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Certified Product Specialist:

Carrie Voorhess

Helps You Protect the People and Things You Value Most

Few Qualifications

A List Of Criterias That Need To Be Met:

1. Must Be A Homeowner

2. Must Display Our Yard Sign

3. Must Be Flexible With Our Installation Times

4. Must Provide Five Future Referrals

5. Video Testimonials

6. Must Participate In a CNA

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Why ADT?

Smart Home Security and Lifestyle Needs Analysis

Getting a Clear Picture of Your Current Security Situation

• It is a series of questions to help

us understand your lifestyle

so we can custom design a system around your

around your security needs.

• Let us start to analyze your

security and general lifestyle

concerns, routines

and preferences.

Confidential Needs & Analysis

Security Review

More Secure

Six Things We’ll Do Today:

Ask questions to understand your n eds

Conduct home security review and walkthrough

Develop and agree on security solutions

Discu s insta lation date availability

Explain the Customer A preciation Program




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FBI Crime Statistics

Unfortunately, in 1990 a crime occuried every 13 seconds....

• In 2016,

a crime was reported in every 3 seconds.

• Seventy-five percent of todays burglary results in

injuries or even death.

• Today, 1 out of 3 homes will file an insurance claim

How a Monitored Smart Home System Works...

When we establish a system in your home,


24 Hour Customer

Monitoring Center

When we call your home

or cell phone. We are

looking for 1 of 4 Things

to happen. If we get a:

1. Busy Signal






Local Authorities






2. Voice Mail

3. No Answer

4. Someone answers,

but gives the wrong


Local Authorities are

on their way.

We monitor for burglary, fire, medical, and enhanced services. Anything that causes the system to go audible that information is relayed to our

5 diamond monitoring facility in 2-4 seconds. Then, we make two, immediate phone calls: one to the local authorites and the other to your home.

Today,,: The Dangers Are Real

Objective 1: Our Yard Sign Will Help Deter Threats

When a burglar sees that your home is secured, they’ll know

immediately that you are protected and will likely seek an easier target.

The Professional The Drug Addict The Sex-Offender The Home Invader

The Dangers Are Everywhere

Objective 2: Minimize Loss

If a burglar is bold enough to enter your home, a loud siren notifies you of the

danger, and will alarm the burglar into fleeing quickly.

This will shorten the efforts of the intruder, and lesson the amount of damages.

•Scenerio 1: Life without a system

•Scenerio 2: Life with a system

The Protection Your Family Needs

Objective 3: Help Avoid Confrontation

By deterring burglars, or notifying you to their presence, our system

allows you to react without confronting the burglar. This will move you from the

1 out of 3 chances you are in now and give your family 1 out of 1000

chances to fight or avoid a violent crime.

The Protection Is Strong

Objective 4: Provide Fire and Life Safety Protection

Our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help to notify you and the fire

department whether you’re home or away.

Anytime and Anywhere

Objective 5: Interactive Management

Our Interactive Solutions allows you to use your cell phone or other

web-enabled device to manage your security system, lighting and climate

control. You can receive email or text messages when specified events

occur, and watch secure, real-time video of what’s happening at your home.

If it is good enough for the White House, why not yours?

• Operates in over 70 countries

• Smithsonian

• Library of Congress

• Department of Justice

• Airports from Chicago to Bangkok

Four Type of Systems

Basic System

Smart Life Safety System

• Basic Alarm

• Not User Friendly

• Testing Required

• Basic Alarm

• Not User Friendly

• Testing Required

• False Alarm

• Buttons Stick



• User Friendly

• Push Buttons

• Wireless



• Life Safety Panel

• One-Touch

• Easy To Use

• 4G LTE Advance

• Advance

Protection Logic

Includes All the Features


• Voice alerts inform you of system status.

• Custom zone identification lets you secure

areas by assigned names.

• Message center lets you create and retrieve

messages at the keypad.

• Simple-to-use keypad.

• Arm and disarm without a code.

• Emergency buttons for police and fire.

• Do you have kids? With our

“chime” feature, an alert chime

will sound anytime doors or windows are opened.

• Backlit keys and display panel

for easy use at night.

• The talking keypad with built-in alarm siren announces emergency

situations over the speaker followed by an audible siren.

Security Review and Walkthrough

We Can Help Determine How to Customize

the System to Meet Your Needs

• Assess Vital Areas

• Point Out Potential Danger Spots

• Recommend Solutions

• Go Over The Devices

Let’s Review What the System Will Include...

Go Over Some Levels Of Protection Options

• Level 1 Protection

• Level 2 Protection

• Level 3 Protection

• Level 4G LTE


Good Home Health

Medical Alert Systems Added Bonu

• In-home, 24/7 help if you fall or have a medical emergency

• Simple push-button, two-way voice connection to a trained professional who

can dispatch first responders

• Now available for homes with or without a traditional phone line

• Professional installation available

• Local sales and assistance

• Lifetime warranty

• Saving lives Eeveryday

• New: GPS with Fall Detection

Interactive Solutions Touchscreen

• Allows you to arm/disarm the

security system.

• Adjust lighting and thermostat.

• Secure, real-time video monitoring.

• Remote door lock/unlock.

• Scheduling and Scenes

Instant Benefits Of A Smart Home

Immediate Property Keeps The

Instant Text Messages

• Resale Increase Value $$$ No Unwanted Phone Required Out Chime and Door System Chimes

• •

Insurance Rates Become A Statistics Peace Of Mind

• •

Lower Your Insurance

Saving You Money

Becoming A


Peace of mind:

Priceless $$$

Share the Gift of Peace of Mind

Refer Your Friends and Family Members and Get a Gift

for You, and a Gift for Them

When they have

a system


you get


* $50 referral fee paid to current ADi customer who makes a referral that results in a new ADi customer signing an ADi Residential Services Contract. Referring customer will receive their referral checks four–six weeks

after the new customer ADi system has been installed or reactivated. Certain restrictions apply. Valid for current ADi customers only. Not valid on purchases from ADi Authorized Dealers. $50 check paid to new ADi

customer after the ADi system has been installed or reactivated. New customer will receive their check within four–six weeks. Limit one offer per new ADi customer. Cannot be combined with other offers and discounts.

Certain restrictions apply. Valid for current ADi customers only. Not valid on purchases from ADi Authorized Dealers.

Making Your System

By helping us advertise



Immediate Property

Increase $$$

Your Professional Installation Cost is $0



Your Increase Upgraded $$$ Smart System Cost is $0

Pride Of Ownership



Your Certificate Of Ownership (This not a Lease)



Program and Setup*



Your Reduced Monthly Monitoring Cost

Choose the Service Offering That Fits Your Needs

ADi offers an array of security service solutions with different features

and benefits. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the

service that can give you the peace of mind you deserve.






Services available:*

Services available:*

Services available:*

Services available:*

Services available:*

24/7 Burglary &

Theft Monitoring

24/7 Burglary &

Theft Monitoring


All of ADi

Traditional, plus:

All of ADi ®

Remote, plus:

All of ADi ®

Control, plus:

Landline Phone*

Quality Service Plan

Cellular Connection

Quality Service Plan

Remote Arm/Disarm Via

Web-Enabled Device

Email & Text Alerts

Climate Control

Lighting & Appliance


Remote, Real-Time

Video Monitoring


Cellular Connection

Fire, Carbon Monoxide

& Flood Detection

Remote Door Locks




Thank You for the Opportunity to

Help Protect Your Home

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