspection

and cleaning at least


Now is a great time to have

an inspection and cleaning of

clothes dryers and dryer vent

systems. Doing it each year as

part of spring cleaning is recommended.

Another important tip – never

let the clothes dryer run when

out of the house or asleep.

Submitted by Dryer Vent Wizard.

For more information, visit

www.dryerventwizard.com or call

(866) 498-7233.




“Our mission is to positively

impact a child’s potential in

life through

play-based education.”





Visit us at www.cmoaklawn.org



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22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 17

Practicing safe sun habits in the summer

By StatePoint Media

Summertime is all about trips to the

pool, beach and park. And it also means

time spent in the sun.

Over the past three decades, more people

have had skin cancer than all other

cancers combined, according to The Skin

Cancer Foundation, making proper sun

protection a must. As you enjoy time outdoors,

it’s important to understand and

follow sun safety guidelines.

Sun protection for families

A new survey reveals some surprising


When moms with children younger

than 18 were asked about the correct

amount of sunscreen needed to apply to

the face and body, fewer than half knew

the right amount. And nearly two in 10

were unaware that after an initial slathering

of sunscreen, they needed to reapply

more. So says a new survey of moms

commissioned by NO-AD Sun Care.

“The correct amount of sunscreen to be

applied -- or reapplied -- is one ounce,”

says Brevard, Florida-based dermatologist,

Dr. Richard C. Kirkpatrick. “Think

of a shot glass of sunscreen or an amount

the size of a golf ball.”

Parents should apply a broad-spectrum

sunscreen to themselves and children

15 minutes before going out in the sun

to give it time to bond to skin, and then

reapply at least every two hours or after

swimming, sweating and immediately after

towel drying.

More than half of moms responding believe

the proper time to apply sunscreen

is as soon as they start feeling skin burn.

“By the time you feel your skin burning,

the sun’s UV rays are damaging your

cells’ DNA. Skin cancers get a foothold

when this damage affects the DNA of

genes that control skin cell growth,” says

Dr. Kirkpatrick.

The cost of sun protection may become

a concern as families begin to apply the

proper amount of sunscreen. If that is the

case, one cost effective choice is NO-AD,

which offers a selection of products that

are affordable and widely available.

Sun protection for women

Beautiful summer skin is all about making

safe sun care a habit. A routine is easier

when you find products you will love

to use. Look for lightweight, fast-absorbing

formulas comprised of ingredients

that have benefits for skin. For example,

Ocean Potion offers formulas with sea

kelp, Vitamins D3 and E, and a pleasant

orange cream scent. The line is PABAfree,

(which is an allergen for some people.)

For those who want to avoid the sun

altogether, a self-tanner such as Ocean

Potion EverGlow, can help you get the

sun kissed look without the exposure.

Don’t let summer fun distract you from

protecting skin from harmful UV rays, every

time you leave the house.

Barefoot *n* Bubbly

8718 Truman Cir,

Cedar Lake, IN 46303

Bath Bombs, Salt & Milk Soaks,

Body Scrubs, Lip Scrubs and more!

Your one-stop shop for all of your luxurious bathing

desires! Concentrating on the overall complete

health of your skin we have compacted countless

health benefits into each of our products!

Amanda Eby • 219-973-9079



with the purchase of a bundtlet

Orland Park

14360 S. LaGrange Road, Unit A

Orland Park, IL 60462

(708) 949-8885


bakery listed. Must be claimed in-store during normal

business hours. No cash value.

Compassionate Care

for Every Stage of Life

17-BF-0105-0417_MthrsDy_4-8x2-34.indd 1

4/18/17 2:13 PM

Whether you need care in the hospital, as an

outpatient or in your home, Palos Health is

providing expert medical care throughout the

Southwest suburbs.

Palos Hospital

123 rd & 80 th Avenue in Palos Heights

Palos South Campus

153 rd & West Avenue in Orland Park


We LOVE irresistible products. From

smiling skin care to colorful cosmetics,

Mary Kay offers products women love,

and I can help you find your new favorites!

Contact me to discover more.

Angel Bertucci • Sales Director,MKC

708-655-7453 • Visitmywebsite.marykay.com/angelbertucci

18 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


Healthy lifestyle choices to help with pregnancy

By Statepoint Media

The journey to parenthood

is not always easy.

For some, it is definitely a

harder process. But there

are many natural steps you

can take to boost your fertility,

say experts.

“From living a healthy

lifestyle to addressing hormonal

imbalances with

herbal supplements, there

are many natural ways to

promote conception,” says

Yuchan Zhong, founder of

BioTerra Herbs, a maker

of herbal supplements.

Green offers the following


• Eat well. Eating well may

sound easy, but it can

be difficult to maintain,

as it takes discipline to

eat correctly every day,

especially when you

have a specific goal in

mind, such as conceiving.

Get a wide range

of nutrient-filled foods,

including protein, vitamin

C, vitamin D, zinc

and iron. Both men and

women should focus on

organic produce, and

avoid those that contain


• Stay away from alcohol

and cigarettes. Doing

so will help promote a

healthy fertility process

and a strong body.

• Maintain a healthy

weight by getting plenty

of exercise, as excess

body fat may disrupt

ovulation. Consult your

doctor about a proper

workout routine prior to


• Consider herbal supplements

that directly address

the causes of any

hormonal imbalances

that might reduce one’s

ability to conceive. For

example, those from

Bioterra are designed

with the principles of

Traditional Chinese

Medicine in mind, which

holds that the deficiencies

of the body’s main

detoxifying organs,

the kidneys, liver, and

blood, are at the root of

female infertility. They

promise to increase the

overall function of the

kidney, spleen and liver,

nourishing qi and promoting

healthy blood

quality and circulation.

This formula, which

includes such Chinese

herbs as Chinese Peony,

Astragalus and Epimedium,

focuses on creating

a balanced, strong

and healthy environment

to promote conception.

Consult with your doctor

to determine if you

can take these supplements

safely. For more

information, visit www.


• Among all of life’s many

responsibilities, and

even just the desire to

conceive, you may find

yourself stressed, but

it’s important to reduce

stress as much as possible.

Take opportunities

to relax with a cup

of tea, a warm bath, or a

yoga class.

If you are trying to conceive,

start by making

healthy lifestyle choices

that promote fertility.

Top 7 ways to get fit as a family

www.JuicyLuzySangria.com • 708.655.2421


5435 W 110th St • Oak Lawn, IL 60453

By StatePoint Media

Healthy eating habits and

gym routines can be hard

to sustain. For parents who

juggle busy schedules, it

can be particularly challenging

to squeeze in the

recommended amount of

physical activity each day.

However, with a little

motivation and a dose of

creativity, families can

resolve to stay active and

get fit together -- without

stepping foot into the gym.

Here are seven ideas to


1. Explore the neighborhood.

Take the children on

regular strolls around the

block. Create your own nature

walks by identifying

different insects, leaves

and animals along the way.

Collect pinecones, acorns

or other foliage that can be

used for fun crafts back at

the house.

2. Take advantage of

local parks. Visit a local

park to discover different

walking paths or bike

trails. And spend some

time on the playground

while you’re at it! Equipment,

such as monkey

bars, climbing walls and

balance beams are all fun

ways to get moving.

3. Invest in gear without

breaking the bank.

Athletic clothes and accessories

with the latest

performance fabrics enhance

comfort and safety

while working out. What’s

more, new gear can be a

great way for each family

member to show his or

her sense of style, which

can be just the motivation

needed to get


Footwear is especially

important to replace often,

as worn out athletic

shoes can increase risk

of injury. To go easy on

the wallet, consider shopping

at retailers like Rack

Room Shoes, which offers

everyday value on brands

for the entire family. For

more information, visit


4. Schedule dance parties.

Enjoy music and

shake off some stress by

scheduling regular dance

Please see family, 19

22ndcenturymedia.com LADY

22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 19

Smart kitchen upgrade ideas to help save time, money

By StatePoint Media

Most home cooks want

the flexibility of preparing

complicated meals with

ease and convenience.

However, even those with

a deft culinary hand may

be limited by their tools,

space and appliances.

Smartly outfitting your

kitchen can help you jump

meal preparation hurdles,

particularly if you are

someone who is inclined

to prepare multi-course

meals. Consider spacesaving

appliances with

versatile functionality that

can do more than one job

at a time. Just as you can

multitask, so should your

kitchen appliances.

Experts point out that it

all boils down to the capabilities

of your oven range.

When pressed for time,

you may have compromised

on cooking times or

temperature, leaving dishes

to suffer through overor

under-cooking. Home

chefs with this problem

should consider upgrading

to a double oven range,

which would allow you

to cook multiple dishes

at separate temperatures.

Consider the flexibility of

being able to bake cookies

in convection mode at 350

degrees while simultaneously

broiling chicken, all

in one unit.

If you do plan to make

this upgrade, consider

your needs and options.

For example, if an electric

connection is the only option

for cooking, consider

Verona’s 36 inch fully

electric double oven range,

which offers cooking performance

one might not

expect from a fully electric

range. Also available

in dual fuel and all gas

options, the Verona double

oven ranges are fully

equipped with two easily

programmed multi-function

ovens and provide

multiple cooking modes,

including baking, defrosting

and broiling.

When form is just as important

as function, consider

ILVE’s larger double

oven range options in 40,

48 and 60 inch sizes. All

sizes feature two multifunction

ovens and added

multi-tasking tools such as

a rotisserie and warming

drawer. Cooktop options

such as a French top and

removable griddle give

even more flexibility to

ambitious home cooks.

With a dual oven range,

you may find that a separate

built-in oven becomes

unnecessary, freeing up

valuable cabinet space

and valuable dollars for

other useful chef’s tools

and supplies. Additionally,

upgrading your most

important appliances can

help you work smarter, not


Love cooking? Give

yourself the tools that allow

you to get more done.


From Page 18

parties after school, during commercial

breaks or before bedtime.

5. Make a game out of chores. Make the

most of family chores. Shoveling snow,

raking leaves and mowing the grass don’t

just enhance your home’s curb appeal;

they are all are great forms of exercise!

6. Get in a routine. A routine ensures

consistency. Set aside time each week for

bike rides, tag football and soccer games,

all of which can all be done in the neighborhood,

backyard or at a favorite park.

In bad weather, head to a local trampoline

park, climbing gym or indoor soccer field.

7. Make a Matrix. Planning fun activities

increases the chance you will keep

up the good work. For those who love

to check items off a list, a color-coded

spreadsheet can be a fun visual reminder

to test out new activities. Hang this in a

common area, such as the kitchen, to keep


Once you’ve got the plan in place, get

into a fitness routine that works for your

family and stick with it!

You can have a BEAUTIFUL, maintenance-free

bathroom in JUST ONE DAY. Visit our showroom in

Streamwood, or our website at



Call Bath Planet Now

for a FREE Estimate

Tub-to-Shower Conversion, Walk-In Tubs, Tub or

Shower Systems, Acrylic Wall Systems




Tinley Park Women’s Health Center

Board Certified Family Practice Providers offering comprehensive, personalized quality

care to women. Convenient early morning, evening and Saturday Hours.

Dr. L. Jafilan | Dr. O. Kolawole | Dr. S. Virparia | Dr. Karen Will | T. Moore, APN

708.479.6636 • www.advocatehealth.com

18210 S. LaGrange Road, Ste 200 • Tinley Park, Il 60487

Katrina Sullivan




20 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


Top 3 garden-to-table tips for growing and cooking vegetables

By StatePoint Media

Nearly 50 percent of

fresh fruits and 20 percent

of fresh vegetables in the

US are imported, according

to FoodSafety.gov.

This means that your food

traveled long distances to

get to your plate. To better

enjoy fruits and vegetables,

many families are

now growing their own at


Want to know exactly

where your food is coming

from and have the freshest

possible flavors within

arm’s reach? Bring “farmto-table”

dining into your

everyday life by creating

your own garden. Follow

these tips to grow and

harvest fruits, veggies and

herbs at peak ripeness to

enjoy in simple, healthful


Room to grow

When starting a garden,

it’s important to have a

plan. Find a spacious area

with plenty of sunlight to

help plants take root and

flourish -- whether that’s in

your backyard or a nearby

community garden. For

cooler climates, raised garden

beds are highly recommended.

These allow fruits

and vegetables the space

needed to expand their

roots and hold in water.

For hot, arid climates, create

an in-ground garden, as

it holds in moisture better,

requiring less irrigation.

Selecting what to grow

is your next challenge.

Herb gardens are perfect

for those with limited experience

or limited space.

Herbs like basil, cilantro

and chives are easy

to maintain. Most herbs

can withstand changing

climates, meaning you

can cook with fresh herbs

year-round, adding them

to nearly any meal to increase

depths of flavor and

allow you to “play” with

your food.

Farm with flavor

Having access to a variety

of fresh produce lets

you expand your menu

at home while keeping it

healthy. Many items found

in simple salads, like carrots,

tomatoes, radishes,

lettuce and other leafy

greens are considered “beginner

crops.” Certain berries

are also easy to cultivate.

If you’ve ever tasted

a ripe, just-picked strawberry

or a fresh, juicy tomato,

you’ll know that it’s

worth the effort to grow

these items yourself!

Mix it up

Having a high-quality

blender, like the Vitamix

A3500, can make transforming

your harvest into

vibrant meals easy. Vitamix

machines can be used

to chop, purée or juice any

ingredients that may come

from your budding garden.

Put new spins on old

family recipes. Next time

your kids ask for spaghetti

and meatballs, try Spaghetti

with Roasted Vegetable

Sauce. Made with

fresh, garden ingredients,

including Roma tomatoes,

carrots and fresh basil

leaves, this robust sauce

will become a staple in

your weekly meal rotation.

You might even want

to try it on top of spaghetti

squash or zucchini noodles

to take advantage of more

nutritious, fresh-grown

produce. Try something

new and create Sweet

Potato Soup with Seared

Tomatillos using fresh jalapenos,

poblanos and tomatillos

from your garden.

Or dress up a less-than-exciting

salad with a brightly

flavored Strawberry Vinaigrette,

using fresh strawberries

and herbs.

Growing greens (plus

reds, yellows, oranges,

purples and blues) gives

you peace of mind in

knowing exactly where

your meals come from,

and the pride of nurturing

something wholesome.

A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside

Reduce your cravings and

increase your energy by naturally

balancing your blood sugar!

60-day money back guarantee!


Carla Williams

Jodi Schaumburg

Kelly Lawrence







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22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 21

For warm weather entertaining, Sonoma

wine tasting and cooking lesson a wise choice

By StatePoint Media

Welcome warm weather

by gathering friends and

family. If you are looking

to create a memorable evening,

consider entertaining

guests at home with an

instructional wine tasting

and cooking lesson.

Wine tasting

Keep it classic when

buying wines for your tasting.

Choose a winery that

produces varietals that best

showcase its wine region

and can be enjoyed by every

level of wine drinker.

One great choice is St.

Francis Winery and Vineyards,

a leader in producing

top-quality, sustainable

wines from mountain and

valley vineyards in Sonoma

County, CA.

Committed to producing

the best wines possible

while protecting the environment,

St. Francis Winery

has established ecofriendly

farming practices

to create luscious, fruitdriven

wines that highlight

the terroir of Sonoma


Select from a range of

crisp whites such as Sauvignon

Blanc or Chardonnay

to juicy Merlot or spicy

Zinfandel. If you are looking

to treat your guests,

try the 2014 Sonoma Valley

Reserve Merlot (SRP

$39.99), a lush wine with

spicy aromas of berry, licorice

and sage.

During the tasting, instruct

guests to swirl, smell

and sip wines. They will

be able to pick out certain

aromatics of soil and fruit

of the region. “Clean air

and water, rolling hills, diverse

soils and sustainable

vineyards are captured in

the wines from Sonoma,

giving your guests a sense

of place while tasting,”

explained Christopher W.

Silva, CEO and president

of St. Francis Winery and


Enjoy your special gathering

this season by entertaining

guests with interesting

wines and delicious

appetizers to match.

Cook Together

After tasting wines, show off your hosting skills by leading a group cooking lesson. This

is an entertaining way to test your guests’ skills in the kitchen. An easy group-friendly

recipe is delicious Pizzettas (mini pizza rolls). Developed by the St. Francis Winery and

Vineyards Culinary Team. This appetizer pairs perfectly with the Reserve Merlot.

Ingredients: Serves 6

• 6 Italian sausages,


• 1 package puff pastry

• 1 egg, slightly beaten

• 1/2 cup marinara sauce

• 1/2 cup grated

Parmesan cheese

Preparation [subhed]

• Preheat oven to 450


• On a floured board, roll

out the puff pastry until

1/6 inch thick.

• Wrap each sausage in a

piece of the puff pastry.

• Add a few drops of water

to the egg. Seal the roll

and brush the egg wash

over each roll.

• Spray a cookie rack with

non-stick spray. Place rack

on a cookie sheet.

• Place the sausages on

the rack and bake in oven

for 20 minutes or until

the puff pastry is golden


• Let the sausage cool to

room temperature. Slice

the sausage into rounds

about 1/8 inch thick.

• Arrange slices on a

serving platter.

• Place a dollop of the

marinara on the sausage

rounds and sprinkle with

Parmesan cheese. Heat

rounds in the oven until

the cheese becomes soft.

When’s the last time you had


Schedule an appointment

to learn how spinal health

affects your overall wellness.



You’ve tried to lose weight for years, but surgery is too extreme.

SlimSmart Weight Loss can be your answer!

• No surgery - no stitches, no staples, no scars.

• After six months with the SlimSmart Balloon two-part

program, people lost an average 3.1x the weight than

with diet & exercise alone.

• FDA approved.

• Custom support provided by experts to help you

keep weight off after balloon is removed.

• More than 20 years of helping 220,000 people lose

weight in over 80 countries.

Visit booth 14

to enter to WIN

$250 OFF your


Booth 14 | slimsmartballoon.com | 773-238-1126

22 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


Exploring five heart-healthy habits

By StatePoint Media

Heart disease and stroke cause one in

three deaths among women each year,

killing approximately one woman every

80 seconds. While there are many risk

factors involved that are beyond one’s

control, a healthy lifestyle can make a big


Here are five healthy habits that can reduce

your risk for illness:

• Move about: Exercise doesn’t have to

be daunting! Aim for 10-minute sessions,

three times daily. Movement sets your

metabolism in motion, so make sure it’s a

consistent part of your life.

• Get sleep: Sleeping fewer than seven

hours a night can make you gain weight

and have more trouble taking it off, according

to Columbia University research.

Another study found that people who get

enough sleep have a five percent higher

metabolism than people who don’t. That

means more calories burned while you’re

sleeping! Doesn’t get much easier than


• Eat small and well: “Studies have

found that losing five to 10 percent of

your body weight can lower the risk of

a heart attack,” says Dawn Zier, CEO

of Nutrisystem and the 2017 Go Red for

Women Campaign Chair in Philadelphia,

a movement to help end heart disease and

stroke in women.

Research suggests that eating smaller,

balanced meals throughout the day promotes

greater weight loss and maintenance,

and can also be good for your

heart. Schedule meals every two to three

hours, six times a day. Programs designed

to help you eat healthy portions can mean

seeing quick results. For example, Nutrisystem

Lean13 is a new program designed

to help you lose up to 13 pounds

and seven inches in the first month. For

more information visit nutrisystem.com.

• Rise, shine, drink water. You’ll burn

more calories all day: A German study

found that drinking 48 ounces (about six

cups) of cold water increased calorie burn

at rest by up to 50 calories per day. This

alone could melt a pound in a little more

than two months. And drinking it before


meals could give you an added bonus,

as a Virginia Tech study found that dieters

who drank two, eight-ounce glasses

of water before meals for 12 weeks lost

36 percent more weight than those who

didn’t down the water.

• Put your phone away: Checking your

email in the morning will just stress you

out. Many productivity experts recommend

waiting at least an hour once you

get to work before checking your inbox,

so you can tackle your most important priorities

calmly without getting distracted.

Be proactive. Take steps to improve

your health and reduce your risk for serious


Improve your health and wellness from

the inside out, but don't stop there.Let

an open mind and heart create time

and financial freedom in your life.

Jessica Baran


Michelle Brezek


Kelly Mielke


Homecare • Nurse Managedcare

Geriatric Care Management

708.459.6077 • www.advocatesathome.com • Like us on Facebook

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22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 23

Shopping smarter to help make household routines easier

StatePoint Media

If you follow awards

shows to learn about the

best movies and music,

why not do the same to

learn about the household

products your family uses

on a daily basis?

Innovative products

are awarded annually by

“Product of the Year,” the

world’s largest consumervoted

award, backed by

the votes of 40,000 consumers

in a nationwide

survey conducted by research

partner Kantar

TNS, a global leader in

consumer research.

“Competition is fierce

among consumer brands,

with thousands of new

products introduced to the

market each year,” says

Mike Nolan, CEO, Product

of the Year USA. “Savvy

shoppers can let the annual

Renewal Reprieve Retreat

Open year round to host your retreat for:

Women Crafting Scrapbooking Quilting

Men Youth Leadership training

We also offer:

Picnic Shelters Corporate events Team building Paintball

God’s Spirit Changing Lives

winners list serve as their

own in-the-know guide.”

To try something new,

consider these highlights

from 2017’s winner’s circle:

• Enjoy greater visibility

behind the wheel by replacing

wiper blades

with Rain-X Latitude

Water Repellency Wiper

Blades, two-in-one wipers

which also treat your

windshield with a waterrepelling


• Don’t sacrifice style for

comfort. Transform your

favorite fashion heels

into comfy sneakers

with Amopé GelActiv

Insoles, which use ultrathin

gel technology.

• Freshen up on-the-go

with SweetSpot Labs

Washes, pH Balanced,

98 percent natural and


wipes. Refreshing

and convenient, each

of the three scents can be

used all over your body.

• Go green on laundry

day with a 65 percent

bio-based detergent, as

certified by the USDA

BioPreferred Program.

Effective at stain removal,

whiteness and

color care, even in energy-saving

cold water,

Tide purclean is also

free of dyes, chlorine,

phosphates and optical

brighteners, and is produced

with renewable

wind power electricity



8122 W. Sauk Trail

Frankfort, IL 60423

at a site that sends zero

manufacturing waste to


• Keep eyes feeling great

without preservatives by

using Clear Eyes Pure

Relief Preservative Free

Eye Drops. The first of

its kind available overthe-counter,

the bottle

has a unique purifying

filter to keep bacteria

out, and is available in

multi-symptom and for

dry eyes.

• Part with sugar sweetly

by using SPLENDA

Naturals Sweetener,

which gets its sweetness

from Reb D, one of the

tastier extracts of the stevia

plant, so there’s no

bitter aftertaste. Totally

natural, it has no added

flavors, preservatives or

GMO ingredients.

• Update your loaf with

Sara Lee Artesano Bakery

Bread. Sliced thick

which a soft texture,

rich flavor and creamy

character, this bread is

made without high fructose

corn syrup, artificial

colors or flavors.

• To be enjoyed on its own,

or alongside truffle risotto,

beef tenderloin

with mushrooms or goat

cheese potatoes, The Broken

Clouds Pinot Noir

from ALDI is a medium

dry red wine from Sonoma

Coast, California.

• Clean and also disinfect

household surfaces

with Lysol Disinfecting

Wipes, which kill 99.9

percent of viruses and

bacteria. The new texture

traps and lifts messes

from countertops,

finished wood, stainless

steel and electronics.

• Get your vitamins in a

convenient and tasty

gummy form with Centrum


which are specially formulated

for men and

women to provide key

nutrients that help support

energy, immunity

and metabolism.

• Get quicker relief with

Mucinex Fast-Max and

Sinus-Max Liquid Gels,

which dissolve quickly

to bust mucus and alleviate

your worst cold,

flu and sinus symptoms.

To take a cue from other

shoppers like you, check

out the full list of winners at



From medicine cabinet

to kitchen cabinet, consider

energizing your household

with these new and

innovative products.

Jewelry By Judy


Jewelry by Judy employs the finest craftsmen creating stunning

pieces for the sports, classic, or more elegant wearer.


19844 S. LaGrange Rd. | Mokena, IL


Like us on

Come in and meet our

knowledgable staff!

New Products

Arriving Daily

• Pain • Proteins & Greens

• Probiotics • Vitamins

• Seasonal Cold & Allergy

• Essential Oils

Mon-Fri: 10am - 6pm | Sat: 10am - 3pm

When you rehabilitate at an Alden

Post-Acute Rehabilitation Care Center,

we help you restore functionality so

you can get back on your feet, and

home, as quickly as possible.

Your Post-Acute Leader

Locations in the Southwest suburbs,

including Orland Park, Shorewood

and Naperville to serve you.

Call us at 1-800-291-5900 or visit www.TheAldenNetwork.com

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Five helpful hints for a clean and clutter-free home

By StatePoint Media

Papers piling up? Toys taking

over? If your home is more

cluttered than clean, you’re not

alone -- 85 percent of homeowners

say that organization and

storage is the most desired feature

in a home, according to OrganizedLiving.com.

Your clean-home dreams can

come true. In fact, simply getting

rid of clutter alone can eliminate

40 percent of housework in the

average home, according to the

National Soap and Detergent

Association. With a few helpful

hints your home can get organized…

and stay that way.

Conquer a clutter-free kitchen

With a wealth of gadgets, it’s

no wonder the kitchen is a clutter

culprit. To start your cleanse,

remove everything from drawers

and cupboards. If you haven’t

used an item in the last month

(unless it’s a holiday necessity) –

purge it! Next up, clean and line

drawer and shelf surfaces with a

quality shelf liner, such as Easy

Liner brand shelf liners by Duck

brand. Not only will it protect

them from dirt and grime, but it

also offers a good gauge: if you

can’t see the shelf liner, it’s time

to purge again!

Get a new spin

on the laundry room

Sometimes the laundry room

needs a bit of cleaning itself. Detergents

and other build-up can

cause washing machine odors.

Run white vinegar through a

cycle to sanitize it with ease.

Next, improve efficiency and reduce

fire hazards by thoroughly

cleaning lint from dryer vents

-- both inside and out. Finally,

use labeled baskets to ensure

everything has its place. And,

since the laundry room is often

a catch-all location, label one as

a “put away” basket and be sure

to empty it daily, putting its contents

back in their proper places.

Control bathroom chaos

From towels to toiletries,

bathrooms hold a lot of “stuff,”

which can make organizing feel

like a losing battle. Create a decluttering

schedule. Since many

toiletries, such as toothbrushes

and make-up, should be replaced

quarterly, this is the perfect time

to purge. Empty drawers and

linen cabinets and toss out items

that are old or aren’t being used.

Shelf liner can once again be a

useful addition before putting

items back, since products like

Easy Liner brand products with

Clorox antimicrobial protection

can add an extra level of clean

by helping prevent the growth of

odor-causing mold and mildew

on the liner. Plus, you can toss it

in the wash for easy cleaning.

Gear-up garage organization

From toys to tools to seasonal

gear, the garage has it all. Unfortunately,

25 percent of twocar

garages are so cluttered that

there isn’t room to park a car,

reports the U.S. Department of

Energy. Annually, remove everything

and categorize items

into “keep,” “sell/donate,” and

“trash” piles. Next, designate

sections of the garage for “work”

(hardware and gardening tools)

and “play” (toys, bikes and

balls). Create vertical storage by

adding hooks and floor-to-ceiling

shelves. Finally, label bins,

boxes and shelves to encourage

everyone to maintain the newfound


Purr-fectly clean pets

Humans aren’t the only

ones accumulating clutter

or making messes. In fact,

Trupanion.com discovered that

the average number of pet toys

in a home was 34! Start each

season by tossing out tattered pet

toys and thoroughly disinfecting

the keepers – along with leashes,

boxes and bedding. To keep areas

neat and clean, place non-adhesive

shelf liner under food and

water bowls to keep them in place

and spills contained. A piece under

the litter box can also reduce

litter scatter across floors and the

grip surface helps pull litter from

dirty paws.

For more information on

unique ways to use shelf

liner in your home visit


By following these helpful tips

and tricks, your home will soon be

clean, organized and clutter-free.

Come join the Chicago Red Stars on

5 p.m. Sunday, May 14, on Mother's Day

at Toyota Park as they face the Boston

Breakers in the NWSL!

Bring your kids along as it is also

Superhero Night! Heroes will be in

attendance to engage with kids!

Call Brian for tickets at (773) 697-8878.

Plan your ladies night with me!

224.795.1961 • prbyaddie@gmail.com

416 W. Touhy Ave, lot 127 • Des Plaines, IL 60018

Plan a ladies night out, no spouse, no kids.

Shopping is done in a private room. We

have everything from mild to wild. I love to

spoil my hostesses and her guests. No

ladies under the age of 18.


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22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 25

Four tips to flip the switch to a more beautiful home

By StatePoint Media

The average home has 45

light sockets which means

you probably have more

light bulbs than just about

any home product, and yet

the lighting aisle can still

be a daunting place. With

the right knowledge, you

can save money, protect the

environment and bring the

best features of your home

to life.

Here are four quick tips to

get you started:

• Opt for LED. By 2020,

half of all residential

sockets will have converted

to LEDs, which is

good news, as LEDs can

last over 10 years and

use up to 85 percent less

energy than the traditional

lighting you may

use today. Available in a

variety of shapes, sizes,

wattages and color temperatures,

they are becoming

increasingly affordable,

too. Just a few

years ago, LEDs topped

$40, but today you can

find a high-quality LED

for less than $5. To help

people make the commitment

to LEDs, GE is

asking the public to take

the pLEDge to swap

just one traditional bulb

to an LED bulb. Visit


to take the pledge and

earn a coupon toward an

LED purchase.

• Pay attention to color

temperatures, wattages,

shapes and quality of

light. A few lighting

facts can help you make

useful purchases. For

example, an average 60-

watt replacement bulb

would require about 800

lumens. The higher this

number is, the brighter

the light will be. And

remember: when you invest

in an LED that’s expected

to last more than

a decade, you want one

that’s going to reliably

live up to your expectations,

so brands that

have been around for a

while and have proven

their commitment to

quality truly matter in

this space.

• Identify how you use

each room and the mood

you’d like to create. Use

comfortable, soft white

light in cozy places like

bedrooms, family rooms

and dining rooms. Active

spaces like laundry

rooms and playrooms

can benefit from an energetic

daylight bulb. Feature

pure, clean lights in

kitchens, bathrooms and

craft and hobby spaces

that tend to benefit from

light that delivers exceptional

color contrast and

brightness. Today, select

manufacturers such as

GE, are taking the guesswork

out of the equation

by listing whether each

bulb has a warm or cool

tone and by offering

room and use recommendations

on the packaging.

A warm white

light will have a lower K

(Kelvin) number, while

a cool daylight will have

a higher K number.

• Put your home in its best

light. Even with the

right colors, perfect accessories

and trendy furniture,

a home can look

lackluster. Look for new

options, such as GE’s

High Definition LED

light bulbs which are

engineered with a higher

color rendering index

for greater color contrast

and boldness over an average

bulb. This means

the colors and features

in each room can look

even better.

Just imagine a room

makeover in five minutes

simply by changing

your light bulbs. With

today’s advanced options,

there’s no better

time than now to shed

some new light in every

room in your house.


Join Jodi Grant with Fields to Wellness and Mary Slight with Bodies in Balance to learn great wellness tips

Jodi Grant



Mary Slight



Tamara Mannelly



26 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


Tinley Park doctor uses functional medicine to support,

manage those with chronic thyroid conditions

On Wednesday, May

3, Dr. Edward Beyer, of

Beyer Natural Health Solutions,

is to host a free

workshop on thyroid recovery.

His presentation

– which will be held at

6:30 p.m. and is open to

the public – is to cover an

array of topics regarding

thyroid disease, including

patterns, blood tests and

hormone replacements.

Understanding why

Hashimotos Thyroditis is

not a problem with thyroid,

finding natural solutions

to correct thyroid

problems and discussing

with doctors about lab values

and results are also issues

Beyer will address.

Talking about thyroid

The thyroid is a relatively

small gland that

is located in the lower

region of the neck. Its

sole responsibility is to

secrete certain hormones

throughout the body. Every

cell in a person’s body

has thyroid receptors, and

this is why symptoms of

thyroid disease are so far


Many individuals experience

symptoms of

thyroid disease and do

not even realize that the

experiences they are having

could indicate thyroid

disease and associated

complications thereof.

Many patients have been

told their lab tests are

normal, only to suffer

with the same thyroid

symptoms they had before

they began hormone


Fatigue, weight gain,

morning headaches, depression,

anxiety and

constipation are just

some of the most common

warning signs. Cold

sensitivity, poor circulation,

muscle cramps,

chronic digestive problems,

itchy dry skin, dry

or brittle hair – even hair

that falls out easily – edema,

especially facial, and

loss of outside portion of

eyebrows round out the

rest of the list.

Many people are unaware

that every cell in

your body has receptor

sites for thyroid hormone.

Many people are

unaware that the most

common cause of hypothyroidism

is not a

problem in their thyroid

gland but in their immune

system. Many people do

not know there are 11

lab markers to properly

evaluate their thyroid yet

almost all doctors only

order two. If a person’s

immune system is attacking

its thyroid, what else

is it attacking?

This very important

component of the body

has a direct impact on the

metabolism that is experienced

in the body. Individuals

that suffer from

issues with this gland

may suffer from several

different health complications.

These include,

but are not at all limited

to, issues with weight,

mood and energy that is

experienced by the person.

How can one manage his

or her health without all

the information? Burning

out the thyroid gland with

hormone replacement is a

more than a 50-year-old

model. In order to manage

one’s health, he or she

needs to look at the causes

of the problem not just the


A word from a client

Cheryl, 52, was suffering

for years with her

thyroid condition. When

asked about Beyer’s program

she said, “I found Dr.

Beyer – almost like being

touched by an angel- I was

having a procedure done

at the hospital ... the nurse

touched my arm and said,

‘You need to see Dr. Beyer.’

... I was having severe

thyroid problems ... alopecia

– my hair was falling

out – the doctors I went to

said that it was an autoimmune

condition and there

was nothing that could be

done. I was slowly deteriorating

.... no will to do anything

... I’ve been with Dr.

Beyer for five months now,

I’ve lost 52 pounds, [and]

my hair has grown back!

I’m thankful to have found

Dr. Beyer- he has given me

my life back.”

Submitted by Beyer Natural

Health Solutions, 17023 S.

Harlem Ave. in Tinley Park.

For more information, call

(708) 336-3391 or visit




For more information, visit 22ndcenturymedia.com/events


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22nd Century Media | April 27, 2017 | 27


From Page 8

can create a one-of-a-kind

silk scarf,” Warthen said.

“I don’t know of any other

Lady – A Women’s Expo vendors

• 22nd Century Media

• Advocate Medical Group

• Alden Estates of Orland Park

• All Cindy’s Mixers

• All That’s Home

• Aloette

• Arbonne

• Barefoot *N* Bubbly

• barkTHINS

• Bath Planet

• Body Bliss Wellness Center

• BrookHill Coffee Mugs

• Camp Manitoqua & Retreat Center

• Celebrity Cruises

• Chicago Henna

• Chicago Red Stars

• Chicago Sky

• Children’s Museum of Oak Lawn

• Chiro One

• College of DuPage Nursing Department

• Damsel In Defense

• Dan Mosca State Farm

• Diva Me Bella

• Epiphany Fashion

• Essential Body Wear

• EveFit

• Family Friendly Medical Care

• Health Nutz Natural Foods

• Honey and Lace

• Ingalls Health System

• Interiors by Diane DeCero and Lifestyle

Designs Floor to Ceiling

• Isagenix

• It Works!

• Jason Snoreck Allstate

• Jewelry by Judy

• Joliet Slammers

• Juice Plus

event where you can make

your own silk scarf. That

makes a great gift.”

Additional sponsors

for the expo are Celebrity

Cruises, Chicago Sky,

Eat Better Move More

Think Differently

Visit weightwatchers.com for meeting locations

Mention this ad and receive a free gift

Chicago Red Stars, Ingalls

Health System, LifeSource

and SlimSmart Balloon.

To register for the expo,

visit www.22ndcentury


• Juicy Luzy Sangria

• KRAVE Jerky

• Kristina McMillin for India Hicks

• LeafFilter Gutter Protection

• LuLaRoe Kate & Les

• Mary Kay Cosmetics

• Natural Healing Centers

• Noonday Collection

• Nothing Bundt Cakes

• Orangetheory Fitness Frankfort

• Orland Park Crossing

• Palos Health

• Perfectly Posh

• Physicians Immediate Care

• Planet Fitness

• Plexus Worldwide Inc.

• Point Blank Range & Gun Shop

• Power Home Remodeling

• Prudential

• Pure Romance

• Reliv Nutritional Products

• Renewal by Andersen

• Rodan & Fields

• Scentsy

• SeneGence

• Silk Avenue

• Sinfully Delicious

• SlimSmart Balloon

• Surprise Parties

• Tastefully Simple

• The Leading Image

• The Sheet Lady

• The Traveling Vineyard

• Vitality Health Systems

• Weight Watchers

• Window & Siding Planet Inc.

• Window Works

• Wyndham Vacation Ownership

• Yoli

• Young Living Essential Oils



Read award-winning writing on Chicago’s biggest

issues and people in business, politics, and culture.

Subscribe today and get 20% off the cover price of

four issues for yourself or a friend, or both.

A 22 nd Century Media publication


28 | April 27, 2017 | 22nd Century Media LADY


Are your thyroid symptoms worsening while your doctor says your lab tests look


Have you been told you have Hashimoto’s and there’s nothing else that can be done?

Are you tired of suffering year after year with no hope for better health?

Do you suffer with thyroid symptoms because you are being misdiagnosed and poorly


Weight Gain


Hair Loss


Low Libido

Cold Hands/Feet



Heart Palpitations

“Do you wonder why, even though you are on thyroid medication, you still suffer with all of the symptoms of your thyroid

condition? Or maybe initially you felt better on your thyroid medication until all the symptoms started to come back? You

are cordially invited to get your questions answered and learn about new protocols in the management and support of

many thyroid conditions-including Hashimoto’s and Graves Disease.”

Call or

Text “3”

17023 S Harlem Ave,

Tinley Park

Make your reservation online at

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