VISION Swansea Bay - Issue 1

Welcome to Issue One of VISION, an independent publication for Swansea that aims to share the vision of Swansea as a vibrant, ambitious and successful waterfront city.

Welcome to Issue One of VISION, an independent publication for Swansea that aims to share the vision of Swansea as a vibrant, ambitious and successful waterfront city.


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Local and National Elections

are coming up in May and June.

"The first general election in a generation

in which we have a real choice."









What’s their voting record

on key issues?



Taxing Bankers Bonuses For Against

Bedroom Tax Against For

Climate Change Measures For Against

Gay Marriage For For

Gay Rights For Mixed

Human Rights Bill For Against

Hunting Ban For Against

Increasing Top Rate of Tax For Against

Iraq War Against For

Lower Voting Age For Against

Mansion Tax For Against

Privatisation of Royal Mail Against For

Raising Tuition Fees Against For

Raising Welfare For Against

Reducing Corporation Tax Against For

Reducing Welfare Against For

Re-Nationalising the Railways For Against

Restricting Legal Aid Against For

Trident Against For

VAT Increase Against For





Work is under way on a new

energy efficient council housing

development in Penlan, with

another set for Birchgrove.

These are the first new council

homes in Swansea for a

generation. Swansea Council

wants to rapidly expand its

housebuilding programme.

Cllr Rob Stewart said: “We are

working on a new housing delivery

model that will see the council

become a major house builder in

Swansea, providing energy efficient

affordable homes for Swansea

people which will be funded directly

with income from council house

rents - not from council tax.”

The plan is for the Council’s

corporate building and property

services team to carry out the

building work themselves, which

will boost people’s skills and lead

to more apprenticeship and work

experience opportunities for

Swansea residents in future.

Labour councillor Rob Stewart is

currently leader of the council


When it comes to the local

elections, we can put national

politics to one side, thankfully. Here

in Swansea, a change in leadership

at this point in time could jeopardise

the vision that has been put forward

for a revitalised city centre and a

thriving regional economy.

Having worked hard with the

leaders of the other three councils

in Swansea Bay to secure the City

Deal, Labour councillor Rob Stewart

needs to be re-elected on 4th May,

if he is to deliver the plan.

"It’s time to get

excited about the

vision for Swansea City

Centre. But a change

in the leadership of

the council at this

point could change

everything. Let’s give

our current Labour

council a mandate

to deliver on their

promises by voting

Labour on 4th May."

With no friends in the mainstream media, Jeremy

Corbyn polarises opinion. Even some on his own side

fear he can’t win an election, despite the fact that as

an MP he’s won his seat at every vote since 1983, and

in the last two years he’s won two bitter leadership

contests. He has inspired a new generation to take an

interest in politics, and wants to put power into the

hands of people, not the financial elite. He is driven by

firmly held principles and wants opportunity for all. So,

seriously, what’s wrong with Jeremy Corbyn?

When you consider his policies, how many of these do

you actually disagree with?

Ban companies based in tax havens bidding

for government contracts, and clamp down on

corporate tax dodging

£10 minimum wage for all workers over the age of

18, and a ban on exploitative zero hours contracts

Free school meals, based on proof that free school

meals lead to significantly improved grades

Scrap student tuition fees - education should be

seen as an economic investment not an expense

Invest in a programme of housebuilding, and

ensure that half of these are social housing

Re-Nationalise and protect the NHS, investing in

mental health and social care services

End the public sector pay freeze - austerity is a con

that punishes low paid workers

Combat inequality with progressive policies to

reduce the gap between the highest & lowest paid

A National Investment Bank to invest in services,

infrastructure, businesses, low carbon energy and

regional development projects

P.S. Don't misunderstand Corbyn's stance on Brexit. Even if you voted

to remain, it's true that outside the EU we will have greater power to

transform the UK into a progressive, more equal society where people's

rights are protected, while negotiating ongoing European relationships

based on what's best for the majority, not the elite.

Think Jeremy Corbyn is a loser?

Oh dear, you've been brainwashed.

“If you think Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, or

that his policies won’t work in the real world, it

could be too late for you – you’ve already been

brainwashed by a handful of foreign billionaires

who control 80% of our media.

They’ve already told you what to think on a

multitude of issues. You think you made up your

own mind, and you think you’re right. But, you

didn’t, and you aren’t. Whichever way you vote,

just remember to ask yourself the question;

Have I really made up my own mind?”

Robert Owen, www.thelondoneconomic.com

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