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From the editors pen:

Have you ever wondered if the websites who offer Artist promotion using the

method of music downloading for Radio Station DJ’s and Program Managers really

work. Or is used at all.?

Are radio stations using this type of medium or have times graduated to something

else? Are radio stations using a combination of different mediums and which do

they use the most and which are the most effective for Artists?

Having operated a website of such kind I stopped offering this type of service until I

could verify that this is indeed a worthwhile way for Artists and groups to spend

their precious dollars. I am not by saying that any website offering this service is

wrong or illegitimate. I am saying that for the next while I will be doing a question

and answer with as many radio Station people as possible to see where they get

their On Air content. I will be updating this topic as information becomes available

to me.

It in my sincere desire to offer only services I truly believe will benefit those paying

the money.

Sincerely, Editor

Tammy Jones Robinette

Tammy Jones Robinette

Tammy started out singing as a young girl, when her dad would stand her in a

chair and play the flat top guitar at revivals and church services across Ohio and

Kentucky. God blessed her singing ministry to include a 14 year career with her

family group, “The Jones Family”. The family group recorded for The Eddie Crook

Company from Nashville. While with the Eddie Crook Company, Tammy wrote

songs for several nationally known groups in the industry. Tammy was recognized

as The Songwriter of the Year in the 90's for the Eddie Crook Company. The

Perry’s recorded “There Has Never Been” and took the song into the Top 10 on

the Singing News Charts. The Bishops then recorded “I’ll Live Again” and took

that song to #1 on the charts. As the group disbanded; Tammy still felt the call of

the Lord on her life to share her singing ministry and launched her solo career.

Tammy has recorded 12 albums throughout her career and writes the majority

of the songs she records. God has blessed her with a unique ability to share

through music, the Love and Mercy of our Lord. Tammy tells us that she gets her

best songs from good old fashioned preaching and great sermons. Ravens Still

Fly and was inspired by a sermon she heard preached by Pastor Mike McCoy

from Crossville, Tennessee. The song talks about God's provisions for His own,

and is an uplifting, beautiful song of encouragement. Another on Tammy's new

project is; I am Blessed (Jacob's Song), and was written from a camp meeting

sermon she heard preached by a young evangelist named Jacob Berry. Jacob is a

giant for God and preaches from his wheelchair, reaching for precious lost souls.

This is a great song and will also bless your heart.

New Journey Quartet

The "New Journey Quartet" was formed in

2002 as an outreach ministry of Covenant

Baptist Church in Granite Falls, NC. At that

time, many of the members sang or performed

together in various ensembles as well as the

choir of the church. Becoming fast friends, it

wasn't long before the Lord revealed a special

plan for this grouping of "His" people. Feeling

the Lord's call to go minister and see souls

saved and refreshed wherever doors were

opened, the group set off on a journey

and never looked back!

Over the years, one thing has remained follow God's perfect will for their

lives using the talents "HE" has given them

and to proclaim the gospel through word and


From the beginning this group has been

blessed with vocalists and musicians of a high

caliber. A rarity in this day of sound tracks &

overlaid vocals, the group has always performed

their music "Live". Many folks who

have seen them minister in concert often

comment about how unusual it is to see so

many instruments played and how much they

appreciate it. Of course, what would music be

without precise and strong vocals and of

course, good ole' three and four part gospel

harmony? NJQ is often commended on their

beautiful vocals as well as spiritual song

selection. Through spirit filled songs,

humorous true stories, powerful testimony and

preaching, NJQ has been effectively able to do

their part in the "Great Commission" of

spreading God's word!

Angela Arana

Angela Arana, encourages listeners to

look past circumstances

and rise to inspiration.

Angela Arana

In her debut CD, Carry Me, Angela's Christian - Crossover style focuses on the

themes of real life situations. From the simple ideas that we all routinely forget

about when the next big problem shows up in our lives, to not losing faith in

God or doubting our abilities, Angela's music inspires us to go beyond ourselves.

In the title track, Carry Me, there are times when we feel life is too hard and

need God to give us the strength and support to move carry us until we

can stand once again. In other songs—such as Do Whatcha Gotta Do —we are

reminded of our special talents and gifts and how important it is to put them to

good use. Throughout Angela's lyrics, there are significant reminders and positive

messages that God is all around us.

By whatever people define her music to be, the importance of the message always

shines in the forefront of Angela's CD, reminding us that peace and happiness

are accessible to all.

Benjamin Gilbert

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Benjamin

was inspired by Christian rock pioneers Petra

and DC Talk. He found a passion for reaching

people through music and began his career

performing around his small hometown of

Lacomb, Ore. One day he received a call to rap

for a little-known band named Callbox, who

later changed their name to Kutless. On that

group's first album, Benjiman rapped on a song

called "Pride Away," which led to further collaborations

with Kutless and Falling Up. Eventually,

he signed a recording contract with BEC

Recordings in 2004 and his first solo release,

Activate, climbed the charts with the Top 10 hit

single, "Trace of Love" and the Top 20 hit,

"Activate." That project paved the way for

several nationwide tours and a myriad of festival

performances. Now a familiar face at big

festivals nationwide such as Creation, Spirit

West Coast and Joshuafest, Benjamin says he

feels called to reach out to the churched and

the unchurched. "Rap is a universal language

that opens doors to many. His Act is one that

reaches out to bring a powerful message!

Greatest Father Of All

God is the Greatest Father of All

One who stands by you, to love you and to always encourage you.

When you are sad, He is there to say cast all your care upon Him for He cares

about you.

One that is there to wipe all your tears away. One that is at the end

Of your race urging you on, saying come on you can make it.

He is there waiting to welcome you with open arms.

God the Father,

looks on the heart and knows that you have a heart that is after the Father’s

heart. You are a chosen child, of a royal priesthood. You are the God kind, just

like your Father. You have royal blood flowing in your veins. God the Father gave

His only begotten Son for you, so you can spend Eternity with Him.

He so loved you, He gave of Himself for you. Now that is LOVE…..

Karen Kiley

Perfectly Imperfect

Soul Piercing Contemporary Christian Artist,

Karen Kiley combines Rock, blues, pop and soul with

intense vocals and Layers of entrancing

Instrumentation. Each song will open up a deeper connection

and experience between your Heart, soul and

mind .

We are all perfectly imperfect, but wonderfully made

and amazingly loved and forgiven by God. He’s just

waiting for us to know it.

Kirk Franklin

If its one thing that Kirk Franklin understands, it is that

soul and gospel have always been a part of the same closeknit

family. Since the release of his self-titled debut in

1993, Franklin has proved himself a pioneer when he

sprinkled a taste of hip-hop in the mix.

He changed musical history with the release of his debut album,

KIRK FRANKLIN AND THE FAMILY, the first gospel album to

sell more than a million units. In his bold attempt to broaden

the range of the traditional gospel audience, Kirk Franklin was

willing to take heat from the naysayers as long as it didn’t get in

the way of delivering the inspired message. After more than 16

years as the top-selling Contemporary Gospel artist, Kirk Franklin

shows no signs of slowing down. Many believe the secret to

his continued success is rooted in his artistic genius of being innovative,

relevant and authentic.

To date, the musical trendsetter has garnered seven GRAMMY®

Awards; an American Music Award; 35 Stellar Awards; 12 Dove

Awards (CCM); five NAACP Awards; 2 BET Music Awards, a Soul

Train Award and numerous others.

The heart of who Kirk is and his story struck a resounding

chord with his fans years ago and they have remained loyal ever

since. Kirk has always been transparent about being abandoned

by his parents, adopted by his grandmother and his humble beginnings.

Kirk has never hid behind his celebrity status but has

remained connected to his audience through his music and frank

discussions of life issues.

Leon Patillo


Leon Patiillo is one of the musical pioneers of our time. His concerts are always filled

with excitement, praise, worship and teaching. Leon was the lead vocalist for the

Santana Band but left the group and went from Santana to Hosanna! Leon crosses all

age groups and ethnic boundaries and is a total performer who can sing, dance, and


For more than 20 years, Leon has used his voice, motivating gifts and his music for

churches, festivals, special functions, corporations, radio and TV hosting. Leon has lots

of success and visibility with Gold and platinum albums.

Leon released his first album, Dance Children Dance through Word Records. He

released seven more albums, which included such notable songs as J-E-S-U-S, Cornerstone,

and the famous wedding song, Flesh of my Flesh. Leon’s latest CDs are Breathe

on Me, Re-Entry, and Love Songs.

For the past 10 years, Leon traveled with the Get Motivated Seminars where he

performed on stage with such personalities like Zig Ziglar, Mayor Giuliani, Laura Bush,

Colin Powell, and other notable speakers.

Last year, God called him back to his first love which is touring and winning souls. He

has been traveling around the country ministering at different churches, special

functions, fund raisers, and conferences and singing songs that the baby boomers use

to hear when they first got saved and even the youth are learning to love. He is also

introducing some of his new material.

Along with his music is a special message called You Can Begin Again, a powerful

reminder that is helping many people to have a starting point for their lives,

relationships, and is giving them hope and encouragement for the future.

Leon also supports his wife Renee, with her new project, whose goal is to win souls

online, by sharing testimonies and stories of God's goodness,

Phil Driscoll

Phil Driscoll grew up in a musical family, and was soon found to

be gifted himself at playing the trumpet. He began taking

lessons in school when he was a fifth grade student at Lancaster,

near Dallas, Texas. His family moved to Tulsa in 1959, where

he began to study trumpet both in classes at Bell Junior High

School and as a private student of Roger Fenn (3rd trumpet

with the Tulsa Philharmonic).

His skill opened doors for performance throughout school, and

by the 1970s he was touring and recording with major music

acts including Stephen Stills, Leon Russell, Blood, Sweat &

Tears, and Joe Cocker, as well as performing classical music with

the London Philharmonic orchestra. Along with fame and fortune,

Driscoll found himself increasingly involved with illegal

drug use. In 1977 he became a Christian, gave up drug usage,

and has since turned his musical talents to furthering the Christian


In 1981, Driscoll recorded his first album sharing his new-found

Christian beliefs and has recorded 34 more CDs since. He has

been affiliated with the ministry of Kenneth Copeland since the

early 1980s, playing and singing at many KCM Believers’


Phil Driscoll is married to wife and partner, Lynne Driscoll. Phil

has a son, Shawn Driscoll, by his previous marriage to Patti

McDavitt. He and Lynne have two children: Jamie and Danielle.

Phil had lived in Cleveland, Tennessee, since the early 1980s.

He has moved to Georgia where he operates his Mighty Horn

ministry. Driscoll is recording music in the fields of pop, gospel,

country, classic rock, patriotic and classical under his own label,

Phil Driscoll Music Group, including "Songs in the Key of

Worship" and "Here and Now," both released in 2008.

This has been the standard, the full time pursuit of Phil Driscoll

and Mighty Horn Ministries for 20 years - one score, an entire

generation. Over the last two decades the reverberations of

Phil′s trumpet have echoed throughout America and across the

borders of more than 35 countries worldwide.

Using three fingers and a blast of air he has transcended language

with a musical message that shatters the barriers between

men, and expands the boundaries of faith in God.

Now this is what I personally say about Phil Driscoll, I love listening

to him play the trumpet and sing . The anointing of God

is upon this gifted man. You can feel God’s presence when He

ministers in song.

Natalie Grant

“I’m convinced that what people really want—from music

and their lives—is depth,” Natalie shared in her bio, “and I

feel like I have a responsibility to take them there. So much

pop music today is disposable—the attitudes, the posturing,

the styles—but it seems to be less about music than it is about

appearance, about fashion. Now, there’s nothing wrong with

fashion—I love that stuff as much or more than the next

girl—I just don’t want it to define me. But the deeper things

in life—values, relationships, family, and my faith in Christ—

they are what’s most attractive about a person. And they’re

why I sing.”


July 29th, 2011 8:00 PM Biltmore Estate, 1 Approach Rd.

Asheville NC 28803

August 12, 2011 Atlantic Ga.

August 19, 2011 Indianapolis In.

Go to Natalie Grants website for more on tours.

Sherwin Gardner

Sherwin gardner

Sherwin Gardner is a Godly force for the Kingdom

who is spreading the gospel around the globe.

Though just in his early thirties, Sherwin is a

veteran in the music industry. According to Gospel, he is the 2nd best-selling Gospel

Reggae artist in the history of the genre, Relentless is

a continuation of Gardner’s Borderless mission,

though the sound is distinctly more reggae than

many of his previous releases. He believes that this

album with bring restoration and confidence to

people who are losing their focus. . His fusion of

Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Gospel and R&B will

make you dance, sing and cry. His profound lyrics

will also remind listeners that God will always

honor His word.

“This is for the people who might feel like giving up

on Jesus,” says Sherwin. “This album shows that God

will never give up on you; His love for you is

Relentless. All you have to do is believe and surrender

your life to Christ and become part of his Kingdom.

Once you do that, you too will become relentless.”

For Sherwin Gardner, the journey is only the beginning

as he continues to break into uncharted territories.

More than just a singer or producer, Sherwin is

a young man whose heart is focused on spreading the


Sunny Evangelist Eapen


We are trying to reach the most unreached people of THE STATE

named HIMACHAL PRADESH in North West part of India, it has 7

million population but does not have even 1% Christian’s and

19,000 villages and most of them have never ever heard any thing

about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I want your prayer and support to train 10 disciples and to send

them to villages two by two, so that they can take the gospel and

pray for them and plant native churches in each village.

To fully sponsor a missionary it takes US $ 150 to 250 . You can

sponsor a missionary fully or in part. If you feel lead by the

Holy Spirit to help you can send a Check to our postal address,

given below Sunny Eapen

True Friend Ministries

No.49, Bhiuli , Mandi

H.P 175001 , INDIA

Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North



















way in





They Have won a few Dove Awards and put out

another album, but their still just trying to find their way

in the Christian music industry

“dodging traffic at the intersection of art, faith, and commerce,”

as Jon Foreman once put it.

We all come from church backgrounds and families, and

therefore, are not satisfied saying the same old things in

the same old ways.

What we’re hoping for with this music that we’re making

is to not just entertain people.

I think it’s safe to say that we already have plenty of that.

What we’re wanting is to see people encounter truth. Remember,

we all worked at a church for some time, and

there we saw plenty of emotion. We saw plenty of people

having a good time,

but it wasn’t long until we realized that if emotion isn’t being

evoked by truth, well, then it just doesn’t last. And we

want this love in hearts to last. I guess you could say

we’re done just trying to get emotional from blast beats

and hip guitar lyrics. Instead, we desire to be cut to the

heart. To be honest, genuine, and faithful to what we

believe is truth.

The Parton’s


From the same hills as his famous cousins, country music legend Dolly

Parton and country & gospel music star Stella Parton, Tim is carrying on the

musical talents of the Parton name. Tim has written many of the songs that

The Parton’s have released to radio. Tim hosts his own award winning

weekly radio program and also has been the host of multiple TV programs.

Tim's greatest passion is telling people about Jesus.

Gale also comes from a family with deep musical roots. She

too has written songs that The Parton’s have recorded. Gale has a great

testimony that she shares with audiences that is truly inspiring. Her love of

Christ is the center of all she aspires to become.

Singing and writing songs just comes naturally to Kayla. God

has blessed her with a gift that touches the hearts of people everywhere. As

a teenager she had already written and released a song to national radio.

God is the main focus in her life.


Now Is The Time


Now Is The Time

If you think you know Anointed, you may be right, but you

won't know the full extent of groundbreaking contemporary

gospel duo's musical talents until you hear the group's latest

release, Now Is The Time. And if you're just getting on board,

Now Is The Time is a definitive musical statement and the

perfect introduction to one of the most diverse and dynamic

duos of the last decade.

Anointed has always been renowned and celebrated for its

singular gift at breaking down barriers of genre, styles and

markets while building a broad, multi-ethnic following in the

process. Now Is The Time, the duo's debut release for Sony

Urban/Columbia Records, continues and expands upon that

reputation, as Da'dra and Steve Crawford, while still masters

of the smooth, pop/R&B-flavored gospel their longtime fans

have come to know them for, also give the urban, groove-driven

facets of their musical personalities plenty of space to shine.

The resulting mix is familiar but still fresh, instantly accessible

and memorable. And most definitely Anointed.

Mercy Me


Christian pop music group MercyMe

returns to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney

World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla..


Contemporary Christian pop music group

MercyMe returns to Magic Kingdom at Walt

Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.,

on Sept. 10, 2011, as a headline act along

with TobyMac and Jars of Clay. The Saturday

night lineup also will include Marvin Sapp,

Sanctus Real, Kutless, Chris August and

VaShawn Mitchell.

What is Mercy Me’s Mission Statement? To

make Christ the center of attention and lead

those who will follow to the throne room

through Worship.

Royal Tailor was formed out of a desire to see students begin to take

pride in their identity as Christians and to reach to the hearts of

those distant from relationship with Christ. Their hope is that their

music will initiate a movement. A movement of truth and love.

They believe that it is time for students everywhere to step out of

their roles as spectators and into their true calling as the church of

our generation. The goal of RTB is not to gain notoriety, but to see

a tangible difference in the lives of every student.

Their music album Black & White

Released June 7, 2011

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is a contemporary Christian artist from Rockford, Illinois. She was signed to

Gotee Records, a Christian label under EMI. Kelly is a two time Grammy Award nominee for

albums "Take Me Away" and Where The Past Meets Today in the category of Best Rock Or

Rap Gospel Album. Her music has compared to mainstream artists Sheryl Crow,

Janis Joplin, Norah Jones, Carole King, and Sarah McLachlan.

Midnight Sun




“Now, Kelly is back with a new

album that finds her healthy,

happy and healed. Midnight Sun

also shows what she can do

when given the freedom to record exactly what’s on her heart..."

Her latest Album Midnight Sun she said is a “true representation of me and my music.” It's

worship, it's life, it's love, but more than anything it's all for the glory of God.


SHARMANE (Adams) grew up as a child who traveled the globe. She was exposed

to numerous cultures and openly admits that she was blessed with many of the material

privileges that only some can imagine. But, as she grew into her adult life and

was confronted with numerous challenges, she felt a yearning to grow deeper and

more spiritual in her life journey. Although she was rooted in a Catholic upbringing,

it wasn't until she attended a parish mission that she truly converted

from being Catholic to being CATHOLIC-living her life on-fire for her faith! As

SHARMANE embraced this new direction for her life she also quickly realized that

music and ministry would be a significant aspect of this conversion experience. Although

she had been singing her entire life, (from performing in pageants to serving

as a cantor at her local parish) the renewal of her faith took her music and

songwriting in a whole new direction.

Susan Bailey

Susan Bailey’s ministry covers a wide

range of activities but is centered on

one thing: encouraging and

deepening the faith of everyone she

meets in Jesus Christ. As a speaker,

singer/songwriter and author, Susan

has been actively sharing her

ministry locally, nationally and

internationally. Are you looking for a

faith-filled, authentic speaker who

shares freely from her life about

hope and joy in the Lord in the midst

of a dark and uncertain world?

Are you looking for prayerful, uplifting

music performed by a woman

devoted to her faith in God?

Are you looking for insightful

spiritual writing that will nourish

your faith? Than you have found

Susan Bailey.

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