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Healthcare for the Whole Family

(352) 563-5070

Health is a state of complete physical

mental and social wellbeing not merely

the absence of disease or infirmity.

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Wellness Center... A Patient Centered

Medical Home

You will always be treated with sincere

compassion and friendliness

Our Providers

Carlene Wilson


Dr. Carlene Wilson is a

woman with a deep commitment

to family and the service of others.

These values were shaped early

in life as she was

raised in Jamaica

within a Christian

environment. As

a Christian it is

instinctive for her

to be engaged in

activities to help

the less fortunate in

the community. As

far back as she can

recall she has always

wanted to be a

doctor. What better

way to satisfy her innate curiosity

and desire to help others?

Dr. Wilson has had a

successful career in the field

of medicine. At each stage of

her career she has managed

to distinguish herself as being

beyond the average physician and

has received numerous accolades

for her hard work and dedication.

Board Certified in both Internal

Medicine and Pediatrics.

Dr. Wilson is a Member of the

American College of Physicians,

American Academy of Pediatrics,

and the American Soceity of

Bariatic Physicians. She graduated

in 1997 from the University Of

the West Indies in Jamaica, where

she received several honors. After

a few years in general practice she

pursued specialty training at the

Yale Univeristy-

Bridgeport Hospital

Combined Internal

Medicine and

Pediatrics program.

She continued to

excel academically

and with patient

care. She ultimately

served as the

programs Chief

Resident from 2003

to 2004. In 2011

She was selected as

one of the areas Top

Doctors appearing in the Ocala


Dr. Wilson is about more

than just work, her family is of

the highest priority. She enjoys

spending time with her husband

and their three little boys. When

work is all over, she dabbles in

the kitchen trying to recreate

dishes seen on TV or eaten in a

restaurant. One day she hopes

to cook with organic vegetables

grown in her backyard.

Joy Dowe

Family Nurse Practitioner

Joy is a Board Certified Family

Nurse Practitioner. and is a graduate of

the University of Central Florida. She

has a keen interest in Natural remedies

and has studied this at the....

Joy has been a health care

professional for more than fifteen

years. First as a nurse working mainly in the Emergency Room, and

now as a nurse practitioner. She provides excellent care for her patients

because of her knowledge, insight, and compassion. More than just

work she enjoys the outdoors and adventure. From kayaking, to fishing

and biking. She is also a successful gardener and a great cook.

Donna Scarbrough

Family Nurse Practitioner

Donna is a Board Certified Family

Nurse Practitioner and is a graduate of the

Mid West School of Midwifery. Donna has

been a health care professional for over 20

years in a variety of specialties including:

Adult, Home Health, Pediatrics, Newborn

Nursery, Postpartum and Emergency

Room. She became a full-time member of

our healthcare team June 2011 as a nurse

practitioner. Although, she adores her

mature patients she loves the Pediatric

aspect of the practice and hopes to see it expand. Donna enjoys camping,

laughing andjust spending time with her husband and 2 grown children.

Things You Should Know


Patients are seen by appointments.

If you cannot make your

appointment, please call the office

to cancel avoiding a $25 No Show

charge if you do not call to cancel.

We work to see you at your

scheduled time barring emergencies.

If you have not been attended

to within 15 minutes of arrival

please alert the receptionist.

For your comfort we have

separate seating areas for our

clients. Well family’s are seated

in the play room. Well adults are

seated in the Large waiting room.

Sick adults and children are

seated in our family room left of the

reception desk.

Visit Types

As your primary care provider,

we will perform a comprehensive

physical/well visit annually. At this

visit we will identify risk factors and

barriers to your having a healthy

life. You will be provided with a

Plan of Care and recommendations

to include cancer screens and

immunizations. Most insurances

strongly recommend this and will

cover your visit. If you are underinsured

please make arrangements

with our Billing Department.

Chronic Disease Management

or Routine office visits are when

we will review your chronic

diagnoses such as Asthma, and

refill medications review test results

etc.. The recommended intervals

for you appointments are based on

best practice standards to ensure

your safety.

A Sick visit, or a Physical does

not negate your Chronic Disease


Attendance at a group visit/class

for chronic disease management

can negate a regular office visit.


For your safety prescriptions

requests will be handled during

office hours. Narcotics will never be

called in outside of office hours.

Medications are reviewed and

refills provided at your office visit.

Please bring medication bottles to

your appointment for verification.

Call backs for refills after an

appointment will be charged $10.

For your convenience we dispense

some medications in the office . This

saves you a trip to the pharmacy

when you least want to go.

Diagnostic Services

We do on site lab draws Monday

to Friday 7:30-8:30 am. We will call

with all test results if you do not

have a follow-up appointment to

review them. This includes normal

results. If you do not receive a call

within 2 weeks of any test please

call for your results.

As part of our commitment

to primary prevention and early

detection of disease we off cardiac

screening as appropriate and lung

function testing

Financial Policy

Your medical insurance is a

contract between you and your

insurance company. You are in fact

responsible for ensuring that your

accounts are in good standing. As

a courtesy to you we will file your

insurance claims for all appropriate

medical expenses.

If there are delays with payment

we will advise you of this. Co-Pays

and deductibles are expected

in full at the time of service .If

necessary alternate arrangements

can be made prior to your visit. For

your convenience payments can

be made with cash check debit or

credit cards.

Weight Management

At IM&P Wellness Center, we

recognize that being overweight

is a complex medical problem that

requires a customized treatment

approach designed to meet each

individual’s lifestyle and health

issues. Our Programs have been

shown to reduce blood pressure,

control blood sugars and decrease

medication use.

We offer the acclaimed OPTIFAST

meal replacement program. This

replaces your normal diet with

calorie and portion controlled

shakes, bars and soups fortified

with all required nutrients. With

this you can safely loose 2-7

pounds per week.

Our Traditional food allows

maximal flexibility and utilizes

foods you prepare at home. This

plan can also incorporate some

meal replacement products for

greater portion control.

Medications and Supplements

are used as appropriate to assure

compliance and augment weight


Skin Care Program

We are pleased to provide a long

term solution to all your aesthetic

and cosmetic care needs. We use

only the latest technology that

has demonstrated lasting results

while keeping to the highest of

safety standards. We are able

to treat issues such as wrinkles,

rosacea, acne, sunspots, unwanted

skin pigmentation, spider veins

and excess hair through the latest

in medical laser technology and

innovative skin care products.

Consultations with our Clinic

Aesthetician are free.


Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical Hormone


We offer the options of getting

hormones tested and replaced

using bio-identical hormones

formulated to match your needs.

Allowing the Menopause phase of

life to be a pleasant transition.

Communications Center

Call (352) 563-5070 and you will be routed based on your selection to

the person best able to assist you. In the event they are immediately

unavailable please leave a message and your call will be returned

within an hour.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 PM

Main Number: 352 563 5070

When Calling –PRESS:






Weight Loss

Speak with an

assistant. Will ring up

to 90 seconds or until

an assistant answers.

If no one answers,

please leave a

message this will be in

our general mailbox.

We will do our best to

return your call within

an hour.

Skin Care

Repeat Options

After Office Hours

Call 352 563 5070

All options above are available. Your call will be responded

to on the next Business Day.

PRESS : To Reach the Doctor on Call. Your call will

be returned within an hour. If you have a phone that does

not accept blocked calls you must unblock it while waiting

for our call. If you do not get a response Call (352) 621-7379.

Reminder calls

Please provide us the number

you check most frequently. This

may be your cell phone. Let the

front desk staff know that this

is your MAIN number. We will

usually call 48 hours prior to

your appointment to give you

an opportunity to confirm.

Preventive Health Reminders

such as needed physicals,

immunizations, mammogram

will also be called.

Text Messages may

sometimes be sent.


The Patient Portal is the most efficient way

to communicate with us via email.

General Mail

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Wellness Center

6038 W Nordling Loop

Crystal River Fl, 34429


Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Wellness Center

P.O. Box 2012 • Lecanto Fl


Email Reminders

Use of our Preferred Facilities

and having a Patient Portal

Account will allow you to get

early notification on results and

services that affect your care.

Post Cards

You may also receive various

reminders in your mail.

Special Needs

If you are unable to access the

internet, handle your phone

calls and want your children

or parents to be contacted

instead of you please provide

the contact information for

the appropriate relative.

Preferred Facilities

These facilities accept most insurances however you must verify at the

time of service that they are still a participating provider with your insurance

company. Selected facilities have a form of data transfer that is

compatible with our electronic charts for enhanced efficiency. We have

no financial relationships with them.


Crystal River

Seven Rivers Regional Medical


6201 N Suncoast Blvd

Crystal River, FL 34428

Ph (352) 795-8394

Fx (352) 795-8303

Citrus Diagnostic Center

922 N. Citrus Avenue

Crystal River, FL 34428

Ph (352) 795-9200

Fx (352) 795-6460


Dunnellon Diagnostics

(Associated with Sev Riv Hosp)

11673 N Williams Street

Dunnellon, FL 34433

Ph-(352) 489-7211

Fx-(352) 489-7311


Homosassa Open MRI

8464 W Aquaduct Street

Homosassa, FL 34448

Ph (352) 628-4800

Fx (352) 628-4801

Sugar Mill Diagnostic

8303 S Suncoast Blvd

Homosassa, FL 34446

Ph (352) 628-9900

Fx (352) 628-9700


Inverness Medical Imaging

2105 Hwy 44 W

Inverness, FL 34453

No Website Available

Ph (352) 637-6100

Fx (352) 637-6900


Advanced Imaging

300 SE 17th St Bldg 800

Ocala, FL 34471

Ph (352) 867-9606

Fx (352) 622-3795

MRI Bldg 300.

Ph (352) 867-7205

Fx (352) 867-8488

Munroe Regional Medical Center

1500 SW 1st Avenue

Ocala, FL 34471

Ph (352) 402-5111

Fx (352) 402-5110


Quest appointments can be made throughout the USA by calling:

1-888-277-877 or visiting

Labcorp appointments can be made throughout the USA by calling:

800-877-3818 or visiting:

Crystal River


580 SE 7th Avenue

Crystal River, FL 34429

Ph (352) 564-8760

Fx (352) 564-0776

Quest Diagnostics

6199 W Corporate Oaks


Crystal River, FL 34446

Ph (352) 795-0020

Fx (352) 563-5238


Quest Diagnostics

8287 S Suncoast Blvd

Homosassa, FL 34446

Ph (352) 382-0355

Fx (352) 382-3067



2525 Gulf to Lake Hwy

Inverness, FL 34453

Ph (352) 726-0913

Fx (352) 341-0189

Quest Diagnostics

210 S Apopka Ave

Inverness, FL 34452

Ph (352) 637-1020

Fx (352) 344-8427



9401 SW State Rd 200

Bldg 1000 Ste 1002

Ocala, FL 34481

Ph (352) 861-0681

Fx (352) 861-3857


2100 SE 17th

St Ste 901

Ocala, FL 34471

Ph (352) 732-0751

Fx (352) 732-4917

Quest Diagnostics

8602 SW St Rd 200 Ste J

Ocala, FL 34481

Ph (352) 873-9044

Fx (352) 873-0069

Quest Diagnostics

303 SE 17th; St Ste


Ocala, FL 34471

Ph (352) 732-3060

Fx (352) 732-0837

Quest Diagnostics

2910 SE 3rd Ct Ste B

Ocala, FL 34471

Ph (352) 351-9244

Fx (352) 732-9511

Quest Dunnellon

11371 N Williams St #2

Dunnellon, FL 34432

Ph (352) 465-2757

Fx (352) 465-2787

Ask about our Skin Care Products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of practice is this?

We are Primary care facility that treats adults and children we are staffed by an

Internist, Pediatrician and Family Nurse Practitioners.

We also provide Weight Management, Esthetic skin care, Bio- Identical

Hormones, and some Naturopathic care.


Who are your providers?

Dr. Wilson is Board certified in Both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Joy Dowe and Donna Scarbrough are Board Certified Nurse Practitioners in

Family Medicine. You can read more about them on our website.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A Nurse Practitioner has at least a Masters Degree and has taken courses to

train them in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease relevant to

their chosen specialty. They are able to work without a medical doctor and

are found in many clinics throughout the country. Some may have worked

as nurses before changing careers. That nursing experience is an invaluable

asset in the way they provide care when compared to a medical doctor. In our

practice our Practitioners work independently but also have immediate access

to Dr. Wilson for consultations on cases that concern them.


Do I have to schedule my appointment when I am leaving?

We prefer you do this so that you can get the provider and time of your

choice. Last minute appointments make it difficult to get your provider of

choice. We do not overbook our schedules .

Can my husband and I be seen at the same time?

Yes and No. You can be seen at the same time slot by different providers. If

you wish to see the same provider or be in the room for each others visit.

There will be someone scheduled between you.

Why can’t I always see Dr Wilson for my appointment?

If there is an opening on her schedule you will be able to see her. However since

her schedule is filled up a few weeks out, you are less likely to see her when

you call for an appointment within a few days. The Nurse Practitioners who

sees you, will interrupt her if they believe her immediate input on your care is

needed. Less urgent cases are reviewed with her daily.

Why can’t I see the doctor?

The doctor is not available at the time you are requesting, but, we can get you

in today or tomorrow with another provider. If your issue is not urgent you

can wait until the doctor is next available.


Do you take walk-ins?

Patients are seen by appointment. If there is an opening you are welcome to

wait or you can return closer to the time of your appointment


How long is a typical appointment?

15 minutes with the doctor, 20 minutes with the Nurse Practitioner. Additional

time depends on the other services being performed each day..

You’re appointment time with the provider is the time we expect to start

your visit. This begins with the interview at check-in when your contact

information and insurance is verified and continues with Triage when the

Nurse/MA reviews all your medications, changes from specialist doctors,

updates your social and family risk factors. Procedures or vaccines may be

performed per our protocols before you see the provider. You will then see the

provider alone or with a group.

Why do I have to come in every 3 months?

Regular appointment intervals vary from 3,4, 6, 12 months. The intervals

are based on a careful consideration of several factors including your age,

diagnosis, risk factors, and number of prescription medications you are

on. You may also be asked to return to review abnormal test results. These

appointments are critical to your heath. Without them we will not be able to

identify medication side effects, assess their efficacy and monitor for disease

progression. It is a great day when we see you and are able to say all is well

continue treatment and return in 3 months.

Why do I need a Physical If I am here every 3 months?

The focus in a physical is different from a regular follow-up visit. At a physical

our goal is to identify any new risk factors for disease. Provide screening

services to detect cancer. Provide immunizations to prevent disease. Perform

a comprehensive physical Exam which will include a rectal exam, pelvic and

breast exam if appropriate. There simply is not enough time in a Chronic Care

visit to do this effectively.

If I am in for a sick visit do I still have to come back for my regular Followup

in a few days?

Sometimes. After a sick visit a follow-up maybe needed to ensure resolution

of your symptoms and this can be combined with your already scheduled

Follow-up visit. On the other hand if all your labs and other tests that

will be reviewed at your Regular Follow-up are available at your sick

visit, the provider may address those and cancel the upcoming Follow-up


What are group visits ?

Chronic disease Management Success requires education and partnership.

We will have groups of patients with similar medical profiles and cluster their

visits in the same time slot. You will be triaged by the nurse/medical assistant.

The group will then be educated on a component of their disease including

medications. 20 minutes of talk 20 minutes of questions. If you are sick or

have an acute problem you cannot be seen in group that day and will need an

individual appointment.

Can I do my pap at the same time as my 3 month follow-up?

No. To adequately address both issues you will need 2 appointments on the

same day. We cannot guarantee your insurance will pay for 2 visit types on the

same day. Most do not and you could end up being responsible in full for at

least one .


Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most commercial PPO Type insurances. We accept only a few HMO

plans. Visit our website for a complete listing of insurances we accept.

Are we currently accepting new Medicaid / Healthease patients?

No, I’m sorry but our panel is closed. Whenever we have openings we offer

those to family members or existing patients with that insurance.

Does my insurance pay for a physical?

Most insurances do. If your insurance does not you should speak with the

billing supervisor to get a self-pay discount… This is too important to your

care to not have it.

Does Medicare pay for a physical?

Medicare pays for a Wellness Visit which has all the components of our

physical but does not require a physical examination. It also requires

documentation of other services we provide at that time such as home safety

review, dementia screening, Consolidation of specialists and other services. To

prevent 2 visits given the overlaps we address all components at that time and

schedule a greater time slot for the visit.

Does my insurance pay for this test?

We will do our best to verify coverage for any procedure we perform in our

office. However each facility you utilize is responsible for providing you with

an estimated cost of care for services they provide. We are not aware of the

contract they have with your insurance company and so cannot provide you

with that information. If you receive a bill that you disagree with for services

we provided you can discuss this with our billing supervisor. If it is from

another provider we can furnish you a copy of your chart note to appeal for

medical necessity.

Who can I talk to about my insurance/billing?

Ask for the Billing supervisor. Or press option 2 when you call to be

connected to her.

Why do you ask for payment before I even see the doctor?

At check out there will be a lot of activity involved in coordinating your care

and we do not wish to detract from that. Like most other services, payment

must be collected to ensure it can still be provided.

Why is the charge for seeing the Nurse Practitioner the same as seeing the


The charge for an office visit includes the cost of staff involved in all stages

of your care from the receptionist to the provider as well as the equipment

and supplies used to care for you. The Nurse Practitioners are highly qualified

Medical Providers able to diagnosis, treat, and prescribe. They are different

from Nurses. Dr. Wilson also reviews and signs chart notes so she is always

involved in your medical care.

*Why did I get a bill after my physical, my insurance

covers physicals at 100%?

Many insurances will cover a physical at 100% . However if during that visit

you receive another service that is not considered preventive care by your

insurance company you will be billed per your insurance guidelines. Other

services may include significant review of labs and medication changes, lesion

removal etc.


Why can’t I get refills for a year ?

Patients with a history of non-compliance with their care plan, cannot be

given refills for an extended time. This places your health at risk due to the

lack of monitoring. Refills are provided enough to take you to your next


Can I get my prescriptions in my hand?

We do not print prescriptions. We only write prescriptions for Class II

controlled substances

Why do you have to send prescriptions electronically?

There is a National initiative for electronic record keeping and prescribing,

to promote patient safety . Eventually every physician, medical facility, and

pharmacy will be expected to comply. A few pharmacies may still not have

all there staff on board with electronic prescribing. If you have any issues

please advice your pharmacy that your doctor’s office sends Prescriptions

Electronically, not by fax. Controlled substances are still faxed.

Why does it take several days to get my medication?

If at the pharmacy your medication is denied by your insurance company,

it is returned to us to file a request for authorization on the medication. If

the provider changes the medication, our office will notify your pharmacy

within 24hours from when we received the denial. If the provider decides

to file the request you will be out a few days most are within 3 business

days from receipt, however some insurance companies take a longer time

to respond. You can call and Press option 3 for Refills to get an update. You

can also receive messages via the patient portal.

Do you have medications on site?

We are able to dispense some acute care medications that will save you a

trip to the pharmacy. We are working with your insurance plans to be able

to dispense your generic medications at your office visit. Please bring your

pharmacy card to your appointments.


Can you fax or mail me a copy of my results?

We do not mail results. We will gladly email you a copy of your results once

they are reviewed. If you register for the patient portal you will get your

results as soon as they are reviewed by the provider.

Can I pick up some of my medical records?

Yes. If you are requesting your medical record there will be a charge of

$1.00 per page with a maximum of $25, To prepare the documents. A CD,

can be prepared for a little less.

Why do I get multiple calls for results?

To provide you the fastest response on your results we will call you as soon

as they are reviewed. However results are returned to the office at different

times. The best way to reduce the number of calls is to sign up for the

Patient Portal.


Can I schedule my own Referral?

No. We will get an appropriate appointment time based on the nature of

your problem. You are allowed to call and adjust that time if it is not to

your suiting.

Can I chose the doctor I am referred to?

Yes. However we will need to make that appointment if

the referral is from us. Depending on your insurance

you can self refer to certain specialists.

Why do I have to look up the

specialist’s information?

We maintain a list of specialist

that we choose to refer to

based on insurance plan and

experience with their office.

If you do not wish to see a

specialist we recommend you will

need to provide us with the contact

information for an alternative person.


Suites designed

with the comfort

of Home.


for all Ages.

Greater Access

And More Control

Over Your Health


The patient portal is an innovative and convenient way of

giving you greater access to us and more control over your health

information. You can spend more time sitting at home and less

time filling out forms in the office.

Our Portal uses secure encryption algorithms and multiple

layers of security to safeguard your information. An account and

password is required to access your information.

You do not have to give this information to anyone

including our office.

You can use your portal to:

• Update Your Contact and Insurance information

• Request Appointments

• Request Refills

• Receive Result Notifications

• Receive Reminders about your appointments

• Ask a Question of Nurse and

others in office

• Pay Bills online

• Prepare for your visit by completing

the forms we need

• Maintain your Personal Health Record

• Activate an Emergency Responder card so doctors and

hospitals can access

• your personal health record in case

of an emergency

We hope you enjoy the convenience of communicating with us at

your own pace! To get started you will be sent an email invitation

from Please add this address

to your safe email list. In the email will be a link that says “Click Here”

which will take you to our new patient portal to activate your account.

Once you click the activation link you will be taken to the portal login

screen where you will verify the following information:

Name: Will automatically populate

Email: Will automatically populate

Date of birth: ___________

Zip code: _______________

Once your account is verified you will create your user profile and

choose a USER ID and PASSWORD. Please make note of your login

credentials for future use.

* Please note that your USER ID will need to be unique and contain at least 6



• If you have a common last name please do not use your first initial

and last name as it is most likely already in use, try adding a number.

* Your PASSWORD must also have at least 6 characters and include

one number OR uppercase letter.

If you need assistance you can click on the HELP button which is

located in the top right hand corner.

Preparing for Your Visits

Weight Managment

A. Initial Visit

Your initial visit will consist of a complete history and physical exam to asses

your mental and physical status before starting the program.

Labs required : Complete blood count (cbc) Comprehensive metabolic panel

(cmp) Lipid Panel Thyroid function Tsh w/ Reflex to T4. Within the past

month. 12– lead Within the last 3 mths.

B. Week One

Your week 1 appointment will include a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

analysis . You are advised to complete the RMR sheet prior to your

appointment. Please remember to fast for 4 hour prior to this appointment.

C. Follow-up Visits

1. Clinic hours are from 10 am to 6 pm

2. Weekly: When you come in for

clinic you will check in with the


3. You will be given a:

Products Order form.

4. Once you complete it, return the

form to the receptionist.

5. Product payment will be due then.

6. You may then have a seat in the

waiting room.

7. The Medical Assistant will call you

in to obtain your weight, B/P

and pulse.

8. If you are due for any lab work or a

visit with your physician the

Medical Assistant will take you to

the exam room or draw your lab.

9. You will then proceed to check out

after your visit where your

products will be waiting for you.

Pediatric Physicals

Visit our website at: to complete

Development Screening using the Chadis button. Review information

on age appropriate vaccines. Assess your childs Dental Risk and

complete consent forms for fluoride application. Also noted that the dental page

is not showing on the web. And the FAQ title is not centered in the tab.

Adult Physicals and Wellness

Visit our website at: You will find a wellness

report for males or females. Complete as best you can and submit or bring the

report to your appointment.


Bring medication bottles. We need to know the name strength and how you are

taking medications. We need to know how many refills you have. We also need

OTC and natural supplements used. A record of home Blood sugars and Blood

pressures are also needed. Home blood pressure machines should be brought in

at least once pear year to be checked for concordance with our machine. Make a

list of things you need to discuss with the provider and present

A Day At The Office

Planning Your Arrival

In anticipation of

your arrival, a medical

assistant reviews your

chart, looking for labs

procedure or consults

your provider ordered

but we did not receive.

You may receive a call

to this effect. Please

help us by contacting

the appropriate parties.

It is important

that you utilize the

facilities we recommend as this streamlines this process and ensure the

best outcome for you. Some procedures or vaccines that are

due will be scheduled for the same day of your visit, you will

receive a call to advice you of this.

We make every effort to schedule procedures at the

intervals recommended by medicare or other insurance

carriers. Our ability to do this is enhanced when you

provide us correct information on where and what you had done.

On Your Arrival

When you arrive, please sign in at the

counter. The receptionist will provide you with

an electronic Phreesia Pad that allows you

to verify your demographic info, i.e name,

address, insurance, email etc. If you have a

balance, this can be paid at the desk via credit

card using the electronic

Phreesia Pad.

You will be informed of the anticipated

charges for your visit. Payment is due at this time. If

you are unable to make payment, we will ask you to

sit with the billing supervisor in the back office to

discuss this. Questions about coverage or charges

should be directed to the billing receptionist.

Waiting Areas After Check-in

After finding the appropriate waiting area, you will be called either

by the Medical Assistant performing procedures/labs or by one of the

Nurse Practioners to Triage.

Well Adult Room

Far Right (North) of the

Front Desk

Well Child Room

Far left (South) of the

Front Desk

Sick Room

Facing Front Desk

Procedures & Vaccines

Procedures and vaccines are

scheduled per our standard

protocol. Usually, there are

no more than 2 vaccines

per adult and 4 for a


A simple cold is not

a contraindication to

receiving a vaccine. Patients

on steroids, chemotherapy, immunosuppresants

or exposed to someone with these will need to discuss vaccines with the

provider. After your procedure, you will be returned to the appropriate

Waiting Room or seated inside for a provider.


In triage, the medical assistant needs

to update specific clinical information.

They do not need to know the detailed

history of your illness that information

can be saved for the provider.

Please provide them your main

reason for visit, especially, if you have a

fever, cough, chest pain, shortness of breath,

urine problems or may be pregnant. Your

medication list must be reviewed in

detail…name strength and quantity.

Requests for refills are made

here, but will be verified by the

provider and sent by the provider.

Please inform the assistant at

this point of any new diagnosis,

procedure, surgery, allergy,

hospital or rehab stay since your

last visit. This help’s them better

prepare your chart for the provider

while you wait.

Provider Interview

You will usually be seen by the provider you are scheduled with. On

occasion a provider may have an opening while another is running behind.

You may then be asked to see someone else. You do not have to change to


other provider, but we do appreciate your doing this

as it helps us get through a busy day.

All providers follow the same national

standards of care for the chronic diseases we

manage. Where there are shades of grey, Dr.

Wilson has protocols that are followed in our

office by all providers.

The provider’s goal is to assess your

clinical needs, review procedure results and

make recommendations to facilitate the best

outcomes of your health in 15 minutes.

These recommendations will be based

on consideration of the scientific data

that exists your risk factors inclusive

of existing disease and family history,

your mental, emotional and financial

ability to execute the plan.


Sometimes after

seeing the provider,

a procedure is

ordered. Please

return to the

front desk billing

receptionist and let her know. She will

then put you on the schedule to have the

procedure done the same day saving a trip.

She will also verify your coverage and costs

associated with the procedure ordered.


At this juncture, you will receive

printed educational handouts or have

them sent to your portal account.

You will receive printed orders for


Laboratory orders are not

printed since we send those

electronically to Quest or Labcorp

depending on your insurance.

Prescriptions are sent electronically to

your local and or mail order pharmacy.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled at this point.



Within 3 business days

of your appointment,

you will receive a clinical

summary of your office

visit in your portal


1 2 3

Procedures We Recommend

ABP- Ambulatory Blood Pressure.

Done to check patients BP at home

when they have frequent elevations in

the office but report their home BP is



This helps us assess the degree of

blockage in the carotids and thus

helps us to assess ones risk for a



This is done in patients who have

pain in the legs when walking, to aid

in the diagnosis of PAD- Peripheral

Arterial Disease.

EKG -Electrocardiogram.

We perform this on all patients with

high blood pressure yearly to check

for heart complications. Also patients

with chest pain to assess heart attack

risk. In the case of palpitations to

check heart rhythm.

We also suggest this for those

at high risk for cardiac disease.

Insurance coverage for these

reasons is usually limited: Men

over age 40 and women over

age 50 with high cholesterol,

cigarette use and family history

of heart disease.

NCT- Nerve Conduction Test

Diabetics are at increased risk

for development of peripheral

neuropathy. This can lead to

increased foot injury. This test

is performed every few years on

diabetics or when there is any change

in sensation n the feet. It is also used

to diagnose Carpal Tunnel syndrome

and various radiculopathies.

PFT – Pulmonary Function Test.

Done to assess lung volumes


This is essentially a 24 hour

EKG . It gives a more detailed

analysis of heart beats and


ECHO – Echocardiogram.

This is an ultrasound of the heart.

It is done to assess the valves , heart

muscle and cardiac output. This is

done every 1-2 years depending on

the nature of the heart disease in

patients with valve disorders, heart

failure, heart attacks, stents etc.

which help in the diagnosis and

management of patients with COPD.

Most patient will have this done

yearly or with major changes in

treatment. Smokers with symptoms

should have this done to assess for


RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate.

This device measures your oxygen

consumption and calculates the

amount of calories you consumed

while sitting.

This will give the most accurate

measure of your daily caloric needs.

Critical to weight control.

FOB- Fecal Occult Blood.

This is done yearly on everyone over

age 50 to aid with early diagnosis of

colon cancer. It detects blood that is

invisible to the eye.


RSV – Respiratory Syncitial

Virus Infection.

This infection in

children under 3 years

old is common in the

late fall through winter. It

viral and being positive can

prevent unnecessary

antibiotic use.


Influenza is

treated with





This tests helps


choose the correct agent minimizing

the unnecessary use of



UA – Urinalysis

Done in office to detect bladder

infections and stones.

The fluoride content in our county

water is not sufficient to reduce caries.

Especially in those who use well water.

Children who do not have a dental

home can receive topical fluoride

every 3-6 months to protect their



For patients with Sore throat and

exposure to children. Done to reduce

risk of cardiac complications that

come form untreated strep throat.


Performed to

remove wax

from the

ears. We




2 drops



daily for 4

days . This


makes the




We offer skin scratch testing with

the appropriate desensitization


Weight-Loss Products

It’s Time to Get Back In Shape

We Recommend These Weight

Managmenent Aids.

Optifast Milk Shakes - Powder and Ready-to-

Drink: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Low Carb Drinks- Hot Cocoa and Fruit flavored.

Protein Bars - Flavors include , chocolate berry

and caramel.


Tomato & Chicken Soup

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Breakfast Berry

Caramel Delight

Hot Cocoa Drink

Vanilla Wafer

Hot Cappuccinno Drink

Strawberry Kiwi Drink

Crunch ‘O’s

Sour Cream, Onion or Barbecue

Mixed Berry Drink


Regain That



The only physician supervised FDA-approved product that grows lashes.


For Your

Eyes Only

MCT Oil - To aid in fat metabolism.

Citrimax - A natural appetite suppressant.

MICC injections -Vitamin and amino acid injection to boost energy and

curb the appetite.

Glycomannan...............A Gentle Fiber Supplement

D-Mannose...................To reduce Bladder infections

Turmeric.......................To reduce joint pain and inflammation

Co-Enzyme Q10 .........Needs to be repleted with statin use.

Helps promote heart health.

Horse Chestnut

Used to promote healthy veins and reduces the pain

associated with varicose veins.

Primrose Oil.................To reduce symptoms associated with menopause.

Multivitamin................A daily supplement for all adults

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