VISION Swansea Bay - Issue 1

Welcome to Issue One of VISION, an independent publication for Swansea that aims to share the vision of Swansea as a vibrant, ambitious and successful waterfront city.

Welcome to Issue One of VISION, an independent publication for Swansea that aims to share the vision of Swansea as a vibrant, ambitious and successful waterfront city.


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Teresa May is taking her time

to make a final decision about

the Lagoon that would enable

the project to start. There are

now fears that the snap general

election will set the start date

back yet another year. It’s proving

to be a frustrating journey - but

the outcome is one worth fighting

for. Not only will it help save

the planet, attract thousands

of visitors, and provide another

brilliant leisure amenity for

residents. It could also be the

start of a £15bn new industry.

Part of the vision is to create a

Turbine Manufacturing Facility

in Swansea that would go on to

provide the turbines for future

lagoon projects across Britain and

beyond, whilst making our name as

a hotspot for new types of energy

generation. Let’s hope it comes off.





It’s a £1.3bn project

It will power 155,000


It will create 2000 jobs

It will cost 30p per

household per year


you think

you can, or


you think

you can’t -

either way,

you are


Henry Ford

Swansea Bay

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that connects and

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education and

development in

Swansea Bay.

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Swansea University's Bay Campus is still expanding

When we’re thinking about the

future of our region, it’s worth

acknowledging that Swansea

has a major asset in our two

Universities. Swansea University

turns over in excess of £170m, and

makes a £600m impact on the

regional economy every year. It

brings new people into Swansea,

and it showcases the city to the

world. The new Bay Campus on

Fabian Way was the largest capital

investment project in Europe, and

demonstrates the scale of the

University’s ambition.

Swansea University has a vision: to

be among the UK’s leading research

universities (currently ranked 26th),

to extend its global reach, and to

transform the regional economy

through its research and innovation.

The University is a major player in

the plan to deliver on the promises

of the City Deal - namely, economic

success in emerging new industries.

The University’s pioneering research

and in particular its collaborations

with industry, will be key to

generating the investment and the

high quality jobs this region needs.




1Choose to believe in the

vision of what Swansea can

be, choose to be hopeful and

optimistic. It’s too easy to

be cynical, this takes zero effort.

But you can choose to focus on the

positives rather than the negatives,

the future rather than the past, the

possibility rather than the risk. It’s

a powerful choice that is yours to


2Speak positively and

knowledgeably about the

proposals, help to create a

positive buzz and a sense

of confidence in the vision. Inspire

others to see what a time of

opportunity this is for our region.

Start by sharing this issue of Vision,

and joining our positive Facebook


3Look for the opportunity

with your name on it. Ask

yourself, how can I play

my part? Whether it’s the

opportunity to make a difference

in your community, to train for a

different job, to grow a business or

start a business, to pitch a new idea,

to invest in something. Think about

your own hopes and aspirations, and

look for ways to make them happen.


Help design the right

solutions. If you think

you know what’s needed

to transform your

community or improve your life,

look for opportunities to have your

say. Attend public consultation

meetings, complete questionnaires

and write to the decision-makers.

Make your voice heard. You’ve

got good ideas and a unique

perspective: put it out there.

5Give the council time to

deliver on their ideas. The

leader of Swansea Council is

Labour’s Rob Stewart, and he

has put forward a strategic vision.

He is up for re-election on the 4th

May 2017, and by voting Labour we

can ensure he is re-elected with a

strong mandate to deliver results.


Support new initiatives with

your custom. Events in the

city need people to support

them, just as new and

existing businesses need customers

to keep coming in. Vote with your

feet, your time and your money, by

becoming a customer, a visitor, an

audience member and a cheerleader

for local businesses, events and



Explore the region, not

just Swansea, and discover

what Carmarthenshire,

Pembrokeshire and Neath

Port Talbot have to offer. People

from all over the UK and around

the world come here on holiday,

but we’ve got it all on our doorstep.

Improve your own well-being and

strengthen regional links at the

same time, by getting out and about

in Swansea Bay.


Talk to your kids about their

futures. Raise a generation

with high aspirations, who

believe they can achieve

things and make a difference. Let

them think big about their options.

We get what we expect in life, so

let your kids expect the best for


#sharethevision Join our positive community on Facebook www.visionswanseabay.org/facebook

#sharethevision Join our positive community on Facebook www.visionswanseabay.org/facebook

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